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Less than 2 percent of the sunlight reaches the floor,只有不到2%的阳光能够到达丛林地表but even here there is extraordinary variety.即便如此,这里的生物种类也异常丰富In the great island of New Guinea, there are 42 different species of birds of paradise,在新几内亚岛上生活着42种不同的极乐鸟each more bizarre than the last.一种比一种奇异This forest is so rich that nourishing food can be gathered very quickly.这片森林异常富饶,营养美味的食物唾手可得That leaves the male six-plumed bird of paradise这也使得雄六羽极乐鸟with time to concentrate on other matters like tidying up his display area.有时间去关心其它的事,比如打扫它的「舞台」Everything must be spick and span. All is y.整块地方必须干净整洁,万事具备。Very impressive, but no one is watching.非常精,可惜没有观众The superb bird of paradise calls to attract a female. And he has more luck.华丽极乐鸟利用鸣叫吸引异性。它似乎更为走运But what does he have to do to really impress her?那么,接下来它该怎么做才能获得芳心呢?201701/489040

This would have been the hold for the ship,but today with the sea washing in and out,这应该就是船舱 但随着海水的冲刷its effectively created a giant aquarium,a haven for sea life.这里变成了巨大的水族馆 一个海洋生物的避难所Quite an eerie feel to it, this place.Thats a crab.Try to get him out.好诡异啊 小螃蟹 抓住了There will be loads of these living down here,but you know, I dont want to eat this raw.这儿会有很多他的同伴 但它这样 我可不敢生吃I have done it before. Ended up sick.Its gonna be full of parasites.我以前试过 结果病了一场 这家伙身上肯定长满了寄生虫Finding something alive in the engine room is a good indicator that the water is not polluted.在发动机舱找到生物是个好兆头 说明这里的水没有被污染Theres an octopus clinging onto the hull.See if we can get him out of here.There you go.这里有只章鱼吸附在船身上 看看能不能把它揪下来 行了See, hes clinging on with all his tentacles.看 它是用触角来吸附在物体上的Thats how he grips but hes got a beak in the center of it There. You want to watch out for him.You can get a nasty nasty bite, that.也靠触角来抓住东西 但它身体中间有一个喙 就是这里 碰上它你可得小心了 被它咬上一口可不是好玩的But hes gonna be good to eat.You see the eyes there.但它可以生吃 看到这里的眼睛了吗Quick way of killing this,bite straight between them sever the nerves.Okay.快速弄死它的方法 就是在两眼中间咬一口 切断它的神经 好了You know, you can just munch on the tentacles of this,just like that. Its gonna be tough as hell.可以直接吃这些触角 就像这根 但是会非常难嚼Better on a platter at a seaside resort with family around and a bit of mayo.最好放在一个大盘子里 蘸着蛋黄酱 跟家人在海滨度假胜地享用than like this.when needs must, thats gonna keep you alive.比这样吃好多了 但极端情况下 这个可以让你活命201611/479590

Kobe, you suck! You suck, Kobe! Kobe sucks! Kobe sucks!科比,你烂透了!你逊毙了,科比!科比,烂!科比,烂!Hang it up, Kobe! Kobe sucks! Kobe sucks!滚吧,科比!科比,烂!科比,烂!Ive been hating you...Too long...To stop now我已经恨你...太久...无法现在停止Youre retiring. And you want to be free你要退役了。你想要自由My hate was growing stronger我的憎恨加剧As you became a habit to me因为你已成我的习惯Dont make me stop now...别叫我现在停止...I hate. Well, I hate you with all my heart我恨。我全心全意恨你I... I hate you, I hate you. I hate I hate我...我恨你、我恨你。我恨,我恨Dont make me... Dont make me... Dont make me stop that别叫我...别叫我...别叫我停止恨你201612/483339

But this hoard also tells us a great deal of what was happening back in York. There, the Vikings were becoming Christian but, as so often, the new converts were reluctant to abandon the symbols of their old religion-the Norse gods were not entirely dead. And so, on one coin minted at York around 920, we find the sword and name of the Christian St Peter, but intriguingly the i of Petri-Peter-is in the shape of a hammer, the emblem of the old Norse god, Thor. Its a coin that shows us that the new faith uses the weapons of the old.这一宝藏也揭示了当时约克郡的状况。维京人正在逐渐接受基督教,但仍不愿放弃旧宗教的个别符号象征。斯堪的纳维亚的远古神灵仍有人信仰。920年在约克郡铸造的一枚银币上有一柄剑和基督徒圣彼得的名字,但有意思的是,当时彼得的拼写为“Petri”,其中的“i”被画成了一把锤子,这是北欧古老的神祇雷神索尔的象征,新的信仰沿用了旧宗教中的武器,We can be pretty certain that this treasure was buried soon after 927. In that year, the Anglo-Saxon Athelstan, King of Wessex, finally defeated the Vikings, conquered York, and received the homage of rulers from Scotland and Wales. It was the biggest political event in Britain since the departure of the Romans. And the hoard contains one of the silver coins that Athelstan issued to celebrate it. On it, he gives himself a totally new title, never used before by any ruler: Athelstan Rex totius Britanniae-Athelstan, King of all Britain. The modern idea of a united Britain starts here. Heres Michael Wood again:我们能肯定的是,这批宝物的埋藏时间在927年后不久。因为在这一年,韦塞克斯国王阿瑟斯坦最终击败了维京人,收回了约克郡,并获得苏格兰和威尔士统治者的宣誓效忠。这是自罗马人撤离之后英格兰本土发生的最重大的历史事件。这批宝藏中有一枚银币,便是阿瑟斯坦下令铸造以示庆祝的。上面有一个他自封的前无古人的称号:Alhelstan Rex totius Brtitanniae (不列颠全境之王阿瑟斯坦)。现代不列颠联合王国的概念即源于此,虽然还要过八百年才能完全实现。不过阿瑟斯坦总被视为现代英国的缔造者。迈克尔伍德解释说:;The wonderful thing about the treasure is that it hones in on the very moment that England was created as a kingdom and as a state. The early tenth century is the moment when these, what we might call national identities, start to be used for the first time.这批宝藏的非凡意义在于它们指向英格兰王国建立、成为统一国家的那一时刻。十世纪初正是国家认同被初次提及之时。 译文属201605/440702

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