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郴州治疗泌尿感染哪家医院最好郴州市第一人民医院男科专家挂号050 studying abroad Words Visa passport application form interview IELTS TOEFL Host family culture shock embassy destination insurance applicant admission recommendation transcript resume acceptance financial aid scholarship prestige Ivy League advisor room and board dorm Phrases Get a copy of one’s transcripts Register for class Choose elective Fill in the application form Defer enrollment Apply for financial aid Be accepted/ admitted to a school Apply to a school Apply for a student visa Beginner A: excuse me, do you know where the visa office is? B: yes, I do. I’ll walk you there. A: thanks! B: are you applying to study or work abroad? A: I want to study abroad. B: what do you want to study? A; I hope to study English literature. B; have you got your visa yet? A; not yet. I have an interview with the visa official today. B; I see. Is it your first interview? A: I was denied a visa? B: why? A: like most students. I want to work in America after graduation. B; I see. Well, good luck! Intermediate A: guess what came in the mail today? B: what? A: my acceptance letter to Yale! B; wow! Congratulation! When do classes start? A: freshman orientation is the last week of august, but I want to go two weeks before that to get settled in. B: you’re so lucky! Do you have to do many things before you leave? A; yes. I’ll be very busy! I have to get a visa, buy a plane ticket, and pack my things. But first, I want to register for class. B; when can you do that? A: well, they sent me their prospectus, so I can start looking now. do you want to help me decide which classed to take? B: sure. What can you choose from? A; well, I have to take all the fundamental course, plus a few from my major. B; what is your major? A; I hope to major in English literature, but the admissions counselor told me that many people change their major times in their first year, so we’ll see. B: what are the fundamental course? A: in order to graduate, every student must take a certain amount of classed in history, math, English, philosophy, science and art. B: interesting. That’s very different from the Chinese education system. A: yes, it is . It’s also very different from the British education system. B: really? A: oh, sure. In British, students don’t have to take the foundation course. B: why not? A: maybe because they think they know everything aly ! ha ha. /200705/13590郴州那里可以割包皮过长 第47课I had(got) a flat. 我的车胎没气了。49.交通轶事 (柯受良曾经从这座桥上飞跃过黄河) 168. I was caught in traffic. 我今天堵车。(前后左右都是车,在这种情况下好象被车流抓住了。) Oh,I''m sorry,I missed the bus. 169. I missed my bus. 我没赶上公共汽车。(解释为什么迟到了) 170. I had(got) a flat. 我的车胎没气了。(车轮瘪了,没气了) 171. It won''t happen again. 不会再发生类似事件了。(诚心诚意的对你的老板说,保) 相关专题:洋话连篇视频教学 /200601/2954郴州男科最好的医院

郴州桂东县人民医院妇幼保健男科咨询5_01 Let me introduce you Do you know Andy? 你认不认识安迪? Have you met Andy? 你有没有见过安迪? Let me introduce you. 让我替你介绍. Andy, this is Pat. 安迪,这是派特. Pat, this is Andy. 派特,这是安迪. I’m glad you two could meet.我很高兴你们两个能够认识. Andy is an old friend. 安迪是我的老朋友. He is a great guy. 他是个好人. You two have a lot in common. 你们两个有很多共同点. /200706/14159郴州前列腺肥大专科医院 This is why we are not growing. We failed at reinventing the manufacturing space,这就是为什么经济未能增长。我们未能重新创造工业生产活动,and large technological innovations have played away from it.与此同时大型技术创新却与之相背。But what if we could combine those forces?但如果我们把这些结合起来会发生什么?What if the existing manufacturing and large technological innovation将当下的制造业与大型技术创新结合起来,came together to create the next big manufacturing reinvention. Bingo!也许会引发下一次大型工业革命。没错!This is the fourth manufacturing revolution, and its happening right now.这就是第四次工业革命,而它此时此刻正在发生。Major technologies are entering the manufacturing space, big time.重大技术革新正在进入制造业领域,这是个重大时刻。They will boost industrial productivity by more than a third.它将会使生产力提高超过三分之一。This is massive, and it will do a lot in creating growth.这个巨大的改变,将引发经济的增长。Let me tell you about some of them.让我来向各位举几个例子。Have you aly met advanced manufacturing robots?不知在座各位知不知道高级工业机器人?They are the size of humans, they actually collaborate with them,它们和人类大小相仿,可以和人类合作,and they can be programmed in order to perform complex, non-repetitive tasks.可以通过设定好的程序来执行复杂的、非重复性的任务。Today in our factories, only 8 percent of the tasks are automated.当今,在我们的工厂里只有百分之八的任务是自动化的。The less complex, the more repetitive ones. It will be 25 percent in 10 years.尤其是那些不是很复杂,且重复性更强的任务。在未来十年内这一数字会增长到百分之二十五。It means that by 2025, advanced robots will complement workers这意味着到2025年,高级机器人将与工人合作,to be, together, 20 percent more productive, to manufacture 20 percent more outputs,将生产率将提升20%,产出量也将提升20%,to achieve 20 percent additional growth.从而实现20%的经济增长。This isnt some fancy, futuristic idea. These robots are working for us right now.这并不是对未来的幻想。这些机器人现在就在为我们工作。201703/498739苏仙区男科妇科网上预约

湖南省郴州治疗前列腺疾病哪家医院最好【学习提示】第一步:先听,理解句子;第二步:看原文模仿!【原声模仿】1. I missed him a lot today.2. I can’t help thinking about the last thing I said to him.3. He tried to tell me something important, and i threw it in his face. /200606/7389 Were on the cusp of innovations that will literally change the world. 我们处在创新的最前沿 毫不夸张 这将改变世界And some of the people who I had the honor of being honored with today with degrees can tell you more about this than I can. 在座同我一同接受这一学位殊荣的人 关于这些 能告诉你们更多Because theyre aly changing the world we live in A world where thered be superconductors capable. 因为他们已经在改变我们所生活的世界 未来世界将拥有超导体设备Of performing a million trillion calculations per second which is one-hundred times faster than any computer on Earth today. 每秒将能够执行一百亿亿次计算 这比如今地球上最强大的计算机还快一百倍It will revolutionize science, medicine, applied technology 3-D printers able to restore tissue after traumatic injury and restore . 这将变革科学 医药 应用技术 3D打印机将能够帮助受伤者恢复身体组织Skin damaged by fire to unblemished skin The ability to regenerate organs and limbs that have been damaged or lost. 被烧伤者将能重获完美无瑕的肌肤 受损或失去的器官和四肢将能够再生Saving tens of thousands of lives and restoring our wounded warriors to their full capabilities. 这能挽救数以万计的生命 能让受伤的战士们恢复到正常人的状态The ability in the near term of being able to engineer your white blood cells to attack cancer tumors and leave healthy cells untouched. 不久的将来 白细胞将能够得以改造 用于攻击癌细胞 并让健康细胞不受损害Allowing cancer patients to live out their lives without undergoing difficult and painful chemotherapy and radiation procedures. 让癌症患者能够过好生活 而不至于遭受化疗 放疗等痛苦治疗的折磨The ability to sequence the entire human genome in under an hour delivering rapid, personalized medicine. 人类基因组将能够在一小时之内测序完成 这将能为个人快速定制药物201610/470335郴州尖锐湿疣怎么治疗郴州临武县治疗性功能障碍哪家医院最好




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