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襄阳治疗男科那家医院更好襄樊中医院靠谱吗But shes not deterred from approaching. 但她没有打消念头离开。What she is about to do seems almost suicidal.她要做的看上去简直是自杀性行为。Shes feeding on tiny blood-sucking parasites, which is why the grouper allows this. 她在寻找吸血寄生虫,石斑鱼允许这样的行为。Nevertheless, the wrasse has to regularly vibrate her fins against the inside of his mouth just to remind him not to swallow. 然而濑鱼不得不频繁的摆动鱼鳍,拍打石斑鱼的嘴,提醒她不要吞咽。A single wrasse can eat incredible 1,200 parasites a day, and shes not fussy where she finds them.仅一条濑鱼一天就能吃下1200条寄生虫,她在哪里都可以找到食物。Without this decontamination, the grouper would quickly become infested. 如果没有这种净化,石斑鱼全身将遍布寄生虫。This service is so valuable that the grouper is a regular client, visiting several times a day.这种务太重要,石斑鱼是常客。一天光顾好几次。201409/327382襄阳四院做包皮手术要多少钱 Politics this week本周政治要闻Sunni jihadists of the Islamic State of Iraq and Greater Syria (ISIS), who have taken Mosul, Iraqs second city, swept on southwards, but their advance stalled once they reached the Shia heartland and mixed provinces close to Baghdad. The government urged Iraqis to unite and fight the insurgents. The American administration pondered whether and how much to help Nuri al-Malikis beleaguered Iraqi government—and whether to co-operate with Iran, his closest regional ally.伊拉克和叙利亚的伊斯兰国家(ISIS)的逊尼派圣战者已经占领了伊拉克的第二大城市苏尔,并向南方席卷而来,但是他们的脚步却停滞在什叶派腹地和接近巴格达的省境交界处。政府敦促伊拉克人团结起来,打击叛乱分子。而美国政府正在考虑是否应该以及在何种程度上帮助马利基饱受争议的伊拉克政府,并且是否与他最亲密的地区盟友伊朗合作。Three young Israeli settlers, two of them 16-year-olds, were kidnapped near the West Bank city of Hebron. Israels prime minister, Binyamin Netanyahu, blamed Hamas, an Islamist movement which, to the chagrin of Israels government, has recently endorsed a new Palestinian unity government. Hamas denied the charge. But hundreds of its supporters were rounded up by Israeli security forces.三个年轻的以色列居民在希伯仑西岸城市附近被绑架,其中包括两个16岁的孩子。以色列总理本雅明?内塔尼亚胡谴责哈马斯这一让政府头疼的伊斯兰运动,他们最近还成立了新的巴勒斯坦联合政府。哈马斯否认了这一指控。但其数百名持者被以色列安全部队逮捕了。Egypts prime minister, Ibrahim Mahlab, who was reappointed earlier this month by the countrys newly elected president, Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, kept most ministers in their posts. But he put a veteran banker, Ashraf Salman, in charge of foreign investment.易卜拉欣·马哈拉布在本月早些时候被新当选总统塞西再次钦定为埃及总理,他保持多数部长的职位不变,但把一位资深家阿什拉夫·萨尔曼,调去负责外国投资。Islamist terrorists belonging to the Shabab, a Somali group, killed at least 65 non-Muslims in villages on the mainland opposite the Kenyan island ofLamu. Many of the victims were members of the Kikuyu tribe to whichKenyas president, Uhuru Kenyatta, belongs. He blamed opposition politicians inKenya, rather than the Shabab, for fomenting the attacks. Tourism inKenya is likely to plummet.伊斯兰恐怖分子属于索马里反政府武装派别;青年党;,他们杀死了肯尼亚拉姆岛对面的村子里至少65名的非穆斯林人士。很多的受害者都是基库尤部落(肯尼亚总统乌呼鲁?肯雅塔所属的部落)的成员。他将这次的煽动性攻击归责于肯尼亚的反对派政客,而不是激进的伊斯兰组织青年党。肯尼亚旅游业可能会一蹶不振。Brought to justice公评断In a midnight operation on the outskirts of Benghazi American special forces captured Ahmed Abu Khattala, the man suspected of organising the attack in the Libyan city in 2012 that killed the American ambassador. The commandos took Mr Abu Khattala to an American navy ship to prepare him for travel to theed States, where he will appear in court.美国特种部队在班加西市郊执勤时抓获了卡达阿拉,他被怀疑2012年在利比亚市组织袭击并杀害了美国大使。突击队把他带往美国海军舰艇,准备将其引渡美国,现身法庭(接受司法审判)。After the shock defeat of Eric Cantor by the Tea Party in a primary election, the Republicans in the House of Representatives moved quickly to choose a new Majority Leader. Kevin McCarthy, a congressman from centralCalifornia, emerged as the strong favourite, distinguished by good looks, excellent fundraising skills and a troubled relationship with the English language.继艾瑞克·康托尔在茶党初选中失败后,众议院中的共和党人迅速行动起来要选举一个新的多数党领袖。来自加州中部的国会议员凯文·麦卡锡成为大热门,他有着杰出的外表,卓越的募集资金能力和稍显蹩脚的英文。Election spoilers选举中的捣蛋分子Afghanistan held a run-off presidential election to decide who will replace Hamid Karzai. Abdullah Abdullah, who is expected to win, demanded a halt to the count over allegations of widesp fraud. He said that ballot boxes had been stuffed and that the system was working to the benefit of his rival, Ashraf Ghani. The result is expected next month.阿富汗举行第二轮总统选举,来决定谁将取代哈米德·卡尔扎伊。胜算较大的阿卜杜拉指控存在欺诈要求停止计数。他说投票箱都被投满了,系统也正在统计他的对手阿什拉夫·贾尼的选票结果。结果预计下个月将揭晓。Cambodia blamed Thailands new military rulers for causing an exodus of Cambodian migrant workers from the country. Around 200,000 Cambodians are thought to have fled across the border amid rumours thatThailands government was about to crack down on illegal workers. The government said the rumours were unwarranted.柬埔寨指责泰国的新军事统治者造成大批柬埔寨农民工离去。由于坊间传言称,泰国政府将严厉打击非法工人,大约有20万名柬埔寨人已经逃离边境。政府称谣言是毫无根据的。Japan banned the possession of child sex-abuse images, one of the last developed countries to do so. Its new law states that anyone found with such images can be jailed for up to a year, or fined up to ,000. The ban does not apply to comics known as manga.日本是最后一个禁止持有性虐待儿童图像的发达国家之一。它的新法律规定任何被发现持有上述图像的人可以被判入狱一年,或高达10000美元的罚款。这一禁令并不不适用于漫画。A senior Chinese diplomat visited Vietnam for talks aimed at calming relations between the two neighbours, but the two sides ended up exchanging sharp views over their dispute in theSouth China Sea.中国高级外交官赴越为缓和两方关系参加会谈。但关于中国南海争端双方给出不可调和的意见,不欢而散。China handed down lengthy jail sentences to three anti-corruption activists. Their crime was asking officials to disclose their wealth.中国给3名激进分子漫长的监禁处罚。其犯罪原因是要求其公开财产。Barack Obama proposed using his executive powers to protect a vast area of the central Pacific Ocean from fishing and other industrial activities. The plan is to expand protected seas around islands and atolls controlled byAmerica.贝拉克·奥巴马利用其行政权为保护太平洋中间广阔区域,禁止和其它工业活动。该计划旨在扩展美国保护下的岛屿和珊瑚礁周围海域。Up in the air悬而未决The ed States Supreme Court refused to hear an appeal by Argentina against a lower-court ruling obliging it to pay a small group of creditors who have been chasing payment following its 2001 debt default. The Argentine government must now decide whether to pay these “holdout” creditors, sidestep the reach of the American courts or risk another default.美国最高法院驳回了阿根廷上诉。阿根廷对于下级法院判决其必须付自2001年阿根廷债务违约后一直追债的一小群债权人不满。现在阿根廷政府必须决定是否付这些“持之以恒”讨债者,绕开与美国法院接触或者面临再次债务违约的风险。The Jamaican government announced that it plans to decriminalise possession of small amounts of marijuana. Parliament is expected to approve the changes by the autumn.牙买加政府宣布计划持有少量的大麻合法化。议会有望于秋天之前通过该此计划。The Canadian government approved the Northern Gateway pipeline project to bring tar-sands oil fromAlberta to the Pacific coast ofBritish Columbia. But objections from the First Nations mean that it remains uncertain whether the pipeline will go ahead.加拿大政府通过了北方门户管道计划,该计划将亚伯达的油砂运往加拿大不列颠哥伦比亚省的太平洋港口。但是来自第一民族人民的反对意味着管道计划能否进行是个未知数。Juan Manuel Santos won a second term as Colombias president, taking 51% of the vote in a run-off against óscar Iván Zuluaga. Mr Santoss victory means peace talks with the countrys leftist guerrillas will continue.哥伦比亚总统胡安·曼努埃尔·桑托斯赢得连任机会,在最终选举以51%的选票打败了奥斯卡·伊凡·祖拉戈。桑托斯的胜利意味着与国家右翼游击队和平会谈将继续举行。Deadly force致命的力量Petro Poroshenko, Ukraines new president, announced a unilateral ceasefire in the fighting with pro-Russian rebels in easternUkraine. This came after the separatists shot down a military transport jet killing 49 people, the deadliest incident so far in the fighting.Russia meanwhile cut off gas supplies toUkraine in a dispute over payments, and a big gas pipeline in the country was bombed.乌克兰新总统彼得·波罗申科单方面宣布与乌克兰东部亲俄叛乱者停火。此前分裂者击落了一架军用运输喷气式飞机,导致49人死亡,这是这场冲突死伤人数最多的一次。同时,俄罗斯由于在天然气价格上达不成统一意见,已切断对乌克兰天然气的供应。而乌克兰一条大型天然气管道也被轰炸。Marek Belka, the governor of Polands central bank, kept his job, despite calls for his and the entire governments resignation. In an obscenity-laced recording leaked by Wprost, a news weekly, Mr Belka appears to be striking a deal last July to support the government of Donald Tusk by propping up the economy, in return for the sacking of the then finance minister, Jacek Rostowski.马雷克·贝尔卡,波兰中央行长克了各种让他和整个政府辞职的呼声,保住了他的职位。波兰一家新闻周刊杂志Wprost公布了一段夹杂下流言语的录音,其中贝尔卡在去年七月签订了一项协议表明通过持经济方式来帮助唐纳德·图斯克政府,条件是解雇时任财政大臣罗斯托斯基。A rail strike in France prompted outrage when it disrupted the first day of the all-important baccalauréat, the school-leaving test. Rail workers walked off the job as French teenagers struggled with exam questions about epistemology and what it means to be human.法国铁路罢工引发众怒。而此时正值非常重要的毕业考试第一天,当时法国青年们正在参与讨论认识论以及认识论对人类价值的考试斗争,而铁路工人却擅自离开工作岗位。 201407/308864襄阳一医院不孕不育怎么样

枣阳市妇幼保健院中医院肛肠怎么样Don: Hey Yaeuml;l, I was wondering–why dont we hear much about the moon anymore? 嘿,Yaeuml;l,我在想——为什么我们现在没什么跟月球相关的消息了呢?Yaeuml;l: Whadya mean, Don? Don,你是什么意思?D: Its just that back in the 1960s and 70s, sending astronauts to the moon was a big deal, but nobody talks much about it anymore. 早在二十世纪六七十年代的时候,送宇航员上月球是个天大的事儿,但却没什么人再谈论这件事儿。Y: Well, actually NASA is planning to send astronauts back to the moon. 事实上,NASA正计划送宇航员重返月球。D: Really? 真的吗?Y: Yep. And this time theres talk of building a lunar base where astronauts can stay for weeks and months at a time to conduct experiments in low gravity. 对呀。这次他们说要建立一个月球基地,宇航员一次可以停留几周或几个月在低重力的条件下进行实验。D: Cool. 很棒啊。Y: But there are a few kinks to work out–like what to do about moon dust. 但还存在几个问题要解决——比如说月球尘埃怎么办。D: Wait. Why is moon dust a problem? 等等。为什么月球尘埃会是个问题?Y: Well, for one thing, it has chemical properties that resemble fresh fractured quartz, which is pretty toxic. 嗯,一方面,它的化学性质,像断裂的石英,那是有剧毒的。And moon dust is clingy; it gets all over spacesuits and inside space capsules.而且月球尘埃很有依附性,太空太空舱里面都会有。Astronauts from the 60s and 70s used to complain that there was so much dust inside the capsule that they could smell it. 二十世纪六七十年代的宇航员们曾经抱怨,太空舱里面有太多的灰尘,甚至他们都能闻得到。D: So is the dust actually dangerous? What happens if it gets in the lungs? 那么灰尘对身体有害吗?如果它进入肺里会怎样?Y: Thats what scientists are studying now. 那就是科学家们现在正在研究的。One issue is that the moons weak gravity could allow dust particles to float around in an astronauts airway, which could let moon dust penetrate deeper into the lungs. 一个问题就是,月球的低重力会让尘埃粒子飘进宇航员的导气管,这可能让月球尘埃更深地穿透进人的肺部。D: Which increases the health risks.这就增加了健康风险。So what can astronauts do to breath in less dust? High-tech feather dusters? 那么怎么做才可以让宇航员吸入较少的粉尘?高科技的鸡毛掸子吗?Y: Funny. But its a good question–one that scientists are busy looking into before sending astronauts up there to set up house on our very dusty moon. 太逗了。不过这确实是个好问题。这是科学家们正在忙于调查的问题,要在将宇航员们送上太空造房生活之前解决的问题。201308/251148襄樊第一人民医院打掉孩子怎么样 襄阳市职业病防治医院治疗女性疾病怎么样

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