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India is a country where tens of millions of people don’t have access to a trained health professional that can give them basic health and wellness advice. The Bangalore-based mobile services company mDhil wants to change that.印度极其缺乏训练有素的医疗专家,几千万人无法获得基本的卫生和健康咨询务。总部位于班加罗尔的移动务公司mDhil希望能够改变这种状况。“India faces a tremendous shortage of doctors,” says Nandu Madhava, the Texas-raised, Harvard-educated social entrepreneur who started mDhil in 2009. “People would turn to quacks and old myths for health information that is rarely grounded in any science. We’re working to alleviate that problem.”“医生极度匮乏是印度面临的一个老大难问题,”南渡o玛达瓦说。这位在德州长大,毕业于哈佛大学(Harvard University)的社会企业家于2009年创办了mDhil公司。“人们经常通过江湖郎中和古老的神话来获取几乎没有任何科学依据的健康信息。我们正在努力缓解这一问题。”Madhava’s company started as an SMS messaging service where people paid for advice, but the approach failed to scale beyond a subscriber base of about 250,000. Two years ago, Madhava, a 40ish American expat of Indian origin, decided to take a different tack.玛达瓦的公司起初从事有偿医疗短信务,但这种方式无法推动用户群在达到大约25万人之后继续增长。两年前,这位40岁左右的印度裔美国人决定采取另一种策略。“With a shift to 3G networks and low cost phones with mobile browsers, we made a strategic decisions to focus on mobile s,” says Madhava, who worked for the Peace Corps and Goldman Sachs before launching mDhil.玛达瓦说:“随着用户转向3G网络,纷纷使用配备移动浏览器的低成本手机,我们做出了一个专注于移动视频的战略决策。”创办mDhil之前,玛达瓦曾任职于和平队(Peace Corps)和高盛公司(Goldman Sachs)。mDhil has since reached 20 million views globally, fueled by a strong preference by people in the developing world—far stronger than in the developed world–for services optimized for mobile devices.自那以后,mDhil的全球浏览量已经达到2,000万次,主要推动力之一是发展中国家民众对面向移动设备的优化务有着强烈的偏好——这种偏好远大于发达国家。“This makes a lot of business sense as most Indians connect to the Internet through their mobile phones,” says Katyayan Gupta, an eBusiness and channel strategy analyst at Forrester Research in New Delhi, India. “In most developing countries, including Brazil or China, Internet companies have to be mobile-first. I see this trend soon becoming the norm.”“这种做法颇具商业头脑,因为大多数印度人是通过手机上网的,”常驻印度新德里的弗雷斯特研究公司(Forrester Research)电子商务和渠道策略分析师卡蒂亚扬o古普塔说。“在大多数发展中国家,包括巴西和中国,互联网公司必须采用移动优先原则。我认为这种趋势很快就会成为常态。”Sandy Shen, a research director with Gartner in Shanghai, concurs. “Mobile is a top priority for many providers looking for future growth, she says, “and this is an area where lots of innovation is happening.”上海高德纳咨询公司(Gartner) 研究总监桑迪o沈赞同这种观点。“移动应用是许多寻求未来增长的务提供商最优先考虑的方向,”她说。“这个领域的创新层出不穷。”At present about 65 percent of mDhil’s traffic comes from mobile devices, but that figure is expected to grow to 90 percent in just two years. Since dropping its subscription model, the company leverages its partnership with YouTube and other online channels to make money from advertising, licensing, and sponsorships.mDhil目前约有65%的流量来自移动设备,但在仅仅两年后,这个数字预计就将增长到90%。自从放弃订阅模式以来,这家公司利用它跟YouTube和其他在线渠道结成的合作关系,通过广告、许可使用和赞助等方式来获得收入。“Their main revenue model is to charge for ads and not the consumer,” Gupta says. “This is a common practice. Facebook follows the same approach.”“他们的主要收入来源是广告商,而不是消费者,”古普塔说。“这是一种常见的做法。Facebook也采用相同的策略。”By making the service essentially free at the front end, apart from the cost of Internet access, mDhil has been able to quickly scale to millions of users. It gauges the effectiveness of its advice in a number of ways.这样一来,除了上网费,前端用户基本上无需付任何费用。依凭这种方式,mDhil迅速赢得了数百万用户。这家公司通过多种方式来评估医疗建议的有效性。“If we create great s, we get more users both in terms of watch time and social media activity,” Madhava says.玛达瓦说:“如果我们创作了非常优质的视频,无论是根据观看时间还是根据社交媒体活跃度来观察,我们都会获得更多的用户。”For example, women felt better informed after watching s on subjects such as puberty, reproductive health, and birth control, according to field studies mDhil performed in conjunction with urban NGOs.例如,根据mDhil联合多家城市非政府组织所做的实地研究,在观看了诸如青春期、生殖健康和节育等主题的视频之后,妇女的健康意识显著增强。It’s of particular importance in India, where long-standing cultural taboos discourage the creation and distribution of high-quality health content in local Indian languages.这一点在印度具有特别重要的意义,因为这个国家长期存在的文化禁忌阻止使用当地语言创造和传播高品质的健康内容。And as for a developed market where this is less of a factor? mDhil “absolutely” has a chance of being a hit in the ed States, Madhava says. “We’ve started creating health and wellness content with a global audience in mind.”那么,mDhil能否在一个并不存在这种禁忌的发达国家市场获得成功呢?mDhil“绝对”有机会风靡美国,玛达瓦说。“我们已经开始制作面向全球观众的卫生和健康内容。”Some of mDhil’s newest online channels receive 80 percent of their viewership from people in the U.S. and Europe, Madhava says. (The subject matter and tone is different from the company’s India-focused content—you can see examples here and here—but Madhava stresses that mDhil’s Bangalore team can produce s for audiences in the developed world for a fraction of what it would cost in the West.)玛达瓦说,在mDhil最新推出的一些网络视频渠道中,有80%的浏览量来自美国和欧洲。(这些视频的主题和风格有别于这家公司面向印度市场推出的内容,但玛达瓦强调,mDhil的班加罗尔团队能够生产面向发达国家观众的视频,而且花费仅仅是在西方国家制作同类视频成本的一小部分。)But India sits at the center of Madhava’s mission. “It’s going to take entrepreneurs to help build this country into all that it can be,” he says.不过,印度仍然在这家公司的使命中占据着中心位置。他说:“这个国家需要一些企业家来帮助它实现潜能。” /201407/313164LAST NOVEMBER, my female co-workers at The Wall Street Journal discovered that the sole product I used on my face was soap. Their reaction to this mundane revelation wasn#39;t all that nice. They began calling me #39;the man who doesn#39;t moisturize.#39; As in, #39;Would you ask the man who doesn#39;t moisturize if I can borrow his stapler?#39;去年11月,我在《华尔街日报》(The Wall Street Journal)的女同事发现了我用在脸上的唯一产品是香皂。对于这个平淡无奇的发现,她们的反应并不那么友好。她们开始叫我“不用保湿霜的男人”。比如她们会说,“你能问问那个不用保湿霜的男人,我能借他的订书机用一下吗?”One of our style editors took pity. #39;You#39;ve never moisturized?#39; she asked gently. #39;I don#39;t remember,#39; I admitted. Judging by her expression, she graciously decided to assume I had amnesia. #39;Well, we#39;ll have to do something about that,#39; she said. And so began my eye-opening, skin-altering, brain-addling, four-month adventure in the world of male beauty regimens.我们的一个时尚编辑表示同情。她轻声问道:“你从没做过保湿吗?”我承认:“我不记得了。”从表情来看,她优雅地断定我有健忘症。她说:“好吧,我们得做点儿什么。”于是我开始了历时四个月在男士美容世界里大开眼界和脱胎换骨的脑补探险旅程。First, a little background. It isn#39;t that I am unaware of the guy-beauty industrial complex. I know, for instance, that Clinique basically started it all with its pioneering men#39;s skin-care line in 1976--a program it#39;s relaunching this month. According to Jenny Belknap, vice president of global treatment marketing, the relaunch was triggered by the company#39;s discovery that, while women traditionally bought the men#39;s products for their husbands and sons, #39;we firmly understand that now men are buying for themselves.#39; To make the line more male-friendly and less boggling, Clinique is cutting back from 25 products to 19 and shortening product names. Not that men seem all that intimidated by skin care: According to Mintel, a Chicago-based market research group, 63% of guys 25-34 report that they use moisturizer.首先介绍一点背景。我并非不知道男士美容的产业联盟。比如我知道倩碧(Clinique)基本上是靠它1976年首创的男士护肤系列发展起来的――本月又即将重新推出。其全球护肤业务营销副总裁珍妮#12539;贝尔纳普(Jenny Belknap)表示,这次重新推出是因为公司发现,虽然过去都是女性为丈夫和儿子购买男士产品,但“我们坚信,现在男士们都是自己购买”。为了让这个系列对男性更加友好而且更容易让人接受,倩碧把产品数量从25件减到了19件,并且缩短了产品的名字。并不是所有男士都对护肤感到畏惧:据芝加哥市场研究机构英敏特(Mintel)调查,25岁至34岁的男士中,有63%的人称自己使用保湿霜。Though I am legitimately hazy regarding my own historic moistness levels, I did go through an exceptionally vain phase in my mid-to-late 20s, a couple of decades ago. I had a Manhattan stylist renowned as the #39;King of Blondes#39; highlight my hair, whose natural color suggests a particularly lackluster mouse. I visited a Mexican spa where a bored local woman rolled me in seaweed as if fashioning a giant joint. I spent wads of money on stress-relieving massages, including one that concluded abruptly when the theretofore silent, aged Asian masseur stopped kneading my right shoulder and shrieked, #39;The wing is broken! The wing is broken! It cannot carry the child!#39;尽管我对自己脸部的湿度情况一直不清不楚,但几十年前,在我25到30岁之间那几年,我的确经历过花时间 饬的阶段。当时被誉为“金发之王”(King of Blondes)的一位曼哈顿造型师给我做了头发挑染,我本身的自然发色就像一只毫无生气的老鼠。我去了一家墨西哥水疗中心,一个百无聊赖的当地女人用海草把我卷起来,就像卷一巨大的大麻烟。我花了大把钱在缓解压力的上,包括那次遇见一个上了年纪的亚洲男师。他默默揉捏着我的右肩,突然停下来尖叫道:“翅膀断了!翅膀断了!它没法带幼仔了!”那次就意外结束了。I remember at one point growing convinced that my boss was monitoring my under-eye puffiness, but, soon after, I regained my equilibrium. My grooming routine was gradually reduced to: unscented Dove soap, Barbasol shaving foam, interchangeable drugstore shampoos and some despised hair gel that made me feel like one of those oil-coated ducks blinking in the aftermath of the Exxon Valdez disaster.我记得有段时间我坚信老板在观察我浮肿的眼袋,但不久后我重新找到了平衡。我的日常梳洗用品逐渐缩减成:无香型多芬(Dove)香皂,Barbasol剃须泡沫,各个牌子的超市洗发水,还有被人鄙视的发胶,这款发胶让我觉得自己是埃克森#12539;瓦尔迪兹号(Exxon Valdez)漏油事件发生后,满身油光闪闪的鸭群里的一员。So, naturally, I was wary when the aforementioned style editor dumped a box of skin-care and grooming product samples on my desk: #39;We#39;ll start with these,#39; she said. #39;You#39;ll use four products at night and eight in the morning.#39; I nervously mentioned that I didn#39;t live in an alternate universe where mornings last 107 hours. #39;Just get up earlier,#39; she said.所以很自然的,在上文中提到的时尚编辑把一盒护肤和梳洗产品小样扔到我桌上时,我非常谨慎。她说:“我们先从这些开始。晚上你要用四种产品,早晨用八种。”我紧张地提到我并不是生活在早晨有107小时的另一个宇宙。她说:“那就起早点。”In the shower the next day, I washed my hair with my new Davines Love Smoothing Shampoo, a pricey Italian product designed to rehabilitate messed-up hair, and immediately felt like some dapper Milanese guy who eats oddly shaped pizzas and whose apartment is full of strange, half-size appliances. Next, I used Clark#39;s Botanicals Face Wash (a soothing, mild, herbal goop) and shaved my face with what appeared to be pink icing, but was really a premium rose-scented cream from the storied British company Geo. F. Trumper. Next came a spray toner, an antiaging serum and the pivotal moisturizer (mine came from the Jack Black brand). Then I did a few jumping jacks to maintain my stamina and applied an age-combatting smidge of La Mer Eye Concentrate under each peeper using the complementary wand. (Wands? Arguably manly in wake of Harry Potter phenomenon? Discuss.)第二天早晨洗澡时,我用新的Davines Love Smoothing洗发水洗了头发,这是一款价格昂贵的意大利产品,专门修复受损头发。洗了以后我立刻觉得自己像是一个衣冠楚楚的米兰人,吃着奇形怪状的披萨,公寓里全是奇怪的小型家电。接着我用Clark#39;s植物洁面乳(一种舒缓温和的草药黏液)洗脸, 然后用一种看似像粉色糖霜但实际上来自知名英国公司Geo. F. Trumper的高级玫瑰香剃须膏刮胡子。接下来是爽肤水喷雾和抗衰老乳液,还有关键的保湿霜(我用的牌子是Jack Black)。接着我做了几组开合跳保持活力,然后用附送的魔法棒在每只眼睛的下眼睑涂了点 La Mer抗衰老眼霜精华。(魔法棒?哈利#12539;波特(Harry Potter)现象后应该算是男子气的装备了吧?可以讨论一下。)Finally, I groomed my hair with Baxter of California Soft Water Pomade, which gave my hair the texture of a mink pelt, but was still a bit greasy for my taste.最后,我在头发上抹了点Baxter of California软水发膏,让我的头发有了光华毛皮的质地,但对我来说还是有点油。I walked to the subway feeling fresh and tingly and evangelical about the value of taking time to value oneself. I also felt a little like Patrick Bateman, the murderous skin care devotee from #39;American Psycho,#39; but was too busy caressing my curiously soft face to brood on that. Upon reaching the subway 15 minutes later, I realized that, in my heady self-absorption, I#39;d forgotten my wallet. I felt less evangelical running home again.我走到地铁站,觉得很清爽,对于花时间珍惜自己的价值也感到很兴奋。我还觉得自己有点像帕特里克#12539;贝特曼(Patrick Bateman),就是《美国精神病人》(American Psycho)里热衷护肤的杀人狂,但我忙着抚摸我那异常柔软的脸,无暇去思考这些。15分钟后到达地铁站时,我意识到,自我陶醉让我忘记了拿钱包。再折回家时我的热情就没那么高涨了。By day three, the tingliness had given way to a burning sensation around my jaw. Was this my choice: To feel youthful but on fire versus old and content? The culprit turned out to be the rose shaving cream, which the style editor replaced with Proraso Shaving Foam for #39;pelli sensibili#39; (sensitive skin). After carefully testing this amazing product, I can honestly tell you that it#39;s fun to say #39;pelli sensibili#39; repeatedly in a heavy Italian accent.到第三天,那种兴奋感消失了,取而代之的是下巴周围的灼烧感。我需要做出选择:是觉得年轻但有刺痛感还是觉得老而满足?罪魁祸首原来是那玫瑰剃须膏,时尚编辑把它换成了敏感肌肤(pelli sensibili)适用的Proraso剃须膏。小心翼翼地对这款不可思议的产品进行试用后,我可以老实告诉你,用浓重的意大利口音重复说“pelli sensibili”很有意思。And so it went. As I continued my regimen, either my skin improved visibly or my colleagues formed a vast conspiracy that required them to gush about my face. I asked non-coworker friends if they noticed anything different about me, but they were stumped and resistant to broad hints. Still I could swear that, in a certain group photo taken at a steakhouse about seven weeks into my program, I look like a cast member of a teen drama on the CW Network: weirdly lineless, buoyant, possibly a vampire.于是我继续用这些东西。随着护肤的持续,要么我的皮肤有了明显改善,要么就是我的同事串通好了对我的脸进行议论。我问非同事的朋友有没有注意到我有什么异样,但他们都很为难,不愿意给出提示。不过我仍然可以断定,护肤计划进行七周左右,在某家牛排餐厅所拍的某张合照里,我看起来肯定像是哥伦比亚及华纳兄弟联合电视网(CW network)某部青春偶像剧里的演员:皱纹出奇的少,光照人,像极了吸血鬼。By week 12, long after my co-workers had acclimatized to the undocumented miracle that was my face, I was bored by my regimen#39;s demands and losing my motivation. I decided to tempt fate by subbing out my original, conventional moisturizer for Clinique#39;s new Oil-Control Mattifying Moisturizer. Life so seldom offers opportunities to be #39;mattified#39; that it seemed worth the risk. But, although the product left my skin powder-dry and Botox-taut, I was still feeling restless.到第12周,在同事们早就习惯我脸上潜移默化的奇迹后,我对护肤计划的要求产生了厌倦,失去了动力。我决定冒险把倩碧新型控油保湿霜换成原来的传统保湿霜。生活提供“被控油”的机会太少了,所以我似乎值得冒这个险。不过,虽然这款产品让我的皮肤干爽紧绷,但我仍然觉得不安。The style editor decided we needed to seriously up the ante and helped me book a facial with celebrity youthifier Tracie Martyn, who#39;s rejuvenated Brad Pitt, Alan Rickman and Madonna. When I arrived at Ms. Martyn#39;s Fifth Avenue penthouse studio, I was taken aback by the estrogen-y décor, which is entirely lavender and white with gauzy curtains that should properly be billowing in a strong breeze. A Borzoi would not be out of place. I was told that I#39;d been squeezed in between Diane von Furstenberg and a businessman who#39;d just run a marathon.时尚编辑认为我们需要下更大的血本,她帮我预定了明星焕肤专家特蕾西#12539;马丁(Tracie Martyn)的面部护理。马丁为布拉德#12539;皮特(Brad Pitt)、艾伦#12539;里克曼(Alan Rickman)和麦当娜(Madonna)做过青春焕肤。到达马丁在第五大道的顶层公寓工作室时,我因为其充满女性气质的装潢而吃了一惊,里面全是淡紫色和白色,薄纱窗 在微风袭来时应该会摇曳生姿。再养一只波索犬(Borzoi)也不会显得突兀。我得知自己被安排在黛安#12539;冯#12539;芙丝汀宝(Diane von Furstenberg)和一位刚跑过马拉松的商人之间。#39;About 20% of my clientele is male,#39; Ms. Martyn, a hypnotically placid Brit, told me once she had me on her table. As she applied potions with darting little swipes, tightened my jawline with a tool that emits electricity, and exposed me to red light that she said once healed astronaut wounds, she mentioned a male 60-something lawyer who visits her every week. She started cooing excitedly as my face responded--brilliantly, it seemed--to the electricity: #39;Oh, it#39;s looking very good.#39;马丁是一个异常平和的英国人。我一躺上化妆台就听她告诉我说:“约有20%的客户是男性。” 她迅速地给我擦上药水,用释放电流的一个工具紧实我的下巴轮廓,然后让我照射她声称曾经用于修复宇航员伤口的红光。她提到一位60多岁、每周都来的男律师。随着我的脸对电流有了反应――看上去很亮泽――她开始兴奋地嚷道:“噢,看起来非常棒。”Back at the office, I stared at my face in the bathroom mirror, searching for evidence that it was more chiseled. One cheekbone looked pointier, but I couldn#39;t be sure.回到办公室,我在卫生间的镜子前观察自己的脸,寻找轮廓更分明的据。一边的颧骨更尖了,但我不能确定。Confession: In the end, I abandoned all the products in my regime, except for the Italian shampoo, the #39;pelli sensibili#39; shave foam and a truly addictive cleanser from Tracie Martyn that I added post-facial. Turns out that I#39;m just not vain enough to fuss with wands in the pursuit of advanced male beauty. I still moisturize occasionally--if only to ward off ridicule.告白:最后我放弃了护肤计划中的所有产品,除了那款意大利洗发水、敏感肌肤适用的剃须泡沫和特雷西#12539;马丁的一款我在做面部护理前用过的洁面乳,这款洁面乳让我用了还想用。事实上我只是没有足够的闲工夫费那么多讲究去追求高级男性美。我仍旧还是会偶尔做做保湿――即使只是为了避免别人的嘲笑。 /201403/280484

Hate to work out? These simple strategies will get you up and going for good.讨厌户外运动?以下这些简单的方式为会让你重拾遗失的美好。Debbe Geiger could summarize her feelings about exercise in two words. “It stinks,” she#39;d say.But then her thinking changed when -- after much urging from friends who wanted her to play with them -- she joined a volleyball team. Now, she’s at the gym with a convert’s fervor on game nights because she doesn’t want to let her teammates down. “There have been lots of reasons I could have missed, and I haven’t,” says Geiger of Cary, N.C.Debbe Geiger用两个词总结了她锻炼的感觉,“真恶”。但在那些想和她一起锻炼的朋友不断的敦促下,她的想法改变了。后来她加入排球队。现在,她以改天换面的热情参与健身房的排球之夜,因为她不想让她的队友失望。这个来自北卡罗来纳州卡里的姑娘Geiger说, “我有很多的理由去放弃,但我没有。”Her experience illustrates what exercise experts have known for years: To stick with an exercise routine, you need a reason to carry on when that little voice inside says, ;Sit on the couch. Have a doughnut.;为了坚持训练的日程,当心理暗示“去躺沙发吧”的时候你需要一个坚强的理由。她的经历表明了运动专家们久经沙场的真理:为了坚持训练的日程,当心理暗示“去躺沙发吃甜甜圈吧”的时候你需要一个坚强的理由。 /201407/314202

I remember when I first looked up a patient on Google. It was my last day on the bone marrow transplant unit, back when I was an intern. As I stood before the patient, taking her history, she told me she had been a painter and suggested I look up her work on the Internet. I did, and I found her paintings fascinating. Even though our paths crossed fleetingly, she is one of the few patients I vividly remember from that time.我仍然清晰地记得我第一次谷歌搜索患者的经历。那是我在骨髓移植科实习的最后一天,我与一个患者闲聊,她告诉我她是个画家,并建议我去上网看看她的作品。我搜了搜,觉得她的画着实精。因此,虽然我与她只有短暂的接触,但她成为了令我印象最深的患者之一。Google has taught me other things, too, things that don#39;t come up during the routine history-taking or medication checks of my usual doctor-patient interactions. I learned recently, for example, that one of my patients had been an Olympic gold medalist and world-record holder in the 1960s. Knowing more about my patients as people helps build empathy.除了艺术作品,谷歌也曾带给我一些其他的信息,一些常规的医患交流(如询问病史、药史等)无法带来的东西。举个例子,几周前,我搜索发现我的一位患者在20世纪60年代曾是奥运会冠军和世界纪录保持者。这些信息帮助我更深入地了解患者,使我更容易与他们建立感情。Doctors do ;Google; their patients. In fact, the vast majority of physicians I know have done so. To my generation, using a search engine like Google comes as naturally as sharing pictures of our children or a recent vacation on a social networking site like Facebook. But it surprises me that more physicians don#39;t pause and think about what it means for the patient-doctor relationship.医生们确实会“谷歌”他们的患者,至少我认识的大部分医生都这么做。在我们这个年代,使用谷歌这类搜索引擎和在Facebook这类社交网站上分享子女或旅行照片一样,都是顺理成章的事儿。但是,让我感到吃惊的是,许多医生在“谷歌”他们的患者之前,从不停下来想想这种搜索将会给医患关系带来些什么。What if one finds something that is not warm and fuzzy? I recently about a case in which a 26-year-old woman went to a surgeon wanting to have a prophylactic double mastectomy, citing an extensive history of cancer in her family. However, she was not willing to undergo any work-up, and her medical team noted several inconsistencies in her story. When they searched online, it turned out she had set up multiple Facebook accounts soliciting donations for malignancies she never had. One page showed her with her head shaved, as if she had aly undergone chemotherapy. The surgeons immediately decided to halt her care.万一医生们搜到一些不那么温馨或失真的信息呢?我最近读到一个病例,说一个26岁的女士要求医生给她做预防性双侧乳腺切除手术,因为她的祖辈中很多人有患乳腺癌的病史。但是,这名女士拒绝接受任何检查,而且她的医疗团队注意到她关于家族史的叙述中也有几处自相矛盾的地方。当医生们在网上搜索这名患者时,他们发现她注册好几个Facebook账号,谎称自己有恶性肿瘤来募集捐款。在其中的一个页面上,她甚至贴出自己剃光头发的照片,装成进行过化疗的样子。此后,医生们立即停止了对这名女士的“治疗”。I was once taking care of a frail, older patient who came to the hospital feeling very short of breath. It wasn#39;t immediately clear why, but her breathing was getting worse. To look for accidental ingestions, I sent for a drug screen and, to my great surprise, it came back positive for cocaine. It didn#39;t make sense to me, given her age and the person lying before me, and I was concerned she had been the victim of some sort of abuse. She told me she had no idea why there was cocaine in her system.曾经有位虚弱的老年患者来我这里看病,她感觉自己呼吸特别困难。我们没能立刻探明原因,可她呼吸窘迫的问题却一天重过一天。为了查查她是否不小心摄入了什么毒物,我安排她进行了一次毒品筛查。让我大感意外的是,她的可卡因指标竟然呈阳性!对于一个像她这样年龄和身体状况的人来说,吸毒是无法想象的事儿,于是我担心她是否经受了某种虐待,但她告诉我她完全不知道这些可卡因是如何进入到身体内的。When I walked out of the room, a nurse called me over to her computer. There, on MugShots.com, was a younger version of my patient#39;s face, with details about how she had been detained for cocaine possession more than three decades earlier. I looked away from the screen, feeling like I had violated my patient#39;s privacy. I resumed our medical exam, without bringing up the finding on the Internet, and her subsequent hospital course was uneventful.当我走出诊室时,一个护士把我叫到了电脑前。在MugShots.com上,我看到了我的患者年轻时的照片和她三十多年前因为持有可卡因被拘留的细节。我将眼睛从屏幕上移开,顿时有一种侵犯了患者隐私的罪恶感。后来,我帮那位患者做完了剩余的检查,没提起在互联网上发现的她的那段历史。她接下来的留院治疗并没有出任何意外。I am tempted to prescribe that physicians should never look online for information about their patients, though I think the practice will become only more common, given doctors#39; — and all of our — growing dependence on technology. The more important question health care providers need to ask themselves is why we would like to.由于我们医生对科技的依赖越来越深,在我看来,“医生谷歌患者”的现象只会越来越普遍。但是,我仍然想强调:医生们绝不应该去网络上搜索关于患者的信息。更重要的是,作为医务工作者,我们应该反思:为什么我们总想去“谷歌”那些患者。To me, the only legitimate reason to search for a patient#39;s online footprint is if there is a safety issue. If, for example, a patient appears to be manic or psychotic, it might be useful to investigate whether certain claims the patient makes are true. Or, if a doctor suspects a pediatric patient is being abused, it might make sense to look for evidence online. Physicians have also investigated patients on the web if they were concerned about suicide risk, or needed to contact the family of an unresponsive patient. In my state, Massachusetts, doctors can also use a specialized database to track every pharmacy a patient took controlled drugs from — an especially useful tool when drug abuse is suspected. But if the only reason a doctor searches online is to gather personal information that patients don#39;t want to share with their physicians, then it is absolutely the wrong thing to do.在我看来,去网上搜寻患者“足迹”的唯一正当理由是出于安全考虑。举个例子,如果一个患者表现得疯疯癫癫,疑似有精神问题的话,去网上调查他可能会有助于确认他提供信息的真实性。或者说,如果医生怀疑一个儿科患者曾遭到虐待,在网上搜寻据会是一个理性的做法。医生们也可以在他们担心患者有自杀倾向或需要联系某位无正常反应的患者家属时,上网搜寻一些信息。在我所居住的马萨诸塞州,当患者被怀疑有滥用药物的行为时,医生们可以查询一个专业的数据库来追查患者取得管制类药物的各家药房。不过,如果一个医生上网搜索他的患者仅仅是为了查看一些患者们不愿分享的个人信息的话,这就是完全错误的。Recently, one of my primary care patients was back in clinic, with some worrisome news. In spite of increasing the dose of his medication, his panic attacks were getting worse. He had told me that as he saw his business success grow, so did his stress, and the frequency of his panic attacks.前几天,我的一个家庭保健病人又来到诊室,带来了一些令人担忧的消息。尽管用药剂量增加了,他的恐慌症却越来越严重。他告诉我,随着他的生意越做越成功,他的压力越来越大,恐慌症发作的频率也越来越高。I stepped out of the clinic to speak with my supervising physician. I related the patient#39;s history, telling him about the growing success of the patient#39;s business.我走出诊室,找到我的头儿,跟他说起这个患者的商界故事和生意上的成功。;What sort of business?; he asked. When I told him that I had forgotten to ask, he quickly flipped the window on the computer before us from an electronic medical record to Google and typed in the patient#39;s name.“什么样的生意?”上级问。当我说我忘记了问患者时,他立马在电脑上打开“谷歌”的页面并输进了患者的名字。But before he pressed return, he paused.但在按下“确认”键之前,他停住了。This was unusual — most doctors I know don#39;t pause. Then, with the cursor blinking before us, he pressed the backspace key, keeping it pinned until there were no more letters for the cursor to gobble up. And he proceeded to do what has worked for physicians for eons. He sat down next to the patient and asked.这很不寻常——我认识的大部分医生从不犹豫。然后,随着光标在屏幕上闪动,他按下了“删除”键,直到患者名字里的每一个字母在搜索栏被清除得干干净净。接着,他做了一件外科医生们已做了几个世纪的事儿:在患者身旁坐下来,问起他的故事。 /201409/329253Young girls are fast becoming internet sensations not because of their vocal skills or dance moves, but because they resemble living dolls. Staring doe-eyed at the camera, with cupids bow lips and a porcelain complexion Dakota Rose has been hailed a real-life Barbie.许多年轻的女孩子们变成网络红人不是因为她们唱功或者是舞蹈出众,而是因为她们长得就像真人版洋娃娃。美国少女达科塔·罗斯被追捧为真人芭比:她那小鹿般天真无邪的眼睛盯着镜头,拥有像爱神之弓的标准美唇和陶瓷般的肌肤。Known to her fans as Kota Koti, she has amassed a global audience with her YouTube fashion and beauty tutorials.达科塔·罗斯网名为Kota Koti,她在YouTube视频网站上发的时尚和美妆教程吸引了全球大批粉丝。In most of the s she remains silent while subtitles provide the viewer with a step-by-step guide on how to apply cosmetics, style hair or dress fashionably.在大多数的视频中,她一般都不说话,视频里有字幕来为观众们说明如何上妆、做发型或者装搭配的具体步骤。#39;I usually prefer something lighter. I would only wear this to a club, night time event,#39; she writes below a 6 minute demonstrating how to apply #39;nighttime eye make up#39;.在一个时长六分钟演示如何化“夜间眼妆”的视频教程中,达科塔在字幕上这样写道:“我一般希望比较淡的妆,一般去夜店或参加晚间活动,我只化这么淡的妆。”It is said that Dakota is especially popular across Asia as her sense of style appears to be inspired by the Japanese anime culture, in which big eyes and long straight hair are key features.据说达科塔在亚洲非常受欢迎,因为她的时尚感似乎是受到了日本动漫文化的启发。在日本动漫中,女孩子大多是这样大大的眼睛又长又直的头发。Little is known about the teenager but some websites suggest she is aged between 16 and 18 and from the west coast of America.关于达科塔的个人信息并不多,但是有些网站认为她住在美国西部沿岸地区,年龄在16岁到18岁左右。But Dakota is not the only one to have fashioned herself as a living Barbie.不过达科塔不是唯一一个将自己打扮成真人芭比的女孩。Venus Palermo, known online as Venus Angelic, is a 15-year-old girl who has also taken to the internet detailing how to look like a living doll.一名15岁的女生维纳斯·巴勒莫,网名为维纳斯·安杰丽卡,她在网上上传了如何装扮得像一个真人娃娃的详细教程。She now has 78 s on her official YouTube page - ranging from makeup tutorials and nail art to dancing and her Facebook page boasts over 13,000 fans.她在自己的YouTube个人主页上传了78段视频——从化妆、美甲教程到舞蹈应有尽有,超过1.3万的粉丝关注了她的Facebook主页。A recent poll in Taiwan of 13,000 students revealed nearly half started surfing the internet before the age of seven, and some start as young as three.最近在台湾有一个在13,000名学生中发起的投票调查,结果显示近半数的学生在7岁之前就开始上网,有一部分人甚至3岁起就开始上网了。It found a correlation between the frequency of online social networking and the level of concern with appearance and self-image.调查发现这一现象与社交网络的流行、对外貌和个人形象的日益重视有关。 /201403/280008A Justin Bieber superfan has lost more than eight stone in a bid to make her pop star idol notice her.一位贾斯汀-比伯的超级粉丝为了让偶像注意到她,减掉了超过八英石的体重。Now weighing in at 10.5 stone Bryanna Debinder, 20, shed an incredible 122 lbs in just a year after becoming jealous of the slim girls who were pulled on stage by Bieber during his concerts.现在重10.5英石(约合66公斤),20岁的布里安娜仅仅一年就减掉了122磅(约为110斤)的体重,只是因为嫉妒那些可以在演唱会上被比伯拉上台的苗条女孩们。#39;Every time I saw him pull up a pretty, slim girl on stage, I just thought: #39;that should be me#39;,#39; said Bryanna, of Temple, near Reading, Pennsylvania.“每次我看到他拉那些漂亮苗条的女孩上台,我都会想’那个人应该是我!’”来自宾夕法尼亚州开普的布里安娜这样说道。#39;Everyone deserves a chance to be noticed by the person they love, and I#39;m his biggest fan.“每个人都有机会得到她爱的人的注意,而且我是他的超级粉丝。”The Penn State University psychology student#39;s obsession with Bieber, also 20, began when she saw him on MTV in 2009.这位宾夕法尼亚州立大学心理学专业的学生和比伯同龄,2009年在MTV上见到比伯后自此迷得一发不可收拾。As the then clean-cut pop star crooned to his platinum-selling single #39;One Time#39;, Bryanna fell in love and there began an obsession that would change her life.当时长相清秀的流行歌手比伯深情演唱了白金单曲《One Time》,布里安娜陷入了爱河,并开始完全痴迷并从此改变了她的生活。 /201403/280711

We’ve all heard the saying, “there’s a sucker born every minute.”我们都听说过“每分钟都有笨蛋呱呱落地”这句话。Well, what if I were to tell you that this is a gross underestimate? According to the Department of Human Health and Services, there are about 7.6 Americans born every minute, and there’s good evidence that about five of them will grow up to be “suckers” when it comes to financial literacy.那么,如果我说这句话显然低估了实际情况,大家会怎么想呢?美国卫生和公众务部(Department of Human Health and Services)的数据显示,每分钟有7.6个美国人出生,而确凿据表明其中有5个会成为理财方面的“笨蛋”。The University of Michigan’s Health and Retirement Study found that only about one third of Americans ages 50 and older were able to correctly answer three simple questions about how compound interest works, what inflation means for one’s savings and investment gains, and the basic differences between a single stock and a mutual fund.密歇根大学(University of Michigan)健康和退休研究项目发现,在50岁及以上的美国人中,只有约三分之一的人能正确回答三个简单的问题:复利是怎么回事?通胀对个人储蓄和投资收益意味着什么?一只股票和一只共同基金有哪些基本差异?In the latest addition to a body of economic research that shows Americans’ striking financial illiteracy, a study by economists Benjamin Keys, Devin Pope, and Jaren Pope examined Americans’ refinancing habits during the worst of the financial crisis, when the Treasury Department and Federal Reserve were doing their utmost to get people to refinance their mortgages and take advantage of low interest rates. According to the paper:一系列经济领域研究已经表明,美国人的理财知识欠缺程度令人震惊。其中最新一项研究来自经济学家本杰明o基斯、德温o波普和贾伦o波普,他们的课题是美国人在金融危机达到高峰时的再融资习惯。当时,美国财政部和美联储正在竭尽全力帮助按揭者进行再融资并利用低利率环境。这篇研究报告称:“We estimate that approximately 20% of households for whom refinancing would be optimal and who appeared unconstrained to do so, had not taken advantage of the lower rates. We estimate the present-discounted cost to the household who fails to refinance to be approximately ,500, making this a particularly large consumer financial mistake.”“对有些家庭来说,再融资是最佳方案,而且这方面也不存在障碍。但据我们估算,在这些家庭中,约有20%并未对低利率加以利用。据我们计算,对未能再融资的家庭来说,其当前贴现损失约为1.15万美元,这在消费金融领域算是个特别大的失算。”Altogether, this failure to refinance cost these consumers, and presumably the economy at large, .4 billion. And this estimate is actually on the conservative side of the spectrum.由于没有进行再融资,这些消费者的整体损失为54亿美元,想必整个美国经济也蒙受了同等金额的损失。而且这个数字实际上偏向保守。A 2008 study by Dartmouth finance professor Kenneth French estimated that investors in the U.S. pay roughly 0 billion per year in fees and other expenses in an attempt to “beat the market” rather than investing in low-fee index funds that track the broader performance of the stock market. And a 2006 study from Harvard economist John Campbell estimated that poor decisions concerning mortgage financing costs homeowners more than billion annually. The list goes on, from payday loans to credit cards to retirement products: Americans spend billions more because of their lack of financial knowledge.2008年,达特茅斯学院(Dartmouth College)金融学教授肯尼思o弗兰奇在他的研究中估算,为了“跑赢大市”,美国投资者每年都要付约1000亿美元的手续费和其他费用,却不愿用这笔钱投资手续费较低,专门跟踪大盘的指数基金。2006年,哈佛大学(Harvard University)经济学家约翰o坎贝尔估算,由于在按揭融资方面决策欠妥,住房业主每年都要损失500亿美元以上。类似的研究层出不穷,从发薪日贷款到信用卡再到退休金融产品,它们的结论都是:财务知识匮乏让美国人多花了数十亿美元。Cass Sunstein, former Obama Administration official and promoter of government policies that “nudge” people into avoiding making such predictable and costly mistakes, suggests that we should institute rules that force banks to make it very easy to refinance loans when interest rates fall. While this approach won’t be very popular with banks or mortgage investors, there’s plenty of research that shows that creating systems where it’s easier to make the right choice about your finances will lead to more people making those choices.曾在奥巴马政府中任职的凯斯o桑斯坦认为,政府政策应提醒人们避免这种可预知的高成本错误。在桑斯坦看来,美国应该制定法规,迫使在利率下降时让贷款再融资变得简单易行。虽然和按揭投资者不会非常喜欢这种做法,但有足够的研究明,如果我们建立的机制能让人们更容易地在财务方面做出正确选择,就会有更多的人进行这样的选择。This is also good way to approach the problem of the American retirement system, in which average citizens waste billions of dollars every year without making their futures more secure. Private companies have basically abandoned defined-benefit retirement programs, but that doesn’t mean they should abandon the idea that they are partly responsible for making their employees’ retirements as comfortable as possible. That means setting up automatic enrollment, automatic escalation of their contributions, and, most importantly, not giving the option to invest in high-fee funds. It also means that employers need to make sure that their employees have the knowledge to make the right choices.对美国的退休制度来说,这也是解决问题的好办法。普通美国民众每年在退休方面要浪费数十亿美元资金,却不能让自己未来的生活更有保障。私营公司基本上都已经放弃了养老金固定收益计划,但这并不是说这些公司不再承担责任了,企业还是应该设法让员工的退休生活变得尽可能舒适。这就意味着要建立自动注册和自动提高缴纳金额的机制,而且最重要的是,不要涉及高手续费基金投资。这也意味着企业需要确保员工可以凭借自己掌握的知识做出正确的选择。At the end of the day, there also must be a greater emphasis placed on financial education in public school systems so that, at the very least, the vast majority of consumers can understand a concept like compound interest. There may very well be five suckers born every minute in this country, but there’s no reason they have to remain suckers for the rest of their lives.总之,还要更重视公共教育体系中的金融课程,以便让绝大多数消费者最起码能够理解复利这样的概念。也许,美国每分钟确实有5个笨蛋出生,但绝对没有理由让他们在接下来的人生中一直当笨蛋。 /201409/329598

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