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栏目简介:《造物小百科How its made》介绍了许多东西的制作或者说发明方法,非常实用。其中的英语视频发音地道,内容浅显易懂,过程形象生动,是提高英语听力水平,积累英语知识和一些简单生活常识的好素材。201509/392020The Harry Potter books may be located in an alternative fantasy world but theyre filled with the pain and dilemmas of real life.哈利·波特小说可能发生在另一个魔法世界,但那里也充满了现实人生的痛苦和困境。They address serious moral questions about the nature of trust loyalty, integrity, and the need to make a stand against evil.它们对人的本性发出了严肃的道德质疑:信任、忠诚、正直和对抗邪恶的必要。Through the series Harry Potter has to learn what it means to be a force for good against the dark arts of Lord Voldemort.在系列小说里哈利·波特要学会作为正义力量击败伏地魔意味着什么。I think we all understand what an act of evil is.我想我们都明白邪恶行径是怎么样的。And Voldemort qualifies extravagantly for acts of evil.伏地魔毫无节制地作恶多端。He has killed not out of self-defense, not to protect not for any of the reasons that we might all be able to envisage or most of us could envisage ourselves killing in certain extreme situations.他杀人不是出于自我防卫、保护,也不是任何我们能想像出來的原因或大部分我们能想像到会杀人的一些极端状况。If people we loved were threatened or in war.比如我们所爱的人遭到生命威胁或是陷入战争。Hed killed cold-bloodedly, sometimes for enjoyment and for his own personal gain. I call that evil.他有时以冷血杀人为乐,或是为了一己之私。我称之为邪恶。And, yes, at the end of the book you have a clash of two utterly, utterly different again, for want of a better word, souls.是的,书的最后出现了两种完全不同的,这么说更好,两种不同灵魂的冲突。One that has been maimed and has become less than human because to me ;human; includes the capacity to love.一个灵魂被损害,失去了一部分人性,因为对我来说“人性”包含着去爱的能力。And Voldemort has deliberately dehumanized himself.伏地魔故意地抛弃了自己的人性。And this very...This flawed, vulnerable, damaged and yet still fighting, still loving still daring to love and daring to hope, soul, which is Harry.而另一个灵魂,那有瑕疵的、脆弱的、受伤的灵魂还依然在斗争着、在爱着,依然敢爱、敢希望的灵魂,这就是哈利。201511/407112Mexican drug lord Guzman back in prison墨西哥毒枭难逃法网 再度落网被送回监狱Mexican prison authorities are keeping a close eye on notorious drug lord Joaquin ;El Chapo; Guzman.墨西哥监狱当局正密切关注着臭名昭著毒枭,“绰号矮子”的古斯曼的一举一动。His dramatic escape from prison last year was a major embarrassment for them.对墨西哥监狱当局而言,去年古斯曼的越狱仍是件非常尴尬的事。Now, Guzmans jailers are taking extra measures to ensure he wont disappear from them again.现在,古斯曼的狱卒开展额外的措施来确保这名犯人不会从他们眼皮底下再次消失。 译文属201601/422252

Michael Jackson studied all the artists, all the great artists.迈克尔·杰克逊认真研究了所有的巨星He studied me, he studied Marvin Gaye, he studied Stevie Wonder.他研究我 研究马文 还有史提夫·汪达He studied everybody.研究所有的人We were the best in the country at the time.我们当时可是全国的顶尖人物The first time l saw them perform was in san Francisco我第一次看到他们演出是在旧金山and l was like, Wow. 我心想 哗lt was like, Theres nobody that good. 心想 怎么可能这么棒Berry Gordy was like, Keep your cards close to your chest.贝瑞·戈迪说 不要露馅Dont let people know what youre thinking.别让人知道你在想什么Dont let the artists know how much people like em. 别让歌手知道他们有多受欢迎He was a shrewd guy.他是个很机灵的人Berry looked after every aspect of an artists career.贝瑞会考虑一个歌手生涯的每一个部份Now, some may complain today that they didnt get paid enough royalties有些人现在可能会抱怨版税抽成不够高and they never received a lot of their publishing.或是很多版税根本没抽到But lll tell you something.但我得说Berry Gordy made these artists.是贝瑞·戈迪造就了那些歌手201508/395564

What I love to get people thinking about我喜欢引导大家去思考is that all this had to be built, atom by atom,这一切都是由一个个原子组合而成celestial engineering on a spectacular scale.浩大的太空工程So what drove this cosmic clock work?那究竟是什么开启了宇宙的时钟呢I would say it was the force of gravity.我认为正是万有引力The idea of gravity万有引力的概念was worked out by Sir Isaac Newton,是由艾萨克·牛顿爵士提出who had the same job as me早在17世纪 here at Cambridge University, back in the 17th century.他就在剑桥大学担任同我相同的职位It supposedly donned on him when an apple fell on his head.当一颗苹果落在他头上时,他受到了启示The apple helped him realize that all effects attract each other.苹果让他意识到了万物相互吸引And the greater the mass, the stronger the pull.而且质量越大啊,引力越强These apples are attracted to the earth这些苹果受到了地球的吸引and although you cant see it,尽管你肉眼无法看见the earth moves very slightly up towards the apples.但地球也向苹果的方向轻微移动了All things come together through the power of gravity.一切都因为万有引力的存在而聚集在一起Gravity was created in the Big Bang万有引力早在宇宙大爆炸时期就已产生and has been at work ever since.并自那时起一直发挥作用Its what keeps you, me, and apples stuck to the earth.是万有引力使得你,我以及苹果都能保持在地面In the early universe,在早期的宇宙中gravity had a much bigger role to play.万有引力的影响比现在大很多Right after the Big Bang, the universe was just gas,大爆炸之后,宇宙仅仅是一片雾气almost perfectly sp out throughout space.在空间中近乎完美地延展开来Over the next 200 million years,在接下来的2亿年里gravity began to pull the gas back together万有引力开始将雾气集中起来to produce the very first structures from which everything else would grow.产生了万物演变始于的最初结构But even this very nearly didnt happen.但即使是这也不是真实情况If it werent for another stroke of cosmic luck,若不是宇宙幸运地遇到另一件事情there would be no you, no me, no stars就根本不会存在你,我,恒星or planets or anything at all.行星,以及其他的一切201508/395639数学魔术和趣味数据填满了这些TED演讲集。让我们跟着演讲者一同略窥奇妙的数字世界吧。201503/361705Another study done in 2004 found similar results.2004年做的另一项研究得到了相似的结果Researchers added genistein and daidzein to研究者们进行细胞培养时estrogen-sensitive breast cancer cells in cell culture在雌激素依赖性癌细胞中加染料木素和豆苷and found that the products of the breakdown of发现异黄酮分解后的产物isoflavones caused damage to the DNA of the mammary对乳腺细胞的基因造成了伤害cells and thus initiated tumor growth and progression.因而导致了肿瘤的生长发展As with the previous study research done in cell和之前的研究一样cultures and animal models provide用细胞培养和动物标本做的研究a limited amount of information提供的信息量有限whereas studies in humans are more credible.而对人体的研究更加可信Another important note about this study is the这个研究的另一个重要的地方difference in isoflavones used.是使用的异黄酮的不同In this case the isoflavones were in a purified form这项研究所使用的异黄酮并不是in which they did not have to be broken down通过从其他成分中降解或者分离得到or separated from other components.而是事先经过了提纯But in many human studies the isoflavones are但在许多人体研究中used within a soy product and thus need to be异黄酮是在放在豆制品内使用separated from other nutrients before they因而在为身体所用之前它需要can be used by the body.与其他营养成分分离Despite these concerns these studies do provide a great暂不考虑这些因素 这些研究确实为base for increasing research in this area.这一领域的深入研究打下了坚实的基础But show that there is a disconnect between information但是我们也能看到 研究人员所提供的research can provide from using isolated isoflavones信息之间出现了断层 无法将在细胞培养中in a cell culture to that of what humans would consume单独使用异黄酮和人类仅仅通过食用from simply eating soy products.豆制品而获得异黄酮联系起来The reason it is so difficult to determine a conclusive得出总结性的结论和有关大豆摄入量result and recommendation concerning soy consumption及乳腺癌患病几率的建议and risk of breast cancer is that the findings是如此困难是因为of different studies vary based on the ethnicity不同研究的结果因参与者的and age of participants as well as the status民族和年龄 以及癌症发展的状况of cancer in the participants.不同而不同Other aspects include differences in dosage of soy其他因素还包括大豆异黄酮用量的不同isoflavones as well as the form of isoflavones used.以及所使用的异黄酮的形态As mentioned on the previous slide purified isoflavones如上一张PPT所说 经过提纯的异黄酮and isoflavones found in soy products will和豆制品里的异黄酮对实验结果affect results differently.会产生不同的影响Different soy products also have differing contents不同的豆制品也会因处理方法不同of isoflavones due to variances in processing.而含有不同成分的异黄酮All of these factors must be taking into account在阅读分析期刊文章时when ing and analyzing journal articles and所有这些因素都必须考虑进去they are also factors that can be left out when another但是同时 如果在网站讨论或者文献中site discusses and article they used as a reference.被作为参照 这些因素也可以被忽略For this reason it is very important to always 因为这个原因 阅读原始的研究很重要the original research in order to determine if a website这样才能确定一个网站是否accurately explained the significance of a data set准确地解释了一组数据的重要性or if information was taken out of context.或者是否断章取义了After reviewing this portion of the presentation在回顾了这段课堂演示后what do you think?你怎么想Would you include or increase soy in your diet?你会在饮食中食用大豆或增加大豆的食用吗What are your reasons?原因是什么呢There really is no right answer to the question实际上对于大豆是好还是坏这个问题of whether soy is good or bad.没有一个正确的Unfortunately more research needs to be done人们还需要做更多的研究before a conclusive argument is made in support才能得出一个大量食用大豆of or against high consumption of soy products.是好还是坏的总结性结论201507/387773

The world is in the grip of a Mini Ice Age.当时 全球正值小冰河期Ash from volcanic eruptions blocks out the sun,Cooling the earth.火山喷发产生的火山灰遮住了太阳 使地表温度冷却The coldest conditions in 10,000 years.气温降到一万年来的最低点People wanted to wear furs because they kept them warm, especially in cold climates.人们喜欢穿皮草 是因为它能保温 尤其是在严寒季节But they also wanted furs because they are a beautiful statement of their place in society.还有一个原因 就是皮草能完美地炫耀 他们在社会上的地位Dezhnevs hunting party needs 6,000 calories a day to survive.德兹涅夫的捕猎队伍 每天需摄入六千卡路里的能量才能存活Theyll eat anything: tree bark, even reindeer feces.他们吃树皮 甚至是驯鹿的粪便;I suffered all kinds of want and destitution.;我经历了各种饥饿和穷困I ate larch and pine bark, and accepted filth.我吃过落叶松 松树皮 甚至各种恶心的东西But this is also the home of the Evenki...但这里同样是埃文基族人的故乡...hunter gatherers living in near isolation.Until now.他们离群索居 靠捕猎采集为生 一直延续到现在The fact is theyre not empty wildernesses.事实上这里并不是空空如也There are people living there.这里有人居住And these people often times get in the way而这些人每次都算好时机 of the progress of the seeking-out of commodity.阻碍那些来此寻找商机的人的脚步Early journals record the Evenki mindset:早期期刊记载了埃文基族人当时的心态:;We own the land here, we do not wish to become slaves.;;这是我们的土地 我们不愿被奴役;201603/431022栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghais English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。201602/425049栏目简介:《造物小百科How its made》介绍了许多东西的制作或者说发明方法,非常实用。其中的英语视频发音地道,内容浅显易懂,过程形象生动,是提高英语听力水平,积累英语知识和一些简单生活常识的好素材。201509/391982

Wildlife on earth is disappearing.In the last century,Hundreds of weird and wonderful species went the way of the dodo.Today over 20000 more species are risk of dying out,but we simply dont have the time or resources to rescue them all.地球上的野生动植物正在消失。上个世纪,无数神奇而美妙的物种成为了历史.如今,两万多的物种濒临灭绝,但我们根本没有拯救它们的时间和金钱。Its a tough situation,but not a unique one-military medics,first responders,and ER workers regularly make dicisions like these,and a medical triage-like approach could help us decide which species to save first.形势极其严峻。无独有偶,军事医疗人员,现成急救者和急诊工作者都会按照医疗分类系统,决定救援的轻重缓急。我们也可以按照这种方法决定先救哪些物种。For example,we could prioritize those who need help stat!like the last 60 wild Javan rhinos teetering on the edge of extinction.Alternatively,we could take a kind of save-the -president-first approach and focus on species vital to entire ecosystems,like mangroves,whose groves support over a thousand species or otters,whose urchin-eating keeps kelp forests healthy.例如,我们可以先救那些情况迫在眉睫的动物!比如现在仅存60只,身处灭绝边缘的爪哇犀牛。或者,我们可以采取先救统帅的策略。先救那些对生态系统影响重大的物种,例如红树林,它可以供养超过千种生物以及水獭,而且还能保护海草林不被海胆吃光。Or,we could prioritize patients that have the bext and cheapest chance of long term survival;New Zealands Maud Island frogs,for example,could be rescued from their invasive nemeses for the cost of keeping a panda alive in captivity for about half a year.But so far,conservation decisions havent been so calculated.又或者,我们可以排个先后顺序。先救那些花一点点钱就能长期存活的物种;例如,新西兰的莫德岛青蛙,将他们从入侵敌人的手中救下来所需费用 仅为圈养一只熊猫半年的花费。但是目前,保护决策还缺乏计划性。For instance,giant pandas arent nearly as rare as Javan rhinos or as critical to their ecosystems as otters and mangroves.Plus,theyre such reluctant breeders and their bamboo forests are so fragmented that saving them has aly required billions of dollars and may mean keeping the species on permanent life support.例如,熊猫的濒危程度就不及爪哇犀牛,而它对生态系统的贡献也不如水獭和红树林。另外,它们繁殖力低,它们的竹林又分散,拯救它们需要数以亿计的费用,这笔钱足以让许多其他物种长久地生存下去。And yet these fuzzy-wuzzy bundles of cuteness pull at our heartstrings-and our wallets.As the literal faces of conservation,pandas pull in big bucks for wildlife protection.And they do share-a little.Money raised by the World Wildlife Fund does go to dozens of conservation projects,but the majority of campaigns fronted by pandas or other charismatic creatures are solely devoted to saving their symbolic species.这些毛茸茸的小可爱,紧拽着我们的心弦。动物保护的现实就是。熊猫为野生动物保护拉来了大笔的基金。而它们享用的只是其中一小部分。野生动物保护基金筹集到的钱,被用于众多项目,但是大部分针对熊猫和其他可爱动物所展开的活动,却只专注于保存几只物种代表。Whats more,keeping the spotlight focused on the plight of a few celebrities means the demise of species with homelier faces-or no faces at all...youve probably never seen a campaign to save the stinking cedar or the pygmy hog-sucking louse.But unlike the celebrities,underdog species like these are often ideal triage candidates:they can be simpler to resuscitate,less expensive to protect,and vital to their ecosystems-their only flaw is inferior cuteness.此外,将聚光灯聚集在少数特定的物种身上,意味着无视其他普通物种的死亡。。。你大概从没见过,拯救美洲榧或是猪虱的行动。与聚光灯下的名流不同,这些无名物种往往才是理想的救援对象;它们可以很快恢复生机,救援花费少,对生态系统贡献大,唯一的缺点就是长得不够可爱。Should we really let appearances decide who live and who dies,or should we take a more rational approach?The tradeoff is this:thinking rationally when it comes to saving species may mean asking ourselves whether a world without pandas issomething we can bear.所以,我们真的要通过脸蛋来决定物种的死活吗?还是应该更理性地考虑这个问题?权衡之法就是;在拯救物种时理性地思考,扪心自问。一个没有熊猫的世界会让你无法忍受吗?201505/376899Biological weapons are so deadly,Theyve been outlawed in 165 countries,生物武器是绝对致命的 在165个国家被法律禁止Including Russia and the ed States.包括俄罗斯和美国But it is thought more than enough remain To wipe out mankind at a stroke.但其残留物仍被认为 足以使人类瞬间毁灭No one has ever used biological weapons like Jani Beg.从未有人像札尼别这样使用生物武器One chronicler writes:;What seemed like mountains of dead were thrown into the city.;一位年代史编者写道: 堆积如山的尸体被投入这座城市;The rotting corpses tainted the air.;The stench was overwhelming.;腐烂的尸体污染了空气 到处弥漫着恶臭;There can be no weapon that is as terrifying as what is unleashed with biological warfare.再没有比生物战场上所释放的细菌 更恐怖的武器了You cannot see germs,you cannot see disease,and nothing you can do can make you immune to it.你看不见细菌 看不见疾病 不知道如何免疫 对此你无能为力The inhabitants of Kaffa try to out-run the plague And flee to Europe.卡法的居民试图逃离鼠疫 逃往欧洲They have no idea theyre bringing the disease with them.他们已感染疾病 却毫不知情The plague,En route to the worlds most densely populated continent.鼠疫 正在前往世界人口最为密集的大陆的途中201512/414570栏目简介:《外国人在北京》是英语视频听力下面的子栏目,节目关注在北京生活的外国人的时尚新生活。话题紧紧围绕网络生活,每日的话题内容按照网络热门固定划分为家居、汽车、数码、饰美容、健身、交友、美食等,了解外国人生活的同时通过网络互动提供一个中外人士互相帮助的平台。201511/407592

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