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While insensitive development could destroy China#39;s natural environment, well-managed eco-tourism could provide huge benefits for China#39;s wildlife.一味发展虽将导致中国自然环境的毁灭,而有计划的生态旅游将为野生动物带来无限裨益。The issues that face China today, increasing pressure on resources and living space and quality of environment, are those that face us all.中国高速发展的后果造成对资源、空间以及环境质量的巨大压力,然而这些问题也同样考验着我们。If there is any country in the world equipped to solve environmental problems on a vast scale, it has to be China, with its tremendous human resources and powerful political control.如果说世界上有哪个国家有能力解决如此大范围的环境问题,那么这个国家必非中国莫属。她拥有巨大的人力资源和强有力的政府调控The path it chooses will affect not just its own people and its natural environment, but the rest of the world, too.她选择的道路不仅仅影响中国国民和中国当地的自然环境,也将深刻影响整个世界。 注:视频如无法播放,请刷新 重点讲解:not just强调某事物的真实性,但不是全部事实;eg. There is always a #39;black market#39; not just in Britain but in Europe as a whole.黑市一直存在,不只是在英国,整个欧洲也是。eg. He brought to the job not just considerable experience but passionate enthusiasm. 他不仅给这一工作带来了不少经验,而且倾注了极大的热情。 /201410/338100上次我们英语自我介绍的视频非常受欢迎,今天我们推出自我介绍系列的第二集:介绍 where you are from? 看似简单的问题,不过怎么才能说出流利又有效的回答呢?快看节目学习吧! Article/201507/384444

Sometimes it#39;s healthier to not apply yourself. Really.有时放纵自己更加有益健康。不骗你。You Will Need你需要Unmade bed不整理床铺Air-dried dishes自然晾干碗碟Less-than-clean home不要经常打扫Naps午睡Daydreams白日梦Doodling胡乱涂鸦Steps步骤Step 1 Leave the bed unmade1.不要整理床铺Leave the bed unmade. It#39;s more sanitary to pull back the covers and let the linens air out than to trap dust mites under the warm covers,where they#39;ll thrive.不要整理床铺。把被子重新拉回去,让不新鲜的空气排出来,比把尘螨裹在温暖的被子中更加卫生。否则细菌和尘螨将滋生。Step 2 Don#39;t dry the dishes2.不要擦干碗碟Don#39;t towel-dry hand-washed dishes. Air-drying is so much more hygienic that most restaurants are forbidden from using dishtowels.不要用毛巾把碗碟擦干。空气风干更加卫生,许多酒店禁止使用擦碟布来擦碗碟。Step 3 Clean the house less3.减少打扫卫生次数Don#39;t go crazy keeping your house spic and span, especially if you have children. Many researchers support the so-called ;hygiene hypothesis;– the theory that the bacteria, viruses and worms that enter our bodies via dirt are necessary to develop a immune system capable of fighting back against these invaders.不要无休止地把房间打扫得干干净净,尤其是有孩子的话。许多研究人员持所谓的“卫生假设理论”——通过灰尘进入我们身体的细菌和病毒是创建强壮的免疫系统,抵抗入侵者所必需的。Step 4 Take naps4.午睡Take half-hour naps a few times a week. People who do have lower rates of death from heart disease.每周午睡几次,每次半小时。这样的人死于心脏病的几率更低。Aim for seven to eight hours of sleep per night in addition to naps.除了午睡之外,尽量保障每晚七到八小时的睡眠。Step 5 Doodle5.胡乱涂鸦Go ahead and doodle as the boss drones on. Research shows that scribbling when you#39;re bored improves concentration and memory.老板喋喋不休说个不停的时候尽管胡乱涂鸦。研究表明,厌倦的时候胡乱涂鸦可以提高注意力和。Step 6 Daydream6.白日梦Don#39;t feel guilty about daydreaming. Scientists have discovered it#39;s actually a stimulating mental activity that prepares the brain for complex problem-solving.不要因为做白日梦而感到愧疚。科学家发现,做白日梦实际上是一种刺激性神经的活动,可以让大脑为解决复杂的问题做准备。Americans spent .5 billion on reclining chairs and sofas in 2008.2008年,美国人花费35亿美元来购买躺椅和沙发。视频听力译文由。 /201504/368451

  维塔莉莫森特唱了她的最新专辑——留下你的睡眠。接近于被遗忘的十九世纪的歌词配上她完美的声音的表演把TED的观众们倾倒了。 Article/201412/344466

  Daylight Saving Time Explained日光节约时间Every year some countries move their clocks forward in the spring only to move them back in the autumn. To the vast majority of the world who doesn#39;t participate in this odd clock fiddling, it seems a baffling thing to do. So what#39;s the reason behind it?有些国家每年在春天时要将时钟调快,就是为了在秋天时调回来。对世界上绝大多数没有参与这奇怪的窜改时间活动的国家来说,这似乎是一件令人困惑的事。所以它背后的原因是什么?The original idea, proposed by George Hudson, was to give people more sunlight in the summer. Of course, it#39;s important to note that changing a clock doesn#39;t actually make more sunlight. That#39;s not how physics works.原先的概念,是由George Hudson提出的,为的是要让人们在夏天时享受更多日光。当然,有一点很重要的是,调了时钟实际上不会制造更多阳光。这不是物理学运作的方式。But, by moving the clocks forward an hour, compared to all other human activity, the sun will seem to both rise and set later. The time when the clocks are moved forward is called Daylight Saving Time, and the rest of the year is called Standard Time.但是,把时钟调快一个钟头,相对于人类的其他活动,太阳似乎能晚点升起也晚点下山。时钟调快的那一个小时叫做“日光节约时间”,一年中剩下的时间则叫做“标准时间”。This switch effectively gives people more time to enjoy the sunshine and nice summer weather after work. Hudson, in particular, wanted more sunlight so he could spend more time adding to his insect collection.这样的转换有效地让人们下班后能享受更多阳光和宜人的夏日气候。Hudson特别想要更多阳光,这样他就能有更多时间增加他的昆虫标本收藏。When winter is coming, the clocks move back, presumably because people don#39;t want to go outside anymore. But, winter doesn#39;t have this effect on everyone. If you live in a tropical place like Hawaii, you really don#39;t have to worry about seasons, because they pretty much don#39;t happen.当冬天来临,时钟就调回来,推测是因为人们再也不想到外头去了。但是,冬天不是在每个人身上都有这种效果。如果你住在像是夏威夷的热带地区,你实在不必担心季节变换,因为季节变换大多不会发生。Every day, all year, it#39;s sunny and beautiful, so Christmas is just as good of a day to hit the beach as any other. And so, Hawaii is one of two states in the Union that ignore Daylight Saving Time.整年的每一天,都是晴朗的美好天气,所以圣诞节就像其它日子一样都很适合到海边。所以,夏威夷是美国联邦内无视日光节约时间的两个州之一。But, the further you travel from the equator in either direction, the more the seasons assert themselves, and you get colder and darker winters, making summer time much more valuable to the locals. So it#39;s no surprise that the further a country is from the equator, the more likely it uses Daylight Saving Time.但,不论哪个方向,你离赤道越远,四季就越加明显,你的冬天会更寒冷、更阴暗,让夏季光阴对当地人来说更加珍贵。所以不意外的,距离赤道越远的国家,越有可能会使用日光节约时间。Hudson proposed his idea in Wellington in 1895, but it wasn#39;t well received, and it took until 1916 for Germany to be the first country to put it into practice. Though, the uber-industrious Germans were less concerned with catching butterflies on a fine summer evening than they were with saving coal to feed the war machine.1895年时Hudson在威灵顿提出了他的想法,但并不受好评,直到1916年德国才成为第一个实行的国家。虽然超级勤奋的德国人关心的不是在舒适的夏日午后来抓抓蝴蝶,而是关心要节省煤炭供给战争机器使用。The Germans thought Daylight Saving Time would conserve energy. The reasoning goes that it encourages people to stay out later in the summer and thus use less artificial lighting.德国人认为日光节约时间可以节省能源。理由是它能鼓励人们在夏天时待在户外久一点,因此能少用人工照明。This sounds logical, and it may have worked in the more regimented society of a hundred years ago, but does it still work in the modern world? That turns out to be a surprisingly difficult question to answer.这听起来很合逻辑,在一百年前严格管制的社会也许行得通,但它在现代世界也可行吗?结果很意外地是个很难回答的问题。For example, take mankind#39;s greatest invention: Air Conditioning. The magic box of cool that makes otherwise uninhabitable sections of the world quite tolerable places to live. But, pumping heat out of your house isn#39;t cheap, and turning on one air conditioner is the same as running dozens of Tungsten light bulbs.拿人类最伟大的发明:冷气作为例子。这个神奇的凉爽盒子让世界上一些若无冷气不宜居住的区域变成蛮适合居住的所在。但是,将热气从家里抽出并不便宜,而且打开一台冷气机等同于使用数打钨丝灯泡。If people get more sunshine, but don#39;t use it to go outside, then Daylight Saving Time might actually cost electricity, not save it. This is particularly true in a place like Phoenix, where the Average Summer High is a hundred and seven degrees, and the record is a hundred and twenty-two.如果人们有更多阳光,却不出门使用,日光节约时间实际上可能会耗费电力,而不是节省。这在像是凤凰城的地方特别正确,那里平均夏日高温是华氏一百零七度(约摄氏四十一度),最高记录是一百二十二度(约摄氏五十度)。If you suggest to an Arizonian to change their clocks in the summer to get more sunshine, they#39;ll laugh in your face. Sun and higher electricity bills are not what they want, which is why Arizona is the second state that never changes their clocks.如果你建议一名亚利桑那州居民在夏天调时钟来得到更多阳光,他们会当着你的面大笑。太阳和更贵的电费帐单不是他们想要的,这也是为什么亚利桑那州是第二个从未调整时钟的州。Another problem with trying to study Daylight Saving Time is rapid changes in technology and electrical use. As technology gets better and better and better, more electricity is dedicated to things that aren#39;t light bulbs.另一个试着研究日光节约时间的问题是科技和用电的急剧变化。科技进步、进步、再进步,越来越多的电力就用在不是灯泡的东西上。And the lure of a hot, sweaty, mosquito-filled day outside is less appealing than technological entertainments and climate-controlled comfort inside.而室外炎热、汗流浃背、充满蚊子的白昼魅力,可不比科技以及空调舒适的室内来的有吸引力。Also the horrifically energy inefficient Tungsten light bulbs that have remained unchanged for a century are giving way to CFLs and LEDs, greatly reducing the amount of energy required to light a room.还有已经留存一世纪没有变化、能源效能奇低的钨丝灯泡,正让路给CFL和LED节能灯,大大地减少需要照亮一间房的能源量。So, even assuming that Daylight Saving Time is effective, it#39;s probably less effective with every passing year.所以,即便假设日光节约时间是有效的,可能每过一年效果就会差一点。The bottom line is while some studies say DST costs more electricity, and others say it saves electricity, the one thing they agree on is the effect size: not twenty percent or ten percent but one percent or less, which, in the ed States, works out to be about four dollars per household.最后的结果是,虽然有些研究表示日光节约时间耗费更多电力,有些则说节省电力,他们都同意的一件事是效果大小:不是百分之二十也不是百分之十,而是百分之一甚至更少,在美国,结果每户约是四美元。Four dollars saved or spent on electricity over an entire year is not really a huge deal either way. So the question now becomes: is the hassle of switching the clocks twice a year worth it?一整年省下或是多付四美元的电费不管怎样实在都不是一件大事。所以现在问题变成:一年调两次时钟这麻烦值得吗?The most obvious trouble comes from sleep deprivation, an aly too common reflection in the western world that DST makes measurably worse.最明显的麻烦来自于睡眠剥夺,一个西方世界已经非常普遍的反思,日光节约时间让它更加糟糕。With time-tracking software we can actually see that people are less productive the week after the clock changes. This comes with huge associated costs.透过时间追踪软体,我们可以实际看到人们在调完时钟后的那个礼拜是比较没生产力的。这带来了巨大的相关成本。To make things worse, most countries take away that hour of sleep on a Monday morning. Sleep deprivation can lead to heart attacks and suicides, and the Daylight Saving Time Monday has a higher than normal spike in both.让情况更糟的是,大部分国家带走了星期一早上一小时的睡眠时间。睡眠剥夺可能会导致心脏病和自杀,而在日光节约时间内的周一,两者发生的机会都比平常更高。Other troubles come from scheduling meetings across time zones. Let#39;s say that you#39;re trying to plan a three-way conference between New York, London and Sydney, not an easy thing to do under the best of circumstances, but made extra difficult when they don#39;t agree on when Daylight Saving Time should start and end.其他麻烦则来自于跨时区会议的时间安排。比方说你试着要在纽约、伦敦和悉尼间安排一场三方会议,在最佳的情况之下也不是件容易做的事,但当他们在日光节约时间应该何时开始和结束没有取得一致,就变得格外困难了。In the spring, Sydney is eleven hours ahead of London, and New York is five hours behind. But then New York is the first to enter Daylight Saving Time and moves its clock forward an hour. Two weeks later London does the same. In one more week, Sydney, being on the opposite side of the world, leaves Daylight Saving Time and moves its clock back an hour.在春天,悉尼比伦敦快十一个小时,而纽约慢五个小时。但接着纽约是第一个进入日光节约时间,并把时钟调快一小时的。两周后伦敦做了相同的事。再过一周,悉尼,在世界的另外一端,离开日光节约时间,并将时钟调慢一小时。So in the space of three weeks, New York is five hours behind London, then four hours and then five hours again. And Sydney is either eleven, ten or nine hours from London, and sixteen, fifteen or fourteen hours from New York. And this whole crazy thing happens again in reverse six months later.所以在这三周的时间,纽约比伦敦晚了五小时,然后晚四小时,又再次晚五小时。而悉尼要不就是比伦敦早了十一、十、或九个小时,要不就是早纽约十六、十五或十四小时。这整件疯狂的事在六个月之后又会反转过来再次发生。Back in the dark ages, this might not have mattered so much, but in the modern, interconnected world, planning international meetings happens thousands and thousands of times daily. Shifting and inconsistent time zones isn#39;t doing Netizens any favors.如果回到黑暗时期,这可能不是那么重要,但在现代相互连结的世界,国际会议的安排每天都会发生几千次。持续变换、不一致的时区不会帮上网友们任何忙。And, countries aren#39;t even consistent about Daylight Saving Time within their own borders.而且,许多国家在自己境内甚至也没有就日光节约时间取得一致。Brazil has Daylight Saving Time, but only if you live in the south. Canada has it too, but not Saskatchewan. Most of Oz does DST, but not Western Australia, The Northern Territory or Queensland.巴西使用日光节约时间,但只有你住在南部才会用到。加拿大也有,但Saskatchewan省没有。大部分的澳洲人使用日光节约时间,但西澳、北领地或昆士兰则没有。And, of course, the ed States does have Daylight Saving Time, unless you live in Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, American Samoa, Guam, the Northern Marianas Islands or...as mentioned before, Hawaii and Arizona. But Arizona isn#39;t even consistent within itself.还有,当然,美国的确有使用日光节约时间,除非你住在波多黎各、维京群岛、美属萨亚、关岛、北马利安纳群岛,或是...先前提过的,夏威夷和亚利桑那州。但亚利桑那州自己境内也不一致。While Arizona ignores Daylight Saving Time, the Navaho Nation inside of Arizona follows it. Inside of the Navaho Nation is the Hopi Reservation, which like Arizona, ignores daylight saving time.虽然亚利桑那州无视日光节约时间,但境内的Navaho Nation却遵循着它。而Navaho Nation内的Hopi原住民保留区,就像亚利桑那州一样无视日光节约时间。Going deeper, inside of the Hopi Reservation is another part of the Navaho Nation, which does follow Daylight Saving Time. And finally, there is also part of the Hopi Reservation elsewhere in the Navaho Nation which doesn#39;t. So driving across this hundred-mile stretch would technically necessitate seven clock changes, which is insane.更深入点,在Hopi 保留区里有Navaho Nation的另一部分,遵循日光节约时间。最后,在Navaho Nation内另外一部分的Hopi保留区则没有遵循它。所以开车开过这绵延百里的土地,技术上会需要七次时间变换,这很疯狂。While this is an unusual local oddity, here is a map showing the different daylight saving and time zone rules in all their complicated glory. It#39;s a huge mess, and constantly needs updating as countries change their laws. Which is why it shouldn#39;t be surprising that even our digital gadgets can#39;t keep the time straight occasionally.尽管这是个不正常的当地怪事,这是一张地图,从他们繁复的丰功伟业之中,展示出不同的日光节约和时区规范。这真是乱七八糟,当国家修改法律时也需要持续更新。这就是为什么不意外的,甚至连我们的数位小工具有时也跟不上时间变换。So to review: Daylight Saving Time gives more sunlight in the summer after work, which depending on where you live, might be in advantage or not. And it may or may not save electricity.所以来复习一下:日光节约时间在夏天下班后给你更多阳光,要看你住在哪里,可能是好处也可能不是。可能也可能不会节省能源。But one thing is for sure: it#39;s guaranteed to make something that should be simple, keeping track of time, quite complicated, which is why when it comes time to change the clocks, there#39;s always a debate about whether or not we should.但有件事是确定的:它必定将原本应该要简单、能掌握时间的事情变得相当复杂,这就是为什么当要调整时钟的时候,总是有我们该不该这么做的争论。 Article/201505/373424。

  TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想 Article/201510/400107

  Australian Treasurer on China澳大利亚财国库部长乔·霍基看好中国Just ahead of the APEC finance ministers meeting, Chinese Finance Minister Lou Jiwei and Australian Treasurer Joe Hockey held talks in Beijing Tuesday morning on China#39;s recent move to lift coal import tariffs.亚太经济合作组织财长会议召开前,周二上午中国财政部部长楼继伟与澳大利亚财国库部长乔·霍基在京就中国最近提高煤炭进口关税一事召开会谈。This was the first time the two sides had exchanged views on the surprising move.这是中澳两国财长首次就此重大举措交换意见。Australian Treasurer Joe Hockey spoke to CCTV about the desired outcomes of the APEC finance minister meeting, as well as the progress of the China Australia free trade agreement negotiations.澳大利亚财国库部长乔·霍基向本台记者表达了对亚太经合组织财长会议的预期以及中澳自由贸易协议谈判的进展。 Article/201410/337816Hello, Steve, can you hear me? That#39;s great.史蒂夫 能听到我说话吗 很好To build a complete picture of which parts of the brain为了构建一幅大脑在我们所有人体内are involved in language in all of us,作用于语言的完整图景Cathy Price matches the exact nature of a speech defect凯茜·普赖斯将言语缺陷的确切状态with the exact position of damage in the brain.与大脑确切的受伤部位进行配对When I look at Steve#39;s brain here,我观察史蒂夫大脑这块的时候I can see that he#39;s lost a very extensive set of regions注意到他的大脑左半球丢失了一大块区域in his left hemisphere that are important for speech那是负责说话功能的重要部位and he can still produce some speech他仍能讲一些话 but it will be extremely difficult for him.只是会异常困难A fully-fledged ability to communicate with language发育完全的语言交流能力relies on many separate processes working together within us.依赖于我们体内多种单独进程共同合作We need to use our memory, our senses需要用上我们的记忆和感官and have precise motor control over our mouths and tongues.还有精确地控制自己的嘴和舌头的能力What I#39;d like you to do我要你做的是is to point to the picture that matches with the words, ok?根据我说的话 指出相应的图 好吗So the words are, ;The pen is under the paper.;我要说的是 ;钢笔在纸下面;Cathy needs to identify the problems steve has with speaking凯茜要找出史蒂夫失语问题的所在before she can link them back to the precise areas in his brain.进而找到大脑中与之对应的受损部位 Article/201411/345332

  原味人文风情:Rilakkuma Bear Pancakes舍不得吃掉的拉拉熊松饼Hey, guys! It#39;s Ro. Welcome to another Nerdy Nummies. Today I got so many requests to do...Rilakkuma bear! Rilakkuma, for those of you who don#39;t know, is a very popular Japanese character, very cute bear. And his name means relaxed bear. And I thought, since I have my pajamas on, and I#39;ve never made something pancakes before. I thought, ;Let#39;s make Rilakkuma old-fashioned pancakes.; I can sleep in, and eat some pancake breakfast.嗨,各位!我是Ro。欢迎再次收看《宅宅怪咖》。今天我收到很多请求要做...拉拉熊!拉拉熊,给你们那些不知道的人,是个非常受欢迎的日本卡通人物,非常可爱的熊。它的名字意思是放松的熊。我想,既然我穿上了我的睡衣,我以前也从未做过松饼之类的东西。我想:“来做拉拉熊复古松饼吧。”我可以赖个床,吃一些松饼早餐。Let#39;s get started. The things you#39;ll need will be: salt, baking soda, baking powder, milk, flour, regular sugar, one egg, butter, a whisk, a big mixing bowl, a sifter, and to decorate our pancakes we#39;ll be using chocolate chips, and a banana.来开始吧。你将会需要的东西有:盐巴、苏打粉、泡打粉、牛奶、面粉、一般的糖、一颗蛋、奶油、一打蛋器、一个大搅拌盆、一个过筛网,然后要装饰我们的松饼,我们会用巧克力豆,还有一根香蕉。Hi, Ro? It#39;s Rilakkuma, I would like some pancakes.嗨,Ro?我是拉拉熊,我想要一些松饼。To start, you#39;re gonna take your big bowl, and your sifter, and your flour. This is one and a half cups of flour. And we#39;re just gonna pour it in there, sift it through. And this is just so everything separates. So you#39;re just gonna take your spoon, move all the flour around like that, push it all through.要开始动手,你要拿你的大盆、过筛网和面粉。这是一杯半的面粉。我们就要倒进这儿,过筛它。就是这样所以所有面粉才会散开。所以你只要拿你的汤匙,像这样搅动所有面粉,把全部都推过去。Now you#39;re gonna add three and a half teaspoons of baking powder, and again, you#39;re gonna put it in the sifter. Now I#39;m gonna add one tablespoon of regular white sugar. Now we#39;re gonna add one teaspoon of salt. Oh, oops! It#39;s a little salty. Naah, it#39;s okay.现在你要加三个半茶匙的泡打粉,然后再一次地,你要把它放进过筛网。现在我要加一大汤匙的一般白糖。现在我们要加一茶匙的盐。喔,唉呀。这有点咸。不,这没关系的。Now, now you#39;re gonna add, oh... Ehh...no, you#39;ll not... Okay, so you do not need this. Relax bear was a little too tired to , and this does not make pancakes. We#39;ll put this away. Oops!所以现在你要加,喔...唉...不,你不会...好的,所以你不需要这个。放松熊有点过累无法阅读,这不能做松饼。我们要把这放一边。唉呀!Now we#39;re gonna whisk all the dry ingredients together. Now that we#39;ve got all of our dry ingredients together, we#39;re going to make a well with our hands. So you#39;re just gonna push the flour to the sides to make a hole in the middle. And then we#39;re gonna add our wet ingredients, our milk, butter and egg. I#39;m gonna first add the egg. And put it right in the middle, where you#39;ve cleared some space.现在我们要把所有干料搅拌在一起。现在我们已将所有干料拌在一起,我们要用手做一个井。所以你就把面粉推到旁边,在中间挖个洞。然后我们要加进湿料,我们的牛奶、奶油和蛋。首先我要加蛋。把它放在正中间,你刚刚清出一些空间的地方。Now you#39;re gonna add one and one-fourth cup of the milk right in the middle, right on top of the egg. The well is filling up, ah! The last thing I#39;m gonna add to the middle of the well is three tablespoons of butter. I just microwaved it. It#39;s melted to be liquid. Now you#39;re gonna take your whisk, and mix it all together.现在你要加一又四分之一杯的牛奶到正中间,在蛋的正上方。这口井满了,啊!我要加进井中间的最后一样东西是三大汤匙的奶油。我刚微波它。它融化成液体。现在你要拿你的打蛋器,把它全部搅拌在一起。Now you#39;re gonna take your batter, and we#39;re gonna head over to the kitchen, to the stove. And we#39;re gonna make some pancakes, and I#39;ll show you how to make the shape of the bear the easiest way I know how. All you#39;re gonna need is a pan, and a spatula to flip over pancakes. You#39;re also gonna need a little bit of butter.现在你要拿面糊,然后我们要前往厨房,到炉子那儿。我们要做一些松饼,我会给你看怎么用我所知道最简单的方式做出熊的形状。你需要的所有东西是一个平底锅,还有一个翻松饼的锅铲。你也会需要一点点奶油。The first thing that I#39;m gonna do is I#39;m gonna set my heat, my stove heat, to a low temperature. I like to set it on three. That#39;s my magic number. Every stove is different, but you just wanna do it at low heat when you#39;re making perfect pancakes.我要做的第一件事是我要调火,我的炉火,调到低温。我喜欢把它调到三。那是我的神奇数字。每个炉子都不一样,但当你要做完美松饼时你就要在低温下做。While your burner is heating up, we#39;re just gonna take a little bit of butter or margarine, whatever you wanna use to grease the pan, just a little bit. And put it in the pan and work it around, and make sure that there#39;s no excess. Now our pan is y to make pancakes.当你的炉子在加热,我们就用一点点奶油或玛其琳,任何你想用来帮锅子上油的东西,只要一点点。然后把它放入锅中,四处抹,确保没有多馀的油。现在我们的锅子已准备好可以做松饼了。And what I#39;m gonna do is take a tablespoon, and half a tablespoon, and I#39;m gonna scoop the pancake mix. And this is gonna be for the bear#39;s face, and these are gonna be the size of the bear#39;s ears. You don#39;t need to fill all the way to the top of the half teaspoon. You can do about three-quarters of the way to make the ears a little smaller if you want. But this is what you#39;re gonna use, a scoop-and-pour method. I#39;ve used squeeze bottles; I#39;ve used plastic bags and tried to make the perfect pancake, and the best thing that has worked for me has always been the pour.我要做的是拿一大汤匙,还有一小汤匙,我要舀松饼的混料。这是要做熊脸用的,然后这些是熊耳朵的大小。你不需要一路填满小茶匙。如果你想,你可以装到约四分之三满让耳朵小一些些。但这是你要用的东西,一个“舀和倒”手法。我用过挤压瓶;我用过塑胶袋试着去做完美的松饼,但对我行得通的最好的东西一直都是“倒”。Take a scoop, put it in the center of the pan. Take a scoop, and form our little ears. You#39;ll know that your pancake is y to flip when it starts to bubble a lot. Just see a lot of those little air bubbles coming to the top, and you#39;ll know that it#39;s a little fine, and you can kind of stick your flipper under there, just to check if it#39;s golden brown, and if it is, flip! We just made our first pancake. And now we#39;re just gonna make as many more as the batter will allow, and then we#39;re gonna go decorate.舀一匙,把它放进锅子中央。拿一匙,组成我们的小耳朵。当它开始冒出很多泡泡时,你就会知道你的松饼准备可以翻面了。只要看到很多这些小气泡跑到上方,你会知道它快好了,然后你可以稍微把铲子伸到下面,只是要确认它是否呈金黄色,如果是的话,翻面!我们就做好我们第一片松饼。现在我们在面糊量允许的情况下做越多越好,然后我们要来装饰。Now you#39;re gonna take your fresh baked pancakes and put them aside. And we#39;re gonna decorate their little cute faces, so you#39;re gonna take the banana, open it up, peel it. And we#39;re gonna make banana pennies. We#39;re gonna take a knife, cut and make little banana pennies. I don#39;t know if these are actually called ;banana pennies,; but that#39;s what my mom called them, so that#39;s what I call them.现在你要拿起你新鲜出炉的松饼,然后把它们放一边。我们要装饰他们可爱的小脸,所以你要拿香蕉,打开,剥皮。然后我们要做“香蕉币”。我们要拿把刀,切开制成小香蕉币。我不知道这些实际上是不是叫做“香蕉币”,但我妈是这样叫它们的,所以我也是这样叫它们的。After you#39;ve got your banana pennies, you#39;re just gonna take one of them, and put them right in the middle towards the bottom of your pancake. And then you#39;re gonna take two chocolate chips. And instead of facing them up, we#39;re gonna face them down. And push them into the pancake.你切完香蕉币后,你就拿其中一片,把它们朝向松饼底部放到正中央。然后你要拿两颗巧克力豆。与其面朝上,我们要把它们面朝下。把它们推进松饼。Now to make the ears, you#39;re just gonna take out your knife again, and take one banana penny, and you#39;re gonna cut off just one of the ends so that one of the ends is flat. And you#39;re gonna stick it on, right there. Ah, he#39;s so cute! We#39;re almost done.现在要做耳朵,你就再次拿出你的刀,然后拿一片香蕉币,你只要切掉其中一端,因此其中一端是平的。然后你要把它黏上去,就在这。喔,他好可爱!我们快要完成了。Last thing that you gonna do is I just took a bunch of chocolate chips, put it in a microwave-safe bag with a number two tip. And we#39;re just gonna make his little nose and mouth. It#39;s pretty easy. You#39;re just gonna put a little circle right in the middle, then draw a little mouth out. Now we#39;re gonna do the same to all of our little bear pancakes.你要做的最后一件事是我就拿一堆巧克力豆,放在可微波、附有二号挤花嘴的袋子里。我们就要做他的小鼻子和嘴巴。这颇简单的。你只要在正中央挤出小圈圈,然后画出小小的嘴巴。现在我们要对我们所有小熊松饼做同样的事。We finish the Rilakkuma pancakes. I hope that you like it. It was so fun. I have never made pancakes before on Nerdy Nummies; never made breakfasts before, so this is also first for me, it was very special. They#39;re so yummy. Old-fashioned pancakes with chocolates and bananas on top. Yum, yum, yum...我们完成拉拉熊松饼了。我希望你们喜欢。这很好玩。我以前从来没在《宅宅怪咖》上做过松饼;以前从来没做过早餐,所以这对我来说也是第一次,这非常特别。它们超好吃。有巧克力和香蕉在上面的复古松饼。好吃、好吃、好吃...Thanks you guys for watching. If you have any other suggestion for any other Nerdy Nummies, please let me know. Leave me a comment down below, and I will do my best to make it happen. Okay, thanks guys. Bye bye!感谢各位收看。如果你有任何其他建议给任何其他宅宅怪咖们,请让我知道。在下面留个言给我,我会尽力让它成真。好的,谢谢各位。再见!Oh God, I#39;m drowning! Relax bear doesn#39;t care.喔老天,我淹水了!放松熊才不在意。Oh no, I feel like murdering bear. With this big knife I feel like I#39;m murdering bear, like I should go, ;Ehh!; Okay.喔不,我觉得好像在谋杀熊。拿着这把大刀我觉得我在谋杀熊,好像我应该要做:“唉!”,好的。Oh my gosh. So good. Oh, yeah!喔我的天。好好吃。喔,耶! Article/201503/365617栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghai#39;s English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。 Article/201507/383290

  How to Calm Job Interview Nerves面试前好焦虑,怎么办才好?Calming Job Interview Nerves—a Monster guide.稳定面试焦虑情绪--一份 Monster 指南。Most people d job interviews, but by approaching them in the right way and taking note of a few key things, you can make sure you don#39;t freeze on the big day. You should aly know your CV like the back of your hand, but there#39;s no harm in giving it one last so you can immediately answer any questions about your past employments and education. There#39;s no way you can prepare for every question they throw at you, but if you#39;ve thought about possible responses to the more common questions, you#39;ll be less likely to be tongue-tied during your interview.大多数人都害怕工作面试,但用正确的方式应付面试并注意几个重要事项,你就可以确保自己不会在那重要的日子里吓呆。你应该已经对你的履历很熟悉了,但最后再读一下也无妨,这样一来你才可以迅速回答任何关于你过去工作经验和学历的问题。你不可能准备好面试官丢给你的每个问题,但如果你有思考过比较常见问题的可能答复,你在面试时就不太可能会结结巴巴。Getting a good night#39;s sleep before the interview is important so you feel fresh. You may want a swift drink to help you doze off, but you definitely don#39;t want to be waking up with a hangover, so keep it to one. Traveling to your interview can be stressful; try to do a trial run before the day of your interview so you know exactly how long it takes and can plan accordingly. If you#39;re made to wait in reception before you#39;re taken into the interview room, use that time to have a few deep breaths and think about some small talk you can have with your interviewer—even something as simple as commenting on the nice decor in the office or the good recent weather helps break the ice and put you at ease.面试前睡一晚好觉是很重要的,这样你才会觉得精神奕奕。你可能想要来一杯帮助自己入眠,但你绝对不想要带着宿醉起床,所以喝一杯就好。到面试地点的路程可能会很麻烦;试着在前一天试走一趟,好让你了解确切需要时间,并可以依其作规划。如果在被带到面试房间前,你被要求先在接待处等候,那就利用那时间深呼吸几次,并想一些可以和面试官小聊的话题--即便是一些像聊聊办公室漂亮的装潢,或聊聊最近宜人的天气这样简单的事情,这都有助打破冷场并让你感到自在。Even if you#39;re not feeling confident, make sure you act confident. Always try to use appropriate body language in your interview, such as making a positive but not finger-crushing handshake, looking your interviewer in the eye, and sitting up straight in your chair. If you can, try and get your interview arranged in the morning. That way, you don#39;t have a whole day for things to run over in your mind, and you can get it out of the way. If you have an interview arranged in your lunch hour, you might feel rushed to get out in time. And if you#39;re having it after work, you may have had a stressful day, and so might your interviewer.就算你不觉得有自信,也要确保你表现出有信心的样子。永远试着在面试时利用合适的肢体语言,例如一个带有自信但又不会把人家手握断的握手、直视面试官双眼,还有在座位上打直腰杆坐好。如果可以的话,试着把面试安排在早上。那样一来,你就不会有一整天让事情在你的脑中转来转去,你可以把那先解决掉。如果你把面试安排在午休时间,你可能会觉得在时间内赴约很赶。如果你在下班后才要面试,你可能已经过了一个压力很大的一天,面试你的人可能也是。Finally, the best bit of advice is don#39;t worry, just relax and be yourself. The job interview is as much for you to see if you like the company as it is for them to see if they like you, so go in with an open mind.最后,最好的建议就是别担心、放松就好,还有做你自己。工作面试是要让这间公司的人看他们喜不喜欢你,另外也是要让你看看自己喜不喜欢这间公司,所以带着开阔的心胸进去应试吧。This guide was brought to you by Monster. For more advice, jobs, and career tools, visit monster.co.uk.这份指南由 Monster 带给您。想要更多建议、工作机会、还有职场工具,请上 monster.co.uk。 Article/201509/397286


  栏目简介:《趣味青春英语视频》是外语网络电台的精品节目,通过大讲堂的网络课堂形式,能够帮助英语学习者积累一些英语背景知识,并通过互动的教学形式,帮助有效记忆英语知识。本栏目是学习趣味青春英语的好材料。 Article/201510/399282

  栏目简介:More than 100 top track-and-field athletes, including several Olympic champions and world record holders, will compete in the 2016 IAAF Diamond League Shanghai tomorrow at Shanghai Stadium. Many will be using it as a warm-up for the Summer Olympics in Brazil. Cui Hui#39;ao has the details. Article/201703/496717

  Everything we#39;ve seen so far is inside the Milk Way到目前为止,我们看到一切都在内Now we#39;re y to leave our home galaxy我们准备离开我们的星系to enter intergalactic space.进入星系际空间Here#39;s our chance to solve the ultimate mystery或许我们可以找到机会回答终极问题and experience the moment of creation.并有机会去经历创世的一刻Beyond the Milk Way离开through the vast expanse between galaxies.穿越星系间巨大空间Against all the odds, we#39;ve made it to intergalactic space排除万难,进入星系际空间Out here, there#39;s no horizon in sight.这里看不到地平线Even the closest galaxies are hundreds of thousands of light years away即使最近的星系也远在数十万光年外The remains of galaxies ripped apart被系巨大引力By the Milky Way#39;s huge gravitational pull撕碎的其他星系的残骸scattered among nothing散布在空无之中This is as close as the universe gets to a perfect vacuum.这是宇宙中最接近完美真空的地方But even this isn#39;t totally empty.但即使这里也不是完全真空There are thin wisps of gas, tine traces of dust这里有稀薄的气体,微量的尘埃And something else, dark matter还有其他的东西,暗物质So mysterious, we can#39;t see it神秘的暗物质,我们无法看见、feel it, taste it, touch it or even measure it.感觉、品尝、触摸甚至不能测量Yet so common, it could make up over 90 percent然而又很普通,它有可能占我们宇宙中所有物质of all the matter in the universe.十分之九If dark matter does exist..如果暗物质的确存在it means there#39;s no such thing as empty space.那就不存在真空这回事了Even out here, we#39;re surrounded by matter即使在这里,我们也是被物质包围着We think it exists because of its apparent hold on galaxies由于星系间明显的引力我们才认为存在暗物质Like this one, the Large Magellanic Cloud例如大麦哲伦星云A 6-billion-year journey in today#39;s fastest spacecraft它距离系16万光年,即使现在最快的太空飞船160 thousand light years from the Milky Way也要飞行60亿年at the edge of its gravitational reach它正处于系引力的边缘This galaxy should spin off into space, but something is holding it here这个星系应该被卷进太空,但某些东西把它固定在这里something invisible, powerful, dark matter某种看不见却强大的东西,是暗物质Stars, clusters of stars, nebulae恒星、星团、星云it#39;s a vast astronomical treasure trove.它是巨大的天文宝库 Article/201507/388232

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