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武汉华夏男子医院网上预约系统武汉华夏男子医院好讲解上期节目中我们谈了前五个标志,今天来看看后面五个都是什么吧6. You think long-term about the future. Are you dating them as a back up when you are still waiting the right one, or are you aly excited about being ever together with them?如果遇到那个想要厮守的人,你会不自觉的设想你们的未来吧 7. You become a better version of yourself 两个人在一起,应该会让彼此成为更好,更阳光的存在When the right person comes along, they will make you shine brighter, not snuff(扑灭) out your flame. 8. You are still attracted to their body, mind, and spirit. 两个人在一起,除了外表互相吸引外,精神上也要互相认同A healthy relationship will make you be interested in all aspects of your partner.When you are with the right person, you will like them as much or even more than you did when the two of you started dating. 9. You can talk with them. I mean really talk.You can share your opinions, your likes and dislikes, you can speak freely about what in your mind, and you can have deep conversations.当你跟他聊天的时候会有可以敞开心扉的安全感不用担心,我这样他会不会讨厌我Communication is the key to a healthy relationship. . You encourage each other to spend more time with family and friends. The right person will take you home to meet their parents or family members. And ask you to hang out with their friends.两个人在一起,生活轨迹自然会有很多重叠Their family and friends become your family and friends.Youre not hiding each other from everyone else, and your partner also wants to see you hanging out with your friends.They allow you to still live your life. 这个标志虽然不能完全定义两个人的关系,但希望对大家的生活有帮助吧 Have a nice day, everyone!Talk to you next time! 70咸宁治疗睾丸炎哪家医院最好 How You Made Money你怎么赚的钱A young man asked an old rich man how he made his money.一个年轻人问一位富有的老人是怎样赚到钱的The old guy fingered his worsted wool vest and said, ;Well, son, it was 1930. The depth of the Great Depression. I was down to my last nickel.;老人轻抚着自己的精纺毛背心,说道:“孩子,是这样的那是1930年,大萧条时期,我就只剩下5分钱”;I invested that nickel in an apple. I spent the entire day polishing the apple and, at the end of the day, I sold the apple ten cents.;“我用这5分钱买了一个苹果,然后用一整天的时间把这只苹果擦得光洁漂亮,到晚上,我把它卖了一毛钱”;The next morning, I invested those ten cents in two apples. I spent the entire day polishing them and sold them at 6:00 p.m. cents. I continued this system a month, by the end of which Id accumulated a tune of .58.;“第二天早上,我用这一毛钱买了两个苹果并用一整天把它们擦得光洁漂亮,下午6点钟时我把它们卖了两毛钱如此以往,一个月后,我积攒了一块五毛八”;And that how you built an empire?; the boy asked.“你就是这样发家致富的?”年轻人问;Heavens, no!; the man replied, ;Then my wife father died and left us five million dollars.;“当然不是!”老人答道,“后来,我的老丈人死了,留给我们500万” 30武汉哪个医院男科比较专业

武汉广州军区医院看泌尿科怎么样Loving France法兰西之恋Landing in France, a sacred feeling suddenly arises which attracts you to know more about this country.踏进法国的领土,一种神圣的感觉会油然而生这种感觉会吸引着你更多的去了解这个国度France, approximately hexagonal in shape, has a boundary on the east with Germany, Switzerland and Italy, and is bounded on the southeast by Monaco and the Mediterranean Sea; on the south are Spain and Andorra, with the Bay of Biscay on the west and the English Channel on the north as natural borders.法国从地图上看近似六边形它东边与德国、瑞士和意大利接壤,东南与纳哥和地中海为邻,南边是西班牙和安道尔,比斯开湾和英吉利海峡则分别在西面和北面形成了天然的屏障A series of massive mountain ranges includes the Alps, which separate France and Italy, and the Jura Mountains that delineate the Franco-Swiss border. The Rhine River, at the northeast corner of France ms the Franco-German boundary. The Pyrenees Mountains, extending along the Franco-Spanish frontier from the Mediterranean to the Bay of Biscay, ms the other mountain boundary of France.连绵起伏的山脉包括阿尔卑斯山脉横亘于法国和意大利之间,形成了一道天然国界;而侏罗山脉则延绵构成了法国和瑞士难以逾越的国界在法国东北角,奔涌的莱茵河形成了法国与德国天然的楚河汉界位于在法-西边界的比利牛斯山脉,由地中海一直延伸到比斯开湾,形成了法国的另一道山界The plains region is a projection of the great plain of Europe. The outstanding features of the plains are the river valleys. Among all the rivers, totaling more than 0 with numerous tributaries which are almost all commercially navigable, the Rhine River is the largest in terms of discharge volume.法国的平原在欧洲广袤的平原上是一个凸起,它突出的特点就是河流广布总共有0多条大河和不计其数的流,其中大部分可做商业航行如果以流量计算,则莱茵河是法国最大的河流The capital and largest city in France is Paris, which attracts many visitors every year. Marseilles is a chief port and Lyon is an industrial center famous its textiles. Other major cities include Toulouse, an industrial and trade center; Nice, a resort; Strasbourg, a Rhine River port and industrial and commercial center; Bordeaux, a seaport and most famous its wine.首都巴黎是最大的城市,每年吸引了无数的游客;马赛是最大的港口,而里昂则以纺织工业著称于世其他的大城市大家应当能耳熟能详:图卢兹是工业及贸易中心,尼斯是著名的旅游胜地,斯特拉斯堡是莱茵河上的重要港口,也是工业和商业中心,波尔多是海港城市,它盛产的葡萄酒则更是名扬天下 378武汉华夏能刷社保卡吗 塞巴斯蒂安.维特尔是德国一级方程式赛车手,出生于1987年7月3日,年月日,维特尔在阿布扎比夺冠,成为最年轻的世界冠军他今天谈论了在新泽西开车有何代价年仅岁的他还很幽默的喔Tell us a little bit about yours, you are just a kid, right? And how old are you, ?告诉我们一点关于你的消息,你只是个孩子,对吗?你多少岁了,岁吗?Correct, yeah. How old are you?正确,恩你多大了?Im 65, dont get the ideas.我已经65岁了,你可不要这么想I still know what Im doing.我还知道我在做什么Tell us about your childhood.告诉我们关于你的童年You are born in Germany, where?你出生在德国,是在哪里?I guess Michael Schumacher, a superhero, loomed large as an influence as a young boy, right?我在想迈克尔·舒马赫这位超级英雄,隐约对一个小男孩的影响很大,是这样吗?Yeah, yeah. Obviously, so I started it as a little kid I think.是啊,是啊显然,所以我开始只是一个小孩,我是这样认为的How old were you when you started to race?你几岁时开始比赛?In little cars.是小汽车的那种3.5, years old.3岁半,岁的样子3.5? And was it because your parents had an interest in racing?3岁半?因为你的父母都对赛车感兴趣?Yeah, my father did hill-climb racing. I dont know if you know.是的,我父亲制造爬山赛车我不知道你是否了解I know, but hill-climbing, yeah?我知道,但是爬山,是吗?Yeah.In motorcycles and cars, or just cars?是的托车和汽车,还是只是汽车?Cars.Yeah.So, yeah, he did that and then the whole family was always travelling together.汽车是的所以,是的,他负责制造,然后整个家庭总是一起旅行And, yeah, I was basically a baby when he was aly racing.当然,我基本上还是一个婴儿时,他已经开始赛车了Right.and you are from the same part of Germany with Michael Schumacher? 好的你与迈克尔·舒马赫来自德国的同一地区?Im not really. Well, Germany was not that big compared to America.我不是真的如此嗯,德国与美国相比,还不够大Yeah, and dont you get it.是的,你不要忘记这点You know. You see that, you see Im .你知道正如你看到的,你看到我岁I know. I have nothing to get.我知道的我没有忘记We were just having a fun here. But we, eh, Sebastian, tell us about this tape here.我们只是在这里非常快乐但我们,呃,塞巴斯蒂安,给我们讲讲关于这个的录像What is this? Is that you drive a go car?这是什么?是你开车去的吗?There you are.Yeah.Oh, my God, 3.5. I get how tiny. Look at this.你现在就是这样是的哦,我的上帝,3岁半我忘记有多小了看看这个You know, you know in our backyard and because it was so narrow I couldnt make a full turn.你知道,你知道,在我们家后院,因为它是如此狭窄,我都不能做出全转弯So my father went there, put a bucket of water on the ground so that I could, yeah.所以我父亲去那儿,把一桶水放在地上,这样我就可以做到了,是的Yeah.Yeah, do a little bit though. He also used.是的是的,加一点难度他经常使用的Oh my God. That unbelievable! And you will, you, there gonna be a race over New Jersey in a couple of years, is that right?哦我的上帝那真是难以置信!你也可以的,你也许会在几年内在新泽西有场比赛,不对吗?Yeah, next year.是的,明年Next year is gonna be a race there.明年将会在那里有场比赛Yeah, yeah, we just had a little bit of promo today.是啊,是啊,我们只是有一点今天的宣传Yeah. And you drove the prospective track.是的你要在预想的赛道上比赛Is that a straight course?是直线路线?Yes, yes, it gonna be. It not finished entirely; but it looks very quick.是的,是的,是这样的它还没有全部完成,但是它看起来非常快Yeah.You need some big balls or something else.是的你需要一些大的球或者别的什么东西Now it looks very, looks very interesting like very, you know, far, sloping course.现在它看起来很,看起来非常有意思,你知道,很远的,倾斜的那种赛道Just stop; just dont do that a gig, all right?请停下;别开玩笑了,好吗?Im just, Im so glad Oprah doesnt have a show.我只是,我很高兴奥普拉没有节目注:听力文本来源于普特 1886武汉看皮肤病哪家医院好

武汉华夏医院有割包皮吗 We are gonna begin this half-hour though with Bill Cosby, and the latest on his career in turmoil was allegations of sexual assault.接下来我们半小时的节目将关注比尔·科斯比,以及最近他职业生涯关于性侵犯的指控Last night he gave us his first public permance since TV network begun pulling the plug on his new projects and reruns the Cosby Show.昨晚自从电视网络播出以来他首次出现自己的公众节目当中并且重新回归到科斯比秀A Lindsey Janis has the story from Bahamas where Cosby took the stage last night.接下来我们就为你带来A新闻的林赛詹尼斯从巴哈马群岛发回昨晚关于科斯比的报道Overnight, Bill Cosby perming in front of a packed audience at a women charity event in the Bahamas…科斯比整夜间都在巴哈马群岛的一场妇女慈善活动拥挤的观众面前表演…“You find yourself the longer you are married saying, Can I just say one thing?”“你会发现自己结婚的时间越来越长等待,我能就说一件事吗?”Telling jokes about his childhood and about being a grandparent to roars of laughter from the audience, but not addressing the mounting allegations of sexual assault against women.关于他童年和祖父母的笑话赢得了观众的欢笑,但并没有解决他自身越来越多针对女性的性侵犯指控“It sad, uh, that somebody so famous can be brought down, you know, by this.”“这令人感到悲伤欲绝,嗯,有名人就是会因为这种事情会一落千丈”The Women Volunteer Service Group that organized the event telling A News:组织这次事件的女性志愿务组织告诉A新闻:“Recent accusations against Bill Cosby are alarming and unsettling…“最近对于科斯比的指控令人吃惊而且不安…Being that no mal charges have been filed against Mr.Cosby, we theree dont deem it appropriate to further comment on the accusations.”由于对科斯比还没有正式起诉,我们不认为进一步指控合适”Cosby event going on as scheduled as a growing list of women are speaking out, accusing the 77-year-old of sexual abuse.随着公布越来越多的女性名单这件扣人心弦的事件如期待般被传的沸沸扬扬,甚至指责他性虐待77岁的老女人Therese Serignese is telling A affiliate WPBF that the comedian drugged and sexually assaulted her in 1976 when she was just 19 years old.特里希赛格尼斯告诉美国广播公司旗下WPBF这位喜剧演员将1976年年仅19岁的她灌醉后实施了性侵犯“With a glass of water on his hand and he had two pills, large white pills in his hand and he said:Take these.”“他手上拿着一杯水,还有两片药,是那种大块白色药片,然后他说吞下去”Serignese said she continued having relations with Cosby years after, saying her mother told her Cosby would take care of her.赛格尼斯表示自那以后多年来她继续与科斯比发生关系,她的母亲告诉科斯比会照顾她一生一世She claims that he gave her checks until 1996, totaling $,000.她宣称直到1996年科斯比才对她进行了检查,总计花费000美元Cosby has not responded to Serignese allegations.科斯比没有回应赛格尼斯的指控But overnight, his lawyers denied two other women claims, saying that accusers are “coming out of the woodwork with fabricated or unsubstantiated stories.”但一夜之间,他的律师否认了另外两名女性的说辞,称原告的陈述是伪造或未经实的故事 Good Morning America, Lindsey Janis, A News, the Bahamas.A新闻,早安美国,林赛詹尼斯,巴哈马群岛报道 57武汉治不孕不育武汉包皮过长怎么保扎伤口



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