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锦江区地包天牙齿前突什么价格成都口腔医院洗牙价格Turkey’s military carried out an operation in Syria overnight to evacuate soldiers guarding the tomb of Suleyman Shah, grandfather of the founder of the Ottoman Empire.土耳其军方连夜在叙利亚采取行动,将守护奥斯曼帝国缔造者的祖父苏雷曼大帝陵墓的军人撤回国内。Turkish officials say tanks and other heavy weaponry entered Syria through the border city of Kobani, which Syrian Kurdish fighters retook last month after fierce battles with the Islamic State group.土耳其官员表示,土耳其的坦克和其他重型武器经过边境城市科巴尼进入叙利亚。叙利亚库尔德武装上个月经过激烈战斗从伊斯兰国组织手中夺回了该城市。The officials say the mission was successful with the troops brought back to Turkey. They note that one soldier was killed in an accident.土耳其官员说,这次军事行动成功完成,守护部队已撤回土耳其境内。土耳其官员说,一位军人在一次事故中丧生。The tomb, which is about 35 kilometers into Syria in Aleppo Province, is on Turkish territory based on a treaty signed in 1921.这个叙利亚境内大5公里、位于阿勒颇省的陵墓所在之处,根据1921年签署的一项条约,属于土耳其领土。Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu said the tomb will be moved to a different site in Syria closer to the Turkish border.土耳其总理艾哈迈德·达武特奥卢表示,陵墓将被移至叙利亚境内更靠近土耳其边界的另外一个地点。Turkey’s government said last year that Islamic State militants were advancing on the tomb, which is guarded by several dozen Turkish soldiers.土耳其政府去年说,伊斯兰国激进分子曾向有几十名土耳其军人把守的陵墓推进。来 /201502/360723成都前牙种植需要多少钱 I remember vividly a scene from my childhood at my grandmother’s house in a middle-class Muslim neighbourhood in Ankara in the 1980s. It is New Year’s Eve. Grandma has prepared yoghurt soup, roasted turkey, Uzbek rice and, for dessert, there are baklava and tangerines, which we will consume while watching a belly dancer on state TV. We wear paper hats and blow party horns. Then at midnight, Grandma goes to her room to the Koran and pray to Allah for a good, prosperous year.我还清楚地记得上世纪80年代我小时候在外祖母家中的一个场景。她住在安卡拉一个中产阶级穆斯林街区。那是一个新年前夜。外祖母准备好了酸奶汤、烤火鸡、乌兹别克米饭,还有果仁蜜饼和柑橘作甜点。我们一边吃着,一边看国家电视台播放的肚皮舞。我们戴着纸帽,吹着派对喇叭。到了午夜,外祖母回到她的房间诵读《古兰经》,向真主祈祷来年幸福富足。It was a hybrid world back then. In Turkey, more than any other place in the Middle East, a collage of different traditions and customs coexisted; secularism and faith were constantly mixed, dancing a waltz. In some houses alcohol Iraqi, mostly would be served on New Year’s Eve. In others, there would be Coca-Cola and tea. Even conservative Turks would find a cause for celebration in the beginning of a new year. While Christmas trees in homes were rare, we loved the baubles and decorations in the shops and the streets. Religion was relatively liquid, flowing, ever changing.回想从前,那是一个兼容并包的世界。在中东,土耳其的兼容并包氛围算得上是最浓厚的:不同的传统和风俗共存;世俗主义与信仰始终混在一起,共舞一华尔兹。在一些家庭,新年前夜会喝酒,主要是伊拉克的酒。另一些家庭会喝可口可Coca-Cola)和茶。就连比较保守的土耳其人也会在新年到来之际找到理由庆祝一番。尽管很少有人在家里布置圣诞树,但我们喜欢商店里和街道上的那些装饰和点缀。那时的宗教是相对软性的、流动的,始终在变化。Today religion is solid and that hybridity is lost. We are divided into mutually exclusive cultural zones. In Istanbul, as we near the new year, different neighbourhoods have adopted visibly different attitudes towards Christmas. As one drives from one area to another it is easy to tell which municipalities are run by the CHP, the main opposition party, and which by the AK party, the government. The glittery decorations and lights are almost always in the CHP areas. The only exception are the shopping malls, of which Istanbul has too many. Inside these are gigantic Christmas trees; and, in front of those trees, nowadays, angry protesters.如今,宗教是坚实厚重的,那种兼容并包已经没有了。我们被分割为互相排斥的文化区。在伊斯坦布尔,新年临近时,不同街区对圣诞节的态度明显不同。当我们驱车从一个地区到另一个地区时,我们很容易分辨哪些地区由主要反对党共和人民CHP)管理,哪些地区是由执政的正义与发展党(AK party)管理。闪闪发光的装饰和灯几乎总是出现在共和人民党管理的地区。唯一的例外是购物中心,因为伊斯坦布尔的购物中心太多了。这些购物中心里矗立着巨型圣诞树;如今,出现在这些圣诞树前的是愤怒的抗议者。“We are not obeying a toy-distributing Santa, we are the followers of Prophet Mohammad,s one of the signs held by protesters. Another displays a verse from the Koran, plucked out of context and deployed for particular political ends. The protesters claim they are delivering God’s words to the ignorant.抗议者举着的一个标语上写着:“我们不会听从分发玩具的圣诞老人的话,我们是先知穆罕默德(Prophet Mohammad)的追随者。”另一个标语引用了《古兰经》里的一句话,它被断章取义、务于特殊的政治目的。抗议者声称,他们是在向无知者传达真主的话。Early in the year the Saadet (Felicity) party a religious-based political party called Santa Claus “a sinister and dirty project adding that “western colonialism tries to invade culturally what it cannot invade militarily.”今年初,以宗教为基础的政治党派“幸福党Saadet Partisi)称,圣诞老人是“一个阴险且肮脏的计划”,还称“西方殖民主义企图对无法通过武力侵略的东西实行文化侵略”。Through articles and distorted images, Santa Claus is vilified in Islamist newspapers. The situation is highly ironic given that the original St Nicholas was born in the town of Patara in Turkey in 260AD and to this day is regarded as part of Turkish history and culture.伊斯兰报纸通过文章和经过歪曲的图片来诋毁圣诞老人。这种局面非常具有讽刺性,因为圣诞老人的原型其实是公元260年生于帕塔拉(Patara,现为土耳其的一个城镇)的圣尼古St Nicholas),而且如今被视为土耳其历史和文化的一部分。Not by everyone, or course. A youth association Fatih Generation Youth Education Association organised a protest in the suburban Maltepe district. Claiming descent from Sultan Fatih, who conquered Constantinople in 1453 and ended Byzantine rule, it said: “The charlatan that is Santa Claus is the father of Christians. Whereas we are the ummah of Prophet Mohammad. Forsake your erroneous ways. We are here to deliver you the word of God.”当然,并非所有人都这样认为。一个名为“Fatih Generation Youth Education Association”的青年协会在位于伊斯坦布尔市郊的马尔泰佩区组织了一场抗议活动。该协会成员宣称他们453年征君士坦丁堡、终结拜占庭统治的穆罕默德二Sultan Fatih)的后裔。该协会表示:“圣诞老人这个骗子是基督徒的父亲。而我们是先知穆罕默德的子民。放弃你们错误的做法吧。我们来这里是为了向你们传达真主之言。”Some of the protesters held up placards that said: “Muslims do not celebrate Christmas The same hashtag quickly trended on Twitter. Turkish social media today is replete with such messages. “Father Christmas is the symbol of a culture that rains toys upon their own children but rains bombs upon the children of Syria,says one tweet. These political messages are accompanied by disturbing images of suffering Syrian and Palestinian children.一些抗议者举着标语,上面写着:“穆斯林不过圣诞节”。这个话题标签迅速在Twitter上流行开来。今天的土耳其社交媒体上充斥着此类信息。一条帖子写道:“有种文化为他们自己的孩子送去大量的玩具,却向叙利亚的孩子们投下大量炸弹,圣诞老人就是这种文化的象征。”与这些政治性话语相配的,是痛苦的叙利亚和巴勒斯坦儿童等触目惊心的图片。The chairman of an association of religious officials made a statement inviting all Turks to celebrate the conquest of Mecca instead of New Year’s Eve. His call must have resonated with some as in the same week a citizen dressed up as Santa Claus was chased by another man dressed up as a Janissary a member of the sultan’s elite infantry.一个宗教官员协会的会长发表声明,邀请所有土耳其人庆祝对麦加的征,而非庆祝新年前夜。他的呼吁肯定引起了一些人的共鸣,因为就在同一周,一名装扮为圣诞老人的市民被另一名装扮为苏丹亲兵(janissary)的市民追打。Turkish nationalism is a hall of mirrors. It distorts reality. Even though Turkish nationalism is powerful and pervasive it behaves as if it is constantly under threat. So many minorities have left Turkey along the course of history. But the fear that the Greeks or Armenians or Jews pose a serious threat runs too deep. The state, even though it is huge and robust, perceives itself to be in need of protection from individual citizens. Meanwhile, in southeastern Turkey there are violent clashes between Kurdish militants and the army. Turkish democracy has urgent problems but we are busy these days discussing Santa Claus.土耳其的民族主义是一个装满了镜子的大厅。它扭曲了现实。尽管民族主义在土耳其非常强大且无处不在,但它却表现得仿佛自己始终受到威胁。历史上有那么多的少数民族离开了土耳其。但有些土耳其人却有一种深深的担心,怕希腊人、亚美尼亚人或犹太人会对土耳其构成严重威胁。尽管土耳其的国家机器庞大而强健,但它仍认为自己需要受到保护,以免遭公民个人伤害。与此同时,在土耳其东南部,库尔德武装分子与土耳其政府军存在激烈的冲突。土耳其民主有着迫切需要解决的问题,而我们这些天却忙着讨论圣诞老人。This being a highly polarised country, the secularist camp has launched a counter campaign. Many young people post images of Palestinian fathers dressed up as Santa Claus just to give their children a bit of joy. A columnist in the daily Hurriyet titled his article: “Don’t celebrate New year’s but you can marry child girlsto show the hypocrisy and criticise underage marriages, which account for 14 per cent of all marriages in Turkey.土耳其的民意远称不上是“一边倒”,世俗阵营已经发起了反击。许多年轻人贴出了巴勒斯坦父亲装扮成圣诞老人的图片(这些父亲只是为了让他们的孩子高兴一下)。土耳其《自由日报Hurriyet)的一名专栏作家在该报发表了一篇题为《别庆祝新年,但你可以娶少女》的文章,以突显个中的虚伪并批评未成年人婚姻。在土耳其,未成年人婚姻占到所有婚姻的14%。As a Turkish writer, I respect Christmas, I respect Hanukkah, I respect Diwali and I respect Ramadan. I see them as one. Against the rising tides of an aggressive rhetoric that reduce us to a single identity and divide humanity into artificiality camps, I celebrate pluralism. Happy new year everyone.作为一名土耳其作家,我尊重圣诞节,我尊重光明节,我尊重排灯节,我尊重斋月。我对它们一视同仁。某种激进的言论使我们陷入单一认同,并把人类划分为不同的人为阵营。在这种言论愈演愈烈之际,我要赞美多元化。祝所有人都新年快乐! /201512/419110What we know so far.目前我们所知道的。Information from Chinas state-run media has been conflicting so far, but here is what we can ascertain about the sinking so far:中国国有媒体所提供的信息相互冲突,但是以下是我们可以肯定的:More than 400 people on board the Eastern Star (or Dongfangzhixing) vessel remain missing.东方之星渡轮上的400多人依然处于失踪状态。Five bodies have been recovered from the stricken ferry, which was carrying 458 people when it went down at around 9.30pm on Monday night not far from the city of Jingzhou in Hubei province.已经从沉没的渡轮上找到了75具尸体。该渡轮总共携带458人。周一晩上九点半在距离湖北荆州市不远的地方沉没。Rescue teams have reportedly heard trapped passengers shouting from within the upturned ship.据报道,救援人员听到被困乘客从翻转的船里发出喊叫声。Up to 12 survivors are believed to have been rescued from the scene.据认为,已经2名幸存者被救了出来。Among them were the ships captain and chief engineer, who are both now in police custody.被救出来的人中包括了船长和轮机长,目前两人都被警方拘留。The ships captain is reported to have said that the ship was hit by a cyclone.据报道,船长称船只是受到了旋风的袭击。The Eastern Star issued no distress call and apparently sank within two minutes.东方之星并没有发出求救信显然在两分祌内就沉没了。The Chinese premier, Li Keqiang, is heading to the scene.中国总理李克强正在赶往现场。来 /201506/378525成都口腔义齿价格

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成都齿科 Russian President Vladimir Putin waves as he leaves a Ukrainian crisis peace summit in Minsk, Belarus. After hours of talks, Russia and Ukraine reached a deal for a cease-fire in eastern Ukraine.俄罗斯总统普京在离开白俄罗斯明斯克市的乌克兰危机和平峰会时挥手。一个小时的会谈之后,俄罗斯和乌克兰在乌克兰东部达成停火交易。A new cease-fire is set to begin Sunday in eastern Ukraine, in a deal after 16 hours of peace talks between Russia and Ukraine. The leaders of France and Germany helped broker the deal, which calls for a buffer zone free of heavy weapons. News of the temporary peace emerged along with a new international aid plan for Ukraine.在历6个小时的俄乌和平谈判之后,俄乌双方达成一项交易,该交易使乌克兰东部于周日实现新一轮停火。法德领导人帮助安排这次交易,该交易要求设立一个无重武器的缓冲地带。临时和平的消息还伴随一项新的援助乌克兰的国际计划。As has been the case in Ukraines nearly yearlong conflict with separatists, the new arrangement established by Russias President Vladimir Putin and Ukraines President Petro Poroshenko leaves some important issues unresolved.由于乌克兰和分裂分子有将近一年的冲突,所以由俄总统普京和乌克兰总统普罗申科缔结的新约定中还是遗留了一些重要的问题未解决。NPRs Corey Flintoff brings us these details that emerged from the talks in Minsk:NPR的科釷弗林托夫从明斯克为我们带回这次会谈的一些细节:;The immediate issues in these talks were stopping the fighting, establishing a security zone between the two sides, and pulling their heavy weapons out of each others range. The long-term issues are whether Ukraine will officially recognize the areas where separatists have declared independence, and give those regions power in the central government.;会谈的当务之急是停止战斗,在冲突双方之间建立一个安全区,把重武器拖出双方射程之外。长期问题是乌克兰官方会不会要求分裂分子已经宣布独立的地区,会不会在中央政府里给予那些地区权力。German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Francois Hollande acknowledged that more work remains to be done, even as they celebrated the temporary peace deal.德国总理默克尔和法国总统奥朗德甚至在庆祝这次临时的和平交易之时,也是清楚还有很多工作要做的;This is a relief for Europe and a fine example of what France and Germany can do for peace,; Hollande said.奥朗德说:“这个(结果)可以宽慰欧洲了。同时也为法德能为和平做什么树立了一个范例。;We have now a glimmer of hope,; Merkel said, adding, ;I have no illusions, we have no illusions.;默克尔则继续说:“我们现在有一缕希望之光。我没有幻想。我们也没有幻想。”The cease-fire, which would begin after midnight Saturday night, does not resolve the status of a transport hub called Debaltseve, which sits between two cities controlled by the separatists.这次停火于周六午夜时分开始,不会解决被称作“Debaltseve;的转运中枢的状态。这个转运中枢位于两座被分裂分子控制的城市之间。After a recent burst of fighting, insurgents and Russia are calling for the Ukrainian troops in the city to surrender, saying theyre surrounded. Ukraine doesnt see it that way.在最近一次冲突爆发之后,叛乱者——和俄罗斯——要该城的乌克兰军队投降,并称他们已经被包围了。不过乌克兰不这么看待这个问题。The apparent breakthrough comes as Ukraine, faced with a Russian-backed insurgency and a deep recession, has agreed to preliminary terms on an aid package that would bring some billion to bolster its economy. That effort was led by the International Monetary Fund, which will contribute nearly half of the money in what would be a four-year deal.目前的突破是由于乌克兰面对俄罗斯持的叛变和一轮强烈的经济衰退,已经同意初步的包含一揽子援助协议的条款。该援助将会为经济带来大00亿美元的持。这份成就要归功于国际货币基金组织,因为它要为这份四年的交易贡献一半的钱。来 /201502/359816成都哪家医院种植牙最便宜成都牙齿正畸治疗哪家好



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