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听笑话学英语:patience 你干嘛不自己亲自钓呢垂钓者:你已经盯着看了三个小时了,你干嘛不自己亲自钓呢? 旁观者:我没那耐性 7Wynn: I’ve come up with a surefire way to bring in more business.韦恩:我想到了一个能够带来更多生意的万全之法Dixie: How?迪克斯:什么办法?Wynn: We’ll start a customer loyalty program. All of the big businesses have them.韦恩:我们先制定一个客户忠诚度计划所有的大企业都有这一项内容Dixie: I’m not sure how they work.迪克斯:这种计划时如何起作用的Wynn: They’re mainly point-based systems. Our customers sign up and we’ll give them a membership card or keychain tag with a barcode. Each time they make a purchase, they get points. Once they’ve accumulated enough points, they can redeem them rewards.韦恩:这主要是积分系统我们的顾客注册后将获得会员卡或者带有钥匙链的条形码每一次消费,他们可以获得积分一旦积分累计到一定程度,他们就可以用积分兑换一些奖品Dixie: Okay, but what’s this?迪克斯:好的,但是这又是什么?Wynn: It’s a punch card. Each time a customer buys something over , they get a punch. When they’ve received punches, they get a $ discount.韦恩:这是一张穿孔卡只要顾客单次购物满5美元即可获得一次记录当累计次后,他们可以得到美元的折扣Dixie: I understand all that, but what is this chart ?迪克斯:这些我都明白,可是这个表格的作用是什么?Wynn: It shows our new tiered system. Customers who spend over ,000 a year are on the blue level, those who spend more than ,000 are on the red level, and those who spend $,000 are on the gold level. We’ll have incentives to get people to move up the ladder.韦恩:这展示了我们的新式分级体系年消费超00美元的顾客位于蓝色区域,年消费超5000美元的顾客位于红色区域,年消费超000美元的顾客位于金色区域我们用奖励刺激大家多消费Dixie: So which of these customer loyalty programs are we adopting?迪克斯:所以我们要采用哪种客户忠诚度计划?Wynn: All of them.韦恩:所有的都要采用Dixie: Huh? How are customers supposed to keep track of all of these programs?迪克斯:啊?顾客应该如何跟着这些程序走?Wynn: Good question. See this? It’s a free wallet we’ll be giving away. Customers can keep all of their customer loyalty cards in it. Isn’t it nice?韦恩:问的好看到这个了吗?我们将分发这种免费的钱包顾客可以把卡片放在里面很漂亮吧?Dixie: It’s nice, but will people really use it?迪克斯:是很漂亮,但是顾客们会使用吗?Wynn: You’ve got a point. Maybe we should come up with a reward program those who do. Hey, that’s brilliant!韦恩:你说的对也许我们应该想个计划奖励使用钱包的顾客嘿,这个主意真棒!译文属 863

Marcia:Phew! I thought theyd never leave.玛西娅:唷!我想他们从未离开Artem:I enjoyed their company, didnt you?亚提姆:我很喜欢他们的公司,你怎么样?Marcia:Jessie is fine, a little reserved and soft-spoken, and on the shy side.玛西娅:杰西很好,性格有些内敛,很好说话,还有点害羞Kelly, on the other hand, talked our ear off.反之凯利则是太健谈了No one could get a word in edgewise with her.她说话时没人能插嘴Artem:I thought Kelly anecdotes were funny.亚提姆:我觉得凯利讲的那些事情很有趣She was a little long-winded, Ill admit, but I enjoyed talking to her more than trying to make conversation with Jessie.我承认她有点啰嗦,但相比同杰西交谈,我还是喜欢跟她讲话She is so close-mouthed and guarded that it was like pulling teeth.她如此低调缄默又时刻堤防,跟她讲话就像拔牙一样Marcia:Id rather talk to someone who is a little reticent than a loudmouth.玛西娅:我宁愿同有点沉默寡言的人讲话也不愿意同大嗓门的人接触Artem:Ooh, that a little harsh.亚提姆:哦,是有点苛刻Marcia:Maybe youre right, but I dont like the blathering, gossipy type.玛西娅:也许你是对的,但我不喜欢讲废话,爱传闲话的类型Artem:I wonder…亚提姆:我想…Marcia:What?玛西娅:什么?Artem:I wonder what theyre saying about us.亚提姆:我想知道他们怎样看待我们 073

As we discussed earlier in the program despite signs the economy is improving, the jobs recovery still appears to be far-off. But as we hear from N's Roger O'Neil tonight, there is one industry that is still hiring in big numbers even in hard times.Handling organic cilantro(芫荽叶,香菜叶) was not in Professor Mark Fifer's plans as he earned a PHD.The dissertation was on the use of fictional ms of autobiography in Peruvian literature. But in this economy a steady job at a grocery store trumps no job in teaching.There is something that's more fun and more simple about a job that you clock in at nine and leave at five.Grocers have not only weathered the recession better than most. They have the two words millions are looking : "Now Hiring". Publix 600 jobs, 800 at Whole Foods, Wegmans 00 jobs and Wal-Mart 00 jobs this year.And the phone is ringing off the hook.The grocers' bottom line has improved as people go out less.People still need to eat. We continue to service more customers.And that's been a boom in cheaper private label brand. With its own dairy, Publix is creating jobs competing head to head with name brands and guaranteeing savings of to 30%. Whole Foods says its private 365 label is cutting organic prices.That "Now Hiring" sign is also attracting better educated and more knowledgeable worker. But Jim Mckelvie's degree in automotive didn't train him to look a job.They're out there. You just have to look really hard .Let's face it no one's gonna get rich with an entry level eight to ten dollars an hour grocery store job. But paying the mortgage does save the house and true story at one of the grocers: yesterday's beggar is today's company president. Welcome to Wal-Mart.New workers aren't promising career commitments, but steady work with benefits and advancement is keeping them longer. Professor Fifer says while he's not teaching 18-year-olds about great literature, He is educating thirtysomethings about fine wines, still teaching with a PHD.Roger O'Neil, N News, Tampa.Vocabulary1.trump: to do better than someone else in a situation when people are competing with each other.clock in: register one's arrival at work打卡3.ring off the hook: 电话响个不停.name brand: 名牌5.thirtysomething: someone between the age of 30 and 39 89Irma:Do you really think well be rescued? It been six hours and Im losing hope. 伊尔玛:你觉得我们还能获救吗?都6个小时了,我已经不抱希望了Bert:It hard to say. Im sure search and rescue teams are looking us as we speak. 伯特:这很难说我相信搜索救援队在我们说话时正在努力寻找Irma:But what if they dont come in time? 伊尔玛:但是,如果他们没及时赶来会怎样?We didnt bring any provisions and were almost out of water. 我们没有带任何食物和必需品,而且我们几近脱水的边缘Bert:Youre afraid of starvation and dying of thirst? 伯特:你担心饥饿难耐死亡?I think wed die from hypothermia or exposure to the elements first. 我认为我们会首先死于体温过低或曝晒Irma:Thanks. I hadnt thought of that until you mentioned it. 伊尔玛:谢谢你不提我根本就不会想到Hey, I think that the sound of a helicopter. 嘿,我好像听到了直升机的声音Bert:Youre hearing things. That not a helicopter. 伯特:你出现幻听了根本没直升机Irma:I think I hear search and rescue dogs. I think theyre onto our scent! 伊尔玛:我想听到搜救犬的吠声我想是它们闻到了我们的气味!Bert:I think youre starting to hallucinate. I dont hear anything. 伯特:我觉得你已经开始产生幻觉我什么也没听到Irma:Cant you just humor me? Im trying to keep hope alive. 伊尔玛:你就不能依着我吗?我想一直抱有获救的希望Bert:Oh, sure. Hey, I think I hear something. 伯特:哦,当然嘿,我想我听见了什么Irma:You do? 伊尔玛:你听到了?Bert:Yeah, it Santa Claus on his sleigh.伯特:是的,圣诞老人乘着雪橇来救我们了 563

Fzq8EK(+)fyL)x+kP3!AfT])XTnyLp_8o*~yxKjOu%YSharon was five years old. Her best friend was Pam. They played games together. They played all kinds of games. They had fun together. But one day Pam pushed Sharon. “Why did you push me?” Sharon asked. “Because,” Pam said. Sharon told Pam not to push her again. So, Pam pushed Sharon again. Sharon pushed Pam back. Then Pam pulled Sharon’s hair. Then Sharon pulled Pam’s hair. Both of them started crying. Sharon’s mom came into the room. She told Pam to go home. Pam ran out of the house. “Sharon, you can’t play with Pam anymore,” Sharon’s mother said.AtZOoh%[)mp~Dx+wp@AuC~+-GIouaGPE5frLAW%X*1nWv;jwqH%_XlS]gx 38001Angela:Wait! I need to put sunscreen on Davy bee he goes to the game.安琪拉:等等! 戴维去玩耍前我要给他涂上防晒霜Juan:It not sunny today. He doesnt need sunscreen.胡安:今天阳光不是很足他不需要防晒霜Angela:And here are four water bottles to make sure he stays hydrated and doesnt get heat stroke.安琪拉:这里的个瓶子能让他保持水分,不会中暑Juan:One of the other parents is bringing drinks the kids.胡安:其他家长有给孩子们带饮料It fine. We dont need that.很好我们不需要这些Angela:Make sure Davy warms up and cools down bee and after the game.安琪拉:要让戴维玩耍前做热身运动,玩够后进行降温I dont want him to strain or sprain anything.我不希望他拉伤或扭伤Juan:The coach makes sure they do that. Are you done?胡安:教练让他们这样做的你做了吗?Angela:And here a first-aid kit in case he skins his knee or gets any other scrapes.安琪拉:这有个急救箱以防他膝盖或者皮肤擦伤We dont want to risk infection.我们不想冒伤口感染的风险Juan:The reason we signed up Davy organized sports is that all of this is taken care of.胡安:我们让戴维参加这些运动的原因是所有这些得到了妥善的安排There even a certified athletic trainer at each game, one of the parents.甚至每个游戏还对应一名专业运动教练,父母其中一位在场Angela:But the other kids can be so rough.安琪拉:但是其他孩子也会粗心大意He comes home with bruises all the time.他会满身瘀伤回家I cant stand seeing him hurt.我不忍心看到他受伤Juan:Do you want to come to the game?胡安:你想要来参加这个游戏吗?You can see yourself that everything is fine.你可以自己亲眼看到,一切都很好Angela:How can I watch Davy running into danger?安琪拉:我怎么能眼看着戴维遇到危险?Id want to run onto the field and save him.我会跑到场上去救他Juan:Youre right.胡安:你是对的It better that you stay here.你呆在这里更好If you did that, your son would never live it down!你要是那样做,你的儿子可能小命不保! 3738

迈克尔#86;埃默森,欧美演员他凭借《The Practice中William Hinks一角赢得艾美奖剧情类最佳客串演员奖年他因《迷失获卫星奖电视剧集最佳男配角提名,他还因为该剧再次获得年度艾美奖剧情类最佳男配角提名You were like, the thing on Lost.你就像,像是迷失剧中的那个人物You didnt know that was gonna be a big show.你不知道那将会是一个重头戏They hired Jane. What happened?他们雇了简发生了什么事?I have to do since Ive been a guest player,我必须要做,因为我一直是客串演员,and so I thought this was another in a long line of such parts.所以我认为这是另一个有很长台词的人物And I thought it was gonna be 3 episodes,我以为只有3集而已,so I packed, you know, a small bag to go to the Hawaii islands in the winter time,所以我收拾行囊,你知道, 在冬天的时候去夏威夷群岛只带着一个小包,and I said Honey, Ill be back shortly. And then they...我说,亲爱的,我很快就会回来而那时他们…Michael, are you married?迈克尔,你结婚了吗?Yes. I see. I have said that and there was no one in the room.是的我明白了我已经说过,房间里没有人So you go over there.那么你就在那里You do the what you think is like a one shot deal and then what happens?你认为这就像是一次短期交易,然后将发生什么情况呢?It a character actor dream.这是性格演员的梦想You make yourself evidently.你使自己独一无二I made myself invaluable in some way.在某些方面我让自己成了无价之宝And I passed the audition and they kept me around another seasons.我通过了选拔赛,他们为我安排了另外四季And beyond just regular on the show,超越普普通通的节目,you made quite an impact not only with the show but yourself, dude, didnt you?不仅在该节目,而且对你自己而言,你都造成了轰动影响,伙计,不是吗?People seemed to respond to the character, and not...人们开始回应这个角色的性格,但是不可否认……Now, of course, care what you wish , coz now Im not sure that I can never leave it fully behind.现在,当然,关心你的愿望,因为现在我不确定,我永远不可能会受到完全的持You know, you care everything like that around.你知道,你需要照顾每一件事And even genius kind of a guy?甚至天才的那种人也是吗?Well, he had. Well, that one of the things he was.嗯,他也是如此嗯,那是他要做的事情之一But Im not sure exactly how to characterize him.但我不确定他的性格到底如何I mean, you are getting in some funny situations with respect to your character.我的意思是,你在一些有趣的情况下要尊重你的性格I have had people come up to me, and excited fans,也曾经有人走向我,以及兴奋的粉丝们,and they introduced me to their children whom they have named after my character.他们给我介绍他们的孩子,而这些孩子照我的角色而命名Really?And you think, well, I suppose that an honor,真的吗?你想,我认为,这是一种殊荣but which part of what my character was are you inspiring to,但我角色的一部分能够鼓舞你,I kind of, a mucky availing set of survival skills or?我有,一套生存技巧或者别的什么?What do you tell the child later about the origin of the name?你以后怎么告诉孩子们关于名字的来历?Right? And you dont know what to say with these people.对吗?你不知道该对这些人说些什么I mean, when someone is holding their sleeping infant in front of you,我的意思是,当有人抱着怀里睡着的婴儿出现在你的面前,you dont know whether to bless it or touch it with your ehead or...你不知道是否要祝福婴儿或触摸他的额头或者…What should be done in that situation?在这种情况下要做什么吗?Im not sure. That never happens to me.我不确定那从来不会发生在我身上注:听力文本来源于普特 18American Authors-Edith Wharton; American Songs-“My Country ‘Tis of Thee”; to matriculate versus to enroll versus to register; to bid versus to tender; period versus dotWords:high societydebutmirthvaluesappropriatereverendnational anthemhymnlibertypilgrimsprideto matriculateto enrollto registerto bidto tenderperioddot 363Ive known Barak maybe , years. He is really a good ball player. I think he part of it , represents the next generation that part of that is the guy I surround to support.我认识奥巴马大概有,年的样子他是一个非常好的球员我认为他是这种游戏的一部分,代表了新一代的一部分,我必须在他身旁持他What Ive learned from the campaign is that he is much better shape than a lot of us. Just a person everything leading in my life as ruling as you know, the long primary that he went through as the general reaction. Were trying to keep up with this tradition of playing ball. You know where he aids in the country he really appreciate it, you know having his friends, show up in north Carolina, Pennsylvania or Calinia. we will help the eft and nobody wants to be the guy who trips or you know gives him a fat leap . it not a political commentary , but he is on the lefty. The book on him defensive you wanna make them go right.我从这项运动中学到的是他比我们中的许多人更好就像在我生命中的一位领导人一样,正如你所知道的,漫长的初选,他都要去经历我们想要用打球跟上这个传统你知道他对国家所做的贡献,他对此感到骄傲,你知道他的朋友,出现在加利福尼亚北部,宾夕法尼亚或者加利福尼亚我们会尽力帮助那些人,没有人想成为累赘这不是一个政治,但他就是这样的人,左撇子对他的防守会使你这样想And Barak is one of those lefty, lefties, so he likes to go left. He developed a cross over dribble. So he used to be, he can make it go right and he picked up after a few dribble. He said publicly that he intends in store like Crater Jameswhite house and like the rest of this campaign promises Im going to expect home to it. And I dont what a regulation day id gonna to like exactly but it would not surprise me at all. We dont find a way to get it ,you know ,the future jump shots.巴拉克就是其中之一的左撇子,左派,所以他喜欢向左看他开发了一种跨越运球所以他过去常常几次运球后展开进攻他公开表示,他计划在白宫像詹姆斯;卡特和其他人一样对这次竞选承诺,我打算持他我不知道规定如何,但我也会坚持到底,我一点也不会感到奇怪我们没有找到一个办法,你知道的,那就是投向未来的篮球注:听力文本来源于普特 07

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