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Meals at the family dinner table could be the key to preventing a generation of teenage girls from developing eating disorders.New research shows girls who regularly have family meals are much less likely to adopt extreme weight control behaviors such as vomiting, using laxatives or diet pills.A study surveying more than 2500 American high school students found that girls who ate five or more family meals a week had a much healthier relationships with food in later life.The research, published in international journal Archives of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine, polled students aged 13 to 17 in 1999 who were followed up five years later. Regular family meals were found to have a protective effect regardless of the girls' age, weight, socio-economic status, dieting habits or relationship with her family.Experts say doctors should encourage families to have dinner at the table instead of on the couch in front of the television to protect against serious eating disorders such as anorexia and bulimia.Belinda Dalton, director of eating disorders clinic The Oak House, said eating with family helped "normalise" young people's relationship with food."When adolescents are feeling that they're not coping they turn to something that they can control and food is something available and accessible for them to control. Clearly, if they're sitting with their family on a regular basis then their family can be more in control of their eating," Ms Dalton said."It's about young people feeling connected with their family and that builds self-esteem and sense of worth and that works very actively against someone developing an eating disorder."An eating disorders expert, Kirsty Greenwood, said meal times were often difficult for sufferers. "It's typical that they feel very ashamed of their eating habits and often won't eat with other people. Perhaps it's because they haven't experienced the importance of the family meal in their growing up," she said. 与家人一起吃饭对于预防少女患上饮食紊乱症具有重要作用。最新研究显示,经常与家人一起吃饭的女孩采用极端减肥法的可能性较小,比如:催吐、用泻药或减肥药。一项针对2500多名美国中学生的调查发现,每周与家人一起吃饭达到五次或五次以上的女孩日后的饮食习惯要健康得多。该项在《儿科与青少年医学档案》国际期刊上发表的调查开始于1999年,调查对象为13岁至17岁的中学生,他们接受了为期五年的跟踪调查。调查发现,定期与家人一起吃饭具有“保护”作用,而这与女孩的年龄、体重、社会经济地位、饮食习惯以及与家人的关系都无关。有关专家称,为了预防厌食和贪食等严重的饮食紊乱症,医生应鼓励人们都到餐桌上吃饭,而不要坐在电视机前吃。“橡树屋”饮食紊乱诊所主任比琳达#8226;达尔顿说,与家人一起吃饭有助于促进年轻人的饮食“正常化”。她说:“当青少年遇到烦恼时,他们会去寻求一些他们能控制的东西,食物就是个很好的选择。显然,如果他们能定期与家人一起吃饭,他们的饮食会得到更好的控制。”“这会让年轻人感到自己与家人紧密相连,有助于他们建立自尊和自我价值感,而这对预防饮食紊乱具有十分重要的作用。”厌食紊乱专家克斯蒂#8226;格林伍德说,吃饭时间对于饮食紊乱症患者来说总是很痛苦。“他们会为自己不正常的饮食习惯感到十分羞愧,而且很少与别人一起吃饭。这可能是因为他们在成长过程中没体会过与家人一起吃饭的重要性。” /200803/32756。

1. Never trouble trouble till trouble troubles you.麻烦没来找你,就别去自找麻烦。第一、四个trouble是动词,第二、三个trouble是名词。2. I think that that that that that student wrote on the blackboard was wrong.我认为那个学生写在黑板上的那个“that”是错误的。第一个that是连词,引起宾语从句;第二、五个that是指示代词“那个”;第三个that在这儿相当于名词;第四个that是关系代词,引起定语从句。3. I know. You know. I know that you know. I know that you know that I know.我知道。你知道。我知道你知道。我知道你知道我知道。4. We must hang together, or we'll be hanged separately.我们必须团结在一起,否则我们将被一个个绞死。这是一句双关语。前面的hang together是“团结一致”的意思,后面的hanged是“绞死”的意思。5. The quick brown fox jumps over a lazy dog.那只敏捷的棕色狐狸跳过了一只懒惰的。这个句子包含了英语中的26个字母。6. Was it a bar or a bat I saw?这是一句回文句,顺着读和倒着读是一样的。7. 上联:To China for china, China with china, dinner on china.去中国买瓷器,中国有瓷器,吃饭靠瓷器。下联:到前门买前门,前门没前门,后门有前门。这是一副对仗工整、妙趣横生的英汉对联。下联中的第二、四、五个“前门”指“大前门”香烟。8. 2B or not 2B, that is a ?这是一种文字简化游戏。它的意思是:To be or not to be, that is a question. (生存还是毁灭,那是一个问题。)。

英国百岁老翁冲刺马拉松Aly Britain's oldest employee, 101-year-old Buster Martin now aims to become the world's oldest marathon runner by completing the London Marathon and celebrating with a pint of beer and a cigarette.Sprightly and bearded, he completed a half marathon at the weekend in five hours 13 minutes. The former Army physical training instructor works three days a week for a London plumbing firm and says he has trained for the April 13th race in his spare time."I've said I'll attempt it," he told reporters by telephone from his workplace at Pimlico Plumbers. "I haven't said I'll complete it. If I do make it, all the better. I hadn't thought of doing it before but someone asked me and the money goes to charity so why not?"His sponsorship money will go to the Rhys Daniels Trust, which provides temporary accommodation for families of patients in specialist children's hospitals.Martin, who had 17 children and returned to work at the age of 99 saying he was bored after two years of retirement, would beat the previous record for world's oldest marathon runner by eight years."If I finish, I'll do what I always do and have a pint and a fag," he said. "People ask what is my secret but I haven't got one. They say fags and booze are bad for you -- but I'm still here, aren't I?" 英国年龄最大的雇员、101岁的巴斯特#8226;马丁目前正在备战今年的伦敦马拉松赛,如果他能跑完全程,便将成为“世界上年龄最大的马拉松选手”,到时他又会喝杯啤酒、抽烟来庆祝胜利了。留着大胡子的马丁精力十足。他于上周末参加了一个“半程马拉松赛”,并以5小时13分钟跑完了全程。马丁曾是一名陆军体能训练师,现在他每周在伦敦一家管道公司工作三天,他说他主要利用业余时间备战4月13号的比赛。马丁接受记者的电话采访时正在皮姆里克管道公司上班。他说:“我说过我要试试,但我没说会跑完全程。如果真的能跑完全程,那更好。本来我没想参赛,可有人让我去还说赞助金将捐给慈善机构,既然这样,何乐而不为呢?”马丁所得的赞助费将捐给“里斯#8226;丹尼尔斯信托基金会”,该基金专为儿童专科医院的病人家属提供短期食宿。马丁有17个孩子。他说自己退休两年后觉得很无聊,所以在99岁那年又找了一份工作。马丁将挑战“世界上年龄最大的马拉松选手”的历史纪录,目前这一纪录保持者是一位93岁的老人。他说:“如果我跑完全程,我还会像往常一样,喝杯啤酒抽根烟。人们问我长寿的秘诀是什么,我没什么秘诀。大家都说喝酒抽烟有害健康,可我这不是活得好好的吗?” /200803/30493。

Play is a serious business. The pioneering developmental psychologist Lev Vygotsky thought that, in the preschool years, play is the leading source of development.Through play children learn and practice many basic social skills. They develop a sense of self, learn to interact with other children, how to make friends, how to lie and how to role-play.The classic study of how play develops in children was carried out by Mildred Parten in the late 1920s at the Institute of Child Development in Minnesota. She closely observed children between the ages of 2 and 5 years and categorised their play into six types.Parten collected data by systematically sampling the children's behaviour. She observed them for pre-arranged 1 minute periods which were varied systematically (Parten, 1933).The thing to notice is that the first four categories of play don't involve much interaction with others, while the last two do. While children shift between the types of play, what Parten noticed was that as they grew up, children participated less in the first four types and more in the last two - those which involved greater interaction.1. Unoccupied play: the child is relatively stationary and appears to be performing random movements with no apparent purpose. A relatively infrequent style of play.2. Solitary play: the child is are completely engrossed in playing and does not seem to notice other children. Most often seen in children between 2 and 3 years-old.3. Onlooker play: child takes an interest in other children's play but does not join in. May ask questions or just talk to other children, but the main activity is simply to watch.4. Parallel play: the child mimics other children's play but doesn't actively engage with them. For example they may use the same toy.5. Associative play: now more interested in each other than the toys they are using. This is the first category that involves strong social interaction between the children while they play.6. Cooperative play: some organisation enters children's play, for example the playing has some goal and children often adopt roles and act as a group.Unlike Jean Piaget who saw children's play in primarily cognitive developmental terms, Parten emphasised the idea that learning to play is learning how to relate to others. 玩耍是一项重要的事情.先锋发展心理学家Lev Vygotsky这么认为,在学前的几年里,玩耍时发展的头号来源.孩子在玩耍中学习和联系许多基本的社交技能.他们发展出自我意识,学习如何与其他的孩子互相接触,如何交朋友,如何说谎和角色扮演.在20世纪20年代后期,明尼苏达州儿童发展协会的Mildred Parten发表了玩耍对于儿童发展的经典研究.她密切观察了年纪在2到5岁的儿童并将他们的玩耍分为6个类型.parten收集到的数据通过系统抽样儿童的行为.她在预先安排的1分钟时间内观察到他们具有不同的系统性.要注意的是前四种类型的玩耍没有涉及到太多与他人的接触,然而后两者却有.Parten发现孩子在玩耍的类型中进行转换时,当他们渐渐长大,儿童参加前四种玩耍类型的减少而后两者增多 - 因为后两者有更多的互动.占有型玩耍:孩子相对稳定并表现出没有明显目的随意行为.一种相对罕见的玩耍类型.孤独型玩耍:孩子完全投入到玩耍中而似乎没有注意到其他的孩子.大多数出现在2到3岁的儿童中.旁观型玩耍:孩子对其他在玩耍的孩子感兴趣但不加入他们.可能会向其他孩子提出问题或与其交谈,但对于主要活动只是简单的旁观.类似型玩耍:孩子模仿其他孩子玩耍但并不主动加入他们.例如他们可能共用一个玩具.联合型玩耍:现在对彼此比他们玩的玩具更感兴趣.这就是第一种涉及到在孩子玩耍时需要更多社交互动的类型.合作型玩耍:一些组织加入到孩子的玩耍中,例如有目的的玩耍,孩子经常利用角色和假装是一个团队.不像Jean Piaget 在初级认知发展期间内所看到的孩子们玩耍类型,Parten强调学习玩耍的这个想法就是学习如何与他人交流. /200808/46207。

【国际接吻日介绍】1980年7月6日,英国人首先发起“国际接吻日”,随后获得联合国批准,又名“国际亲吻节”。每年的这一天许多城市都举行各种接吻比赛。接吻的历史始于大约公元前3000年,古人们在膜拜众神时都要亲吻他们。July the 6th is National Kissing Day in the ed Kingdom. This holiday has recently been adopted worldwide making July the 6th the International Kissing Day or World Kiss Day.在英国,每年的7月6日为国际接吻日。最近这个节日被世界各地所接受,于是7月6日成为了国际接吻日,又名世界接吻日。The idea behind the International Kissing Day is that many people may have forgotten the simple pleasures associated with kissing for kissing's sake. Kissing can be an enjoyable experience in and of itself. It is an expression and experience of intimacy.许多人常常忘记亲吻带来的简单的乐趣,于是国际接吻日应运而生了。接吻本身就是一件令人愉快的体验,是亲密的体现哦。 /201107/143384。

当一段感情走到尽头的时候,也许最终的结局就是分手。怎样提出分手,是个十分棘手的问题。各大星座的"筒子"们面对这种情况,会使出怎样的绝招呢?当12星座铁定了心想要分手的时候,TA第一句话会跟你说……  白羊座 Aries  Let's break up since it is meaningless to continue.  再这样很没意思,分手吧。  (太直接了……)  金牛座 Taurus  We should never see each other again.  以后不要再见了。  (太坚决了……)  双子座 Gemini  You're not the cup of my tea.  你不是我的那杯茶。  (有外遇了……吧)  巨蟹座 Cancer  Since it's so heartbreaking to be together, why don't we just break up?  一起也只有辛苦,不如早点放手。  (太经典了)  狮子座 Leo  From now on, I can't love you anymore. Who do you think you are?  从这秒开始,我不爱你了。你算啥呀!  (太过分了……) 处女座 Virgo  You've changed.  你变了。  (你也变了……)。

In the '80s, linebacker shoulder pads, cropped jackets and micro-mini skirts were all the rage. Now the same fashion trends people decried just a few years ago are coming full circle.   在20世纪80年代,大垫肩、不规则剪裁的夹克以及迷你短裙在时尚界大行其道。现在,相同的潮流又在时尚圈重新流行。   Paris Hilton joined the '80s fashion bandwagon when she stopped for coffee in Los Angeles, wearing blue leggings and a sequined top.   帕丽斯·希尔顿在洛杉矶去喝咖啡时穿的闪亮紧身T和蓝色紧身裤酷似上世纪80年代的流行风格。 /200910/87926。

No.1 Aquarius水瓶座。

First, the researchers surveyed more than 1,100 people who had achieved significant weight loss and maintained it. The researchers identified 36 weight-loss and weight-maintenance practices that at least 10% of the group used.   首先,研究者们调查了超过了1100人的情况,这些人均已经取得了显著的减肥效果,并且设法保持体重没有反弹。研究人员们发现,受访者中至少有百分之十的人进行了36种减肥之后防止体重增加的方法。 The study noted four strategies that were associated with weight maintenance but not loss:   研究列出了能够有效保持体重,而非减轻体重的四个方法。   1.Eating a diet rich in low-fat proteins   日常饮食做到低脂肪高蛋白质   2.Following a consistent exercise program   持之以恒的进行某一项减肥的计划   3.Rewarding yourself for dieting and exercising   不时犒赏自己在饮食和锻炼方面的坚持   4.Reminding yourself of why you need to keep weight off   时刻提醒自己为何要保持体重 /201107/144263。