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襄州医院医生襄阳襄州区人民中心医院早上几点开门A U.S. federal appeals court expects to issue a ruling sometime this week on the governments request to end a temporary pause of President Donald Trumps travel ban.美国一个联邦上诉法院本周将就川普政府请求结束暂停旅行限令一案作出裁决。A lower federal court issued the temporary restraining order last week, saying the government could not enforce the 90-day entry ban on people from seven Muslim-majority countries or the 120-day suspension on accepting refugees.一个联邦下级法院上个星期颁发了一项临时限制令,规定政府不得对来自7个以穆斯林为主的国家的公民实0天的入境限令,也不能暂停120天接收难民。Now the three-judge panel on the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals is deciding whether to uphold that order, strike it down, or potentially send the case back to the lower court for further consideration. No matter their ruling this week, the case is likely to end up at the Supreme Court.由美国联邦第九巡回上诉法院的三位法官组成的合议庭正在考虑持还是驳回这项临时限制令,还是能将案件送回下级法院再审。无论他们本周如何裁决,此案都很可能会被送到最高法院。The judges heard arguments by telephone Tuesday from an attorney representing the states of Washington and Minnesota, which say the travel ban is unconstitutional and should be invalidated, and from a Department of Justice lawyer who said the president has the authority to issue such an executive order and protect national security.法官星期二通过电话听取了一位代表华盛顿州和明尼苏达州的律师以及一位来自司法部的律师的陈述。前者认为旅行限令违宪,应该宣布无效;而后者表示总统有权下达这种政令,以保护国家安全。If the 9th Circuit does rule on the case, rather than ordering it back to the lower court, that decision will have big implications for possible action by the Supreme Court.如果联邦第九巡回法院做出裁决,而不是将案件送回下级法院,那么这一裁决将对最高法院的决定产生很大影响。The nations highest court has been shorthanded since the death last year of Justice Antonin Scalia, and it is now evenly divided between four liberal-leaning justices and four conservative-leaning ones. It would take the votes of five Supreme Court justices to overturn the appellate courts ruling, meaning a 4-4 tie would let stand whatever the 9th Circuit decides.自从安东宁·斯卡利亚大法官去年去世之后,美国最高法院一直没有补缺。现在最高法院里有四名偏自由派的法官,四名偏保守派的法官。要想推翻上诉法院的裁决,需要五名最高法院法官的赞同,而目前四比四的局面意味着最高法院可能会持第九巡回法院做出的任何裁决。The Supreme Court could also decline to hear the case.最高法院也可以拒绝受理此案。For now, enforcement of the order is entirely suspended, and immigration advocates have been encouraging people who have obtained U.S. visas to board airplanes as soon as they can. Each day since the suspension, would-be immigrants have been doing just that.目前,旅行限令全面暂停执行,移民持者一直在鼓励持有美国签的人尽早登机。旅行限令被暂停后的每一天,准备移民的人都在这样做。来 /201702/491172枣阳市康复医院治疗便血怎么样 BEIJING: India’s move to completely seal its border with Pakistan was a very irrational decisionand would further complicate India-China relations considering Beijing’s “all-weatherstrategic ties with Islamabad, a state media report on Tuesday ed leading experts as saying.环球时报在一篇报道中引述上海国际关系研究所一研究员的话,称印度完全封锁印巴边界,是一个非常不理性的决定,考虑到北京与ysl堡的全天候战略关系,此举将进一步复杂化印中关系。“India is making a very irrational decision, since no exhaustive investigation has been conducted after the Uri incident, and no evidence proves Pakistan is behind the attack,the Global Times ed Hu Zhiyong, a research fellow from the official thinktank Institute of International Relations of the Shanghai Academy, as saying.印度做出了一个非常不理性的决定,恐袭事件发生后,印度并未展开彻底的调查,并无据明巴基斯坦在背后持这起袭击。Hu was commenting on Home Minister Rajnath Singh’s announcement on Friday that the 3,323-km-long border between India and Pakistan would be “completely sealedby December 2018.这位研究员是对印度内政部长宣布到2018年将完全封闭3323公里长印巴边界所作出置评的。来 /201610/471231襄阳中医院几点营业

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襄阳正规白癜风医院有哪些In 2016, 1,576 foreigners became permanent Chinese residents, an increase of 163% on the previous year, according the Ministry of Public Security.据公安部介绍016年,1576名外国人成为中国永久性居民,较上一年度增长163%。China has made huge progress in easing its residence and entry policies for foreigners since September 2015, which has helped attract more talent from overseas, as well as boost international exchanges and the economy, according to a ministry statement.根据公安部的声明,自2015月以来,我国在放宽外国人居留、入境政策方面取得了巨大进步,帮助吸引了更多海外人才、促进了国际交流和经济发展。Foreigners with permanent residence enjoy the same rights as Chinese citizens, such as in investment, housing purchases and schooling, among other rights.在中国永久居留的外国人在投资、购房、受教育等方面享受中国公民同等待遇。One year after new measures were implemented, Shanghai saw a year-on-year increase of six times the number of permanent residence applications from foreigners and their families.上海实施新措施一年以来,受理外籍人士及其家属永久居留申请同比增长6倍。The number of such applications in Beijing last year increased 426% from that of 2015.北京2016年受理外籍人士及其家属永久居留申请较2015年增26%。At present, 15 Chinese cities allow a 72-hour visa-free entry for nationals of certain countries. Shanghai, Jiangsu and Zhejiang offer 144-hour visa-free stays for international transit passengers from certain countries.目前,中5座城市允许对某些国家的公民实2小时免签入境。上海、江苏和浙江则为来自某些国家的国际过境旅客提44小时免签停留。来 /201702/492807 Q. Why is Dilma Rousseff facing impeachment proceedings? 问:迪尔玛·罗塞夫(Dilma Rousseff)为何面临弹劾程序?She is charged with violating budgetary laws in order to conceal a deficit before what she anticipated would be a tough 2014 re-election campaign, borrowing money from banks that the executive branch controls to fund domestic programs, and making changes to the federal budget without congressional approval.她被控违反了预算法,目的是在她预计会很激烈的2014年连任竞选前掩盖财政赤字,从行政部门掌控的借钱以便为国内项目提供资金,且未经国会批准擅自修改联邦预算。Q. What did the Senate vote on? 问:参议院投票表决的议案是什么?The Senate voted on whether to start a trial of Ms. Rousseff. Last week, a Senate committee formally presented charges against her when it approved a document detailing the accusations.参议院投票表决的内容是是否开始审判罗塞夫。上周,参议院的一个委员会正式对罗塞夫提出指控,批准了一份详细介绍相关指控的文件。Q. What exactly are those charges? 问:具体是什么指控?Ms. Rousseff is accused of violating Articles 85 and 167 of Brazil’s 1988 Constitution and the 1950 Law of Impeachment in making changes to the budget without congressional authorization. She is also accused of violating the Constitution and the same 1950 law in borrowing money from an institution that the state controls.罗塞夫被控未经国会授权擅自修改预算,违反了巴988年宪法的5和第167条,以及1950年的《弹劾法Law of Impeachment)。她还被控从政府控制的一个机构借钱,同样控违反了宪法和《弹劾法》。Q. Why are these potentially impeachable offenses? 问:这些为什么是可能导致总统被弹劾的犯罪行为?The 1950 law defines “crimes of responsibility,identifying more than 50 situations that call for impeachment. One is violating the annual budgetary law. The 1988 Constitution applies because it includes “crimes of responsibility.950年那项法律对“职务犯罪”进行了界定,规定了50多种会招致弹劾的情况。其中之一是违反年度预算法988年制定的宪法适用是因为它包含了“职务犯罪”。The 2000 law of fiscal responsibility makes it illegal for the executive branch to borrow money from financial institutions it controls. The law also requires congressional approval of any changes in an annual budget after it has been approved.2000年制定的财政责任法规定,行政部门从其掌控的金融机构借钱属于违法行为。该法还要求年度预算在获得批准后,任何修改均需获得国会的同意。Q. Can Ms. Rousseff go to prison if the Senate convicts her? 问:如果参议院判其有罪,罗塞夫是否会入狱?No, but she must step aside temporarily while the trial is underway and would have to resign if convicted.不会,但在审判过程中,她必须暂时停职,如果被判有罪则不得不辞职。“The nature of these crimes are administrative crimes,said Oscar Vilhena Vieira, a constitutional law professor at Funda#231;#227;o Getulio Vargas, a university in S#227;o Paulo. “They are not penal crimes, so you cannot be put in prison because of them, but you can lose your mandate.“这些犯罪行为的本质是行政犯罪,”圣保罗瓦加斯商学院(Funda#231;#227;o Getulio Vargas)研究宪法的教授奥斯卡·维列纳·维埃拉(Oscar Vilhena Vieira)说。“不是刑事犯罪,所以不会因此入狱,但可能会失去权力。”Q. So is the Senate trial different from a criminal trial in a court? 问:所以参议院的审判不同于法庭的刑事审判对吗?Yes. This is a political trial, and the standard of proof for conviction is less than it would be in a courtroom trial. If Ms. Rousseff were tried by the country’s Supreme Court over these same offenses, she would be likely to face better odds of obtaining a favorable result.是的。这是政治审判,明有罪的标准比法庭审判低。如果因为同样的罪名接受最高法院的审判,罗塞夫获得有利结果的几率可能会更高。That also means that congressional support is crucial. “If she had a solid majority in Congress, these acts would be forgivable,said Brasílio Sallum Jr., a professor of sociology at the University of S#227;o Paulo and an expert in Brazil’s political processes.这也意味着获得国会的持至关重要。“如果有绝大多数国会议员的持,这些行为都是可原谅的,”圣保罗大学(University of S#227;o Paulo)社会学教授、研究巴西政治进程的专家小布拉西利奥·塞卢Brasílio Sallum Jr.)说。Ms. Rousseff’s problem, he said, is that, “the majority support she had in Congress at the beginning of her presidency no longer exists.”他表示,罗塞夫的问题是,“她开始担任总统时得到了国会多数人的持,但现在这些持已不复存在。”来 /201605/443813襄阳第四人民医院妇科检查多少钱襄阳市第三人民医院妇科挂号



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