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Donald Trump has won his home state of New York by a wide margin, giving the property mogul some badly needed momentum after a difficult few weeks in the White House race. 周二,唐纳德礠朗Donald Trump)在家乡纽约州赢得了一场压倒性胜利。这是这位房地产大亨一个月来赢得的首场初选胜利,这场胜利对他来说是场及时雨,有助于他赢得足够多的党代表票,以避免7月份的共和党全国代表大会变成“僵局代表大会”The Associated Press projected that Mr Trump had won the primary election in the Empire State, in a convincing victory over Texas senator Ted Cruz and Ohio governor John Kasich. 在共和党总统候选人提名战中领跑的特朗普,至少拿到了“帝国州”(纽约州的绰号5张党代表票中9张。计票工作完8%之际,特朗普的得票率0.5%。俄亥俄州州长约翰愠罓奇(John Kasich)位居第二,得票率5%,只拿到张党代表票。特德克鲁兹(Ted Cruz)远远落在后面,得票率仅为15%,连1张党代表票也没拿到With 54 per cent of the vote counted, Mr Trump had won 61.5 per cent of the ballots. Mr Kasich was in second place with 24.1 per cent while Mr Cruz lagged behind with 14.3 per cent. 与此同时,希拉里克林Hillary Clinton)在纽约州以两位数的领先优势击败了她的竞争对手伯尼儠德Bernie Sanders)。希拉里因此宣称,自己在民主党总统候选人提名战中已“胜利在望”The victory was welcome news for Mr Trump who was beaten badly by Mr Cruz in the last two Republican contests in Utah and Wisconsin. Mr Trump had been hoping for a strong showing in New York to pick up as many as possible of the 95 delegates at stake in the “winner-takes-moststate. 纽约州的这场胜利对特朗普来说是个好消息。在最近于犹他州和威斯康星州举行的两场共和党初选中,他都被克鲁兹以较大优势挫败。特朗普一直希望自己在纽约州能有抢眼的表现,以便在这个“赢者拿下大多数”党代表票的州能够获得尽可能多的票数While he remains the clear frontrunner for the Republican nomination, Mr Trump faces an uphill climb to secure the 1,237 delegates needed to win the nomination on the first ballot at the Republican convention in Cleveland in July. 尽管特朗普仍是共和党这边明显的领跑者,但他要拿到在7月份克利夫兰共和党全国代表大会首轮投票中赢得提名所必需237张党代表票,还有不小的难度Some of the Republican establishment have rallied behind Mr Cruz in recent months in the hope of blocking Mr Trump from getting the nomination and forcing a contested convention. While the Texan is very unpopular with GOP elites, they believe that he would do less damage to the Republican Party. 最近几个月,共和党建制派的部分成员已团结在克鲁兹周围,希望以此来阻止特朗普获得提名、并强力促成“僵局代表大会”。虽然共和党精英非常不喜欢克鲁兹,但他们相信他对共和党的损害要小一些Before the New York primary, Mr Trump was leading the Republican delegate race with 756 delegates, according to the AP. Mr Cruz was in second with 559. 据美联社(AP)报道,在纽约州初选前,特朗普56张党代表票领跑。克鲁兹59张,排在第二位“We love New York. We love New York,Mr Trump said at his victory party in his Trump Tower headquarters in Manhattan. 特朗普在曼哈顿“特朗普大厦Trump Tower)总部的庆功会上说:“我们爱纽约,我们爱纽约。”来 /201604/438804

U.S. President Barack Obama has adopted reforms to the federal prison system that include banning solitary confinement for juvenile prisoners and limiting when it can be used for adults.美国总统奥巴马对联邦监狱系统实施改革,包括禁止单独监禁未成年犯人,同时也限制对成年囚犯的单独监禁。In an opinion piece posted late Monday by The Washington Post, Obama said there are as many as 100,000 people in solitary confinement in the U.S. and that the practice brings potential ;devastating, lasting psychological consequences.;华盛顿邮报星期一晚间发表了奥巴马的一篇文章说,美国有多达10万名囚犯被单独监禁,而这种处罚方式可能带来极其严重和持久的心理后果。There are nearly 200,000 federal prisoners, and Obama said eliminating solitary confinement for juveniles and those who commit low-level offenses while incarcerated will affect 10,000 people.美国有将0万所联邦监狱。奥巴马说,禁止对未成年囚犯和轻罪囚犯实行单独监禁将万人获益。来 /201602/424980

Donald Trump entered the Oval Office for the first time as president-elect yesterday to meet Barack Obama as the two men attempted to set a conciliatory tone for the transition of power after a historically bitter campaign.唐纳特朗Donald Trump)昨日作为当选总统首次进入椭圆形办公室,与巴拉奥巴Barack Obama)会晤。在经历了一场按历史标准衡量颇为敌对的竞选后,两人都试图为权力移交设定和缓基调。Mr Trump said the meeting was originally scheduled for 10-15 minutes, but instead lasted nearly an hour and a half. “As far as I am concerned it could have gone on for a lot longer,he said. They “discussed a lot of different situations, some wonderful #8201;.#8201;.#8201;.#8201;some difficulties.”特朗普表示,此次会晤原来只安排0-15分钟,结果持续了近一个半小时。“从我这方面说,我们还可以一直谈下去,”他说。两人“讨论了很多不同的情况,其中一些好得很……还讨论了一些困难”。It came after years in which the two men, who had never previously met, exchanged highly personal insults. Mr Trump led the “birthercampaign that questioned whether Mr Obama was born in the US, while Mr Obama once mocked the idea of a Trump presidency at a formal Washington dinner with the billionaire in attendance.此前从未当面交谈的这两人,在之前多年里在个人层面彼此口出不逊。特朗普曾在“birther”运动领头,质疑奥巴马是否出生在美国,而奥巴马曾经在一次正式的华盛顿晚宴上嘲笑特朗普当总统的想法,而身为亿万富翁的后者当时就坐在台下。The awkward but emollient mood appeared intended to settle financial markets and global allies roiled by Mr Trump’s shock victory.尴尬但却温馨的气氛似乎意在安慰金融市场和全球盟友,此前各方曾被特朗普令人震惊地赢得大选吓坏。Mr Obama told Mr Trump he intended to help him succeed as 45th president, adding he was “encouragedby the interest the president-elect’s team had shown in working with the outgoing administration to assure a smooth transition ahead of Mr Trump’s inauguration on January 20.奥巴马告诉特朗普,他打算帮助他作为第45任总统取得成功,并补充说,当选总统的团队表现出的与即将卸任的行政当局合作的兴趣使他受到“鼓舞”;这种合作是为了确保在特朗0日就职前完成平稳移交。“Most of all, I want to emphasise to you, Mr President-elect, we are now going to want to do everything we can to help you succeed because if you succeed, the country succeeds,Mr Obama said. The White House said the two men met alone during the session.“最重要的是,我想向你,当选总统先生,强调,我们现在会尽一切努力帮助你取得成功,因为如果你成功了,国家就会成功,”奥巴马表示。白宫称,两人是单独会晤的。The civil words from all the leading participants in the presidential contest helped send Wall Street to record highs. The Dow Jones Industrial Average rose 1.2 per cent to a new intraday high in morning trading before easing back.参与总统大选的所有主要人物发表的文明言论,帮助华尔街创下历史新高。道琼斯工业平均指数(Dow Jones Industrial Average)早盘上涨1.2%,创下日内高点,随后有所回落。US Treasuries, however, continued to sell off as investors anticipate a Trump-backed infrastructure programme and tax cuts that could raise national debt and spur inflation. In afternoon trading, yields on the 10-year bond rose above 2.1 per cent, a nearly 40 basis point rise from the lows immediately following Mr Trump’s victory. Bond prices and yields move in opposite direction.然而,美国国债继续遭遇抛售,因为投资者预期特朗普持的基建计划和减税可能提高国家债务,刺激通胀。在午后交易中,10年期国债的收益率升.1%上方,与特朗普刚胜选后的低点相比上涨近40个基点。债券价格和收益率走向相反。Mr Trump said he intended to continue to consult Mr Obama on affairs of state and expressed gratitude to his predecessor, who said recently the businessman was “uniquely unqualifiedto be president.特朗普表示,他打算继续在国家事务上向奥巴马请教,并对他的前任表示感谢。奥巴马在不久前曾说,身为商人的特朗普“特别不够格”担任总统。“I very much look forward to dealing with the president in the future, including counsel,he said. “He has explained some of the difficulties, some of the highflying assets and some of the really great things that have been achieved. So Mr President it was a great honour being with you and I look forward to being with you many, many more times.”“我非常期待未来与总统打交道,包括向他请教,”他说。“他解释了一些困难,一些宝贵的资产和一些真正伟大的成就。因此,总统先生,我非常荣幸与你会面,我期待着未来还能与你多次会面。”“The meeting was much less awkward than you might expect,White House spokesman Josh Earnest said, adding that Mr Obama had actually scheduled longer than 15 minutes for the meeting.“这次会晤远远不如你想象的那么尴尬,”白宫发言人乔欧内斯特(Josh Earnest)表示。他补充说,奥巴马实际上为此次会面安排了不止15分钟时间。来 /201611/477645

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