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  • This week marks the centenary of the Australian landing at Anzac Cove.On that day, some 750 were killed.Nearly 9,000 would lose their lives at Gallipoli before the evacuation eight months later. Over 61,000 would lose their lives during the Great War.Our forebears faced terrible trials, but the worst of times brought out the very best in them.Their perseverance, selflessness, courage and compassion came to define us as a nation.So this week, around Australia and overseas, we will commemorate this anniversary.Tomorrow, I will be in New Zealand for the dedication of the Australian National Memorial in Wellington.This Memorial is a reminder of the deep ties between our two nations.We are more than friends, we are family.On Tuesday, I will travel to Turkey to join our Anzac Day commemorations at Gallipoli.This Anzac Day, I hope all Australians will participate in the dawn services, marches and commemorations which will occur.On Anzac Day, we remember all who served our country – in all conflicts and in all peace keeping operations.In a century of service, we have lost 102,000 of our nation’s finest.This week, I hope all Australians – young and old – in every town and suburb – will honour them and remember them.Lest we forget.201507/385344。
  • Eighty percent of carbon emissions come from cities,80%的碳排放来自于城市,which means cities are in a position而这意味着城市正处于一个to solve the carbon problem, or most of it,解决碳排放问题的关键位置。whether or not the states of which they are a part无论这些城市是否来自于同一个国家,make agreements with one another.他们达成协议。And they are doing it.并且履行承诺。Los Angeles cleaned up its port,洛杉矶清理了它的港口which was 40 percent of carbon emissions,也就是说原40%的碳排放量and as a result got rid of about 20 percent of carbon.被减少为20%的碳排放量。New York has a program to upgrade its old buildings,纽约同样有着一个翻新旧建筑物的项目,make them better insulated in the winter,使这些建筑可以在冬天隔绝冷风,to not leak energy in the summer,而减少夏天泄露室内的冷气的现象,not leak air conditioning. Thats having an impact.从而减少用电,减少碳排放量。Bogota, where Mayor Mockus,哥伦比亚首都波哥大,前市长莫库斯 Antanas Mockuswhen he was mayor, he introduced a transportation system引进了一种可以节省能源、that saved energy, that allowed surface buses又让地面交通如地铁般高效的to run in effect like subways,通达地点多的express buses with corridors.公共交通系统。It helped unemployment, because people could get across town,它帮助减少失业率因为人们能够在城市中自由穿行,and it had a profound impact on climate as well as并且对当地气候many other things there.有了显著的改善。Singapore, as it developed its high-rises再如新加坡,一个拥有众多发达的高楼大厦and its remarkable public housing,和卓越的公共住房体系的国家,also developed an island of parks,也同样发展了公园岛屿政策,and if you go there, youll see how much of it如果你有机会去到新加坡,你就可以看到is green land and park land.新加坡遍地是绿地和公园。Cities are doing this, but not just one by one.城市们正在实践,但并不是一个接着一个的,They are doing it together.而是合力共赢。They are sharing what they do,它们彼此分享经验,and they are making a difference by shared best practices.而且他们通过分享让世界变得不同。Bike shares, many of you have heard of it,公用自行车,你们可能听说过,started 20 or 30 years ago in Latin America.大约二十至三十年前在拉丁美洲起源。Now its in hundreds of cities around the world.而现如今已再全世界的数以千计的城市里有了这个项目。Pedestrian zones, congestion fees,行人专用区、交通拥挤费、emission limits in cities like California cities have,以及像加州城市有的碳排放限制条款,theres lots and lots that cities can do有很多是城市可以做的,even when opaque, stubborn nations refuse to act.而不透明、固执的国家体制不愿意去做的。So whats the bottom line here?那,我们的底线是什么?The bottom line is, we still live politically底线就是,我们依旧生活在政治性界线之下、in a world of borders, a world of boundaries,生活在领土界线之下、a world of walls,生活在高墙之下、a world where states refuse to act together.生活在国家拒绝共同合作努力的现实之下;Yet we know that the reality we experience但是我们却知道我们所经历的现实是day to day is a world without borders,世界正一天一天的变成一个没有界线的世界,a world of diseases without borders因为世界性流行病跨越了国界,and doctors without borders,所以医生们跨越了国界,maladies sans frontier, Medecins Sans frontier,卫生组织跨越了国界;of economics and technology without borders,经济和技术跨越了国界;of education without borders,教育跨越了国界;of terrorism and war without borders.恐怖主义和战争跨越了国界;That is the real world, and unless we find a way而这就是真实的世界,to globalize democracy or democratize globalization,除非我们找到了一个方法去使民主全球化,we will increasingly not only risk我们将会不仅冒着无法解决国际问题的危险,the failure to address all of these transnational problems,并且冒着失去but we will risk losing democracy itself,民主的危险,locked up in the old nation-state box,被锁在一个旧的民族国家的牢笼里unable to address global problems democratically.无法民主地处理这些全球性的大问题,So where does that leave us?那我们处于一个何等的境地?Ill tell you. The road to global democracy让我来告诉你。通往全球民主之路,doesnt run through states.不会通过国家It runs through cities.而是通过城市。Democracy was born in the ancient polis.民主起源于古代城邦,I believe it can be reborn in the global cosmopolis.我相信它也可以在全球大都市中重生。In that journey from polis to cosmopolis,从古代城邦到现代大都市的旅程中,we can rediscover the power我们重新发现了全球层次的of democracy on a global level.民主的力量。We can create not a League of Nations, which failed,我们要创造的不是国家的联盟,因为它注定会失败。but a League of Cities,我们要创造的而是城市间的联盟,not a ed or a dis-ed Nations,不是联合或对抗的国家组合,but ed Cities of the World.而是联合起来的全球的城市。We can create a global parliament of mayors.我们可以创立全球市长议会。Thats an idea. Its in my conception of the coming world,这是一个新的议题,是我理想中的未来社会,but its also on the table in City Halls也是在市政会议厅上迫在眉睫的议题,in Seoul, Korea, in Amsterdam,在韩国首尔、阿姆斯特丹、in Hamburg, and in New York.汉堡、纽约,Mayors are considering that idea of how you can actually市长们正正在考虑如何真正的组成一个constitute a global parliament of mayors,国际市长议会。and I love that idea, because a parliament of mayors我钟意这个创意,因为市长议会is a parliament of citizens也是市民议会,and a parliament of citizens is a parliament of us,市民议会就是我们的议会,of you and of me.是你,也是我的议会。If ever there were citizens without borders,如果有一个地方的市民是无国界的,I think its the citizens of TED我想,那就是TED的市民,who show the promise to be those citizens without borders.是发誓成为无国界市民的TED人。I am y to reach out and embrace我已经张开双臂去拥抱a new global democracy,一个全新的全球性民主,to take back our democracy.去拿回属于我们的民主。And the only question is,唯一的问题是,are you?你准备好了吗?Thank you so much, my fellow citizens.谢谢,各位市民的聆听与关注。Thank you.谢谢。201503/367235。
  • What is more, I cannot criticise my parents for hoping that I would never experience poverty. They had been poor themselves, and I have since been poor, and I quite agree with them that it is not an ennobling experience. Poverty entails fear, and stress, and sometimes depression; it means a thousand petty humiliations and hardships. Climbing out of poverty by your own efforts, that is indeed something on which to pride yourself, but poverty itself is romanticised only by fools.再者,父母这样做是希望我不会过穷日子,所以我不能责怪他们。他们经历了贫穷,我后来也一度贫穷,所以我很理解他们,因为贫穷并不是一种高贵的经历。贫穷会让人感觉恐惧、有压力,有时甚至让人感觉沮丧。贫穷意味着说不尽的羞辱和艰辛。靠自己的努力摆脱贫穷值得自豪,只有傻瓜才会将贫穷浪漫化。What I feared most for myself at your age was not poverty, but failure.像你们这么大时我最害怕的不是贫穷,而是失败。At your age, in spite of a distinct lack of motivation at university, where I had spent far too long in the coffee bar writing stories, and far too little time at lectures, I had a knack for passing examinations, and that, for years, had been the measure of success in my life and that of my peers.像你们这么大时,尽管我明显缺乏在大学学习的动力,花大量时间在咖啡馆写小说,用于听课的时间很少,但我却有通过考试的本领。多年来,考试一直是衡量我和同龄人成功的标准。I am not dull enough to suppose that because you are young, gifted and well-educated, you have never known hardship or heartbreak. Talent and intelligence never yet inoculated anyone against the caprice of the fates, and I do not for a moment suppose that everyone here has enjoyed an existence of unruffled privilege and contentment.我不会笨到因为你们年轻、有才华并且受过良好的教育,就认为你们从来没有经受过困难或心碎的时刻。才华和指挥并不能使人摆脱命运的反复无常;我从来没有认为在座的每一个人一直以来都享有优越和满足。However, the fact that you are graduating from Harvard suggests that you are not very well-acquainted with failure.然而,即将从哈弗毕业这一事实就意味着你们很少会经历失败。 /201207/190264。
  • 在INK会议上,阿尔温德·古普塔和大家分享简单却叫人惊叹的计划。利用废物制作出有意义、有趣的精心设计的玩具,能让孩子们边玩边学到科学与设计的一些基本原则。201505/375920。
  • But I think women are actually going to be -- ironically enough --但我想,很讽刺的是女性的确会responsible for driving a stake through the heart挑起大梁,of cheesy genre categories给予俗气的流派类别狠狠的一击like the ;chick flick;就像对肥皂剧and all these other genre categories和其他的各种体裁that presume that certain demographic groups人们总是假设某种人口统计学里的类别like certain things --就会喜欢某种特定的体裁。that Hispanics like certain things,比如南美人喜好这个,that young people like certain things.或者年轻人总是喜欢那个。This is far too simplistic.这太过简单了。The future entertainment media that were going to see我们将会看到未来的媒体is going to be very data-driven,是会以大量数据为基础的,and its going to be based on the information是会基于that we ascertain from taste communities online,从我们在线社区文化中感知到的信息,where women are really driving the action.这里女性其实真是引擎。So you may be asking, well why is it important你可能会问,知道人们喜欢什么,that I know what entertains people?为什么重要?Why should I know this?我为什么要知道这个?Of course, old media companies and advertisers当然,旧媒体公司和广告商need to know this.需要知道这个。But my argument is that,但我的论点是,if you want to understand the global village,如果你想了解地球村,its probably a good idea that you figure out一个好点子恐怕正是搞清what theyre passionate about, what amuses them,人们对什么有,人们玩什么,what they choose to do in their free time.当人们自由时,他们选择做什么。This is a very important thing to know about people.了解人们的喜好,这是非常重要的事。Ive spent most of my professional life我花了我整个职业生涯researching media and entertainment研究媒体和and its impact on peoples lives.和它们对人们生活的影响。And I do it not just because its fun --我研究这个不仅仅是为了好玩儿 --though actually, it is really fun --尽管这的确有很多乐趣 --but also because而是因为our research has shown over and over again我们的研究不断地明that entertainment and play和游戏have a huge impact on peoples lives --会对人们的生活有巨大的影响 --for instance, on their political beliefs例如,在人们的政治信仰上and on their health.和人们健康问题上。And so, if you have any interest in understanding the world,那么,如果你对了解世界有兴趣,looking at how people amuse themselves看看人们是怎样自娱自乐的is a really good way to start.这就是一个非常好的开始。So imagine a media atmosphere想象一个媒体远景that isnt dominated by lame stereotypes它不再被about gender性别and other demographic characteristics.和其他统计类别决定的站不住脚的陈规所主宰。Can you even imagine what that looks like?大家能想象这会是什么样吗?I cant wait to find out what it looks like.我迫不及待地想知道这远景的样子。Thank you so much.十分感谢。201510/406045。
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