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江苏省花桥经济开发区人民医院治疗内分泌多少钱锦溪镇人民医院治疗阳痿早泄嘉宾:Debbie Mason话题:外国人过 Valentine’s Day!单词拼写:1. skeptical: suspiction 存疑 2. commercial: 商业3. romantic 浪漫的,罗曼史重点俚语:1. it hardly seems like…. (a year ago): it looks complete difference 完全没有2. put our hands in our pockets: to spend money 花钱3. nothing too fancy: not so expensive, not very special 普普通通啦问题:1. What is the first speaker’s opinion of Valentine’s Day?2. What does the lady speaker say she might do on Valentine’s Day?3. What preparations does the last speaker (Wesley) make for Valentine’s Day?:1. It`s a commercial holiday, he don`t like being tought to be card-maker, flower producer and chocolate sender and when I`ve to be romantic.2. Leave the kids at home and might go out for a dinner or sth., nothing too fancy.3. Have the restaurant arranged, and some small gifts or some jewelry /201310/260378锦溪镇治疗前列腺炎多少钱 Finn: Hello, Im Finn and were presenting todays The English We Speak on horseback. Im joined by…Sorry about that_ by Feifei…芬:大家好,我是芬。今天我们所说的英语将要在马背上为大家呈现。和我一起的是...不好意思,菲菲...Feifei: Hello. Yes, were taking a horse-riding holiday in the beautiful mountains of Wales.菲菲:大家好。是的,我们正在威尔士的美丽山坡上享受骑马的假日。Finn: Isnt it glorious?芬:这难道不美妙吗?Feifei: Beautiful. A million miles away from London.菲菲:太美了。远离伦敦百米。Finn: Eh, talking about London – you know our friend Mark, did you hear his news?芬:额,说起伦敦,你知道我们的朋友马克,你听说他的新闻了吗?Feifei: No, what happened?菲菲:没有,发生了什么?Finn: Great news for him. He sold his ice-cream delivery company.芬:对他来说是好消息。他卖了他的冰激凌外卖公司。Feifei: Wow!菲菲:哇!Finn: And he made 500,000 pound.芬:而且他赚了50万英镑。Feifei: Really? Thats great news. Where did you hear that?菲菲:真的吗?这真是极好的新闻,你从哪听说的?Finn: Straight from the horses mouth.芬:直接从他嘴里。Feifei: Eh – from our horse? Our horse told you about Mark?菲菲:额,从马的嘴里?我们的马告诉你马克的事?Finn: No, straight from the horses mouth means...芬:不,直接从马嘴里意思是...Feifei: I know what it means, just kidding! Straight from the horses mouth means directly from the source of the news or information – so in this case our friend Mark told Finn himself about the ice-cream business. Right, Finn?菲菲:我知道它的意思,我在开玩笑!直接从马的嘴里意思是直接从新闻或信息的来源获得。所以在这里我们的朋友马克自己告诉了芬关于他冰激凌公司的事。对吗,芬?Finn: Absolutely. Listen to these examples:芬:当然。听听这些例子吧:A: Our university is going to start teaching courses in oceanography.A:我们学校将要开设海洋学方面的课程了。B: Really? How do you know that?B:真的吗?你怎么知道的?A: Straight from the horses mouth – the head of the university told me.A:直接从马嘴里知道的,学校的校长告诉我了。A: Are you sure Michael is coming tomorrow? I havent seen him for ages.A:你确定迈克尔明天要来吗?我好久没有见他了。B: Yes, straight from the horses mouth. He phoned me yesterday to tell me!B:是的,直接从马嘴里得知的。他昨天打电话告诉我了。Feifei: Anyway, whats Mark going to do next?菲菲:不论如何,马克接下来打算怎么办?Finn: Apparently hes starting a new ice-cream business – with lots of crazy flavours.芬:很明显他要新开一个冰激凌公司,拥有超级多的疯狂口味。Feifei: Like what?菲菲:比如?Finn: Grass-flavoured ice-cream.芬:青草味的冰激凌。Feifei: Really?菲菲:真的吗?Finn: Sure - straight from the…芬:当然了,直接从...Feifei: Horses mouth! Well, I think our horse friend might enjoy grass-flavoured ice-cream, but Im not so sure myself. Anyway do check out bbclearningenglish.com for more phrases.菲菲:马嘴里得到!好吧,我觉得我们的马朋友可能会喜欢青草味的冰激凌,但是我就不一定了。不管怎样,一定要查看bbclearningenglish.com来获取更多的俚语。Finn: Bye. Giddy up.芬:再见。驾! /201401/271705经典句型:Is it a nonstop flight? 是直航吗?A: Is there any flight to Shanghai in the afternoon?甲:下午有去上海的航班吗?B:Yes. There is one.乙:是的。有一班。A:Is it a nonstop flight?甲:是直航吗?B:Yes. It leaves off at 4:30.乙:是的。4点30分起飞。A:Please book me one.甲:请给我预订一张。经典句型:Id like to travel first class, please. 我要头等舱。A:Please book me a ticket to Shenzhen.甲:请给我预订—张到深训的机票。B:Economy class or first class?乙:经济舱还是头等舱?A:Id like to travel first class, please.甲:我要头等舱。句型讲解:请记住下面这些词:oneway ticket单程票,roundtrip ticket往返票。ecnomy class 经济舱,first class 头等舱,nonstop flight 直航,transfer 中转,flight schedule 航程。 /201405/297586玉山镇前列腺炎哪家医院最好的

昆山仁济医院怎么样经典句型:Would you please tell me where I should go for the admission procedure? 请问我在哪里办理入院手续?A:Would you please tell me where I should go for the admission procedure?甲:请问我在哪里办理入院手续?B:Here. Please show your outpatient appointment card.乙:就在这儿。请出示您的门诊预约卡。A:Here you are.甲:给你。B:Please fill out the form and the nurse will take you to the ward.乙:请填写这张表格,然后护士会带你去病房。经典句型:Would you please tell me the visiting hour? 您能告诉我探视时间吗?A:Would you please tell me the visiting hour?甲:您能告诉我探视时间吗?B:2 p.m. to 5 p.m..乙:下午2点到5点。A:But my parents want to visit me in the evening.甲:但是我的父母想在晚上来看我。乙:请填写这张表格,然后护士会带你去病房。句型讲解:admission是“允许进入”的意思,在医院,即表示“住院”。住院处是admitting office,住院部可以 说 inpatient department。 /201408/323352锦溪镇宫颈糜烂哪家医院最好的 1、Lead someone up the garden path:deceive someone2、Immortality:长生不老3、Personify:拟人化 portrait it. personification4、To make a long story short:长话短说5、Hubby:husband 老公6、Legend has it:传说…..7、Tummy ache:肚子疼 /201312/269789昆山宗仁卿医院治疗脱肛多少钱

昆山市中医院专家 经典句型:May I ask about the salary? 我可以问一下薪水吗?A:Any other qusetions?甲:还有其他的问题吗?B:May I ask about the salary?乙:我可以问一下薪水吗?A:2000 yuan per month during the trial period.甲:试用期内每月2000元。B:How about the salary after the trial period?乙:试用期以后的薪水呢?A:We offer a premium according to your performance.甲:根据你的表现会发奖金。经典句型:May I ask about the insurance? 我可以问一下保险吗?A:May I ask about the insurance?甲:我可以问一下保险吗?B:We offer healthe insurance and unemployment insurance.乙:我们提供健康险及失业险。句型讲解:Health insurance 健康险,unemployment insurance 失业险。Salary 薪水,工资;fringe benefit 额外福利;pay rise 涨工资;bonus premium 奖金,额外津贴。 /201402/276511昆山治疗膀胱炎比较好的医院昆山治疗梅毒囊肿医院



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