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栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghais English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。201609/464436TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想201605/441509

TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想201610/467996

栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghais English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。201608/460628

  Yes. There it is. You got it.对,就是这样。你做的对。See, the hair, the same gesture, the wind. Wonderful.看,这头发,这动作还有这风…完美。If you examine his pictures, he always is focused on some detail...or some narrative or conceptual thing that hes documenting.如果你研究他的作品,你会发现他非常专注于细节他会在意一些叙事性和概念性的东西。Do you like that were dressed alike, Bill?你喜欢看我们穿的一样么Bill?I said, do you like it that were dressed alike? Mm-hmm.我是说…你喜欢看我们两个穿的一样么?Weve been hanging around with each other for 60 years.我们认识有六十年了。Thats great. -We went to high school together.哦,这真棒。-我们高中是同学。Thats great. Yeah. Terrific.那很好,很棒。And we never had a fight.并且我们从没吵过架。Oh, good. Thats better.哦,那更好了。Thats better. Theres enough people fighting.那真太好了!世界上有那么多人在吵架。Watch these crazy cabdrivers.小心那些疯狂的司机。Okay, good-bye.好的,拜拜。So his photographs, rather than just paparazzi shots, are really evidence of what fashion is at any given moment in the world.他的照片绝不仅仅是仔队似的街拍,而是记录和见了时尚的发展。His archive is really not just an encapsulation of fashion, but of New York life, and I think its wonderful for fashion historians...that this did happen...That there was this one individual...who was willing to dedicate his life...to this fascinating manifestation of culture.他的成就不仅仅是记录了时尚更是纽约生活最真实的写照,并且我认为,这对于研究时尚发展史的人来说是一件很棒的事,真的有这么一个人一个如此独特的人奉献了他的一生去展现这迷人的文化。201608/460201

  TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想201609/463924。

  90% of eligible voters go to the polls, roughly double recent turnouts.90%的合格选民都去投票了 大约是近期的一倍多In the 1890s voting was a public act and on one side there was the Republican ballot box and on the other side was the Democratic ballot box.在19世纪90年代投票是公开的 一边是投给共和党的投票箱 另一边是投给民主党的投票箱And so your foreman or an agent of your foreman could see who you voted for.所以工头或者工头代理能够看出你是投给谁的So there was a certain coercion that was employed by the Republicans upon those urban workers.因此共和党对这些城镇职工施加了一定的压力They might well have decided what they decided on their own but this simply made it easier for them to decide that.他们可能有自己的决定 但是这样一来 他们决定起来就简单了When the polls close, the nations future hangs in the balance.投票结束 国家的前途未卜For 20 long hours Carnegie, Morgan and Rockefeller agonize over the results.在漫长的二十小时里 卡内基 根与洛克菲勒都在苦等结果Not knowing whether the modern country they helped to build will still be the same when all the ballots are counted.不知道选票统计完毕后 他们帮助建立的现代化国家 还能不能维持原样America is at a crossroads.美国正处在一个十字路口A small group of men have created the modern country, building unimagined empires in oil, steel and electricity.一小群人建立起了现代化国家 打造了难以想象的石油 钢铁以及电力帝国But now, those empires are being threatened.但现在这些帝国正在受到威胁201606/451692

  Ive just spent a night on a desert island in the Torres Strait near Papua New Guinea.我在巴布亚新几内亚托雷斯海峡 的荒岛上度过了一夜Quite a crazy night with all of those birds going nonstop in this tree.真是个疯狂的夜晚 整晚都有鸟在这里起起落落Its like living inside an aviary.就像是生活在鸟舍里Im using a bit of this cuttlefish just to sharpen my knife again, put an edge back on it.我用这块墨鱼 来打磨我的小刀 开开仞The salt waters so corrosive here,anythings just gonna rust out.这儿的海水腐蚀性太强了 一切都不能幸免于难Okay.Time to get on.A new day means a new round In the endless cycle of desert survival.好了 是时候出发了 新一天的到来 意味着永无止境的 荒岛求生之旅 展开了新的篇章Theres a sea cave.Always worth checking these out.这儿有个海蚀洞 这地方总是值得一探究竟High tides bring all sorts of useful things into sea caves like this.涨潮时 各种有用的东西 会被冲进这样的海蚀洞中This is old netting.Theres a load of it.Im gonna cut some of this netting.这是个旧渔网 这种东西里面还有很多 我要切下这渔网的一部分Super-useful stuff. So much I can do with that.非常有用的东西 我可以用它来做很多事Im gonna see if this cave leads through to the other side of the island.我想看看这个洞 是不是能通到岛的另一端Theres water in here,which means this cave floods at high tide,and I dont want to get trapped.这里有水 意味着涨潮时 海水会淹没这里 我可不想被困于此But now Ive got clear daylight to follow.Theres an exit out here.但现在 我有一整天的时间 这里有个出口And Ive spotted something else.Theres another island, as well.Lets get out.我还发现了其他的东西 这边还有个岛屿 我们出去吧201704/501732UNICEF warns 75,000 kids in Nigeria could die from hunger if they dont get proper aid within a year. 联合国儿童基金会警告称,如果一年内没有获得适当的援助,尼日利亚的75,000个孩子可能会死于饥饿。And its because the terrorist group Boko Harams attacks that are cutting off aid. All over Nigeria, people are starving. 这是因为恐怖组织科圣地的攻击正在切断援助。尼日利亚的人们都在挨饿。In Northern Nigeria, there are seven times as many people cut off from aid as in Aleppo, Syria. 在尼日利亚北部,相比于叙利亚阿勒颇,有七倍多人的援助被中断。My wife died. We just lost a baby three days ago that my brothers wife gave birth to. My brother is dead; my father died not too long ago. 我的妻子死了。刚在三天前,我们失去了一个婴儿,是我兄弟的妻子生下的。我的兄弟死了,我的父亲不久前也去世了。Aid groups are trying to offer food, but theres not enough to go around. 援助组织正试图提供食物,但是食物远远不够。One of the biggest issues? A lot of people outside of the country have simply stopped paying attention. 最大的问题之一?外界的许多人都已经停止对其关注。译文属。201610/473018TED演讲视频:关于泰迪熊的奇怪故事1902年,总统西奥多·罗斯福传奇性地给了一只黑熊一条生路--这促使了人们对一个叫做泰迪熊玩具的狂热。作家乔恩·莫阿拉姆深入讲述了这个故事,并让我们思考我们如何讲述关于野外动物的故事对一个种类的生存机会,以及整个自然世界会有怎样真正的影响。201703/495819

  TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想201611/470046Perhaps he will rightly be called a leopard,leo-brave, proud and fierce, the powered,wily, devious and treacherous.或许猎豹是对他最贴切的称谓 如猎豹般 勇敢 傲慢而残忍 大权在握 狡猾 刁钻而阴险The leopard prince was born to splendid,impossible expectations.猎豹王子生来就被寄予宏伟 近乎不切实际的厚望His father, Henry III,had named his son for England Royal Saint Edward the Confessor the paragon,so it was then thought, of kingly perfection.他的父亲 亨利三世 以英格兰皇室圣贤 忏悔者爱德华为其命名 在当时人民的心中 他是帝王的完美代表Though the Confessor had been dead for almost 200 years,尽管忏悔者已离世近二百年Henry ate, drank and worshipped him,and finally created for the long-dead king a shrine of unparalleled magnificence.亨利无时无刻不把他奉若神灵 并最终为这位早已作古的国王 建造了一座富丽堂皇 无与伦比的神龛Of course, such a shrine would need a home that equalled a splender the new Westminster Abbey.当然 此等华贵的神龛需要一个 与其相称的处所来安放 全新的威斯敏斯特教堂Henry demolished the old basilica at Westminster and replaced it with an immense gothic abbey,亨利拆除了威斯敏斯特的旧教堂 在原址建造了一座宏伟的哥特式教堂a building that now fitted his vision of an awe-inspiring English monarch.这个新建筑终于与他心中 英格兰君王令人敬畏的形象相称From now on, Westminster would be the symbolic heart of the Kingdom,从那以后 威斯敏斯特教堂就成了 王权身份的象征the place where all English monarchs would be crowned and buried.所有英国君主都将在此加冕 死后也将长眠于此 /201610/470159

  Man, theres something theres something down here.上帝 这里有货 水里肯定有东西The suspense you can cut with a knife.谜底马上即可揭晓All my instincts were telling me,;Get your hand out of there.;我的本能告诉我 赶快收手And this thing bit onto his hand.It was like this.这东西咬住了他的手 有这么大Hes got my finger right down its mouth.And hes just shredded my fingers.它咬住我的手指 咬住不放 它想把我的手指咬碎That must be must be 20 pounds of fish.这条鱼足有 足有九公斤重A seriously painful catch,but I reckon its worthy of my top 10.非常痛苦的捕捉经历 我认为这一片断够排在前十了Coming up,I quench my thirst with a seriously disgusting drink.接下来 我用非常恶心的液体解渴Eat an explosive meal.Oh, my goodness.Man, that is coming fast And have a very close scrape with death.享用一顿大餐 天啊 伙计 船朝着我们来了 我还与死神擦肩而过Im Bear Grylls.and welcome back to my 25 greatest moments.我是贝尔·格里尔斯 欢迎收看25个精片段特辑Ive experienced every possible extreme of temperature on this show,在录制这档节目的过程中 我经历过所有极端的温度but an arctic river crossing took things to a whole new level.但在北极渡河最令我难忘It was amazing. He was absolutely freezing.太吓人了 他当时完全冻僵了This ones in at number nine,and its probably one of the coldest things Ive ever had to do.这一段经历排名第九 但却是我经历过的最冷的旅程之一At minus 26,deep inside the arctic circle,a river blocked my path.零下26度 深入北极圈 一条河挡住了我的去路The last thing you could possibly want to do is to cross that river,but when theres no choice, you go for it.你绝不想过河 但没的选择 只有前进Of course he wanted to keep his clothes dry.So he got naked.因为他想要保持衣物的干燥 所以他选择裸泳201612/484177


  When I came into the oil industry, there was chaos.当初我进入石油业的时候 场面混乱I brought order.我带来了秩序I took a second rate, inefficient market and built an industry.我在一个二流的低效的市场中建立起一个产业It was done the way it was because thats the way it had to be done.之所以采取一些手段是因为别无选择No one complained when I brought light into every home.当我将光明带给千家万户时没人抱怨No one complained when I provided thousands ofjobs, or millions of dollars from exports.当我提供成千上万的就业机会 或者数百万美元的外汇时也没人抱怨Oil is what this country runs on.国家的运行靠的就是石油You call it monopoly, I call it enterprise.你们说是垄断 我说这是事业Now, you tell me, why am I here?告诉我 你们凭什么告我As the court adjourns to deliberate Rockefeller can only await his companys fate.法庭休庭考虑时 洛克菲勒也只能等待对他公司命运的宣判Hundreds of miles away a new kind of businessman, Henry Ford, also waits.数百英里之外的新型商人 亨利·福特也在等待A panel of federal judges will decide whether Ford can continue to freely manufacture and sell his model A car.联邦法官组成的小组将决定福特是否可以继续自由地制造出售他的A型车The association of licensed automobile manufacturers is suing Ford for a royalty on every car he sells.授权汽车制造商协会起诉福特 要求他卖的每一辆车 都要付特许权使用费Ford knows those royalties would drive up the cost of his car putting it out of the reach for the average consumer.福特知道这些费用会抬高成本 那样的话 普通消费者就买不起他的车了For most early car makers, the lawsuit would be a devastating setback, but for Ford its something different--an opportunity.对于大多数早期的汽车制造商 这样的诉讼是一场毁灭性的打击 但对于福特却是一个机会201607/455027

  A number of commentators over the last decade maybe two decades have talked about在过去的十几二十年里 大量的家都谈论到what I think of as skills development meaning do you have the requisite skills to be able to enter your first job.我所认为的技能的发展是你是否拥有你第一份工作所要求的你需要具备的能力Can you well?例如你阅读能力怎么样Can you write well?写作能力Do you have the ability to code, et cetera?编写代码的能力等等I actually think we often times confused skills and skills development with education.实际上我认为 我们经常会混淆了技能和技能发展与教育之间的关系An education is actually designed to actually encourage the individual to consider questions they hadnt considered before,教育实际上是用来鼓励个体去思考前人没有思考过的问题to actually be able to assemble a vast array of information and then to synthesize that information让个体真正有能力把大量的信息进行处理整合and to come up with perhaps what one would think of as new answers.进而总结出他认为是全新的Its not about learning the most recent technique.教育并不是使人学习最新的技术And the challenge is that if you only talk about skills development the way knowledge is produced these days a generation is 18 months.这其中的问题在于 如果你只学习现成的知识而新一轮知识的产生只需要18个月And so that means by the time youve actually finish school often times youre aly behind the curve因此这就意味着 等到你实际上结束学业的时候很多时候你已经落后于潮流and some of that information is obsolete.学的一些知识也已经过时If youre really truly educated you then learn and you know how to go about pursuing the new acquisition of information如果你接受了真正的教育 然后你知道如何去获取新的知识和信息and that information that you can then synthesize and apply to what you aly know并且你可以将那些信息进行整合处理 进而应用于你所了解的事物上means then that youre not behind the curve, youre keeping pace with the change这就意味着你永远紧跟时代变化的步伐 尔不会落后于潮流thats always occurring in both technology and other aspects of American life.尽管科技领域和美国人生活的其他方面一直在发生变化I love STEM: science, technology, engineering and math.我爱STEM: 科学、技术、工程和数学I actually can remember circa 1998 being at a meeting at the National Science Foundation实际上 我记得大约在1998年 我在美国国家科学基金会的一个会议上and it wasnt even STEM yet, it was SMET: science, math, engineering and technology.那时候这个单词还不是STEM 而是SMET: 科学 数学 工程和技术And we were all sitting there going are you sure you want to call it SMET?我们当时都坐在那讨论要不要叫它SMETAnd we came back a year later and it turned from being SMET to STEM and we go why is it now STEM and not SMET?然后一年之后回首 这个单词由SMET变成了STEM 于是我们追问为什么现在是STEM而不是SMETAnd they said well, believe it or not we were up on Capitol Hill asking for money for SMET他们说 嗯 不管你们相不相信 我们去了国会为SMET要资金and one congress persons aid goes, ;Why do we want money for smut?;一个国会议员的助理问:“为什么你们要为淫秽小说要钱?”Misunderstanding and miss hearing what was being said and they realized at that point that they need to re-order the alphabet.助理听错并误解了所说的内容他们在那时意识到 他们需要调整字母顺序And so hence was born STEM.由此产生了STEMThe long story is that actually it still took another six or seven years for STEM to actually gain some traction实际上 STEM还花了六七年时间才真正获得一些关注because a lot of both public policy makers and others thought of STEM as related to stem cell research因为许多公共政策制定者和其他人把STEM看作是类似干细胞的研究and they were hesitant to get into the political cultural wars over stem cell and stem cell research.他们对干细胞没多大兴趣也不想涉及干细胞研究的政治文化论战中My colleagues in the sciences persevered and we now hear all over the place但通过科学界的同事们的坚持不懈 现在我们可以在所有地方听到它we need to make investments in science, technology, engineering and math.我们需要在科学 技术 工程和数学上投资While I actually believe we need to do so, I also realize that what I think of are these grand challenges in the world,而且我也坚信我们需要这样去做 我也意识到我正在考虑的是世界上的一些重大的挑战these gnarly problems that require us to really mobilize a whole array of talent and research,这个棘手的问题要求我们运用所有才能和调查来解决we cant answer those questions only by asking what a scientist would think of it or an engineer.我们解决不了那些问题 除非我们去找一位科学家或者一位工程师寻求The example I give is one of my favorite examples.我想举一个我最喜欢的例子I was in a meeting in Atlanta some years ago when I was still at Emory University几年前 我出席一个亚特兰大的会议 当时我还在埃默里大学and we were over at Georgia Tech and our friends at Georgia Tech and colleagues from Emory在乔治亚理工学院的工作结束了之后 我朋友们和另一些埃默里大学的同事们and former officials from the CDC were sitting in the room talking about water以及来自CDC的前职员们当时正坐在房间里谈论水资源and the need to come up with a solution to clean water.和我们需要想出一些策略来解决干净水资源这件事And they were telling a story about a West African village.他们当时正在讲一个关于一个西非村庄的故事And in this West African village there was a need for clean water.这个村庄需要干净的水The women would trek every day down to the river that was contaminated那里的妇女每天都要长途跋涉去被污染的河边打水and that was actually leading to all kinds of infections that could be prevented.这会导致了各种本可以预防的疾病而开始滋生So one of the international agencies provided research and dollars for them to then drill a well.因此一个国际组织开展调查并给他们筹集资金来打井The engineers came in and did their survey and drilled the well right in the middle of the village.工程师们来做了调查 然后在村子的正中间打了井To their surprise the women walked past the well and kept going to the contaminated river.然而令人惊讶的是 妇女们无视这口井 依旧去被污染的河边打水And the engineers were mystified.工程师们大惑不解Finally the engineers thought well maybe we should bring in some anthropologist and gender experts to talk to the women.最后工程师们认为他们应该带一些人类学家和性别专家来和妇女们谈谈They finally did and they asked the women a simple question,他们这样做了 并且问了妇女们一个简单的问题:;Why are you walking past a well and perfectly clean water to go to the river with the contaminated water?;“为什么你们无视一口有着十分干净的水的井而去被污染的河挑水?“And the women said look, we understand that this water is better here,妇女们回答道 我们知道这里的水更好but you dont understand why we walk to the water.但是并不知道 为什么我们非要去河边Its not only a utilitarian function of retrieving water,我们不光是为了打水才去那里的its a way for us to get away from the menfolk in the village, from the children,它也是我们远离村里的男人和孩子们to break up the routine of the domestic household.从繁琐的家务中抽出一些时间休闲的一种方式For us to have this well right there actually doesnt serve our purposes.其实 对我们来说 有一口井在那里并没有让我们更满意So they actually moved the well, they drilled it farther away to both assist the women最后工程师们只有把井填掉 在更远的地方打了井and allow them to have their cultural practices maintained and to also provide clean water.这样既让她们保留自己的文化习惯 又提供了干净的水But its a case where in this case the scientists need a humanist and the humanists need a scientist.但是在这个例子中 科学家需要人文学者 人文学者需要科学家And as I think about the kind of problems that we craft and the ones that we identify,我的问题是 我们发现并尝试解决的那些问题its really about what is the question being posed?真的只是所提出的问题本身吗Who are the best interlocutors to be part of answering that question?谁才是回答这个问题的最好的对话者And how do we go about assembling the team?我们又该怎样组成一个团队呢And so for me at the very list least STEM is important,对我来说 STEM很重要 但是当我们but all over the place when we look at those grand challenges, those gnarly problems,遇到那些很棘手的挑战的问题时I do come away thinking scientists need humanists and humanists need scientists我认为 科学家需要人文学者 人文学者需要科学家and we need both to help us solve these problems.我们需要他们相互协作来帮助我们解决这些问题201706/513735

  Everyones gathered in the village hall to meet the scientists大家聚集到镇里的市政厅跟科学家们见面and find out more about what the study will involve.了解这项研究的更多信息We want to get a picture of your cats natural, normal life,我们想拍摄你的猫的自然普通的生活so dont do anything different, dont change your routines,所以不要做任何改变 一切照旧dont lock the cat flap,不要把猫洞锁上dont suddenly call up the local handyman不要突然让工人上门and get a cat flap put in.做一个猫洞Let the cat do what it usually does让猫保持正常的生活and hopefully we will build up this picture of但愿我们能够描绘出what its like to be a cat in Shamley Green.在杉莫利格林镇一只猫的生活Ill now hand over to Alan, who is the technical expert,现在把时间交给艾伦 他是其他among many other things.许多方面的技术专家Alan Wilsons task is to devise a new way to track the cats.艾伦·威尔森的任务是设计一种追踪猫的新方法Hes a world expert in tracking wild animals.他是野生动物追踪的世界级专家Where we do most of that work is in Botswana, in Africa.我们的工作主要是在茨瓦纳 在非洲So we design and build things like this.所以我们设计并制造了这样的东西This will fit on a lion.这可以用在狮子身上This will fit on a cheetah or an African wild dog.这也可以用在印度豹或非洲野身上重点解释:1.call up 给 ... 打电话; 使想起例句:She can still call up scenes of childhood.她仍能想起儿时的情景。2.build up 建立例句:He tried to build up his strength.他试图增进体质。3.hand over 交出例句:Dont let your feelings get the upper hand over you.不要感情用事。201605/446297

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