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Article/201003/100317It says right on the directions that you shouldn#39;t wear your contacts any longer than two weeks. You#39;re going on your six or seventh - you#39;ve lost count. What REALLY happens when you wear contact lenses longer than recommended?说明书上建议,隐形眼镜佩戴的时间不要超过两个星期。而实际上呢,你戴了六个星期,还是七个星期?自己都不记得了。如果隐形眼镜佩戴的时间超过建议时间,会出现什么情况呢?Step 1: Best Case1.最好的情况Your contacts will will get coated with germs and protein, your eyes will get red and irritated, and you#39;ll have to wear glasses until your eyes feel better.你的隐形眼镜会被细菌和蛋白质覆盖,双眼会红肿疼痛,在眼睛恢复之前你不得不佩戴框架眼镜。Step 2: Worst Case2.最糟糕的情况You#39;ll develop an infectious corneal ulcer that may lead to scar tissue which can lead to vision loss, and even blindness.Symptoms of an infectious corneal ulcer include squinting, redness, pain, tearing, and small pupil size.你可能会患上传染性的角膜溃疡,导致疤痕组织,视力下降,甚至失明。传染性角膜溃疡的症状包括斜视,发红,疼痛,流泪和瞳孔变小。Cleaning and disinfecting disposable contacts won#39;t make a difference. After you#39;ve worn them for the recommended time period, they#39;re done. You have the facts, now you make the call.对一次性眼镜进行清洗和消毒也没有什么效果。超过建议的佩戴时间之后,隐形眼镜就无效了。现在你已经了解了情况,应该做决定了。Thanks for watching Danger: Expired Contact Lenses!感谢收看“隐形眼过期的危害”视频节目。 /201302/226752

How to Make Your Workspace More Comfortable on HowcastIf you spend a lot of time in your office, it’s natural you’d want it to be as comfortable as possible. Consider several ways to brighten things up to sustain your output and energy.如果你要长时间呆在办公室, 想办公空间尽可能地舒适是情理之中的事。考虑下面的几种方法让办公空间亮丽起来以便保持你的工作和精力。Step 1: Eliminate clutterRid your desk and shelves of clutter that can stress, distract, or overwhelm. Organize to focus better.第一步:消除混乱清理好桌面以及令人压抑或分神甚至压到人的架子。要整理好以便你更好地集中精力。Step 2: Find good lightFind visual and lighting elements that make you feel good and that reflect the mood you want. Use natural light whenever possible to limit eye strain and elevate your mood.第二步:合理采光找到让你感觉舒适的视觉和光线元素,并让采光达到你想要的氛围。尽可能利用自然光来缓解眼疲劳,并让心情好起来。Step 3: Avoid painArrange the chair, desk, and computer screen to avoid neck, wrist, and head pain. Make enough space around the desk to allow more range of movement. Pick cabinets that won’t require you to strain to reach the shelves.第三步:避免疼痛椅子,桌子和计算机屏幕的安排要避免使脖子,手腕和头感到疼痛,桌子周围要留有足够的空间来让身体活动。选用那些不费力就能够到架子的陈列柜。Tip:Consider investing in an ergonomic chair which can reduce back and neck pain.小贴士:可以考虑买个能减少背痛和脖子疼的人体工学椅子。Step 4: Decorate for youDecorate your desk and walls with family photos, wall hangings, and attractive plants so that it bears your imprint. Make your workspace comfortably yours.第四步:装饰用家庭照片,壁毯和其他有漂亮的植物来装饰桌子和墙壁,这样能显示你个人的印记,让办公空间成为你自己的舒适的空间。Step 5: Add musicAdd a CD player if music helps improve your concentration and productivity, or listen to music through your computer.第五步:放些音乐如果音乐能提高你的注意力和工作效率可以添置一个CD播放机,或是用电脑来听音乐。Step 6: Spray aromasUse scented oils or sprays. Studies have found that lemon and lavender scents produce the most positive, calming results. Pretty soon, you’ll feel more comfortable at the office than at home.第六步:喷洒些香气使用芳香油或芳香喷雾剂。研究表明柠檬和薰衣草的香气能产生最积极的,让人镇定的效果。如此一来,很快,你在办公室会比在家感觉很舒适。 Article/201101/124729

受强降雪影响,北京、天津、河北、山西、内蒙古、山东等6个省(市、区)共计30条高速、3条国道、3条省道的局部路段因路面积雪封闭交通。Heavy snowstorms hit Northern ChinaHeavy snowstorms hit most of Northern China beginning early Sunday morning. Beijing and Tianjin were particularly affected. Meteorologists say that, in the next few days, Eastern and Southern China will also experience sharp cold spells.In Beijing, snow accumulation reached more than 10 centimeters on Sunday. The second wave of New Year flurries turned out to be much heavier than Saturday's brisk dusting.The city's Metrological Bureau has upgraded its snowstorm alert from blue to yellow. Transportation authorities organized nearly 1,000 workers, and hundreds of snow-clearing vehicles, all laboring for more than 12 hours to ensure smooth traffic flow on the national capital's main roads.Forecasters say that, after the snowstorms, strong winds will blow temperatures in the city down to minus-16-degrees Celsius, hitting a record low mark not seen since the 1980s.The nearby city of Tianjin has also been blanketed by a thick coating of white stuff.Cumulative snow levels measured 10 centimeters by Sunday evening. The municipal government has mobilized 100-thousand residents to clear public areas. According to weather predictions, temperatures in the area will plummet to minus-15-degrees starting on Monday.Northern China's Hebei Province was also affected by the wicked weather. By Sunday afternoon, the city of Zhangjiakou had received nearly 13 millimeters of snow. Meteorologists say thermometer ings there will fall by 14 degrees.Temperatures in some sections of the province will even see dramatic drops to as low as minus-34-degrees. To prevent heavy damage, the local government has activated an emergency response system.Meanwhile, China's eastern and southern regions will also feel the effects of a cold front in the next few days. The country's Central Metrological Station has issued an orange alert in anticipation of the coming chill ... warning that certain areas could suffer mercury drops ranging from 8 to 12 degrees Celsius. Article/201001/93714

  ub#(cz)6G_tgqMGmf9x^ZrelKLCh!Fi3kR@m+%T1d,tLondon is getting y for a big year in sports. The British capital will host the 2012 Summer Olympics, and London Organizing Committee chair Sebastian Coe is making a special invitation to the hosts of the last Summer games to join the celebration.JS(KH|xJkoB伦敦正紧锣密鼓为即将到来的新的奥运年做着准备pXqNhI)+s)。英国首都伦敦将举办2012年夏季奥运会,伦敦奥组委主席塞巴斯蒂安;科专门邀请上届夏季奥运会的主办者参加庆祝KeH.p1dVqO6IW3|。.EOS~Zza1n(;_XPSvYGVmK6FGVO;euB[k7ROvlcrR Article/201112/166672

  10 mln students sit college entrance examOver 10 million high school graduates across China are now meeting possibly the most important challenge in their lives. The 2009 national college entrance exam began Sunday. The Ministry of Education says the number of candidates has dropped for the first time in seven years.Like many other high schools nationwide, this one in Beijing has been routinely used as an exam venue. About 500 students are taking the challenge here.For many students, it's a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. It's a ticket for better education and employment.The flu outbreak means students must fill out a health form, since testing requires so many people in close quarters. Article/200906/73340。

  25日凌晨,诺坎普球场上演了一场惊心动魄的比赛,巴萨在领先两球且多一人的情况下,竟然被切尔西2:2扳平,总比分2:3被挡在了欧冠决赛的大门之外。梅西在比赛中还射失了一记点球。这是巴萨最近10天来,第三次打出令人失望的比赛,此前他们在客场0:1不敌切尔西,联赛中又在主场1:2输给皇马。输掉欧冠,联赛捧杯也已无望。The UEFA Champions League defending champion Barcelona met Chelsea in their second leg of their semi-final tie on Tuesday. Barca lost its chance for a fourth-straight La Liga title on Saturday, but coach Pep Guardiola was confident about overturning a 1-0 deficit to the North Londoners, in a bid to get into a third Champions League final in four years.Barcelona’s power-packed lineup of Lionel Messi, Xavi Hernandez and Andres Iniesta played a role in one of Spanish club football’s most successful runs. And Barca looked to tie the aggregate score only three minutes in, but Messi#39;s shot flew wide, it was still 0-0 for the game.Chelsea#39;s flowing counter-attack style confounded Barcelona#39;s defense. Didier Drogba created a mix-up and almost scored. Barcelona#39;s trademark passing game made its impact in the first half - Messi cut into the box, but Chelsea#39;s Petr Cech was there to stop him.Chelsea#39;s defense finally broke down in the 35th minute. Barca scorer Sergio Busquets was left open in front of the six-yard box. Barcelona finally equalized the aggregate score at 1-all.Tempers ran hot; John Terry paid the price for putting his knee into the back of Alexis Sanchez. The Chelsea captain was given a straight red card and it didn#39;t look good for the English club.It got worse in the 42nd minute. Messi picked out Iniesta and the Spanish international scored with ease. It was now 2-1 on aggregate. Barca was in the drivers seat at the Nou Camp.But Chelsea found a way. Ramires leveled the aggregate score at 2-2 in the first half stoppage time. Chelsea could get into the final, even if the score was tied at the final whistle.49th minute, Cesc Fabregas fell in the box. The referee awarded a penalty to Barcelona. Messi stepped up to record his 64th goal of the season. But the World-Player-of-the-Year would hit the cross-bar. It was still 2-2 on aggregate.Barcelona continued to play aggressive football. Alexis Sanchez would find the back of the net. But his goal was waved-off for offside. The Londoners’ well-organized defense frustrated Messi again. The Argentina winger was held scoreless in seven meetings against Chelsea.Then, in injury time, Fernando Torres found himself with room to work, and the Spanish striker rounded Victor Valdes for the biggest Chelsea goal of the year - 3-2 on aggregate, Chelsea wins it.Interim coach Roberto Di Matteo can now look forward to the May 19 final in Munich. Chelsea will get either Bayern Munich or Real Madrid in the final.Roberto Di Matteo said, ;I believe that when you go through or when you win - we haven’t lost in two legs against Barca - I think that we deserve to be in the final. We play a different style to Barcelona and their style is unique. It is different from us and I don’t think they deserved, I think we deserved to go through.;Pep Guardiola, Barca Coach, said, ;The first thing that comes to my mind is a huge sadness. That is the first thing that comes to my mind. I think we played 180 exceptional minutes. We did everything we could to get to the final as finals are very beautiful, but this year we will have to watch it from home. I congratulate Chelsea for their defensive work. I feel we have failed, though we did all we could, but we failed. We didn’t score, and that is what this game is all about in the end.; Article/201204/179665

  Southwest China#39;s red pandas areknown fortheir very strong facial markings中国西南部的小熊猫因其醒目的面部花纹而著称which distinguish them from red pandas foundanywhere elsein the Himalayas.这些特征将他们与其它在喜马拉雅地区发现的火狐物种区分开来Like the monkeys, they were isolated in these high forests如同猴类一般它们被隔离在了高远的山林之中when the mountains quite literally rose beneath them山体在巨大的造山运动中被挨个完全抬起in the greatest mountain-building event in recent geological history.近年来的地质学历史已经明了这一点Over the last 30 million years,在过去3000万年间the Indian subcontinent has beenpushing northwards intoEurasia.印度次大陆持续向北挤压欧亚大陆On the border between India and Tibet印度与西藏的交界处the rocks have been raised eight kilometres above sea level,巨大的岩石被推挤至海平面以上8000米处之高creating the world#39;s highest mountain range, the Himalayas.造就了世界最高大宏伟的山脉喜马拉雅山But to the east,对东部来说the rocks have buckled intoa series ofsteep north-south ridges,岩石被皱褶进了南北走向的绵延陡峭的山脊cutting downthrough the heart of Yunnan,同时也切进了云南的心脏地带the parallel mountains of the Hengduan Shan.形成了平行的横断山脉These natural barriers serve to isolate Yunnan#39;s plants and animals这些天然屏障守护着隔绝在云南in each adjacent valley.各自毗邻的河谷中的动植物 /201207/192932How To Go On A Date To The Movies电影院里怎么约会 Here's VideoJug's guide on how to go on a perfect date to the movies. Be part of your very own blockbuster with our tips on how to have fun at the cinema.Step 1: That film you want to see你想看的电影 It's important to go to the flicks with your new partner early on, so you can be sure they are able to stop talking when required. If they can't keep quiet, it's important to find out now. If you're still trying to impress, then you may pretend to want to see certain films to make yourself seem sophisticated and intellectual. Out of politeness, your new partner might agree. The result is you both sit through some arthouse nonsense full of subtexts and juxtapositions..Forget that! Be honest, then you could see Stallone in Rock Hard 4, or Clooney in that new comedy Touch My Tookas.Step 2: How to decide如何决定But if you have got to that stage in your relationship where you can both be brutally honest, then beware. If she loves action thrillers, and he's a sucker for fantasy adventures, then devise a method of choosing what you see. Either take it in turns, or play scissors paper stone, or just be gentlemanly about it.If you are often at loggerheads about what to see then decide before you get there. Otherwise you might row, or be tempted to go to separate movies. This would clearly be the worst date ever, and would probably mark the end of your relationship.Step 3: Snacks小零食 Sometime, somewhere a movie mogul decided that popcorn should be the movie snack of choice. He was an idiot, because it is the loudest food in the world, rendering whole lines of dialogue inaudible for you- and your date. If you must have it, try and shovel it all in before the main feature starts. Or your date will hate you. The other paradox about popcorn is that it can only be eaten attractively in single pieces, but is only tasty in mouthfuls. So to appreciate it you are going to look disgusting. All in all, ice cream is a far better bet for a date.Step 4: Bigness重量级的Get rid of that big hat, or big hair. Few things are more annoying than an obscured movie screen. If your date suffers from this, then offer to switch seats; or even have a gentle word with the offender. Also, keep big laughs to a minimum- particularly if you have a strange one. You don't want to be set upon by the rest of the audience, your date may decide she's with them...Step 5: Reliving the movie回看电影 After the curtains close, you can judge how well the date has gone, by which scenes of the movie you end up re-enacting… Article/201109/152501【视频欣赏】【听力文本】How To Have A Healthy Body And MindTony Buzan is a best-selling author and leading expert on the brain and learning, and has worked as an adviser to Olympic athletes. Tony aims to educate the world in how to think and live more efficiently. In this film he talks about the need for a healthy mind and body, to get the best performance in all areas of life. Step 1: Mind amp; Body Connection(身心结合)To be mentally healthy, you need to be physically healthy, and vice versa.Step 2: Mind amp; Body Foods(营养均衡)The body and mind need to be fed with: Oxygen. Good nutrition, so eat well. Stimulation of the senses. Friendship, affection and love.Step 3: Be physically fit(增强锻炼)Fitness requires: Cardiovascular exercise, which makes the heart beat fast for 20 minutes or more, at least 2-3 times a week. Flexibility, which is gained from activities like yoga, stretching etc.Step 4: Poise amp; Balance(有氧运动)Poise and balance, gained from Pilates, yoga, Alexander technique, martial arts. etc.See Tony's book ‘Head Strong - How to Get Physically and Mentally Fit' Article/201003/98143


  UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: What#39;s the word?这个单词是什么?It#39;s a type of winter storm that commonly hits this part of the ed States.这是一种通常袭击美国这一部分的冬季风暴。Nor#39;easter. That#39;s the word.东北大风。那就是这个单词。AZUZ: There is one of those bearing down on the Northeastern U.S. right now.这是正在美国东北降临的北风。Yes, this is the same part of the country that was hit less than two weeks ago by Sandy.是的,这个地方正是两周前被桑迪袭击的地方,但没有桑迪严重。A lot of people still recovering from that storm.很多人仍没有从那场风暴中缓过来。Hundreds of thousands still don#39;t have power.成千上万的人依然没有供电。And now they are going to have to deal with this two.现在,他们不得不面对两个风暴。You are looking at more rain, more wind, now add snow to the mix.你会看到更多的雨,更大的风,现在还混合着雪。The Nor#39;easter could drive temperatures down into the #39;20s, and that could be a serious problem for the thousands of people whose homes don#39;t have heat or power.东北大风会让温度下降到20度,那会对上千没有暖气和供电的家庭造成严重的问题。 /201211/209284

  Almost everyone can relate to this problem, find out how to keep on form in the workplace.几乎每个人都会遇到这个问题,请跟随我们寻找在工作场合保持良好状态的方法。If you want to stay awake at work, one of the best pieces of advice I can give you to stay awake at work is to do work that you love. It is only work that is boring or tiresome that is going to make you tired, another idea would be to get an early night the night before and if work really is calling every last little bit of energy out of you and it has been a really long day, then maybe think of yourself, take time out, take a little break, get some fresh air, walk around the block, connect with something more than just yourself and whatever it is that you are focusing on, create that discontinuity with whatever it is that you are doing, go and do some yoga, do some running, whatever, just create a pause in your day, then come back refreshed and integrated, continue doing whatever it is that hopefully you are loving. Another way of looking and staying awake at work is to take a look at what is going on in your whole life and we could take a look at what is going on with how you are eating, take a look at what is going on with your exercise and whether or not you are looking after your body.如果你想要在工作时保持清醒,我提出的工作时间保持清醒的最好的一条建议就是,做你喜欢的工作。只有枯燥无味的工作才会使你感到疲惫。另外一个建议是上班的前一天晚上早点上床睡觉。如果工作确实使你筋疲力尽,你要度过非常长的一天,或许可以稍微休息一下,呼吸一些新鲜空气,在走廊上走一下,跟其他人交流一下。无论你在做什么,中间都要间断一下,无论去做什么,可以做瑜珈,跑步,无论做什么,中间都要间断一下,然后充满精力地回去做你喜欢做的工作。工作时间保持清醒的另外一个方法是纵观一下你的整个生活,看一下你进食怎么样,运动怎么样,有没有照顾好自己的身体。Body often gets tired at the end of the day and exercise is a really great way of re-invigorating our body. Take a look at how you are sleeping, what is the quality of your sleep, what is the length of your sleep. If you spend a week with taking 2 hours not enough sleep each day, at the end of the week you have lost a whole night of sleep and wonder you are feeling tired.一天快结束的时候,身体通常会感到疲倦,运动是使我们的身体重新振奋起来的好办法。看一下你的睡眠质量怎么样,睡眠时间是否充足。如果你一周之内每天的睡眠都少两个小时,在一周结束的时候,你已经缺失了一整晚的睡眠,你当然会感觉到很疲倦。Finally, it is important to have fun in your life and also good idea to have some sense of spiritual practice in your life. All of these kinds of things will all come together to help you look after your body, so you can show up to whatever it is that you are doing in totality being the total you, no more mediocre you and whatever it is that you are doing.最后,在生活中做一些开心的事情是很重要的。进行一些精神实践也是不错的注意。所有这些活动都会帮助你照顾好自己的身体。所以,在做任何事情的时候你都会保持良好的精神状态,无论你在做什么,都不会感觉到碌碌无为。Thanks for watching How To Stay Awake At Work.感谢收看“工作时间怎样保持清醒”节目。 /201209/198546。

  Solomon Northup, an educated freeman from the North, was kidnapped into slavery.所罗门·诺萨普,一位来自北方的受过教育的自由人因遭绑架而沦为奴隶。You, come over here.你,到这边来。He would make us hold up our heads, walk us briskly back and forth, while customers would feel our hands and arms and bodies,他会要求我们把头抬起来,让我们快速来回奔跑,这样顾客们就能观察我们的手臂和躯干。make us open up our mouths and show our teeth, precisely as a jockey examines a horse, which he is about to barter for or purchase.他让我们张开嘴巴露出牙齿,简直就像一个骑师在检验马匹,然后再决定是用钱还是用货物来完成交易。Scars upon a slave#39;s back were considered evidence of a rebellio us or unruly spirit, and hurt his sale.奴隶后背上的伤疤被视为该奴隶反叛或难以管束的据,因而影响售价。Take your top off.把上衣脱了。90% of all African -Americans are slaves, 4 million men, women and children.九成的非裔美国人都是奴隶,包括400万男人、女人和小孩。We had based this country on everyone having inalienable rights to freedom and equality, and yet we created a system of abject persecution.我们的建国纲领是人人都享有不容侵犯的自由和平等权利,然而我们也创造了一套惨无人道的迫害机制。Slaves are fattened for auction, like livestock.奴隶们被养肥了送去拍卖,就像牲口一样。Dark -skinned men are bought for the fields, light -skinned women for the house.深肤色的男人被买走干农活,而浅肤色的女人则用来做家务活。Traders lie about their ages, even dye a slave#39;s gray hairs.奴隶贩子们谎报他们的年龄,甚至会给奴隶的白发染色。For the plantation owners, it was like just goin g to your local supermarket to get sugar or flour.对于农场主来说,买奴隶就像去当地的超市买糖和面粉一样。They had become so desensitized to the humanity of the slave that they did not see them as human beings.他们已经完全忘了奴隶也是人,以至于根本不把奴隶当人看。Buyers demand the most fertile slaves for breeding. The most expensive are light -skinned teenage vir gins. Rape is common.买家需要生育能力强的奴隶来繁衍后代,身价最高的就是浅肤色未成年处女,强奸已是稀松平常。Eliza#39;s from a state plantation. She#39;s being sold, with her two children, Emily and Randall.伊莱扎来自一个州立农场,和她一起被拍卖的还有她的两个孩子埃米莉和兰德尔。In Louisiana, it#39;s illegal for children under 11 to be taken from their parents.在路易斯安那州将11岁以下的孩子从父母身边带走是违法的。Boy, come over here.小伙子,过来。It happens all the time. Show me your t eeth. 但这种事屡见不鲜。给我看看你的牙齿。You know, 140 years is not a really long time in the context of history.140年的时间对于整个历史进程来说并不漫长。So it#39;s hard for me to believe that blacks didn#39;t have any rights here, they weren#39;t treated as human beings, they were treated like animals, essentially.所以我真的不敢相信140年前黑人在这里没有任何权利可言,他们遭受的是非人的对待。本质上他们的待遇和动物无异。Sir, please! Over half the sales at auction will tear a family apart.求你了,先生。拍卖会上过半的交易都会拆散一个家庭。If you#39;ve ever been eight, to think of being separated from your mother and your father and sold and you#39;ll never see them again.想象一下,一个八岁的孩子被迫与父母分开,被人买走永远不能再见父母一面。The horror of that, the poignancy of all of that, and yet that#39;s the kind of t hing that happened across the South up until the end of slavery.想象一下这过程中的惊恐与辛酸,而类似事件却在整个南方屡见不鲜,直到奴隶制度瓦解。Okay, my final offer, I#39;ll give you 1,000 for that man, 900 for that man.好了,我最后一次出价,这个男人我出一千,那个男人我出九百。That woman there, 0. Please, buy my child! Sir!那边那个女人我出七百。求你买下我的孩子吧,先生。 /201210/203351

  How can I improve my ability to remember complex or foreign names?怎样提高记忆复杂的或者外国人的名字的能力呢?To remember a complex, foreign name, if you hear the name, you#39;re meeting Mr. Giftakis for the first time, what you have to do, it comes across very fast, you have to think very fast, and say, what does it sound like, break it apart Gift-Tack- and a Kiss. And I see Mr. Giftakis holding a huge gift with a big tack in it and he#39;s throwing a kiss. Giftakis. You#39;re taking the abstractness out of the name, putting it together into an image. If it#39;s Mr. Markowitz, he#39;s holding a big pen, a marking pen and he#39;s marking a witch, mark a witch – get the picture? Abstract to concrete to meaningful. If it#39;s unknown, you make it known. You lock those two together, but you might have to have two or three syllables to put it all together. A little practice, you#39;re gonna get perfect.为了记住复杂的或者外国人的名字,如果你听到了这个名字,你第一次遇见Giftakis先生,你应该怎么做呢?如果对方介绍自己时说的很快,你也要思考的很快,比如说,这个名字听上去是什么样的,然后分解成Gift-Tack-和Kiss。Giftakis先生拿着一份大大的礼物,上面有一个大的平头针,正在抛飞吻。Giftakis。将这个抽象的名字分解开,组成一幅图像。如果是Markowitz先生,他拿着一大钢笔,一记号笔,正在给一个巫婆做记号——能够想象这幅图画吗?从抽象到具体到有意思。如果这个名字是未知的,你可以让它变成已知的。把两个常见的比较短的单词组合起来。但是你可能需要两三个音节来把整个名字组合起来。这是很简单的方法,你会很轻松地记住复杂的名字。Thanks for watching How To Improve Your Ability To Remember Complex Or Foreign Names.感谢收看“怎样记住复杂的名字”视频节目。 /201210/202570

  【视频欣赏】(视频受网速和浏览器影响,如果暂时没看到,请亲们耐心等待或换个浏览器(最好换成IE)试试哦!)【听力文本】Curly hair is fun and shows confidence. Follow these simple steps to choose the best hairstyle for curly hair.You Will NeedCurly hair Magazines Experienced curly hair stylist Hair care products Step 1: Determine your face shape(弄清楚自己的脸型)Determine your face shape. This will help you choose which curly hairstyles work for you.Step 2: Look through magazinesLook through a variety of magazines to see which hairstyles will complement your face shape.Wear bangs to conceal a long forehead.Step 3: Find a hairstylist(找一个发型书)Find a hair stylist who has experience with curly hair. Curly hair is typically more complicated to style than straight hair.Curly hair is great for a square shaped face. It helps soften the jaw line.Step 4: Consider the weather(考虑目前的天气)Consider the weather. Rain and humidity can frizz curly hair. On wet or humid days, tie your hair back in a ponytail.Step 5: Long hair(长卷发)Choose a long hairstyle to avoid the frizz that is common to short hairstyles. The weight of longer hair creates a softer curl.Step 6: Short hair(短卷发)Adopt a short hairstyle if you have an oval-shaped face. Shorter layers frame the face, and light bangs, swept to the side, add a lifting effect.Razor and slice cutting techniques and incorrect layering will cause your hair to frizz.Step 7: Wear curly hair products(用一些卷发护发产品)Prepare to get sticky. Use hairspray and gels to stave off frizz.In the ed States, approximately two percent of the population has red hair. Article/201005/103084

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