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泰州注射微整形皮肤管理培训学校衡阳注射填充培训学校So you should be incredibly proud 所以你们应该异常自豪And I hope that you never lose sight of what brought you to this day 而且我希望永远不要忘记 是什么成就了这一天的你those values that you came here with 也就是你们来到这里时所拥有的价值观and those skills and talents you developed while you were here 还有你们在这里培养出的技巧和才能Because when you pair those two things together, you will 因为这两点加在一起be prepared for whatever comes next, whatever comes next 将会让你有能力应对接下来的任何挑战And that brings me to an important question 这就引出了一个很重要的问题What does come next? 接下来会有什么挑战As I thought about the journey you all are about to embark upon 在我思考你们即将开启的旅程时it reminded me of a conversation I had with my daughter Malia shes my oldest 我想到了我同我大女儿玛丽亚的谈话and this conversation we had when she was 10 years old 这是发生在她十岁时的谈话We were talking about college and our future我们在讨论大学 以及我们的未来And I told her 我告诉她I always tell my kids 我总跟我的孩子们说I said, once you graduate from college, you cannot come back home 大学毕业后 你就不能回家了Cannot不能Now, of course, I was joking 当然 我是开玩笑but I still dont want her to know that 但我现在仍然不希望她知道这是玩笑But her response she took it in was one I will never forget 她当时真信了这句话 而她的回话我总记得She said, well, mom, where do you go after college? 她说 妈妈 你大学毕业后去了哪She said, I mean literally, the day after you graduate? 她说 我是说正好毕业后的那一天She said, because youre not in school, and you cant come home 你既要离开学校 又不能回家So where do you go? 那去了哪里呢Now I hope that all of you have an answer for that question today我希望你们每个人 今天都对这个问题有了And hopefully nobodys sleeping out in the ravine 但愿没有人会睡在深谷中But I think there was also something profound about her question 不过我觉得 她的问题中蕴含了某种更深刻的意义Where are you gonna go? 你要去哪里201603/432170成都维生素精华导入电流渗透导入抗衰老管理培训 即学即用英语会话词典B部分:初次见面交谈 即学即用英语会话词典文本下载即学即用英语会话词典这部词典着眼日常生活、学习、工作等语言环境,囊括了当今美国最最简洁、最地道的日常口语表达方式。本词典获得2002年全国优秀畅销书奖 /200706/15008中级英语口语闪电速成[33] /200703/10898黑河注射微整形培训班学校

宏伟区祛斑去疤痕注射玻尿酸肉毒素微针培训学校90. Let's split the difference. 让我们折中一下。 用法透视 买东西时,与对方讨价还价,各不相让,最后就可以用这句话来建议各让一步,达成一致。 持范例 1. OK. Let's split the difference, and then I'll take it. 好吧,我们折中一下,我就买。 2. In that case, let's split the difference. 这样的话,让我们折中一下。 3. Let's split the difference. I'll give you 100. 我们折中一下,我出一百。 会话记忆 A: This blouse is a special offer today. You can have it at 10% off the regular price. 这件衬衫是今天的特别推荐商品,价钱可以打九折。 B: It's nice, but still too expensive. Can you give me a 20% discount? 是不错。但还是太贵了。能打八折吗? A: No. 10% is my last word. 不行,最多打九折。 B: Come on. Let's split the difference, 15%. 算了,让我们折中一下,八五折吧 /200706/14621大余县韩式皮肤管理培训机构 新东方美国口语学习革命[王强主讲] Lesson 8暂无文本 /200606/7398常德学习除皱打口周眼周肉毒素动态纹微整形培训学校

江西学习打额头太阳穴颞部鼻唇沟耳垂美容培训学院本单元是关于海伦在家对话Helen: Hello? Mum: Hello? Helen? It's mum here. How are you my dear? Studying hard? You know how much your degree means to your father and me.Helen: I was studying before you phoned me! Listen, I need your advice. I'm in love! But he doesn't even notice me. He only has eyes for Alice. What can I do?Mum: Love? Love! There's plenty of time for that later. Get your head out of the clouds and back into your books. Do you hear me?Helen: Yes, yes mum.本单元的语言点是习语,习语是语言比喻的运用,而不是字面的意思,比如:'She put her foot in her mouth' 意思是她说说了愚蠢的话,很尴尬,不是她吃脚趾头。Idioms use language metaphorically rather than literally. 'She put her foot in her mouth' means that she said something stupid and was embarrassed by it (the metaphorical meaning) not that she ate her toes (the literal meaning).Idioms are also fixed groups of words so you can't change the wording of an idiom. For example, you can say 'They get on like a house on fire' to describe how much two people like each other but you can't say 'They get on like a hospital on fire'. Idioms of the head:Get your head out of the clouds.Stop daydreaming. Concentrate on what your should be thinking about instead.I laughed my head off at that film.That film was very funny and it made me laugh a lot. I don't know the answer off the top of my head. I can't answer the question immediately. I don't have the answer memorised. Don't bite his head off for that tiny mistake.Don't shout at him for making a small mistake. We should put our heads together to solve this puzzle.We should work together to find the answer.I'm so happy! I'm head over heels in love with that woman!I'm completely in love!Idioms of the heart:Have a heart!Be sympathetic. Think about other people's feelings, not just your own. We had a real heart-to-heart and now she knows exactly how I feel about her. We were completely honest with each other about our feelings. He seems unfriendly at first but honestly his heart's in the right place. Although he appears cool and distant, he is a good person.I really adored my grandmother and when she died, it broke my heart.I was very sad when my grandmother died.Some students like to learn irregular verbs by heart.They like to learn things by rote, by saying or writing them again and again.He wears his heart on his sleeve, you always know exactly how he's feeling.He doesn't hide his emotions. If he's angry he shows it. If he's happy, he shows it.Vocabulary:To only have eyes for someone (眼中只有某人): To be interested only in that person and to ignore (or not notice) everyone else /200707/15897 睢县韩式皮肤管理培训机构濮阳打瑞蓝伊婉润百颜整形培训学校费用




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