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晋江市妇幼保健医院做全身检查要多少钱德化县中医院生殖科A group of Chinese scientists have revealed that they genetically modified human embryos to make them HIV-resistant, a controversial move that may reignite an ethics debate but otherwise shows China#39;s ambition to take the lead in gene-editing research.日前,中国一研究团队的科学家透露,转基因的人类胚胎能抵抗艾滋病毒。这是一个充满争议的做法,可能会重新引发伦理争论,但同时,这也表明了中国要在基因编辑技术研究一马当先的雄心。Researchers at Guangzhou Medical University in China have altered an immune gene in human embryos using a technique known as CRISPR-Cas9, according to a paper published in the Journal of Assisted Reproduction and Genetics on April 6.根据4月6日发表在《辅助生育与遗传学期刊》的论文表示,广州医学院的研究人员使用了被称为CRISPR-Cas9的技术改变了人类胚胎的免疫基因。;We used flawed embryos that were not viable for fertility treatment,; Fan Yong, the paper#39;s lead author, said in a statement sent to the Global Times Tuesday.该论文的首席作者范勇在周二发给《环球时报》的声明说:“我们使用了不可能实现生育治疗的有缺陷的胚胎,”Fan said the research had been approved by the ethics committee of the Third Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou Medical University, adding that all the embryos were destroyed after three days.范勇表示,这项研究得到了广州医学院第三附属医院伦理委员会的批准,并称所有的胚胎三天后被销毁。The result of the experiment was only partially successful as only four of the 26 embryos were successfully modified and some embryos showed unplanned mutations.该实验的结果仅获得部分成功,因为只有26个胚胎中的4个的基因被成功修改,并且一些胚胎出现了意外突变。;Generally speaking, the technology can be applied to treat all diseases caused by inherited variation, including cancers,; Han Bin, director of the National Center for Gene Research at the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), told the Global Times.中国科学院国家基因研究中心主任何汉斌告诉《环球时报》称:“一般来说,该技术可应用于治疗由遗传变异引发的包括癌症在内的百病,”Critics worry that altering genes this way is a slippery slope that ultimately results in ;designer babies.;不过,批评人士则表示担心,他们认为改变基因的这种方式是一种滑坡效应,最终可导致“定制婴儿”。;This is the first step on a path that scientists have carefully mapped out toward the legalization of genetically modified babies,; David King, of anti-gene manipulation group Human Genetics Alert, was ed by the Associated Press (AP) as saying in February.美联社引述反操纵基因组织--人类遗传学警报的大卫·金于二月份时发表的言论称:“这是科学家们谨慎地让转基因婴儿走向合法化道路的第一步。”However, some scientists argued that the technique applied to non-viable human embryos can be defended ethically.然而,一些科学家却认为,该技术由于使用的是非成活的人类胚胎,因此可以在伦理上为其辩护。 /201604/438881南安妇幼保健院费用 Some people say that true love knows no bounds, and that appearance should never be an obstacle. Yuan Wanyu and Dong Zhijun, a couple of six years in northeastern China#39;s Anshan, Liaoning province, have done a great deal to prove that maxim right.有人说,真爱无国界,容貌不是问题。袁婉瑜和董志军,中国东北辽宁鞍山的一对相爱6年的夫妻,明了这句格言的正确性。Dong Zhijun, 29, was born with congenital rachitis, which hampered the development of his limbs as he grew up. As an adult, he never grew taller than 80 centimeters.今年29岁的董志军患先天性佝偻病,这在他的成长过程中阻碍了四肢的生长发育。作为一个成年人,他的身高不足80厘米。He spent the majority of his childhood and teenage years in bed, though he is now able to walk with crutches.他的童年和少年时光基本都是在床上度过的,现在则是依靠轮椅可以自由行动了。After Dong#39;s father died in 2003, and his mother#39;s health began deteriorating, he realized that he would have to learn to take care of himself.董志军的父亲于2003年去世后,他的母亲的身体一天比一天差。他意识到自己必须学会照顾自己。His sister bought him a secondhand computer, on which he taught himself to type and use the Internet.他的给他买了台二手电脑,从此他就开始自学打字和上网。Eventually, he managed to establish four websites. He has also worked as a broadcaster on a livesteam platform, where he has 150,000 followers.最终,他成功建起了四个网站。此外,他还在一家直播平台做主播,拥有15万粉丝。Despite his condition, Dong has always been very optimistic. He has now purchased a house, and he believes that as long as he is alive, it#39;s his responsibility to keep improving his own life.尽管董志军的条件不好,但他一直非常乐观。现在他买了一套房,他相信只要他活着一天,他就有责任继续改善自己的生活。In 2009, Yuan Wanyu, a girl from southern China#39;s Guangdong province, met Dong via an online job marketplace for handicapped people.2009年,来自中国南方广东的一名名叫袁婉瑜的姑娘,通过一家残疾人网络招聘平台认识了董志军。Yuan was severely burned when she was just 1 year old. The burns caused her to lose all the fingers on her left hand as well as her nose.袁婉瑜在1岁时被严重烧伤,这使得她失去了左手的所有手指和鼻子。Since her family is poor, she wasn#39;t able to go to college, and her modest dream to find an ordinary job was constantly thwarted after interviewers glimpsed her physical appearance.由于家境贫寒,她也没能上大学。而找一份普通工作这一最简单的梦想,也在面试官看到她的长相后屡屡受挫。Within one year of online communication with Dong, Yuan moved to Anshan to be with him.和董志军在网上联系了不到一年,袁婉瑜就从广东来到了鞍山。The two lead a simple life; apart from working on Dong#39;s online store, they mostly stay at home, cooking for themselves and watching TV together.二人过着俭朴的生活,除了经营董志军的网店,大多时间他们都呆在家里,自已做饭吃,一起看电视。Dong even enjoys doing housework since it allows him to lessen the load for his beloved.董志军还很喜欢做家务,因为他觉得这样可以减轻爱人的负担。For her part, Yuan is always happy to help Dong clean or go down the stairs, or to take him out for a walk in his wheelchair.而对于婉瑜来说,能帮助志军洗漱或者下楼,又或是推着轮椅带他出去散步,都是非常幸福的事。 /201609/464330You’ve aly had dinner, and you’re fully aware that after-hours eating is probably not a smart choice. Yet you feel urged, even obliged, to say to your friend at 10pm-ish, “Let’s go get something to eat!”虽然已经吃过晚饭,也明白过了饭点加餐不是个好主意,然而到了晚上十点多,你还是会迫切渴望,甚至觉得必须得叫上你的朋友:“走,咱们吃点儿什么去!”In China, summer is the season of late-night snacks, or yexiao, with all kinds of barbecue – seafood, chicken wings and stinky tofu – and spicy *crayfish dominating the .在中国,夏天的夜晚最适合吃小吃和夜宵了,各式各样的烧烤——海鲜、鸡翅、臭豆腐、麻辣小龙虾都成了夏日主打菜。It’s not fine dining – most of the food is high in fat, and some of the restaurants have dubious hygiene, but that doesn’t stop customers from chowing down.这样的夜宵算不上精致,多数夜宵都是含高脂肪的食物,有些餐馆还存在卫生问题,不过这些都阻挡不了食客们大快朵颐。“When it’s late, you don’t want to think. You just want to *gorge,” Roy Choi, a Los Angeles-based chef, told Cosmopolitan. Choi is a passionate defender of *indulging late-night *cravings. “You feel terrible, you would never do it in your right mind, but you did it. That’s what’s awesome.”“到了大半夜,你就啥也不想考虑了,只想狼吞虎咽大吃一顿。” 洛杉矶厨师罗伊#8226;崔接受《时尚#8226;COSMOPOLITAN》杂志采访时表示。罗伊是个持“享受夜生活”的激进派。“你觉得糟透了,因为如果你用正常的思维想想,就绝不会这样纵容自己。但这正是让你觉得最棒的地方。”A social experience一次社交体验Apart from *sating your appetite for food, late-night snacks in China are also about socializing and relaxing.除了用食物来满足自己,中国人吃夜宵也是一种社交和放松方式。“Yexiao should be eaten outside rather than cooked at home,” Qian Maojia, a 31-year-old white-collar worker, told Shanghai Daily. “I feel so relaxed going outside late at night in the summer, in a casual T-shirt, shorts and slippers. It has become a habit of mine, and I believe many people around me in this city spend great summer nights this way.”“夜宵一定要在外面吃,而不是在家里做。” 31岁的白领钱毛佳(音译)告诉《上海日报》,“我觉得夏天晚上穿着普通T恤、短裤、凉拖出去,简直太放松了。这已经成了我的一种习惯,而且我相信身边的很多人都用这种方式来消暑。”This *impulse is shared by other places around the world. Night markets are popular in many Asian countries such as South Korea and Thailand. In Western countries, shopping malls close early, often before 6 pm, but restaurants and bars stay open until late to serve those who want to have some midnight *munchies or simply hang out with friends.其实,世界其他地方的人们也有这样的冲动。夜市在韩国、泰国等很多亚洲国家都很流行。在西方国家,商场很早(一般6点前)就关门了。而餐厅和酒吧通常会营业到很晚,为那些想要吃点夜宵、或者单纯想跟朋友小聚的人提供务。Take Spain as an example: People there don’t have yexiao, but they traditionally have a very late dinner, usually between 9 pm and midnight, which can be interpreted as a combination of dinner and yexiao. Instead of having a big *feast like Chinese people do, Spanish people like to have a lighter dinner. It often includes a small portion of fish, roast chicken or lamb, a salad and white rice.以西班牙为例:在那里人们通常不吃夜宵,不过他们的传统就是非常晚才会吃晚餐,一般在晚九点到午夜之间,类似晚餐与夜宵的结合。不像中国人晚上吃大餐,西班牙人则喜欢吃得比较简单。通常包括一小块鱼肉、烤鸡或烤羊肉,一份沙拉和一份白米饭。But no matter where you’re from and what you eat, night-owl cravings are real. “You have a different appetite,” Roy said in his interview with Cosmopolitan. “It’s a more *animalistic, *instinctive appetite.”不过,无论你来自哪里,吃什么,夜猫子的热忱是真实存在的。“你的胃口和别人不同,”罗伊在《时尚#8226;COSMOPOLITAN》杂志的采访中说,“这更像是一种动物似的、本能的食欲。” /201607/452647泉州新阳光医院怎么

泉州治疗妇科比较好的医院泉州哪里的医院治妇科好 You#39;ve heard those hospital horror stories where the surgeon removes the wrong body part or operates on the wrong patient or accidentally leaves medical equipment in the person they were operating on.你一定听说过那些医院里发生的可怕事件,比如外科医生切除了身体错误的部分;做手术把病人弄错了;或者意外将医疗器械留在了病人身体里等等。Even scarier, perhaps, is a new study in the latest edition of BMJ suggesting most medical errors go unobserved, at least in the official record.更为骇人听闻的是,也许就像《英国医学期刊》最新报道的,大部分的医疗事故根本未被统计进来,至少在官方记录里是这样的。In fact, the study, from doctors at Johns Hopkins, suggests medical errors may kill more people than lower respiratory diseases like emphysema and bronchitis do. That would make these medical mistakes the third leading cause of death in the ed States. That would place medical errors right behind heart disease and cancer.事实上,由约翰霍普金斯大学医学院的教授们进行的这项研究显示,每年因医疗事故死亡的病人远远高于因患气肿或气管炎等呼吸道疾病死亡的人数。医疗事故成为了美国仅次于心脏病和癌症的第三大致死原因。Through their analysis of four other studies examining death rate information, the doctors estimate there are at least 251,454 deaths due to medical errors annually in the ed States. The authors believe the number is actually much higher, as home and nursing home deaths are not counted in that total.通过另外四项对死亡率信息的分析,这些教授们估计,在美国每年至少有25万1454人死于医疗事故。笔者相信真实数据一定远不止这个数,因为在家里或疗养院死亡的数字并未被统计在内。The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Office of the inspector general in 2008 reported 180,000 deaths by medical error among Medicare patients alone.美国健康和人类务监察办公室在2008年曾报道过,因医疗事故致死的人数为18万,不过它仅追踪的是有医疗保险的病人。Dr. Martin Makary and Dr. Michael Daniel, who did the study, hope their analysis will lead to real reform in a health care system they argue is letting patients down.进行这项研究的马丁·马卡里教授和迈克尔·丹尼尔教授表示,希望他们的分析能带来医疗系统真正的改革,因为当前的情况实在太让患者失望了。One reason there#39;s such a wide range of numbers is because accurate data on these kinds of deaths is surprisingly sparse. That#39;s in part because death certificates don#39;t ask for enough data, Makary said.这些数据差异如此大,原因之一是对这类死亡的精确统计惊人的少。马卡里教授表示,这部分是由于患者的死亡明上并未要求显示完整的信息。Makary believes there should be a space on the certificate that asks if the death is related to a medical error. If the answer is yes, Makary suggests the doctor should have some legal protection so the certificate is not something that could be used in a lawsuit.马卡里相信,死亡明应该是有改善的空间的,以此确认死亡是否与医疗事故有关。如果有关,他建议医生应当受一定的法律保护,即该死亡明不应当导致医生被起诉。There are barcodes that could be placed on each piece of surgical equipment so a team could account for every tool at the end of a surgery, for example. Makary believes many hospitals don#39;t invest in technology that could prevent errors because the hospitals don#39;t always realize how big the problem is and don#39;t make it a priority. Funding for research on medical errors is also extremely limited.我们还可以给每个医疗器械贴上条形码,这样医生们在手术结束后就可清点数量避免意外。马卡里认为很多医院不愿意去投资科技以预防医疗事故,因为这些医院还未意识到这些问题有多严重,也不会优先考虑这一块。而用于医疗事故研究的资金也是少得可怜。The problem is not unique to the ed States. Earlier studies have shown undercounted medical errors are a problem in hospitals throughout the world.这个问题不是只有美国才有。更早的研究显示,数不胜数的医疗事故一直是全球各地医院的一大困扰。Doctors are human and they are going to make mistakes, Makary said.马卡里表示,医生毕竟也是人,难免会犯错误。 /201605/443399石狮无痛人流手术多少钱

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