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听力参考文本(文本与音频不全一致,敬请谅解):Green infrastructure is the focus of a conference at Detroit’s Cobo Center this week.The people behind it say it’s time to start thinking differently about how we handle storm water throughout the Great Lakes; but make sure we do it right.You can think about green infrastructure as a different kind of plumbing for storm water.Jon Allan directs the Michigan Office of the Great Lakes.“It’s not just pipes-and-pumps-plumbing,” he says. “It’s using natural flow, it’s using storage, it’s getting infiltration, getting water into ground, and into the groundwater system.”Allan says that for generations, we’ve built that infrastructure around one basic idea: capturing storm water in big pipes, and shooting it out of the sewage system as fast as we can.But that can cause big problems, such as sewage overflows that pollute rivers and lakes, among other things.There are aly a number of green infrastructure projects throughout the Great Lakes.But this week’s conference is about the bigger picture. In the organizers’ own words, it’s about “integrated storm water management from Duluth to Quebec.”But Andy Reese sounds a note of caution on that. Reese is Vice President of AMEC Environment and Infrastructure, a consulting firm.“Success is not every property in ‘x-y-z’ city building green infrastructure by next week. Success is we’re turning the Queen Mary, and she’s not going to crash into the dock,; he says.Reese says that means starting with demonstration projects that work. It means getting state and local governments to make the right rules for green infrastructure. And it especially means getting some big business partners on board.“And we’ll find that the environment that we create with green infrastructure will be loved by everyone, and they’ll never want to go back,” he says.Office of the Great Lakes Director Jon Allan says this conference is a way to start sharing ideas, and talking about what works.He says one of biggest barriers is that we just tend to stick with what we know, even if what we know is more expensive and less efficient than it could be.“We’ve known how to manage storm water in traditional ways for a long time. Green infrastructure will have sort of come into its own when it’s just another tool in the toolbox,; says Allan.In other words, Allan says we’ll know green infrastructure has truly made it when we don’t need to have conferences about it anymore.201706/512230网罗天下新鲜、好玩、有趣、时尚的英语表达,尽在独家专栏节目;E聊吧;。本期节目的topic:食言 今天我们就要给大家讲解两个由字这个字组成的习惯用语。字在英文里就是:word。在英文里,由word这个字组成的习惯用语有的很有趣,有的可以把字给吃了。这跟中文里的“食言”很相似。 To eat ones words. 请大家注意,这里的words是多数。To eat ones words当然不是真正地把字给吃了。To eat ones words作为习惯用语,它的意思就是:食言,说了话,或做了保不能实现。也就是一个人说了话不算数。有的时候,to eat ones words可能会使自己很窘。 比如说,一个人问朋友借钱,说好了一个礼拜以后还。但是,一个礼拜过了,他以为能收到的钱结果没有到,他只好去对那朋友说: Michael, Im really embarrassed that I have to eat my own words. The money I expected to receive last week didnt arrive. But Im sure its in the mail so l can pay you back before Saturday.麦克,这回我不得不自食其言了。我真是感到非常难为情。我估计上个星期能收到一笔钱,但是没有到。不过,我肯定是在邮寄的路上。所以星期六之前我会把钱还给你的。 下面这个例子讲的是一个令人快乐的事情,虽然有人不得不承认错误。 这是一个丈夫在说话:When we got married my younger brother predicted it would never last, that we werent the right type for each other. But hes certainly had to eat his words and admit he was wrong.我们结婚的时候,我的弟弟说,我们的婚姻长不了,因为他说我们夫妇两不相配。但是,他现在不得不收回他讲的话,承认自己是错的了。在上面我们举的两个例子里,说了话而不能兑现的人都能承认自己的错误。但是,在现实生活中也有些不负责任的人经常说了话不算数。还有的是故意讲一些话来欺骗别人,事后就不承认。这些也都能用to eat ones words来形容。 /201208/195326背景音乐:Bobby Tinsley - Missing You大家好,欢迎来到,我是Canace凯娜丝。今天我们要学习的短语都和单词pin有关。Pin的意思是“别针、大头针”。例句1:She do some typing at home to earn some pin money.短语:Pin money近似短语:pocket money:Pin money,零花钱,意思和pocket money 非常相近。Pin money起初的意思是指男人给老婆用来买一些化妆品、装饰品等等小东西的钱,这个意思很可能取“小别针”的意思。例句释义:她在家打字挣一些零花钱外快。举一反三:Her mother has a regular job, but she earns extra pin money by raising chickens. 他母亲有一份固定的工作,但她还养了一些鸡,挣点额外的零用钱。例句2:Everything was as neat as a pin in the house.短语:as neat as a pin英文释义:This idiom means tidy and clean.短语:这个短语就是说非常整洁的意思。例句释义:屋内一切十分清洁雅致。举一反三:My office is a mess yet yours is always as neat as a new pin; how do you do it? 我的办公室杂乱无章,然而你的却非常整洁,你是怎样做的?例句3:It was so quiet you could hear a pin drop.短语:hear a pin drop释义:If there is complete silence in a room, you can hear a pin drop.短语:针很小,落地时基本上不会造成什么噪音。如果我们说你连针的声音都听得见,这也就是说房间非常安静。例句释义:那时是如此的安静,你可以听到一根针落地的声音。举一反三:Like all children mine can be very noisy but you can hear a pin drop when I ask if anybody wants to go to bed. 就像所有的孩子那样,我的也可能非常吵闹,但当我问他们是否有人要去睡觉时,他们就会非常安静。主播微:@DJ_Canace洁瑜本节目属 /201605/444375特别声明:该节目中的迷你对话选自口语书籍,其余讲解部分均为未经可可许可。迷你对话:A: I’m sure you never dare to go against your wife.我敢肯定你从来不敢不听老婆的。B: Why should I go against her? She always seems to have better ideas.我为何要不听她的。好像一直都是她的主意好些。A: Have you ever got the goods on her for wrong doings?你就没发现她有做错的地方,抓住她的把柄吗?B:Get the goods on her? She never allows me to go to her office. And she is a good woman. She’s been faithful all these years.抓她的把柄?她从来不让我去她的办公室。她是个好女人,这些年一直很本分。A: Well, it’s nice to have a husband like you.恩,有你这么样的丈夫是她的福气。地道表达:get the goods on sb.解词释义:goods本义为“货物,商品”。在美国俚语中,the goods是指“盗窃得来的财物、违禁品”。知道了the goods的含义,get the goods on sb. 的意思就不难理解了,它的意思是“掌握某人的确凿据”“抓住某人的把柄”。持范例:He is afraid to fire her because she got the goods on him. 他不敢开除她,因为他的把柄被她抓住了。The policemen kept blackmailing him because they had got the goods on him. 警察之所以经常去敲他的竹杠是因为抓住把柄了。They have got the goods on you now for they know you took that girl into your room. 他们现在抓住了你的把柄了,因为他们知道你带那个女孩到你房间里去了。we are trying to get the goods on the crook. 我们正在设法得到犯罪者的罪。词海拾贝:1. go against:反对,违背Eg. Dont do anything that should go against his will. 不要做违背他心意的事。 Eg. Twice in his life he had to go against everything and yet it never made him bitter. 他一生中有两次不得不和整个社会闹翻,然而从不因此而变得愤世嫉俗。Eg. I advise you not to go against your father.我劝你不要与你父亲作对。Eg. He is so cruel that no one is y to go against him.有那么凶猛的人敢惹它。2. wrong doing:错误的行为Eg. How do you stand by and see such wrong doing? 你对这样的错误行为怎能袖手旁观呢? Eg. Little Tom was had up before the headmaster for wrong doing.小汤姆因做了坏事被带到校长那里受处分了。Eg. You will have to answer for your wrong doing one day 将来有一天你会自食其果的。Eg. The prevention of wrong doing is one of the duties of the police. 防止不法行为是警察当局的职责之一。 3. all these years:所有这些年以来Eg. He has been assailed by bad breaks all these years. 这些年来他接二连三地倒霉。 Eg. That phrase had stuck in her mind all these years and still rankled. 这些年来,这句话一直萦绕在她的脑子里,仍然使她心痛。Eg. I know that you and Louis have been out of touch all these years but still he does worry about you. 我知道你和路易斯这些年来一直没有联系,不过他还是很为你担心。Eg. I have been valued all these years, not for myself, but for what is to be got out of me. 这些年我之所以受到重视,看来着眼点并不是我本人,而是从我身上将搞到的东西。 /201209/200758

网罗天下新鲜、好玩、有趣、时尚的英语表达,尽在独家专栏节目;E聊吧;。 本期节目的topic:安逸舒适的工作 bankers hours,banker是家。三十来年前开门营业的时间特别短,从早上十点到下午两、三点就结束了。这样看来家的上班时间每天只四、五个小时,可真让不少人眼红,于是人们就开始流行用bankers hours这个说法来指特别安逸舒适的工作了。 我们来听个例子,说话的人正在叫醒他的弟弟,因为今天是弟弟去一家加油站上任的第一天。这也是他有生以来的第一份工作。 Joe, come on and get out of bed! You wont be working bankers hours, you know - youve got to be there bright and early at seven am y to pump gas for the customers. Joe, 快快起床! 要知道你干的活儿可没那么轻松自在。每天一早七点你就得精神饱满地在那儿给顾客加油了。 这里的bankers hours是指上班时间短、工作轻松的职业。 家要是有机会就一定会为自己辩解。他们会告诉你实际上他们的上班时间丝毫不比一般人短,因为他们得在开门营业前就早早地来作业务准备,而在关门后,他们还得待在里面结完账再把一切都锁上才能回家。 而今天的为了在同行间激烈的竞争中求生存,也不得不延长每天的营业时间,甚至一周开门六天、七天,以方便顾客。但是bankers hours这个说法如今却仍然流行。 我们再听个例子。说话的人是在国会内代表他们州的那位议员。 Im sure most congressmen work as hard as I do. But this guy likes to keep bankers hours: he gets there at noon, eats lunch, sees a few people, and goes home at four or five PM. 我确信大多数议员都像我一样努力工作,但是代表我们州的那家伙却爱上班。他中午才到办公室,来了马上吃午饭,跟几个人会会面,然后四、五点钟就回家了。 这里的bankers hours还是指既短又舒的上班时间。 /201209/201566

Subject:I don’t want to be a third wheel. 迷你对话A: I have an engagement with my girlfriend today. Why not have dinner with us?我晚上要和女朋友一起去约会,和我们一起吃饭吧。B: You two go on ahead. I don’t want to be a third wheel.你们两人去好了,我不想当电灯泡。 地道表达 a third wheel 1. 解词释义Third wheel就是马车的一根轴子上装了三个轮子,是多余的。因此,借之比喻为“碍手碍脚的人”“不合时宜的人”,也就是我们中文中说的“电灯泡”的意思。 2. 拓展例句Well . . . sometimes when Im with Justin and Lisa, I feel like a third wheel .嗯...... 我跟贾斯汀和丽莎在一起的时候,有时候我觉得自己像电灯泡。 Ps:on ahead是副词性短语,意思是“抢先”“提前”。与动词go连用表示“先走”的意思。例如:You walk on ahead. I shall soon catch you up. 你在前面先走,我很快就会赶上你。You go on ahead; Ill catch you up in a few minutes. 你继续向前走, 过几分钟我会赶上你的。 Ps 2:go ahead的意思是“前进,进行”。例如:Go ahead, stock up on those red apples and you may be thanking Mom later. 去吧,把红苹果买回来储存,之后你或许会感谢妈妈的。 Ps 3:have an engagement with sb的意思是“与某人约会”。例如:Well, I have an engagement with a friend upstairs. Ill leave you. So long.噢,我和楼上一个朋友有个约会。我要走了。再见。 /201406/304209

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