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7.Tinker Bubble – England7.英国吉普赛人的滔泉小镇A 0 acre ( hectares) commy set in the rural Somerset region, England is the oldest low impact eco village on the island.坐落在萨默塞特乡村地带的社区占地0英亩(相当于公顷),该岛上最古老的低排放生态村当属英格兰镇了 more than 1 years, different people and families have called Tinker Bubble their home. While some are just passing through, others are permanent settlers.1年来,来自不同地区、家庭的人们都称其家园为铁匠之家一些人只是路过,一些人则世世代代住在这里They make a living and some extra cash the commy, mainly through estry, gardening, growing chickens, honey bees and selling apple products (real apples, not iPhones or iPads).村民们靠林业、园艺、养鸡、酿造蜂蜜、出售苹果(水果,而非Iphone手机或Ipad平板电脑)谋生,赚取一些闲钱They manage this without using any fossil fuel whatsoever. They do use wood warmth and cooking, but other than that they are ;zero-emission;.他们从不使用化石燃料,仅靠木材来取暖、煮饭除此之外,可以称得上是;零排放;A wind-powered generator and several solar panels provide the commy with enough electricity to power some light bulbs, to play music and run some laptop computers.一台风力发电机,几块太阳能电池板便可为社区的人们提供足够的电力,开灯照明、播放音乐、运行笔记本电脑都不在话下Every type of material they use, comes from the area, which gives Tinker Bubble the low-cost eco-housing status. Its name comes from the nearby spring which ends in a small waterfall by the side of the road.村民们使用的各种类型的材料都源于社区,因而为其提供了低成本的生态住房其名字源于附近的一处小泉,泉水在马路边汇聚成小瀑布Gypsies used to bring their horses to water them there, and they used to call a waterfall, ;a bubble;.吉普赛人过去常常把马儿牵到此处饮水,并称这里的瀑布为;滔泉;6.Lammas Eco Village – Wales6.威尔士圣彼得生态村Lammas Eco Village is a small commy of people operating on the Pembrokeshire countryside in Wales since .圣彼得生态村是人们在威尔士的彭布罗克郡郊区建立的一个小群落The members of Lammas all come from different backgrounds with some having extensive knowledge of low-impact living, while others have none.圣彼得的成员背景各不相同,有些是在养生方面知识渊,而有些则对此一无所知Water, woodland, and electricity are managed collectively and no building here is connected to any main pipe or line.在那里水、林地和电都是统一管理,所有建筑里也没有主管道和主线There are a total of nine plots, each of about five acres. All of them are powered by a series of micro photovoltaic installations along with a 7kw hydro generator.圣彼得生态村共有9个小区,每个约占地5英亩,全部由一套光伏发电设施和一台7千瓦的水力发电机负责供电Water comes from a local spring and managing a lot of rainwater – they are in the ed Kingdom after all.水源来自当地的一处泉水以及对雨水的利用——毕竟这儿是科技发达的英国!All the houses, bars and workshops have been built by the people living there together with the help of many volunteers.所有的房屋,酒吧还有工作室都由这儿的居民和一些志愿者共同搭建Every material is either local or recycled, lowering their carbon footprint to a minimum.所有用材都是就地取材或回收利用而来,使碳排放量降到最低As you can imagine, they follow a subsistence way of living by growing their own food. They even went so far as to raise the levels of the soil health.可想而知,他们遵循着自给自足的生活方式,吃的也是自己种的食物他们甚至要提高土壤的健康值To do this they carefully planned a new infrastructure across the landscape and planted many wild plants and native trees in order to raise the biodiversity in the region.为此他们依地形精心建造了一个新的基础设施,并种植许多野生植物和乡土树种,这样能提升该地的生态多样性This way they were able to retain as much water and nutrients in the landscape as possible.这样做能尽可能多的保留当地的水分和养分5.Khula Dhamma – South Africa5.南非的Khula Dhamma村The name of the commy is med by combining two words from two different languages. ;Khula Dhamma;, combines the Xhosa word ;khula;, meaning ;to grow; and the Pali word ;Dhamma; meaning ;the way; or ;the path; (to grow on the path of awakening).村名取自两种不同语言的两个单词,Khula来自科萨人说的班图语,意思是生长, Dhamma来自巴利语,意思是依照此法(连起来意思就是成长道路上的觉醒)Back in 00 five friends bought a 180 hectare (5 acres) piece of land near the small village of Haga Haga, 60km north of East London and on the door step of South Africa Xhosa heartland.时间回到00年,五兄弟买了小村Haga Haga旁边一块180公顷(约5英亩)的土地,此处距东伦敦市北60公里,是南非的门户,也是科萨族的心腹地带Just eight kilometers away from the coast –with many pristine beaches by the way- and at an elevation of about 3 meters, the commy is blessed with no harsh weather, thus being able to produce crops twice per year.距离海岸线近8公里#3;——顺带说一句,那附近的海滩都是最原始的形态,该地海拔3米,得天独厚的地理优势使其从未受恶劣天气的影响,这儿的作物能够一年两熟Besides practicing green-farming and trying to live as close to no impact on the planet as possible, they also offer people a Retreat Center.此外他们践行绿色农业,尽可能过与世无争的生活,还有休养中心Here visitors take part in all sorts of activities, events, workshops and talks; all with the hopes of learning how to live a more holistic life in harmony with nature.来到此处的游客能身体力行的与当地人同耕同息,所有这一切都是希望人们能学习怎样过上和谐舒适的生活,与大自然共存.Torri Superiore – Italy.意大利Torri SuperioreLocated at the foothills of the Ligurian Alps, just several miles away from the French border and the Mediterranean, Torri Superiore is a th century hamlet, built entirely out of stone.Torri Superiore位于利古里亚阿尔卑斯山脚下,与法国边境和地中海仅相距几英里Torri Superiore完全由石头建成,是一座世纪的小村庄It also built directly on the cliff face, five stories tall and 0 meters long. Inside there are rooms, all connected with each other through an intricate system of narrow corridors, making the whole thing into an amazing labyrinth of rooms, staircases and terraces.此建筑位于悬崖边上,有5层楼高,0米长里面有个房间,由排布复杂的窄道连接起来,整座建筑的房间、楼梯和露台设计如迷宫般错综复杂It wasnt always like this though, being built in stages. The last additions were made during Napoleon time, when the village reached its maximum population of about 0 people.不过,在建造阶段,其规模并没有这么大拿破仑时期,该村人口数达到巅峰,约0人,于是人们对Torri Superiore进行了最后一次扩建 about 0 years however, Torri Superiore was abandoned, as villagers migrated to urban areas, and the towers went into disrepair.然而,大约0年后,村民们移居到城区,Torri Superiore由此被遗弃荒废That until 1989 when the Torri Superiore Cultural Association was founded, a permanent commy of about individuals was established and reparations began on the monument.直到1989年,Torri Superiore高级文化协会成立,该协会是由约人组成的永久协会就是在那时,开始了对此建筑的修复工作The association owns half the building while the other, the residents themselves.此建筑的一半属于协会,另一半属于居民Since 199 Torri Superiore hosted over 00 children from all over the world. Each year one or two summer camps are held here.自199年来,Torri Superiore接待了00多个来自世界各地的孩子每年有一到两个夏令营在这里举办The venue is also host to a multitude of events, workshops and courses aimed towards environmental education and eco-village living.除此之外,这里还会举办各种各样的活动、研讨会和课程,以实现环境教育和生态村生活 85

Begging is surely big business. And it has proven to be so in Dubai, where a recently arrested beggar was found making as much as 70,000 dirham (around 73,500 U.S. dollars, 70,000 yuan) a month.乞讨可是一笔大生意这一点在迪拜就已经得到了明近日,迪拜警方逮捕了一名乞丐,发现他的月收入居然多达7万迪拉姆(折合73500美元,7万人民币)The beggar was among dozens arrested by Dubai Municipality inspectors, local media reported.据当地媒体报道,迪拜市政巡逻员共逮捕了几十名乞丐,此人只是其中之一Fifty nine beggars were caught during the first three months of , said Faisal Al Badiawi, head of the markets section at the Dubai Municipality, in a statement. Those arrests were part of a campaign carried out by the municipality in cooperation with the emirate police to combat begging in Dubai.迪拜市市场部门领导巴迪奥维在一份声明中表示,在年的前三个月中共抓获59名乞丐这些逮捕行动是迪拜市市政当局与阿联酋警方合作进行的打击乞讨活动的一部分;During the campaign, we found that the majority of beggars had entered the country legally with a three-month visa, in order to collect as much money as they could during their time here,; Al Badiawi explained.巴迪奥维解释称:;在逮捕活动中,我们发现大多数这些乞讨者通常是使用3个月的商务或旅游签来到当地,并在这段时间内尽可能地赚钱;The seizures showed that one beggar was making about 73,500 dollars per month. ;More money was collected on Fridays when beggars stood in front of mosques,; Al Badiawi said.根据缴获结果显示,一个乞丐每月大约收入为73500美元巴迪奥维表示:;这些乞丐每星期五在清真寺门口;开工;时,还有可能赚到更多的钱;Local authorities of Dubai have been carrying out year-long operations to combat begging along the city streets. In , up to 197 begging-related arrests were made during an anti-begging campaign around Ramadan, according to a previous report of Gulf News. Police said street begging affects the city security.据悉,迪拜当局针对这些街头乞讨者已经展开了长达一年的逮捕行动据海湾新闻之前的报道指出,在年斋月期间开展的一次反乞讨运动中,有多达197名乞丐被逮捕警方表示,街头乞讨影响了城市的安全 01

Laundry Service 洗衣务Key Sentences(重点句子)1.Excuse me.Have you any laundry?对不起,请问有没有要洗的衣?1.The laundry man is here to collect it.洗衣房务员来这儿收要洗的衣了6.If you have any,please just leave it in the laundry bag behind the bathroom door.如果您有衣要洗,请放在浴室门后的洗衣袋里7.Please tell us or notify in the list whether you need your clothes ironed,washed,dry-cleaned or mended and also what time you want to get them back.请告诉我们或在洗衣单上写明您的衣是否需要熨烫,水洗,干洗或缝补,还要写明何时需要取衣8.What if there is any laundry damage?如果你们洗衣时损坏了衣怎么办?9.In such a case,the hotel should certainly pay it.如果是这样,饭店当然应该赔偿0.Could you send someone up my laundry,please?请问,你们能派人来收要洗的衣吗?1.A valet will be up in a few minutes.洗熨工马上就到.Will the color run in the wash?洗衣时会掉色吗?3.Well dry-clean the dress.我们将干洗这条裙子.Well stitch it bee washing.我们会在洗之前把衬里缝好5.When can I have my laundry back?我何时能取回洗的衣呢?6.But would you like express service or same-day?不过,您是要快洗务还是当日取?7.Id like this sweater to be washed by hand in cold water.这件毛衣要用冷水手洗 19587

  Tins of cooling mentholated ointment have become a currency Chinese traveling in Egypt.一盒盒的薄荷清凉油已经成为中国人在埃及旅行的通行货币Visiting the complex of ancient temples at Karnak, Chinese tourist Mr. Ye lost his way among the stone chapels, pylons and pillars.中国游客叶先生在参观卡纳克神庙时,在石头教堂、 塔门和石柱间迷路了An Egyptian guide gave him directions. To show his gratitude, Mr. Ye handed him a small red tin the diameter of a large coin.一位埃及导游给他指了路为了表达谢意,叶先生送给了导游一个硬币大小的红色锡盒Inside was a cooling mentholated balm that has become a currency Chinese traveling in Egypt. Mr. Ye brought 50 tins with him on his six-day tour to hand out as tips.盒子里面便是提神醒脑、镇痛止痒的软膏——清凉油清凉油已经成为中国游客在埃及旅行的;通行货币;在短短6天的旅途里,叶先生准备了50盒清凉油,把它当小费送出去;Bee I came to Egypt, the tourism agency told me repeatedly to bring cooling balm as a gift to make the trip easier,; said Mr. Ye, a 5-year-old whose family sells Chinese medicine online. Egyptians, he said, ;are very nice to Chinese tourists, and they love this little gift.;5岁的叶先生家里就是在网上卖中药的他表示,;自己在来埃及之前,旅行社反复告诉他,为旅途方便一定要带上清凉油做礼物; 他说,;埃及的小伙伴对中国游客非常友好,而且他们很喜欢这样的小礼物;From the Giza Pyramids to the Red Sea, Chinese tourists pass out tins of mentholated ointment, rather than tipping with cash to many they encounter, from hotel staffers and trinket peddlers to customs officers and police with AK-7s.从吉萨金字塔群到红海,中国游客用清凉油替代小费送给沿途遇到的许多人,包括酒店工作人员、卖小饰品的摊贩、海关官员和拿着AK-7步的警察Egyptians sometimes demand the balm by running a thumb across their eheads.埃及人有时会以拇指划过额头的动作来索要清凉油Li Xiaodong, an Egyptologist at China Northeast Normal University, believes Chinese travelers initially brought cooling balm personal use because it very hot in Egypt, then discovered Egyptians liked it.东北师范大学埃及学家李晓东认为,因为埃及非常热,中国游客一开始把清凉油带到埃及是想自己用,后来发现埃及人也喜欢清凉油Some Chinese tourists said giving gifts feels better than handing over money.一些中国游客表示,送礼物比给钱体面;If you give essential balm, it more like youre giving it to friends,; said one Chinese tourist.一名中国游客称:;送清凉油,更像是送礼物给朋友; 1


  投资风险Risk of investmentA: Well, Im thinking of establishing a food joint venture of big scale.我正在考虑建立一家大规模的食品合资企业B: That great. We have so many favorable conditions you to invest in China.那很好啊,在中国合资企业有很多优待A: Yes, China is a big country with a large population, rich resources and a comparatively low level of wages and salaries. However, the problem is that were still doubtful of investment in China.是的中国是一个大国,人口众多,资源丰富,而且工资水平低然而问题是我们仍然对在中国投资表示怀疑B: Let me put your mind at ease. The way I see it, a joint venture means, primary, less taxation and more benefits the investors.让我来解除你的顾虑吧依我看,搞合资企业,对于投资者来说,首先可以少上税,多收益A: That sounds good.听起来不错B: Well, a joint venture means preferred treatment the investors. A joint venture pays less income tax or even no income tax at all under certain conditions in the first five profit making years.搞合资企业,投资者可以享受到优惠的待遇合资企业头5个获利年度可以省缴所得税,在某种情况下,甚至完全不缴所得税A: Profit-making years? You mean the years of production?获利年度?你是指生产年度吗?B: No. I mean the years when you make a profit. What more, all lawful rights and interests of eign investors are protected by Chinese law.不,我指的是企业生产开始产生利润的头5年而且,外国投资者的一切合法权益都受到中国法律的保护A: Oh, I see. It is very good.我明白了,不错!;think of somethingdoing something;意思是;考虑到某事情,多指考虑某事情的可能性,未作出决定亦未采取行动;,例如:You cant expect me to think of everything! (你不能指望我把什么事情都想到了!)又如:Theyre thinking of moving to America.(他们有意移居美国) 8





  本文选自Gossip Girl《绯闻女孩,欢迎大家来此做客Blair: My, my. If it isn't little J., risen from the ashes. Jenny: I came to tell you in person ...you win. Blair: Oh, sweetie. We just started to play.Jenny: No, you don't understand. I'm done … with you, with them, with all of it.Blair: Just like that, you wave the white flag?Jenny: I lied, and I stole, and I lost the respect of my family ... what? So I can be like you? You asked me bee if it was all worth it. My answer is, it's not.Blair: I tried to warn you ... there's a price to pay. I always knew a girl like you couldn't afd it. Jenny: Well, you were right.Blair: Well, you put up a good fight ... a freshman. Jenny: Thanks.Blair: I hope you don't expect a hug.Jenny: I don't expect anything any more. 重点讲解:risen from the ashes 死后重生a price to pay 代价put up a good fight 奋战 3301

  第二十五课: 寻工面试 Lesson 5: A Job Interview 各位听众朋友好欢迎您收听“旅游业英语”教学节目我是澳洲 广播电台的中文节目主持人马健媛 在这一课对话中您将听到在西方国家寻找工作进行面试时的情况 您可以学习到寻工面试时雇主可能会问及的问题以及如何恰当地回 答这些问题由于这段模拟的面试过程比较长,所以在这一课中我 们不能有太多的时间反复练习对话的内容,但是英语老师会比较详 细地为您讲解有关寻工面试的一些注意事项现在先让我们一起来 收听这段对话的第一部份在这段对话中,鲍勃为了申请一份工作 与广场酒店的经理杰斯丁见了面 Justine: Come in, Bob. I’m Justine Asker, the manager. You can call me, Justine. Bob: Pleased to meet you. Justine: Sit down. Firstly, Bob, can I ask which job you are applying ? Bob: I’m applying the receptionist position. Justine: I see that you have a Diploma in Hospitality. Have you done any front desk work bee? Bob: I have work experience in front desk. You have my supervisor’s report there. This will be my first paid position. Justine: And why do you want to work at the Plaza Hotel? Bob: Because it has a great reputation… not just its service, but as a good place to work. Justine: I’m glad to hear it. 现在让我们再听一遍这部份的对话内容我会逐句将它们译成中 文 杰斯丁: 请进,鲍勃我是杰斯丁·艾斯格,酒店的经理你可 以叫我杰斯丁 Justine: Come in, Bob. I’m Justine Asker, the manager. You can call me Justine. 鲍勃: 很高兴和您见面 Page of 7 Bob: Pleased to meet you. 杰斯丁: 先请坐,鲍勃请问你申请的是什么工作呢? Justine: Sit down. Firstly, Bob, can I ask which job you are applying ? 鲍勃: 我申请的是前台接待员的职位 Bob: I’m applying the receptionist position. 杰斯丁: 我知道你取得了务业课程的书请问你以前做过前 台的工作吗? Justine: I see that you have a Diploma in Hospitality. Have you done any front desk work bee? 鲍勃: 我以前在前台实习过我那时的主管写的推荐报告在我 的申请资料中如果我拿到这份工作的话,这将是我第 一份受薪的工作 Bob: I have work experience in front desk. You have my supervisor’s report there. This will be my first paid position. 杰斯丁: 那你为什么要在广场酒店工作呢? Justine: And why do you want to work at the Plaza Hotel? 鲍勃: 这是因为广场酒店的声誉极佳,不仅是因为它的务水 准,同时它也是一个愉快的工作场所 Bob: Because it has a great reputation… not just its service, but as a good place to work. 杰斯丁: 我很高兴听你这么说 Justine: I’m glad to hear it. 现在让我们再听一遍鲍勃是如何以正式的说法回复杰斯丁的介绍开 场白 杰斯丁: 请进,鲍勃我是杰斯丁·艾斯格,酒店的经理你可 以叫我杰斯丁 Justine: Come in, Bob. I’m Justine Asker, the manager. You can call me Justine. 鲍勃: 很高兴和您见面 Bob: Pleased to meet you. Page 3 of 7 请注意,在初次见面互相介绍时以及在面试的整个过程中,与主考 官保持目光的接触及面带笑容是很重要的另外,如果对方主动和 你握手的话,一定要比较用力地握住对方的手现在让我们跟着老 师练习鲍勃的句子 Pleased to meet you. Pleased to meet you. 请继续听录音 杰斯丁: 先请坐,鲍勃请问你申请的是什么工作呢? Justine: Sit down. Firstly, Bob, can I ask which job you are applying ? 鲍勃: 我申请的是前台接待员的职位 Bob: I’m applying the receptionist position. 您也许会觉得奇怪杰斯丁为什么会问鲍勃这样的问题呢?难道她 在与鲍勃见面前没有看过鲍勃的申请资料吗?这种情况可以有两种 解释,一是可能有多个职位空缺同时在招聘,另外一种可能的原因 就是杰斯丁希望通过鲍勃本人的回答来确定他的确希望申请这个职 位无论怎样,您需要记住的是在寻工面试的时候一定要特别牢记 您所申请的这份工作的确切英文名称接下来,杰斯丁就要询问鲍 勃的工作经验了请注意听 杰斯丁: 我知道你取得了务业课程的书请问你以前做过前 台的工作吗? Justine: I see that you have a Diploma in Hospitality. Have you done any front desk work bee? 鲍勃: 我以前在前台实习过我那时的主管写的推荐报告在我 的申请资料中如果我拿到这份工作的话,这将是我第 一份受薪的工作 Bob: I have work experience in front desk. You have my supervisor’s report there. This will be my first paid position. 做为一个应征者,你也许会觉得雇主提出的这些问题有点明知故 问,因为你可能已经在自己的应征简历中都已经把自己的学历和工 作经历都写得很清楚了不过请你不要期望雇主会把你简历中的所 有细节都记得一清二楚另外,也许雇主希望你自己亲口讲述自己 的工作和学习经历也说不定呢所以,最好的做法就是去面试之前 57

  5.Where are you going?你要去哪里?Where are you going?你要去哪里?Where are you off to?你要去哪里?Where are you headed?你要去哪里?Im going to calss.我要去上课Im on my way to work.我要去上班Shopping.购物I need to get some food.我要买点东西吃I have a date.我有一个约会Home.回家Im off to see the doctor.我要去看医生Im going on vacation!我正要去度假Where are you going?Im going to class.你要去哪里?我要去上课Where are you off to?Im going to calss你要去哪里?我要去上课Where are you headed?(Im going to class.)你要去哪里?我要去上课.Where are you going?Im on my way to work.你要去哪里?我要去上班Where are you off to?Im on my way to work.你要去哪里?我要去上班Where are you headed?Im on my way to work.你要去哪里?我要去上班Where are you off to?Shopping.你要去哪里?购物Where are you going?Shopping你要去哪里?购物Where are you headed?hopping你要去哪里?购物Where are you going?I need to get some food.你要去哪里?我要买点东西吃Where are you off to?I need to get some food.你要去哪里?我要买点东西吃Where are you headed?I need to get some food.你要去哪里?我要买点东西吃Where are you going?I have a date.你要去哪里?我有一个约会Where are you off to?I have a date.你要去哪里?我有一个约会Where are you headed?I have a date.你要去哪里?我有一个约会Where are you going?Home.你要去哪里?回家Where are you off to?Home.你要去哪里?回家Where are you headed?你要去哪里?回家Where are you going?Im off to see the doctor.你要去哪里?我要去看医生Where are you off to?Im off to see the doctor.你要去哪里?我要去看医生Where are you headed?Im off to see the doctor.你要去哪里?我要去看医生Where are you going?Im going on vacation.你要去哪里?我正要去度假Where are you off to?Im going on vacation.你要去哪里?我正要去度假Where are you headed?Im going on vacation.你要去哪里?我正要去度假

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