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哈尔滨南岗妇产医院预约电话是多少哈尔滨无痛人流最好的医院是那里木兰县中医医院网上预约电话 I love singing.I always kind of sang around the house,I grew up listening to a lot of music我喜欢唱歌 我总是喜欢在家里唱歌 我听着很多音乐长大So thats how it got into my life,My part of dancing has never been,My parent,acutally Im an example of a child所以唱歌就是这样融入我的生活 跳舞方面我却从来没有 我的父母 实际上我只这样一个孩子Who actually loves it when his parents dance.My parents are both incredible dancers.Really?yeah,yeah真的很喜欢看父母跳舞 我父母跳舞跳得都很好 真的吗 是的And now is your girlfriend a great dancer?Well shes better than me.Absolutely,thats me,yeah那现在你女朋友也很会跳舞 她跳得比我好 真的是 这就是我 是啊There was some dancing involved on the set we first got together.It was the right party,we sort of have your first kiss我们第一次在一起时就有跳舞 就在那次聚会上 我们第一次接吻Because you never,shes a production assistant,right?Yes,shes a production assistant因为你从来没有 她是一个制片助理 是的 她是一个制片助理So she has been on al the film?No,cause that would mean she would be eleven.她参与了所有电影的工作 没有 因为那样就意味着她11岁就工作了Yeah,we start to yelling the truth as well.well,I wouldnt say that she started with one.I mean,no.But she我们现在开始讲出一些事实了 我不会说她第一部就开始参与了 我是说 但是她Yes,so she started on the sixth movie and we were both seeing other people at the time她在第六部开始参与的 我们两个当时都在和不同的人恋爱And it wasnt until after the end of the seventh I kind of had the guts to直到第七部结束后 我才有勇气去Oh,towards the end of the seventh,I picked her up at the clup and asked her out哦 是在第七部快结束时 我才开始去俱乐部接她 约她出去Yeah,but did you have the feeling she felt the same way?You must do但你能感到她有同样的感觉吗 你必须要确定吧I wasnt,I really wasnt sure.Because you konw,shes working all the time.Im not just a lazy actor like wondering around,and checking out a production assistant我那时不能 我那时真的不能确定 因为你知道 她在不停地工作 我也不是一个懒惰的演员 到处转 去查一个制片助理的行踪Yeah,you know,Im not sure she.I didnt know if she feel the same way at all是的 我不确定她 我那时一点也不知道她是否和我有同样的感觉But you get a point when you got to challenge your heart,and see what comes out.It works out,it works out但是你到了一个时刻 你必须挑战你的心 去看看会发生什么 一切进行的很顺利Congratulations.Thank you very much.Cause last time you were here you said that its really hard to meet people恭喜你 非常感谢 因为上次你来 你曾说很难碰到什么人Cause you are always working,so you got to meet somebody working.I was alway working因为你总在工作 所以你要去认识也在工作的 我那时是不停地工作Yeah,I think its possibly works like that.Forget going to the bathroom.Become a production assistant,you start dating.是的 我想可能是这样 忘了去卫生间 变成了一名制片助理 你就开始约会了 Thats how you do it,thats how you meet people那就是你的做法 那就是你遇见人的途径 /201609/468152Dont care about your kids,huh?,I got two,Alright.你是不怎么关心你家的孩子吧 我有俩呢 好吧iPhone users,this is in the news, iphone users are reporting that新闻报道 iPhone用户报道称Siri will correct them if they try to say Bruce Jenner instead of Caitlyn如果他们说布鲁斯·詹纳 会被Siri纠正为凯特琳In an alleged story,Siri is now asking to be adressed as Steve.相关新闻 Siri要求别人称他为史蒂夫Time,once again, ladies and gentlemen,for something that America cant get enough of.女生们先生们 又一次到了美国欲罢不能的节目的时刻了Something we call, shut up.something we call fan correction.我们称之为 闭嘴 我们称之为 粉丝纠错This is a segment where viewers try to find mistakes on our show.这一节中 观众们将试图找我们节目的错误Real viewers try to find real mistakes.现实中的观众 真来挑错We are the only show that Dares our viewrs to find an error.Ok?只有我们节目敢让观众们来挑错 好吗That has the courage to do it.只有我们有这个勇气So far hundreds of challengers over the last several years, not one winner.几年来已有几百人挑战 但无一人成功Not one. No ones found a mistake.无一人 没人挑到过错误Tonight a fan named Braxton Anderson thinks he caught a mistake.今晚一名叫布鲁克斯顿·安德森的粉丝 自认为发现了错误He said it happened during one of our shows at Comic-Con last week.他说是发生在我们上周漫展节目的一期上Hey Conan, Last weeks episode you had a segment where you dressed a killer whale as Yoda from Star Wars. 嘿 柯南 上周的一集中有一节 你把一只虎鲸扮成了《星战》的尤达大师Pretty cool costume for Comic-Con. who are you? who are you supposed to be? 好酷的漫展装啊 你是谁 你扮演的应该是谁You gave him all-red life savers.Everyone knows volda carries a green lifesaver.你给了他一根红色电光剑 人人都知道 尤达大师的电光剑是绿的This is why I rcommend you go home,isolate yourself from friends and family所以我建议你回家 跟家人和朋友隔离开来and , watch, the trilogies and may the force be with you.好好把三部曲重新看一遍 愿原力与你同在201606/451675巴彦县中医院在线咨询

哈尔滨做妇科检查去哪里比较好Wage negotiations in Argentina阿根廷的工资谈判Class war一场关于开学的战争Teachersunions go out on strike教师公会举行罢工“IT CANT be that every annual salary negotiation makes it a strain just to begin the school year,” said President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner during a speech to Congress on March 1st. Yes it can.“决不能让每年的薪水谈判成为开学的绊脚石”总统克里斯蒂娜·费尔南德斯·基什内尔,在三月一日国会的演讲中这样说到。但事实就是如此。Strikes this week delayed the start of classes in 19 of Argentinas 24 districts, after provincial unions and governments failed to reach agreements about wage rises. Negotiations between the national government and federal unions, which are meant to set a minimum benchmark for the provinces, also foundered. With some unions demanding more than 40% hikes, the national government and Buenos Airess provincial government, the most influential negotiators, offered increases of just 22% and 25.5% this year respectively. The unions called the proposals “a provocation”.由于省工会和政府就涨工资的问题未能达成一致,本周的罢工已使阿根廷24个行政区中,19个行政区推迟了开学时间。中央政府和联邦公会间的谈判,本打算给各省设置最低工资标准,最后也以失败告终。一些公会要求的上涨幅度超过40%,而中央政府和布宜诺斯艾利斯省政府作为最有影响力的谈判者,分别在今年只提供22%和25%的上涨幅度。公会则称这些提议为“挑衅”。Tension had been expected.The teachersunions want salary rises above Argentinas galloping inflation rate. Since the start of the year the government has devalued the Argentine peso by over 20%, causing inflation expectations to spike. According to Eduardo Levy Yeyati of Elypsis, a consultancy, prices are expected to jump by 32% this year. And now that the government has started publishing more realistic data, it cannot simply pretend the problem of rising prices does not exist.分歧在人意料之中。教师工会希望工资涨幅超过阿根廷奔腾的通货膨胀率。从今年年初开始,政府已经将阿根廷比索贬值超过20%,导致通胀预期异常强烈。据一家名为Elypsis的咨询公司的员工Eduardo Levy Yeyati说,今年物价预期将增长32%。政府已不能简单的把物价上涨的问题当做不存在,目前正着手出版更真实的数据。The teachersunions have a strong hand. In December provincial police squeezed 35-100% pay increases out of their employers. Public-sector employees are not fearful of losing their jobs. Strikes give unions the power to cause widesp chaos.教师工会得到强大的帮助。十二月份,省部门的警察已经从政府那里争取来35%到100%不等的工资涨幅。公共部门的员工并不害怕丢掉工作。罢工引起的广泛骚动,给予了公会强大的力量。But the government cannot afford to concede too much ground. The negotiations with the teachers will set a precedent for salary talks with other unions scheduled for later this month and April. To ensure that inflation does not continue to accelerate, the authorities need to curb real wages. Budgetary considerations also play their part. According to Economía amp; Regiones, a research group, if the provinces were to grant 30% raises to their 2m employees, that would double their collective fiscal deficit.但是政府也不能做太多的让步。本月晚些时候和四月份亦有跟其他公会就薪水问题进行谈判的计划,与教师的谈判会为他们创造先例。为了确保通货膨胀不会继续发展,当局需要抑制实际工资水平。预算方面的考虑也发挥着其自身的作用。据一个名为“经济与区域”的研究小组的研究结果显示,如果省里将其200万员工的工资提高30%,其集体财政赤字将翻倍。That may nonetheless be what happens. In the five jurisdictions that were able to reach accords, the teachers and the provinces agreed to increases of around 30%. That wouldnt do much to bring down inflation, but it would at least help keep it from skyrocketing. And it would mean the school year can begin.尽管如此,该发生的还是会发生。在达成一致的五个司法管辖区,教师与省政府同意将工资提高约30%。这虽然对降低通货膨胀没什么作用,但至少能帮助通货膨胀不再继续暴涨。当然,这也意味着新学年可以开始了。译者:萧毛毛 译文属译生译世 /201602/425560哈尔滨市妇幼保健院治疗不孕不育好吗 黑龙江哈市第九医院做引产需要证明吗

阿城区中心医院好不好 German xenophobia德国仇外Peaceful, but menacing和平的方式也具有威胁性A new movement with a barely hidden message of hate unsettles Germany一场隐藏着仇恨信息的新运动使德国动荡不安We dont need no Muslims here我们不需要穆斯林CALLING themselves Pegida, or “patriotic Europeans against the Islamisation of the Occident”, since October they have marched through Dresden every Monday. Their numbers are growing: on December 15th 15,000 protested. Their slogans of xenophobic paranoia (“No sharia in Europe!”) seem bizarre in Saxony, where only 2% of the population is foreign and fewer than 1% are Muslim.就叫这群人Pegida吧,或者是“反对西方伊斯兰化的爱国欧洲人”。他们自10月起每周一就游行穿行德累斯顿。他们的人数在壮大:截至12月15日抗议者已达到15000.他们偏执排外的口号(“欧洲拒绝伊斯兰!”)在外来人口仅2%、其中穆斯林所占比例不到1%的萨克森显得匪夷所思。The marchers make no attempt to explain their demands. Convinced of a conspiracy of political correctness, they do not speak to the press. Few bear any signs of neo-Nazism. They have eschewed violence. What they share is broad anxiety about asylum-seekers (200,000 in 2014) and immigrants.游行者们并未试图去解释他们的诉求。由于相信政治正确性的阴谋论,他们拒绝与媒体对话。他们并没有任何新纳粹主义的举动,而是避免暴力。他们共有的只是对难民(2014年达到了20万)和移民的广泛担忧。The instigator is Lutz Bachmann, owner of an ad agency who once fled to South Africa to avoid being locked up for dealing drugs. He has imitators in other cities: Bonn has a Bogida march, Würzburg a Wügida. But eastern Germany, especially Dresden, is the movements base. Counter-demonstrations have sprung up, but their numbers in Dresden (about 5,600 this week) are dwarfed by Pegidas. Chancellor Angela Merkel accused Pegida of “agitation and defamation”; Heiko Maas, the justice minister, called it a “disgrace for Germany”.这场运动的煽动者是Lutz Bachmann,他名下有一家广告公司,并曾为了逃避因毒品交易入狱而逃往南非。他在其它城市也有模仿者:波恩有一个名为Würzburg a Wügida的Bogida游行。但是东德,尤其是德累斯顿,是这场运动的大本营。反游行派也如雨后春笋般涌现,但他们在德累斯顿的人数(本周大约5600人)与Pegida相比就相形见绌了。总理安吉拉·默克尔指责Pegida“煽动和诽谤”;司法部长Heiko Maas则称这为“德国的耻辱”。But the CSU, a centre-right party in Bavaria that governs with Mrs Merkel, was more nuanced. Calling Pegida a disgrace amounted to “a massive denigration of peaceful protesters,” said a spokesman. The CSU had made news by saying that foreigners should be forced to speak German even “in the family”, though it later backtracked. The leader of the new anti-euro party, Alternative for Germany, Bernd Lucke, said he considered Pegidas demands “legitimate”.但是默克尔掌管的巴伐利亚的中右翼党派CSU却态度微妙。他们称Pegida为耻辱等同于是对“和平抗议者的大规模诋毁,”一名发言人如是说。CSU发表新闻称外国人“即便是在家里”也应该被强制说德语,尽管这条新闻后来被撤销。新反欧党派德国新选项党的领导人Bernd Lucke称他认为Pegida的要求是“合理的”。Germany remains a tolerant place, one reason why some 465,000 migrants arrived last year, making it the worlds second most popular destination after America. But Pegida is a reminder that many, especially in eastern Germany, harbour resentments that can be exploited. “We are the people,” the marchers in Dresden shouted. It was the phrase East Germans used in 1989 in protest against their communist overlords. To outsiders, the cry now sounds chilling.德国仍旧处于容忍状态,这是去年约465,000名移民来到德国的原因之一,同时这也使德国成为仅次于美国的第二大移民地。但是Pegida正警示了在很多地方,尤其是东德,港口怨恨可以被利用。“我们才是这个国家的主人,”德累斯顿的游行者们高声疾呼。这是东德人民在1989年抗议他们的共产主义霸主所用的口号。在外人看来,这怒吼如今听上去让人不寒而栗。译者:邵夏沁 校对:王颖 译文属译生译世 /201412/350769哈尔滨市七院妇科检查怎么样木兰县儿童医院支持刷信用卡吗



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