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紫阳县妇幼保健站泌尿科咨询安康三局医院男科咨询With the loss of the Niagara contract, the company Morgan started with Thomas Edison is broken.没拿到尼亚加拉的合同让根和爱迪生建立的公司损失惨重And Edison#39;s D.C. electricity looks like a failure.爱迪生的直流电似乎是一个失败Thomas Edison is probably the most brilliant inventor America every had.托马斯·爱迪生可以说是美国有史以来最聪明的发明家And like many brilliant men he was capable of spectacularly wrong choices.和很多聪明人一样他也会作出重大的错误选择As far as Morgan#39;s concerned, there#39;s only one way to fix Edison Electric.在根看来要扭转爱迪生电气公司的状况只有一种方式He#39;s going to streamline the company.他要对公司进行重组And his first step is to eliminate Thomas Edison.第一步便是清理掉托马斯·爱迪生Morgan buys up additional shares of Edison Electric stock......until he has complete control of the company.根买下了爱迪生电气公司的更多股票 直到成功实现了对公司的完全控制It#39;s a device that shows moving pictures.这是一个播放动画的装置We#39;ll put the Niagara business behind us, and Edison General Electric will move forward to greater things.我们不要再去管尼亚加拉那些事 爱迪生通用电气将向前看 专注于更伟大的东西The name of the company has been changed-- to General Electric.公司名字已经改变叫通用电气But it#39;s my company.但这是我的公司Surely I have a say.我应该有发言权Not anymore-- you no longer have a majority stake.不再是 你不再拥有多数股份 Article/201606/448881安康割包皮花多少钱 For the pupils and teachers of the Chinese school,对于中式学校的学生和老师们来说these four weeks have been a challenge of endurance...这四周是一场耐力战Tested by cultural differences.经受了文化差异的考验Excuse me, you two!哎哎哎,你们俩You didn#39;t show me your manners.你们很没礼貌I never seen a student like you.从来没见过像你这样的学生You embarrassed the Bohunt.你丢了航特中学的脸And the occasional lost-in-translation moment.还有偶尔的沟通不畅问题Who can tell me what ;Pp; Means?谁能告诉我PP是什么意思You said pee-pee!你刚刚说;尿尿;There was time lost to discipline problems.纪律问题一度无法控制Listen to me, to teacher!听我讲,听老师上课And time spent forming new relationships.还有花在建立新恋情上的时间Too young for it, in my book. Too young.太早了,在我看来,太早了The big question now is, has the Chinese school managed to overcome all the disruption to triumph in the test?最重要的问题是,中式学校有没有克所有的混乱,在考试中获胜呢The results are in,结果出来了and the Chinese teachers will soon know how their students have done.中国老师马上会知道他们的学生成绩如何Luca. Thank you.卢卡,谢谢Angelina.安吉丽娜At Bohunt, the kids are used to grades,在航特中学,孩子们通常会拿到得分but they#39;ve never been ranked against each other.但他们从未排出过名次高低I got 100% in maths!我数学拿了满分Yes. Oh, my God!没错,我的天My academic ability has definitely improved during this experiment.我的学术能力在这次试验中绝对提高了It#39;s all about hard work and not really chatting or messing around.重点是努力学习,不要聊天和打闹And a lot of it#39;s getting on with work by yourself,而且在很大程度上需要自主学习and I think I#39;m often quite good at working on my own.我觉得我一直都很擅长自主学习I don#39;t know if this is good or not, I#39;m not sure.我不知道这是好还是坏,我不确定For maths, this is 51%. I can tell you...数学得了51分,我可以告诉你...Is that good or bad?那是好还是坏In our small class group, you#39;re the best. OK?在我们的补习小组里,你是第一,好吗Are you happy? Yeah.你开心吗?开心But you can be much, much better, as I told you, right?但你还可以做得更好,我跟你说过的,是吗This isn#39;t really that bad.并没那么糟糕Well, for me, it#39;s not that bad.对我来说,并不糟糕Do you feel happy? I#39;m not that pleased.你开心吗?我不那么开心Why not? Tell me.为什么呢,跟我说说I came nineteenth in Mandarin.我的普通话考了第19名23rd in English, 34th in maths,英语第23名,数学第34名and 32nd in science.So it#39;s not what you expected, right?科学32名,不符合你的期望,是吗I#39;m annoyed with myself.我生自己的气I only just passed Mandarin.我普通话才刚刚及格But to be honest, Chinese education isn#39;t the most encouraging thing.说实话,中式教学法不够鼓舞人心OK. Why? Cos they#39;re always just...好的,为什么,因为他们总是...it#39;s just all expectations that maybe you can#39;t always reach.会给你也许没办法实现的期望But if you try hard and you keep, you know, trying hard,但如果你努力,并且持续努力no matter where you go to work, or you go to school,不论你去哪儿工作,或者上学you try your best, then that won#39;t hurt you. You can just...尽力而为,排名就无所谓了,你就...I did try my best!我确实尽力了And you#39;re just telling me my best isn#39;t good enough.而你刚刚告诉我,我尽了全力还是不够好Yeah, I#39;m happy with them.我对这个成绩挺满意的Cos I didn#39;t pay attention, like, do that well in the first two weeks of the Chinese thing.因为对于中式教学法,最开始两个星期的时候我压根没注意听讲So I think I did all right, like, considering I concentrated for two weeks.所以我觉得我表现还不错,毕竟我只听了两个星期 Article/201606/451470According to my preliminary analysis,根据我的初步分析it seems that these animals do not seem to show any differentiation between the dinosaurs from the Northern and Southern Hemisphere在南北半球的这些恐龙之间,似乎并没有表现出明显的区别and this is the time more or less directly before the final split of the Northern and Southern Hemisphere,这段时期差不多刚好是在南北半球分裂之前the final separation of North and South America.也就是南北美洲分离之时One continent, one type of meat-eater.一块大陆,一种食肉恐龙It was just as the vicariance theory predicted,这正是地理分隔理论预测的结果but then they had to compare dinosaurs for signs of vicariance from after the super-continent split up.但他们还得比较大陆刚分裂后的恐龙,寻找地理分隔的相关据If the theory was right, there should be some differences between dinosaurs from the north and the south,如果这一说法正确,那么南北恐龙之间必然存在着一些不同点but because the split had only just happened但是由于大陆刚分裂不久these differences would only be slight and very hard to spot这些差异非常细小,很难被发现and at first he couldn#39;t find anything significant.一开始他们没能找到一点重要线索In the end he looked again at the radioactive dinosaur.最后他决定再次研究放射性的恐龙骨骼Of all the fossils this was the youngest, from well after the super-continent split up.它是所有化石中最年轻的,来自超大陆刚分裂之时。Now the interesting thing about this fossil is这块化石值得关注的原因是that this comes from a part of the rock sequence that we actually now believe to be younger than the other fossils that we#39;ve seen我们认为它挖掘出来的岩层比我们找到的其它化石的岩层都要年轻and with this kind of fossils hopefully then we can answer the question,有了这类化石,我们就有希望找到问题的。whether the dinosaurs took different evolutionary pathways in the Northern and Southern Hemisphere.南北半球的恐龙是否真的沿着不同的轨道进化。 Article/201706/515394安康市中医院治疗男性不育多少钱

安康包皮环切术的费用A boat carrying hundreds of migrants across the Mediterranean Sea capsized on Wednesday, and Italy#39;s navy was able to rescue at least 500.周三,一艘载有数百名移民的船在地中海沉没,意大利海军至少救起500人。According to the navy, there were too many people on board the boat and it became unstable, causing it to capsize. At least seven people died. 据海军消息,船上的人太多了,使其变得不稳从而导致倾覆。至少七人遇难。Photos show the boat tipping over near Libya#39;s coast, forcing some people in the water while others tried to hold on.照片显示,该船在利比亚海岸附近倾覆,迫使一些人掉入水里,而其他人试图抓住不放。It#39;s becoming more common for refugees from the Middle East and Africa to use North African countries — like Libya — as a gateway to Europe. 中东和非洲的难民通过北非国家如利比亚进入欧洲大门变得更为普遍。And some are predicting Italy will become a main entry point for migrants coming to Europe, as other countries like Greece are increasingly harder to get into. 一些人预测意大利将成为移民进入欧洲的主要入口点,因为像希腊这样的国家越加难以进入。The Italian navy saved more than 100 migrants in a separate accident later on Wednesday. 周三晚些时候,意大利海军在一次单独事故中挽救了100多名移民。译文属。 Article/201605/446166安康前列腺保养 For years, attempts have been made to build a canal linking the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.多年来就已经开始尝试建立一条连接大西洋和太平洋的运河了Such a canal would cut East to West travel time in half saving ships over eight thousand miles per trip.这样一条运河能将东西半球的行驶时间 缩短一半 船舶每次可以少走八千多英里But no one#39;s had the power to make it happen, until now.但是在此之前没有谁有这么大的能量J.P. Morgan acts as the middle man for the government and raises forty million dollars - OR seven billion dollars today-- to get the project started.J·P·根充当政府的中间人 筹集了四千万美元 相当于今天的七十亿 项目得以开工The Panama Canal is the most ambitious construction project the ed States has ever undertaken.巴拿马运河是美国有史以来最雄心勃勃的建设项目Over 75,000 workers labor in brutal heat, fighting off deadly diseases, digging a canal 51 miles from the Atlantic to the Pacific.超过七万五千名工人冒着酷热 以及致命疾病的危险 挖出一条贯穿大西洋与太平洋的51英里长的运河To assemble the manpower, the material, and the finances; to cut a swath through the middle of Panama and join the Atlantic Ocean with the Pacific Ocean--only an industrially sophisticated nation could do that.要整合如此规模的人力物力财力 在巴拿马中间切出一大块 贯通大西洋与太平洋 只有一个成熟的工业国家才能做到这一点The Panama Canal embodies everything that makes America the most powerful country on the planet.巴拿马运河体现了一切 美国得以成为地球上最强大国家的所有要素Built on steel, powered by electricity and running on gasoline.由钢铁打造 电力驱动靠汽油运行And it#39;s all made possible due to the financial might of one of the country#39;s most powerful men.而让这一切成为可能的是美国最有权势的人物之一的金融实力 Article/201607/455023安康长江男科专家

安康切除包皮手术洋话连篇之新洋话1000句 Lesson 59I want to buy a slipper ticket to...When does the next train leave for...?How much does a return ticket cost?Will dinner be served on this train?Is smoking allowed on the train?Are the bathroom on this bus clean?How many stops will the train make on the way?Where is the tiket corner?Excuse me. I cannot seem to find my seat, can you help me?Where do I bought my bus? 推荐专题:英语九百句英音版英语会话800句新东方英语900句 /200711/20593 I need the guys to work as a team.我需要大家团结协作We#39;re gonna cross this river linked together.我们要连在一起过河What did I say right at the start?我一开始说什么来着When I say it#39;s okay and to trust me,it will be okay.We#39;re a team.如果我说没问题 相信我的时候 就不会出什么状况 我们是个团队I#39;m gonna put Sean in the middle,so he#39;ll be supported on either side.我要把肖恩安排在中间 这样他在两边都能寻求帮助Okay, it#39;s all good. It#39;s all good.Step down.I#39;ve got no arm.That#39;s fine. Step down.I#39;ve got you. Step down.很好 没什么问题 下来 手臂动不了 没关系 下来 我扶着你 下来Only a few feet from the bank,and aly Sean is pulling me back to the shore.离对岸只有几英尺 而肖恩却要拉我回到岸边It#39;s all good.Time to go back.Are you in? Here we go. We#39;re moving.一切很好 回岸吧 准备好了吗 开始 我们走了Take our time. Nice, good steps.I need to keep Sean focused.别着急 很好 走得很稳 我需要让肖恩集中精力If he loses footing here,we#39;ll all go in and tumble down into the waterfall.如果他在这儿失足 我们都会被冲进瀑布里去This is not a good place to stop.I need to keep him moving.这里不能停 我要让他一直走You#39;re coming. It#39;s good.过来了 很好Almost there, all right?Okay, it#39;s a bit stronger here.就快到了 这儿水流有些急We#39;re at the halfway point the most dangerous part of the river.我们到达中点了 这里是最危险地方I#39;ve got you.And suddenly, Sean freezes.我扶着你 突然 肖恩僵住了It#39;s fight-or-flight time.I manage to pull Sean and get him on the move.现在是危急时刻 我拉住肖恩 终于让他动了Good job.Well done, guys.And we#39;ve made it a short distance, yet a big deal for both Sean and Joe.干得好 很好 伙计们 我们成功了 距离虽短 但对肖恩和乔确实意义重大That scared the crap out of me. I#39;m not gonna lie.我快吓死了 不骗你Oh, man.I just want to kiss solid ground.天哪 我只想亲吻这坚实的大地But I#39;ve a feeling we#39;re not over the worst of it.但我感觉最危险的部分还未到来The waterfall looks just as challenging over here.这里的瀑布看上去很有挑战性The river is overflowing,and the sides are way too slippery to scramble down.河水湍急 而要从这边爬下去又太滑 Article/201706/515138安康那家男科医院比较好安康哪家前列腺治疗好



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