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重庆星宸整形属于专科医院吗重庆星辰整形看效果怎么样US Jobless Total Rises by 651,000 in February美国2月失业人数增加65万多人  The deep downturn in the US economy gathered strength in February as another 651,000 workers lost their jobs. 美国日益加深的经济衰退导致失业率急剧攀升到了8.1%,这是过去25年来的最高水平。仅仅在2月份,美国就有65万1千人成为不断扩大的失业大军的最新成员。It was the third straight month in which the jobless total rose by more than 600,000. Since the recession began in December 2007 over four million Americans have lost their jobs.  在过去的三个月中,每个月都有六十多万人加入失业的行列。自从2007年12月美国正式进入经济衰退以来,已经有400多万美国人失去了自己的工作。The unemployment rate rose to 8.1 percent in February, the highest rate in over 25 years. Job losses in February were close to expectations, while the unemployment rate was above forecasts of 8 percent.  美国劳工部星期五报告说,全国的平均失业率在2月份达到25年来的最高峰8.1%。2月份新增加的失业人数跟经济学家的预期差不多,可是没有人想到失业率会超过8%。New York Congressman Maurice Hinchey called attention to the revised 688,000 job lost in December 2008. "That [revised] December decline is now the worst we've seen since October 1949," he said. 美国劳工部还把2008年12月的新增失业人数修改为68万1千人。这个数据引起来自纽约州的众议员毛利斯.欣奇的注意。他说:“12月经过修正的失业人数是1949年10月以来最糟糕的。”Hinchey is a member of the Joint Economic Committee. During a discussion of the grim jobs data, members divided along party lines on whether the economic stimulus plan of President Obama will turn the economy around. Elijah Cummings, a democrat from Baltimore, Maryland, is optimistic.  欣奇还是国会联合经济委员会的成员。在这个由参众两院共同组成的委员会就严酷的就业数据展开讨论时,民主共和两党议员面对奥巴马总统提出的经济刺激计划是否能扭转美国经济的问题各持己见。来自马里兰州巴尔的的民主党众议员伊利亚.卡明斯持乐观的态度。"This [economic] situation changes from day-to-day, hour-to-hour, it is indeed a very difficult moving target," said Cummings. "But we will hit the target." 他说:“经济形势每天、每个小时都在变,这的确是一个很难瞄准的移动目标,但是我们一定会击中这个目标。”Kevin Brady, a Republican congressman from east Texas, is convinced that more government spending is not the answer. "Unfortunately, the administration's solution to the problem posed by an excessive debt burden is to propose an avalanche of more deficit spending and higher federal debt," he said. 可是来自德克萨斯州的共和党众议员凯文.布莱迪却认为,像奥巴马总统那样增加政府开并不能解决当前的经济问题。他说:“不幸的是,奥巴马政府解决问题的办法就是过份增加债务负担,这只能导致赤字开暴涨,联邦债务激增。”Analysts expect the jobless rate will continue to rise, perhaps reaching 10 percent of the labor force. The current recession is aly among the deepest of the post-World War II period.  分析人士预期美国的失业率将继续上升,有可能达到10%。美国目前的经济衰退是二次大战以来最严重的。The stock market, a barometer of business confidence, has plummeted 20 percent in the six weeks since President Obama took office. It is down 53 percent from its October 2007 record high, a move that has erased several trillion dollars from America's household wealth. 美国股市作为商业信心的晴雨表,在奥巴马总统宣誓就职以来的六个星期中,下滑了20%。如果从2007年10月的最高峰算起,股市迄今为止已经狂泻了53%,导致美国家庭的数万亿美元财富在一年多的时间里化为乌有。03/64008重庆市星辰正规吗? We would never know about diamonds were it not for volcanic activity, for thatrsquo;s what delivers diamonds from deep inside the earth to where we can get to them. Theoretically diamonds can remain diamonds only at high temperature and pressure. In theory, at atmospheric pressure and lower temperature chemical changes are liable to take place that change diamond into graphite, similar to the stuff pencil leads are made of. However, it has been calculated that even if this change were to take place it would take over ten billion years to happen. Now back to the diamondrsquo;s age. Scientists think diamonds may have been forming throughout earthrsquo;s history. Many have been found that are three-point-three billion years old. And the young ones are a mere one billion years old.我们永远不会知道钻石是否火山活动形成的,因为正是火山活动将砖石从地球内部深处带到我们能找到钻石的地方。理论上钻石只有在高温和高压下才能是钻石。从理论上讲,可在大气压力和温度较低下钻石很可能发生化学变化,变成类似铅笔芯的石墨。但是,据估算即使这种变化发生,这需要十亿年。现在再来说下钻石的年龄。科学家认为,钻石的形成可能贯穿整个地球的历史。许多钻石的年龄是33亿年。新形成的只有10亿年。165257UN Food Agency Worries About Contributions联合国粮食机构敦促兑现资助承诺 The U.N. food agency Director General Jacques Diouf urged member states to comply with financial commitments undertaken during a food security summit last June. Speaking on World Food Day at FAO headquarters in Rome, he said only 10 percent of the billion pledged have been made available. 联合国粮食机构的总干事迪乌夫敦促联合国会员国兑现去年6月在粮食安全峰会上的资助承诺。世界粮食日这天,迪乌夫在粮农组织设于罗马的总部讲话时表示,当初各国答应资助的2百20亿美元只有10%到位。The ed Nations food agency based in Rome, the Food and Agriculture Organization, is concerned that the number of hungry people in the world, estimated at 923 million in 2007, will further increase in 2008. 总部设在罗马的联合国粮食和农业组织担忧,估计全世界2007年有9亿2千3百万人挨饿,而这个人数在2008年恐怕会进一步增加。Marking World Food Day, FAO Director General Jacques Diouf warned that the global financial crisis was likely to lead governments to rethink their development aid commitments in favor of hungry people. He has urged governments not to drop aid or restrict trade as this may further the plight of the world's hungry and poor. 在纪念世界粮食日时,粮农组织总干事迪乌夫警告说,全球的金融危机很可能让各地政府重新考虑他们曾经承诺向饥民提供的援助。他敦请政府不要停止援助或限制贸易,这样做可能会使世界上饥饿和贫穷的人们更加困苦。"If there is a recession, naturally it will be more difficult to mobilize the resources for agriculture in developing countries but also the income of people will not increase in a period of recession and therefore we may have more poor people and more hungry people," he said. 他说:“如果发生经济衰退,发展中国家自然不仅更难以调动资源发展农业,而且人民收入在经济衰退期也不会增加,所以我们会有更多穷人和挨饿的人。”At a ceremony at FAO on Thursday, Diouf said that the food organization knows what has to be done to eradicate hunger for 923 million people and he said it also knows what needs to be done to double food production for a world population expected to rise to nine billion by the year 2050.  星期四迪乌夫在粮农组织举行的仪式上说,粮食组织知道必须怎样做才能使9亿2千3百万人不再挨饿,他说,粮食组织也知道要怎样把粮食产量增加一倍来满足世界人口的需求。世界人口预计在2050年前将达到90亿人。The director general noted that billion (US) was pledged to promote global food security earlier this year, but that only 10 percent of this has so far materialized. He said what is needed is political will and delivery on financial commitments by members states. 总干事迪乌夫指出,各国答应投入2百20亿美元促进全球粮食供应稳定,但迄今为止,这笔援助只有10%落实。他说,会员国现在必需具有政治决心来具体落实这项资助承诺。Pope Benedict, in a message at the ceremony, said that a lasting solution to hunger in the world lay in the promotion of an international order based on social justice. He said that the world produces enough food to feed a growing population. If people go hungry, it is partly because of a "race for consumption" which "imposes forced reductions on the nutritional capacity of the world's poorest regions."  在这一仪式上,人们还朗诵了教皇本笃十六世的信息。教皇本笃十六世表示,解决世界饥饿的长久之计是推行基于社会正义的国际秩序。他说,其实世界粮食产量足以满足不断增长的人口。如果人民挨饿,部分原因是“消费竞赛”,消费竞赛“迫使世界最贫穷区域的营养供给能力降低”。He said other reasons include lack of political will by nations but also "runaway speculation", together with "corruption in public life or again growing investments in weapons and sophisticated military technologies to the detriment of people's primary needs." 他说,其他原因还包括各国不仅缺乏政治决心,还抱有“随时抽身的投机心态”,此外,还存在“公职人员的生活腐败以及对武器和先进军事技术的投资增加,这些都影响了人民基本需求的满足”。This year's World Food Day activities, which involve over 150 countries, are focused on climate change and bio-energy. 今年150多个国家参与了粮食日活动,这次活动的重点是气候变化以及生物能源。200810/53101重庆星辰医院周末上班吗

重庆星辰整形是民办还是公立医院In the northwestern ed States, the city of Seattle requires its residents to separate food waste from the rest of their trash. The food gets recycled into compost for lawns, gardens and, soon, into electricity.美国西北地区的西雅图市要求居民把残羹剩饭等食品垃圾跟其他垃圾分开。食品垃圾回收发酵以后,用来给草坪和花园施肥,而且不久以后,还可以用来发电。Every day, at Cedar Grove Composting north of Seattle, truck after truck pulls into this huge warehouse to dump loads of food and yard waste.在西雅图北面的杉木林积肥场,每天都有卡车一辆接着一辆开进这个巨大的仓库,倾卸满载的食物垃圾和庭院废弃物。"There's a nice mix of green waste and material. We actually have different seasons here in the tipping building," says Susan Thoman, business development director for Cedar Grove. "There's pumpkin season, that's the first of November after Halloween. We have Christmas tree season, which is obviously the first part of January after the holidays."杉木林积肥场的业务发展部主任苏珊.托曼说:“绿色废物和材料很好的混合在一起。实际上在这个垃圾场有不同的季节。有南瓜季节,那是万圣节后的11月1号。有圣诞树季节,明摆着那是节日之后的1月上旬。”According to Thoman, food waste and yard waste are currently all dumped in a pile together. Then they're mixed with microbes, ground up, and poured in long, covered rows to biodegrade for a month. 托曼说,现在食品垃圾和庭院废弃物都堆放在一起。然后,这些废物里搀进微生物,碾碎,再注入一个长形的有盖子的池子里沤上一个月。The people who work at Cedar Grove talk about compost the way chefs talk about food. Thoman digs her hands into a rich, dark pile of the finished product.在杉木林积肥场工作的人谈论起积肥来就像厨师谈论菜肴一样。托曼把手伸进一堆沤好的肥润乌黑的产品当中。"This is what it's all about, though, here. This is what those wonderful things we divert from the landfill turn into."她说:“这才是它全部的意义所在。这是我们变废为宝搞出来的东西。”Alternative energyNow Cedar Grove has a new recipe in mind for its food waste. Before turning banana peels and b crusts into compost, the company wants to use them to create alternative energy.目前,杉木林积肥场正在考虑一个新的处理食物垃圾的方案。在把香蕉皮和面包屑放进积肥堆之前,公司要用它们来创造替代能源。201011/118400重庆星宸医院是什么医院 据美国媒体报道,美国前民主党总统候选人约翰·爱德华兹5月3日表示,目前调查人员正在就他的竞选资金出进行调查。而这一调查很可能会将他的婚外情事件曝光度升级,搬上法庭。 Well, there is more bad news, if you can believe it, from former democratic presidential candidate John Edwards with his political career virtually not existing at this point, his marriage and personal life clearly in turmoil. The former North Carolina Senator made headlines yesterday when he admitted that he is now cooperating with federal investigators that are looking into how he's spent his campaign funds. They are looking into why this woman Rielle hunter was paid more than 100,000 dollars from his political election committee. Hunter was a producer; she worked through the campaign for Edwards and admitted later to having an affair with John Edwards. Now investigators are looking into whether or not money that was shuttled to her was actually harsh money for her to keep quite about the affair or whether there was legitimate compensation to back up the work that she did for the campaign. So what is the case against Edwards and what will the political fallout be? If he is guilty, not to mention the fact that he could actually go to prison for these charges. Let’s bring in today's panel Chris Stirewalt, the political editor for the Washington Examiner. She's got the political side of this story for us and Janet, Janet Pennisi is a trial attorney chief. Janet ,you made some excellent points a moment ago. You know, we are looking at how, how good a case is this appears to be? You have services, that were paid for and you have the question whether or not there are appropriate amounts for what she did, right?That's correct, the question is whether or not the campaign funds that went to Rielle Hunter were appropriate payments for the context that what she was giving, was is good or accurate fair payment for the services she provided to the campaign. If she provided services that would worth 100,000 dollars then, you know, the case is over. You know, it does make a difference that he had affair with her. You can cheat on your wife.Well, he is looking at civil and criminal penalty, that's why the will from the survey is important. It also depended upon how much money was used for personal purposes. If it goes into a higher number then it could go to three years. I mean it can go to civil penalties that margin how much money was in the pretax column.Pretty incredible situation, when you look at this man talk about, Chris Stirewalt,talk about fall from grace. I mean John Edwards ran twice for presidential office as vice presidential candidate. We are now looking at a man who was a former senator from North Carolina who literally, things have just crumbled around him.背景资料:爱德华兹为北卡罗来纳州民主党参议员,曾两次参与总统竞选的角逐,去年8月承认自己与42岁的制片人赖莉·亨特有婚外情,今年3月他向患有癌症的妻子承认有私生女。据报道称,爱德华兹的竞选团队曾向亨特的公司付了10万美元的视频制作费。爱德华兹发表声明称:“我自认我的竞选资金没有用于其他不当用途。但我知道政府有责任确保竞选资金用途的合理合法,所以我已经向政府提供相关的人和信息以方便其迅速地解决问题。”据悉,一些由爱德华兹筹措资金的组织也在受调查的范围之内,其中包括两个非营利组织,和他母校的一个贫困捐助中心。05/69115重庆星辰美容收费高吗

重庆星宸几点营业The magician魔术大师The revolution that Steve Jobs led is only just beginning乔布斯领导的革命只是刚刚开始WHEN it came to putting on a show, nobody else in the computer industry, or any other industry for that matter, could match Steve Jobs. His product launches, at which he would stand alone on a black stage and conjure up an “incredible” new electronic gadget in front of an awed crowd, were the performances of a master showman. All computers do is fetch and shuffle numbers, he once explained, but do it fast enough and “the results appear to be magic”. Mr Jobs, who died this week aged 56, spent his life packaging that magic into elegantly designed, easy-to-use products.就表现力而言,整个电脑行业,以及其它与之相关的产业都无能出乔布斯右者。在他的产品发布会上,乔布斯独自一人站在黑色的舞台上,在满怀敬畏之情的观众面前召唤出一件“不可思议”的新型电子设备,就像是一个大师级的魔术师在表演。乔布斯曾说过,所有的电脑都是用来读取和处理数字的,但要它足够快,要让结果就像魔法般显现出来。这个终其一生投入将魔术与设计雅致、宜于操作的产品相融合的男人,本周离开了人间,终年56岁。 The reaction to his death, with people leaving candles and flowers outside Apple stores and the internet humming with tributes from politicians, is proof that Mr Jobs had become something much more significant than just a clever money-maker. He stood out in three ways—as a technologist, as a corporate leader and as somebody who was able to make people love what had previously been impersonal, functional gadgets. Strangely, it is this last quality that may have the deepest effect on the way people live. The era of personal technology is in many ways just beginning.对于乔布斯的逝世,人们在苹果专卖店门外留下的蜡烛和鲜花和互联网上发布的各国政要的颂词足以明,他不仅仅只是个精明会赚钱的人。乔布斯的杰出在于三个方面,他既是一个技术专家、企业领导,同时还是一个能让人们对以前就有的非个性化、功能型的小玩意着迷的人。不可思议的是,乔布斯的第三个特点对人们的生活影响最为深远。在许多领域,技术个性化的大时代只是刚刚开始。Apple of his eye他眼中的苹果As a technologist, Mr Jobs was different because he was not an engineer—and that was his great strength. Instead he was obsessed with product design and aesthetics, and with making advanced technology simple to use. He repeatedly took an existing but half-formed idea—the mouse-driven computer, the digital music player, the smartphone, the tablet computer—and showed the rest of the industry how to do it properly. Rival firms scrambled to follow where he led. In the process he triggered upheavals in computing, music, telecoms and the news business that were painful for incumbent firms but welcomed by millions of consumers.作为一名技术专家,乔布斯的与众不同之处在于他并非工程师---而这正是其伟大之处。他真正迷恋的是产品设计、美学和先进技术的直接应用。他不断拿出已经存在但应用没有完全成形的产品---鼠标驱动电脑,数码音乐播放器,智能手机,平板电脑---来展示电子行业应如何将其发展完善。竞争对手们总是抢着跟随他指引的方向。在这个进程里,他打响了对计算、音乐、电信和新闻业升级发令让各家厂商都痛苦不已,但却受到了数以百万计的消费者的热捧。Within the wider business world, a man who liked to see himself as a hippy, permanently in revolt against big companies, ended up being hailed by many of those corporate giants as one of the greatest chief executives of his time. That was partly due to his talents: showmanship, strategic vision, an astonishing attention to detail and a dictatorial management style which many bosses must have envied. But most of all it was the extraordinary trajectory of his life (see article). His fall from grace in the 1980s, followed by his return to Apple in 1996 after a period in the wilderness, is an inspiration to any businessperson whose career has taken a turn for the worse. The way in which Mr Jobs revived the ailing company he had co-founded and turned it into the world’s biggest tech firm (bigger even than Bill Gates’s Microsoft, the company that had outsmarted Apple so dramatically in the 1980s), sounds like something from a Hollywood movie—which, no doubt, it soon will be.这个在更为宽广的商业世界里,更喜欢将自己当成一个嬉皮士,永远坚持向大公司挑战,被这些商业巨头们赞誉为当代最杰出的首席执行官的男人现在不在了。之所以拥有这样的赞誉部分源于他的天赋:表演能力,战略眼光,对细节惊人的洞察力,还有那一定让许多老板们都嫉妒的独裁式管理模式。不过最重要的还有他无以伦比的人生轨迹。80年代乔布斯在苹果失宠, 1996年又在沉寂之后重返,对于任何一个职业生涯走向颓势的生意人来说这都是一个很好的激励。乔布斯复兴他共同创建的境遇不佳的苹果公司,并将其发展成为全球最大的高科技公司(苹果现已全面超越曾在80年代里戏剧性地超越自己的比尔 盖茨的微软)的方法,听起来就像是好莱坞电影里的东西---毫无疑问,这样的影片很快就会有了。But what was perhaps most astonishing about Mr Jobs was the fanatical loyalty he managed to inspire in customers. Which other technology brand do you ever see on bumper stickers? Many Apple users feel themselves to be part of a community, with Mr Jobs as its leader. And there was indeed a personal link. Apple’s products were designed to accord with the boss’s tastes and to meet his obsessively high standards. Every iPhone or MacBook has his fingerprints all over it. His great achievement was to combine an emotional spark with computer technology, and make the resulting product feel personal. And that is what put Mr Jobs on the right side of history, as the epicentre of technological innovation has moved into consumer electronics over the past decade.然而最让人惊讶的还是乔布斯对启发消费者理念狂热的忠诚。谁曾在保险杠贴纸上看到过其它技术品牌?许多苹果用户都感觉自己是乔布斯领导的团体的一部分。而实际上苹果的确存在着一个独特的关联性。苹果的产品都是根据乔老板的品味设计的,并能够满足其苛刻的高标准。每一部iPhone电话和苹果笔记本电脑上都有他的印迹。乔布斯最伟大的成就在于将思想的火花与计算机技术融合在了一体,使产品更加个性化。还有,就是在技术创新涌入消费电子产品时代的大潮中,把乔布斯放置到了历史正确的一边,A world without Jobs乔布斯离去后的世界As our special report in this week’s issue (printed before Mr Jobs’s death) explains, innovation used to spill over from military and corporate laboratories to the consumer market, but lately this process has gone into reverse. Many people’s homes now have more powerful, and more flexible, devices than their offices do; consumer gizmos and online services are smarter and easier to use than most companies’ systems. Familiar consumer products are being adopted by businesses, government and the armed forces. 按照我们本期发行版(乔布斯逝世着印刷)特别报道中的解释,创新过去常常是从军事和企业实验室向消费市场传导,但是最近这个过程开始反转。现在很多人的家比起他们的办公室,变得更有能量,更灵活;消费类的小物品和在线务比起大多数公司系统更加智能,更便于操作。相似的消费产品也被公司、政府和军队采购。Companies are employing in-house versions of Facebook and creating their own “app stores” to deliver software to smartphone-toting employees. Doctors use tablet computers for their work in hospitals. Meanwhile, the number of consumers hungry for such gadgets continues to swell. Apple’s products are now being snapped up in Delhi and Dalian just as in Dublin and Dallas.很多公司正在使用脸谱网站的内部版本,并建立自己的“应用程序商店”用以向持有智能手机的雇员传输软件。医生们在其工作的医院内使用平板电脑。而同时,对此类设备如饥似渴的消费者队伍仍在膨胀。位于德里和大连的苹果专卖店与位于都伯林和达拉斯的一样,都被抢购一空。Mr Jobs had a reputation as a control freak, and his critics complained that the products and systems he designed were closed and inflexible, in the name of greater ease of use. Yet he also empowered millions of people by giving them access to cutting-edge technology. His insistence on putting users first, and focusing on elegance and simplicity, has become deeply ingrained in his own company, and is sping to rival firms too. It is no longer just at Apple that designers ask: “What would Steve Jobs do?”乔布斯有着限制狂人的名号,对其批评主要是指他所设计的产品和系统在更宜于使用的名义下,被封闭和不可修改。然而他同时也让几百万人触及到了尖端科技。他坚持用户首先,致力于雅致和简捷的做法已经在苹果公司根深蒂固,并感染到了竞争对手。现在,不仅仅只是在苹果公司才能听到设计师们这样问:“乔布斯会怎么做?”The gap between Apple and other tech firms is now likely to narrow. This week’s announcement of a new iPhone by a management team led by Tim Cook, who replaced Mr Jobs as chief executive in August, was generally regarded as competent but uninspiring. Without Mr Jobs to sprinkle his star dust on the event, it felt like just another product launch from just another technology firm. At the recent unveiling of a tablet computer by Jeff Bezos of Amazon, whose company is doing the best job of following Apple’s lead in combining hardware, software, content and services in an easy-to-use bundle, there were several swipes at Apple. But by doing his best to imitate Mr Jobs, Mr Bezos also flattered him. With Mr Jobs gone, Apple is just one of many technology firms trying to invoke his unruly spirit in new products.苹果和其竞争对手间的距离现在并不大。本周的新iPhone发布会是由Tim Cook为首的管理团队主办,Tim Cook于8月接替乔布斯的首席执行官职务,人们普通认其富有能力但缺乏创意。没有乔布斯上洒下星尘,苹果的发布会就像是其它公司在发布另一款产品。最近,Jeff Bezos的亚马逊公司也发布了一款平板电脑,亚马逊公司正尽全力跟随苹果倡导的集硬件、软件、内容和务于一体使之宜于使用的理念,这给了苹果公司极大的压力。然而除了全力模仿之外,Jeff Bezos也在吹捧乔布斯。乔布斯走了,苹果成了只不过是众多尽力将其不受约束的理念导入自己产品中高科技公司之一。Mr Jobs was said by an engineer in the early years of Apple to emit a “reality distortion field”, such were his powers of persuasion. But in the end he conjured up a reality of his own, channelling the magic of computing into products that reshaped entire industries. The man who said in his youth that he wanted to “put a ding in the universe” did just that.早年在苹果时,曾有位工程师评价乔布斯散发出“将现实扭曲的气场”,即他的说力。然而最终乔布斯编织了一个自己的现实,并将计算的魔力引入到了重塑整个工作的产品中去。这个年轻时曾扬言要“生而有番作为”的男人,实现了他的许诺。201110/157435 人们常说咖啡喝多对身体有害。但是,多喝咖啡可以降低得中风的概率哦!你知道吗?On this morning's Health Watch, coffee and strokes. A recent study found the more cups of coffee you drink, the less likely you are to suffer a stroke. Here with more details, our own Dr. Jennifer Ashton. Good morning!Good morning Julie!Now tell me more about the study and who funded this study?Right. So put another one in the win column for the health benefits of coffee. This was a study funded actually by NIH, done out of the UCLA Stroke Center, reputable. And actually it looked at 20,000 people, coffee drinkers, non-coffee drinkers, found that those who drink coffee have less stroke, and that stroke risk actually decreased the more coffee they drink. It's very interesting.So how much coffee are we talking about?Well, probably more than you and I have a day. They actually saw the largest benefit with those who consume six or more cups a day. So we're talking a considerable amount.Does that mean I have to drink six cups a day to get the benefits of maybe not having a stroke?Well, this is one of those things we have to take it, you know, it.. really in conjunction with everything else. This is one potential benefit, and again we know that there can be risks seen with the more coffee that we consume. People are variably, more sensitive or less sensitive to higher amounts of caffeine, so it's just one piece of the puzzle.What, do we know the "why" behind this?You know they are starting to look at it more. One of the theories is that there are anti-oxidants in coffee and tea by the way that may be protective. But it also may be that there are something in coffee or caffeine that works synergistically, or in conjunction with other factors, and therefore prevents stroke, so it's really evolving.So does this study mean this applies to all caffeine, like let's say, someone really likes Red Bull, or tea, or chocolate?Right, not, no, exactly. Chocolate, I love that. Not known if it does have the same effects when you are talking about soda, chocolate, energy drinks. Right now, it's coffee and probably tea as well. All right. You mentioned that there are other risks. Tell me all the, all the things that are currently that we know in the win column for having coffee.Right, so the possible, and then the others. And then the others.05/70853重庆口腔医院整形美容的收费标准重庆星辰医学美容医院做整形手术好吗



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