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乌兰察布做隆胸多少钱呼和浩特京美整形医院激光祛斑手术多少钱希拉里自曝曾拒绝克林顿求婚 -- :53:1 来源: mer Secretary of State Hillary Clinton opened up about her marriage in an interview with actress and activist Lena Dunham published Tuesday.前国务卿希拉里?克林顿于9月9日接受采访,向演员兼政治活跃分子莉娜?杜汉姆敞开心扉,畅谈自己的婚姻生活"I was terrified about losing my identity and getting lost in the wake of Bill’s ce-of-nature personality," she said of the mer president. "I actually turned him down twice when he asked me to marry him."提到她丈夫,希拉里说:“比尔有种与生俱来的魅力,我一开始害怕在他面前迷失自我事实上,前两次他向我求婚,我都拒绝了”"That was a large part of the ambivalence and the worry that I wouldn’t necessarily know who I was or what I could do if I got married to someone who was going to chart a path that he was incredibly clear about. My ideas were much more inchoate. I wasn’t sure how to best harness my energies. So I was searching," she added.“那时候我左右为难,又焦虑万分,主要是因为找不到个人定位,对未来也毫无头绪毕竟,比尔早已有了清晰的规划,可我还一头雾水我不知道如何才能最好地发挥我的力量,所以一直在寻找方向,”她补充道Bill Clinton often recalls how he proposed twice, and how he initially felt that his future wife, who is again running president, would be more suited a life of public service.比尔?克林顿谈及两度求婚遭拒的往事时则常说,一开始便预感希拉里这一生都会奉献给公共事业如今,希拉里卷土重来,宣布再次竞选总统“I once told her, ‘I do want you to marry me, but you shouldn’t do it,’ and she said ‘that’s not a very good way to make a sale, what do you mean?’" he said in an interview with E! News. "I said well, ‘I love you and you’re endlessly interesting to me and we’ll have a good life, but I think you’re the most talented person of our generation public service and what you should really do is go home to Illinois and run office, or go to New York and practice law and run office.’”比尔?克林顿在接受E!新闻(E! News)采访时表示:“我告诉希拉里,‘我希望你嫁给我,但你不该这么做’她说,‘这种求婚招数也太烂了吧你到底想说什么呢?’于是我说,‘我爱你,你让我无限着迷,我们生活在一起会幸福的不过,我觉得你是咱们这代人的政治天才,你现在当务之急应是回到老家伊利诺伊州去竞选公职,或是去纽约闯一闯,当律师,竞选公职’”In her interview with Dunham, Hillary Clinton explained that she was worried how marriage would affect her teaching or her work at a legal-aid clinic.在接受莉娜?杜汉姆的采访时,希拉里也表示,自己当时有教学任务,并在一家法律援助事务所工作,害怕婚姻对自己的事业带来影响“I loved doing that. And I wasn’t quite sure how everything I cared about might fit into a marriage with him. So eventually, I said yes. It was a big leap of faith, and I think most marriages are," she said. "You really do just sort of say, 'Okay, I think I know what it’s gonna be like, but I don’t know sure. Let’s find out.'”她说:“我很爱自己的工作,当时对事业与婚姻如何兼容也没想太多,但最后还是答应了比尔的求婚结婚是放手一搏,不过我想大部分婚姻都这样你会对另一半说,‘唔,我想我大概知道以后过日子是个什么样,但还不确定那就让我们边走边看吧’”Vocabularyin the wake of: 随着…而来,作为…的结果inchoate: 未完成的;不成熟的harness: 利用run office: 竞选公职土默特左旗妇幼保健人民中医院韩式隆鼻多少钱 体验美式佛州春假 --7 3:50: 来源:i1st 导读:这里有全世界最大的迪士尼乐园,这里有幽默感up的新新人类,这里有沙滩、阳光和美女,最重要的是,这里有幸福感满满的春季假期~Florida, the southernmost state in the US mainland, has bestowed many gifts upon the world. It’s the birthplace of the modern air conditioner, site of the largest Disney World and home to a rotating cast of eccentrics, who supply endless amusement to observers the world over.佛罗里达州位于美国本土最南端,这里是全世界自然物产最丰富的地区之一它是现代空调的诞生地,全球最大迪士尼乐园所在地,这里还有形形色色特立独行的“奇葩”,他们为观察我们这个世界提供了源源不绝的乐趣Remember that guy arrested last year beating one of his employees with a real, live lizard? Yup, that was Florida. And the pilot who illegally flew a gyrocopter to the US Capitol? You can thank Florida that gem too.还记得去年有人因为用一只活生生的蜥蜴咬自己的雇员而被捕的新闻吗?是的,这发生在佛罗里达还记得一名飞行员曾非法驾驶旋翼机冲到美国国会大厦么?这也是佛罗里达的一大“功绩”Yes, the Sunshine State has done a lot humanity, including tickling its collective funny bone. But as many American college students can tell you, its biggest contribution may be the phenomenon known as “spring break”.确实,阳光州为人类做了不少贡献,包括它的全民幽默感不过正如一些美国大学生会告诉你的,它最大的贡献要数创造了一种叫“春假”的现象It’s that special time each year when college students are liberated from class one full week, to rest and prepare the exam season ahead. Or not. Nowadays, it’s a tradition students to abandon their dorm rooms Florida’s white-sand beaches–and, en route, abandon most of their clothes and common sense too.每年的某个特定时期,大学生都能有一整周的假期,他们养精蓄锐,为接下来的考试季做准备,或者就是玩玩玩现如今的春假,这样的生活已经变成了一项传统:学生们撇下宿舍,蜂拥到佛州的白色沙滩,尽情脱掉外衣,忘乎所以Spring break evolution春假的进化史In springtime, Florida becomes the host of a beachside bacchanal college students, but not so long ago, it was a relatively low-key tourist destination. The rise of the modern spring break and the rise of Florida as a tourist destination went largely hand-in-hand.春天的佛罗里达成了大学生狂欢的海滨胜地,不过不久之前,这儿还是个人气不怎么高的旅游景点现代春假的兴起几乎和佛罗里达成为旅游胜地相伴相生According to research from the University of New Orleans, college swim teams discovered Florida’s vacation potential back in the 1930s. But other destinations, like Bermuda, remained more popular college getaways. World War II changed that. With German U-boats patrolling offshore, American students were less inclined to go overseas spring vacations. Florida’s time had arrived.据美国新奥尔良大学的研究显示,早在世纪三十年代,大学游泳队们就发现了佛罗里达作为热门度假地的潜力不过当时像百慕大群岛这样的景点,作为逃离学校的旅游胜地则更受欢迎二战改变了这种状况由于德国U形潜水艇在近海巡逻,美国学生不倾向于出国度春假了佛罗里达时代就此开启By the 1950s, novels like Where the Boys Are and s like Time magazine’s “Beer The Beach” had established spring break as an excuse to party, and Florida as its capital.直到世纪五十年代,《男孩在哪里这样的小说和《时代周刊刊登的如《啤酒沙滩这类文章为春假聚会找到了理由,佛罗里达顺势成了派对之都With that anarchic spring break spirit comes an iconic spring break style, one that reflects Florida’s own eccentricities. It’s messy and wild and borderline tasteless–fashion’s rebellious answer to prim-and-proper college attire.和无法无天的春假精神相伴而生的是春假的标志性风格,它反应了佛州的独特性它凌乱、狂野,居于无品味的临界点上——是时尚对一本正经的大学生装束的反击勇敢母亲拼命从美洲狮口下救出儿子 -- :6: 来源: 美国科罗拉多州一位5岁男童在自家前院玩耍时,遭到一头美洲狮攻击,孩子母亲撬开狮子嘴巴救出了儿子 A woman in Colorado has saved her five-year-old son by prying open a mountain lion’s mouth after the animal attacked the boy in their front yard, officials say.美国科罗拉多州一位5岁男童在自家前院玩耍时,遭到一头美洲狮攻击,孩子母亲撬开狮子嘴巴救出了儿子The mother heard screams and raced outside the house near Aspen, where she found the animal on top of her son, the Pitkin County Sheriff’s Office said.比特金郡警方说,这家人住在阿斯彭附近,母亲听到孩子尖叫声,跑出屋外察看,赫然发现一头美洲狮正扑在儿子身上The boy suffered face, head and neck injuries and was said to be in fair condition at a hospital in Denver.这名男童的脸、头和脖子都遭爪子抓伤,但总体情况还算好,现在丹佛的一家医院治疗Officials said two lions were killed.官方表示有两头狮子被杀The unidentified woman said she grabbed one of the animal’s paws and stuck her right hand in its mouth to pry it open and free her son’s head, Pitkin County Sheriff’s Deputy Michael Buglione said.有关方面未透露该女士的身份,据比特金郡警察局副局长迈克尔. 伯格利奥内说,这位母亲上前去揪住了狮子的一只爪子,并把右手伸到狮子口里,把嘴撬开,使得她儿子的头得以解脱The mother had bite marks on her hand and scratches on her leg after the lion, believed to be two years old, ran off, he added.他补充说,这头狮子看起来大约两岁的样子,随后就跑掉了这位母亲的手上和腿上被狮子咬伤Wildlife officials said they killed a young lion near the home and a second one found in the area several hours later.野生生物机构工作人员表示,他们在这所住宅附近杀了一头年轻的狮子,几小时后又在这个区域杀死了另一只The incident happened on Friday night in the commy of Lower Woody Creek, north of Aspen.事件发生在周五晚上阿斯彭北边的下伍迪社区Officials say sightings are increasing across Colorado, where an estimated ,500 mountain lions live.有关方面表示,整个科罗拉多州估计有约500头美洲狮,近日他们在这里出没的越来越频繁The last known mountain lion attack in the state happened in July when a young animal attacked a man as he fished in a remote area in northwest Colorado, the wildlife department said.野生生物机构说,该州最近一次的美洲狮袭击人事件发生在年7月,当时一名男子在西北部的偏远地区钓鱼时被一只小狮袭击呼和浩特整容医院排行榜

乌兰察布市治疗痤疮多少钱印度德里知名医院肾交易曝光 -- :9: 来源: 印度警方说,他们在首都德里的一家知名私人医院,发现一桩非法人肾交易案件 Indian police say they have uncovered an illegal trade in human kidneys in one the leading private hospitals in the capital, Delhi.印度警方说,他们在首都德里的一家知名私人医院,发现一桩非法人肾交易案件They say five people have been arrested so far, including two employees of the Apollo Hospital.警察说目前已经逮捕了5人,包括阿波罗医院的名员工They are suspected of luring poor people to sell their kidneys up to ,500 bee re-selling the organs huge profits.他们涉嫌诱骗穷人卖肾,价格为7500美元个,然后再以高价卖出以获取巨额利润The hospital says it has been a victim and doctors were misled.该医院声称:医院也是受害者,医生们被误导了It is believed that the suspected gang members ged papers to dupe doctors into operating on the needy people in the belief that they were donating the kidneys to their relatives.据称,卖肾团伙伪造明文件,欺骗医生说手术所需的肾是病人的亲属捐献出来的The Apollo Hospital has said it is a matter of "grave concern", adding that it is fully co-operating with the police.阿波罗医院表示他们非常重视该案件,将全力配合警方调查此案"The hospital has been a victim of a well-orchestrated operation to cheat patients and the hospital," an Apollo spokesman said.医院发言人称:“医院也是该事件的受害者,有人精心策划了这一切,欺骗了病人和医院”"We urge the police to take the strictest of action against all those involved," the spokesman added.发言人补充说:“我们敦促警方采取最严厉的措施来惩治涉案人员”A chronic shortage of transplant organs is fuelling a lucrative black market trade in body parts across India.在印度,由于长期缺乏人体手术移植器官,催生了一些人体器官交易的黑市玉泉区脂肪移植隆胸费用 做好准备!十大最难答的面试题目 -- ::55 来源:sohu 见工面试的总是千篇一律 :''我是一个工作勤奋的人''、''我很高兴可以有新的机会去学习'',相信你也压倦这些一早准备好并可预测的吧? 其实很多机构招聘时怪招迭出,所以准备好被问到奇怪的问题吧! 求职招聘社区网站的年度报告总结了年十大最难答面试题目,如下: Tired of canned and predictable answers like“I am a hard worker” and “I am thrilled by the new opporty to learn”at job interviews? You should consider asking oddball questions. Glassdoor's annual report of the top toughest interview questions uncovered the following: 1. 你最想拥有哪种魔法力量? Topshop销售助理的求职者 “Which magic power would you like to have?” – Topshop sales assistant job candidate. . 如果你是一个水果,你想成为哪个品种,为什么?Topdeck旅行领队的求职者 “If you were a fruit, what kind would you be and why? – Topdeck Travel trip leader job candidate. 3. 如果你可以跟三位已经离世的演员共享晚餐,你会怎样选? 黑莓商务总监的求职者 “If you could have dinner with three actors that are no longer living, who would you pick?” – Blackberry commercial director job candidate. . 要用多少个小时才可以把伦敦每一个窗口都打扫干净?国际商业机器公司信息技术岗位的求职者 “How many hours would it take to clean every single window in London?” – IBM IT role job candidate. 5. 怎样才可以把一头大象放进冰箱? 金雅拓公司的软件工程师求职者 “How do you get an elephant in a fridge?” – Gemalto software engineer job candidate. 6. 如果现在是三点十五分,那时钟上的角度是什么? 标准集团产品控制求职者 “If the time is quarter past three, what is the angle measurement on the clock?” – Standard Bank Group product control job candidate. 7. 如果你有三分钟时间跟执行总裁独处在电梯,你会跟他说什么? 铁路基础设施公司管理会计师的求职者 “If you had three minutes alone in a lift with the CEO, what would you say?” – Network Rail management ant job candidate. 8. 有多少人在年出生被名为加里? 英国电信高级经理的求职者 “How many people born in were named Gary?” – BT senior proposition manager job candidate 9. 你会因为什么而声名远播? 安永总监的求职者 “What will you be famous ?” – EY director job candidate. . 英国一年平均售出多少块尿布? 英杰华集团研究生课程申请者 “How many nappies are purchased per year in the UK?” – AVIVA graduate programme job candidate. 你会如何回答上述问题?跟小编留言说说吧~ English Source: HumanResources呼和浩特武川县去除鱼尾纹多少钱

呼和浩特市253医院割双眼皮手术多少钱北京市将大力推进京剧进校园 -- :5:33 来源: 星期二,新京报报道,为了使年轻一代更好的传承中国传统文化,京剧正在被引入中小学课堂Peking Opera is being introduced to primary and middle school students in an eft to promote the traditional art to the younger generation, Beijing News reported on Tuesday.星期二,新京报报道,为了使年轻一代更好的传承中国传统文化,京剧正在被引入中小学课堂The countryrsquo;s first set of textbooks about Peking Opera was compiled and published by the Beijing Association of Promoting Quintessence of Chinese Culture and Peoplersquo;s Education Press in .年,北京国粹艺术传承促进会已经与人民教育出版社合作,编写、出版了中国第一套京剧教科书The textbooks optional courses have been put on trial use in middle schools in Fengtai district and will be used in middle schools across the city. The textbooks primary schools will also be rolled out.目前这套初中版的京剧选修教材已在丰台区初中阶段试用,将在全市推广同时小学版京剧教材也将适时推出Since , Beijing has promoted a program to provide opera training at dozens of primary schools. Schools apply funds from the cityrsquo;s education department to hire professional actors and actresses to work with students as young as 6 or 7.早在年,北京就推出了京剧进校园项目学校可向北京市的教育部门申请资金,以聘请专业表演家们给学生上课六七岁的孩子都可以参加培训Peking Opera arose during the rule of Emperor Qianlong in the Qing Dynasty (-19). It flourished decades in China and as its fame sp, it drew audiences in other countries, including the ed States and Japan.京剧形成于清朝(-19)乾隆皇帝统治时期,随着其声名鹊起,数十年来在中国盛极一时,甚至吸引了不少来自美国、日本的外国观众Yet over the years, its popularity diminished. While a significant number of people listened to radio productions of Peking Opera bee the 1980s, generations born after that pursued pop culture over the traditional arts.然而,近年来,它的热度开始消退出生于80年前的老一辈人中,有相当一部分只能去听一些京剧的音像制品,而80年以后的人们都渐渐只对流行文化感兴趣,摒弃了传统文化 铁腕:普京将派最大航母前往叙利亚荡平ISIS -- :19:55 来源: 据悉,俄罗斯总统普京目前正在酝酿对ISIS来一场毁灭性的打进,将派遣俄方最大航空母舰库兹涅佐夫号前往叙利亚,从源头上荡平ISIS VLADIMIR Putin is preparing to send Russia’s biggest battleship to Syria to crush ISIS at source.普京正在准备派遣俄罗斯最大航母前往叙利亚,以期从源头上荡平ISISThe Admiral Kuzetnov is poised dispatch in the autumn equipped with jet fighters and armoured helicopters y to fight the terrorist group.海军上将库兹涅佐夫号航空母舰正在静候今年秋季的派遣命令,届时将装备喷气式战斗机和武装直升机,来打击恐怖组织The move comes after the attacks on Bangladesh, where hostages were hacked to death in a Dhaka restaurant, and Baghdad where 5 people were killed in a car bomb in the Iraqi capital.在孟加拉国和巴格达的袭击发生后,俄罗斯便决定采取这一行动在孟加拉袭击中,共有名人质在达卡一家饭店内被砍死,而在伊拉克首都巴格达,有5人在汽车炸弹爆炸袭击中丧生The huge ship can carry up to 1 planes and 18 helicopters and is 3m long.这艘航母可以搭载1架战机和18架直升机,舰长3米It will be based close enough to the Syrian coastline so that Russian troops can complete military tasks and return back, a source told TASS.据消息人士向塔斯社透露说,在行动中,这艘航母将尽可能地停靠在接近叙利亚海岸线的地方,从而使得俄罗斯军队能够完成军事任务并返回The military-diplomatic source said: ’The General Staff has prepared a plan involvement of the deck aircraft in delivering strikes on terrorist groups in the Syrian Arab Republic, where the crews will practice taking off the carrier to deliver strikes on ground targets.’这位军方外交人士说道:“总参谋部已经准备好了一个计划方案,让参加过打击叙利亚阿拉伯共和国恐怖组织任务的舰载机也参与到这次行动中来,飞行员们将练习从甲板上起飞战机,然后打击地面目标”In a joint eft between the Admiral Kuzetnov’s crew and militants located at the Hmeymim Base, the Latakia airbase in Western Syria, strikes will be carried out in close coordination.海军上将库兹涅佐夫号航空母舰的船员和驻扎在Hmeymim基地的军事人员(该基地位于西叙利亚的拉塔基亚空军基地内)将会开展联合行动,届时双方将密切协调事实打击’The Admiral Kuznetsov," which will lead the Russian Navy’s permanent grouping in the Mediterranean Sea, will be close to the Syrian shore ’so that the deck aircraft have enough fuel to complete the military tasks and return back,’ the source added.据该消息人士表示:“‘海军上将库兹涅佐夫号’将会领导俄罗斯海军在地中海的永久军事部队,而在此次的行动中将十分靠近叙利亚的海岸,从而使得舰载战机的燃料足够持完成军事行动之后顺利返航”On July 1, Russian Deputy Defense Minister Yuri Borisov said Russia’s Project 135 aircraft carrier Admiral Kuznetsov will receive the Kamov Ka-5K (NATO reporting name: Hokum-B) helicopter this year ().7月1日,俄罗斯国防部副部长尤里·鲍里索夫表示说,俄方编号135海军上将库兹涅佐夫号航空母舰将在今年()装备卡莫夫卡-5K直升机(北约称呼其为:噱头-B)A military and diplomatic source told TASS earlier that the aircraft carrier Admiral Kuznetsov would arrive in the eastern part of the Mediterranean Sea in autumn.早前有军方外交知情人士向塔斯社透露说,库兹涅佐夫号将于今年秋季抵达地中海东部海域The ship is currently undergoing shipbuilders’ trials in the Barents Sea after repairs.这艘航母经过维修之后,目前正在巴伦海船长接受检查ISIS suffered further set-back on Sunday when the Iraqi town of Fallujah was declared fully liberated on Sunday.ISIS在上周日进一步受挫,伊拉克重镇费卢杰在周日的时候被宣布完全解放Only scattered signs of ISIS’s self-declared ’caliphate’ remain in Fallujah, a city west of Baghdad which was seized by anti-government fighters in early and later became a key jihadist stronghold.在费卢杰,目前只有零星的迹象显示这块土地曾被ISIS自称为是自己的“领土”费卢杰是位于巴格达西部的一个城市,年早些时候反政府武装占领了这座城市,随后便成为了伊斯兰圣战士的一个主要据点Iraqi ces declared victory on the weekend after government troops routed the remaining ISIS fighters from the city’s north and west under the close cover of US-led coalition airstrikes.伊拉克军队在周末的时候宣布了胜利,在以美国为首的联军空袭掩护下,伊拉克政府军在该城市的北部和西部击溃了残余了ISIS武装分子The battle, which began May , was the latest in a string of territorial defeats ISIS in Iraq over the past year.这场战役开始于5月日,是数年以来ISIS在伊拉克领土丧失中的又一次失败With airstrikes from UK and US ces aly leaving ISIS clinging onto its strongholds, it is hoped Russia’s intervention will see to the collapse of the caliphate.英国和美国军队的空袭使得ISIS武装分子龟缩在据点里不敢出来,希望俄罗斯的干预能够击溃这群恐怖分子托克托县治疗咖啡斑价格呼和浩特第二医院祛痣多少钱



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