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湖南省郴州市男性专科资兴市人民中妇幼保健医院男性专科This bleaching occurs because corals can only live in a narrow temperature range.这种漂白现象之所以发生是因为珊瑚虫只能在很窄的气温范围内存活。Healthy corals get their colour from microscopic algae living in their tissues.健康的珊瑚虫颜色来自于生活它们组织里的海藻。These manufacture food for the corals by photosynthesis but when the temperature rises just two degrees above the normal summer maximum, the algal cells are expelled because they no longer benefit the coral.这些海藻通过光合作用为珊瑚虫生产食物,但是当气温上升,仅仅比夏天正常的最高气温高两度海藻细胞就会被排出,因为它们不在对珊瑚有用处。The bleaching effect is the white chalky skeleton showing through the corals transparent tissues.漂白效应是珊瑚白色的骨骼,透过透明的组织显露出来。But theyre not dead. Not yet.但是它们没有死亡。They can survive in this bleached state for several weeks.它们能在这种漂白状态下生存几个星期。If the temperature drops,the corals acquire new algae from plankton floating by.如果气温下降,珊瑚从游过的浮游生物获得新的海藻。But, if the warm water persists, the coral dies.但是如果水温继续保持下去,珊瑚就会死亡。Coral bleaching hadnt been seen on the Great Barrier Reef before the 1980s.在大堡礁珊瑚礁变白现象在19世纪80年代之前,没有被看到过。Due to global warming, bleachings now more common and cyclones are likely to be more frequent too.由于全球变暖,珊瑚礁变白变得更普遍,飓风也变得更频繁了。And theres something even more insidious.有一些事情有着更严重的潜在危险。Temperatures are rising because more and more carbon dioxide from human activity enters the atmosphere.气温上升是由于人类活动导致越来越多的,二氧化碳进入到大气。This dissolves in seawater turning it weakly acidic,which can stop coral growth.它们溶解到海水中导致海水轻微变酸,这能导致珊瑚礁停止生长。If they cant build their chalky skeletons,reefs will start to crumble.如果它们不能建造它们的骨骼,珊瑚礁将会开始慢慢垮掉。 译文属201512/413621郴州妇幼保健院男科预约 I heard you were talking about books some stuff.So I am coming up with the book我听到你在讲书之类的事情 所以我就拿着书出来了I just coming up with the book,Its called First Step 2 Forever.I want give it to you我就这么拿着书出现了 名字是First Step 2 Forever 我想亲手送给你You know I was just telling everybody about it I was saying that Justin has a bookJustin我正跟大家讲这件事呢 我刚才在说 写了本新书Thats so fun you walked out,because I said if you could only buy one book,buy Justins你走出来的时候挺搞笑的 因为我刚刚说如果你只能买一本书的话 那就买贾斯丁的And so thats great,And is First Step 2 Forever,The typal they went 2 with the number instead the Oops dizzies来的正好 名字是First Step 2 Forever 印刷厂用2替代了to 看看是谁犯困了啊Have a seat he is here for a second So very exciting.Thank you大家坐吧 他只呆一下就走的 好兴奋 谢谢Who do you want me to make up to?Oh me make up to me -All right Whats it about Justin?你想让我签给谁 我 当然是给我啦 好的 讲的什么内容Basic about autobiography you know about my life and you know基本上就是自传 你懂的 就是关于我的生活经历的To Ellen,I love you,I-Love-You,Not hard I love you,I-Love-You给Ellen 我爱你 我-爱-你 别那么生硬嘛 我爱你 我-爱-你You are my best friend,leave a lot of room,My bestest friend in the whole wide world,in-the-whole-wide-world你是我最好的朋友 多留点空 你是我在全宇宙最最要好的朋友 在全宇宙I cant imagine life without you,I-cant-imagine-life-without-you.I remember when we first met我无法想象没有你我的生活会是怎样 我无法想象没有你我的生活会是怎样 我记得我们初次相识的那天I… dont have enough room,There is no room,It is all right You can add some more later我… 没位子啦 没位子写啦 没关系 你可以等下再继续写You want do someting with me right now?Yeah -You wanna dance through the audience room?All right lets go你想跟我一起互动一下吗 好啊 -你想在观众席间秀秀舞姿吗 好吧 开始 /201603/431617On Thursday President Barack Obama declared that a military campaign against terrorism abroad will not be enough to prevent ;lone wolf; attacks like the shooting on Sunday in an Orlando nightclub. 周四,奥巴马宣布海外军事打击恐怖主义不足以防止“独狼”袭击,类似周日在奥兰多夜店发生的击事件。The President offered his condolences and support to the families of the victims saying, 奥巴马向遇难者家属表示慰问和持,Were going to have to do more to prevent these kinds of events from occurring. 称我们将做更多的事情来防止这类事件的发生。Its going to take more than just our military. 要采取的不仅仅是军事行动。President Obama laid flowers on a memorial for the victims during a visit to Orlando saying that we must enforce proposals for stricter gun control laws.访问奥兰多期间,奥巴马在纪念馆为遇难者献花,表示我们必须执行更为严格的管控法律。译文属。201606/449846郴州包皮过长医院哪里比较好

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郴州市治疗膀胱炎多少钱On a previous show we mentioned how not all shooting stars have the same speed.前面的文章中我们提到为什么不是所有流星都有相同的速度。Some disappear almost immediately, while others make a nice slow line across the sky.有些几乎立即就消失了,而有些拖着长长的尾巴穿过天空。If you enjoy watching the slow ones, there is a way of upping your chances of seeing them.如果你喜欢观看缓慢的流星,那么有一种方法可以增加你看到它们的几率。Go out just after sunset.日落后就出门。Thats because the slowest meteors come in the evening and the fastest ones come in the morning, just before sunrise.最慢的流星在夜晚出现,最快的流星出现在早晨,就在太阳升起之前。Can you guess why?你猜猜为什么呢?The speeds of meteors we see are increased or decreased by the earths motion.我们看到的流星的运动速度随着地球的运动情况而增减。If we charge into them head-on our speed is added to their speed.如果地球正对着流星的方向运动,那么我们的运速就会增加至它的运动速度中。If, on the other hand, we aremoving away from them, our speed is subtracted from their speed.反之,如果我们背向它们运动,那么它们的运速中就会减去地球运速这一部分。Now imagine yourself standing at the north pole, facing the direction the earth is moving through space.现在想想你自己站在北极,面向地球穿过空间移动的方向。You rise up magically, far enough away that you can see the whole planet rotating underneath you while you yourself remain stationary.你奇迹般地上升,远到可以看到整个地球在你的脚下转动,而你自己保持静止。Which direction is it turning?它是在向哪个方向运动呢?Counterclockwise. Where is thesunlight?逆时针。太阳光在哪里呢?From your perspective, its on the left side of the planet.从你的角度来看,在地球的左侧。That means that the front of the planet, or the part thats charging into oncoming meteors, is the placewhere morning is beginning for people on earth.这意味着在地球的前端,或者是在正对流星运动的地方,就是早晨的开始。The back of the planet, meaning the part thats movingaway from meteors, is where evening is beginning.地球的背面,也就是背向流星运动的地方,就是夜晚的开始。It may seem funny, but every morning when you look up into the sky, you are looking in the same direction as the planet is moving.这似乎非常有趣,但是每天早晨当你仰望天空时,你就是望着与地球转动相同的方向。In the evening you are looking the other way.晚上,你就是望着相反的方向。And the speed ofshooting stars confirms it!流星的速度实了这一点。 201411/343639 OK, this is where I fess up and tell you that the answer to that headline is ;only time will tell.;A scientific advisory panel is studying the possibility now (see their names here), and we expect to see their findings this October. After that report, there will be more ;time telling; as state officials decide whether to allow it.But right now, theres a lot of buzz.The Canadians raise fish commercially in open-water pens on the Great Lakes, and proponents say producing seafood like this has the potential to be a billion dollar business for Michigan. But critics say its too risky, and it wouldnt mix well with the states tourism industry.Peter Payette from our partner station Interlochen Public Radio got the latest on the debate when he attended a conference on open-water aquaculture in St. Ignace.Payette says proponents of net-pen aquaculture planned the event.;But theyve organized it as a dialogue, so there are a fair number of skeptics and critics here,; he said.Its on the Canadian side of Lake Huron — up in the North Channel and the Georgian Bay — that Canadians are farming trout for restaurants and grocery stores.And Payette says several of these Canadian fish farmers spoke up at the conference.;Theyre very interested to defend their industry — to show that theyve done this responsibly, without harming the lake — and to advocate that Michigan go the same direction,; he says.Farmers have been raising fish on the Canadian side of the lakes for 20 years, but Payette says its hard to know whether or not the farming has caused any damage to the lake and its ecosystems.;Well theres no one to really check that,; he said. ;The Ministry of Natural Resources in Ontario has been pretty quiet about this. Ive not been able to get them to talk to me for my reporting, and they were not here today. So theres really no one involved to respond, in any serious way, to the assertions of the fish producers.;Critics of open-water pens in the Great Lakes did chime in, however.They raised several potential issues.Phosphorus in the Great LakesIts true the Great Lakes need phosphorus, Payette says. But too much causes problems, like the algal and cyanobacteria blooms Lake Erie is dealing with now.Proponents response to the phosphorous argument?;They say its negligible,; Payette said. ;And theyll even argue that the upper lakes need phosphorus. So they argue that this could even be a benefit to the lakes.;Critics, on the other hand, dont think the risk aquaculture presents for the Great Lakes is worth it.The Michigan Environmental Councils Sean Hammond spoke as a panelist at the conference yesterday. Payette said he argued for farming fish not in the Great Lakes, but on land.;We see a future need for aquaculture and a future need for fish protein, its just whether we want to see it risking the natural use of the lakes, or if we want to expand it in a way to help revitalize our urban centers,; Hammond said.Payette said Hammond pointed out the potential for fish farming in cities like Detroit and Flint.He explained that fish farming on land can be controlled and wont affect the ecosystems established in the lakes. He also pointed out that Michigan cities like Detroit and Flint have extra sewer capacity and plenty of water to make farming fish on land viable.So is Michigan likely to buy into the open-water pen industry?Payette says Gord Cole — one of the first fish farmers on the Great Lakes — doesnt think Michigan has the potential for a lot of net-pen aquaculture operations. He said fish farms need to be protected and when looking at a map, he doesnt see many spots on Michigans side of the Great Lakes that would allow fish to thrive.;So youre not going to get 100 fish farms,; Cole said. ;There might be one spot. There might be five spots. There might be 10, maybe. There might very well likely be none.;However, Payette said that a second Ontario fish farmer ;was much more optimistic.;;He thinks that, with the right technology and the right design, they can handle more open water. So there were differences of opinion on that,; Payette said.So back to my main point. Will Michigan buy into fish farming on the Great Lakes? Well have to wait and see, and well keep you up to date on the process.201508/395419郴州哪个医院皮肤科好郴州永兴县男科专家




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