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Durbeyfield walked on a few steps in a dream,then sat down with his basket.In a few minutes a boy appeared.Durbeyfield called to him.德北走了几步,做梦一般随后,他就挎着篮子坐了下来过了几分钟,来了一个男孩,德北朝他喊道: Boy!Take this basket!I want you to go and do something me.’“小家伙,拎着我的篮子!我想要你替我办点事儿”The boy frowned.‘Who are you,John Durbeyfield,to order me about and call me“boy”?You know my name as well as I know yours!’男孩皱起眉头:“你是谁哟,约翰·德北,对我这么吆三喝四的,还叫我‘小家伙’?咱们俩谁还不知道谁叫什么呀!”‘Do you,do you?That the secret!Well,Fred,I dont mind telling you that the secret is that Im one of a noble family.’And Durbeyfield lay back comtably on the grass.‘Sir John d’Urberville,that who I am.And Ive got the family seal to prove it!’“你知道?你知道我的名字?这可是秘密嗯,弗雷德,我不妨告诉你吧这个秘密就是我是贵族人家的一员”德北美滋滋地在草地上躺下来“约翰·德伯爵士——那便是我,我有家族的印章可以明!” ‘Oh?’“哦?”‘Now take up the basket,and tell them in the village to send a horse and carriage to me immediately.Here a shilling you.’“现在,你拎上篮子,告诉村里的人立即给我派一辆单马马车来这是给你的一先令”This made a difference to the boy view of the situation.有了这钱,小伙子对这事儿的想法就不同了 ‘Yes,Sir John.Thank you,Sir John.’“遵命,约翰爵士谢谢您啦,约翰爵士”As they spoke,sounds of music came through the evening air from the village.他们正说着话,一阵音乐声穿过夜空从村头传来‘What that?’said Durbeyfield.‘Have they heard my news aly?’“怎么回事?”德北说,“他们已经得知我的新闻了吗?” ‘It the women dancing,Sir John.’“那是妇女舞会,约翰爵士”The boy went on his way and Durbeyfield lay waiting in the evening sun.Nobody passed by a long time,and he could just hear the faint music in the distance.男孩上路走了,德北躺在夕阳下等着好长一段时间,没有人路过那儿,他只听到那悠远的音乐 1375Stocker: Can I help you find something? 您找什么呢?Meg: Yes, I’m looking coffee. 哦,我在找咖啡Stocker: That’s on aisle 3. Let me show you where it is. 在三号走道我指给你看Meg: Thanks. Hmm, I don’t see the Jitters brand that I normally buy. 谢谢我没看到我通常买的那个Jitters牌的Stocker: It looks like we’re out of stock. We should get another shipment next week. 好像我们没货了下周我们再进货Meg: Okay, I’ll check back. I’m also looking the Fructose brand soda, but I didn’t see it in the soda aisle. 好吧,我回头再来看我还在找Fructose牌的苏打,但是我没找到卖苏打的走走道Stocker: I’m afraid that’s been discontinued. Their parent company no longer makes soda. 恐怕买不到了他们的母公司不生产苏打了Meg: Really? I love Fructose soda. How about the Mushy brand b? I didn’t see it when I checked the b aisle. 真的吗?我可喜欢Fructose苏打了Mushy牌的面包有吗?我在面包走道没看到Stocker: We no longer stock the Mushy brand. There were some quality control issues at the company, so we’ve pulled all of their products from the shelves. Can I help you find anything else? 我们不卖Mushy面包了他们的产品有质量问题,我们把他们公司的产品都下架了您还有其他需要的吗?Meg: No, I guess I’ll just have to try some new brands. Oh, yes, do you carry Worm organic apples? 没了,我想我该试试新品牌了 哦,对了,你们有Worm的有机苹果吗?Stocker: We normally do, but they’re out of season right now. We won’t have any until early summer. 有,但是不是现在这个季节初夏的时候才会有Meg: All of this shopping and I have nothing to show it. I guess I’m going home empty-handed. 买什么没什么看来我要空着手回去了Stocker: We do have chocolate cakes and cookies on sale. 我们有卖巧克力饼和巧克力蛋糕Meg: I’m there! 对,我正想要呢! 5185

At the Di Hua Street fruit standRobert: Wow! Your fruit looks really fresh! How much are these apples?Fruit Vendor: The apples are 30NT each. How many would you like?Robert: Let see, 30NT is about...almost a dollar. What?! How about these pineapples?Fruit Vendor: Theyre 50NT each, but theyre not edible. Theyre only used worship.Robert: Hmm, 50NT is...8 dollars?!! And you cant even eat them? Youre crazy!词汇解释:vendor (n.)   摊贩edible (a.)   可以食用的A: Wow! These little candies look delicious. I think Ill have a couple! 哇!这些小糖果看起来好好吃!我想要来一点! B: Stop! Theyre not edible! Theyre just decoration! 且慢!它们不能吃!它们只是用来装饰的!pineapple (n.)   菠萝worship (v.,n.)   崇敬,礼拜A: Jack is totally in love with his girlfriend. 杰克爱他的女友爱得五体投地 B: I know. He just worships her. 我知道他根本把她当神来拜参考译文:在迪化街的水果摊罗 伯:哇!你的水果看起来真新鲜!这些苹果多少钱?水果贩:这些苹果一个三十元你要几个?罗 伯:我算算,三十元等于……快一美元拜托?!那这些菠萝呢?水果贩:一个两百五十不过不能吃这只是用来拜拜的罗 伯:呣,两百五十是……八美元?!还不能吃?妳秀逗了 5

At work one afternoon, my friend Michael asked me if I wanted to help him start a band. I was really surprised because I didn’t even know Michael was a musician. As it turns out, not only was Michael a good guitarist, he was also a good songwriter. He wanted to get together a band and maybe start playing some gigs. I was interested, but I wasn’t sure if my voice was good enough to be the lead singer. After hearing me sing, Michael said that he thought I was. With me in the band, we still needed a drummer and a bass player. My sister wanted to be a back-up singer the band, but we didn’t think we needed one yet. We auditioned a lot of people and found our other two band members. They had their own instruments and even had the sound equipment we’d need. We start rehearsal next week. Hopefully, we’ll be able to get a demo made soon and get hired as an opening act another band. And, who knows? You may be seeing us as headliners in your city bee too long. 777

On a Stair I Stood我站在楼梯上Lately as I dreaming on a stair I stood不久前我站在楼梯上胡思乱想,you passed me by, and, by looking on my face,你从身边走过,看着我的面庞blinded by my eyes with the immediate grace of unanticipated neighbourhood.你那突如其来的优雅,让我的两眼顿时一片迷茫As lightning splits the clouds,犹如闪电劈开云团,my heart and blood split with your beauty, and began to race,无与伦比的美丽击碎了我的心脏;now ice, now fever, shattered in their place一阵像冰,一阵似火,by that unparelleled beatitutde.胸中的血液奔腾激荡And if your hand in passing had not beckoned--那一晃而过的手白如天鹅,your whiter hand than is the swan white daughter,向我示意,引我躲过死亡;Helen, your eyes had wounded me to death.海伦啊,你的眼睛有如刀剑,But your hand saved me in the mortal second,否则我将难逃那犀利的锋芒and your triumphant eyes the moment after顷刻之间你让你的俘虏恢复了气息,revived their captive with an alms of breath.你的眼里闪耀胜利的辉光更多美文请关注-微信公众号良声英语 微:@里昂之声 6背景知识托马斯·哈代(Thomas Hardy),英国诗人、小说家他是横跨两个世纪的作家,早期和中期的创作以小说为主,继承和发扬了维多利亚时代的文学传统;晚年以其出色的诗歌开拓了英国世纪的文学哈代作为诗人, 也颇有声誉哈代的诗冷峻、深刻、细腻、优美,言筒意赅,自成一格. 较他的小说更具有现代意识《合二为一是诗人哈代为“泰坦尼克”号失事而作,诗歌表现了诗人关注人类命运的一片真诚,十分寓有哲理,反映出哈代诗歌的独特魅力Convergence of the Twain 合二为一(Lines on the loss of the Titanic) (“泰坦尼克号”失事所感)Thomas Hardy托马斯·哈代I(一)In a solitude of the sea远离人间的虚荣 Deep from human vanity,抛开生命的全盛,And the Pride of Life that planned her, stilly couches she.她静静的躺在大海的孤独之中II(二)Steel chambers, late the pyres钢铁的房屋,新近的火堆,Of her salamandrine fires,她的火如同火舌,Cold currents thrid, and turn to rhythmic tidal lyres.穿透股股冷流,变成富有节奏的琴声般的潮水III(三)Over the mirrors meant在镜子上方 To glass the opulent(它用来映照辽阔景象),The sea-worm crawls——grotesque, slimed, dumb, indifferent.海虫蝙行——怪诞、粘滑、无窗、冷淡IV(四)Jewels in joy designed为了陶醉敏感的心灵To ravish the sensuous mind而在喜悦中设计的珍品Lie lightless, all their sparkles bleared and black and blind.无光的躺着,迷糊、黑暗、迟钝V(五)Dim moon-eyed fishes near眼睛朦胧的鱼停在附近,Gaze at the gilded gear凝视涂上金色的齿轮,And query: ;What does this vaingloriousness down here?;. . .发出“这个豪华巨物在干什么?”的询问VI(六)Well: while was fashioning好吧:当正在研制This creature of cleaving wing,这破浪而行的物体,The Immanent Will that stirs and urges everything激动的、催促万物的上帝意志VII(七)Prepared a sinister mate为她——如此快乐的巨体—— her——so gaily great——准备了一个阴险的伴侣——A Shape of Ice, the time fat and dissociate冰的形象,为了遥远的、分离的时期VIII(八)And as the smart ship grew随着潇洒的船的形象In stature, grace, and hue优雅地茁壮成长,In shadowy silent distance grew the Iceberg too.冰山也成长在幽暗的寂静的远方IX(九)Alien they seemed to be:他们似乎显得相异:No mortal eye could see没有世间的视力The intimate welding of their later history.能看见他们后期历史溶成内在的整体,X(十)Or sign that they were bent或表示他们被系于By paths coincident一致的道路,On being anon twin halves of one August event,形成以后的威严事件的两个分部,XI(十一)Till the Spinner of the Years直至“岁月编织者”发出命令:Said ;Now!; And each one hears,“好了”,于是人人听清,And consummation comes, and jars two hemispheres.于是终结降临,使两个半球震惊 5698To daffodils咏黄水仙花robert herrick罗伯特·哈里克fair daffodils,we weep to see美的黄水仙,凋谢的太快,you haste away so soon;我们感觉着悲哀;as yet the early-rising sun连早晨出来的太阳has not attaind his noon.都还没有上升到天盖stay, stay,停下来,停下来,until the hasting day等匆忙的日脚has run跑进but to the even-song;黄昏的木暮霭;and,having prayd together, we在那时共同祈祷着,will go with you along.在回家的路上徘徊we have short time to stay, as you;我们也只有短暂的停留,we have as short a spring;青春的易逝堪忧;as quick a growth to meet decay,我们方生也就方死,as you,or anything.和你们一样,we die,一切都要罢休as your hours do,and dry你们谢了,away我们也要往了,like to the summer rain,如同夏雨之骤,or as the pearls of morning dew,或如早上的露珠,neer to be found again.永无痕迹可求 95

Patricia: What do you think of our new neighbor? Ray: I don’t know. I haven’t met him yet. Patricia: Me neither, but I think he’s a shady character. Ray: Why do you think that? Patricia: Well, when he was moving in, I tried to shoot the breeze with him and he was shifty. When I asked him what line of work he was in, he was very evasive. Ray: Maybe he just didn’t want to talk to a busybody when he was busy moving boxes. Have you thought of that? Patricia: I wasn’t being a busybody. I was just being neighborly. When I offered to help him, he practically kicked me out of his apartment. Ray: Okay, you must be right. He’s probably a serial killer. Patricia: I wouldn’t put it past him. Ray: Come on. My guess is that he just wants some peace and quiet. Patricia: He wants peace and quiet to do what? That’s what I want to know. Ray: I think we should just mind our own business. Patricia: You can do what you like, but I’m going over there and I’m getting some answers. If I have live next to him, I’m entitled to know something about him. Ray: Why don’t you leave the man alone? He’s entitled to some privacy. And plus, he probably won’t let you in. Patricia: That’s what you think. I’m not taking no an answer. Ray: That poor man! 37Fashion Boos-boos时尚误区Not all of us have figures of supermodels and certainly not all of us dress like one.并不是所有人的身材都像超模,更不用说我们的平日的穿着However, there are just some fashion mistakes that any girl must not make,以下是所有女人都应该避免踏入的时尚误区,regardless of her level of ;fashion-consciousness;.不论她们的时尚观念高低The wrong bag + the wrong shoes The wrong outfit错误的包包+错误的鞋子错误的装扮Your bag and shoes are ultimately the finishing touches to your whole outfit包和鞋子的搭配是整套装扮的点睛之用,and wearing the wrong accessories would just make you whole image fall flat.不合适的装饰会使整体形象变得平淡无奇So, pay special attention!那么,一定要特别注意咯! example, dont pair a long dress with a backpack.例如,穿长裙的时候不要背双肩包And high heels do not go with your miniskirt because you are not Gisele Bundchen高跟鞋不能配迷你裙,因为你没有吉赛尔·邦辰的曲线,and neither are you a KTV hostess.也不是KTV女招待Length matters.长度很重要If you truly want to dress in style, the length is important.如果你想装扮入时,长度很重要Wear any pair of high-waisted, tapered jeans高腰小脚牛仔裤and you will look like youve just stepped out of the 1980s.会使你看起来像80年代走出来的Pairing a cropped top with high-cut jeans顶部裁剪的低腰牛仔裤,and you will look like you have a short torso.会显得你身材短小Fashion experts have also come up with a suggestion时尚专家也给了一些专业建议The shorter you are, the longer your pants should be.身高越低,就应该穿越长的裤子The ideal pant length girls is one that nicely touches the back of your shoe女人理想的裤长是 如果穿平跟鞋,那么裤长应该刚过鞋子的后部.if you are wearing flats or covers at least three-quarters of your heel.或者至少盖住后跟的三分之一 35735I have been suffering from back pain years. I’ve tried several treatments prescribed by my doctor, but nothing has had a lasting effect. I finally decided to try alternative medicine. My friend, Amelia, swore by acupuncture. She said that her knee pain went away after only a few weeks of therapy. She was skeptical when she first started, but she knew after only a few sessions that it was working her and that this was no New Age nonsense. She thought it might work me, too. My co-worker, Ray, suggested that I try some homeopathic treatments. He said that taking herbal supplements that are all natural has helped him recover after getting injured on the job a couple of months ago. He took these as complementary to the traditional medication his doctor gave him. He said that even though the herbs he takes haven’t undergone clinical trials, his own experience told him that they work. I’m a little nervous about trying these unorthodox treatments, but after hearing about Amelia’s and Ray’s experiences, I’m willing to give them a try. Nothing has worked so far, so what do I have to lose?

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