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你怎么能说我不浪漫呢?昨天我还差点想给你买花来着!Mascara 睫毛膏  This is the makeup item you should be most vigilant about: As the brush is taken out, applied, and put back in the tube, it brings with it any bacteria that has collected along the way, explains cosmetic chemist Jim Hammer. Lingering bacteria can cause redness and itchiness, or even conjunctivitis (a.k.a. pinkeye) and sties. Switch mascara every two to three months to be safe. "It will also have a distinct gasoline-like smell once it's gone bad," says makeup artist Pati Dubroff. If you develop any negative symptoms, immediately throw out any of your eye makeup that may have been contaminated. If your eyes are still irritated a day or two later, see an eye doctor。  tips:刷子一进一出,就会带进很多细菌。每两三个月更换一睫毛膏最好。当睫毛膏闻起来有汽油味的时候就说明坏了。  Foundation 粉底  With the exception of powder formulas, all foundations are water-based, which means bacteria love them. Unopened, foundation can last for a couple of years, but once the seal is broken, Hammer says, it's best to replace it after 6 to 12 months. Keep foundations out of moist environments (such as your bathroom) and away from heat, as high temperatures encourage the growth of the bugs and can speed up the spoiling—true for beauty products in general. An off smell or a change in color tells you the formula is finished—applying it could cause irritation or breakouts。  tips:粉底都含水,所以易滋生细菌。没开封的粉底可保质几年时间,一旦拆封,6到12个月就该换了。变味和变色是粉底变质的征兆。  Concealer 遮瑕膏  Concealers are meant to cover blemishes, not cause them—which is what can happen if you use a concealer that's too old. "You'll know it's gone bad because the color will start to shift," says cosmetic chemist Ni'Kita Wilson. Concealers in powder and stick form can last for up to two years, while liquids should be tossed after one。  tips:粉状或棒状的遮瑕可维持2年左右,液态遮瑕1年后就该更换。 /201012/119656Fathers who were spanked as children are less likely to spank their own children than mothers who were spanked while young, according to a US study.美国一项最新研究表明,小时候挨过打的爸爸更舍不得打自己的孩子,而有此遭遇的妈妈打孩子可能性更大。Researchers from Ohio State University set out to see if 1990s parents followed the practices of their own mothers but found parents today were showing a lot more affection to their children, ing to them more and spanking them less.俄亥俄州立大学的研究人员对上世纪90年代的家长是否会效仿他们自己的妈妈展开了调查,但结果表明,如今父母们对孩子更加疼爱,更爱给他们读故事,也更少打他们。"We were surprised that mothers seem to learn a lot about the parenting role from their own mothers, but fathers don't follow their mothers as much," said researcher Jonathan Vespa in a statement.研究人员乔纳森·韦斯帕在声明中称:“看起来妈妈从自己的母亲那里学到了很多育儿经,而爸爸却不跟自己的母亲学那么多,我们对此很惊讶。”The study of 1,133 young adult parents found significant generational changes in parenting practices.这项研究共对1133位年轻的父母进行了调查,结果表明一代一代的育儿方式有很大差别。Overall, there was a large generational shift in which the second generation of parents was much less likely to spank than their own parents.总体上看,与自己的父母相比,第二代父母更不爱打孩子,两代人在此问题上的观念有很大转变。Second generation mothers who were spanked at least once a week were found to be nearly half as more likely to spank their own children compared to mothers who weren't spanked.调查结果还表明,与没挨过打的母亲相比,小时候至少每周被打一次的第二代母亲打孩子的几率要多一半。Fathers spanked as children were less likely to spank their own children.但小时候挨过打的父亲却更不会打孩子。The study found only 28 percent of the second generation of fathers reported spanking their children compared to 43 percent of mothers.研究发现,仅有28%的第二代父亲打过孩子,而在母亲中该比例为43%。"A little spanking of boys seems to deter (fathers) from spanking their own children later in life," said Vespa.韦斯帕说:“挨过几次打的男孩长大后更不会打自己的孩子。”"The evidence suggests that mothers are more the disciplinarians in the family than fathers are today."“数据表明,在当今家庭中,教训孩子更多的是母亲而不是父亲。”In general, the amount of affection that parents show their children has increased significantly over the generations.总体来看,如今的父母对孩子的疼爱比前几代人超出很多。Sixty percent of fathers and 73 percent of mothers in the second generation reported showing their children physical affection and praising them within the last week compared to only 40 percent of their parents openly showing affection weekly.在第二代父母中,有60%的父亲和73%的母亲在一周之内爱抚并称赞过孩子,而第一代父母中仅有40%每周公开向孩子表达爱意。Reading to children had also increased markedly. Nearly three times more mothers in the second generation reported ing to their children daily compared to their own parents.给孩子读故事的比例也有大幅提高。与第一代父母相比,第二代母亲每天给孩子读故事的比例要多近3倍。 /200908/81146当一段感情走到尽头的时候,也许最终的结局就是分手。怎样提出分手,是个十分棘手的问题。各大星座的"筒子"们面对这种情况,会使出怎样的绝招呢?当12星座铁定了心想要分手的时候,TA第一句话会跟你说……  白羊座 Aries  Let's break up since it is meaningless to continue.  再这样很没意思,分手吧。  (太直接了……)  金牛座 Taurus  We should never see each other again.  以后不要再见了。  (太坚决了……)  双子座 Gemini  You're not the cup of my tea.  你不是我的那杯茶。  (有外遇了……吧)  巨蟹座 Cancer  Since it's so heartbreaking to be together, why don't we just break up?  一起也只有辛苦,不如早点放手。  (太经典了)  狮子座 Leo  From now on, I can't love you anymore. Who do you think you are?  从这秒开始,我不爱你了。你算啥呀!  (太过分了……) 处女座 Virgo  You've changed.  你变了。  (你也变了……)1. His body languageIf you haven't noticed his body language, pay more attention to it. He'll begin to walk with poise and wrap his arms around you. I know men do this when they don't love a woman, but he'll do it more often if the feelings are there.1. 他的肢体语言若果你还没有注意他的肢体语言,那么请关注吧。他走路会保持平衡并用手臂环抱着你。我知道男人即使不爱女人也会那么做,但是如果他们爱的话就会做的更加频繁。

A Business Trip  On a business trip to India, a colleague of mine arrived at the airport in Dilhi. He took a taxi to his hotel, where he was greeted by his hospitable Indian host. The cab driver requested the equivalent of eight dollars U. S. for the fare, which seemed reasonable, so my friend handed him the money.  But the host grabbed the bills and initiated a verbal assault upon the cabby, calling him a worthless parasite and a disgrace to their country for trying to overcharge visitors. The host threw half the amount at the driver and told him never to return.   As the taxi sped off, the host gave the remaining bills to my colleague and asked him how his trip had been. "Fine," the business- man replied, "until you chased the cab away with my luggage in the trunk." 出差旅行  我的一个同事去印度出差。他抵达迪尔黑机场,就搭出租车到宾馆。好客的印度主人在那里迎接他。出租车司机索要相当于八美元的费用。我朋友觉得似乎是合理价格,就把钱给了他。  但迎客主人一把抓过那钱钞,对出租司机大骂不止,称他是一文不值的寄生虫,并说他企图宰国外来客,真是丢尽了他们国家的面子。他把钱钞的半数扔给司机,告诉他永远别再回来。  出租司机一踩油门跑掉了。主人把剩下的钱还给我的同事,问他旅途如何。“很好,”这位商人回答,“只是你把出租车赶跑了,我的行李还在车箱里。” /201107/143385

Knowing a little first-aid could be life-saving if you see someone lying unconscious.  如果你看见有人晕倒,而你又了解一些急救措施,那很可能会挽救一条生命。  Too often people don't do anything because they think they will kill the patient, but by learning simple rules you could make the difference between life and death.  通常人们都是什么都不做,因为他们认为自己的做法可能会害死病人。但是学习些简单的措施你就可能救死扶伤了。  First, you need to find out if they're unconscious, asleep or drunk, by squeezing the skin between their neck and shoulder and shouting.  首先,你需要通过挤压他们脖子和肩膀之间的皮肤,并大声呼喊来确定他们是无意识了,还是睡着了或者喝醉了。   If there is no response at all, you need to establish if they are dead or just unconscious - sometimes it's very difficult to tell the difference.  如果没有回应的话,你需要确定他们是死了还是仅仅是晕过去了,虽然有时是很难分辨清楚。 /201007/107986

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