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章贡区人民医院妇科专家大夫石城人民医院人流手术费多少钱Madrid马德里Stinky臭气熏天Cleaners on strike in Spains capital西班牙首都马德里的清洁工罢工了THE paint is fresh at Creme Delacreme, a chic new restaurant on the fringes of Madrids bustling Chueca district. But a rancid, shoulder-high pile of rubbish blocks the pavement across the narrow street as the Spanish capital buckles under the weight of a cleaners strike that started on November 4th. Monica García, the boss, had originally planned to open days after the strike began, but is glad she did not. “Imagine having people sitting at the window tables, looking out at that filth,” she says. But when, she worries, will Madrid be clean again?这是一家时髦的新餐馆奶油小屋门口的照片。奶油小屋位于马德里繁华的楚埃卡区的边缘。但是11月4日开始的清洁工大罢工让马德里深受其苦,而这条小街道的人行道上也堆满了一人多高的垃圾,散发出阵阵恶臭。奶油小屋的老板,莫妮卡·加西亚原打算在罢工开始后开张,但现在她很庆幸自己没有这样做。她说,“想象下人们坐在窗边,看到外面那堆垃圾的情景”。但是她也在担心,何时马德里才能再次恢复整洁?The rubbish strike has seen unions and contractors tussle over proposals to change working conditions and lay off 1,400 cleaners. The city recently renewed its cleaning contracts, boasting of a 10% saving. Now, to the dismay of a city hall headed by Ana Botella, the mayor from the centre-right Popular Party, three of the four companies involved want to fire workers. Rather than tidy up, some now prowl the city at night, emptying bins onto pavements.这场垃圾罢工源于工会和承包商拒绝了清洁工改善工作环境的提议并解雇了1,400名工人。马德里市最近更新了其清洁合同,减少了10%的开。目前,令来自右翼民众党的现任市长安娜·波特利亚深感沮丧的是,四分之三的清洁公司都想解雇工人。现在,清洁工不但不不工作了,甚至有些晚上会偷偷溜出来,把空箱子扔到人行道上。The strike is a symptom of wider malaise in the city. Madrile?os are glum about losing, in September, yet another bid to host the Olympics. Since 2008, as Spains most indebted city reined in spending, they have put up with dearer public transport, higher taxes and service cuts. And even though Spain is timidly emerging from double-dip recession, scavenging and begging are on the rise.这场罢工预示着马德里市不断加大的不安感。九月,马德里人一边患得患失一边又申办奥运会。自从2008年马德里成为西班牙负债最高的城市以来,马德里人不得不忍受越来越昂贵的公共交通费用,税收增加和务削减等。即使西班牙正缓慢地从双底衰退的境况中渐渐走出来,但是拾荒者和乞讨者人数却在上升。Madrids attraction as a tourist destination, drawing visitors to its famous museums and nightlife, is fading. Visits were down by 10% in the summer months, whereas tourism boomed across the rest of cheap-rate Spain. Officials blame high airport fees and fewer long-haul visitors thanks to the airline mega-merger between Iberia and British Airways. But there is more underused, high-cost infrastructure, such as a network of new toll roads that is struggling as cash-strapped drivers stick to clogged-up, but free, routes into Madrid.马德里市是一个旅游胜地,吸引世界各地的游客参观其物馆,感受其丰富多的夜生活。然而,现在它的魅力逐渐减少。夏天,马德里游客数量减少了10%,而其他消费水平较低的西班牙城市的旅游业呈现出一派欣欣向荣的景象。政府官员们抱怨高额的飞机费用,而长途的游客们也非常不喜欢西班牙国家航空公司与英国航空公司并购。此外,马德里还有大量未充分利用的、昂贵的基础设施,比如,尽管新的收费公路网免费,但去往马德里的路上却常常遇到交通堵塞,因为司机们都想省钱。Officials claim Madrid is aly noticing last quarters uptick in Spains economy. There is an increase in new firms, requests for planning permission are up and the city recently sold 128m (2m) of housing rental units to Magic Real Estate Blackstone, a private-equity firm. Unemployment is still a shocking 20%, but below the national average of 27%. With her stringent austerity policies, Ms Botella is not popular: polls suggest that the city will swing left for the first time in 25 years in elections due in 2015.政府官员发表声明说,马德里已经注意到最后一个季度西班牙经济有所上升。新公司的数量有所增长,而建筑许可的需求也有所增加。此外,马德里市最近向一家私募股权的公司,魔法房地产百事通售出了价值一亿两千八百万欧元(折合一亿七千两百万美院)住房租赁单位。马德里的失业率仍然是让人触目惊心的20%,但低于比全国平均27%的失业率低。由于安娜严苛的紧缩政策,她不大受人们欢迎:民调显示,在2015年的竞选中,马德里人可能会倾向于左派政党,这是25年以来的第一次。Sheldon Adelson, an American gambling billionaire, wants to build a huge Las Vegas-style complex just outside the city. That will create welcome construction jobs. But bishops warn that becoming Europes gambling capital will also bring organised crime and prostitution.一位美国靠发家的亿万富翁谢尔登·阿德尔森想在马德里市外建一座大型的式的综合区域。这会产生大量的建筑工作,但是西班牙主教提醒说马德里将会成为欧洲的首都,并带来一系列有组织的犯罪和卖淫活动。译者:毛慧 校对:周雨晴 译文属译生译世 /201511/411123赣州市仁济网上预约咨询 Just as the police bang down the door, the bad guys flush theincriminating drugs down the toilet.Surely, a scenario weve allseen on TV and in the movies.我们在电视上或电影里总会看到这样的场景,警察破门而入时,坏人正将罪毒品倒入厕所冲走。But, you might be surprised tofind out how many drugs innocently wind up in our lakes and rivers every day.但是,你可能会惊奇地发现每天将有多少药品流入我们的河流湖泊里。Household drugs like painkillers, antibiotics and hormones enter the water system through manychannels.像去疼片,抗生素,激素等家庭用药会以多种渠道进入水系统。For example, some animal feeds contain antibiotics and flood into rivers with run-offwater.比如,一些动物饲料中包含抗生素,会随水流一起流入河中。Antibiotics are regularly flushed or dumped down sinks and toilets.通常,抗生素会被冲进或倒入水池和厕纸中。Since many sewagetreatment plants dont effectively remove drugs or hormones, these compounds enter ourwaterways and wind up in our tap water.许多污水处理厂并不能有效的去除药品或激素,这些化合物就进入我们的水管中,最终成为我们的自来水。Are flushed drugs a health concern?该不该担心那些被冲走的药品会影响我们的健康?Once in a river, antibiotics might affect wildlife by killing off thenormal microbes that are naturally found in the water and soil and that form the basis of the local ecosystem.药品一旦进入河流,抗生素会杀死水中,土壤中正常的微生物, 而它们是形成当地生态系统的基础,所以抗生素可能会影响野生动物。Or, perhaps more dangerously, the microbes may learn to adapt and reproduce in thepresence of antibiotics, developing antibiotic resistance.或者可能更具危险性,微生物也许会学着适应,并在有抗生素存在的情况下繁衍,衍生出抗药性。At present, common household drugs are found in many lakes and rivers in relatively smallconcentrations, but we can do something to help.目前,家庭常用药物在河流湖泊中的浓度还不高,但是我们可以改善这种情况。We can avoid throwing drugs down the drainand, instead, take them to a hospital, pharmacy or hazardous waste center for safe disposal.我们可以不往下水道里扔药品,将药品带去医院,药房或者危险废弃物中心进行安全处置。201412/348903Opposition research反对派调查Digging dirt, digitally电子版发奸擿伏How to ensure that dumb things politicians say get a wide audience怎样保政客们把持的那些不为人知叫座连连One of the houses the Clintons bought when they were “dead broke”WHEN Bruce Braley, a little-known Iowa Democrat, dismissed Senator Charles Grassley as “a farmer from Iowa who never went to law school” (a description that fits a lot of Iowa voters), he may not have expected his remarks to be posted online. He should have. America Rising, a firm that conducts “opposition research” on behalf of Republicans, was delighted to disseminate his gaffe, since Mr Braley is running in Iowa for an open US Senate seat.克林顿夫妇的其中一所房子是在他们山穷水尽时购置的,当时正值来自洛瓦的一名叫做布鲁斯 布拉里的民主党无名小卒称议员查尔斯 格拉斯利是一名从未步入法律院校大门的农民(这种描述对于很多洛瓦选民同样适用),他做梦都不会想到他的言论会在网上曝光,但他早就该有所准备。共和党代表美国崛起公司专门从事反对派的调查活动,它为此欢呼雀跃,奔走呼告,因为布拉里当时正在竞选美国议员席位。The recording, made as Mr Braley was soliciting donations from trial lawyers, has hobbled his campaign.Opposition research is as old as politics itself—Ciceros orations against Catiline, a dodgy candidate for the Roman consulship in 63, were notably well-informed. But some parties are better than others at “oppo”, as it is now called. Democrats outdid Republicans in 2012 thanks partly to the professionalism of American Bridge 21st Century (“Bridge”), which was set up in 2010 and is backed by George Soros, a financier, and others. Bridge prepared dossiers on prominent Republicans and sent staffers to film Republican candidates every move, waiting to pounce on ill-chosen words.录音中,布拉里正向辩护律师寻求资金持,这使他的竞选活动深陷沼泽,反对派调查的发展历史与政治人士本身不相上下,其最早可追溯到时西塞罗与喀提林一场人尽皆知的辩论,喀提林是公元前63年罗马执政官的竞选者,巧舌如簧。但是在“opp”中(如今人们这么称呼他),一些党派真是鹤立鸡群,如“21世纪美国之桥”(“桥”),其内部专业人士在2012年民主党击败共和党中立了大功,2010年它在金融学家乔治索罗斯和其他一些人的持下创立,它建立一些声名显赫的共和党人的档案,派遣成员记录下共和党竞选者的一举一动,并大肆渲染每一个错用的单词。It worked. Bridge circulated a of Todd Akin, a Missouri Republican running for the Senate, using the phrase “legitimate rape”. Mr Akin later said he meant “forcible”, not “legitimate”, but the gaffe probably cost him the election.这招确实奏效,它曾制作了一部密苏里共和党议员候选人都德阿金的视频,视频中他使用了“合情理强奸”一词,后来他说它是指“强制性强奸”不是“合情理”,但这种错误还是造成其落选。O tempora, o mores啊,时代呀!啊,风尚呀!For the presidential campaign, Bridge helped to drive a national conversation about Republican nominee Mitt Romneys past in private equity, allowing Barack Obama to benefit from bare-knuckle capitalist-bashing without having to roll up his own sleeves. Bridge is now gearing up for this years congressional races; it reports raising and spending over 2.6m in the first three months of 2014.在总统选举中,该组织同样推动了一场关于共和党提名人选罗姆尼私募股权的过去,其结果是,奥巴马不费丝毫力气,借了资本家抨击的刀,坐收渔翁之利。如今,美国之桥正在为今年的国会选举整装待发,它的报道量攀升,在2014年的前三个月的开便达到了260万美元。After Mr Romney lost, Republican grandees were determined to build a national rival to Bridge. Matt Rhoades, a former Romney campaign manager, joined Tim Miller and Joe Pounder, former Republican National Committee officials, to lead the way. They took 100,000 from the remnants of a pro-Romney campaign fund and more cash from big donors, and set about hiring researchers and “trackers”.自从罗姆尼失利后,共和党政要便一心想要为美国之桥树立劲敌,在这一点上,罗姆尼阵营前领导者马特罗迪斯和共和党国家委员会成员蒂姆 米勒,琼 鲍德携手开创了先河,他们从持罗姆尼的资金余额中拿出10万美元,又向捐助者大量集资,正着手雇佣研究和记录人员。America Rising hopes that its investigations and ever-expanding store of footage will help Republicans, or at least force Democrats to watch what they say. “Back in the old days, Louisiana Senator Mary Landrieu a Democrat could go down to Louisiana and say one thing about her position on energy, and then go talk to some liberal donors and say another thing,” says Mr Miller.More or less every word a candidate says now lives online somewhere. So groups like Rising and Bridge can build enormous, searchable databases of their opponents statements and systematically search for contradictions.“美国崛起”希望,调查的增加和视频的堆积会助共和党一臂之力或至少也让民主党对其所言小心谨慎,米勒说“在过去,路易斯安那民主党议员玛丽, 可以来到路易斯安那州对于他的立场大放厥词,但在一些自由捐助人士面前却抛射另一套理论。”可以说,在当今这个社会里,竞选人所说的每一个单词在网络上都有迹可循,因此,崛起和桥一类的组织都能建立一套有关他们对手言论的数据库,容量巨大,搜寻便利,可用来系统的搜索与之对立的信息。When they find one, they can alert reporters, or sympathetic activists who can then create ads or web campaigns exploiting the discovery. Both Rising and Bridge are constantly in touch with these other groups, coordinating their attacks. The most valuable employee is no longer a loyalist willing to trail a candidate for months, but a skilled digital researcher.The two oppo groups are aly building cases against possible presidential candidates for 2016.一旦他们捕捉到什么,他们便告知记者或与之同呼吸的激进分子,这些人利用广告或网络活动深入挖掘发现的用处,崛起和桥都和其他组织紧密相连,协调攻击。最有价值的雇员不再是那种心甘情愿跟踪一个竞选者长达几个月的人,而是一个技术精湛的电子调查员。这两个反对党派组织已经在积蓄力量,其目标就是可能于2016年参选的竞选人。Bridge has been digging for dirt on New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, some of it relating to a traffic jam on a bridge that his aides are alleged to have caused to punish a mayor who crossed him. They are also scouring documents related to an investigation of Wisconsin Governor Scott Walkers campaign finances.And of course Bridge and Rising are at war over Hillary Clinton. The Republicans have a dedicated anti-Hillary team, are building a archive of all her appearances, have published an e-Book to pick apart her recent memoir and are posting shareable barbs, such as pictures of two rather grand houses the Clintons bought around the time when Mrs Clinton said they were “dead broke”. Mrs Clintons defenders at Bridge have created an organisation called “Correct the Record” to rebut Republican attacks on the former secretary of state.桥正致力于挖掘新泽新洲州长克里斯 克里斯蒂的负面新闻,其中一些是关于他的助手处罚了一个在交通拥堵中超他车的市长,另一些文件积累是为了调查威斯康辛州州长竞选财政问题。当然,在希拉里克林顿问题上,桥和崛起之间也是硝烟四起,共和党领导的是一个反克林顿集团,他们正在制作所有希拉里抛头露面的视频合辑,并发表了一部电子书在希拉里最近的自传中挑肥拣瘦,锋芒毕露,例如,有两张图是希拉里在其声称山穷水尽时所购置的两套气势恢宏的住房,桥内部希拉里的捍卫者们创立了一个名叫“记录纠错”的组织,反击共和党对这位前国务卿的攻击。Over the past decade oppo has turned from an art into a science, with fewer camera-wielding college students hiding behind trees and more staff staring at screens all day, monitoring livestreamed interviews and campaign events. Both sides dream of upending an opponent with an Akinesque “gotcha”, but the daily reality is more mundane. On Risings website, the self-explanatory headline above one is “Rep. Joe Garcia (D-FL) Picks His Ear And Eats It”.经过十年,反对党调查组织已从一种艺术演变为一种科学,在树后手持相机躲躲闪闪的大学生渐渐淡出了视野,取而代之的是一群目不转睛盯着屏幕的工作人士,审阅各种直播的访谈和竞选活动。两者都梦想放倒对手,欢呼难倒你了,但事实更为平淡乏味,在崛起的网站,一则视频上的导语解释道:共和党琼 加西亚掏掏耳屎并吃了它”译者:张孟夏 译文属译生译世 /201507/384876赣州市中心医院治疗宫颈糜烂好吗

赣县区人民医院在那儿赣州仁济男性专科要预约吗 Theres a hotel boom happening in downtown Detroit. Once-abandoned buildings are now gleaming new hotels, or will be soon. But will these plans give Detroit too many hotel rooms or not enough? And there have been lengthy discussions over the two hotels near the new Red Wings arena site just north of downtown.The Ilitch family, owners of the Red Wings, Tigers and Olympia Entertainment, have created a plan for creating a new arena, but the Detroit City Council still must approve it. The current plan calls for the Ilitches to refurbish the Eddystone hotel and tear down the Park Avenue next to it, but the agreement is still lacking some details.;The Councils sticking point seems to be, as of this week, that they want an absolute, iron-clad agreement that the Eddystone will in fact be redeveloped,; Detroit Free Press writer John Gallagher says.Gallagher also believes part of the delay may come from the Councils desire to show they have some power in the development as well.;Some of it is the Council wanting to flex its muscles and have a say in this process and not just be given a plan,; Gallagher says.The development calls for a lot of public money up front, according to Gallagher, and in turn the Ilitches would spend 0 million to develop the rest of the district with housing, restaurants and entertainment venues.Gallagher says that this delay isnt likely to tank the project and he expects it to be resolved in a few weeks.And this new deal is just one of various new hotel projects in the city.Gallaghers recent story in the Free Press details the Detroit hotel scene, showcasing many of the boutique hotels with 100 to 150 rooms coming to the area.These hotels still need guests, though, and Gallagher says Detroit needs to continue to focus on creating a more vibrant market for people to visit, or conventions or trade shows.In order to fill rooms, you have to have more than the auto show, Gallagher says, and with recent attention on the issue, ;Detroit is lining up to really pick up its convention business to be one of the major ones in the Midwest.;201504/370246上犹县中稍卫生院阴道

大余县人民医院引产Sure, you think the world is full of solid objects.世界充满了固体物质,你可能对此深信不疑。You think theradio youre listening to is solid.你会以为,你正在听的收音机是固体的;You think the floor yourestanding on or the chair youre sitting in is solid.你正站在上面的地板是固体的;你正坐在上面的椅子是固体的。Heck, you probably think that you yourself are a solid object. Wrong.嘿,你可能说,我自己也是固体呀。可惜,你错了。One of the strangest things modern atomic theory has shownus is that what we commonly take to be the world of solidobjects is for the most part empty space.现代原子理论带给我们最大的惊奇是,通常被认为是固体的东西其实大部分都是空隙。Thats right.确实是这样。Even something as reliable as a table, a brick, a baseball, even yourbody, is by and large just empty space.即使是像桌子,砖头,棒球,甚至你的身体,这些看起来实实在在的东西,其主要构成都是空隙。Why is that?为什么这么说呢?Its because you, the baseball, and everything else is made up of atoms.这是因为你也好,棒球也好,其它的任何东西也好,都是由原子构成的,And atoms themselves are mostly empty space…而原子本身大部分都是空隙。But wait! What about the protons and neutrons and stuff?不过,等一下!你可能会问,不是还有质子、中子吗?Well, theyre in there, but only in the very center. Thats called the nucleus.它们又在哪里呢?别着急,它们还是在那里,不过只在正中间一点点地方。所以它们被称为原子核。An atoms nucleus is surrounded by a cloud of orbiting electrons.原子核的周围环绕着一团按轨道运行的电子群。Virtually all the mass of the atom—the stuff and not the fluff-is in the nucleus.事实上,粗略地说,原子的重量就是原子核的重量,And the nucleus is incredibly tiny compared tothe overall size of the atom.尽管与整个原子相比,原子核小得不可思议。In fact, its about a hundred thousand times smaller.具体地说,原子核比原子小十万倍。Its like aspeck of dust floating around inside a cathedral.形象地说,原子核与原子就如同一粒漂浮的微尘与大教堂,In between the dust speck and the cathedral walls is nothing but space.而灰尘和教堂的墙壁之间没有任何东西-全是空隙。So you are made up of things that are mostly empty space, with occasional specks floating inthem.所以你就是由这样的东西构成的:它们基本上都是空隙,几颗微尘漂浮其间。Does it make you feel kind of empty, too?这是否让你感到某种空虚?Dont worry. Every other object in the world,from a pebble to Mount Everest, is the same way.别担心。世上所有一切,从小小的鹅卵石到巍巍喜马拉雅山,也都是这样构成的。 201411/341258 Ellen,I might be one of the biggest Bieber fanatics you ever seeEllen 我可能是你见过的最狂热的Bieber粉My friends and I are in love with him,Biebers such an inspiration to me我和我的朋友都爱上他 Bieber一直在鼓励着我Whenever I am sad or having a bad day,his music gets me through and makes me smile每当我心情沮丧 郁郁寡欢的时候 他的音乐总能帮我渡过难关 让我重新振作The next time Justins on your show,It would be a miracle to come to tap and see him下一次Justin上你的节目 我非常想去现场看看他I would do anything I mean anything Ellen,Im not even joking我会不惜一切 我说一切 Ellen 我不是开玩笑Put me to the tests anything you ask Ill do it,I love him so much Ellen让我去现场 我愿为你做牛做马 我太爱他了 EllenHis music lyrics amazing looks have made me one of the biggest fans他的音乐 他萌死人的外表让我不可自拔Please Ellen, I beg you next time hes on call me upEllen 求你了 下一次他上节目的时候给我打电话I live like 30 minutes away from your studio,Love Paige,Paige Conway我住的地方离摄影棚只有30分钟的路程 爱你的 Paige,Paige ConwayIt turns out its about an hour away,But anyway事实上是一个小时的路程 但是无论任何But even though it was an hour away and even though hes busy但是尽管有一个小时的路程 尽管他很忙Justin surprised her and we have that footage which was so sweet,Lets take a lookJustin意外地拜访了她 我们有一段甜蜜的录像 我们一起来看一下Whats up,Ellen,Justins here,Im on my way to go surprise Paige,She said shes my biggest fan最近怎么样 Ellen 我是Justin 我正准备去给Paige个惊喜 她说她是我的头号粉丝Shes fifteen,And we are here, she has no clue Im here,So lets go她15岁 我们到了她家 她完全不知道我来了 我们走吧Hi, my names Paige Conway and this is my room大家好 我叫Paige Conway 这是我的房间Im the biggest Justin Bieber fan,because hes gorgeous and I love his hair我是Justin的头号粉丝 因为他很迷人 我喜欢他的头发I love everything about him,His music is amazing and very inspirational我爱他的一切 他的音乐很棒 很鼓舞人心I had his posters for my wall forever,you have to like him, you cant like not like him我的这些海报要永远挂在墙上 你会爱上他的 他让你不得不爱Hes amazing and hes won all these awards,hes really showing people in the world what he can do他很优秀 他赢得了很多的奖 他向世界明了 他能行Thats crazy that hes gone this far,Ive been with him every single step of the way他能走到今天真是太不可思议 我对他的每一步都不断关注 /201606/451671寻乌县保胎多少钱章贡区妇幼保健院官网



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