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当少女遭遇意外怀……More teenage girls have been calling this Shanghai's only accidental pregnancy hotline since the summer vacation started."We have seen a 12 percent increase in phone calls, and a 23 percent increase in abortion procedures," Dr Zhang Zhengrong from the 411 Hospital told China Daily."Many girls use their summer vacations to deal with these problems."He added that accidental pregnancies are more likely to happen during the summer."Some people will come to us right before the new semester starts," Zhang said.The 411 Hospital set up its accidental pregnancy hotline for teenagers about two years ago. The hotline has since helped more than 20,000 people, nearly half of them students."We have also found an increase in the number of pregnancies involving people who meet through the Internet," Zhang said. "Young girls seem to find it more relaxing and more open talking with strangers on the Web. Men often ask to meet a girl in person."But after they have sex, and the girl becomes pregnant, the man often disappears. The girl, who once thought she was in love, often finds she barely knew the man."Only about 20 percent of the girls who have come to the hospital were accompanied by their parents, Zhang said. The others were reluctant to let their parents know about their troubles. Many ended up coming with their friends.Casual sex has also resulted in an increase in the prevalence of sexually transmitted diseases. About half of the patients who have had abortions had gynecologic infections, Zhang said. "These youngsters showed an obvious lack of sex education."The sex education offered at schools has often been found to be lacking, and few youngsters feel free to discuss sex with their parents.Of the students who have had abortions, 10 percent were from junior middle schools, 20 percent were seniors and 25 percent were college students. Students from professional training schools accounted for a surprising 45 percent.Earlier this month, the Shanghai Population and Family Planning Committee held an education campaign, calling on parents and school administrators to speak with youngsters about sex. 暑期来临,上海市唯一的意外怀求助热线接到的少女咨询电话也随之增多。解放军411医院的张峥嵘医生在接受《中国日报》的采访时说:“我们接到的求助电话数量增长了12%,人流手术的数量也增加了23%。”“很多女孩都是利用暑期来解决这些问题。”他说,意外怀更容易发生在夏天。“有些人会在开学前来医院手术。”大约两年前,解放军411医院开通了少女意外怀求助热线。两年来,该热线共接到2万多人的求助电话,其中近一半是学生。张医生说:“我们还发现,网上交友所导致的意外怀数量增多。可能年轻女孩觉得在网上与陌生人聊天更放松、更自由。而与她们在网上聊天的男人经常会提出单独会面的要求。”“但在他们发生性行为、女孩意外怀后,这个男人通常就消失了。而一度觉得自己已爱上对方的女孩往往会发现其实自己根本不了解这个男人。”张医生说,来医院做人流手术的女孩中,仅有20%的人有家长陪伴。其余的人不愿让父母知道。很多人都是和朋友一起来的。他说,随意的性行为还导致了性传播疾病患病率的增加。在做过人流手术的病人中,有一半的人患上了妇科感染疾病。“这些青少年明显缺乏性教育。”学校性教育缺失的现象较为普遍,大多数青少年都不好意思与家长谈论性话题。在堕胎的学生中,有10%是初中生、20%是高中生、25%是大学生。专业培训学校的学生竟占到了45%。本月早些时候,上海人口与计划生育委员会举办了一个教育宣传活动,呼吁家长和学校管理者们与青少年谈论性问题。 /200803/32262

It probably doesn#39;t come as a shock, but women are more likely than men to be super tired.这可能不会让人感到震惊,但是女性比男性更有可能超级疲劳。A Centers for Disease Control and Prevention survey released on April 12th indicated that 15 percent of women compared to 10 percent men reported feeling ;very tired or exhausted.; And that gap widens when you look at men and women between the ages of 18 and 44 (only 9 percent of men vs. 16 percent of women).疾病控制和预防中心4月12日公布的调查显示,相比于10%的男性,有15%的女性表示觉得“很累或筋疲力尽。” 当你看到年龄在18岁到44岁之间的男人和女人时,差距越来越大,(男性只有9%,而女性16%)。Here are seven (not totally scientific) reasons we think this may be the case:这里有我们认为可能是这种情况的七个(不完全科学)原因:1. You might be doubling up on the work you do. Although we#39;ve made strides toward a more equitable division of labor, women still tend to do more hours of housework and child-rearing than men do. So women who work outside of the house as well essentially have two jobs.1.你可能会使自己的工作翻倍。虽然朝着更加公平的分工目标我们已经取得了长足的进步,但相比男人,女性仍然倾向于花更多时间打理家务和抚养子女。所以外出工作的女性基本上有两份工作。2. You have too many weeknight plans. We often expend all of our energy trying to meet every social obligation. It#39;s probably time to stop doing that.2.你有太多工作日计划。我们经常花费我们所有的精力试图满足每项社会义务。也许是时候该停止这样做了。3. You#39;re probably chronically stressed out. There#39;s nothing like a stress-filled week to seriously deplete all of your energy.3.你可能长期紧张。没有什么能像压力重重的一周那样严重耗尽你的所有能量。4. Babies! According to NPR, 25 is still the average age of first birth. This might contribute to the larger exhaustion gap we see between men and women in the 18-44 range. Raising small children is pretty damn exhausting.4.婴儿!据NPR报道25岁仍然是生第一胎的平均年龄。这可能导致我们看到18 至44岁之间的男性和女性更大的疲劳差距。养育婴儿是相当累人的。5. You can#39;t shut off your thoughts. Women may have a harder time letting go of things that happened during that day when it#39;s time to go to sleep.5.你不会停止思考。睡觉时女性可能更难放开那天发生的事情。6. You might be dealing with greater financial burdens than the dudes around you. Seeing as almost all women in the U.S. are working in jobs which typically pay men more, it wouldn#39;t be surprising if some women feel dead on their feet from trying to make ends meet.6.你可能要处理比你身边的帅哥更大的财务负担。因为几乎所有的美国女性都在那些通常付男人更多的工作上就业,如果有些女性因努力使收平衡而精疲力竭时不要吃惊。7. If you#39;re depressed, that can impact your sleep. Women are more likely than men to suffer from depression and depressed people are four times as likely to be tired.7.如果你情绪低落,那会影响你的睡眠。女性相比男性更有可能患抑郁症,抑郁的人累的可能性是四倍。 /201304/235320



  Traveling is a priority for many people during the National Day holiday, and college students are no exception. But with landmarks swamped with tourists, and transportation and accommodation costs even higher during Golden Week, how to travel on a budget is a tricky question.对于许多人而言,在过去的国庆假期里,旅行是头等大事,而大学生们自然也不例外。但是鉴于黄金周各大景点人山人海,交通、住宿费用水涨船高,如何“穷游”成为一个棘手的问题。Earn on the trip边旅行边赚钱For some, asking their parents for travel money is outdated. Saving up on your own is the trend now. But what about earning money on the trip?对于一些人而言,“啃老旅行”已经OUT了。时下最IN的是自助游。但边旅行边赚钱这种方式,你觉得如何?Chen Yirong, 22, a senior majoring in journalism at Shantou University, had a great idea to solve her budgeting problem.22岁的陈一荣(音译)是汕头大学新闻系的大四学生。她想到了一个解决经费问题的好主意。Chen traveled from Shantou to Nanjing during the holiday. Before her departure, she offered to write an article about her trip for the school newspaper when she came back.国庆假期,陈一荣离开汕头,到南京旅行。出发前,她主动要求回来后为校报撰写一篇游记。“I was paid for the story and the photos I submitted. Even if it’s just a small sum of money, it eases part of the pressure of financing the trip,” says Chen.陈一荣说:“我有偿提供文章和图片。尽管稿费不多,但这笔钱可以缓解一下出行的经济压力。”Another option is providing news stories to local newspapers. “One of my classmates took a bus from Shantou to Xiamen. After being stuck in traffic for several hours, she called a local newspaper to inform them of the situation and got 50 yuan as a reward,” says Chen.还有一个方法是为当地报纸提供新闻素材。陈一荣说:“我有一个同学乘汽车从汕头到厦门。她在路上被堵了好几个小时,后来打电话将该情况告知了当地一家报纸,得到了50元报酬。”Couchsurfing or camping沙发客或帐篷客Instead of paying for an expensive hotel, you can try to score a free nights on someone’s couch. There are a number of websites to help pave the way, and you can offer couchsurfing opportunities in your dormitory as you travel and meet people on the way.不必为酒店一掷千金,你可以免费留宿在别人的沙发上。很多网站可以助你一臂之力,你也可以在外出旅行、结交朋友时,向“沙发客”们提供免费留宿你寝室的机会。Zheng Xiao, 22, a senior majoring in law at Fudan University, found a couch in Wuhan, where he stayed for one night.22岁的郑晓(音译)就读于复旦大学法律系大四年级。在武汉时,他便做了一晚的“沙发客”。“I found the opportunity on cnsfk.com. It’s free and, more importantly, I can contact and stay with local hosts in their home. I chatted with them and got great advice on where to find traditional local food,” Zheng says.郑晓说:“我在沙发客网上找到了这个机会。这是免费的,更重要的是,我可以接触到当地人并住在他们家里。我和他们聊天,也因此收获了当地传统美食地图。As it’s still summer in southern China, students traveling there can bring a tent and ask farmers if they can camp on their land, or just camp on a beach in costal cities.由于华南地区还是夏季,去南方旅行的同学可以带上一顶帐篷,询问当地老乡是否可以在他们的土地上宿营,或者干脆在海滨城市的沙滩上做“帐篷客”。Jin Ji, 18, a freshman majoring in Chinese literature at Guangxi University, traveled to Beihai with two friends. “We rented a tent. It was really fun to sleep on the beach at night. You can listen to the waves and see the sunrise. It’s much cheaper than a hotel,” says Jin.28岁的金吉(音译)今年是广西大学中文系的一名大一新生,他刚刚与两个朋友结束了北海之行。金吉说:“我们租了一顶帐篷,晚上就睡在沙滩上,有趣极了。你可以听到海浪声,还可以看日出。这比住酒店要便宜多了。”Cycling骑行者With train tickets not easily available and flights too expensive, bicycles are a popular method of transportation for many budget travelers.由于火车票一票难求而飞机票又太贵了,骑单车成为许多“穷游族”的热门出行方式。“The bicycle is a tremendously efficient means of transportation. It’s small, light and maneuverable. In fact, cycling is more efficient than any other method of travel in such a popular season. You can avoid traffic jams in cities and reach rural areas without the noise and pollution from cars,” says Wu Xinxin, 20, a sophomore majoring in ideological and political education at Sichuan Normal University.20岁的吴欣欣(音译)是来自四川师范大学思想政治教育专业的一名大二学生。她说:“单车是十分高效的出行方式。它小巧,轻便,机动灵活。事实上,在这样的旅游旺季,相对于其他出行方式,骑行的效率更高。你不必忍受城市塞车之苦,而可以去往那些远离汽车噪音与尾气的郊外。”Wu rode from Chengdu to Mount Emei with five classmates. They started at 7 am and arrived at 4 pm. “We enjoyed the scenery along the way, took some photos and rested at noon. It wasn’t so tiring as we selected a route that we could finish in one day,” says Wu.吴欣欣和五位同学从成都一路骑行到峨眉山。他们早上7点出发,下午4点到达。吴欣欣说:“我们欣赏了沿途的风景,拍了些照片,顺带还午休了一下。这并不累,因为我们选择了一条可以当日走完的线路。” /201311/262965


  I never should have been an attorney.我或许本来就不该当律师。I am physically incapable of pulling all-nighters, I avoid conflict instead of pursuing it, and I have essentially zero drive to fight for the interests of multi-billion dollar corporations. So it did not come as much of a surprise to anyone -- except my mom and dad, perhaps -- when after exactly one year of practice at a big law firm, I turned in my BlackBerry and walked out the door.我受不了整夜整夜地加班,我总是回避冲突、不愿跟着冲突走,我也没有什么动力来为规模几十亿美元的大公司争夺利益。因此,我的选择可能除了我父母,谁都不会奇怪:在一家大律所干了整整一年后,我交出了黑莓手机,选择离开。Big Law is famously tough. But despite its reputation, law students continue to line up for consideration at the country#39;s top firms, hoping to land a coveted spot as an associate. Many of these young lawyers, though, will find that they are simply not cut out for law firm life and, according to Pamela Woldow of law firm consultancy Edge International, approximately 70% will leave within the first four years of practice.大牌律所出了名的压力大。但法律专业的学生们仍然排着队等候美国这些大律所的挑选,希望能够在这里谋得一个职位。很多年轻律师后来会发现,他们根本不适合律所的工作和生活,据律所咨询公司Edge International的帕米拉·沃都称,约70%的律师会在入行后四年内离开。At a time when their very survival seems up in the air, how can firms spot and hire the few candidates that will thrive in Big Law instead of wasting time and money on people like me?有些人能不能干得来还不好说,在这样的情况下,律所怎样才能发现和聘用日后能在大律所如鱼得水的应聘者,不把时间和金钱浪费在像我这样的人身上。Woldow says that smart firms are beginning to change their hiring standards, selecting candidates who will stay longer than just a few years and who, upon making partner, will bring in their own business.沃都表示,一些先知先觉的律所正在开始改变雇佣标准,选择那些不会呆几年就离开的应聘者,以及那些成为合伙人后能给公司带来更多业务的人。According to Heather Frattone, associate dean for career planning at the University of Pennsylvania Law School, this means that firms are looking for more than just exemplary report cards. Depending on the firm, ;communications skills, project management, organizational understanding, drive, initiative, resilience, and entrepreneurship; are all sought after qualities in recruits, but different firms place varying levels of value on these traits.宾夕法尼亚大学(University of Pennsylvania)法学院职业规划副主任希瑟·弗拉顿表示,它意味着律所不再只注重出色的成绩单。根据律所的不同,“沟通技巧、项目管理、组织能力、内驱力、主动性、适应力和创业精神”是招聘时关注的东西,但不同的律所对这些特质的注重程度则有所不同。Firm recruiters, Frattone adds, are beginning to ask more behavioral questions to identify candidates with the qualities they#39;re looking for. ;Things like, #39;Tell me a time you were not successful at something you were working on, and what did you learn from that?#39;; These are the kinds of questions you might hear at any other interview. They just haven#39;t had much of a role at law firms up until now.弗拉顿表示,律所招聘人员开始询问更多行为方面的问题,寻找具有相关特质的应聘者。“比如,‘讲讲你一次失败的经历,你从中学到了什么?’”这是大家在任何其他行业的面试中都可能遇到的问题。但过去,这些问题在律所面试中不太会遇到。But it#39;s not enough for young lawyers to be smart, ambitious team players. Woldow advises looking for people with more life experience over candidates who went straight from high school to college to law school. ;Maturity helps you roll with the punches a little more,; she says. Candidates who have only worked within academia, who graduated at the top of their class, and are used to being lauded for their accomplishments often ;don#39;t understand that they#39;re just the lowest of the low in a big machine.; They have trouble taking orders, moving through Big Law#39;s hierarchical structure, and putting in the required hours.仅凭这些,还不足以确保年轻律师成为聪明上进的团队成员。沃都建议选择那些有更多生活经验的人,而不是直接从高中——大学——法学院一路读下来的学生。她说:“成熟有助于一个人应对各种压力。”只有学术经验、以最优成绩毕业、已经习惯了种种赞扬声的毕业生应聘者们往往“不会理解自己只处于大公司底层的底层这一现实。”他们会在从指挥、按大律所繁复的等级制度慢慢晋升以及投入必要的时间方面遇到麻烦。Psychotherapist Will Meyerhofer, a former associate at Sullivan amp; Cromwell and author of the legal blog The People#39;s Therapist, thinks firms can keep associates around longer by only hiring people he calls ;workhorses.; These are the ones ;who can just handle the brutal hours, who are very motivated by the money and making partner.; He describes these people as ;nerdy,; ;geeky,; and ;dorky,; and with ;fewer outside interests.;职业心理学家、法律客The People#39;s Therapist的主威尔·迈尔沃弗也曾经在Sullivan amp; Cromwell工作过。他认为,律所可以只聘用“老黄牛”来确保员工效力更长的时间。这些人“能承担漫长的工作时间,能被金钱和胜任合伙人的前景鼓舞。”他把这些人称作“书呆子”、“极客”和“呆子”,“没有其他什么兴趣”。But while plenty of firms will happily snap up those recruits, Williams amp; Connolly regularly takes cases to trial and looks for attorneys who will not only make a positive impression on clients, but on juries as well. ;Someone who can only talk on a purely theoretical, academic level, is going to be more challenged here,; says Williams amp; Connolly hiring partner Meg Keeley. Instead, Keeley says, her firm seeks ;someone who can make arguments on a practical and personal level.;很多律所都乐意招这样的人,但Williams amp; Connolly会定期具体分析,寻找那些不仅能给客户、也能给陪审团留下积极印象的律师。“只会高谈阔论理论和学术的人会在这儿面临更大的挑战,”Williams amp; Connolly的招聘合伙人麦格·基利表示。基利称,事实上,她的律所是在寻找“能在实务和个人层面进行辩驳的人”。And, of course, candidates should also have a real excitement about the actual practice of law. (Tip: Don#39;t mention Law amp; Order in an interview.) These are the people that Meyerhofer says will happily ;sit and argue over the best ways to draft certain provisions.;当然,候选人对于从事法律行业也应该真正有兴趣。【建议:不要在面试中提起《法律与秩序》( Law amp; Order)。】按迈尔沃弗的话说,要的就是那些能高高兴兴地“坐下来,争论如何更好地起草某些条款”的人。A September, 2008 paper from UC Berkeley professors Marjorie Shultz and Sheldon Zedeck suggests that Keeley is onto something. Attempting to help law schools identify promising future lawyers, the report#39;s authors examined a number of ;predictors; of lawyering effectiveness. Typical measures of ;geekiness; like LSAT scores and undergraduate grade point averages were not reliable indicators of later lawyering abilities. Instead, situational judgment tests, biographical information, and seven specific personality traits -- ambition, adjustment, sociability, prudence, interpersonal sensitivity, inquisitiveness, and learning approach -- could better forecast an applicant#39;s later success as an attorney.加州大学伯克利分校(UC Berkeley)教授玛约利·舒尔茨和谢尔顿·泽得克2008年9月的一份研究报告指出,基利说的有道理。报告试图帮助法学院发掘日后可能大有前途的律师,对众多可能预示未来律师职业能力的“预兆”进行了分析。典型的“好学者”标准,比如LSAT得分以及本科平均分,并不是反映日后律师职业能力的可靠指标。事实上,情景判断测试、个人经历以及7种特定人格特质——野心,适应力,社交能力,谨慎度,人际敏感度、好打探和学习方法——可以更好地预测应聘者日后作为律师的成功程度。Of course, most firms would love to hire these social and inquisitive lawyers, but picking them out of the overflowing candidate pool is not always easy. Law students don#39;t usually confess to their interviewers that they don#39;t like to work hard or have no passion for practicing law.当然,大多数律所都愿意聘用这些擅长社交、好打探的律师,但要在众多的应聘者中找到这些人并不容易。法律专业的学生们通常不会向面试考官承认,他们不喜欢拼命工作,他们对从事法律行业没有热情。Woldow points to a few specific biographical indicators of future Big Law superstars: first-generation lawyers without legacies of Supreme Court justices and Big Law partners; first or second-generation immigrants; and people from modest economic backgrounds. These people, she says, often come in with different expectations. Instead of thinking they are due money and success, they think, ;#39;I have to earn it and make my way.#39;;迈尔沃弗指出,有几种背景可能预示未来会在大律所中获得成功:第一代律师,父辈不是最高法院大法官,也不是什么大律所的合伙人;第一或第二代移民;以及来自经济条件一般的家庭。她说,这些人进来的时候想法往往不一样。他们不会把获得金钱和成功视为必然,他们想的是“我必须要努力赚取这些,走出自己的路。” /201306/2439214. Sleep in a dark room.Too much light in your room, either blue light from electronics or light peering through the curtains from outside, will interfere with your sleep and the secretion of melatonin. If you can#39;t eliminate certain electronics from your room, nor change to darker curtains or fully-shutting blinds, then invest in a good sleep mask. Don’t forget to take your sleep mask along for long flights as well.4.睡眠时光线宜暗无论是电器发的蓝光还是从窗帘透进的光线。房间若是太亮,就会影响你的睡眠,干扰褪黑激素的分泌。如果你无法减少房间里的电器,也不能换副较深的窗帘或不透光百叶窗。那就置购一副深度睡眠眼罩吧。在搭长途航班也不要忘了捎上它。 /201307/249363

  Ikea has recalled thousands of cakes from its stores in 23 countries after Chinese authorities identified high levels of bacteria normally found in human and animal waste.宜家从23个国家的连锁店召回了数千个蛋糕,因为中国当局在宜家蛋糕中发现了大量人畜粪便中所含的细菌。The furniture giant admitted on Tuesday that coliform bacteria had been found in two batches of almond cake from a supplier in Sweden.这一家具巨头周二承认,在来自瑞典一家供货商的两批杏仁蛋糕中发现了大肠菌。It comes after Chinese customs officials announced that they had destroyed a batch of 1,800 cakes after finding it contained high levels of coliforms which failed to meet hygiene standards.此前,中国海关官员宣布已经销毁了1800个宜家蛋糕,因为在这批蛋糕中发现了大量超标大肠菌。Coliforms, common bacteria which are found in faeces as well as soil and water, do not normally cause serious illness but are a sign of contamination which can indicate the presence of more harmful bacteria such as E.coli.大肠菌是一种存活在粪便、泥土和水中的常见细菌,一般不会导致重大疾病,但是大肠菌标志着可能存在一些更有害的细菌的污染,如大肠杆菌。It comes after Ikea recalled meatballs and sausages from 24 countries due to fears they could have been contaminated with horse meat.此前宜家刚刚从24个国家召回了肉丸和香肠,因为担心这些食品可能被马肉污染了。Ikea said batches of the cakes sold in all countries had been tested, but no evidence of contamination was found in those sold in the UK and Ireland.宜家称,已经对出售到各个国家的不同批次的蛋糕进行检测,在英国和爱尔兰出售的蛋糕没有发现污染迹象。The affected batches of almond cake with chocolate and butterscotch all came from the same Swedish supplier which exports to stores across the world, the retailer said.该零售巨头称,受污染的几批巧克力奶油糖杏仁蛋糕都来自同一家瑞典供货商,该供货商的产品出口到世界各地的商店。A spokesman said: ;There is no health risk associated with consuming this product. The production batches have, as per safety and quality routines, been tested for bacteria that can cause health issues, such as E.coli, and none of these pathogen bacteria have been found.一位发言人说:“食用这一产品没有健康风险。这几批产品都按照安全和质量常规检测过可能导致健康问题的细菌,如大肠杆菌,但没有发现任何这类致病细菌。;However, since the product does not comply with our strict food quality standards we have decided to withdraw the concerned production batches from sale in the 23 affected countries. The UK and Ireland are not affected.;“但是,因为这一产品不符合我们严格的食品质量标准,我们决定从受影响的23个国家召回受污染的批次产品。英国和爱尔兰没有受到影响。”The 23 countries(areas) in which almond cake was withdrawn were: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, China, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, The Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan and the ed Arab Emirates.杏仁蛋糕召回的23个国家(地区)是:澳大利亚、奥地利、比利时、保加利亚、中国、捷克共和国、丹麦、芬兰、法国、德国、希腊、匈牙利、意大利、荷兰、挪威、波兰、罗马尼亚、俄罗斯、斯洛伐克、瑞典、瑞士、台湾和阿拉伯联合酋长国。 /201303/228669

  Apple on Tuesday sent colorful invites for a Sept. 10 event at the company#39;s headquarters in Cupertino, Calif., a big hint that the iPhone maker plans to unveil a new line of smartphones that breaks away from its traditional black-and-white color scheme.苹果公司已在周二发出色邀请函,确认将于9月10日在苹果公司总部加利福尼亚州库比蒂诺举行发布会。市场广泛预计该公司将在此次发布会上推出下一代iPhone智能手机,突破传统黑白两色设计。;This should brighten everyone#39;s day,; the invitation s. The event starts at 1 p.m. Rumors about a Sept. 10 event emerged last month when All Things D, citing sources familiar with Apple#39;s plans, reported that Apple would be unveiling the next edition of the iPhone on that date.邀请函上写道:“这一天,注定是光夺目的一天”。发布会将在下午1点开始。美国科技客AllThingsD曾在上月报道称,苹果公司将在9月10日召开发布会。据此前的传闻和曝光消息称,苹果公司将在此次发布会上推出下一代iPhone系列。The invitation features a white Apple logo against a background of colorful circles, lending credibility to the rumors that the next iPhone, widely referred to as the iPhone 5S, will come in several new colors. In recent weeks, rumors have been swirling that the iPhone 5S will come in gold and graphite color options, alongside the existing white and black models.邀请函的设计是白色苹果公司图标和色圆圈背景,明此前传言下一代iPhone手机,即广为人知的iPhone5S将推出多种色的消息正确无误。最近几周,有人传言说iPhone5S还将推出金色和石墨色的外观供人选择。Apple insider Sonny Dickson last week published a gallery of photos on his website, showing what he claims is the new ;gray or graphite color with black trim.; Meanwhile, rumors about the gold iPhone ramped up last month when several credible news outlets confirmed that Cupertino will indeed add a champagne-hued color option to its iPhone lineup. Other iPhone 5S rumors tip a new A7 chip and a convex home button with a space for a fingerprint sensor.苹果公司知情人士索尼·迪克森上周在其网站上发不一系列照片,展示出他所说的新型“灰色和石墨色中带着黑色装点”。同时,上月还有传言说iPhone会推出金色手机,后有几家高信誉度新闻媒体报道苹果公司的确会出品一款香槟色调手机,实了这一传言。还有其他消息称,新版A7芯片和凸出的主页按钮以及指纹识别技术都会亮相发布会。The colorful circles may also be a nod to the iPhone#39;s lower-cost cousin, dubbed the iPhone 5C, which Apple is also rumored to be prepping for release. According to recent reports, the iPhone 5C may be priced at around 9 off-contract and come with at least five multi-colored back enclosures, including blue, red, yellow, green, and white.邀请函上的多圆圈也实,iPhone低价版手机即iPhone5C也会出现在发布会上。此前也有传言说苹果公司将举行iPhone 5C发布会。根据最近报道,无合约版iPhone 5C售价大概在399美元左右,机身后盖至少有5种颜色,包括蓝色、红色、黄色、绿色和白色。 /201309/255352。



  The percentage of U.S. mothers who breast-feed their babies has reached the highest level on record amid mounting evidence that it provides many health benefits to the child, U.S. officials said on Thursday.The percentage of U.S. mothers whobreast-feedtheir babies has reached the highest level on record amid mounting evidence that it provides many health benefits to the child, U.S. officials said on Thursday.The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said 74 percent of American women who gave birth in 2004 breast-fed their babies, continuing an upward trend since the early 1990s."We've made quite a bit of progress," CDC epidemiologist Dr. Celeste Philip, lead author of a CDC report on breast-feeding, said in a telephone interview.Breast-feeding rates just about reached the government's target of 75 percent, the report showed. But many women did not stick exclusively to breast-feeding in the first months after birth as recommended by experts, turning instead to baby formula, the report showed.The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that women who do not have health problems exclusively breast-feed their infants for at least the first six months, with breast-feeding continuing at least through the first year as other foods are introduced. The CDC backs these recommendations, Philip said.The CDC report found that among infants born in 2004, the rate of exclusive breast-feeding through the first three months after birth was 31 percent, shy of the government's goal of 60 percent, and through six months was 11 percent, below the government target of 25 percent.The report detailed racial and socioeconomic disparities among women who provide their babies exclusively breast milk in these first months, with black, teen-age, rural, less-educated, lower-income and unmarried mothers less likely to do so. (Reuters) 据美国官员上周四介绍,美国妈妈母乳喂养的比例创空前纪录,目前已有大量据表明母乳喂养对孩子的健康有很多好处。据疾病控制及预防中心介绍,在2004年生育的美国妈妈中,有74%的人母乳喂养孩子,自上世纪90年代早期开始,这一比例就在不断上升。疾病控制及预防中心母乳喂养报告的主要撰写者、流行病学家西莱斯特·菲利普士在接受电话采访时说:“我们在这方面进步很大。”报告显示,目前美国母乳喂养的比例刚刚达到政府75%的目标。但很多女性在孩子出生后的头几个月并没有按照专家的建议坚持纯母乳喂养,而是加入了一些代乳品。美国儿科学会建议身体健康的女性至少在最初的六个月对孩子进行纯母乳喂养。母乳喂养至少应持续至孩子一周岁,同时可以添加一些其它食品。菲利浦士说,疾病控制及预防中心对这些建议表示持。疾病控制及预防中心的研究报告表明,在2004年出生的新生儿中,头三个月得到纯母乳喂养的比例为31%,低于政府60%的目标;头六个月得到纯母乳喂养的比例为11%,低于政府25%的目标。报告中详细分析了在头三个月至六个月对孩子进行纯母乳喂养的女性在种族和社会经济方面的差别。报告显示,黑人女性、不到20岁的女性、农村地区、受教育水平低、收入较低的女性、以及未婚妈妈进行纯母乳喂养的比例较低 /200803/29464

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