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3.Cluster Bombs3.集束炸弹Among the most indiscriminate weapons out there, cluster bombs are very close to the top.集束炸弹也许能排到“滥杀无辜”武器排行榜的第一名。Dropped out of an airplane flying by, a single bomb suddenly transforms into hundreds or even thousands smaller ones, covering an area the size of three football fields.随着战斗机的发射,一枚炸弹瞬间分解成成百上千枚更小的炸弹,能覆盖三个足球场的面积。Now, either intentional or by accident, 30 percent or higher of these don#39;t go off and can lie dormant for years or even decades, just waiting for an unfortunate someone to step on or pick them up.目前,无论是蓄意还是无意为之,一枚炸弹中的30%甚至以上小炸弹都不会爆炸,它们能休眠几年甚至几十年,直到某个倒霉蛋一脚踩上去或是将它们捡起。They aren#39;t designed to destroy buildings, but rather to hit infantry, roads or airstrips.设计集束炸弹不是为了摧毁建筑,而是对步兵,道路和飞机跑道实施打击。Many countries around the world still suffer their plight, years after their conflicts have ended.就算战争的硝烟早已散尽,但许多国家安全仍受到子母弹的威胁。It is estimated that between 2010 and 2014, 92 percent of all cluster bomb casualties were civilian, half of whom were children.据估计在2010-2014年间,子母弹造成的92%的伤亡都来自平民,而其中一半是孩子。During the 2003 invasion of Iraq over 1,500 cluster bombs were detonated over Baghdad, some of which ended up in residential areas.在2003年的伊拉克战争期间,超过1500枚子母弹在巴格达上空炸响,而其中一些落在了居民区。US Air Force General and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Richard Myers declared that only one civilian was reported to being killed in the attack.美国空军将军,参谋长联席会议主席理查德·梅耶尔宣称只有一名平民在这次袭击中丧命。What he was referring to were air-launched cluster bombs, but he did omit to talk about the surface-launched ones, which are believed to have caused many more civilian casualties.他所指的是空射集束炸弹造成的伤亡,但却避而不谈陆射造成的伤亡,据估计那是一个庞大的数字。In 2008 a UN convention banned the use of these weapons and more than 100 countries, including the UK have signed it. Other countries like the US, Russia, China, India and Pakistan have not.2008年联合国颁布一项公约,禁止使用此类武器,超过100个国家签字承诺,其中包括了英国。其它国家比如美国、俄罗斯、中国、印度和巴基斯坦都未签字。Moreover, recent evidence points out that Russia has used a new type of cluster bomb over Syria in an attack against opponents of President Bashar al-Assad , plaguing the country for years to come.并且最近有据指出,俄罗斯使用了一种新型集束炸弹来对付叙利亚总统巴沙尔·阿萨德的反对者,这使叙利亚未来几年陷入水深火热之中。2.Nuclear Missiles2.核导弹Nuclear missiles are the most terrifying things we have ever built. Coming so close to wiping ourselves off the face of the planet during the Cold War, it would have made sense to rid ourselves of this horrific danger always looming in the background.核导弹是人类发明过最恐怖的东西。在冷战期间差点洗刷了整个地球面貌,然而它现在留下许多威胁,在世界的某些角落蠢蠢欲动。Well, that didn#39;t happen and there is still enough nuclear arsenal in the world to wipe out all life as we know it, ten times over.虽然核导弹毁灭地球的事情还没发生,但地球上留有的核子弹的威力可以摧毁整个地球,十次足以。Of the roughly 16,000 nuclear warheads in existence, more than 90 percent belong to Russia and the ed States. Of these, 10,000 are in military service while the rest await dismantlement.现地球上留有16000个核弹头左右,超过90%的核弹头是俄罗斯和美国的。1万个用来做军事装备,其余的准备拆卸。Other countries with nuclear capabilities include France, China, the UK, Pakistan, India, Israel, and North Korea.其他有核武器的国家有:法国,中国,英国,巴基斯坦,印度,以色列和朝鲜。Most of us know or have heard about the devastating effects a nuclear detonation can have, and pretty much anyone has seen at least one such explosion somewhere on TV or the internet, so it#39;s no point in giving you any more details.我们大多数人知道或听说过核爆炸带来的毁灭性伤害,而且至少在电视或网上看过核爆炸,所以在这没必要在详说核爆炸了。Even though nuclear weapons haven#39;t been used in active warfare since the end of WWII by the US against Japan, many test detonations have been performed all around the globe since then.自从二战期间,美国用核武器来对付日本之后,核武器便不再用于战争中。然而即便如此,核弹试爆也会在地球上发生。These tests ended in 1998 with both India and Pakistan detonating such weapons for the first time. In 2006 however, North Korea detonated its own nuclear bomb.1998年,印度和巴基斯坦首次核弹试验,同时也在此禁止了。然而2006年,朝鲜发起核弹试验。Though small in comparison with what#39;s out there, they have since performed two more tests in 2009 and 2013, with the former being 50 times more powerful than the one 7 years earlier.尽管发起的核爆炸威力较小,但是朝鲜又于2009年和2013年发起核爆炸试验。前后共50次,而且威力远远超过7年前的试验。Efforts are being made to reduce the number of these extremely dangerous warheads, and hopefully one day, eliminate them completely.现在人们想尽办法解决核武器的威胁,希望有朝一日所有的核威胁都没有了。However progress is slow at best and given the secretive nature with which most governments treat information about their nuclear arsenals, ridding ourselves of them will be a very long process.然而,消除核弹头的进程十分缓慢,而且大多数政府怎么处理核武器的信息是高度机密的,所以将地球上所有的核武器清除的过程会十分漫长。Nuclear missiles may not have the Death Star#39;s capability to take out an entire planet, but they can certainly take out a sizable chunk of one.核武器可能没有那么大的力量将我们引至世界末日,但是它确实可以摧毁地球的大部分土地。1.MIRVs1.分导式多弹头What can be worse than a nuclear weapon, you may ask? Well, if you were to combine one with a cluster bomb you would end up with a MIRV (Multiple Independently-targetable Reentry Vehicle).你可能会说,世上还有比核武器更恐怖的东西吗?但是如果你将核武器与集束炸弹结合在一起,你就会看到一个MIRV。As compared to an ordinary nuclear ballistic missile, where one bomb equals one nuclear mushroom, a MIRV flies off at the edge of space, breaks off into a dozen remotely guided bombs, which then fall back to the ground.如果说普通的子母弹只是相当于制造出一朵蘑菇云的话,那么MIRV就相当于12朵蘑菇云。将一个MIRV射向宇宙的边际之后,它们就会变成多个远程导炸弹飞回地球。Being smaller and accompanied by confusing flares, these nuclear ordnances are far more difficult to take down.它们变小了并伴随混乱的耀斑之后,就更难消灭了。This technology has been around as early as the 1960#39;s and was one of the major reasons for the escalation of the nuclear arms race during the Cold War.MIRV早在20世纪60年代已经研发出来了,是冷战时期广为使用的一种技术。They would be primarily used to take down fixed targets like missile silos or airstrips, but keeping in mind that these are still nuclear weapons, collateral damage is inevitable.一开始的研发只是为了导弹发射井或飞机跑道这样的固定目标,然而发展到后面就不一样的,毕竟它们也是一种核武器,所以附带损害是难以避免的。Currently the US Minuteman missile system carries 3 nuclear bombs, while the Trident system, used by both the US and UK, carries twelve.现在,美国民兵导弹系统可以发出三枚核子弹,三叉戟系统在美国和英国也有使用,可发射12枚核子弹。Only one such weapon is enough to wipe most European capital cities off the map completely, killing millions of innocent people in the process.而仅仅一颗这样的导弹就可摧毁地图里大部分的欧洲城市,杀死几百万无辜百姓。 /201612/483740。

I was on vacation in Hawaii with my family. We were at the beach all day and at some point I took off my ring I got as a gift from my mom for graduation (beautiful, gold, inscribed, full of sentimental value) and placed it in the cup holder of a foldable chair. Beach day continues, and we pack up and go home. Once home, I realize what I#39;ve done. I realize my ring isn#39;t on my finger. Panic ensues.我正和家人在夏威夷度假,我们一整天都待在沙滩上。有那么一会儿我把戒指摘了下来,这枚戒指是妈妈送我的毕业礼物(很漂亮的带有花纹的金戒指,其中蕴含了很多情感价值),我把它放在了折叠椅的杯架上。沙滩上还未日落时我们收拾好东西回家了。一到家我就想起来了,我发现戒指不在手上就慌了。We race back to the beach with only 20 minutes to spare before sunset. Get to the beach and locate the general area we were laying out earlier.还有20分钟就日落了,我们奔回海滩。到了海滩,我们找到了白天休息的大概位置。About 15 strangers in the area got down on their hands and knees to help my sobbing mess self search for my ring. And they helped me to the end. Eventually in a stroke of luck, I find the ring. I stand up and exclaim to the group of kind strangers ;I found it;. They all crowd around me so happy and congratulatory as though they had stake in this game. My tears of loss turn into tears of joy and thankfulness for the amazing effort put forth by this group of people.在那儿有大约15个陌生人,他们都趴在地上帮助哭成泪人的我找戒指。他们一直帮我找到最后。最终机缘巧合我找到了戒指。我站起来朝那群善良的陌生人喊:“我找到了。”他们都很开心地围到我身边大声庆贺,好像他们赌赢了这场比赛。我之前因为丢东西而哭,现在变成了因为高兴和感激这群人所付出的努力而哭。 /201702/494401。

What#39;s your first reaction to Made in China? If you still tend to relate Made in China to poor quality, you need update your ideas.你对“中国制造”的第一反应是什么?如果你仍然倾向于把“中国制造”和“劣质”划等号,那么你就需要涨涨姿势了。China#39;s capability to produce high-quality products has been recognized by a growing number of foreigners. It#39;s a misunderstanding to associate low quality with Made in China.中国生产高质量产品的能力已经被越来越多的外国人认可了。把“劣质”和“中国制造”等同起来是一个误解。I recently found that the question, ;Why doesn#39;t China have the ability to manufacture high-quality products?; on Quora has sparked discussions. Almost all of the answers, submitted by both Chinese and foreigners, disagree with the assumption.我最近发现“为什么中国没有能力生产高质量产品?”这个问题在Quora引起了热议。几乎所有的,外国人和中国人都有,都不同意这个问题中的假设。For example, Web user Cameron Purdy answers the question saying that just because China manufactures poor-quality products does not mean it cannot manufacture high-quality products.举例来说,网页用户卡梅伦·珀迪回答说,不能因为中国制造了低质量的产品就说中国没有能力制造高质量的产品。Purdy explains that the poor-quality products one purchases in the US for example, are made in the quality that the American companies ask for.珀迪以人们在美国买到的低质量产品为例做了解释,指出那些产品的质量是应美国企业的要求而生产的。;In other words, the buyers are explicitly asking their contract manufactures in China to cut corners that they know will make the products lower quality so that the profit margins are higher.;“换句话说,合同中的买方明确地要求他们在中国的生产商们偷工减料,他们知道这会使得产品质量不好,但是利润率会很高。”;The price that you pay for the product has no relationship to the cost of its manufacturing,; suggested Purdy.珀迪说道:“你用来付购买这件产品的钱和制造它的成本没有关系。”For example, for an item priced at in the US, the cost of manufacturing it paid by the American company is usually less than . To guarantee the room for profit, the Chinese contract manufacturer spends less than to produce the item.举例来说,一件在美国标价20美元的商品,美国企业用来付生产它的成本通常不到1美元。为了保利润空间,合同中的中国制造商用来制造这些产品的成本就不能超过1美元。What#39;s more, American consumers#39; behavior to choose cheaper products further drives the product to be made in lower quality.此外,美国消费者们挑选便宜产品的行为进一步推动了低质量产品的生产。For example, last year you bought a product instead of the one, the American company sensed that the product was more popular and decided to make more items this year. Then the American company pays less money to the Chinese manufactures to make this year#39;s items.举例来说,去年你买了一件价值19美元而不是20美元的商品,美国企业意识到19美元的商品更受欢迎,于是决定今年生产更多的19美元商品。于是今年美国企业付给中国制造商的钱就更少了。Web user Amanda Wu, who lives in Shanghai, noted that many top brands have manufacturing factories located in China, and the most convincing example of China#39;s manufacturing quality is Apple products.来自上海的网页用户阿曼达·吴指出,许多顶级品牌都在中国设有制造厂,中国制造业质量好坏最有说力的例子就是苹果公司的产品。On the back of the iPhone, one can find the product is Made in China - ;Designed by Apple in California. Assembled in China.;人们可以在iPhone的背后发现这台手机是产自中国--“加州苹果公司设计,中国组装。”Chinese and foreign Web users commented that some Chinese products with good reputations around the world are Haier, Lenovo, GREE, Huawei and China Railway High-speed.中国和外国的网页用户们都称,一些中国产品在全世界都有极好的名声,例如海尔、联想、格力、华为和中国高铁等。It#39;s time for the world to stop relating Made in China with low-quality products. Just remember, you get what you pay for.所以,是时候停止把“中国制造”和劣质划等号了。只要记住,一分钱一分货! /201612/486356。

Mom Sobs as Son With Autism Snuggles With New Service Dog孤独症患儿母亲看到孩子与务犬互动感动落泪For years, Shanna Niehaus had seen her son Kai attempt to make friends — but to no avail.这些年,Shanna Niehaus一直期待Kai能交几个朋友,但却一无所获。So when she saw the 5-year-old boy, who has autism, cuddle up to his new service dog as if it were the most natural thing, she couldn#39;t hold it together.所以,当她看到身患孤独症、5岁的Kai和务犬很自然的亲热时,禁不住流泪。;Here#39;s my child who has struggled with communication making a connection with so much ease,; she told InsideEdition.com. ;That#39;s when it hit me. That#39;s when I got choked up.;“我的孩子一直不能正常和其他人交往,这对他来说很困难,”她告诉InsideEdition网站。“所以,这一幕才让我很有感触,激动到落泪。”A photo showing Niehaus sobbing silently behind her son and his dog, named Tornado, was posted to the 4 Paws for Ability Facebook page, where it has been shared thousands of times.前些日子,一张Niehaus在儿子和叫Tornado的后面默默流泪的照片被发到Facebook“四只爪有力量”的主页上,瞬间就被分享了上千次。It was a long journey to that moment, both emotionally and literally. Although American, the Niehaus family lives and works in Tokyo, Japan. They travelled to Xenia, Ohio, earlier this week to meet Tornado after Kai expressed an interest in having a service dog.这一幕背后,有很多故事。Niehaus一家虽然是美国人,但却在东京工作和生活。在Kai表示有意向要个务犬后,他们专程飞到俄亥俄州的Xenia,才见到Tornado。;There are a lot of misconceptions about autism,; Niehaus said. ;Many kids on the spectrum don#39;t have many friends and it#39;s believed that these kids can#39;t have that connection, but that#39;s not the case. Kai #39;s always shown better communication with dogs.;“对于孤独症,人们有很多误解,”Niehaus说。“很多患儿没有朋友,人们也认为他们无法去交友,但事实并非如此。Kai跟会更亲近更容易交流些。”Before they flew to the U.S., Kai#39;s parents spoke to him about what he could expect from a dog.在他们一家飞往美国之前,Kai的父母跟他提到过会有只给他作伴。;We#39;ve been talking to Kai about the process during this entire duration so it wouldn#39;t be scary for him,; his mom said. ;There#39;s been a lot of anticipation. So when he met Tornado... he was so consumed with excitement that he just exploded.;“我们整个过程中,一直在跟Kai沟通此事,这样他不至于被吓一跳,”他妈妈说。“他对此有所期待,所以当看到Tornado时,他跟想象一样兴奋。”A shared by 4 Paws shows Kai running to his new friend and throwing his arms around him.“四只爪有力量”主页也展示了Kai和他的新朋友一起奔跑拥抱的视频。It was very overwhelming for Kai, Niehaus said, so after the initial meeting, her husband took him and his two siblings away for a break. Hours later, he returned to his dog#39;s side, grabbed his iPad and snuggled up against Tornado#39;s furry belly.Kai高兴坏了,Niehaus告诉我们。所以在和初次见面后,她丈夫带着Kai和他两个兄弟休息了下。几小时后,他又回到身边,一手拿着他的iPad, 另一只手爱抚着Tornado毛茸茸的肚子。;That#39;s when it was overwhelming for me,; his mom said.“这一幕也让我兴奋极了,”他妈妈讲。译文属原创,仅供学习和交流使用,未经许可,。 /201611/472985。

Be prepared. Your Secret Santa will probably disappoint you this year, cause your Secret Santa isn#39;t Bill Gates.准备好啦。今年,你的神秘圣诞老人可能会让你失望了,因为他不是比尔.盖茨。A Reddit user named Aerrix says the world#39;s richest man -- worth a cool billion, in case you#39;ve forgotten -- sent her gifts last week through Reddit#39;s Secret Santa Gift exchange.红迪网的用户Aerrix称,这位世界上最富有的人上周通过红迪网“神秘圣诞老人的礼物”传递活动给她送了礼物——以防你不记得,提醒一下比尔.盖茨的身价高达750亿美元。The gifts were awesome, and she was a little bit excited about it. We know this because about half of the words in a post she wrote about it were in all caps.比尔.盖茨的礼物棒极了,Aerrix因此有点激动。我们之所以会知道这点,是因为她的帖子中近一半的单词都是大写的。Aerrix wrote of getting a mysterious box -- a ;freakin#39; HUGE BOX,; she called it -- of opening it and seeing a picture of Gates in a Santa hat on top, of calling her husband and blurting out the news -- ;BILL GATES IS MY FREAKIN SANTA!!!!!!!; -- and of course, going through and unwrapping these gifts of pure joy.Aerrix在帖子中描写了她得到的神秘盒子——她称之为一个“大得惊人的盒子”,她还写道打开盒子后看到一张盖茨戴着圣诞帽的照片,她立即叫来老公告诉他这个消息——“比尔.盖茨居然是我的圣诞老人!!!!”当然帖子里还写了他们非常开心地拆礼物。She loved them, because Gates, the Microsoft founder and philanthropist, did his homework. You see, Aerrix loves stuff like games and the Legend of Zelda. It says so on her Reddit Gifts profile page, which Gates obviously , because he loaded her up with all kinds of goodies like:因为这位微软创始人兼慈善家盖茨做足了功课,所以Aerrix非常喜爱这些礼物。Aerrix的红迪网礼物资料页上写着,她喜欢和《赛尔达传说》这类东西。盖茨肯定读过她的资料,因为他送给Aerrix的各式各样的礼物包括:the matching Zelda mittens for her and her dog ...为Aerrix和她的准备的同款赛尔达手套……and the Minecraft edition Xbox One (with three wireless controllers) ...一台Minecraft版的Xbox One游戏机(配有三个无线游戏控制器)……and the Harry Potter slippers ...哈利.波特款拖鞋…and the Cajun cookbooks (because she#39;s from southern Louisiana and hasn#39;t forgotten her roots) ...法餐食谱(因为Aerrix来自路易斯安纳州南部,而她一直思念着自己的故乡)…and a Legend of Zelda master sword (it#39;s made out of paper) ...《赛尔达传说》中的大师剑(用纸做的)……and the photoshopped picture of Aerrix, her husband and Gates in a cute as pie Zelda frame.以及一张将Aerrix和丈夫以及盖茨P在一起的照片,而且照片被放在了一个可爱的赛尔达相框里。But Gates wasn#39;t done, she wrote. He also made a donation in her name to code.org, which helps students learn about computer science.Aerrix写道,但这还没完事儿。盖茨还以她的名字向code.org捐款,这家网站帮助学生了解计算机科学。;Which is AWESOME because it#39;s something near and dear to my heart as my husband is a programmer and my brother has a degree in computer science!; she wrote.她称,“这个礼物太棒了,它对我来说是非常亲密的礼物,因为我的丈夫是一名程序员,而我弟弟拥有计算机科学学位!”This Secret Santa stuff is nothing new for Gates though. He#39;s has been doing this since at least 2013.“神秘的圣诞老人”活动对盖茨并不是什么新鲜事儿。至少从2013年起,他就在做这件事了。And he#39;s not the only celebrity doing the Santa thing. Other celebs like Alyssa Milano and Snoop Dogg have also taken part in Reddit#39;s Secret Santa exchange.而他也不是唯一一个当圣诞老人的名人。艾莉莎.米兰诺、史诺普.道格等其他名人也参加了红迪网的“神秘圣诞老人”传递活动。So it makes you wonder for next year ... is Warren Buffett on Reddit?人们因此好奇明年沃伦.巴菲特会来红迪网吗? /201612/485545。

The Shanghai Matchmaking Association has recently released a survey report, outlining the trends and struggles that dominate the city#39;s single individuals#39; attitudes in dating and marriage.近日,上海婚介协会发布了一项旨在反映上海单身青年婚恋观的调查。Based on research of some 2,000 singles aged between 10 and 40 years old in Shanghai, the survey results highlight only 3 percent of the interviewees have expressed the willingness to accept a partner from the Northern provinces.该调查选取了2000名年龄在10-40岁的上海人,结果显示仅3%的受访者愿意接纳另一半是北方人。Over 77 percent of single Shanghai interviewees want to marry local people, while 19 percent hope their partner could be from Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan, or even from overseas, data shows.数据显示:超过77%的单身受访者表示结婚只考虑本地上海人,而19%的受访者则希望他们的伴侣是香港人,人,台湾人,抑或是洋人。A single, 28-year-old advertisement company employee Lily Wan explained people#39;s different living habits, life styles, and temperament in south and north regions is the major reason leading to this preference.28岁的广告公司单身女员工Lily表示:在两性相互选择的过程中,不同的生活习惯、生活方式以及南北方地域的差异都是导致这一偏好的主要因素。In addition, most interviewed single individuals said, if they could not find a local partner, a person from neighboring provinces is also acceptable.此外,绝大多数的单身受访者表示,如果在当地找不到合适的伴侣,周边省份也可以纳入考虑范围。The emotional intelligence ient (EQ) is another key factor valued by those surveyed in finding an ideal partner, although details of desirable characteristics are varied between men and women.虽然男人和女人对性格的要求不尽相同,但是情商是男女双方寻求完美伴侣的又一重要指标。The top priority that men considered before rushing into a relationship is appearance, which is followed by personalities, age, living habits and family background, based on the research findings.调查结果显示:在男人冲进一段婚恋关系之时,首当其冲考虑的是女性的外貌,然后依次是性格、年龄、生活习惯和家庭背景。While the preference order for women is personalities, economic conditions, living habits, capability or potential, and appearance.而对女人而言,考虑的优先顺序则是性格、经济条件、生活习惯、能力或潜力,最后才是外貌。Another dilemma that grabs the limelight in the report is careers#39; influence on single people#39;s dating experience.报告也集中反映了另一个问题,即不同的职业背景也会影响着人们的恋爱经历。According to the survey, respondents who work in areas such as technology and research and development, seems to have less love experience and narrower social circle than those involved in the communication industry.调查显示,技术/研发从业人员其人际圈子较窄,恋爱经历较少。而那些需要和人打交道的职业,其人际圈子较广,恋爱经历也比较丰富。 /201611/478561。