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2018年12月15日 21:14:11 | 作者:飞度健康调查 | 来源:新华社
考研英语 考研英语阅读 -- :53:5 来源: 考研英语对我们掌握考点至关重要,下面爱语吧为大家整理了考研英语阅读,希望可以为大家带来帮助!That means a higher proportion of what is in the sea is being caught, so the real difference between  主语1 谓语 宾语从句1 宾语从句 连词 主语  present and past is likely to be worse than the one recorded by changes in catch sizes.  后置定语1 系动词 表语 比较状语 后置定语  译文:这就意味着正在被捕捞的海洋生物所占比例其实更高,现在与过去的捕捞状况的真实差异可能比记录下的捕捞规模的变化所体现的差异更大  分析:本句包括两个由so连接的、之间存在因果关系的并列分句so前面的分句表示原因,主干结构为That means…,后面省略了that的宾语从句 句首That指代的是本段文字第3句的内容,即“如今的船舶可以利用卫星以及声呐技术发现猎物,这在50年前是做不到的”在宾语从句中,a higher proportion是主语,谓语is being caught为被动语态的现在进行时形式,of what is in the sea是从句中主语proportion的后置定语,其中从句what is in the sea是介词of的宾语,关系代词what表示the thing whichso后面的分句表示结果,主干结构为the real difference…is likely to be worse…其中between present and past是主语的后置定语than the one是该分句的比较状态, the one等同于主语中的difference句末的recorded by changes in catch sizes修饰the one,是其后置定语    mean [mi:n](vt.)意思是,意指(中考词汇)(年-阅读1)(memind-头脑;想法;anexplain-解释 → 把头脑中的想法解释出来——即“意思是,意指”)  3个派生词:  means [mi:nz](n.)方法,手段,工具(高考词汇)(年-阅读、年-阅读3)(mean-意思是,意指,a-名词后缀 → 所谓解题“方法”就是能够把题目的“意思”解释出来)  考点搭配:by no means 决不,并没有(年-阅读3)  meaninɡ [’mi:ni#331;](n.)意义,意思;意图(中考词汇)(inɡ-名词后缀)  meaninɡful[’mi:ni#331;f#601;l](adj.)有意义的,意味深长的(超纲词汇)(年-阅读1、年-阅读)(ful-的)  考点搭配:less meaningful 更无意义的(年-阅读)  differ [’dif#601;](vi.)不同,相异;意见不同(高考词汇)(年-阅读)(difdis-否定;一分为多,fer-词根,带来、运载 → 分开搬“运”、用不同的方式运——即“不同,相异”,引申为“意见不同”)  个派生词:   different [’dif#601;r#601;nt](adj.)不同的;个别的;各种的(中考词汇)(ent-形容词后缀)   difference [’dif#601;r#601;ns](n.)差别,差异;差距;差额(中考词汇)(年-阅读1)(differ-不同,相异,ence-名词后缀 → 差别,差异——引申为“差距、差额”)  record [’rek#596;:d](n.v.)记录,记载(n.)最高纪录,最佳成绩(adj.)空前的,创纪录的(中考词汇)(年-阅读、年-阅读、年-阅读3)(re-一再,反复,cordcard纸张,卡片 → 一再地往“纸”上写——即“记录,记载”,引申为“最高纪录,最佳成绩”后根据“最高纪录,最佳成绩”又引申出“空前的,创纪录的”之意)  考点搭配:recorded music 录制的音乐,唱片(年-阅读1)  1个派生词:  recordinɡ [ri’k#596;:di#331;](n.)录音(超纲词汇)(年-阅读1)(inɡ-名词后缀)often fabricated with med plates原译文:Any of the two parties can not divulge the contents of the contract to a third party after the conclusion of the contract.3、This will go a long way in overcoming the difficulty.

reach a record


军争篇 NO.3:故不知诸侯之谋者,不能豫交;不知山林、险阻、沮泽之形者,不能行军;不用乡导者,不能得地利。故兵以诈立,以利动,以分和为变者也。故其疾如风,其徐如林,侵掠如火,不动如山,难知如阴,动如雷震。掠乡分众,廓地分利,悬权而动。先知迂直之计者胜,此军争之法也。这句啥意思:所以不了解诸侯各国的图谋,就不要和他们结成联盟;不知道山林、险阻和沼泽的地形分布,不能行军;不使用向导,就不能掌握和利用有利的地形。所以,用兵是凭借施诡诈出奇兵而获胜的,根据是否有利于获胜决定行动,根据双方情势或分兵或集中为主要变化。按照战场形势的需要,部队行动迅速时,如狂风飞旋;行进从容时,如森林徐徐展开;攻城掠地时,如烈火迅猛;驻守防御时,如大山岿然;军情隐蔽时,如乌云蔽日;大军出动时,如雷霆万钧。夺取敌方的财物,掳掠百姓,应分兵行动。开拓疆土,分夺利益,应该分兵扼守要害。这些都应该权衡利弊,根据实际情况,相机行事。率先知道“迂直之计”的将获胜,这就是军争的原则。英文这么说:We cannot enter into alliances until we are acquainted with the designs of our neighbors.We are not fit to lead an army on the march unless we are familiar with the face of the country—its mountains and forests, its pitfalls and precipices,its marshes and swamps.We shall be unable to turn natural advantage to account unless we make use of local guides.In war, practice dissimulation, and you will succeed. Whether to concentrate or to divide your troops,must be decided by circumstances.Let your rapidity be that of the wind,your compactness that of the forest. In raiding and plundering be like fire,is immovability like a mountain. Let your plans be dark and impenetrable as night,and when you move, fall like a thunderbolt.When you plunder a countryside, let the spoil be divided amongst your men; when you capture new territory,cut it up into allotments for the benefit of the soldiery. Ponder and deliberate before you make a move.He will conquer who has learnt the artifice of deviation. Such is the art of maneuvering. 白话分析 军争是指在军事行动中争取战场的主动,里面提到了迂直,其实就是指要延缓对方行动,加快自己的部署,率先进入战场有利位置。而其中行军就是很重要的一点。前面四句就是所谓“风林火山”,说的是“行军和攻守转换”。军队快的时候要如风一般,队伍要整齐。攻势的时候要像烈火一样猛烈,防守时应当像山一样巍然不动。这里体现出的是一种治军的严谨和将帅决策的果断。“掠乡分众,廓地分利,悬权而动”,后面三句讲的是攻城要分兵而进,防守要看准要害部属防守兵力。行军中只有权衡好利害关系才能在战争中取等先机! Article/201308/251329

英语能力>英语作文>初二英语作文 Problems in My Life --31 ::5 来源: In the life, everybody has a lot of problem. example, I am a wonderful student. I can usually get a high mark. I study very well. But sometimes I reckless of the examination, so, I can’t do it very well. After the exam, I blow it. Most of my teachers usually apprehend me, but my mother sometimes makes little of me. She usually says that,’ Honey, why you blew the exam, don’t get, you are an excellent student, you must study hard, and you must get the high mark next exam.’ When my mother says that, I always feel very chagrin. I am not oracle, why I can’t make mistakes. But my father apprehends me. He thinks I am a children, so I can make a little mistake. I always study hard after I blew the exam, because my father cheers on me. I study hard me, him, of course, I study hard my mother too. When we barge up against, don’t trepidation, don’t be scared, and tell the tribulation to our kiths, they can help you.

英语专业四级 专四英语阅读理解练习1 --7 :5: 来源: 专四英语阅读理解练习When a message occurs can also reveal associated meaning. Let us assume two couples do exactly the same amount of kissing and arguing. But one couple always kisses after an argument and the other couple always argues after a kiss. The ordering of the behaviors may mean a great deal more than the frequency of the behavior. A friend's unusually docile behavior may only be understood by noting that it was preceded by situations that required an abnormal amount of assertiveness. Some responses may be directly linked to a developing pattern of responses and defy logic. example, a person who says "No!" to a serials of charges like "You're dumb," "You're lazy," and "You're dishonest," may also say "No!" and try to justify his or her response if the next statement is "And you're good looking."We would do well to listen how messages are presented. The words, "If sure has been nice to have you over," can be said with emphasis and excitement or ritualistically. The phrase can be said once or repeated several times. And the meanings we associate with the phrase will change accordingly. Sometimes if we say something infrequently it assumes more importance; sometimes the more we say something the less importance it assumes.1.Effective communication is rendered possible between two conversing partners, if ___.A.they use proper words to carry their ideas.B.they both speak truly of their own feelings.C.they try to understand each other's ideas beyond words.D.they are capable of associating meaning with their words.."I'm letting off some steam" in paragraph 1 means___.A.I'm just calling your attention.B.I'm just kidding.C.I'm just saying the opposite.D.I'm just giving off some sound.3.The house-owner's example shows that he actually means___.A.the step has been like that years.B.he doesn't think it necessary to fix the step.C.the condition of the step is only a minor fault.D.the cost involved in the fixing should be shared..Some responses and behaviors may appear very illogical, but are justifiable if___.A.linked to an abnormal amount of assertiveness.B.seen as one's habitual pattern of behavior.C.taken as part of an ordering sequence.D.expressed to a series of charges.5.The word "ritualistically" in the last paragraph equals something done___.A.without true intention.B.light-heartedly.C.in a way of ceremony.D.with less emphasis.:DBA

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