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上海丰胸价格表上海纹眉价格More than 1,300 elderly people go missing in China every day -- 500,000 per year, a new report claims.一份最新报告显示:我国每年走失老人约50万人,平均每天就有超过1300名老人走失。Senior citizens aged 65 or over account for up to 80% of missing elderly person cases, according to the Zhongmin Social Assistance Institute under the Ministry of Civil Affairs.民政部下属的中民社会救助研究院称,65岁以上的老人在老人走失案中的比例高达80%。;This is obviously a huge number and a social issue we cannot afford to ignore,; Wang Zhikun, president of the Zhongmin institute, said on Sunday.中民研究院院长王治坤在周日表示:“显然,如此多的老人走失已成为严重的社会问题,我们不能忽视。”Around 25% of those missing had been diagnosed with Alzheimer#39;s or dementia, while 72% suffered some sort of memory impairment, according to the report.报告显示,约25%的走失老人被诊断有老年痴呆症,72%的走失老人患有不同程度的障碍。Of those who were found after being reported missing, 25% then went missing again, report author Xiong Guibin added.报告撰写人熊贵彬补充说,上报了走失后找回来的老人,有25%会再次走失。Demographic time bomb人口定时炸弹China#39;s population is aging rapidly, a hangover of the family planning policy, which was finally overturned last year.中国人口在快速地老龄化,这是计划生育政策遗留的问题。去年该政策终于退出历史舞台。While Chinese law requires adults to support their parents, many seniors whose children have died or moved away are left without a network of care.虽然中国法律规定成年人要赡养父母,但许多老年人因子女早逝或搬离了老人身边而陷于无人照顾的境地。The problem is particularly bad in rural areas and small cities because younger populations typically migrate to big cities on China#39;s rich eastern coast.这个问题在农村和小城市尤为严重,这里的年轻人群通常都迁往到中国富裕的东部沿海大城市去了。The country is aly home to more seniors -- 114 million aged 65 or over -- than any other developing country, according to a World Bank report.世界的一份报告显示,中国的老年人已人数众多:65岁及以上的有1.14亿人,居发展中国家之首。As many as 90 million people are expected to leave the workforce in the next three decades, that report found.该报告还指出,预计未来30年将有9000万人退休。By 2030, the government has warned China will have the most aged population on earth, with more than 400 million people over 60.中国政府也已发出警告,到2030年,中国60岁以上的人口将超过4亿,成为世界上老年人口最多的国家。The swelling ranks of elderly people across the region will rack up healthcare costs of up to trillion by 2030, the Singapore-based Asia Pacific Risk Center warned in August.位于新加坡的亚太风险中心八月份发出预警称,到2030年,不断增加的老年人群将使中国的医疗成本增至20万亿美元。 /201610/472571交通大学医学院附属仁济医院做红色胎记手术价格费用 It is not often that Spider-Man features in share price discussions or the activities of short-sellers. On Monday, however, the superhero made an appearance in a case before a Hong Kong tribunal.有关股价的讨论或做空者的活动与蜘蛛侠(Spider-Man)扯上关系,这并不常见。然而,本周一,这位超级英雄却在香港一个案件的听会中被提及。The body is hearing accusations of market misconduct by Andrew Left, the US short-seller best known for his recent high-profile battle with Valeant, the US drugmaker.香港“市场失当行为审裁处”正在对安德鲁#8226;莱夫特(Andrew Left)受到的市场不当行为指控展开听。莱夫特是美国的一名做空者,他最知名的事迹是不久前高调挑战美国制药商Valeant。The Hong Kong case marks one of the first times a regulator has pursued a case based on public commentary by someone who is not a licensed financial professional. Short-sellers and other commentators are watching the case closely over worries that a ruling could have a “chilling” effect on their ability to opine freely on listed stocks.香港的这个案件标志着,监管机构开始基于非持照金融专业人士的公开言论提起诉讼。做空者及其他人士正密切关注这一案件,因为他们担心该案裁决或将让他们“不敢”自由表达对上市公司股票的观点。Inevitably debates over the merits of short selling turn to free speech arguments. In the Valeant case, Mike Pearson, its chief executive, likened Mr Left to someone “who runs into a crowded theatre and falsely yells fire” — the famous limit to free speech identified by US Supreme Court justice Oliver Wendell Holmes.辩论的焦点不可避免地由做空行为的价值转向了言论自由。在Valeant一案中,该公司首席执行官迈克#8226;皮尔逊(Mike Pearson)将莱夫特比作“跑进坐满观众的剧院大声谎报起火”的人——这是美国最高法院(US Supreme Court)大法官奥利弗#8226;温德尔#8226;霍姆斯(Oliver Wendell Holmes)对言论自由限度的著名论断。Mr Left’s response to that criticism: “Yelling fire in a crowded theatre is a lot different than walking into a theatre, smelling smoke and yelling, ‘Hey everyone, there could be a fire’.”对这一指责,莱夫特回应道:“在坐满观众的剧院高喊起火,与走进剧院、闻到烟味、然后高喊‘大家注意,可能有火情!’是截然不同的行为。”The short-seller was not in Hong Kong himself on Monday for the opening of the case brought by the Securities and Futures Commission. At the heart of it lies a 2012 report by Mr Left and his group, Citron Research, that alleged fraud and accounting misstatements at Evergrande, a Chinese property group. Evergrande vigorously denied the claims.周一,这个由香港监会(Securities and Futures Commission)提起的案件开始听时,这位做空者本人并不在香港。该案的核心是一份由莱夫特及其旗下的香橼研究(Citron Research)在2012年发布的报告,该报告声称中国房地产公司恒大地产(Evergrande)存在欺诈和报表不实。恒大坚决否认了这一说法。The SFC alleges the Citron report contained false or misleading information about Evergrande. Proving misconduct, a civil offence that can carry bans and orders to disgorge profits, involves showing the accused knowingly made false or misleading statements, or was reckless or negligent in doing so — and demonstrating that the information is likely to induce buying or selling in the underlying security.香港监会声称,香橼研究的报告中关于恒大的信息存在虚假或误导之处。所谓市场失当行为是一种民事违法行为,可能会被处以禁令并被要求交还相关盈利。要明当事人存在市场失当行为,需展示当事人故意或因为草率大意发出了虚假或误导性言论,还需展示当事人发布的信息可能会引发对相关券的买入或卖出操作。Spider-Man, or rather his alter ego Peter Parker, was brought up by Mr Left’s defence. Laurence Li, representing him, said he hoped the case would avoid enshrining what he called the “Spider-Man argument” that can impose a sliding scale of responsibility on financial commentators depending on their public following.”代表莱夫特出庭的是他的辩护律师Laurence Li。Li提到了蜘蛛侠,或者应该说是蜘蛛侠的另一个自我彼得#8226;帕克(Peter Parker)。他说,他希望该案会避免合法化那种“蜘蛛侠式主张”,该主张的逻辑是,金融人士背负的责任有轻有重,取决于他们的公众感召力大小。Mr Li was trying to head off a ruling that would echo the warning given to the young Peter by his uncle, Ben, who said that “with greater influence comes greater responsibility”.Li试图阻止法官做出与蝙蝠侠中彼得的叔叔逻辑相同的裁决——彼得的叔叔本(Ben)曾警告年轻的彼得,“影响越大,责任就越大”。“It would be our submission that the law does not do that,” Mr Li said.Li表示:“我方意见是,法律不会这样裁定。”Justice Michael Hartmann, chairing the tribunal and seemingly not a Spider-Man aficionado, took a different view after the reference was explained to him.主持此次审理的法官夏正民(Michael Hartmann)似乎不是“蜘蛛侠”迷,在听取了对此类比的解释后,他表达了不同的看法。“It’s not actually the influence of the person that matters, it’s the fact that what is published is likely to affect the share price — so that means the more influential you are, the more it’s likely to affect the share price,” he said.他说:“事实上,重要的不是这个人的影响力,而是发表的内容可能会影响股价,因此这意味着你的影响力越大,股价越可能受到影响。”The case is scheduled to last for two weeks. Opening arguments introduced a new fact: the Citron report on Evergrande was triggered by an anonymous tip-off, in the form of a bundle of papers, sent to Mr Left at his home. The SFC alleges the package formed a large part of the final report.听会计划将持续两周。开场陈述披露了一个新的事实:香橼有关恒大的报告是由一份匿名爆料引发的,爆料者将一包文件寄到了莱夫特的家中。香港监会声称,这份包裹中的内容占最终报告的很大一部分。“We are not suggesting they are identical but the Citron report, we would submit, is substantially based on this bundle,” Peter Duncan, acting for the SFC, told the tribunal.代表香港监会的彼得#8226;邓肯(Peter Duncan)告诉法官:“我们并不是说它们完全一样,但我们认为,香橼的报告在很大程度上是基于这包文件。”The Citron hearing comes as Hong Kong’s commentators are waiting for the verdict of another SFC case involving a report from Moody’s, the rating agency. There, the regulator claims the report was a “shoddy” piece of ratings work, which is carried out under licence. Moody’s contends the report, whose study of accounting “red flags” on Chinese companies proved mostly accurate in hindsight, was not ratings work.在香橼一案的听会开始之际,香港的人士正等待香港监会另一起案件的裁决,此案涉及评级机构穆迪(Moody#39;s)的一份报告。香港监会声称,这份报告是由一家持有执照的评级机构撰写的粗制滥造的评级报告。穆迪则主张,这份报告并非评级报告,报告对中国企业会计“危机信号”的研究,事后被明基本准确。The regulator’s pursuit of the two cases has worried hedge funds, other short-sellers and the analyst community more generally.香港监会提起的这两起案件引发了对冲基金、其他做空者以及分析师圈子的普遍担忧。David Webb, a corporate governance activist in Hong Kong, warned when the two investigations became public that “free markets depend on free speech and the open exchange of opinions and analysis, whether it turns out to be right or wrong”.香港公司治理活动人士戴维#8226;韦布(David Webb)在这两项调查公之于众时警告称,“自由市场取决于言论自由以及观点和分析的公开交流,不管它们最终被明是对还是错”。The Left case will be watched carefully, with or without more superheroes.莱夫特案将受到密切关注,不管会不会提到更多超级英雄。 /201603/428675奉贤区奉城医院激光祛斑价格费用

普陀区人民医院整形Fran#231;ois Fillon, the surprise frontrunner in the race for France’s centre-right presidential nomination, first attracted international attention — and caused domestic consternation — with a fit of French bashing.令人意外地赢得了法国中右翼阵营总统候选人提名的弗朗索瓦.菲永(Fran#231;ois Fillon),首次吸引国际社会的关注——并震惊国内——是因为对法国的批评。On a trip to Corsica, shortly after his appointment as Nicolas Sarkozy’s prime minister in 2007, he was lending an ear to the grievances of local farmers seeking subsidies when he interjected: I am at the helm of a state that’s in a position of bankruptcy, financially. 菲永在2007年被任命为尼古拉.萨科齐(Nicolas Sarkozy)的总理之后不久视察了科西嘉岛,他在倾听当地农民希望政府提供补贴的抱怨时称:I am at the helm of a state that for 15 years has been in chronic deficit. 我管理着一个15年来赤字不断的国家,I am at the helm of a state that has not once passed a balanced budget in 25 years. 我管理着一个财政上处于破产境地的国家,我管理着一个25年来预算从未平衡过的国家。This can’t go on.这种状况不能继续下去了。This was an unlikely outburst from a man whose demeanour suggests what the French think of as British phlegm — perhaps inspired by his Welsh wife Penelope — rather than Latin volubility. 这不太可能是菲永的一时冲动之语,他的言行举止表明他身上有种法国人眼中英国人的矜持寡言——或许是受到其威尔士妻子佩内洛普(Penelope)的影响——而不是拥有雄辩的口才。The comments triggered a furore in Mr Fillon’s camp and were met a few weeks later by a public presidential put-down. 这些言论在菲永阵营引发轩然,几个星期后总统公开出面安抚。This was only the start of a tough, and at times humiliating, five-year term for Mr Fillon, during which time he earned the epithet Mr Nobody.这只是菲永艰难、有时颜面尽失的5年任期的开始——他在任期间得到了无名先生的绰号。Yet Mr Fillon, an alpinist and amateur racing driver who is a fan of the 24-hour sports car race in his home town of Le Mans, did not quit — and still stands by his words. 然而菲永并没有退出政坛,而且仍然坚持自己的言论。菲永喜欢登山运动,他还是一名业余赛车手,是其家乡勒芒24小时赛车比赛的拥趸。The 62-year-old political insider, who has held several ministerial jobs during a four-decade career, says the Corsican episode crystallised his growing concern over France’s economic decline.这位现年62岁的政治老手表示,科西嘉风波突显出他对法国经济低迷的日益担忧。菲永在40年的政治生涯中担任过多个部长职位。Even though speaking of ‘bankruptcy’ was not conventional, what I expressed was, for me, a matter of common sense, he writes in his book, Faire.他在自己所著的《行动》(Faire)一书中写道:尽管谈论‘破产’不同寻常,但对我来说,我表达的是常识。This straight-talking style has resonated with a French electorate that is shifting to the right and helped him surge to a comfortable lead in the first round of the centre-right primary. 这种直言不讳的风格与转向右翼的法国选民形成共鸣,并帮助菲永在中右翼阵营初选第一轮中轻松领先。The main casualty of Mr Fillon’s swelling support was Mr Sarkozy, who was knocked out of the contest, and with it frontline politics. 菲永持率大增的主要受害者是如今已被淘汰出局的萨科奇,后者也随之被踢出政治最前沿。Voters also dealt a severe blow to the erstwhile favourite Alain Juppé, another former prime minister, who finished second with 28 per cent of the votes.曾受到选民钟爱的候选人——另一位前总理阿兰.朱佩(Alain Juppé)也遭受沉重打击,他在第一轮中以28%的选票居于第二。In an echo of the anti-establishment wave that took Donald Trump to the White House, the provincial bourgeoisie in France has sought to send a message to the Parisian liberal elite that supported gay marriage legislation in 2013. 与促使唐纳德.特朗普(Donald Trump)入主白宫的反建制浪潮相呼应,法国的地方中产阶级寻求向2013年持同性恋婚姻立法的巴黎自由派精英传递信号。It has mobilised on behalf of a Gaullist and practising Catholic father of five who, they think, will best defend conservative values, contain immigration and restore France’s standing abroad.他们团结在菲永周围行动起来,他们相信,信奉戴高乐主义、育有5个子女的虔诚天主教教徒菲永将最好地捍卫传统价值观,控制移民并恢复法国在海外的地位。Fillon is at the centre of gravity of the traditional right, Pascal Perrineau, a professor at Sciences Po, says. 巴黎政治学院(Sciences-Po)教授帕斯卡尔.佩里诺(Pascal Perrineau)表示:菲永是传统右翼的核心人物。They are normally a quiet bunch, but they have woken up with the gay marriage law.他们通常是一群安静的家伙,同性恋婚姻法的颁布促使他们警醒。If these voters confirm their support in a second round of voting on Sunday, France will come closer to having its own Margaret Thatcher moment. 这些选民在周日的第二轮投票中实了他们的持,法国离拥有自己的玛格丽特.撒切尔(Margaret Thatcher)时刻更近了一步。Like the former British premier, Mr Fillon is far from being an EU enthusiast and favours economic shock therapy, vowing to cut 500,000 civil service jobs and reduce the welfare state to fund EURO50bn in tax breaks for companies.与撒切尔夫人一样,菲永对欧盟不感兴趣,并且青睐经济休克疗法,承诺削减50万个公务员职位,并降低福利以便为企业减税500亿欧元提供资金。A free-market revolution would be a novelty in France, a nation built on the idea of a strong state and which is prone to periodic labour unrest. 在以强势政府思想为基础和时不时爆发劳工骚乱的法国,自由市场变革不同寻常。But a significant portion of the rightwing electorate now believes that previous attempts to save the eurozone’s second-largest economy from decline have failed.但一大部分右翼选民现在相信,之前让这个欧元区第二大经济体免于衰落的努力失败了。I thought for a long time that the country was difficult to reform, Mr Fillon told the Financial Times in Paris earlier this month. 菲永本月早些时候在巴黎向英国《金融时报》表示:我长期以来一直认为,法国很难变革。But if you show strong determination to the unions, if you use the presidential election to debate those measures and if you implement them quickly after being elected, it’s feasible.但如果你向工会展现出强烈的决心,如果你利用总统大选来辩论那些措施,并且在当选后迅速实施它们,那么变革是可行的。Polls suggest that, as the centre-right’s candidate, he would be well placed to qualify for the presidential runoff next year given the unpopularity of President Fran#231;ois Hollande. 民调显示,鉴于法国现任总统弗朗索瓦.奥朗德(Fran#231;ois Hollande)的人气极低,作为中右翼候选人的菲永很有可能获得参加明年大选第二轮的资格。He would in all likelihood face Marine Le Pen, leader of the far-right National Front, and would probably beat her.届时菲永很有可能与极右翼的国民阵线(National Front)领导人马琳.勒庞(Marine Le Pen)展开角逐,他有望击败勒庞。 /201611/480548上海人民医院祛痘多少钱 上海整容医院哪家最好

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