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四川省成都妇女医院中医温江区流产哪家医院最好的成都治疗女性不育不孕好的医院 India has traditionally grappled with the problem of domestic abuse that women face at the hands of their menfolk. Despite most cases going unreported, over 113,400 such incidents were recorded in 2015.一直以来,印度都在努力解决女性面临的丈夫家暴问题。尽管大多数被家暴者都没有报案,但2015年还是有113400起家暴案记录在册。Now, in order to curb domestic abuse, a politician in the state of Madhya Pradesh has come up with a bizarre solution, that urges newly wed women to beat up their violent husbands.如今,为了遏制家庭暴力,印度中央邦的一位政客想出了一个奇葩的解决方案,呼吁新娘痛打她们的暴力新郎。Over 700 brides were #39;gifted#39; wooden paddles (popularly known as mogri) by this politician at a mass wedding ceremony. And he#39;s reportedly ordered for many more.这位政客在一场集体婚礼上向700多位新娘“赠予”木棒(这种木棒一般被称为mogri)。而据报道,他还为更多女性订购了木棒。These logs of wood carry messages like #39;For beating drunkards#39; or #39;Police won#39;t intervene#39; and urge women to set their husbands right if they ill-treat them.这些“打夫棒”上写着 “棒打酒鬼”或“警察不会介入”,并呼吁女性如果遭到丈夫虐待,就要纠正他们的错误。;Women say whenever their husbands get drunk they become violent. Their savings are taken away and splurged on liquor... they should let the wooden paddles do the talking,; the politician told AFP.这位政客告诉法新社:“女人们说,每当她们的丈夫醉酒时就会变得暴力。她们的积蓄被拿走,都被挥霍在了酒精上……她们应该让木棒替她们说话。”However, he clarified that this isn#39;t an attempt to provoke the women, but a mere effort to curb the violence they face.不过,这位政客澄清道,这么做不是为了煽动女性,只是一种为遏制女性被家暴问题所做的努力。It is true that India faces a serious alcohol problem. According to the World Health Organization, one in 20 Indians suffer from alcohol-related problems. Several states have cracked down on liquor in recent years in a bid to curb alcohol-fueled violence.印度的确存在严重的酗酒问题。据世界卫生组织称,每20个印度人中就有1人患有酒精导致的问题。为了遏制酒精引发的暴力,近年来印度多个邦已经严厉打击酗酒问题。Hence, this step might be well-intentioned but it hardly absolves the State of their inability to protect its women and act on offences. Also, we can#39;t rule out the misuse of #39;power#39; invested in the women.因此,此举可能是善意的,但印度政府仍然难以摆脱其无法保护本国女性,对犯罪行为无力采取行动的现实。此外,我们也不能排除女性滥用这项“权力”的可能。Naturally, it has drawn mixed reactions from people.当然,民众对此举也是褒贬不一。 /201705/507736成都哪家医院看不孕不育

成都做精液常规检查费用Tourists who behave badly and threaten security at Beijing Capital International Airport will be placed on record, which could affect their future travel plans.在北京首都国际机场发生不文明行为、影响机场安全的游客将被记录在案,可能影响到未来的出行。The Beijing Commission of Tourism Development signed a deal with the airport#39;s security company, allowing the blacklist to be set up for those who violate regulations.北京市旅游委已经与首都机场安保公司签署协议,建立违章游客;黑名单;。Punitive measures will be announced soon, according to airport personnel.机场工作人员表示,惩罚措施将很快公布。Yu Debin, deputy director of the tourism commission, said the deal will improve tourists#39; behavior, safety awareness and help with customs clearance procedures.旅游发展委员会副主任于德斌表示,该协议将提升游客的行为,安全意识并且能帮助简化相关海关手续。The number of outbound tourists from Beijing has been rising at the airport, which has made the introduction of the measures even more important and necessary, Yu said.于德斌说,随着机场的北京出境游客人数的增加,这也使得出台相关措施变得更为重要和必要。A tourist credit system was aly in place on the commission#39;s website, in which bad behavior by Beijing residents or visitors to the capital is recorded.目前,北京市旅游委已在其网站上正式建立了行业信用系统,记录本市游客的不文明行为以及在本市行政区域内发生的游客不文明行为。A tourist surnamed Zhou was the first to be placed on this list for pulling open an emergency hatch on a flight from Kunming, Yunnan province, to Beijing on Jan 10. His bad behavior record will be kept for two years.一位周姓旅客因在1月10日从云南昆明飞往北京的航班上强行打开应急舱门,成为首位被列入该黑名单的游客。而他的这一违章行为也将会被记录在案长达两年。The most frequent violations by passengers include hiding cigarette lighters during security checks and disobeying orders of security personnel, according to an official at the airport security company. ;Some hide lighters in their shoes,; the official said.据机场保安公司的一位官员表示,出现频率最高的违章行为就是游客在安检时私藏打火机以及不从安检人员的指挥。该官员表示:“一些人会把打火机藏在鞋中。” /201512/418242乐山市治疗自然流产多少钱 成都处女膜修补多少钱

成都哪家公力医院看不孕不育最好 China Railway Rolling Stock Corporation (CRRC), the country#39;s largest rail transportation equipment maker, will start researching and developing a magnetic levitation (maglev) train that can run 600 km per hour, which would be faster than any other maglev train currently in operation.我国最大的轨道交通设备制造商中国中车将启动时速600公里的磁浮列车的研发工作,这一速度超过目前运行的其他任何磁浮列车的速度。The company said it will build a maglev rail line no less than 5 km long to test the train.中国中车日前表示,将建设一条长度不小于5公里的高速磁浮试验线。It will also develop maglev trains that travel at 200 km per hour, with the goal of establishing domestic technology and standard systems for new-generation medium- and high-speed maglev transportation that can be applied globally, said Sun Bangcheng, a CRRC official.中国中车一位名叫孙帮成的负责人表示,该公司还将建造时速200公里的磁浮列车,以形成我国自主并具有国际普遍适应性的新一代中、高速磁浮交通系统技术体系及标准规范体系。In addition, the firm will kick off research and development of cross-border high-speed trains that can run 400 km per hour and alternate between different track gauges ranging from 600 mm to 1676 mm.此外,中国中车将启动时速400公里跨国联运高速列车的研发工作,该列车能够在600毫米到1676毫米的不同轨距的铁路上运营。Such trains will consume 10% less energy than the country#39;s 350 km/h bullet trains currently in use, said Sun.孙帮成表示,相比我国现有的时速350公里的高速列车,此列车的能耗将降低10%。China has seen rapid development of its high-speed railways in recent years, with their total length exceeding 20,000 km, the world#39;s longest high-speed rail network.近年来,中国的高速铁路发展迅速,其总长度超过20000公里,构成了世界上最长的高速铁路网。The country started operation of its first home-grown maglev rail line in May, with trains running at a maximum speed of 100 km per hour.我国在5月份开始运行了首列国产磁悬浮铁路,该列车运行最高时速为每小时100公里。 /201610/474916绵阳女人不育不孕该怎么办成都市治多囊要多少钱




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