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GoPro ies to take on Wall Street CNNs Samuel Burke shows off how GoPro cameras have revolutionized home and its plans to lure new investors.If we want to negotiate good treaty, we need to have negotiation positions on either side that are balanced, and that are bilateral, and not unilateral. And thats all what I have said. Im talking about the general atmosphere negotiation. We have a public opinion, you know, in France, you have a public opinion in the ed States. There are many voices that are against the treaty, so we are advocating the benefits, the potential benefits of this treaty if its a good treaty but we need to negotiate in good conditions.What point does the cultural issue come back up again? I know it was out there at the beginning, I know exceptions were put there. There was a compromised area that was reached. But is it going to come back right at the end as a big, bad issue to be dealt with?Its not supposed to come back because in the mandate of the negotiation, in the mandate of the European negotiator, its written black and white that television audio visual services should not be discussed in the negotiations.It will come back.You know it will come back.We will see.It will not come back from the commission one, because they have instructions not to discuss that particular point.But the U.S. is going to bring it back eventually.Well, we will see, but if the U.S. bring it back then the commissioner wont be allowed to discuss that because there is a mandate that was signed by 28 member states. As it is stipulated, it is not supposed to talk about that within the mandate.The negotiations go tortuously slow, but we always knew they would be. Where does France now stand on the big issues? Are you happy with the waitings ongoing on tip?Well as you said, things are going quite slowly, but I think its quite natural because the ambition of this partnership, of this negotiation is huge.Actually its the first time we negotiate for 800 million people. Its the first time we negotiate not on the tariffs but also non-tariff areas that we negotiate on the convergence of regulatory issues and on standards and norms. And its a huge challenge I think on both sides of the Atlantic. So its, I mean, and with the electoral and political agenda, the renewal of the commision on one side, the election on this side, I think its quite obvious that will take some time.When do you think an agreement will be signed?Well, thats a difficult expectation. Best Guess will be the end of 2015. /201407/309483Can Tesla D-liver? Tesla CEO Elon Musk teased on Twitter that its time to unveil the ;D and something else.; Even though its not yet clear what Musk means, Wall Street is very excited.Tesla CEO Elon Musk is a rock star, lets face it, how many corporate executives can move their company stock with a simple triple(音乐术语,单三拍), Musk on October 1 teasing everyone by saying its time to unveil the D and something else, we are still not sure what that means, we are going to find out on October 9, but shares of Tesla up nearly 10% since that triple, while the rest of the market has been sliding, what is going on here? well some speculation that Tesla will unveil an all wheel drive of its model as the D could stand for that, also possibly more technology to help make Tesla cars self-driving, but there is something else experts whatever really exciting about, could we finally get a glimpse of the model3, will there be new partners for Teslas geek factory producing new batteries? some people suggesting maybe Apple would want to invest in the geek factory joining Panasonic, i dont know who can handle that decide upon(decide upon 决定,选定) itself, but one thing is definitely clear, Tesla stock has momentum again and Musk really is the iron man in corporate America, and thats the buzz. I am Paul R.La Monica, @LaMonicaBuzz on twitter。 /201410/334994

;What to wear in a job interview. This is one of my very favorite questions, and it is so important, because you make an impression in about 2.2 seconds. So before you even get to the interview where you get to tell this person how talented you are, they are going to be assessing you based on what it is that youre wearing. People hire people who look and feel as if they are going to immediately fit. So what that means is, you need to look the part. So, and I know this sounds a little creepy, I want you to stalk the company. I want you to stand outside this company and look to see what people are wearing. The key here is looking like you fit, so theres no magic formula here. You know, you are definitely going to overdress. Youre going to look your best. But at the end of the day, you want to appear to fit within the organization, and thats going to be dependent on the kind of industry that youre applying to. But really, truly, one of my secret tips is to hang outside, grab a coffee across the street from this company youre applying to, and just take a look at what is sort of the industry standard. Because if you look too dressed up, or if you dont look dressed up enough, youre not going to immediately apparently fit, and in this kind of competitive economy, you want your clothes to do the talking. So please, definitely prepare for an interview by wearing something that is perfect for this job. ;求职面试时应该穿什么。这是我最喜欢的问题之一。这非常重要,因为你在2.2秒的时间内已经给对方留下了印象。所以,甚至在你开始面试,告诉对方你多么有才华之前,他们已经开始根据你的着装对你进行评估了。人们喜欢雇佣看上去穿着非常得体的人。所以,这意味着,你必须做到这一点。所以我知道这听上去有点怪异,就好像我在教你追踪这家公司。你可以站在这家公司外,观察一下人们的着装。关键是适合你自己,所以没有万能公式。你知道,你肯定会盛装出行。你肯定想要看上去最好。但是最终,你肯定想要看上去能够融入这家公司,这取决于你申请的公司所在的行业。但是实际上,我的一个秘诀就是在公司外逗留,在公司街对面买一杯咖啡,观察一下行业标准。因为,如果你看上去打扮得太过分,或者没有进行足够的装扮,你就不会让人看上去能够立即融入这家公司。在充满竞争的经济社会里,你需要能够说话的装。所以,一定要为面试做好准备,选择能够完全适合这份工作的装。 /201408/324384

If youre looking to sp the word about your impending nuptials digitally, this guide will help you compose the perfect electronic invite.如果你想通过电子邮件来传播即将举行婚礼的消息,下面的指引将帮助你写出最完美的电子邮件请柬。You Will Need你需要E-mail addresses电子邮件地址Publishing software排版软件Invitation samples请柬样本Correspondence coordinator协调人Steps步骤STEP 1 Compile addresses1.编制地址Compile a list of e-mail addresses early in the planning process. Double check for spelling to be sure they get to their intended recipients.准备阶段先制作一张电子邮件地址列表。多次检查拼写是否正确,确保邀请函能够寄送到宾客手中。If you are not going to send out paper invitations at all, make sure you make that clear in your e-invitation, so that dont wait for a paper invitation to RSVP.如果你没有打算邮寄纸质请柬,确保在电子邮件邀请函中标明,这样对方就不需等待纸质请柬来填写回复。STEP 2 Customize2.定制Use publishing software to customize an e-mail or attachment to fit your wedding theme and create a strong presentation -- or look online for a template.使用排版软件来定制电子邮件或附件来填写婚礼主题并正确地描述婚礼情况,或者可以上网查找模板。STEP 3 Study other invitations3.研究其他请柬Study other wedding invitations you like to get the basic format and include the date, time, and location of your wedding in your design.研究一下你喜欢的其他婚礼请柬,了解基本的格式,包括婚礼的日期,时间和地点。STEP 4 Send links4.发送链接Take advantage of e-mails capability to send links for hotel information, maps, and even your own wedding website.利用电子邮件发送关于酒店的信息,地图,甚至自己的婚礼网站的链接。STEP 5 Use a coordinator5.使用协调人Have a family member or friend function as a correspondence coordinator, keeping track of RSVPs, answering questions, and responding to bounced e-mails so you can focus on other details and have a worry-free wedding day.让一位家人或朋友担任通讯协调人,追踪到场情况,回答问题,回复邮件,这样你就可以专心解决其他细节问题,无忧无虑地举行婚礼。In , a 5,180 feet, 5 inch-long wedding dress train set a record for being the worlds longest.年,一副长达5,1800英寸,5英尺的婚纱裙裾打造了世界之最。视频听力译文由。201405/296861

  由布拉德皮特演绎的Chanel NO.5香水广告《总有你在》全球首播,作为该香水诞生91年来的首位男性代言人,皮特没有传说中的“全裸出镜”,只是留着沧桑的胡子,然后随着黑白镜头缓缓推进,娓娓道出广告词,意境深远,这段广告词就像圣人留下的哲学箴言。这段30秒的广告,立刻集中了广大女性和文艺青年的心,姚晨道出了许多人的心声:“皮特要是只穿Chanel NO.5拍就好了”。皮特就像Chanel NO.5一样是女人们的萌与追求。Chanel No.5历年代言明星全部都是大牌女性,请到男星代言No.5这不仅是香奈儿史上的第一次,对整个时尚界来说,这一消息也十分让人惊讶,但是这一大胆举措绝对让香奈儿的关注度倍增,也获得了不少时尚达人的赞叹,也有一些圈中人士猜测说这预示着香奈儿将要扩展业务开发男士香水,邀请皮特做代言人也是在为品牌扩张做“预热”。以下是广告词的中英对照:Its not a jurney.这不是一段旅程Every journey ends, but we go on.旅程总有终点 但我们会继续The world turns and we turn with it.世界在转 我们也随着转变Plans disappear, dreams take over,当计划消逝 梦成为主宰but wherever I go, there you are:无论我去哪里 都有你My luck;my fate;my fortune.我的幸运 我的命运Chanel No.5, inevitable.Chanel No.5 无可取代。201404/286177

  HS2 Rail Project Comes Under Renewed Attack A public spending watchdog says the apparent benefits of the proposed high-speed rail link are dwindling as costs spiral.Its promises to slush journey times between our major cities. But plans for HS2 are going too fast for parliament spending watchdog which is yet to be convinced its worth the 50-billion-pound cost.We can have been overoptimistic on time, overoptimistic on the benefits. Are they having gotten handled on the real costs of this? And if you really want to spend 50 billion pounds which youll all do on infrastructure investment, there are better ways of spending it, sooner getting better benefit to the provincial cities.In 2017 constructions due to start on HS2s first phase linking London with Birmingham if parliament approves. The estimated cost has gone up from 16 to 21 billion pounds. But MPs in the Public Accounts Committee are worries that the estimated return of that investment has gone down because of an error with how it was calculated. And they want a fresh analysis carried out before giving the go-ahead to phase 2.The trouble of the authoritys report is by the time they service, they can be out of date. But look , Im determined that the points that are made by the National Audit Office, the points that are made by the major projects authority are points that we address ... prominent and we users points are getting right.As time moves on, it feels like HS2 is winning more enemies than friends. Former champions have turned skeptical. The Institute of Directors has called this a ground folly. Under debate, its followed the Prime Minister all the way from here in Buckinghamshireto the G20 in Russia, where his pledge to fight back against the unholy alights opposing yes.It seems strange in this austere time to hear the government fighting so hard to spend money. This week expected to make the case for HS2 even stronger.Tygan Rise, Sky news. /201309/256624。

  俗话说“床头吵架床尾和”,小两口吵架互相攻击对方,用的可不是唇舌剑哦!有了科技的帮忙,再生气的双方,看到对方用这么有爱的方式吵架,气自然就消啦!不幸和朋友亲人闹别扭的时候,大家不妨也试试这种办法,让生气的他/她也会心一笑~一起来看看他们俩是怎么用手机信这种无言的方式由“吵架”到“和好”的吧!She: All you have to do is buying a ticket!He: Who knows? Some other guy come and anyway its not big deal!He: ;Cow!;She: ;Loser!;He: ;Witch!;She: ;Chimpanzee!;He: ;Tool!;She: (by music);Youre a fool! Youre a fool!;He: ;Sorry;She: ;Love;Vodafone的名称结合了Voice(语音)-Data(数据)-Phone(电话)三个意思。另有一说 Vodafone 是由先前的 Voda 收购 J-phone 公司,而更名为 Vodafone 。201403/277656

  The whole Bruceploitation genre really took off after his death in the 70s as film producers in Hong Kong were desperate to find,you know, someone else to make some money off.李小龙死后 这种李氏打斗片题材颇盛行,香港的电影制作人都在拼命寻找代替者以此牟利And right after he died was Bruce Lao, Bruce this one,Bruce jump over the fruit, Bruce Jakson from Compton,you know it was all these Bruce.Theres only one.他死后出现老李 李这,吃水果的李小龙 来自康普顿的李Jakson,都自称是李小龙。但李小龙只有一个。They gotta be over fifty to a hundred titles of movies,where Brucename was in it, that they had no Bruce Lee.They had been at least dozens or more Asian actors that was called Bruce Lee by the advertisers.他们拍的超过百分之五十的电影里,都出现了李小龙的名字 但都不是他本人,至少有十几甚至更多的亚洲演员,被广告商称为李小龙。They didnt even known about it because those movies were made in Hong Kong and then set out to the world.他们自己都蒙在鼓里,因为那些电影都是由香港制作 然后向全球发行的。Bruce Lee had been working on his fifth film when he died called Game of Death.Hed filmed what would amount to eleven minutes and seven seconds of edited footage as he fought three types of martial artists on his way of up a pagoda.李小龙死之前还在拍摄他的第五部电影 ;死亡游戏;,他拍了11分7秒的电影镜头,同塔里三位不同风格的武术家进行格斗。What Bruce was trying to convey in the Game of Death was how to deal with different forms.小龙在;死亡游戏;中就是要呈现如何引应对不同拳种Aah. One martial artist going against people using different fighting styles,emm... has overcome each of them.So in order to do that, you have to be versatile.啊 同一个武术家应对不同格斗风格的人,呃... 并且大获全胜,所以那样 你就得无所不会。You cant just take the same approach to dealing with different problems.But the footage presented the studio with a major problem.How to finish the film without Bruce Lee.同一种格斗技巧不能解决所有问题,但是制作室的难题是电影的后续拍摄,没有李小龙 如何完成电影。201403/277885从那被放在TED很后面的档案库里,丹尼·希利斯借着将生命本身的演化和科技变化的脚步是如何且为什么看似不断的加速这两点展开,然后简单地论述了这个耐人寻味的看法。他所呈现的演说技巧或许看起来过时,但想法却是相当切题且有意义的。201406/307058

  Learn the dangers of online dating sites in this high school dating advice from Howcast with expert Shallon Lester.观看Howcast这段高中生约会建议视频,跟随专家Shallon Lester了解在线约会网站的危险。Hey guys. My name is Shallon and Im here to help you with all the questions you might have about love, lust, romance, and everything in between. For more, visit me on twitter @downtownshallon or be sure to check out my website shallononline.com.朋友们,大家好。我叫Shallon,帮助大家回答关于爱,诱惑,浪漫和其中涉及的所有问题。要了解更多内容,可以登录我的推特页面或者我的个人网站。Theres nothing creepy or sketchy about meeting somebody on an online dating site but that doesnt mean that theres no creepy and sketchy people on the online dating site. Heres a few things to look out for, remember theres no limit to how much somebody can lie.通过在线约会网站来和某人会面并没有什么怪异的,但是这并不意味着在线约会网站上没有怪人。下面是需要注意的几点,要记住,某些人撒谎是没有底线的。If a guy says hes 17, a lot of girls are like well hes you know may be 18 or 19. No, he could be 50.如果一名男子声称他17岁了,许多女孩子都明白他可能18岁或19岁。不,他还有可能已经50岁了。People lie and they lie big, also dont give out too much of your personal information. A guy doesnt need your email, your address, your phone number, your Twitter handle, your Facebook page, real in the contact that someone can have. You never know where something is going to lead and once you give someone that info it cant be taken back. Its really important to listen to your gut and your instinct. If you get kind of a bad feeling about somebody or anything. A respectable guy isnt going to get mad that you want to postpone the meeting or may be talk on the phone a little bit first or bring one of your friends along. A real man understands that its important for a woman to feel safe so dont be afraid to set limits and listen to your instincts because if you dont and youre just flattered that hes giving you attention , it might be the wrong kind of attention. He might have fun with a tiger airbrushed on the side of it. Is that a chance you want to take? I dont think so.人们可能会说谎,甚至说很大的谎话,不要泄露太多个人信息。男子不需要你的电子邮件地址,你的家庭住址,你的电话号码,你的推特帐号,你的脸书页面,以及现实的联系方式。你不知道某件事可能会导致什么样的后果,一旦你给了某人你的信息,就收不回来了。听从自己的内心和本能是非常重要的。如果你对某人或某事有一种糟糕的感觉,那就听从内心的感觉。如果你想推迟会面,或者先通过电话沟通一段时间,或者带一个朋友一起见面,值得尊敬的男士是不会有意见的。真正的男人理解女性感到安全是非常重要的,所以不要害怕设定限制,听从内心的感觉,因为如果不这样的话,你只是在讨好对方,希望能引起对方的注意,但是这或许不是正确的注意力。他可能只是享受其中被美化的部分。你希望冒这种风险吗?我不认为是这样。201408/318878

  Storm troubles in the UK, thousands without power苏格兰迎来最强风暴 造成电力中断High winds from an Atlantic storm have battered northern Britain, bringing major disruption to the transport network, particularly in Scotland.大西洋风暴的强风肆虐英国北部,交通运输蒙受巨大损失,苏格兰地区受灾情况尤为严重。Engineers have been working to reconnect more than 46,000 homes that have left without power.工程师们一直竭尽全力为46,000个断电家庭恢复电力。According to local media, northern Scotland was hit by winds of over 160 km per hour on Friday.当地媒体报道苏格兰北部周五遭遇时速超过160公里的强风。With high winds and waves battering the north coast, the Scottish environment agency has issued multiple flood alarms.随着强风和海浪肆虐海岸北部,苏格兰环境署已经发布多起洪水警报。201501/353401

  Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi has summoned Japanese ambassador Kitera Masato and lodged solemn representations over Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abes visit to the controversial Yasukuni Shrine.中国外长王毅已经召唤了日本驻华大使Kitera Masato,并就日本首相安倍参拜靖国神社事件习向日方提出了严正交涉。Wang Yi said Abes visit creates major political barriers to China-Japan relations, saying Japan must take responsibility for any severe political consequences. He said the visit is a blatant provocation, an affront to international justice and a gross violation of humanitys conscience. Wang said Abes behavior is leading Japan in a dangerous direction. He said Japan needs to atone for its brutal past mistakes, and urged the international community to be vigilant to prevent reversing history.王毅表示,安倍此次的参拜行为为中日关系制造了严重的政治壁垒,日方必须为因此而造成的任何严重后果负责。他还表示,此次日本参拜靖国神社是对国际秩序的公然挑衅和蔑视,也是对人类良知的严重背叛。王毅表示,安倍的行为正在引领日本走上歧途。日本应该对其过去的残暴行为忏悔,中方敦促国际社会应保持警醒以防反转历史的行为发生。201312/270618。


  Our weather is hypnotically beautiful.天气令我们着迷Its constantly changing,它不断变化famously difficult to predict.难以预测But why does it seem to be getting weirder?但它为什么似乎变得更古怪了呢The worlds leading weather scientists世界顶尖的气象学家are trying to understand whats happening.试图寻找其中原因Its part of a global investigation.这是一项全球性的研究Because however local your weather feels,因为无论你周围的天气如何its a small part of what plays out across the planet也不过是全球天气系统的as a whole.一小部分而已It may seem obvious,可能看起来显而易见but one of the places scientists但是科学家are trying to get to grips with global weather extremes想要通过地球上最极端的一种天气is in one of the most extreme weather events on Earth.试图了解全球的极端天气And theres no bigger weather event than a hurricane.而没有任何气象活动比飓风更猛烈201409/330076

  Kerry: Well Hold Russia To AccountSpeaking at the Senate, US Secretary of State John Kerry said he would not hold back from using 21st Century tools to hold Russia accountable for 19th Century behaviour.新闻背景:美国国务卿克里谴责俄罗斯干预乌克兰内政,并声称美国已在制定针对俄重要经济领域的新制裁。乌克兰能源和煤炭工业部长在基辅的新闻发布会上说,乌克兰国家石油天然气公司自4月1日起暂停从俄罗斯天然气工业股份公司采购天然气。美国国务院说,美国打算与俄罗斯、乌克兰和欧盟会晤,就乌克兰东部地区局势升级举行磋商。俄罗斯外交部称俄没有在乌克兰举行任何不同寻常或计划外的军事行动,俄军在本国境内的日常活动没有威胁到美国和其他欧安组织成员国的安全,乌克兰和美国没有理由担忧。俄外长拉夫罗夫则批评美国“转嫁责任”。 Russias clear and unmistakably involvement and destablizing and engaging in separative activities in the east of Ukraine is more than deeply disturbing. No one should be fooled, and believe me, no one is fool by what could potentially be contrived pretext from military intervention just as we saw in Crimea. It is clear that Russian special forces and agents have been the catalists behind the chaos in the last 24 hours.Some of them have even be arrested and exposed, and equally as clear must be the reality that ed States and our allies will not hesitate to use the 21st century tools to hold Russia accountable for the 19th century behaviors.It is clear that the ed States and our closest partners are united in this effort. Despite the costs, and well put into effect tough new sanctions on those orgastrating this action and on key sectors of the Russian economy. In energy,banking, mining they are all on the table. it doesnt have to be this way,but it will be this way if Russia continues on this provocative path.my conversation yesterday with foreign minister Lacobav, we agreed to meet soon in Europe next week with Ukraine and our European partners to discuss the escalation demobolization inclusivity, support for elections and constitutional reform and it is not in our judgement as more matter as Russia agreed to set in the four party stellas with Ukraine at the table in the effort to forge road ahead.between now and then we have make it clear that Russia needs to take concete steps to disavow separative actions in the eastern Ukraine, pull back its forces outside its country which they say they have begun to do with the one movement in one bitallion,and demonstrate that they are prepared to do to come to discussions to do what it is necessary to diescalate. /201404/288213

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