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Many people find studying to be a real drag, but if you’re going to do it, you may as well do it right.You Will NeedDistraction-free environment Something to study Pen and paper Lectures, podcasts, and s Naps (optional) Step 1: Choose the right environment(选择合适的学习环境)Choose an environment for studying where you will be free from distractions including phone calls, television, or other interruptions.Step 2: Prioritize your studies(分清主次)Prioritize your study materials so that the most important or the hardest is finished first.Step 3: Read for comprehension(边理解边看)Read your materials over once for basic comprehension. Don’t stress about remembering it all on the first .Step 4: Read and take notes(做笔记)Read the material again, taking notes and summarizing the main ideas in your own words.Make new material stick by relating it to something you aly know or care about. Context and emotion enhance our ability to remember.Step 5: Use you senses(练习辅助学习材料)Use your senses to assist with learning. When possible, don’t just , but listen to lectures or podcasts, and watch instructional s. Build a rich understanding of the material.Step 6: Quiz yourself(自我测试)Quiz yourself without the aid of any notes. Write down your answers or speak them aloud. In other words, rehearse for the test.Take a nap after a heavy study session to allow your brain time to rest. Napping after studying can help with recall.Step 7: Test yourself again(复习)Test yourself again and again, at different times of the day and week. This “self-testing” will reinforce your studies so that when the real test arrives, you’ll be y.201003/97690We’ve all been there. Here’s what to do next time the conversation has taken a wrong turn.You Will NeedPatience Persistence Step 1: Interrupt the person(有礼貌地打断他人)Interrupt the person politely during a pause in the conversation and take control of the discussion.Step 2: Comment on situation(讨论周围环境)Make a comment on your surroundings. This can help redirect a conversation if a discussion stalls or becomes uncomfortable.Step 3: Give them a compliment(赞美被你打断说话的人)Give the person speaking a compliment on their appearance or attitude, which will change the focus of the discussion.Step 4: Ask how and why questions(问“为什么”和“如何”引导话题)Ask a how or why question about another topic to open up a different conversation.Be confident and look them in the eye when speaking.Step 5: Start a new conversation(开始一段新的讨论)Start a new conversation with someone else if you’re with other people and the one who’s talking becomes obsessive about something dull.Spending 10 minutes talking to another person can help improve your memory.201001/95024How To Go On A Date To The Movies电影院里怎么约会 Here's VideoJug's guide on how to go on a perfect date to the movies. Be part of your very own blockbuster with our tips on how to have fun at the cinema.Step 1: That film you want to see你想看的电影 It's important to go to the flicks with your new partner early on, so you can be sure they are able to stop talking when required. If they can't keep quiet, it's important to find out now. If you're still trying to impress, then you may pretend to want to see certain films to make yourself seem sophisticated and intellectual. Out of politeness, your new partner might agree. The result is you both sit through some arthouse nonsense full of subtexts and juxtapositions..Forget that! Be honest, then you could see Stallone in Rock Hard 4, or Clooney in that new comedy Touch My Tookas.Step 2: How to decide如何决定But if you have got to that stage in your relationship where you can both be brutally honest, then beware. If she loves action thrillers, and he's a sucker for fantasy adventures, then devise a method of choosing what you see. Either take it in turns, or play scissors paper stone, or just be gentlemanly about it.If you are often at loggerheads about what to see then decide before you get there. Otherwise you might row, or be tempted to go to separate movies. This would clearly be the worst date ever, and would probably mark the end of your relationship.Step 3: Snacks小零食 Sometime, somewhere a movie mogul decided that popcorn should be the movie snack of choice. He was an idiot, because it is the loudest food in the world, rendering whole lines of dialogue inaudible for you- and your date. If you must have it, try and shovel it all in before the main feature starts. Or your date will hate you. The other paradox about popcorn is that it can only be eaten attractively in single pieces, but is only tasty in mouthfuls. So to appreciate it you are going to look disgusting. All in all, ice cream is a far better bet for a date.Step 4: Bigness重量级的Get rid of that big hat, or big hair. Few things are more annoying than an obscured movie screen. If your date suffers from this, then offer to switch seats; or even have a gentle word with the offender. Also, keep big laughs to a minimum- particularly if you have a strange one. You don't want to be set upon by the rest of the audience, your date may decide she's with them...Step 5: Reliving the movie回看电影 After the curtains close, you can judge how well the date has gone, by which scenes of the movie you end up re-enacting…201109/152501

Christmas Decorations: How To Crochet A Snowman 圣诞节了,织出一个小雪人做礼物吧,你的他一定会很开心的。Step 1: Start to CrochetWe are going to do a little project for young Nicola, who is always looking for surprises. I'm going to make a snowman starting with four chains joining to form a circle and then we're going to work some double crochet into the circle to start the head.Step 2: HeadAfter I've gone 'round the circle I'm going to join the top, putting a slip stitch through, doing one chain and starting the next row. We shape the head by increasing and decreasing in our stitches. To start the crochet process, we have started and continued around the head structure. Then, going through the forward, we will see how we've shaped the head.Step 3: BodyWe've aly got the head shaped by increasing, and working straight. By decreasing this crochet technique for the neck, and then increase it again for the start of the snowman's body. This is what he's going to look like in the end.Step 4: Snowman AccessoriesAfter you've likely stuffed his body and his head, added his little hat, his scarf, a broomstick, embroidered eyes, a nose, mouth, buttons.Step 5: SnowmanYou can use this newly crocheted snowman as a toy to play with, or, as Christmas is coming up, I'm sure she'd be very happy if we hang him up on the Christmas tree for Christmas. And that's how to crochet a snowman12/93025The visionary pirate is being forced to walk the plank off his own ship.远见卓识的海盗船长只好被迫离开自己的战舰Hes devastated.他不知所措It was about two in the morning and I got a phone call.大概是半夜两点钟我接到了史蒂夫的电话And Steve was sobbing on the other end of the phone, very upset.他在电话那头泣不成声 很烦恼And Steve said, ;oh my god, Ive been pushed to the sidelines.;他说 ;天啊 我快要崩溃了;But failure only strengthened Steve Jobss drive.但失败只会让史蒂夫越挫越勇His next re-invention would be a big one--Himself.他的下一项再发明将震惊世界 那就是他自己Visionary, genius,guru, artist.远见卓识 才华横溢 引领时代 独树一帜Words that get thrown around a lot when youre talking about Steve Jobs.在谈到史蒂夫·乔布斯时会让人不自觉地想到这些词语He was also at heart a storyteller.实际上他还是一个讲故事的能手He intuitively understood that people create personal bonds with things when they know their stories.他似乎生来就深知 当人们知道了事物背后的故事之后会更容易产生情感上的共鸣When he got bounced from Apple离职苹果公司几年后it took him a few years to find a new one to tell.他才终于有了新故事可以述说This time, instead of telling the story of computers, 这一次 他不再是讲述关于电脑的故事his new team used computers to tell the story of some toys.而是和他的团队用电脑讲述一群玩具的故事It turned out pretty well.结果大获成功His best story yet.这是他目前为止最成功的故事November 22, 1995,1995年11月22日audiences across America are lining up for a ground-breaking movie全美各地万人空巷 翘首期盼着这一部that will change the film industry forever.彻底改变电影界的惊天大片;Toy Story.;《玩具总动员》It would just knock your socks off.这部电影绝对让人眼前一亮Never seen it an animated move like this computer-generated movie.这之前从来没有一部像这样的完全由电脑制作的动画电影The story was incredibly moving.其故事情节感人至深The world is dazzled by the very first release from a small unconventional film studio called ;Pixar;,名不见经传的皮克斯动画工作室 其第一部作品就令世界啧啧称奇with Steve Jobs at the helm.而工作室的掌舵人正是史蒂夫·乔布斯You just got sucked in to the beauty and the sort of retina explodes.其作品美妙绝伦 令人沉醉其中 目不暇接 /201305/240150

西安是古老的丝绸之路的起点。包括中国、哈萨克斯坦等六个国家正在共同申请丝绸之路的世界遗产地位。这些国家都声称是古代贸易路线联系东方与西方的一部分。Xian is the starting point of the ancient Silk Road. Six countries including China, Kazakhstan, and Kyrgyztan are jointly applying for World Heritage status for the Silk Road. Each of these countries claims a part of the ancient trade route that links the East with the West.Camel caravans on the desert. This is the typical image of the Silk Road. It inspires our wildest imaginations and ignites a desire within us to explore the unknown.All the glory of the legendary road ends in one city, Xi’an, the capital of the dynasty, around 200 , when the road first took shape. Trailblazed by imperial envoy, Zhang Qian, who sought a military alliance with western kingdoms, the road became frequented when Chinese silk was sought after by foreign countries.Nowadays Xi’an ’s people pay tribute to their courageous and business savvy ancestors with this set of sculptures, at Xi’an’s old West Gate. It’s where sacks of silk were loaded onto camel caravans, waiting to embark on a journey full of danger and hardships.Reporter: “These sculptures mark the old West Gate of ancient Xi’an, the starting point of the silk road. From here, the merchant caravans began their journey to the west, passing China’s Gansu and Xinjiang, through central Asia and onto the Middle East and even Europe. They brought Chinese silk and porcelain to the West, and brought back jewelry, glass and spices.”The Silk Road started in the Han dynasty, but saw its peak years during the Tang dynasty around the 7th century AD when Xi’an was also the country’s capital. At that time, the city was the center of the world. It boasted the world’s biggest trading market, called the ;West Market;. There is now a museum there to commemorate that part of history.Reporter: “This museum is built on the ruins of Xi’an’s grand old market. Ancient merchants travelled here all the way from Persia and Arabia to trade their exotic goods. It was also here that Chinese merchants bought their wares before their great journey to the west.”As a world trading center, the ;West Market; gathered traders from around the world. Among the 1 million Xi’an residents, one fifth were foreigners. This unearthed pottery work depicting camel-riding traders from central Asia strutting on the streets of Xi’an, recalls the bussling trade back then. Silk products with Western patterns and porcelain with exotic adornments were exclusively catered to foreign customers. The foreign traders also influenced the local residents’ way of life with their food, clothing and even art and religion.An active trade route from 200 , the Silk Road thrived until the 16th century AD when it was overtaken by the advent of a sea route between China and Europe. But it remains a testimony to the earliest exchanges between East and West, and also the earliest merging of the two cultures.201206/186108

How To Photograph A Home For A Real Estate Listing. Even the loveliest house wont bring buyers out if the photos in the listing are lacking. Heres a guide to taking pictures that will make an impression- and hopefully, a sale.房产上市出售时怎样拍照。如果照片效果不佳,即使最好的房产也不能吸引买主。按照以下指引来拍照可以使房产给人留下良好印象,甚至有可能促成房产的出售。Step 1: You Will Need1.所需工具Digital cameraComputer数码相机电脑Step 2: Get a Tripod2.寻找一个三脚架Even a cheap tripod will give you a steadier shot than free-handing it.即使一个廉价的三脚架拍摄的镜头也比徒手拍摄更加稳定。Step 3: Clear Out the Exterior3.清理Trash cans and any other clutter should be taken out of the way. If your house faces the street, move any cars out of the driveway and away from the front of your home. If you have a brick or tile patio, wet it down so the color looks rich and the glare is minimized.将垃圾箱和其他所有凌乱的东西都清理掉。如果你的房子面向街道,将车道上的所有车辆开走,不要挡在房子前面。如果你有一个砖头或瓷砖的天井,洒一些水,这样可以使色更加绚丽,使刺眼的阳光减弱。Step 4: Shoot The Exterior4.拍摄外部Now that youve cleared out, pick a good time of day to shoot so that you avoid stark shadows. Take a good, wide shot of the house. Zoom in and photograph any nice features too, like a pretty pathway or bay windows. Now walk around the house and shoot other details, making sure to shoot another wide shot of the backyard and the view if you have one. Finally, youll want to crop your photos appropriately once theyre on your computer. Even the simplest programs will let you crop out the street and other houses.现在已经做好了清理工作,选择一天中最好的时间来拍摄,这样就可以避免明显的阴影。选择房子一个良好的,宽阔的视角。拍摄这座房子所有有特色的地方,比如漂亮的小路或飘窗。现在,在房子周围行走,拍摄其他细节,如果有院子的话,确保拍摄下院子另一端广阔的视角。最后,将照片复制到电脑之后,你希望将照片进行适当的剪辑。即使最简单的程序也可以让你看到街道和其他房子。Step 5: Prep The Place5.准备好场地Before you shoot the interior, declutter. Clear off all tables, and organize your shelves. If theres a surplus of furniture in the rooms youre shooting, move it out of the way.拍摄房屋内部之前,整理房间。清理干净所有的桌子,整理书架。如果你要拍摄的房间里有多余的家具,将其转移。Step 6: Light Right6.适当的光线According to a recent article in the L.A. Times, one of the biggest mistakes homeowners make is to close the blinds and turn on all the lights, creating uneven lighting. Daylight is your friend- just make sure to face away from the windows to avoid backlighting. Also, use your cameras flash to create an even light.根据洛杉矶时报一篇最新文章,业主最大的错误之一就是关上窗帘,打开所有的灯,造成不自然的光线。日光是你的好朋友——确保背对窗户,避免逆光。使用照相机的闪光灯,使光线均匀。Step 7: Shoot The Interior7.拍摄内部Shoot every room- even a small room may surprise you and photograph well. Focus on details like a nice mantlepiece or new floors. Avoid shooting into the backs of chairs or bookcases. In the breakfast nook or dining room, set the table and make sure the chairs at the table are spaced evenly. In the bathroom, get rid of trash cans and close the toilet lid.拍摄每一个房间——即使一个小房间也可能给你惊喜,拍摄出良好的效果。注意细节,例如壁炉台或新的地板。注意不要拍摄到椅背或书箱。在餐厅,确保餐桌前的椅子摆放均匀。在浴室,清除掉垃圾,关上马桶盖。Home photography is a learned skill, so practice a little, and hopefully, the next picture you take of your house will have a ;Sold; sign in it.家庭摄影是可以学习的技巧。所以进行一下练习,很可能你拍摄的下一张照片上会贴上“已出售”的标签。Thanks for watching How To Photograph A Home For A Real Estate Listing感谢收看“怎样为房产拍摄照片”视频节目。201209/198538哈莱姆画室物馆馆长塞尔玛·金通过最近的三个展览,揭示了艺术是如何审核并重新定义文化。和她一起工作的“后黑派”艺术家们正在用他们的艺术引发一轮新的关于种族和文化之间的对话——以及艺术本身的含义。201208/196285

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