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Last week, the British election went nuclear. Michael Fallon, a Conservative and the UK’s defence secretary, made the emotive claim that a Labour government might “stab the UK in the backby refusing to fund the renewal of Britain’s Trident nuclear deterrent.最近,英国大选转向了核问题。英国国防大臣、保守党议员迈克#8226;法伦(Michael Fallon)提出了一个煽情的说法:若工党(Labour)上台,该党组成的政府可能拒绝出资更新英国“三叉戟Trident)核威慑力量,从而“从背后捅英国一刀”。Mr Fallon was reprising a theme from the 1980s when the Tories successfully painted Labour as weak on defence and wobbly on nuclear weapons. But the modern Conservatives should not be allowed to pose as doughty defenders of British military strength. On the contrary, the present government has presided over a drastic reduction in defence capacity confirming a downward trend begun by Labour.法伦在搬出上世纪80年代的老调,那时保守党(Conservatives)成功地把工党刻画成在国防上立场软弱、在核武器上摇摆不定的政党。但当今的保守党不能再以英国军力的强悍保卫者自居。相反,本届政府主政期间大举削减国防力量,延续了工党开启的下坡路。The British army is scheduled to decline to just 82,000 troops its smallest size since the Napoleonic wars. Sir Nick Harvey, a Liberal Democrat who served as armed forces minister in the current coalition government, says further defence cuts in the next parliament could see the army shrink to just 60,000. The navy, which had 70 destroyers and frigates in 1977, is down to 19 such vessels. It could no longer put together a task force of the size that Britain needed during the Falklands war of 1982. As for the air force, a new book by the B’s Mark Urban says the Libyan conflict of 2011 demonstrated that “a mission by six bombers#8201;.#8201;.#8201;.#8201;is about the limit of the RAF’s long-range strike capability英国陆军预计将缩减至.2万人,这是自拿破仑战争以来的最小规模。曾在本届联合政府中担任武装部队国务大臣的自由民主党(Liberal Democrat)议员尼克#8226;哈维(Nick Harvey)爵士说,下一届议会可能进一步削减国防开,将陆军缩编至万人977年时拥有70艘驱逐舰和护卫舰的皇家海军,现在只有19艘这样的主力战舰,无法再组成1982年福克兰群岛(Falklands,即马尔维纳斯群岛)战争时那种规模的特遣舰队了。至于空军,英国广播公司(B)记者马#8226;厄本(Mark Urban)在新书中写道011年的利比亚冲突表明,“出架轰炸机……基本上就是皇家空军(RAF)远程打击能力的极限了”。In the context of this drastic decline in capacity, the Toriescommitment to spend upwards of #163;30bn on renewing the Trident submarine-based missile system is not a demonstration that they are serious about defence. It is actually a frivolous decision to waste billions on a symbol of strength rather than to spend the money on the conventional military muscle Britain needs.在英国军力大幅下滑的背景下,保守党准备花费00亿英镑来更新三叉戟潜射导弹系统,并不能表明他们认真对待国防。这实际上是一个轻率的决策——向某一个实力象征砸下数百亿英镑,却不把钱花在英国真正需要的常规军力上。The real radicals in the Scottish National party and on the left of Labour would like to scrap Britain’s nuclear weapons altogether. But in the context of a revanchist Russia that boasts of its nuclear arsenal and with the continued threat of nuclear proliferation by Iran and others that would be unwise.苏格兰民族党(SNP)和工党左派中真正的激进分子倾向于彻底废除英国的核武器。但是,面对夸耀自己的核武器、沉迷于复仇主义的俄罗斯,以及伊朗和其他国家持续存在的核扩散威胁,那是不明智的。Instead, Britain should go for cheaper nuclear options than Trident that would allow the country to retain its status as a nuclear-weapons state. This path should be pursued, but only if linked to a firm commitment to spend the savings on the conventional armed forces.英国应该寻求比三叉戟更便宜的核选项来维持有核国家的地位。应当走这条道路,当然前提是坚决承诺将省下来的资金投入常规武装部队。A recent report by Toby Fenwick for the Centre Forum think-tank argues that Trident renewal will absorb about 22 per cent of Britain’s military equipment budget over the next two decades. But, he argues, the UK could save about half that amount roughly #163;16bn by switching to a nuclear deterrent based on bombs and aircraft. Another alternative to Trident, not highlighted by Centre Forum, would be nuclear-tipped cruise missiles, which are aly produced by the Americans and could be deployed on conventional submarines.托比#8226;芬威Toby Fenwick)最近为智库Centre Forum撰写的一份报告称,更新三叉戟系统将挤占今0年英国军事装备预算的大约22%。他表示,如果换成基于炸弹和飞机的核威慑,英国可以节省近一半的费用——约60亿英镑。报告并未提到另一种替代三叉戟系统的方案,即核弹头巡航导弹,这种导弹可以部署在常规潜艇上,而且美国已开始生产。The British defence establishment claims that all the alternatives to Trident have been carefully examined and found wanting. Anybody who does not back Trident is dismissed as “not seriousor ill-informed.英国国防部门的体制内人士称,他们仔细研究了三叉戟系统的所有替代方案,发现都存在不足之处。任何不持三叉戟的人都被斥为“不严肃”或一知半解。But talk to the nation’s most important allies and you get a very different perspective. Last week, I found myself at a conference table with four members of the US security establishment, three Democrats and one Republican, all of whom had held senior government positions. Not one of them thought Trident renewal made sense for Britain. All thought it would be better to spend the money on conventional weaponry.但是,和我们最重要的盟友谈谈,你会得到截然不同的看法。上周,我在会议桌上遇到4名美国安全部门的体制内人士,其中个民主党成员个共和党成员,他们都曾担任高层政府职位。没有一人觉得更新三叉戟系统对英国有意义,他们全都认为还不如把这些钱花在常规武器上。Much of the argument is about the nature of nuclear deterrence. The standard case for Trident is that a potential enemy can be deterred only by the absolute certainty that a nuclear attack on the UK would be met by nuclear retaliation hence the need for a permanent at-sea deterrent that could strike even if the British mainland itself had been devastated. Because cruise missiles have a shorter range than Trident ballistic missiles and because aircraft carrying nuclear weapons could be shot down, only Trident is deemed to offer an effective deterrent.相关争论的很大一部分是关于核威慑的性质。持三叉戟的经典理由是,潜在的敌人只能被“针对英国的核打击必然会招致核报复”这样一种绝对确定性吓阻——因此需要永久的海上威慑,这样即使英国本土被摧毁,英国的海上威慑力量依然能够实施打击。由于巡航导弹的射程比不上三叉戟弹道导弹,而搭载核武器的飞机可能被击落,因此只有三叉戟系统才能提供有效威慑。But the Gothic horror scenarios involved in British nuclear plans drawn up during the cold war which demand that the nation maintains the capacity to obliterate Moscow and eight other Russian cities have always had a certain unreality. Above all, they fail to recognise that nuclear deterrence does not require a 100 per cent guarantee of retaliation to be effective. Any sane adversary would be deterred even by a strong possibility of nuclear retaliation and the millions of deaths that could result. That, after all, is why North Korea and Pakistan’s relatively crude nuclear deterrents are effective. Nobody can even be sure that Pyongyang’s devices would work.冷战时期英国拟定的核计划要求英国保持摧毁莫斯科和另外8个俄罗斯城市的能力,这种哥特式的恐怖情景一贯带有某种非现实的意味。最重要的是,它们没能承认,核威慑并不需要百分之百的报复“保”才能有效。即使是核报复及其造成数百万人死亡的较高可能性,也能吓阻任何神志清醒的对手。毕竟,这就是为什么朝鲜和巴基斯坦相对粗糙的核威慑也能有效。甚至没人能确定朝鲜的核武器能不能用。But does anybody want to take the chance?但又有谁想冒这个风险呢?In a world of lavish defence budgets, Trident renewal might make sense. But that is not the world that Britain inhabits. In the real world, renewing Trident can mean only a further erosion of the country’s capacity to defend itself by conventional means and to protect its interests around the world.在国防预算极为充裕的情况下,更新三叉戟系统还可能说得通。但英国的情况并非如此。在现实世界中,更新三叉戟系统只能意味着进一步侵蚀英国用常规军力保卫国家、捍卫英国在全球各地利益的能力。For the Tories to insist that, nonetheless, they intend to splurge billions on Trident simply testifies to their preference for flashy symbols over substance. They are like a man who can afford only a cheap suit, but insists on topping off the outfit with a gold Rolex watch. The overall effect is sad, not impressive.保守党一意孤行地坚称他们打算在三叉戟系统上挥霍数百亿英镑,只能明他们更偏爱华而不实的象征,而非实质。他们就像一个只买得起廉价西的人,却坚持要戴一块劳力士金表来提升自己的整体装扮。总体效果不是引人赞叹,而是显得可悲 /201504/370887

CY Leung, Hong Kong’s chief executive, has expressed his regrets over the “misunderstandingcaused when he said that giving too much power to low-income voters would lead to populist government policies.香港特首梁振CY Leung)对他的言论所造成的“误解”感到遗憾,他曾表示,将过多权力赋予低收入选民将带来民粹主义政府政策。Mr Leung said last week in an interview with the Financial Times and other media that basing Hong Kong’s electoral system on “numeric representationwould force politicians to pay much more attention to those earning below the median household income. “You would end up with that kind of politics and policies,he said.梁振英上周在接受英国《金融时报》和其他媒体的采访时表示,如果让香港的选举制度基于“数字化代表法”,将迫使政治人士将更多的注意力转向那些收入低于家庭收入中值的人群。他表示:“你将得到那样的政治和政策。”As examples, Mr Leung said the economically unimportant sports and religious sectors would also be sidelined in such a system.梁振英举例说,在这种体制下,经济上并不重要的体育和宗教界别也将遭到排挤。Inequality is a sensitive topic in the former British territory, where, according to the charity Feeding Hong Kong, one in five people live in poverty.在这个前英国殖民地,不平等是一个敏感话题。慈善组织乐饷社(Feeding Hong Kong)称,在这里,人就人生活在贫困之中。On Tuesday, Mr Leung sought to appease those angered by his remarks, some of whom staged a small protest outside his residence last week. In response to a reporter’s question before an executive council meeting, Mr Leung said he should have been “clearerin explaining his stance on the current electoral system.周二,梁振英试图平息他的上述言论所招致的愤怒情绪,其中一些人上周在他的住所外举行了小规模抗议活动。在出席一次行政会议之前回答一位记者的提问时,梁振英表示,他本应“更清楚”地解释自己对当前选举制度的立场。“I know my words were unclear, and this caused some concern and misunderstanding among grass-roots [poor] people, the religious sector and the sports sector,he said. “I regret that.”“我知道我的措辞不是很清楚,这在基层(穷人)、宗教界别和体育界别引起了一些担忧和误解,”他表示,“我对此感到遗憾。”Pro-democracy protesters have been on the streets for a month now, blocking roads in three busy districts of the city to campaign for changes to the way Hong Kong chooses its chief executive.持民主的抗议活动已持续一个月,示威者在香港3个繁忙街区设置路障,呼吁改变选举产生香港特首的方式。Hundreds remained camped out in the main highway outside government offices in the city centre, sleeping in tents and living on donations of food and water.数百人仍在香港特区政府大楼外的主要道路上扎营,晚上睡在帐篷里,依靠捐赠的食品和水生活。As the protests have dragged on, Mr Leung’s approval rating has dropped from 45 per cent in August to just under 39 per cent now, according to the latest survey by Hong Kong University.在抗议活动持续之际,根据香港大学(Kong University)的最新调查,梁振英的持率已月的45%降至现在的不9%。Last week the government and student activists held the first round of talks since the protests began on September 26. However, despite two hours of televised debate, progress towards ending the civil disobedience campaign remains elusive.上周,香港政府和学生活动人士举行了自96日抗议开始以来的首轮对话。然而,尽管进行了两个小时的电视直播辩论,但在结束这场公民抗命方面依未取得进展。Benny Tai, one of the leaders of the Occupy Central protest group, on Monday called on the government to hold a non-binding referendum on the issue of electoral reform, saying that such a move would likely bring an end to the street protests.“占中”领导人之一戴耀Benny Tai)周一呼吁政府就选举改革举行一场没有约束力的全民公投。他说,此类举措很可能结束街头抗议活动。Under current government proposals, about 5m residents will get to vote for the first time in the next election in 2017. However, critics complain that the list of candidates will remain in the hands of just 1,200 people drawn from the elite.按照香港政府当前的提议,00万居民将017年的选举中首次参与投票。然而,批评人士抱怨称,候选人名单依然掌握在来自精英阶层的区区1200名人士的手中。The government insists that such a system is prescribed by the Basic Law Hong Kong’s constitution leaving them with little option for change.香港政府坚称,这一制度是《基本法》(香港的宪制文件)规定的,这让他们没有改变的余地。However, former Hong Kong governor Chris Patten said in an opinion piece for Project Syndicate on Tuesday that Mr Leung has “considerable room for manoeuvre and called on him to ”demonstrate some statesmanship然而,香港末任总督彭定Chris Patten)周二在《Project Syndicate》上发表文章指出,梁振英有着“相当大的回旋空间”,呼吁他“展示一些政治家的水平”。来 /201410/339252

The Chinese moon rover Yutu, or Jade Rabbit, has identified a new type of moon rock, according to a study published Tuesday in Nature Communications.据《自然·通讯》上发表的一项研究称,中国的;玉兔;月球车已经发现了新的月球岩石品种。The Yutu rover had poked around a region thats been reshaped by volcanic activity relatively recently. After analyzing the data from the Yutu rover, a group of Chinese and American scientists say in the paper that this regions composition differs from other mare sample-return sites and is a new type of mare basalt not previously sampled.;玉兔;正在探索的区域在相对较近的历史时期内曾被火山活动重塑。在分析“玉兔”月球车带回的数据之后,由中国和美国科学家组成的科学小组在文章中表示,该地区的?石成分不同于其他观测点反馈的数据样本,是一种以前没有采样过的、新型的玄武岩。According to the Washington Post, until now, basalts sampled from the moon all had either very low or very high titanium content. By examining the comparatively young rocks uncovered by an impact crater, Yutu found basalts with intermediate levels of titanium and high iron levels.据华盛顿邮报报道,迄今为止,从月球采集的玄武岩样本中的钛元素含量要么特别高,要么特别低。但“玉兔”检测了在一座环形山附近的“年轻”?石样本后发现,这里玄武?的钛含量处于中游水平,铁含量则相当高;The variable titanium distribution on the lunar surface suggests that the Moons interior was not homogenized,; Washington Universitys Bradley L. Jolliff, who collaborated with Chinese scientists to analyze the rovers data, said in a statement.与中国科学家合作分析“玉兔”数据的美国华盛顿大学专家布拉德利·乔利夫说:“月面各处的钛含量存在差异,说明月球内部物质的成分并不单一。”The study is expected to throw new light on the origins of Earths nearest neighbor. In addition to showing the unexpected diversity of the moon, the results could help scientists do a better job of studying its surface from orbiters.这项发现将会为研究地球最近的邻居的起源带来新的方向。除了展示月球未知的多样性,这一结果可能也会帮助科学家更好的通过人造卫星来研究月球表面。来 /201512/418220

  JUNE 06, 2015 8:11 AM ET2015年六东部时间上午8:11Scott NeuMan斯科特·纽曼Rescuers work in the hull of the upright ship Eastern Star to launch rescue work in the section of Jianli on the Yangtze River, central Chinas Hubei Province, on Saturday.周六营救人员在被扶正;东方之星;号轮船的船壳里展开营救工作。事发地段位于中国中部湖北省长江监利段。The death toll in the capsizing of a cruise ship in Chinas Yangtze River has risen to just under 400, making it the deadliest maritime disaster in seven decades in the country.这艘在长江上翻沉的游船里的死亡人数已上升至近400。这是该0年来最严重的船难事故。Chinas state-run Xinhua news agency says hundreds more bodies have been recovered since the overturnc Eastern Star was righted on Friday, bringing the total confirmed dead to 396. Among the newly recovered b odies was that of a 3-year-old girl.中国国有通讯社新华社说自从周五将翻转的“东方之星”游轮扶正以又发现了数百具尸体。这使得确认总死亡人数达96人。在新发现的尸体中有一个三岁的小姑娘。Only 14 people have been found alive and another 46 remain missing of the 456 aboard when the sudden, s vere winds on Monday caused the disaster, according to Xinhua. Authorities have placed the captain and hi s first engineer in custody.根据新华社的报道,在周一由于突发强风造成的这起船难事故中,只找到14名幸存者,还有46人失踪。当时船上共56人。中国当局已经将该船长和首席轮机长拘押起来。The Associated Press says: ;Passengers relatives have raised questions about whether the ship should have continued its cruise after the storm started in a section of Hubei province and despite a weather warning earlier in the evening.;美联社说;乘客的家属质疑当长江湖北段的暴风雨已经开始,并在当夜早些时候就发出天气警告的情况下,该船是否应该继续航行;The Wall Street Journal adds:《华尔街日报》还报道;The Eastern Stars captain, Zhang Shunwen—a three-decade veteran of Chongqing Eastern Shipping Corp., the ships owner, which named him one of its outstanding employees last year—told Xinhua in his first reported comments released Friday that he was struggling in moderate northward winds at 9:20 p.m. when the gusts suddenly intensified. ...;东方之星;的船长章顺文是重庆东方船舶公司(;东方之星;轮船所属公司)的具0年航行经验的老船长,去年还被评为;杰出雇员;之一。新华社发表的对该船长的第一次采访中写道当晚:20分那股强风突然加强时,他正在与风势不怎么强劲的北风搏斗…;The satellite data show the Eastern Star moving northwest across the river at 9:21 when it suddenly took a sharp turn to the east. A minute later it appears to have spun around violently and begun moving slowly downriver, presumably carried by the current.;;卫星数据显示当晚9:21分“东方之星”向西北方向移动横穿江面之时突然急转向东。一分钟之后它明显开始剧烈地原地打转,并开始慢慢向下游飘去,据推测是被急流携裹; /201506/379482


  One of the most advanced U.S. aircraft carriers has docked at its new home in Japan - the latest sign of deepening military ties between Washington and Tokyo.美国最先进的航空母舰之一停靠在其在日本的新基地。这是深化华盛顿与东京之间军事关系的最新迹象。The nuclear-powered, Nimitz-class USS Ronald Reagan was welcomed by Japanese officials as it arrived in the port of Yokosuka on Thursday, one day ahead of schedule.美国海军核动力的尼米兹级罗纳德·里根号周四比原计划提前一天抵达日本横须贺港,受到日本官员的欢迎。At a ceremony, U.S. Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus said the substance and symbolism of the carriers presence ;cannot be overstated.;在欢迎仪式上,美国海军部长麦伯斯说,这艘航母存在的实质和象征意义“不会被言过其实。”The USS Ronald Reagan is one of only 10 Nimitz-class U.S. aircraft carriers in existence. It replaces the USS George Washington, which is headed back to the U.S. for maintenance work and upgrades.罗纳德·里根号航空母舰是现有的10艘尼米兹级航母中的一艘。它取代了乔治·华盛顿号航空母舰,后者正在返回美国进行维修和升级。In a statement, Japans foreign ministry welcomed the arrival of the carrier, saying it will ;contribute to the security of Japan and the maintenance of peace and security of the region.;日本外务省在一份声明中表示欢迎这艘航母到来,并称这将“有助于日本的安全和维护本地区的和平与安全。”Some local groups have expressed opposition to the carriers presence. On Thursday, a group of protesters in a small boat sailed next to the massive warship with a sign that , ;You are not welcome here.;当地一些团体表示反对这艘航母的到达。周四,一群示威者乘坐一条小船驶到这艘巨大军舰的旁边,上面插着一个牌子写着:“你们在这里不受欢迎。”There has long been some local resistance to the U.S.-Japan defense alliance, which has placed nearly 50,000 American troops and some of Washingtons most expensive military hardware in the country.当地长期以来一直有一些针对美日防卫同盟的抗议。根据这个同盟近5万名美军士兵随同一些华盛顿最昂贵的军事装备被派驻日本。来 /201510/402458

  Fifteen Chinese CEOs will join the US-China Business Roundtable in Seattle, during President Xi Jinpings state visit to the US.据报道,15位中国首席执行官将出席西雅图中美企业圆桌会议,期间,中国国家主席习近平在美进行国事访问。CEOs of Chinese companies come from different sectors, including Internet, manufacturing, energy and finance.15位中国企业的CEO分别来自互联网、制造业、能源、金融等不同的行业。Jack Ma, founder and executive chairman of Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba. The company just celebrated its one year anniversary of the NYSE listing on September 9.马云,中国电子商务巨头阿里巴巴的创始人及执行总裁。去日,阿里巴巴在纽约券交易所上市,现正值公司庆祝上市一周年之际。Lu Guanqiu, chairman of Wanxiang Group. The Hangzhou-based Chinese multinational automotive components manufacturing company reportedly shook hands with US firms to invest billion in Californias hotels on August.鲁冠球,万向集团董事长。其公司是设在杭州的中国跨国汽车零部件制造公司,据报道,该公司已与美国公司合作,将于8月投资加州的酒店0亿美元。Pony Ma, chairman and CEO of Tencent. As one of the investment arms of the company,Tencent Pictures partnered with the US movie studio Legendary Pictures on September to back a game adaptation slated for release next year.马化腾,腾讯公司董事会主席兼首席执行官。由于公司的投资机构之一,腾讯电影,月与美国电影公司传奇影业共同开发了一款改编的,该游戏将于明年发布。Jiang Jianqing, chairman of Industrial and Commercial Bank of China. The worlds largest bank reported .45 trillion in total reserve assets in 2014.姜建清,中国工商董事长。中国工商是世界上市值最高的014年的报备总储备资产为3.45万亿美元。As their US counterparts, fifteen American enterprises, such as General Motors, Amazon, Apple, Honeywell, Microsoft and Walt Disney, will also participate in the roundtable.15个美国企业,包括通用汽车、亚马逊、苹果、霍尼韦尔、微软和迪斯尼等公司,也将出席圆桌会议。The roundtable aims to provide an opportunity for US and Chinese business leaders to discuss issues facing the two countries and explore ways to strengthen the Sino-US economic relationship, said Chicago-based think tank Paulson Institute, co-host of the event.此次会议的承办方,总部位于芝加哥的智库鲍尔森研究所表示,圆桌会议的目的是为中美两国的商界领袖提供一个平台,讨论双方面临的问题,并探讨如何加强中美经济关系。President Xi will attend the meeting and deliver a policy speech.习近平主席将出席此次会议并发表政策讲话。来 /201509/400951

  President Barack Obama’s Syria refugee policy has suffered a blow after the US House of Representatives passed a measure that would make it harder for people fleeing the war-torn country to come to the US.美国众议院表决通过了一项法案,将使那些逃离战火纷飞祖国的叙利亚人更加难以进入美囀?这对美国总统巴拉克攠巴马(Barack Obama)的叙利亚难民政策是一个打击。The House on Thursday voted 289-137 to impose stringent vetting requirements for Syrian and Iraqi refugees, with nearly 50 Democrats breaking ranks with the president.周四,美国众议院89票对137票的表决结果,通过了对叙利亚和伊拉克难民实施严格审查规定的法案,近50名民主党众议员站到了奥巴马的对立面。Mr Obama, who has vowed to veto the measure if it also receives the necessary Senate approval, has accused Republicans of “shamefulbehaviour over their response to the Syrian humanitarian crisis.这项法案若想成为法律须在参议院也获得通过。奥巴马已发誓,如果它在参议院也获得通过,他将否决该法案。他批评共和党在应对叙利亚人道主义危机方面的所作所为是“可耻的”。In the aftermath of the Paris attacks, Republican governors, presidential candidates and others have lambasted the administration over its plan to bring 10,000 Syrian refugees to the US over the coming year, citing concerns that members of Isis or other militant groups could pose as refugees to gain entry to the US and launch attacks on American soil.巴黎发生恐怖袭击后,共和党籍州长、总统候选人和其他人士对奥巴马政府在接下来一年里万名叙利亚难民进入美国的计划予以了猛烈抨击。他们给出的理由是,担心伊拉克和黎凡特伊斯兰ISIS)或其他激进组织的成员可能会装扮成难民进入美国、并在美国国土上发动袭击。Paul Ryan, the new House speaker, said on Wednesday: “We cannot allow terrorists to take advantage of our compassion.”美国众议院新任议长保罗帠襴(Paul Ryan,见文首图)周三表示:“我们不能允许恐怖分子利用我们的同情心。”The White House in September said it would boost the number of Syrian refugees admitted to America from 1,500 in the preceding 12 months to 10,000 over the course of 2016. Its decision followed growing pressure from European officials as hundreds of thousands of Syrians and refugees from other war zones flee to nations across Europe.今年9月美国政府表示,将在2016年全年准万名叙利亚难民进入美国,而之2个月这个数字仅为1500人。美国政府是在受到欧洲官员越来越大压力的情况下做出这一决定的,目前,数十万叙利亚人以及来自其他战乱地区的难民正逃往欧洲各国。The policy was facing scrutiny before the attacks, but the massacres in the French capital have elevated the criticism to a new level. The White House says that all Syrian refugees undergo a rigorous screening process, but critics have called for at least a temporary halt in the programme to test that claim.巴黎发生恐怖袭击前,美国的叙利亚难民政策已受到严密的审视,这场袭击更是令美国国内对该政策的批评上升到一个新水平。美国政府表示,所有叙利亚难民都会经过严格的审查程序,但批评者呼吁至少应该暂时中止该计划,以测试一下这种严格审查是否真能做到。The measure passed by the House would require officials leading several agencies the FBI, the Director of National Intelligence and the Homeland Security department to certify personally that any given refugee does not pose a security threat to the US.美国众议院通过的这项法案要求几家机构——联邦调查局(FBI)、国家情报总监办公ODNI)以及国土安全Homeland Security department)——的主管官员亲自担保任一给定的难民都不会对美国的安全构成威胁。The White House has described the approach as “untenableand warned it would complicate efforts to resolve the refugee crisis in Europe.美国政府称这种做法“站不住脚”,并警告此举将令化解欧洲难民危机的努力复杂化。During his trip to Asia this week, Mr Obama has lashed out at critics, including those such as Ted Cruz, the Texas senator running for the Republican presidential nomination, who say the US should only take Christian refugees.在本周访问亚洲期间,奥巴马抨击了一些批评人士,包括德克萨斯州参议员、竞选共和党总统提名的特德克鲁兹(Ted Cruz)。这些批评人士称,美国应当只接纳信仰基督教的难民。The debate comes as immigration has surfaced as a polarising issue in the presidential campaign thanks to Donald Trump.由于唐纳德礠朗普(Donald Trump)的关系,移民问题已成为美国总统选举中一个容易引起尖锐对立的问题。Earlier this week, David Miliband, the former British foreign secretary who now heads the International Rescue Committee, warned that the US risked abandoning its leadership role as a recipient of refugees because of the backlash since the Paris attacks. “It could increase the pressure everywhere else and could give all sorts of people an excuse to say that even America was stepping back,he told the Financial Times in an interview.本周早些时候,前英国外交大臣戴维猠利班David Miliband)警告称,由于巴黎发生恐怖袭击以来民众出现了强烈的反移民情绪,美国可能会放弃其在接收难民方面的领导地位。他在接受采访时告诉英国《金融时报》:“这可能会让其他所有国家面临更大的压力,而且可能会让所有人都有借口说,连美国都在打退堂鼓。”米利班德现任国际救援委员会(International Rescue Committee)主席。来 /201511/411974Liu Yuejin has been appointed as the first commissioner of counterterrorism, it was announced on the website of the Ministry of Public Security on Sunday. The 56-year-old, previously an assistant minister of public security, will coordinate the nations efforts to prevent terrorist attacks.公安部网0日发布消息称,公安部原部长助理、现6岁的刘跃进出任首位反恐专员。刘跃进将负责协调全国的反恐行动。A spokesman for the Ministry of Public Security declined to give further details on Lius appointment. However, Mei Jianming at the Peoples Public Security University of China welcomed the move.公安部发言人拒绝透露有关刘跃进任命的更多细节。不过中国人民公安大学的梅建明对此举表示欢迎;After Lius appointment, its urgent we set up a national intelligence-sharing platform, which will help the authorities to obtain and analyze terrorist-related intelligence, then effectively direct forces such as the police, armed police and soldiers to stop terrorist plots and target criminal groups,; said Mei, director of the colleges counterterrorism research center.中国人民公安大学反恐怖研究中心主任梅建明表示:“在刘跃进任命后,我们迫切需要建立一个国家情报共享平台,它将有助于相关部门获取和分析与恐怖主义有关的情报,然后如警察,武警和士兵这种直接力量就能有效的阻止恐怖阴谋和定位犯罪集团。”Lius appointment follows a series of terror attacks in recent years across the country that have claimed many lives, including in March last year when an armed gang killed 29 people and injured 143 others in Kunming, capital of Yunnan province.中国近几年发生了一系列的恐怖袭击事件,并有许多民众因此丧生,包括去月在云南省省会昆明,一个武装团伙杀害了29人,造成143人受伤。所以公安部任命刘跃进出任反恐专员。Liu, who is from Hunan province and in earlier interviews has called himself a ;grassroots police officer;, has been involved in efforts to halt the illegal drug trade since the 1980s.刘跃进系湖南人,此前曾在采访中自称为;草根警官;,自上世0年代起就开始从事禁止非法毒品贸易的工作。After the recent attacks in Paris, which left 129 dead and hundreds injured, China has ;strengthened patrols and preventive measures across the country to stop similar cases occurring here;, the ministry said.公安部称,最近发生在巴黎的袭击事件造成129人死亡,数百人受伤,此后,中国“加强了全国各地的巡逻和预防措施,以防止类似案件发生”。来 /201512/417352

  BEIJING -- If you think water is in short supply in California, you should see whats happeningin China. The situation is so dire that next month, the communist governmentwill turn on the taps in the worlds biggest water-diversion project.北京——如果你认为加州缺水,那你应该去中国看看。中国所面临的情况是如此的严峻,以至于下个月共产主义中国政府将开启世界上最大的引水工程。The Yongding River, which once fed Beijing,ran dry along with 27,000 other rivers in China that have disappeared due to industrialization, dams and drought.曾经供养北京的永定河和中国其7000条河流都干涸消失了,主要原因是工业化,大坝和旱灾;Some of the large parts of the north China plane may suffer severe water shortages,; said environmentalist Ma Jun. ;Some of the cities could literally run out of water.;“中国北方的某些平原可能面临严重的水危机,”环保主义者马军如是说。“有些城市可能面临水干涸。”To try to solve the problem, Chinas government is planning to spend nearly billion to build nearly 2,700 milesof water ways -- almost enough to stretch from New York to Los Angeles.为了解决这个问题,中国政府正计划耗资800亿美元建700英里长的水路——几乎是从纽约到洛杉矶的距离。Four-fifths of Chinas fresh water lies inits south. The idea behind the project is to move some of that water to the parched - and populous - north by connecting existing bodies of water. Thats meant relocating 350,000 people to settlements.中国五分之四的淡水资源分布在南方。这个项目的理念是通过连接现有水体的方式将南方的水资源输送到干旱和人口众多的北方。这意味着要对35万人进行移民。Zhang Xiaofeng, who was moved to a settlement, was asked if she wanted to come to this place.;It does not matter if youre willing or not,; said Zhang. ;We had to move here. If we didnt our homewould be under water.;一名叫做张小凤的移民被问及是否愿意搬到这个地方时,他说:“愿不愿意都不重要,我们不得不搬到这里来,如果不搬的话,我们的房屋就会被淹没在水里。”She used to sell jade but now scrapes by selling whatever she can from a small shop in her ;relocationvillage; -- dubbed ;Harmony; by the local government.她以前以卖玉为生,但是现在在移民村里开了一家小店勉强维生,当地政府授予这个移民村以“和谐之村”的称号。She walked us through her new home but said she misses her old one. Still, she said, her suffering is worth it for more people to have water. But was she being serious or just being polite?她带我们看了看她的新家,但是她说想念自己的老房子。但是她说他的牺牲是值得的,因为可以让更多人获得水资源。但是她真的是这么认为的吗,还是只是出于礼貌;As a Chinese citizen we all ought to be like this,; answered Zhang. ;We can survive anywhere.;“作为一名中国公民,我们都应该这么做。我们可以在任何地方生存。”Back in Beijing, Ma Jun feels the projectis a short-term ;emergency measure.;而在北京的马军认为这个项目是一种短期的“应急措施”;It will help to buy some time,;said Ma Jun. ;I wouldnt call this a real final solution because the current volume of transfer will not be enough to fill up the gap.;“这或许会给我们争取点时间,但是我不认为这是最终的解决方案,因为目前所输送的水量还无法满足空缺。”The water supply for some cities, he fears,may someday run out.他担心有些城市的供水可能最终会耗尽。来 /201412/345461


  The ed Nations opened peace talks Tuesday in Geneva in a bid to find a ;durable settlement; to the crisis in Yemen.联合国星期二在日内瓦开启和平谈判,努力寻找解决也门危机的持久方案。U.N. envoy Ismail Ould Cheikh Ahmed also announced the start of a week-long cease-fire, saying the goal is to make that halt in fighting permanent and ;pave the way for a return to a peaceful and orderly political transition.;联合国也门特使艾哈迈德还宣布,开始为期一个星期的停火。他说,停火的目的是实现永久停战,“为重新回到和平而有序的政治过渡铺路”。He said in a statement Tuesdays cease-fire is a critical first step to building lasting peace.他星期二在一份声明中说,停火是建立持久和平关键的第一步。The conflict between forces supporting President Abd Rabbu Mansour Hadis government and Iran-backed Houthi rebels has killed an estimated 5,700 people since late last year.持也门总统哈迪政府的军队和伊朗持的胡塞反政府武装之间的冲突,从去年年底以来已经造成大约5700人丧生。It was not clear if the Houthis would abide by the halt in fighting.目前还不清楚胡塞反政府武装是否会遵守停火。来 /201512/415975

  In a chilling reminder of the atrocities perpetrated on helpless gay men in India, a 23 yearold man was brutally raped by two policemen in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, in the wee hours of Sunday, 9th Feb, 2014. The incident happened on SG Road near Science City, when the victimwas returning to his car to go home after a party.在印度古吉拉特邦的艾哈迈达巴德,一3岁的男同性恋在周日凌晨惨遭两名警察的强奸014日,此案发生于科学城附近的SG路附近,受害人当时刚离开一个聚会,准备上车回家。(译注:艾哈迈达巴Ahmedabad),又译阿麦达巴,在郑和下西洋时译作阿拨巴是印度古吉拉特邦的第一大城印度的第七大城市。)The two policemen, intheir mid-20s, were posted on duty during the Ahmedabad gay pride march held onDecember 1st, in which the victim had participated. Today as the man wasreturning to his car, the policemen recognized and accosted him, asking if hehad taken part in the march. On his confirmation, the cops demanded to see his license and papers and started hurling abuses at him. The victim protested and tried to get away, but the cops started beating him up with sticks and forced themselves on him, abusing him all the time and remarking jab poori duniya semarwai hai, toh humse bhi marwa le (when you have got fucked by the wholeworld, then get fucked by us too) . The man returned home battered and bruised with multiple wounds on his body. The cops were not drunk and were in full control of their senses.这两名二十多岁的警察曾在12日的艾哈迈达巴德同性恋游行期间执勤,而受害人当时也参加了这场游行。于是当受害人走向车子的时候,两名警察认出了他,并上前向他搭话,问他参没参与那次游行。当受害人表示参与过之后,警察就要求他出示驾驶执照和文件,并开始出言辱骂他。受害人反抗并试图逃跑,但两位警察开始用警棍殴打他,并对其强行,期间一直用言语辱骂诸如“jab poori duniya se marwai hai, toh humse bhi marwa le”这样的话(大意为:既然你都被全世界操过了,那自然也要挨我俩的操)。完事后,受害者衣衫破碎,浑身带伤地回到了家。而二位警察当时没有喝醉,神智完全清醒。The victim belongs to a powerful political family of Gujarat, is not open about his sexual orientation to his family and is averse to filing a police complaint due to the attendant publicity that it would involve. He fears that his high-profile family background would cause severe trouble to him during an election year ifhe decides to report the incident. He broke down to his friends after the incident and has been in a suicidal mood, but is being attended to by friends.受害人来自古吉拉特邦一个颇有权势的政治家族,还未将他的性取向和家人公布。而他也不愿向警方报案,因为担心事情宣扬出去后会引发公众关注,自己引人注目的家族背景可能会在选举年给他带来大麻烦。他只能在事情发生后向友人倾诉,还有过自杀的念头,如今正由他的朋友照料着。The incident highlights the daily insecurities faced by the LGBT community in India who are harassed by the authorities. Post the Supreme Court order criminalizinghomosexuality, a lot of gay men have been going back into the closet and are hesitant to speak about their sexual orientation. Whilst rape cases in Indiahave been highlighted with conviction supposedly being fast-tracked after the Delhi gangrape of 2012, incidents involving gay rape are rarely reported because the victims fear a double stigmathat of rape and of having a criminal sexualorientation, being forcibly outed to the society. Most male victims of rapeinternalize their suffering and live them through their daily lives, not beingable to report the criminals and neither being able to tell their near and dear ones of their suffering. The Supreme Court, in its verdict on the 377 casedwelt primarily on the poor conviction rate and lack of reported cases of harassment as a basis for retaining the section.事件引发了印度同性恋群体的不安全感。印度同性恋的地位一向尴尬。印度最高法院将同性恋定位非法,使得男同性恋们往往不敢出柜,也不敢讲自己的性取向公开。与此同时,012年黑公交案过后,印度强奸案的定罪速度已经有了很大的进步,而同性强奸却少有报道,因为受害者们害怕遭受双重“羞辱”——不仅是因为强奸本身,也因为这是一种“有罪”的性行为,会让他们被社会排斥。许多强奸案的男性受害者选择默默忍受,将这些烂在肚子里,既不会报案也不会将这些告诉他们最亲近的人。由于印度刑77条款的存在(译注:即同性恋非法),此类事件少有立案,也少有报道。This case is a grim reminder of how criminalizing a sexual act, which Section 377 does is in itselfa reason for cases not being reported and violent crimes also remaining within the closet. With victims being criminalized forced to keep their trauma and sufferings under wraps, it is the rapists who walk free and roam the streets emboldened. With custodians of law themselves colluding to ravage a man whom they had been sent out to protect, the incident highlights the long and mostly non existent path to justice that the community faces in India.此案让人意识到一个冷酷的现实,那就是将同性恋定位非法的刑77条款本身却成为了让案件不被曝光,罪恶不得惩戒的原因。由于受害人只能默默忍受,那些大摇大摆走在街上的强奸犯就更加大胆。在此案中,两位执法者合谋对一位他们本应保护的公民进行摧残,可见对于印度来说,实现公平正义还有很长很长的一段路要走。来 /201501/352333

  Police cordoned off one of Sydney’s main business districts on Monday morning following reports that a gunman waving an Islamic flag was holding customers and staff hostage in a café.澳大利亚警方周一早晨在悉尼一主要商业区实施戒严,此前有报道称,一名挥舞伊斯兰旗帜的持男子在一家咖啡馆内劫持了里面的顾客和员工。Live television pictures broadcast by Australia’s Seven Network showed a staff member and a customer in the Lindt café with their hands pressed against the window and a black flag with Arabic writing being waved in the background.澳大利亚Seven Network播放的电视直播画面显示,林德咖啡Lindt café)的一名员工和一名顾客双手紧贴窗户,手里举着一面写有阿拉伯文的黑色旗帜。“There is a police operation under way at Martin Place and we are asking people to avoid the area,said the New South Wales police.新南威尔士警局表示:“警方正在马丁广Martin Place)展开行动,我们正要求人们不要进入该地区。”Heavily armed police surrounded the café and rescue workers were erecting ladders on the side of a nearby building, possibly to evacuate people still on upper floors.全副武装的警察包围了这家咖啡馆,营救人员在临近一座大楼的一侧架设梯子,可能要疏散仍在较高楼层的人员。Hundreds of onlookers gathered a few hundred metres away behind a police cordon. Many of them were evacuated from nearby buildings as the area around the siege was shut down by police.在警方设置的警戒线以外数百米的地方,聚集着数百名围观者。很多人是从附近的大楼撤离的,目前被包围地区已被警方封锁。Stephen Tunley, who runs a funds management business in a nearby building, said people clogged the fire escape as they tried to evacuate.在附近写字楼中经营一家基金管理公司的斯蒂#8226;滕利(Stephen Tunley)表示,人们在试图撤离时全都挤在了安全梯那里。“I’m not that surprised it was obvious something like this would happen before Christmas given what has been happening here recently,he said. “How we respond to this will matter we shouldn’t exclude people.”“我并不感到意外,根据最近的形势,类似的事情显然会在圣诞节前发生,”他说道,“我们的反应很重要,我们不应排斥其他人。”The café siege follows warnings from politicians and police that radical Islamic terrorists posed a threat to security in Australia, which has joined a US-led coalition fighting Islamic State militants in Iraq.此前,政治人士和警方警告称,伊斯兰恐怖分子对澳大利亚的安全构成威胁,澳大利亚已加入一个以美国为首的联盟,以打击伊拉克;伊斯兰国;武装人员。In September, Canberra raised the threat level for a terrorist attack from medium to high, meaning an attack was considered likely. A week later Australian police said they had thwarted a plan by Islamist radicals to kidnap a person at random from the streets of Sydney and behead them in an attack linked to fighters of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, also known as Isis, in Iraq.今年9月,澳大利亚将其恐怖袭击威胁级别从中级提升至高级,这意味着,恐怖袭击有可能发生。一周后,澳大利亚警方表示,他们挫败了一个伊斯兰激进分子的计划,他们原本准备在悉尼街道随机劫持人质并将他们砍头,该次袭击与伊拉克“伊拉克与黎凡特伊斯兰国Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant,简称Isis)武装人员有关。Tony Abbott, Australia’s prime minister, published a short statement in which he said he was in contact with NSW premier Mike Baird, and that the National Security Committee had convened for briefings on the situation.澳大利亚总理托尼#8226;阿Tony Abbott)发表了一份简短声明,他表示,正与新南威尔士州州长迈克#8226;贝尔Mike Baird)接洽,国家安全委员会(National Security Committee)已召开会议听取有关形势的简报。“This is obviously a deeply concerning incident but all Australians should be reassured that our law enforcement and security agencies are well trained and equipped and are responding in a thorough and professional manner,said Mr Abbott. “We will provide regular updates as further information becomes available.”“此次事件显然事关重大,但是所有澳大利亚人都应相信,我们的执法部门和安全机构都是训练有素且装备精良的,并在以周密且专业的方式应对这一事件,”阿特表示,“一旦获得进一步的信息,我们将定期提供最新消息。”Australian officials estimate that about 160 Australians are assisting terrorist groups in the Middle East, and parliament has recently passed a swathe of tough new anti-terrorist laws.澳大利亚官员估计,约60名澳大利亚人正在协助中东的恐怖组织,澳大利亚议会最近新通过了一系列严格的反恐法律。Martin Place is one of the main areas in Sydney’s business district and is home to the Reserve Bank of Australia, commercial banks and the Seven Network. The New South Wales parliament is nearby.马丁广场是悉尼商业区主要区域之一,澳大利亚央RBA)、商业以及Seven Network都位于这里。新南威尔士议会就在附近。Additional reporting by Patrick McGee in Hong Kong帕特里克#8226;麦吉(Patrick McGee)香港补充报道 /201412/348819

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