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Apple could be making its first touch screen device without a home button due for release next year.苹果公司可能正在设计其首款没有Home键的产品,并将于明年正式发布。The Cupertino giant could be working on an iPad without the unlock button on the front of the device, reports suggest.报道称,这家库比蒂诺巨头正在开发一款前面没有Home键的平板电脑。The upcoming 10.9-inch iPad, which is expected to be unveiled early next year, will still have a FaceTime camera on the top, but there will be no space for a home button at the bottom of the screen, according to Maktotakara.据Maktotakara报道,这款期待中的10.9寸的平板将于明年初发布,顶部依然会保留FaceTime摄像头,但底部却没有Home键的空间。Removing the home button will make space for a larger screen on the tablet that is likely to be the same size as the current 9.7-inch iPad Pro.Home键被移除将使得这款平板的屏幕尺寸和目前9.7寸的iPad Pro相同。The rumours also suggest that the iPad will have smaller buttons on the top and side, as well as being the same thickness as the iPad Air 2 rather than the size of the iPad Pro. This increase is to make space for the battery given the larger screen size.还有传闻称,这款平板的顶部和侧面按键都会变小,厚度也与iPad Air厚度相同。增加设备厚度是为了给电池提供空间以撑更大的屏幕。Apple plans to keep selling the 9.7-inch iPad Pro, Makotakara said, alongside the 10.9-inch device, but will drop the price of the current tablet and aim it towards the lower end of the market.Makotakara的报告称,苹果发布这款10.9寸的平板后, 9.7寸的iPad Pro计划继续销售,不过会降价以针对低端市场。The newer iPad, by comparison, is being designed for use in schools and businesses where a larger screen is necessary. As well as the 10.9-inch iPad, Apple is reportedly working on a new 12.9-inch iPad Pro that will be an extra 3mm thick. It isn#39;t clear if it will have a home button or not.相比之下,这款新平板主要面向学校和企业等需要较大屏幕的群体。与此同时,据报道苹果还在开发一款12.9寸的iPad Pro,其厚度也会增加3毫米,但有没有Home键目前尚不清楚。The iPhone 8, due for release next September is also rumoured to be missing the home button. It is likely to have a TouchID that sits behind the screen rather than a physical button beneath it.此外,即将于明年9月发布的iPhone8,传闻也不会有Home键。它极有可能会在显示屏下方设一个Touch ID,而不是在下面设置一个物理按钮。 /201612/482742

The rumor mills are on the roll regarding the upcoming iPhone. We have seen a lot of leaks and rumors for the iPhone 8 and will continue to hear about it till the phone gets launched officially — probably sometime in September.现在,各种有关即将发布的新iPhone的流言可谓滚滚而来。我们已经看过许许多多关于iPhone 8的泄露和流言了,而且在它正式公布(大概是九月份的某个时候)之前还会继续听到更多的流言。A new leak reiterates what we aly expect to be packed into the device — the iPhone 8 could feature wireless charging.日前,一张新的泄露图重新确认了这款设备将会加入一项我们所期待的内容--iPhone 8可能会用上无线充电技术。The phone#39;s schematics, leaked via @OnLeaks show that the next iPhone could feature wireless charging. We can easily spot the rounded surface at the back of the device, indicating that there should be a conductive surface to charge the device.从OnLeaks公布的泄露示意图来看,下一代iPhone将会具备无线充电技术。我们能很容易地辩认出它背面那块圆形区域,指示的应该就是用来无线充电的区域。Apart from that, the schematics also shows that the two cameras on the back are placed vertically, with an LED flash sitting in middle of the two camera modules.此外,该示意图同样展示了背部的双摄像头是竖直排布的,而LED闪光灯放置在两个摄像头中间的位置。The bottom of the device confirms that we are not going to see a 3.5mm headphone jack in this iPhone as well — another sign of Apple#39;s continued courage.该设备的底部也实了这款iPhone同样不会具有3.5毫米耳机插口--这也是显示苹果仍很有勇气的另一个标志。The leaked image does not show the Apple touch ID module at the back of the device, as rumored earlier. This could mean that the company has found a solution to integrate Touch ID into the display itself, a significant achievement.该泄露图并没有显示出之前传言所说的Touch ID被放到了设备背面,这有可能说明他们解决了把Touch ID整合进屏幕里的问题,这可是个了不起的成就。Keeping with the trend, Apple is believed to remove the physical button from the iPhone#39;s front screen and will also extend the screen to the edges. It is also speculated that Apple could move away from the 16:9 display ratio.为了顺应潮流,人们相信苹果会把iPhone的正面物理按键去掉,并且会把屏幕扩展到边缘。此外有推测称,苹果会抛弃16:9的屏幕比例。According to reports, the iPhone 8 will mark the tenth-anniversary of the iPhone and will be accompanied alongside the iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus. The Apple#39;s iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus will bring minor hardware upgrades. All three iPhones are said to run iOS 11, which is expected to a prominent refresh as well.据报道,iPhone 8将会标志着iPhone十周年,同时iPhone 7s和iPhone 7s Plus也将会随之发布。苹果iPhone 7s和iPhone 7s Plus会带来少量的硬件升级。这三款iPhone都会运行iOS 11系统,该系统也很可能具有重大更新。 /201705/507662

Law and Order 美国的法律与秩序 What does it mean to obey the law? That depends on where you are. Different cultures have very different views of obeying the law. In some cultures, law-abiding citizens try to keep the letter of the law. That is, whatever the law says, they do. In other cultures, good citizens live by the spirit of the law. They see the law only as a general guideline. Often they obey the law only when someone official is looking. The situation in America fits into the first category. That doesn't mean all Americans keep the law. But American culture teaches people to respect the law--even to the smallest detail. 守法的定义是什么? 那要视你身处何地而定, 不同的文化对守法有不同的看法. 在一些文化中, 守法的公民会试着完全遵守法律的字面规定, 也就是说, 不管法律怎么规定, 他们都会照着去做. 而在其它文化中, 好公民则按着法律的精神来做, 他们视法律为一般的准则, 通常只有在执法人员会看到的情况下才守法. 美国的情况是属于第一种, 但这并不表示所有的美国人守法. 但是美国的文化教导人民要尊重法律--即使是在很小的细节上. Driving habits illustrate American respect for the law. A driver will usually stop for a red light, even when there are no other cars around. People treat the lines marking streets and roads as definite boundaries, not just decora-tions. Vehicles yield to those with the right of way-particularly pedestrians. Actually, though, drivers don't always keep traffic rules. For example, many drivers ignore freeway speed limits. But Americans generally drive with careful attention to the rules. 美国人的开车习惯说明了他们对法律的尊重态度. 开车的人通常会在红灯前停下来, 即使四周没有其它的车也是如此. 人们视街道上的标线为绝对的界线, 而不只是装饰而已. 车辆会让路给有权先行者 - 尤其是行人. 然而, 事实上, 开车的人并没有遵守所有的交通规则, 举例来说, 很多开车的人根本不理会高速公路上的速限. 但是美国人在开车时通常会小心地留意交通规则.History gives several clues to explain American attitudes toward the law. The U.S. Constitution, the basis for all laws in America, reflects many historical influences. The Magna Carta, or "Great Charter," was one. King John of England was forced to sign this document in 1215. It placed the king under the authority of the law. No longer was the king law; rather, the law was king. America's Christian heritage has also shaped how people view the law. For one thing, the Bible reveals God's unchanging laws which people must obey. It also teaches people to respect human authority as established by God. 过去的历史可以提供点线索来解释今天美国人对法律的态度. 美国宪法是美国所有法律的基础, 由它反映出很多历史性的影响. "Magna Carta"或称为"英国大宪章"就是一例, 英王约翰在一二一五年被迫签署这份文件, 它把国王置于法律的权威之下. 国王的命令不再成为法律, 相反的, 法律才是最高的权威. 美国的基督教传统也影响了美国人对法律的看法. 首先, 圣经显示了上帝不改变的律法, 这是人们必须遵守的, 它也教导人们尊重上帝所设立的执政掌权者. Of course, not everyone in America abides by the law. Crime is a growing problem. For that reason, law enforce-ment officials will never be out of a job. Police officers have their hands full trying to arrest lawbreakers. Detective agencies spend countless hours trying to figure out unsolved crimes. Nevertheless, most Americans still like to believe that the "long arm of the law" will eventually nab the bad guys. 当然, 并非每个美国人都守法, 犯罪是一个日益严重的问题. 正因这个原因, 执法人员永远都不会失业, 警察手上堆满了逮捕罪犯的工作, 侦探社花上数不清的时间想办法解决尚未侦破的案件. 尽管如此, 大部份美国人仍相信"法律的长胳臂"终究会逮到坏人的. But even bad guys in America have the right to a fair trial. When a person is brought to an American court, he is presumed innocent until proven guilty. Many ancient Eastern systems, in contrast, viewed an accused person as guilty until proven innocent. They used torture and other extreme measures to find out the truth. The American system tries to protect the rights of the accused. Still, the system is far from perfect. Court cases involving celebrities like O.J. Simpson can become media circuses. Skilled lawyers sometimes use minor issues to get their clients set free. And prison inmates may live even better than many poor citizens. 可是, 即使是坏人, 在美国仍享有接受公平审判的权利. 当一个人被带到美国的法庭时, 在明有罪之前, 会先假设他是无罪的. 相反的, 在很多古老的东方体系中, 在明被起诉者为无辜之前,都视他为有罪, 他们用严刑拷打其它严厉的方法来找出事实的真相.美国的司法系统试着要保护被起诉人的权利, 但是这个系统离完美尚有一截. 像辛普森这种知名人物的法庭案例, 反而成了媒体的马戏; 有技巧的律师有时会用不重要的论点帮客户脱罪; 而监狱里囚犯的生活甚至可能比很多穷人还要好. No one believes a perfect legal system is possible. Yet every society has laws. Whether people follow the letter of the law or just the spirit of the law, they recognize the need for laws to keep order in society. Without them, chaos would result. If every man were a law unto himself, no man would be free. 大家都认为完美的法律系统是不可能的. 但是, 每个社会都订有法律. 不管人们是完全守法还是只遵守法律的精神, 他们认同以法律来维持社会秩序的需要. 没有法律, 社会就会变得杂乱无章, 如果每个人都有自己的一套法律, 就没有人能享有自由. /200804/33378

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