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毕节市第一人民医院妇科医生咨询安顺市人民医院输卵管吻合术Following the earthquake that hit Japan and claimed 42 lives, employees at a monument to the Nanjing Massacre shook up discussions on social media with their message expressing sympathy to Japan#39;s citizens.在地震侵袭过后,日本官方宣布了遇难人数已经达到了42人。与此同时,南京大屠杀遇难同胞纪念馆的工作人员表达了对日本民众的同情,此举在社交媒体上引起了广泛的讨论。The Memorial Hall of the Victims in Nanjing Massacre by Japanese Invaders posted the message to the official Sina Weibo feed of the Kumamoto Japan-China Friendship Association shortly after the magnitude-7.3 quake struck the southwestern prefecture of Kumamoto.日前,一场里氏7.3级地震袭击了日本熊本市西南地区。在这之后不久,侵华日军南京大屠杀遇难同胞纪念馆方面就在其新浪官方微上表达了对熊本市中日友好协会的关注和鼓励。;Right now our hearts go out to our friends with the Friendship Association, are you all OK?;“此刻,我们挂念着中日友好协会的朋友们,你们还好吗?”The Association is mainly comprised residents of Kumamoto, the home of the Japanese Sixth Division, one of the major forces that carried out the Nanjing Massacre nearly 80 years ago.该友好协会的主要成员是熊本市的居民。在第二次世界大战中,熊本人组成了日本的第六师团,他们更是80年前南京大屠杀的元凶之一。The post, which garnered 40,000 engagements as of press time, also pointed out the mutual support between the two institutions.这篇微表达了大屠杀纪念馆和熊本市中日友好协会之间的互助持。截止发稿时为止,已有4万余回复讨论该文。;For the past 20 years, the Friendship Association has visited our monument to express their condolences … Every December, members invite survivors of the massacre to speak at events in Japan, at their own expense.;“在过去的二十年里,熊本市中日友好协会每年都坚持来我馆吊唁遇难的南京同胞。每年十二月,协会成员都要自己掏腰包邀请南京大屠杀幸存者赴日举行言集会。”The majority of comments on Weibo supported the monument for the magnanimous post, adding that compassion does not ;go against patriotism.;微上大多数都是持纪念馆的这篇宽宏大量的文,认为向受灾民众表示同情并不是“不爱国”。Others said that despite the Association#39;s efforts, the organization does not represent the sentiments of the Japanese government.不过也有人表示,尽管该协会为中日友好付出了努力,但他们不能代表日本政府的态度。According to official estimates, more than 300,000 Chinese soldiers and civilians died during the 40-odd-day slaughter that began on December 13, 1937.据官方统计,在始于1937年12月13日、全程长达40天的南京大屠杀中,日本士兵一共屠杀了超过30万的无辜士兵和平民。 /201604/439218贵州省贵阳市天伦医院不孕不育怎么样 安顺市看弱精症哪家医院最好的

贵阳检查不孕价格贵州省贵阳市天伦医院复通输卵管要多少钱 We’ve all been there. You really want to impress the new boss/your other half’s parents/the hot new guy and you just come off as a little, well, manic.我们都有过这样的经历。当你特别想给你的新老板(或者你另一半的家长或是你新认识的帅哥)留下一个好印象是,你会表现的有一点……疯狂Meet Carpe Diem.我们来认识下卡普#8226;蒂姆。The four-month-old, 4lbs puppy has been up for adoption since June at San Francisco Animal Care amp; Control (SFACC). He was taken in as a stray after being found wandering the streets of San Francisco.自去年六月起圣弗朗西斯科动物控制保护协会就在为这只重达4磅的小家伙寻找新家庭了。他们在大街上发现卡普并将它作为走失犬进行了收容。In a bid to find their animals new families, the animal shelter regularly shares pictures of them across its social media accounts. Earlier this week, they did a photo shoot with little Carpe. All he had to do was look his super-cute, adorable self.为了给他们收容的动物找一个新的家庭,动物之家会定期地通过其社交账户发布这些动物的照片。本周早些时候,他们给小卡普拍了照片。而它所做的就只是盯着镜头上可爱迷人的自己。And he really tried to seize the day.他也很努力滴抓住这次机会展示自己。 Carpe Diem feels the pain of anyone who has ever had their driver’s license, passport or eighth grade school photo taken,’ animal shelter staff wrote on Instagram.动物之家的员工在INS上写道:卡普现在能够感受到那些拍过驾照照片,护照照片以及八年级小学毕业照的人的痛苦了。‘He’s silly and teeny tiny,’ said SFACC’s Deb Campbell. ‘He is one of the happiest dogs you’ll ever meet.’动物保护控制协会的戴比#8226;卡贝尔说:“它身材小小的并且傻的可爱,它是你见到过的最快乐的。”After the SFACC shared the pictures of Carpe Diem on Twitter on Monday, they were inundated with offers of homes for the lovable little weirdo.自从周一SFACC在推特上晒出了卡普#8226;蒂姆的照片之后,很多人都想要收养这个讨人喜欢的小“二货”,数目众多的的收养请求使协会应接不暇。 /201607/454788贵州天伦不孕医院男科

合群路天伦不育不孕The next time you call for an Uber you#39;d better make sure your drunk friend is y to roll as soon as the car shows up or you#39;re going to get stuck with a fee.下次你叫优步的时候,最好确保你酒醉的朋友在车来的时候就准备好上车,否则你可要额外付费用了。That#39;s because Uber is testing a new pricing plan that will let drivers start running the meter for your trip if you#39;re more than two minutes late for your ride.这是因为优步正在试行新的定价计划,如果你来迟了超过两分钟,司机将开始对你的行程计费。Currently, Uber can either cancel your trip and send you a fee, or ask to start charging you if you#39;re more than 5 minutes late.目前的规定是,优步可以取消你的行程,或让你为此付费,或者如果你迟到超过5分钟则开始向你收费。I#39;ll be honest, it takes me more than two minutes to get my coat on and find my keys, so I#39;m sure I#39;m not alone in thinking two minutes is a bit too short of a leeway time for riders.说实话,我穿外套找钥匙都会超过2分钟,所以我敢肯定,我不是唯一一个认为两分钟对于乘客来说太短了的人。In addition to the new two-minute grace period, Uber is also introducing a two-minute limit between when you call an Uber and when you cancel it.除了新的两分钟的限时,优步还推出了另一个两分钟限时--你叫车和取消订单的时间。If you don#39;t cancel within the two-minute time frame, you#39;ll be hit with a fee, though Uber hasn#39;t said exactly how much it will be. Uber#39;s previous cancellation window was 5 minutes.如果你没有在两分钟的时间内取消订单,就需要交费,但优步并没有确切表示将收多少。优步之前的取消时限为5分钟。But don#39;t start freaking out about potential Uber charges just yet. The company is only rolling out the new times and fees on an experimental basis in Dallas, New Jersey, New York, and Phoenix. If you live outside of those areas, you#39;re fine for now.但你也没有必要被优步可能收的费用吓到。该公司只是在达拉斯,新泽西,纽约和凤凰城作为试点城市推行新的限时收费政策。如果你住在这些地区以外就没事。I, on the other hand, am from New Jersey and live in New York, so I#39;ll probably be shelling out a lot of cash on fees.而我,来自新泽西,住在纽约,因此我很可能要在这些费用上花费大量现金了。 /201605/442569 We#39;ve all got friends who might overshare a little when it comes to putting their personal lives onFacebook, and the phenomenon can be particularly noticeable with new parents, who sometimes can#39;t seem to stop themselves from posting baby updates, pics, s, and more pics.当谈到在脸书上分享个人生活的时候,我们都有那么些个分享狂朋友,而这个现象对初为父母的人来说可能特别明显,他们有时候似乎无法阻止自己分享宝宝的动态、照片、视频以及更多的照片。Now a new study looks at the psychological motivations that can influence some new mothers to post so much on social media, and the findings suggest that they could be oversharing in less-than-healthy ways.如今一项新研究着眼于影响一些新妈妈们在社交网络上过度分享的心理动因,调查结果指出她们可能以不那么健康的方式过度分享了。The researchers found that those women who believed society had greater expectations of them as mothers – and who identified strongly with their motherhood role – were highly sensitive to feedback on their social media posts.研究员发现,那些相信社会对她们母亲身份持有更大期望的女性,以及那些对他们的母亲角色有强烈共鸣的女性,她们对自己社交网络分享的反馈特别敏感。;These mothers paid close attention to the comments they got when they posted pictures of their baby,; said one of the team. ;They felt validated when they got a lot of likes and comments, but they were also more likely to feel bad and disappointed when the reaction wasn#39;t what they had hoped.;“当这些妈妈分享了宝宝照片的时候,她们特别关注底下的,”研究团队的一员说道。“当她们获得一大堆点赞和的时候,会觉得实了自己的价值,但是当大家的反应没有达到她们所希望的那样,她们也更有可能觉得难过、失望。”In addition to negatively affecting how new mothers may feel about themselves, uploading images of your children to social media – despite its popularity – is a topic of some controversy.除了新妈妈们对自己的态度可能会有的负面影响,把孩子的照片上传到社交网络上——虽然这种行为很普遍——但也是一个有些争议的话题。Posting images of your children on the internet without their consent might be intended as a good-natured act, but it could also be considered unfair, especially as children grow up.未经孩子的许可就把他们的照片分享到互联网上,也许是作为善意好心的一种表现,但这也可能会被认为是不公的,尤其是当孩子长大的时候(关系到肖像权问题)。 /201606/448583清镇市人民医院宫腔镜手术多少贵州天伦医院属于正规医院吗



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