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锦江区妇科疾病哪家医院最好的锦江区男科电话Ali: I don't know, but he gives me the creeps. Sandy: Just take it easy. If he starts to bother you, let me know and I'll call security. Ali: But what if he knows my name, where I live... Sandy: Don't get all worked up over him. He's probably harmless. Ali: Actually, he's really good-looking. Too bad he's a weirdo. Sandy: You never know. Maybe he's just an innocent, lonely guy... Ali: Now he's looking over here! He's coming! Sandy: OK! I'll call security...[click!]give somebody the creeps   让人起鸡皮疙瘩 A: What do you think of John? 你觉得约翰如何? B: He gives me the creeps! 他让我起鸡皮疙瘩!security (n.)   警卫 A: How can I give my girlfriend a sense of security? 我要怎么给我女朋友安全感? B: You should call her every day. 你应该要每天打电话给她get all worked up over   对…大惊小怪 A: Did you see that guy? He scratched that car on the side of the road! 你有看到那个人吗?他刮路旁那辆车! B: You shouldn't get all worked up over such a little thing. 你不应该对这种芝麻小事大惊小怪的harmless (a.)   无害的 A: That's your fifth glass of water! Is it healthy to drink so much? 这是你喝的第五杯水了!喝这么多健康吗? B: Water is perfectly harmless. 水是完全无害的weirdo (n.)   怪人 A: Do you like to take the subway? 你喜欢坐地下铁吗? B: In Taiwan it's OK, but in America the subways are full of weirdos. 在台湾还可以,不过美国的地下铁到处都是怪人innocent (a.)   无辜的阿丽:我不知道,可是他让我起鸡皮疙瘩 珊蒂:放轻松若他开始烦你,就让我知道,我来叫警卫 阿丽:要是他知道我名字怎么办,还有我住哪…… 珊蒂:别被他搞得神经兮兮的或许他根本没有威胁性 阿丽:其实他长得还蛮好看的可惜是怪人一个 珊蒂:谁知道呢也许他只是个寂寞又无辜的男人…… 阿丽:他在往这里看!他过来了! 珊蒂:好!我打给警卫!……(挂断电话的声音!) 8双流县第一人民医院怎么样 Diane: I’m so exasperated! I’m really tired of the homeowner’s association in my condo building. Ricardo: What’s the matter with it? Diane: The people who sit on the condo association board are a bunch of do-nothings. I’ve filed complaint after complaint and they refuse to ence the house rules. Ricardo: Well, that might not be so bad. I used to live in a co-op in New York City. The board of directors in my building was constantly issuing violations to the shareholders and we were fined the smallest infraction. It was a nightmare. What kinds of complaints have you been filing? Diane: I’ve been complaining about my noisy neighbors. They have parties every weekend. The board said it sent letters to them, but nothing has changed. Ricardo: That’s a tough one. It’s often hard to get people to quiet down. Diane: That’s not all. The common areas aren’t well maintained, and they’re often dirty or in need of repair. Ricardo: That’s too bad... Diane: And, the clubhouse is always busy with board events when I want to reserve it. Ricardo: That’s frustrating... Diane: You bet it is. And, what’s more... Ricardo: Whoa. I think I have a solution you. Diane: What? Ricardo: Move! 9广安第一人民医院做人流

双流区做人流医院Ralph: What that?拉尔夫:那是什么?Nicky: It a bigger and better tomato. It been genetically modified.尼基:那是个西红柿,比普通的更大更好它是转基因作物Ralph: Youre not going to eat that, are you?拉尔夫:你不至于吃这种东西,是吧?Nicky: Of course I am. Im making a salad. Want one?尼基:当然要吃我要把它做成沙拉想来一个吗?Ralph: No way. I dont want to eat something that been genetically engineered in a laboratory. Who knows what kind of strange DNA it has.拉尔夫:坚决不吃我不想吃那些在实验室经过基因改造的食物谁知道它含有什么奇怪的基因Nicky: It perfectly safe. It been modified to grow faster, have more nutrients, and be resistant to disease and pests.尼基:它绝对安全经过基因改造它能生长得更快,富含更多的营养物质,且具有抗病性和抗虫性Ralph: And it may contain strange mutations as part of its genetic makeup that they didnt tell you about. I really wouldnt eat that if I were you.拉尔夫:也许基因重组后部分基因会发生奇怪的突变,没有人会告诉你这些如果我是你,我绝对不会吃Nicky: Where did you get this aversion to genetically modified foods? Scientists and farmers have always used selective breeding with animals and crops to bring you bigger and better food. This is nothing different.尼基:你为什么对转基因食物如此反感呢?科学家以及农民们总是选择性培育牲畜和作物品种,给人们带来更大更好的食物这没有什么区别Ralph: Of course it is. And just because it bigger, doesnt mean it better. Ill eat food that been modified by the only person I trust.拉尔夫:当然有区别因为个头大并不意味着品质更好我只吃我唯一信任的人改造的食物Nicky: Who that?尼基:那是谁?Ralph: Mother Nature!拉尔夫:大自然母亲!原文译文属! 3599绵阳市人民医院做不孕不育怎么样 四川成都妇幼医院简介

川北医学院附属医院有微创手术吗Mindy: Hey, where are you going?Eric: I'm going to traffic court. I got a parking ticket and I'm going to fight it.Mindy: How much was the fine?Eric: It was only . But it's not the money, it's the principle of the thing.Mindy: Why? Weren't you parked illegally?Eric: No, I wasn #818;Auml;ocirc;t. The street I live on has metered parking from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM. After 6, you can park there with a permit. Well, I parked my car at 7:30 PM and I have a permit. But, I still got a ticket.Mindy: Did you display the permit clearly? It isn't expired, is it?Eric: Yeah, it's clearly displayed and it's good until June .Mindy: Well, it sounds like you have a good case. Are you representing yourself or did you hire a lawyer?Eric: I'm going there by myself. Wish me luck. Mindy: Good luck. If the judge locks you away, I promise to visit you in jail.Eric: Thanks a lot. I'll remember that.Script by Dr. Lucy Tse 59 <牛人_句子>南充市妇幼保健院治疗龟头炎多少钱成都第三人民医院妇科是公立医院吗

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