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Personal Belongings Stolen私人物品失窃Good arftemoon.madam.How can l help you?下午好,夫人,我能帮您吗?Someone has stolen my cell phone.有人偷了我的手机I am sorry to hear that.Would you mind coming with me to my coffice and tell me what exactly happoned there?很抱歉,您能跟我到我的办公窒告诉我到底发生了什么事吗?OK.I left my cell phone in my room this morning bee I want out.When l come back it was gone.l have looked every where in my room and I cant find it. 好的早晨在我出去之前,我把手机留在了房间里当我回来的时候手机就不见了我找遣了房间可是仍没找到Well,in that case.I will call the manger,you can talk directht with him.嗯,那样的话,我会给经理打电话的您可以直接和他谈 38573

Vladimir Putin triumphed in Russias presidential election on Sunday and, tears rolling down his cheeks, called his victory a turning point that had prevented the country falling into the hands of enemies.上周日,弗拉基米bull;普京在俄罗斯总统大选中胜出后喜极而泣。他表示自己的胜利是避免国家落入敌人手里的历史转折点。Putins opponents complained of widesp fraud, refused to recognize the results and said they would press ahead on Monday with the biggest protests since he rose to power 12 years ago.普京的反对者则表示,大选存在许多舞弊现象,拒绝承认选举结果,誓言周一将继续举行普京上2年以来的最大规模的示威抗议活动。But the former KGB spy said he had won a ;clean; victory and was on course to return to the Kremlin after four years as prime minister with almost 65 percent of votes, partial results showed.但普京表示,自己赢得;干干净净;,即将在四年的总理生涯后重返总统宝座。部分投票结果显示,普京的持率接近65%。普京曾是一名克格勃间谍;I promised you we would win. We have won. Glory to Russia,; Putin, dressed in an anorak and flanked by outgoing President Dmitry Medvedev, told tens of thousands of flag-waving supporters at a late-evening victory rally under the red walls of the Kremlin.周日晚间,在克里姆林宫的红墙外举行的一次庆祝胜利集会上,普京对数万名热情的持者说;我曾向你们保我们会赢。我们赢了。荣耀属于俄罗斯!;。当时他身穿厚夹克,即将离职的现任总统德米特里bull;梅德韦杰夫站在他身旁。Denouncing attempts to ;destroy Russias statehood and usurp power,; he said: ;The Russian people have shown today that such scenarios will not succeed in our land ... They shall not pass!;普京谴责了那些试;破坏俄罗斯的国家地位以及篡夺权力;的企图。他说:;俄罗斯人民今天已经实,这种事在我们的国土上不会成功;;他们无法成功;The crowd at one point chanted: ;Putin! Putin! Putin!; Some danced to keep warm and drank vodka from plastic glasses, with empty bottles crunching underfoot.人群一度高;普京!普京!普京;一些人跳着舞保暖,拿着塑料杯子喝伏特加酒,脚边到处是破碎的空瓶子。It was a defiant and angry speech which left Putin, 59, on collision course with the mainly middle-class protesters in Moscow and other big cities who have staged huge rallies since a disputed parliamentary poll on December 4.这场挑衅性的和令人气愤的演说使得59岁的普京面临着来自莫斯科和其他大城市的中产阶级的抗议。自去年12日有争议的议会投票后,这些抗议人士已经组织了数次大规模集会。Two exit polls showed Putin with 58-59 percent of the votes and incomplete results showed him winning more than 64 percent.两次投票后民调显示,普京持率高8%9%,据不完全统计,普京此次大选的得票率超4%。The protest organizers, who see Putin as an autocratic leader whose return to power will stymie hope of economic and political reforms, said their demonstrations would now grow.抗议组织者表示他们将继续举行活动。他们认为普京专制,重返总统宝座会妨碍经济和政治改革。来 /201203/173474


  What more creative way to take advantage of the coldest temperatures in decades than to conduct some homemade science experiments - including wondering at the marvel of being able to turn boiling hot water into snow.还有什么比利用史上最极寒天气在家做些科学实验更有创造性呢?比如说把开水泼洒到空中,开水马上就神奇地变成雪花。Unfortunately for the less scientifically minded, the experiment has become something of a health hazard if conducted in temperatures that are not quite cold enough.不幸的是,对于那些不那么以科学态度思考问题的人来说,如果这项实验在气温不够低的地方进行,那将意味着冒生命危险。If the pot of hot water is tossed when the temperature is too high, then instead of a magical snow shower boiling water rains down on those involved.如果一壶开水在不足以致其结冰的温度下被泼洒出去,那么结果将不是幻妙的雪花,而是开水落在实验者身上。Numerous people have posted pictures and comments on social media of painful injuries after their experiment has gone horribly wrong.许多人因实验时操作不当被烫伤,网民们纷纷在社交媒体上发布和烫伤的照片。Kailyn Nicole tweeted: I tried to throw boiling water in the air and it back fired..all the water spilled on me and now my leg is burned. Oops....有位叫凯琳·尼科尔的网友发推写道:“我试图将开水泼洒到空中,但它落回来了……所有的开水都洒在我身上,现在我的腿被烫伤了。哎哟……”Hallie Benjamin added: So I tried to do the whole throw boiling water outside and it flew back and burned my arm so happy snow day to all.另一位叫哈利·本杰明的网友则表示:“告诉大家,我尝试把整壶热水洒向室外空中,然后它就洒落回来了。然后我的胳膊就烫伤了,这真是个‘欢乐’的雪天。”One person who got it right was meteorologist Eric Holthaus. He conducted his experiment on January 6 in Viroqua, Wisconsin where the temperature was a chilly -21F with a wind chill of -51F.气象学家埃里克的操作方法是正确的。他日在威斯康星州的韦罗奎进行了这项实验,当时气温低达华氏零1度(约为-29℃),局部寒风地区低达华氏零1度(约为-46℃)。He threw his pan of hot water high into the air, being careful to make sure it blew away from him, before it turned into a beautiful, crystal cloud.他在确保水不落回自己身上之后,把一壶开水泼到空中,随后开水就变成了漂亮如水晶般的雪云。Boiling water turns into snow because freezing cold air holds less vapor than warmer air.冷空气比暖空气的水蒸气含量少,所以开水会变成雪花。When the hot water is thrown into the cold air, the air gets more water vapor than it can hold, Mark Seeley, a climatologist at the University of Minnesota told LiveScience.气候学家马克·西利告诉《生活科学》记者,当开水被泼到冷空气中时,空气中所含水蒸气就会过量。The water vapor clings to particles, crystallizing into a snow cloud.水蒸气粘附在颗粒上,结晶为雪云。Mr Seeley warned not to attempt this unless the temperature had dropped to -30F or below.西利先生警告大家,如果所在地区气温不在华氏零0度(约为-34℃)或以下就不要尝试这一危险实验。来 /201401/272710。


  HOUSE PRICES IN The European Union are continuing to drop with the most recent figures showing a fall 1.4 per cent in the first quarter of 2013 compared to last year.欧洲房价继续呈现下跌趋势,最新数据显示,2013年第一季度的房价和去年同期相比下跌.4。The figures, published by Eurostat today, show that in the eurozone area there was a drop in prices of 2.2 per cent.今天欧盟统计局发布新数据,欧盟区的房价整体下跌了了2.2%。Compared with the fourth quarter of 2012, house prices fell by 1 per cent in the eurozone area and 0.6 per cent in the EU in the first quarter of this year.2013年房价与2012年末季度相比,欧盟区房价下跌了一个百分点,英国下降了0.6%。Countries with the highest increases during this period include Romania, up 4.3 per cent and Estonia, up 3.1 per cent.在这个时期内,欧盟区房价下跌最严重地区包括了罗马尼亚和爱沙尼亚,罗马尼亚下跌了4.3%,而爱莎尼亚下跌了3.1%。In Ireland, house prices were down 3 per cent in the first three months of this year, though the largest decline was in Spain which saw prices fall 12.8 per cent.爱尔兰房价下%,而西班牙的房价下跌最多,下跌高达12.8% /201307/247867Barack Obama and Mitt Romney were gearing up on Sunday for three days of intense preparations for the first of the US presidential debates, which is almost certain to be the Republican candidates last chance to turn around his struggling campaign.奥巴马和罗姆尼上周日整装待发,三天紧张筹备第一场美国总统辩论,几乎可以肯定的是这是共和党总统候选人最后一次机会扭转竞选形势。The 90-minute debate in Denver on Wednesday will be the first opportunity Americans will have to see the two candidates side by side and compare not only their policies but how they look and behave. The outcome could be decided by a hesitation in explaining a policy, a smart riposte or a display of arrogance.星期三在丹佛0分钟辩论将是美国人第一次有机会看到两位候选人站在一起,比较的不仅是他们各自的政策,而且包括他们的形象和表现。政策解释时的犹豫,一个聪明的还击或者显示的嚣张气焰都可能决定最后的结果。Each side took part in the usual ritual of talking up their opponent at the weekend in an attempt to dampen expectations. Paul Ryan, the Republican vice-presidential candidate, speaking on Fox News on Sunday, described Obama as ;a very gifted speaker;. Supporters of Obama claimed Romney had won nearly all of the debates during his gruelling nomination process.每一方在上周末按照惯例抬高对手,试图让对方辜负选民的期望。保罗瑞安,共和党副总统候选人星期天在福克斯新闻上说,奥巴马是“一个天才的演讲家”。奥巴马的持者声称罗姆尼在他艰苦的提名过程中已经赢得了几乎所有的辩论。Estimates for the number of viewers in America range from 50 million to 60 million, almost double the number who watched the party conventions. There will be two additional debates, in Long Island and Florida, but it is the first that usually has the most impact.全美范围内的观众人数估计000万到6000万,几乎是观看政党议会人数的两倍。在长岛和佛罗里达州还将有两场辩论,但通常是第一场辩论有着最大的影响。Obama, with significant poll leads in the swing states, can play defence, just getting through the evening without making a mistake. The onus is on Romney to make an impression.奥巴马在摇摆州中有明显的竞选优势,可以防守,只要整个晚上不犯错就行。罗姆尼的责任是给大家留下深刻的印象。Chris Christie, the Republican governor of New Jersey, acknowledged on Ns Meet the Press on Sunday that Romney would need to do well in the first debate. ;Youre going to have tens of millions of people for the first time really tuning in and paying attention to this race ... On Thursday morning the entire narrative of this race is going to change.;新泽西州的共和党州长克里#8226;克里斯蒂周日在N的媒体见面会上承认:罗姆尼需要在第一场辩论上表现出色“你将第一次面对数以百万计的观众真正参与并关心这场比赛,周四早上对这场辩论的整个叙事是不会改变的。”Both candidates were ying themselves for three days of intensive preparation. Obama, after a campaign event in Las Vegas on Sunday night, heads to Henderson half-an-hours drive away for three days of preparation. Romney will also do three days of preparation, arriving in Denver Monday.两位候选人连续三天都将处在紧张的准备中。奥巴马星期天晚上结束在竞选活动后,半小时车程前往恒基进行为期3天的准备。罗姆尼也将天的准备,周一抵达丹佛。来 /201210/202482必背句型:A:An act that is destructive to the environment may be criminalized by statue.破坏环境的行为可以被法律规定为犯罪B:It is so serious.这么严重An act that destroys the environment may be criminalized by statue.破坏环境的行为可以被法律规定为犯罪An act that destroys the environment may be criminalized by law.破坏环境的行为可以被法律规定为犯罪An act that is destructive to the environment may be criminalized by law.破坏环境的行为可以被法律规定为犯罪延伸阅读:A:Environmental impact reports are required under many circumstances in America.在美国在许多情况下都要求提供环境影响报告书B:Yes,it is required by federal and state law.是的,这是根据联邦和州的法律规定Environmental impact reports are asked under many circumstances.在美国在许多情况下都要求提供环境影响报告书Environmental impact reports are demanded under many circumstances.在美国在许多情况下都要求提供环境影响报告书Environmental impact reports are claimed under many circumstances.在美国在许多情况下都要求提供环境影响报告书 66

  第一句:How good are you at tennis?你打网球的水平怎么样?A: How good are you at tennis?你打网球的水平怎么样?B: Oh, Im not quite good at it. Im good at table tennis.哦,我不太撞长网球,我撞长打乒乓球第二句:I dont care ball games.我不喜欢球类比赛A: Do you like ball games?你喜欢球类比赛吗?B: No, I dont care ball games. 不,我不喜欢球类比赛A: What your favorite sport?最喜欢的运动是什么?B: I like swimming best.我最喜欢游泳 71登记住宿先生,您要登记住宿吗?A: Are you checking in, sir? 先生,您要登记住宿吗?B:Yes, what shall I do then?是的,男哦该怎么做呢?同类问句:Ill show you to the front desk, sir.我带您去前台,先生This way, please.这边请查看护照我能看看您的护照吗?A: May I see your passport?我能看看您的护照吗?B: OK.可以同类问句:Give me your passport, please. We need it registration.请把护照给我,我们登记时需要May I see your passport, please? 请把护照给我 39

  面试英语口语Lesson1:About Questions to Ask经典对话:363.Any questions about the job?对这份工作还有什么问题?36.I have learned that your company will send employees to US to attend training programmes.Id like to know how you choose employees to attend these programmes.我知道贵公司准备派出部分员工到美国参加培训计划,我想知道你们怎样挑选这些员工365.Is there anything you want to know?有什么你想知道的吗?366.To whom should I report?我应该向谁负责?367.How many staff are there in your department?这部门共有多少人?368.What kind of computer you are using now?你们现在用什么类型的电脑?369.Is the job full-time or part-time?这工作是全职的还是业余的?370.What are the hours?上班时间是几点?371.Is there overtime?有加班吗?37.Is there opporty to advance?有提升的机会吗?373.What would my duties be?我的工作职责是什么?37.What are the benefits?有什么津贴?375.Are there many lay-offs?有许多人暂时停聘吗?(有许多人临时下岗吗?)376.What the salary?薪水多少?377.When will I know if I have the job?我何时能知道我获得工作?378.Can you tell me a little about employee benefits such and the health in such as the health insurance program?能告诉我关于健康保险之类的员工福利吗?379.You may ask questions about us, if you have any.如果有什么问题,你可以提问380.Do you have any questions you would like to ask me?你有什么问题要问我吗?381.I would like to know if there would be any opporty to work abroad in the future.我想知道将来是否有出国工作的机会38.I have one question to ask: would I have to work overtime very often?有一个问题,我要经常加班吗?383.What are the normal working hours?正常上班时间是几点?38.May I ask how much the bonuses are?能否问一下奖金有多少?385.Yes,Do you have a training program new employees?有,贵公司对新员工有培训计划吗?386.Are most of your eign customers Americans or do they come from many different countries?贵公司的大部分外国客户是美国人呢?还是来自许多不同的国家?387.May I ask about the remuneration?我可以问问我的酬劳是多少吗?388.Do you have any recreational activities employees?贵公司有员工活动吗? 35


  A: Good day, Madam. What service do you require today?您好,夫人您今天需要什么务?B: Id like some info about your Payroll Services,please.我想要了解一些有关你们代发工资的业务,拜托了A: It possible to sign an agreement with us,and then we can pay your staff directly. That is called an Entrustment Agreement.只要与我们签署一项协议,然后我们就可以直接给你们的员工发工资了这就是所谓的委托协议B: I see. How is it paid? I mean, what payment methods are possible?我明白了工资如何发放呢?我的意思是说,有几种代发工资的方式呢?A: We can transfer the funds each month, at your request, into each employee . It is possible to pay in cash or to pay directly to the employee savings , no matter which bank they do business with.我们可以您的要求,每个月将工资转入每位员工的账户这项务 有可能是现金付,或者直接存入员工的储蓄账户,无论他们在哪个开的账户B: That sounds pretty good. Tell me, must we use the same payment method all of our employees?听起来不错还有,我们必须对我们的所有员工使用相同的付款方式吗?A: Not at all. We can adjust the payment methods depending on the requirement of each employee.当然不是啦我们可以根据每一位员工的要求来调整付款方式B: That sounds just perfect. Ill talk things over with some colleagues and get back to you. Thank you very much the inmation.这简直是太好了我要和我一些同事商量一下,然后回来找你非常感谢你提供这些信息 9


  Hotel Shop宾馆商店Room service.What can I do you?部,我能帮您忙吗?Excuse me. Can you tell me where I can buy a notebook and a pen? I need them badly.打扰一下,你知道哪里能买到笔记本和钢笔吗?我现在急需这些东西Here is a shop in the hotel.It on the th floor.宾馆里有个商店,在层That quite convenient. Well,would you please buy me some? I am so busy.My room number is 3.那太方便了,嗯,你能帮我买吗?我现在很忙,我房间号是3Certainly.当然可以 385

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