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2018年11月21日 01:43:07 | 作者:飞度咨询搜医生 | 来源:新华社
West-to-East Gasl Diversion Project西气东输The West-to-East Gas Diversion Project, as well as the ;West-to-East Electricity Transmission,; and the ;South-to-North Water Diversion; is the governments key national strategic project, aimed at realigning overall economic development and achieving rational distribution of national resources across China. There is a natural gas storage of 26,000 billion m3, occupying 87% of the national storage, in Tarim Basin, Qaidam Basin, and Szechwan Basin, etc. gas fields in Western China, among which Tarim Basin in Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region has the capacity of 8,000 billion m3,22% of the national storage. The discovery of the natural gas reserves in Tarim Basin made China the fourth largest gas country after Russia, Qatar and Saudi Arabia.“西气东输”与“西电东送”、“南水北调”并称为中国三大国家重点建设工程。实施西气东输工程,有利于促进我国能源结构和产业结构调整,为西部大开发、将西部地区的资源优势变为经济优势创造了条件,对推动和加快西部经济发展具有重大的战略意义。我国西部地区的塔里木、柴达木、陕甘宁和四川盆地蕴藏着26万亿立方米的天然气资源,约占全国陆上天然气资源的87%。特别是新疆塔里木盆地,天然气资源量有8万多亿立方米,占全国天然气资源总量的22%。塔里木盆地天然气的发现,使我国成为继俄罗斯、卡塔尔、沙特阿拉伯等国之后的天然气大国。The launch of the West-to-East Gas Diversion Project was passed in February, 2000. It is the landmark project of the Great Western Development Strategy in China. The first phase of the West-to-East Gas Diversion Project includes a 4,200km trunk pipeline running from Lunnan in Tarim Basin to Shanghai, conveying natural gas to central China, Eastern China and the Yangtze River delta zone. Finished in 2004, it is expected to have a capacity of 12 billion m3 annually. The second phase of the Project, operated by Petro China, will have a designed gas capacity of 30 billion m3 annually and the construction will begin in 2008. This second pipeline will be mainly supplied by Turkmenistan and Kazakstan, the Central Asia-China gas pipe- line. The third pipeline is designed to convey a joint gas supply from Russia and Xinjiang to the Yangtze River Delta and the Pearl River Delta.2000年2月国务院第一次会议批准启动“西气东输”工程,是拉开西部大开发序幕的标志性建设工程。从新疆至上海的西气东输一线管道2004年建成投产,线路全长约4200千米,年设计输量120亿立方米;全线采用自动化控制,供气范围覆盖中原、华东、长江三角洲地区。它西起塔里木盆地的轮南,起点是塔北油田,东至上海。西气东输二线管道主供气源为引进土库曼斯坦、哈萨克斯坦等中亚国家的天然气,国内气源作为备用和补充气源。据初步方案,西气东输二线干线管道设计输气规模300亿立方米/年,计划2008年全线开工,姒由中国石油独资建设,2010年建成通气。规划中的第三条天然气管道,路线基本确定为从新疆通过江西抵达福建,把俄罗斯和中国西北部的天然气输往能源需求量庞大的长江三角洲和珠zr三角洲地区。 /201603/430111Over the past few years, most people I’ve spoken to have become (or aly were) environmentally conscious to some degree. What often begins simply as saving money - such as reducing the amount of electricity you use - turns out to have quite a positive impact. If, however, you want to do even more; there are several things you can do. Here are just 7 lifestyle changes which will help the environment.1. Use the car less. This is perhaps the simplest change in this list - reduce the time you spend behind the wheel. In addition to the environmental benefits of doing this, you’ll probably find that you become slightly fitter; and have more money in your pocket at the end of the week. In short, there’s no downside. How do you do this? Here are a few suggestions :* for short journeys, walk* if possible, work from home (at least some of the time)* create a car pool with workmates* make use of public transport occasionally* bike to work2. Reduce your intake of red meat. Common sources of red meat such as cows and bulls produce an enormous quantity of climate-changing gases such as methane. Now, I’m certainly not suggesting that you should become vegetarian - I enjoy a good steak as much as any other omnivore - simply that a slight reduction can have a dramatic effect. As a bonus, there are a number of well-documented health benefits of a diet containing only a small amount of red meat.3. Become a ‘green consumer‘. When shopping for any sort of product - anything from groceries to a new television - take a moment to weigh up the options. If there are alternatives, consider which product has the lowest impact on the environment. Things to look out for :* does the item come in easily-recyclable packaging?* have the goods been recently produced? Locally?* is the item energy or water efficient?By favoring the products which answer ‘yes‘ to these questions, producers and manufacturers will gradually take up ‘green‘ practices in order to remain competitive.4. Become ‘carbon neutral‘ using offsets as necessary. This is something that nearly everyone can take advantage of. Become as close to ‘carbon neutral‘ as possible; purchasing carbon offsets as necessary. In effect, you’ll be investing in a number of sustainable energy and water schemes. NB : if you’re looking for a slightly more direct investment approach, on.wind farmPhoto by Jasmic5. Invest in companies researching and producing renewable energy. Want to make some serious money, and help the environment at the same time? Invest in companies which are researching, producing and selling energy-efficient and water-efficient goods. Think wind farms, solar panels and electric cars. This is one area in which financial reward and environmental impact can have an enormous overlap.6. Share your ‘green’ ideas with others. Over the past century or so, global communications has grown in many, many ways. This has made it possible to share ideas and discoveries at an incredible rate. Here are just a few of the ways in which you can share your thoughts with others :* create a blog which documents the energy-conserving changes you make in your own home* establish a not-for-profit group which teaches others how to live sustainably* create a recycling collective with your neighbors, where each person is responsible for the collection and recycling of a particular material or productNB : naturally there are a great many others. If you’ve developed or are aware of a scheme which is working well, be sure to leave a comment below. I’d love to hear about it.7. Become politically active. If you’ve ever heard someone say ‘the government should do this‘ then this one’s for you. By becoming involved in politics - at any level with which you feel comfortable - you are able to help guide people to an incredible goal. Rather than sitting back and waiting for someone else to take action, make your own voice heard.Final thoughts on lifestyle changes which will help the environmentWant more? Well, there’s one change you can make which will incorporate many of the items noted above - support those who are aly making a difference. When your neighbor approaches you to discuss their own ideas for a recycling collective, or a workmate suggests a car pool; dive in. It really will make an impact. 在过去的几年里,大部分和我说过话的人都在一定程度上变成(或者本来就是)有环境意识的。通常我们会从简单的开始,比如省钱,比如减少你使用的电量 -就会变成有比较积极的影响。然而,如果你想做的更多,那就还有一些你可以做的事情。以下的7种生活方式的改变将有助于改善环境。1. 少用车。这也许是这份单子上最简单的改变 - 减少你花在轮子后面的时间。这样做除了对环境有利外,你可能会发现自己也变得更健康了。并且周末的时候,会发现口袋里多了些零钱。简而言之,这有百利而无一害。那具体该怎么做呢?这里有一些建议:·对短途而言,请步行·如果可能的话,在家工作(至少偶尔)·和同事拼车·偶尔乘坐公共交通·骑车去工作2. 少吃红色肉类。通常的红肉源比如奶牛和公牛会排出大量改变气候的气体,比如甲烷。现在,我绝对不是建议你变成素食者 - 我同任何不偏食的人一样喜欢吃好的牛排 - 只是稍微的减少一点食用量,就会带来巨大的效果。并且还有额外的好处,少吃红肉对健康的好处已经得到充分实。3. 成为一个"绿色的消费者"。买任何一类产品的时候 - 从日用百货到新式电视机 - 花一些时间来权衡你的选择。如果有其他的选择,请考虑那些对环境有最低影响的产品。值得留意的东西:·这样东西有容易回收的包装吗?·这些货物是最近生产的吗?是当地的么?·这样东西节能或者节水吗?人们倾向于对以上问题说“是”的产品,那么生产商和制造商就会渐渐开始从事绿色生产从而保持他们的竞争力。4. 成为尽可能使用‘自然碳(碳中和)’产品。这是几乎所有人都能利用的东西。尽可能变得靠近‘自然碳(碳中和)’:必须买碳产品。事实上,你将会投资很大数量的可持续发展的能源和水模式。注:如果你想找更直接一点点投资途径,请读下文。照片由Jasmic提供5. 投资研究和生产可持续使用的能源的公司。想在赚钱的同时改善环境吗?投资那些正在研究,生产,销售节省能源,省水的货物的公司。考虑下风力农业,太阳能面板和电子汽车。这是一个经济回报和环境影响相交的领域。6. 与他人分享你的“绿色”想法。在过去的几个世纪里,全球化交流新增了许多途径。这使人们能以不可思议的速度分享想法与发现。下面仅是一部分你可以同他人分享想法的方式。·建立一个关于你家乡能源存储变化的客·建立一个非盈利的团体,教导他人如何可持续发展地生活·和邻居一起建立一个回收团体,其中的每一个成员负责收集和回收一种特殊的材料或产品。注:自然还有很多其他的方法。如果你已经养成了或者意识到了一种也可以生效的模式,请一定在下面留下,我很乐意看到它们。7. 潜意识里变地积极。如果你曾经听到有人说“政府需要做这个”那么这个人就是对你有用。以任何你觉得合适的程度参与到政策中,就能够帮助引导人们达成一个不可思议的目标。与其坐在后面等待别人采取行动,不如让别人看到你的行动。最后一些有助于环保的生活方式。想要更多?好,这里有个和以上提到的都不一样的改变 - 持那些已经有变化的人们。当你的邻居呼吁你来讨论他们自己有关回收的主意,或者一个同事建议搭车;加入他们。这些真的会有效果。 /200806/42593

CNN reporter Will Ripley recently experienced this kind of life and shared his experience on CNN.com. He toured Beijing without his wallet and finds he can still buy anything he wants. Let#39;s take a look at how he managed to live in Beijing without a wallet.  CNN电视台记者威尔·来普利最近体验了一把新式生活,并且在CNN官网上分享了他的经历。他在没有钱包的情况下游览了北京,发现他能买到自己想买的一切东西。我们来看看他是如何不用钱包还能在北京生存下来的吧!  In the beginning, Ripley was a bit skeptical about going an entire day in Beijing without his wallet, but later he said he was surprised to discover just how easy and convenient it is.  一开始,来普利有点怀疑自己能不能在没有钱包的情况下在北京生存一整天,结果令他喜出望外,这种生活方式非常简单便捷。   Ripley paid for breakfast by scanning a QR code on the window of a hole-in-the-wall restaurant that sells jianbing, a delicious fried crepe that#39;s one of China#39;s most popular street breakfasts. The purchase cost him 6 yuan and took just a few seconds. All he had to do is input a password and the transaction is complete.  来普利在一个贩售煎饼的路边窗口摊上买了一只好吃的煎饼,这是中国最受欢迎的街边早餐,然后他通过扫二维码付了款。这只煎饼花了他6元钱,整个过程只花了短短数秒。他要做的事就是输入密码,交易就完成了。  When Ripley took his breakfast, CNN news assistant Shen Lu paid her household water bill at the table. In seconds, she transferred funds from one of several linked accounts. She regularly used the same simple process to pay other bills and even her rent.  在来普利吃早餐的时候,CNN电视台的助理陆盛在餐桌前付了自己的水电费。几秒钟的功夫,点开几个链接,她都完成了付。通常她都是通过这一简单的途径付各种费用,包括房租。  Ripley used his phone to hire a taxi to meet Gu Yu, co-founder of a new payment app, Mileslife. Ride sharing using a mobile payment app allows them to save money by ordering multiple taxi stops and splitting the fare at the end.  来普利用手机叫了计程车前去见一款新的手机应用,迈生活的创始人。这款让用户通过日常生活网络消费积累航空里程的应用软件能为用户节省车费,只要同时预订多个计程车站点,就能在结算时实现拼单分算费用。 /201604/437327

When the Apple tree is shaken, the effect is felt in the lower branches — the myriad companies supplying the hundreds of parts that go into a smartphone.当苹果公司(Apple)这棵大树颤动时,下面的枝条——为智能手机提供数以百计部件的众多公司——都会受到波及。The tree has taken some shaking this year. Of the two companies that dominate the smartphone sector, Apple last quarter reported the first annual decline in iPhone sales volumes. Samsung has been burnt by the furore around the exploding Galaxy Note 7.今年,这棵大树出现了些许颤动。作为在智能手机领域占主导地位的两家公司,苹果上一季度报告iPhone年度销量首次出现下滑,而三星(Samsung)还在承受Galaxy Note 7爆炸所引发激愤的煎熬。More broadly, Gartner, the consultancy, forecasts smartphone sales to rise just 7 per cent this year, half the rate of 2015, adding to worries that the vast industry formed about the production of smartphones will soon be starved of growth.更广泛来看,咨询公司高德纳(Gartner)预测今年智能手机销量将只增长7%,仅为2015年增速的一半,加重了对于围绕智能手机生产形成的庞大产业很快将难觅增长的担忧。“With sales of 1.5bn a year, smartphones are a monster market,” says Steven Pelayo, tech analyst at HS, who points to the relatively smaller PC and tablet markets. “It’s been a supercycle that has cannibalised everything. But what’s the next big driver?”“一年销量达15亿部,智能手机是一个巨大市场,”汇丰(HS)科技分析师史蒂文.佩拉约(Steven Pelayo)说,他以相对较小的个人电脑和平板电脑市场为对比。“这是一个消化了一切的超级周期。但下一股巨大推力是什么?”That question is ricocheting around the boardrooms and factory floors across Japan, Taiwan, South Korea and China. Apple alone relies on more than 200 suppliers for its products, the vast majority based in Asia.这一问题正在日本、台湾、韩国及中国大陆的董事会会议室、工厂车间内回荡。仅苹果一家的产品就依赖超过200家供应商,其中绝大多数位于亚洲。As chief executive of Japan Display, which generates 85 per cent of its revenues from smartphone makers and half from Apple, Mitsuru Homma knows the quandary only too well.日本显示器公司(Japan Display, JDI)首席执行官本间充(Mitsuru Homma)最清楚这一窘境,该公司85%的收入都来自智能手机制造商,一半的收入来自苹果。“If we stay with smartphones, then five to 10 years later JDI will probably no longer exist,” he says. “I feel very much the sense of crisis.”“如果我们继续守着智能手机,那5到10年后,JDI很可能将不复存在,”本间充说,“我有很强的危机感。”Even the Japanese government, JDI’s main shareholder, is in agreement, he adds. The display maker is looking to diversify into supplying the devices linked to the internet of things and artificial intelligence.甚至作为JDI主要股东的日本政府也持相同看法,他补充说。这家显示屏制造商正寻求将业务扩展至供应与物联网和人工智能相关的设备。Mr Homma sees opportunities in self-driving cars, which will require interactive screens and maybe entire smart dashboards as well as medical monitors where the highest resolution can be, literally, a matter of life or death, and virtual reality.本间充在自动驾驶汽车、医用显示器以及虚拟现实领域发现了机遇。自动驾驶汽车需要交互式屏幕或者一整块智能仪表盘,医用显示器的最高分辨率实际上可能事关生死。Cars also feature in Sony’s plans, along with the internet of things. The Japanese consumer electronics group staked its fortunes on image sensors and now boasts a 40 per cent market share by value. “Image sensors are input devices, so we believe there are new markets out there,” says Tsutomu Haruta, general manager.在索尼(Sony)的规划中,汽车与物联网也占重要地位。这家日本消费电子集团将命运押在影像传感器上,如今自称按价值算占有这一市场40%的份额。总经理春田勉(Tsutomu Haruta)表示:“影像传感器属于输入设备,因此我们相信这里存在新的市场。”Sony’s advantages, according to Shoichi Kitayama, general manager, are that its sensors can see bikes and people in the dark and pictures remain sharp even in high temperatures. Come 2025, he says, the average car will have two or three image sensors. At the top end that will stretch to 10.索尼汽车团队负责人北山尚一(Shoichi Kitayama)认为,索尼的优势在于,其传感器能在黑暗中看到自行车和行人,且图像即便在高温环境中也能保持锐利。他说,到2025年,每辆汽车平均将配备两或三个影像传感器,最多的将配备10个。“The economies of scale will be comparable to smartphones and will come close in terms of wafers used,” he says.“其规模经济将可以与智能手机媲美,以所用的晶片衡量将接近后者,”他说。But he concedes those markets are new and untested — and for now are going to be smaller than the smartphone bounty.但他承认,这些新的市场还未经检验,目前看来要比智能手机市场小。Quite substantially smaller on Mr Pelayo’s reckoning. The semiconductor content per car is forecast to double from 0 to 0 by 2020 — equivalent to adding more than two iPhones, with about 0 in chip content apiece, in the average car over the next four years, or roughly one-half of an iPhone every year.根据佩拉约的估算是要小得多。到2020年,每辆汽车搭载的半导体的价值预计将从350美元翻倍至700美元——相当于未来四年平均每辆汽车增加两部iPhone多一点(每部iPhone的芯片部分价值约150美元),或者每年增加半部iPhone。With about 80m cars shipped a year, this would equate to about 40m more iPhones “or less than two weeks of smartphone production”.汽车每年的销量约有8000万辆,因此这相当于增加约4000万部iPhone,“或者不到两周的智能手机产量”。The numbers pan out similarly miserably for other applications: the 2m virtual reality headsets expected to be sold this year; the 12m annual servers sold or even the 20m Apple watches.其他方面应用的数字也同样惨淡:今年虚拟现实头盔的预计销量为200万套,务器销量为1200万台,就连苹果手表的销量也只有2000万块。Some are undeterred by the punier numbers, pointing out that smartphones are still in the picture for now, albeit growing slower and with an evolving modus operandi.一些人并未被智能手机弱于从前的业绩数字吓倒,他们指出目前智能手机仍不容忽视,尽管增速放缓,且运作方式发生变化。“You’ve got to look at what the smartphone brands are doing,” says Cherry Ma, tech analyst at CLSA. She spots two trends that will drive growth in certain areas: smartphone makers upgrading cameras, sound and aesthetics in an attempt to win share; and a consumer swing towards Chinese handset manufacturers.里昂券(CLSA)科技分析师Cherry Ma说:“你必须看看智能手机品牌在做什么。”她指出两大趋势将推动一些领域的增长:智能手机制造商升级摄像头、音效及外观,以图赢得市场份额;消费者转向中国手机制造商。This year will see as many as 20 handsets featuring dual cameras offering better image quality, up from just one device last year. While global handset sales have grown 1-2 per cent this year, Chinese brands combined are growing at 20 per cent, she says.今年将有多达20款手机配备影像质量更佳的双摄像头,而去年仅有一款。虽然今年全球手机销量仅增长1%至2%,但中国品牌手机总销量正在以20%的速度增长,她说。“Even though the smartphone market is getting saturated, there is growth in dual camera phones so there are more image sensors in each phone,” says Sony’s Mr Haruta. He adds that while the number of smartphone players has been winnowed down, the top players are focused on cameras.索尼的春田勉表示:“虽然智能手机市场正日益饱和,但双摄像头手机还在增长,因此每部手机都会有更多的影像传感器。”虽然很多智能手机制造商已被淘汰,但顶级厂商仍专注摄像头,他补充说。“Requests have changed, even among the Chinese smartphone manufacturers. They all want special cameras,” he says. “Even among the cheaper makers, they are also looking to expand into high-end and are at the stage where they want to add more value.”“要求已经改变,即便中国智能手机制造商也是。他们都想要特别的摄像头,”他说,“即使是生产较廉价手机的制造商,也在寻求进入高端产品,希望增加更多的价值。”That trend, which has been detrimental to Apple’s sales in China in particular, is helping buoy some of the top suppliers: not just those with brand names such as Sony, but also the companies investing in research and development to gain market share in niche or proprietary hardware.这一趋势对苹果的在华销售尤其不利,但正帮助撑一些顶级供应商:不仅包括索尼等大品牌,还包括投资研发以图在利基或专利硬件领域获得市场份额的公司。Ms Ma points to Sunny Optical, which is ramping up quantity and quality of its camera modules; while the desire for better sound plays to AAC Technologies, the Hong Kong-listed Apple supplier that is beefing up capital expenditure.Cheery Ma提到了舜宇光学科技(Sunny Optical)和瑞声科技(AAC Technologies)。前者不断提升其摄像模块的数量和质量,后者则受益于人们对更好音效的追求,这家香港上市的苹果供应商正在扩大资本出。Higher resolution and sound quality, added to more complicated specifications, means higher average prices for suppliers as well as boosting quantity, says Ms Ma. “With acoustics, there is no one standard design. Vendors have to come up with their own design, so have to spend a lot on Ramp;D,” she says.Cheery Ma表示,更复杂的技术参数、更高的分辨率和更完美的音质,对供应商而言意味着更高的平均价格,还可以增加销量。“在音响效果方面,没有统一的标准设计。供应商必须拿出自己的设计,因此不得不在研发上花很多钱,”她说。That — like the brave new world of self-driving cars and self-filling washing machines — may help but a gap remains. Tech analysts have identified a plateau in smartphone design outside more incremental updates in advanced imaging, which means that many people are now happy to keep hold of the smartphones aly in their pockets for longer.这——就像无人驾驶汽车和自动添衣洗衣机的美丽新世界——或许会有所帮助,但差距依然存在。技术分析师发现,除了在高级成像方面逐步升级之外,智能手机设计陷入停滞,这意味着如今许多人乐于更长时间保留已在他们口袋里的智能手机。At least until they are given a new, good reason to upgrade. Suppliers to the once-unstoppable smartphone makers will need to tighten their belts as they wait for the next wave of popular consumer innovation.至少留到他们有一个充分的新理由进行升级。一度势不可挡的智能手机制造商的供应商将需要勒紧腰带,等待下一波大众消费创新到来。“Over time, we suspect supply chain growth will be driven by an ever broader array of products, but no individual segment will probably catch the smartphone market any time soon,” says Mr Pelayo.佩拉约说:“我们预测,随着时间推移,供应链增长将受到更广种类产品的驱动,但可能没有任何一个领域能很快追上智能手机市场。” /201612/483595

A tour bus is depositing 50 or so passengers on the pavement next to the grands magasins — Paris’s fabled department stores, Galeries Lafayette and Printemps. 一辆旅游大巴停在巴黎传奇的百货商场——老佛爷百货公司(Galeries Lafayette)和巴黎春天(Printemps)旁边,下来了大约50名乘客。As they stream into the stores, any brand would love to know who they are and what makes them notice one product over another.当他们鱼贯走入商场,所有品牌商家都会迫切地想知道,他们是什么人?他们为什么注意某款商品而不是其他?A new batch of French entrepreneurs is hoping to make that dream a reality for luxury houses.一些法国企业家希望可以为奢侈品商家实现这一梦想。Tech start-ups and luxury retail consultants say top brands across the luxury sector are quietly pushing to bring the advantages of the web into their retail stores. 科技创业企业和奢侈品零售顾问称,在奢侈品行业,各大顶级品牌正悄然将互联网的优点应用到零售店中。Parisian grands magasins and flagship stores on the Champs-élysées have been testing smartphone frequency detectors and connected merchandising displays to experiment with collecting data from shoppers as soon as they approach their retail store — much like online retailers have for years used cookies planted in web browsers.巴黎的百货商场,还有香榭丽舍大道上的各家旗舰店,一直在试验智能手机频率检测装置以及联系式商品展示技术,从顾客走近商店时开始,在他们身上收集信息——就像在线零售商多年来使用植入浏览器的Cookie(小型文本文件)。Such customer intelligence could be the key to understanding why a particular shopper gets back on the bus with a parcel from Gucci rather than Louis Vuitton, or vice versa,这类顾客信息很关键,有助于理解某个顾客回大巴时为什么拿着古驰(Gucci)包装袋,而不是路易威登(Louis Vuitton)的袋子,或者相反。 and gives brands an edge in a fiercely competitive luxury sector.掌握了这类信息,品牌商家能在竞争激烈的奢侈品行业占据一个优势。A lot of brands want to break down the barriers between their digital and physical presence, says Clémence Dehaene, co-founder of Retail amp; Digital 2.0, a start-up that integrates motion sensors, screens, and other high-tech elements in luxury retail displays.许多品牌都想打破数字业务与实体业务之间的壁垒,Retail amp; Digital 2.0联合创始人克莱门丝.德阿纳(Clémence Dehaene)表示,这家创业企业将动作传感器、屏幕及其他高科技元素融入到奢侈品零售展示中。The start-up’s interactive retail stands — which have been used for fragrances by Dior and Armani — use motion-activated screens to tell customers about the products they pick up. 该公司的交互式零售柜台(interactive retail stand)采用动作感应屏幕,向顾客介绍他们拿到的商品,动作传感器再将顾客与机器交互产生的信息反馈给商家。Motion sensors feed data about the customers’ interaction back to the brand.迪奥(Dior)和阿玛尼(Armani)已经采用了他们的柜台来展示香水。Ms Dehaene says metrics like these could revolutionise the craft of merchandising, allowing retailers to modify ineffective displays without waiting to register a drop in sales.德阿纳表示这些度量技术或许会彻底改变商品陈列技巧,零售商家不必等到销售下滑,就能够对没有效果的陈列进行改进。If a brand manages to mix the efficiency of digital with the emotional aspect of a physical store then they have a real card to play, she says.她说:如果一个品牌设法将数字化的效率与实体店铺的感性一面结合起来,那他们手上就有了一张好牌。Another start-up, Retency, provides retailers with antennas that detect the unique frequencies of individual smartphones. 另一家创业型企业Retency向零售商供应能检测智能手机独特频率的天线。The firm can use these antennas to track a customer’s movements through a retail store and even to identify them on future visits as soon as they walk through the door.企业可以用这些天线来追踪顾客在零售店中的行动轨迹,甚至在他们下一次走进大门时识别他们。One French leader in luxury leather goods recently used the technology to track all the people who passed their window display at one of Paris’s department stores. 法国某高档皮具品牌最近就在巴黎一家百货商场的门店采用了该技术,对所有从他们的橱窗前经过的人进行追踪。The brand did not want to be named as it could be perceived by some shoppers as intruding on their privacy.该品牌不想透露自己的名称,因为部分消费者可能会认为这侵犯了他们的隐私。The smartphone frequency detectors enabled the brand to estimate the proportion of people who entered the department store after seeing the display, as well as how many ended up making a purchase from their brand’s point-of-sale.利用手机频率检测器,该品牌可以估算看到他们的橱窗陈列后有几成顾客进了店,以及有多少人最终在这一销售网点买了东西。Luxury brands have a lot of information about their clients — both through cookies gathered during online shopping and information collected at the register — Retency联合创始人伊莎贝尔.尔德里(sabelle Bordry)表示:(通过收集顾客在线购物时产生的Cookie,以及他们的注册信息)奢侈品牌能掌握客户的大量信息。but don’t make the connection [between a shopper and their customer profile] until checkout, says Isabelle Bordry, co-founder of Retency. 但在他们结账前,不要在购物者和客户档案之间建立联系。It’s essential for physical retailers to have access to the same information as they would online.对于实体零售商来说,像在网络上一样获得顾客信息是非常重要的。Other companies can track visitors anonymously using the unique fingerprint emitted by smartphones, but Ms Bordry’s retail ambitions go much further.其他公司可以用智能手机发射的独特指纹对访客进行匿名跟踪,但尔德里的目标远远不止于此。Retency claims it can identify the smartphones of shoppers who make a purchase by cross-referencing sales records with the data from the smartphone frequency antennas.Retency声称,凭借从智能手机频率天线获得的数据,依据交叉参照(cross-referencing)销售记录,其可识别购买了某件东西的顾客的手机。But French regulations require authorisation from customers for brands to use this de-anonymised data. 但根据法国监管规定,品牌商家要获得消费者授权才能使用这些去匿名数据。Ms Bordry says Retency is working with stores to get this permission included in the agreements for store loyalty programmes. 尔德里表示,Retency正与一些百货商店合作,以获得这些商店的忠诚顾客计划相关协议中包含的此类许可。For customers with a loyalty card, brands could know about shoppers’ presence as soon as their smartphone is detected in any of the brand’s stores.对于持有会员卡的顾客,一旦他们的手机在一个品牌旗下任何门店被检测到,这个品牌就能立刻得知顾客光临了他们的店。The technology gives brands feedback on their retail efforts, and helps them fine-tune promotions in real-time.该技术能把营销举措的效果反馈给商家,并帮助他们及时调整促销活动。Ms Bordry says large screens in stores could soon be programmed to match shoppers’ known preferences. 尔德里表示店铺里的大屏幕可以被迅速编程,以符合购物者的已知偏好。The screens could even adapt to the interests of first-time visitors to a store without identifying them, based on the time they spend in different departments or looking at a particular product (as tracked by Retency’s antennas). 根据消费者在不同区域花费的时间,或浏览某样商品的时间(利用Retency天线追踪),屏幕甚至可以在消费者初次进店时就迎合他们的兴趣,而无需识别他们。The technology will be in stores by December, she says.尔德里表示该技术将于12月份投用到店铺中。While such tools could improve the retail experience for customers as well as brands, the reluctance of Retency’s luxury clients to be identified is telling, 虽然此类工具可以改善顾客和品牌的零售体验,但可以感到Retency的奢侈品客户不愿被识别出来。given that the sector depends on discretion. 在这个行业关键要看客户心意。Clients may be uncomfortable about such aggressive use of their personal data.客户可能对个人信息遭到过度使用感到不舒。I don’t mind when a salesperson contacts me personally from the stores where I’m a client, but that’s because I gave them my information, says Adrienne Joseph, a customer at the LVMH-owned department store Le Bon Marché.LVMH旗下百货公司好商佳(Le Bon Marché)的顾客阿德里安娜.约瑟夫(Adrienne Joseph)表示:在商店里,作为顾客,我不介意销售人员与我直接接触,但这是因为是我自己给了他们我的信息。But if a retailer were collecting data about her behaviour without her knowing it? I would really not like that, she says.假如商家在她不知道的情况下收集有关她购买行为的信息呢?她说:说真的我不喜欢那样。While she has accepted that online retailers may collect a lot of information about her, she says she would miss the feeling of anonymity she has when she goes into a department store.虽然她承认在线零售商可能会收集她的大量信息,但她表示,她会怀念逛商场时没人认识她的感觉。The respect of privacy is a key aspect of the luxury business, says George-Edouard Dias,欧莱雅(L’Oréal)前高管乔治-爱德华.迪亚斯(George-Edouard Dias)表示:尊重隐私是奢侈品行业的关键要素。 a former L’Oréal executive whose start-up, QuantStreams, works with luxury brands on managing data and customer relationships. 他的创业型企业QuantStreams致力于与奢侈品牌合作管理数据和客户关系。If customers receive too many messages from a store, or the messages become too precisely targeted, they may feel like a brand has been spying on them, he says.他说如果顾客收到商家发送的太多信息,或者这些信息针对性过于准确,他们可能会觉得该品牌一直在监视他们。Brands will also need to be careful not to misinterpret the information provided by new technologies.各品牌还需注意不要误读通过新技术收集的信息。Smartphone frequency detectors and connected displays could identify that one point in the store is a hotspot where traffic tends to halt. 智能手机频率检测器和联系式商品展示可以识别店中某个地点是人流驻足的热点。That could be because the clients like the display, or because they are lost and confused, says Mr Dias. 迪亚斯表示:这可能是因为顾客喜欢那里展示的某件商品,也可能是他们迷路了或感到困惑。There is a lot of room for error in the interpretation.在解读上有很大的误读空间。Brands should also beware of misusing information on previous spending to divide customers into the rich and the poor, said Paul Duffour, a luxury retail consultant with the MAD Network. MAD Network的奢侈品零售顾问保罗.迪富尔(Paul Duffour)表示,各品牌也应注意不要凭着消费记录,错误地将顾客划分为富人和穷人。The luxury business has historically understood that a small customer will grow into a big one.奢侈品行业向来知道,一个小顾客可以成长为一个大客户。 /201612/484969

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