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遵义医院有好中医吗贵阳天伦不肓医院Fighting a battle with Amazon.com Inc. to be the preferred entry point for Internet shopping, Google Inc. last year retooled its lucrative search page. Its strategy is showing signs of progress.在与亚马逊公司(Amazon.com Inc.)争夺首选网络购物入口地位的大战中,谷歌(Google Inc.)去年改造了其颇为赚钱的搜索页面。它的战略如今开始显示出取得进展的迹象。The change allowed retailers to post pictures, descriptions and prices of products at the top of search results, both on desktop computers and, later, mobile devices. For example, a Google search for #39;microwave oven#39; shows a grid of photos for specific models, sold online by retailers like Macy#39;s Inc. and Target Corp., with prices clearly marked. The ads more closely resemble what Amazon shows shoppers than Google#39;s typical text-based ads. The same search on an iPhone shows a carousel of such ads that users can swipe through.谷歌的调整使零售商可以在搜索结果的顶部发布商品照片、产品描述和价格,先是台式电脑可以利用这一功能,随后推广至移动设备。举个例子,用谷歌搜索“微波炉”,会显示梅西百货(Macy#39;s Inc.)和Target Corp.等零售商在网上销售的具体款型的照片,并明确标明价格。这种广告更像亚马逊面向购物者投放的广告,而非谷歌那种典型的基于文字的广告。用谷歌搜索iPhone,会显示一系列相关广告,用户可以滑动屏幕进行查看。By directly helping searchers who know what they want, Google#39;s #39;product-listing ads,#39; as they are called, reduce the number of clicks before users get to the #39;buy#39; button. Searchers click on product ads 34% more frequently than regular text ads, according to Adobe Systems Inc.#39;s research arm.对于那些知道自己想要什么的搜索者,谷歌所谓的“产品列表广告”可以减少用户抵达“购买”按钮之前的点击次数。据奥多比系统公司(Adobe Systems Inc.)旗下的研究公司说,相比常规的文字广告,搜索者对这类产品广告的点击量要高出34%。Recent data suggest that such product-listing ads are attracting advertisers and revenue-generating clicks. Wal-Mart Stores Inc. and eBay Inc. are the top buyers of Google#39;s product ads, according to AdGooroo, a search-advertising research firm. Marin Software Inc. says that its advertising clients more than doubled spending on Black Friday product ads, compared with last year.最近的数据显示,这类产品列表广告开始吸引广告客户,还能带来可以创造收入的点击量。据搜索广告研究公司AdGooroo说,沃尔玛(Wal-Mart Stores Inc.)和eBay Inc.是谷歌产品广告的最大买家。Marin Software Inc.说,其广告客户在今年黑色星期五的广告出较去年增加了一倍以上。One happy advertiser using Google#39;s new ads is John James, chief executive of Acumen Brands, which owns retailer CountryOutfitter.com. The product-listing ads #39;perform very well,#39; he says, particularly when searchers know what they are seeking, like the Ariat Rambler Cowboy Boots his company advertises on Google. #39;They are definitely a way to unlock value compared to old text ads,#39; Mr. James says.约翰#12539;詹姆斯(John James)就是一位使用谷歌新广告并感到满意的广告客户。他是Acumen Brands的首席执行长,该公司旗下拥有零售商CountryOutfitter.com。詹姆斯说,产品列表广告表现非常好,尤其是当搜索者知道自己想要什么的时候,比如他的公司在谷歌打了广告的Ariat Rambler牛仔靴。詹姆斯说,相比过去的文字广告,这种产品列表广告毫无疑问是释放价值的一种途径。At stake is supremacy in the U.S. e-commerce market, which comScore expects to grow 14% to around 0 billion this year. While many think of Amazon and Google as being in separate businesses, the two are locked in fierce competition to be the first search box shoppers turn to when they are browsing products online. As more Internet users begin searches on Amazon#39;s marketplace--which comprises an array of vendors besides itself--Google loses an opportunity to show them ads.广告客户争夺的是美国电子商务市场的霸主地位。comScore预计,美国电子商务市场的规模今年将增长14%,至约2,100亿美元。尽管很多人认为亚马逊和谷歌业务不同,但这两家公司却在激烈竞争成为购物者在网上浏览产品时首选的搜索提供商。随着更多的网络用户开始在亚马逊的集市上搜索产品――亚马逊的集市上除了亚马逊本身外还有很多零售商――谷歌失去了一个向这些用户显示广告的机会。In a recent survey, analytics and software firm SDL asked people the top three places they intend to research gift purchases this holiday season. #39;Online search#39; registered 45%, down from 49% a year ago. Meantime, the channel growing the most in popularity was the one that includes Amazon, jumping to 37% from 31%.在最近的一项调查中,分析及软件公司SDL请受访者列出这个假日季首选的三个搜索网购礼物的地方。“网络搜索”占了45%,低于上年的49%。与此同时,人气增长最快的是包括亚马逊在内的渠道,从31%增至37%。Many e-commerce experts say Google has a long way to catch up to Amazon when it comes to online-shopping searches. Jeff Jordan, a former eBay executive who is now a partner at venture-capital firm Andreessen Horowitz, contends that Amazon thrives by offering a better shopping experience than Google. He says the formula of selection, price and convenience is #39;radically in Amazon#39;s favor,#39; with its large network of merchants, consistent low prices, one-click ordering and fast shipping.很多电子商务专家说,在网络购物搜索方面,谷歌要赶上亚马逊还有很长一段距离。前eBay高管、现为风投公司Andreessen Horowitz合伙人的杰夫#12539;乔丹(Jeff Jordan)承认,亚马逊通过提供比谷歌更好的购物体验而兴旺起来。他说,将商品选择、价格和便利性综合起来看,亚马逊占了明显优势,亚马逊拥有庞大的商户网络,一贯的低价格、一键点击下单和快速的发货。ChannelAdvisor, which manages e-commerce efforts for retailers, says its clients#39; sales via Amazon increased about 25% in the third quarter, compared with a year earlier. Sales to users who arrived via search engines like Google increased about 1%.为零售商管理电子商务活动的ChannelAdvisor说,第三季度其客户通过亚马逊实现的销售额较上年同期增加了约25%,对通过谷歌等搜索引擎而来的用户的销售额增长了约1%。 /201312/269920贵州省贵阳市天伦医院做妇科检查需要多少钱 贵州不孕不育医院天伦优选

贵阳医学院第三附属医院预约电话One of the world’s first games, Tetris, has hit the big three-oh today, and its brand is anything but old school.位居世界上首批视频游戏之列的俄罗斯方块(Tetris)已经迈入而立之年,但它的品牌一点也不显老。To celebrate, there’s a series of Meet Up events being conducted around the world using the hashtag #WeAllFitTogether. In April, the world’s largest game of Tetris was played on the side of a building at Drexel University using LED lights, breaking a world record.为了庆祝它的三十岁生日,世界各地正在举行一系列主题标签为 #WeAllFitTogether(意为我们严丝合缝)的玩家聚会。今年4月份,德雷塞尔大学(Drexel University)一栋建筑物的外墙在LED灯的帮助下,化身为世界上最大的俄罗斯方块游戏,规模打破了世界纪录。But what’s kept people swiping and clicking to ensure each row of blocks stays aligned and disappears into the virtual ether since its development in 1984 Soviet Russia? A combination of new platforms and a mesmerizing psychological appeal.但自从这款游戏于1984年在前苏联诞生以来,究竟是什么让人们移动手指,不停地点击,以确保每一行方块保持一致,然后消失在虚拟以太之中?:这是新平台和令人着迷的心理诉求相结合的结果。Maya Rogers, the CEO of Blue Planet Software, the sole agent of the Tetris brand, said the protection of the game’s core over the last three decades has aided its longevity. “It appeals to people from all ages and all demographics,” she said.俄罗斯方块品牌独家代理商、蓝色星球软件公司(Blue Planet Software)CEO玛雅o罗杰斯表示,过去三十年来,这款游戏一直精心保护着它的核心玩法,进而成就了长盛不衰的传奇。她说:“它对所有年龄,所有人群都有吸引力。”As mobile and social become two of the largest sources for gaming these days, Tetris isn’t showing any signs of losing its appeal. Currently appearing on over 50 different gaming platforms, from the 1983 Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) to smartphones, Tetris is sold on over 425 million mobile devices. More than 20 billion games of Tetris Battle have been played on Facebook, too.现如今,虽然移动和社交已经成为最大的两个游戏来源,但俄罗斯方块的吸引力并没有显露出任何衰减迹象。从1983年的任天堂系统(NES)到智能手机,俄罗斯方块目前出现在50多种不同的游戏平台之上,超过4.25亿移动设备用户购买了这款游戏。Facebook用户也已经玩了超过200亿盘俄罗斯方块对战版游戏(Tetris Battle)。Tetris has also had a smooth transition on to mobiles phones and appears inside the top 100 paid applications on the Apple AAPL -0.28% iTunes App store. “We’ve always made sure that we’re on every platform,” said Rogers.此外,俄罗斯方块已经平稳地过渡到了智能手机,目前已跻身苹果公司(Apple)iTunes应用商店付费应用排行榜前100名。罗杰斯说:“我们一直确保出现在每一个平台上面。”But there’s something psychologically entrancing about the game, too, that’s kept people hooked through the years. “Play a game of Tetris,” said Rogers, “and satisfy your craving to create order out of chaos.”但这款游戏也有一种摄人心魄的魅力,让人们连续多年不知倦怠地沉溺其中。罗杰斯说:“玩一盘俄罗斯方块游戏,能够满足你在混乱中创造秩序的渴望。”One man who’s been able to do that better than anyone else in the world is Jonas Neubauer, the four-time Tetris world champion on the NES gaming system. He’s gone undefeated since the event started in 2010 and doesn’t plan on calling it quits any time soon. “You have to keep going,” he said. “You don’t stop at four.“当今之世,还没有出现比乔纳斯o纽鲍尔更好的俄罗斯方块玩家。纽鲍尔四度加冕NES游戏系统俄罗斯方块世界锦标赛冠军。自这项赛事于2010年创建以来,他还没有被击败过,而且还没有退出江湖的打算。他说:“一定得坚持下去,不能满足于四个冠军头衔,”他说。Neubauer juggles his yearly foray into the competitive world of Tetris with his job as a senior analyst at Saibus Research, an independent research and advisory firm. Although he says his passion for Tetris and his day job don’t have much in common, he does take the time to analyze his game for the sake of improvement.身为独立研究和咨询公司Saibus Research高级分析师,纽鲍尔每年都努力地在竞争激烈的俄罗斯方块世界和他的工作之间维持一种平衡。虽然他说他对俄罗斯方块的热爱和他的日常工作并没有许多共同点,但为了精益求精,纽鲍尔确实会花一些时间来分析这款游戏。Tetris, which he’s been playing for nearly his whole life, draws him back for more, year after year. “It’s so pervasive among so many age groups,” he said. “Its simplicity is almost hypnotic.”他已经玩了大半辈子俄罗斯方块,但年复一年,这款游戏总是吸引他继续玩下去。“它备受不同年龄组人群的欢迎,”他说。“它的简单性几乎有催眠作用。”Plus, there’s the added quality of playing Tetris and never feeling wholly fulfilled. “There’s no correct move that you can make,” said Neubauer. “The quest for the perfect move never ends.”另外,玩俄罗斯方块还有额外的特性:你永远都不会觉得完全满足。“从来没有什么正确的步骤,”纽鲍尔说。“对完美步骤的追求永远也不会结束。”Tom Stafford, a professor of cognitive development and psychology at Sheffield University in the U.K., says that Tetris has been around so long because it transports gamers into a different realm when they play. “It’s a world of perpetually generating uncompleted tasks,” he said.英国谢菲尔德大学(Sheffield University)认知发展和心理学教授汤姆o斯塔福德表示,俄罗斯方块长盛不衰的原因是,这款游戏能够把玩家带入一个完全不同的领域。他说:“这是一个永远产生未完成任务的世界。”As he’s said in the past, too, “Tetris is the granddaddy of puzzle games like Candy Crush saga – the things that keep us puzzling away for hours, days and weeks.”他过去也曾经说过:“俄罗斯方块是《糖果粉碎传奇》(Candy Crush Saga)这类益智游戏的鼻祖。这些游戏让我们连续几个小时,几天、甚至几个星期沉迷其中,不能自拔。”“Tetris is pure game: there is no benefit to it, nothing to learn, no social or physical consequence,” he added. “It is almost completely pointless, but keeps us coming back for more.”“俄罗斯方块是纯粹的游戏:玩它没有什么好处,没什么可学,也不会导致社交或身体方面的后果,”他补充说。“它几乎完全没有意义,但就是有一种让我们流连忘返的牵引力。”Neuberger, who even appeared in a 2011 documentary, “Ecstasy of Order: The Tetris Masters,” considers the social component of Tetris, although its played individually, a big draw. Growing up, he’d check out forums where people posted their high scores. That raised the stakes and inspired him to do even better. Now, Facebook and other social media allow that score comparison to happen even more easily.纽鲍尔甚至出现在2011年发行的纪录片《秩序的狂喜:俄罗斯方块大师》(Ecstasy of Order: The Tetris Masters)之中。在他看来,尽管俄罗斯方块是单人游戏,但它的社交属性也是一大吸引力。从小到大,他一直在游戏论坛上查看其他人发布的高分。这提升了玩游戏的利害关系,并激励他做得更好。现在,Facebook和其他社交媒体使得这种分数比较变得更加容易。With the chance to kick off a game of Tetris on a Nintendo DS, an Android, an iPad, a PC or countless other devices, a community of players has emerged in full force. “The fact that now anyone can access Tetris and play the same game has exponentially grown our community,” said Rogers. “It has no language, and no cultural barriers.”如今,任何人都有机会在便携式任天堂游戏机、安卓系统(Android)、iPad、个人电脑和其他无数设备上玩俄罗斯方块游戏,一个由玩家组成的庞大社区已经强势涌现。“任何人现在都可以访问俄罗斯方块,玩同一款游戏。这个事实促使我们的社区成倍增长,”罗杰斯说。“它没有语言和文化的障碍。”For Neubauer, there’s also the benefit of being a four-time world champion and talking about his achievements with others. “It’s a fun thing to bring up at parties,” he said.对于纽鲍尔来说,作为四届世界冠军还有一个好处就是,可以跟其他人聊自己的成就。他说:“参加聚会的时候聊起这种事很有意思。”Going forward for the brand, Rogers remains committed to Tetris’ “core gameplay” and serving a younger audience who may not have played the highly popular 1989 Game Boy version (which the Guinness World Records Gamer’s Edition lists as number six on the top selling games of all time).罗杰斯在展望这个品牌的未来时仍然致力于俄罗斯方块的“核心玩法”,并打算务于或许还没有玩过Game Boy1989版的年轻受众。根据吉尼斯世界纪录玩家版 (Guinness World Records Gamer’s Edition),这款风靡一时的游戏位列史上最畅销视频游戏排行榜的第六名。While Tetris has reached its third decade this year, Rogers says plans are in place for it to continue thriving “way beyond” even the next 30 years.虽然俄罗斯方块已经度过了30岁生日,但罗杰斯表示,这家公司已经制定了计划,希望这款游戏能够在下个30年延续它的辉煌。 /201406/304906贵阳市息烽县人民医院不孕不育费用 铜仁那家医院做不孕不育好

贵州省肿瘤医院封闭抗体阴性治疗 Baidu Inc. Chief Executive Robin Li has joined the chorus of Chinese government advisers and banking executives calling for more regulation of the country#39;s quickly growing Internet finance industry.百度(Baidu Inc.)首席执行长李彦宏加入了中国政府顾问和业管理人士的行列,呼吁加强对国内快速增长的互联网金融行业的监管。Speaking at a meeting of an advisory body to China#39;s parliament on Monday, Mr. Li said he saw the potential risk in the sale of finance products by Internet companies, and that government oversight should be strengthened.李彦宏周一在全国政协会议上表示,他认为互联网企业销售金融产品潜藏风险,政府应加强对此的监督。#39;People in the Internet industry are not financial experts,#39; Mr. Li said on the sidelines of the meeting of the Chinese People#39;s Political Consultative Conference, according to the Xinhua News Agency. A Baidu spokesman on Tuesday confirmed the comments.据新华社报道,李彦宏在参加政协会议的间隙表示,互联网从业者都不是金融专家。百度的一位发言人周二实了上述说法。The comments came as officials weigh the growing popularity of investment funds sold over the Internet. On Tuesday, People#39;s Bank of China Gov. Zhou Xiaochuan said the central bank wouldn#39;t #39;crack down#39; on the products, but will improve regulations in the sector, according to Xinhua.在此之前,已有多名政府官员就互联网上出售的投资产品日益受到欢迎发表了看法。据新华社称,中国央行行长周小川周二表示,央行不会取缔此类产品,但会完善相关监管政策。Chinese regulators are looking at creating tighter regulations for the products, people familiar with the matter have told The Wall Street Journal. At the same time, these people say, they don#39;t want to squelch innovative products that could shake up the country#39;s sluggish financial system, which many economists say does a poor job serving smaller businesses and individuals.知情人士此前向《华尔街日报》(Wall Street Journal)透露,中国监管部门正考虑为互联网金融产品制定更严格的监管规定,但同时也不希望过分打击可能改变金融系统格局的创新产品。许多经济学家批评国内金融系统在务小型企业和个人方面做得比较糟糕。Baidu#39;s Mr. Li said the company is marketing financial products created and administrated by third parties, not products the search giant has created itself, #39;since we don#39;t have the license or other [financial] abilities. This brings risk,#39; he said, according to Xinhua.新华社的报道称,李彦宏表示,百度目前做到的只是金融营销层面,对金融产品的创新,既没有牌照,也没有能力。他说,这将带来风险。Since last summer, China#39;s largest Internet companies, led by Alibaba Group Holding Ltd., have begun selling money market-like funds directly online. The funds offer returns far above traditional savings accounts in China by investing in interbank loans and deposits as well as bonds. Alibaba didn#39;t respond to a request for comment.从去年夏天开始,以阿里巴巴集团(Alibaba Group Holding Ltd.)为首的中国互联网巨头开始在线直销货币市场类基金产品。这些产品通过投资间贷款、存款以及债券向客户提供远高于中国传统存款帐户的回报率。阿里巴巴没有回复置评请求。The ease of use for Chinese investors and the widesp advertising capabilities have led Chinese to pour billions of yuan into the funds. The most popular Alibaba product, Yu#39;E Bao, as of last month had attracted more than 400 billion yuan (.4 billion) and had about 81 million user accounts. Baidu hasn#39;t disclosed the amounts it has sold.凭藉简单好用的特性和强大的营销实力,这些基金产品吸引了数以亿计的人民币资金。截至上月,最受欢迎的阿里巴巴余额宝已吸引到人民币4,000亿元以上(654亿美元)资本,拥有约8,100万个用户帐号。百度未透露其售出的具体规模。China#39;s state-dominated banking sector has complained that the new products could drain money from the banking system. In just nine months, Alibaba#39;s Yu#39;E Bao has aly attracted the equivalent of roughly 0.5% of the country#39;s 74.2 trillion yuan worth of deposits. A report issued last week by brokerage China International Capital Corp. projects that in three years products like Yu#39;E Bao could manage funds comparable to 8% of bank deposits.以国有为主体的中国业对此感到不满,担心此类新产品会把资金从系统抽走。仅仅九个月,余额宝的资金量就已相当于中国74.2万亿元人民币存款的0.5%。中国国际金融有限公司(China International Capital co.)在上周发布的报告中预测,三年后,类似余额宝这样的产品管理的资金规模将相当于存款的8%。Echoing Mr. Li#39;s sentiments at the meeting, a former president of the Industrial amp; Commercial Bank of China Ltd., Yang Kaisheng, said both online and offline financial services should be subject to the #39;same regulatory supervision.#39;中国工商原行长杨凯生在会上持了李彦宏的观点。他说,线上和线下金融务应遵守统一的监管规则。The China Banking Association said in a report last week that money-market funds--like those marketed by Internet firms--should set aside reserves to meet liquidity shortages, making them more like banks and potentially denting their profitability.中国业协会(China Banking Assocation)在上周发布报告中称,货币市场基金(例如由互联网公司销售的基金)应留出准备金以应对流动性短缺风险。此举将使货币市场基金与类似,将降低货币市场基金的回报率。A former adviser to China#39;s central bank, Li Daokui, said at the same event that Yu#39;E Bao and similar funds should allocate additional capital to protect against risks. Internet firms say they can make use of past records of online spending to predict when their users are likely to take money out of online accounts.原央行货币政策委员会委员李稻葵在会上称,余额宝等基金产品应留出额外资金用于防范风险。互联网公司则表示,通过研究用户过去的网上消费记录,它们可以预测用户何时可能将资金从在线帐户中提走。Some bank analysts and economists say Internet firms won#39;t find the data much help if China#39;s economy slows rapidly, since China hasn#39;t been through a recession in 30 years. If companies are unable to predict a large-scale withdrawal, investors in the funds could face significant losses as assets would have to be sold at low prices to generate liquidity for the money-market funds, they said.但一些分析师和经济学家指出,如果中国经济大幅放缓,这些记录不会给互联网公司带来多大帮助,因为中国已经有30年没有经历过经济衰退。他们同时说,如果公司无法提前预料到大规模提款的发生,购买相关基金的投资者就可能面临巨大损失,因为公司会被迫低价抛售资产来为货币市场基金提供流动性。 /201403/278724贵州治疗不孕天伦可信贵州省贵阳市天伦医院做精液检查大约多少钱




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