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大理市巍山彝族回族自治县妇产科医院哪家好Many beauty products, endorsed by some of the world#39;s most glamorous celebrities, promise things that are simply too good to be true. These products claim to use the most advanced science involving DNA, stem cells and nanotechnology. They boast of effects such as “refueling surface skin cells” and giving skin “a dewy glow”.许多化妆品都由名人代言,他们承诺的效果如此美妙简直难以置信。这些产品声称使用了最先进的技术,包括DNA、干细胞还有纳米技术。他们号称可以用来“激活表皮细胞”,给肌肤“水润光泽”。Can we believe in all these claims? This is the question asked by a new book exploring the pseudoscience of beauty products. The book#39;s title is “Is Gwyneth Paltrow Wrong About Everything? How the Famous Sell Us Elixirs of Health, Beauty, and Happiness”.我们可以相信所有这些承诺么?这个问题是一本旨在探索化妆品伪科学的新书提出来的。书的名字叫做《格温妮丝#8226;帕特洛是不是完全错了?名人是如何将健康、美丽及幸福的万能药兜售给我们的》。The author, Timothy Caulfield, is a professor of law and public health at the University of Alberta in Canada. He spent the past few years looking at scientific literature and testing out celebrity health and beauty tips, reported vox.com. Some of these tips are simply pseudoscience, such as detoxing by only drinking juice and keeping fit by only choosing organic food.书籍作者蒂莫西#8226;考菲尔德是加拿大阿尔伯塔大学法律与公共卫生系教授。据综合类网站vox.com报道,他过去几年花时间研究了科学文献,并对名人给出的健康和美丽秘诀进行了检验。结果明,其中的一些建议完全是伪科学,比如说只喝果汁可以排毒,只选择有机食物就可保持健康。“Publishers don#39;t generally sell magazines by reminding ers that nothing works,” writes Caulfield. “Consequently, getting straight answers about anti-aging and beauty products is nearly impossible.”考菲尔德写道:“出版商如果告诉读者什么都不管用,一般也卖不出杂志。因此,这些关于化妆品的广告和建议一般不对化妆品的效果给出明确的,而是使用一些模糊词汇。”He concludes that phrases such as “clinically proven” or “dermatologist approved” are as vague as they are evasive.他的结论是,那些声称化妆品经过了“临床验”或者“皮肤科专家认可”的遣词用语既混淆视听又逃避事实。Research void研究空缺“For example, what kind of study led to the representation that a given product was clinically proven?” he asks. “Did the manufacturers simply ask a couple of buyers? Do not be fooled by this kind of language.”他问道:“比如说,什么样的研究可以得出某项产品是经过临床验的?难道是制造商随便问问几个买家就可以?不要被这些用词给骗了。”“In addition, little literature produced by independent researchers is out there. For many beauty products, there seem to be either no data or only small studies produced by proponents of the product.”“除此之外,市面上甚少有第三方研究人员做出的研究成果。许多化妆品都是要么没有数据撑,要么就是由产品的一些拥趸提供小范围调研。”To some degree, this is understandable, says Caulfield: “Government research entities have little interest in funding big studies on the efficacy of, for instance, the bird-poop face cream used by David and Victoria Beckham. So there isn#39;t a lot of good science to draw on.”考菲尔德认为,某种程度上来说,这是可以理解的:“政府研究部门几乎没有兴趣资助大型研究去试验大卫贝克汉姆和维多利亚贝克汉姆用的鸟屎洗面奶效果怎么样。因此,没有什么正经科学可以用来考。”To make matters worse, says Caulfield, mass media are rarely critical of new beauty products. The vast majority of articles simply trumpet their alleged value, using vague phrases such as “feel revitalized” and “appear radiant”. It#39;s difficult to find any evidence or expertise beyond personal testimonies. The so-called experts who are ed in these stories are often part of the beauty industry or individuals with no research background.考菲尔德称,更糟糕的是,大众媒体很少去评判新型化妆品。大多文章都只是吹嘘他们所谓的功效,使用一些似是而非的词汇如“焕发新生”和“光照人”等。除了普通人提供的明之外,很难找到任何其他据或者专业解答。这些故事里引用的所谓专家都是美容业的一份子,或者是没有任何科研背景的个人。An article from Pacific Standard magazine also points out terms such as “clinically proven” or “dermatologist recommended” have no industry standard definition. And since most manufacturers aggressively guard their products with patents or laws that protect trade secrets, consumers have no way of knowing what is actually in the products or how they were tested.科学期刊《太平洋标准》中的一篇文章同样指出,诸如“临床验”或者“皮肤科专家认可”这类术语没有产业标准认。它们还用专利法规和其他保护商业机密的法律来保护他们的产品,因此消费者根本无法知道产品真正成分,也不知道它们是怎样经过检验的。 /201506/379030大理人流手术费多少Lose weight or lose jobs丢掉体重还是丢掉工作The London Metropolitan Police Commissioner Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe described the standard of British annual fitness test that officers must complete as ;too low;.伦敦警察局局长伯纳德·霍根-豪爵士近日称,英国警察每年必须参加的体能测试标准;太低;。Fat and unfit police must improve their physical condition or ;we haven#39;t got a job for them,; he said.他表示,肥胖和体能不达标的警察必须提高身体素质,否则,;我们这儿可没有他们的饭碗;。Mandatory annual fitness tests came into force in England and Wales in 2014.该强制性体能年检2014年开始在英格兰和威尔士实行。The Police Federation said hundreds of officers had failed the tests but no-one had been dismissed yet.警察联合会表示,已有成百上千的警察测试不及格,但至今尚无人被开除。 /201506/378767大理做引产最好的医院

大理市那个医院看妇科好大理妇幼保健医院官网Why are we so often disturbed by Western media reporting and analysis of China? Why does ing commentary of China#39;s economy, foreign relations, politics, and society leave us feeling emotionally abused, injured, or even angry and resentful?为什么我们常常在西方媒体关于中国的报道和分析中感到困惑?为什么关于中国的经济、外交、政治和社会的总是让我们感到被欺负、伤害,甚至是愤怒与仇恨?I believe our reactions are a response to the pervasive, ugly, and malevolent, but largely unnoticed element of schadenfreude in this commentary. It is our natural revulsion to writing and thinking that is anti-humanistic, hostile, and harmful.我认为我们的感觉是对文章中普遍存在的、泼脏水式和恶意的,但是却很大程度上被忽视的幸灾乐祸式的的一种自然而然的反应。这种我们写作上和思考上天然的反对立场,是反人类的、敌视的,而且是有害的。Schadenfreude is a German-origin term defined by the Oxford Advanced Learner#39;s Dictionary as ;a feeling of pleasure at the bad things that happen to other people.; Schadenfreude is rarely expressed plainly, or in relation to a specific event or situation. Rather, it is an attitude and bias that disparages achievements, discredits sincerity, and hopes for failure.“Schadenfreude”是一个源于德语的词汇,根据《牛津高阶英语词典》,它的意思是“对他人遇上坏事感到的一种愉悦”。“Schadenfreude”这个词很少被清楚地表达出来,或者联系到特定的事件或者场合上。相反,这是一种态度与偏见,它贬低对方成就、诋毁对方诚意,并且满心希望对方失败。We see this vile sentiment often in Western media coverage of news events, in reporting on Chinese business, and particularly in analysis and commentary on policies, plans, and initiatives of the government and the Communist Party.我们经常在西方媒体关于中国事物的报道中见到这种卑鄙的情绪,尤其是在对中国政府和中共的政策、计划和举措的分析和上。It is not just reporting mainly ;bad news,; like tainted milk powder or cooking oil scandals, although this feature is common too, particularly in blogs and the popular press. Rather, it is reporting only of the facts that support a narrative of endemic amorality or immorality and government social irresponsibility, with a subliminal message that the Chinese people or system are immoral, corrupt, and will or should fail.它不只是主要报告一下“坏新闻”,像是毒奶粉或者地沟油,尽管这种事情也的确常见,尤其是在客和大众媒体上;相反的,它只报道那些地方性的不道德事件,或者关于政府不负责任的叙述,其潜台词就是中国人或者中国的体制就是不道德的、腐败的,是即将或者应该失败的。The commentator most identified with schadenfreude in writing on China is Gordon G. Chang. Chang, author of The Coming Collapse of China, released in 2001, has turned apocalyptic predictions and ill-wishing into a best-selling “brand.”在报道中国事物方面,这种幸灾乐祸式的典型就是章家敦(Gordon G. Chang)。他是2001年出版的《中国即将崩溃》一书的作者;这本书已经变成世界末日式的预言,并有望成为畅销书的品牌。On cue, writing on Forbes.com after Alibaba#39;s world-beating IPO in New York, Chang was quick to predict, and seemingly to hope, that the company#39;s ambition to surpass Walmart as the world#39;s largest retailer would be unrealized.正巧,在阿里巴巴震惊世界的纽约IPO时间后,章家敦很快在福布斯网站上预测,貌似也是希望,该公司“超过沃尔玛,成为全球最大的零售商”的壮志将无法实现。Indeed, at every major juncture on economic and social China#39;s development path, from WTO accession, to coping with the global financial crisis, to economic and financial system reform, to the current anti-corruption campaign, Chang has been predicting, and seemingly hoping for, massive failure and systematic collapse.事实上,在中国发展道路上的每一个重大关头,比如加入世界贸易组织(WTO)、应对国际金融危机、对经济和金融系统的改革、当前的反腐运动等,章家敦每每预测,并且似乎希望(中国迎来)大规模的失败和系统性崩溃。Chang has been consistently wrong on matters large and small. Instead of failure and collapse China was achieved successes, advancing to a new, higher level of development and prosperity. Chang#39;s errors reflect a fundamental incapacity, and psychological unwillingness, to understand China and its people, their feelings, aspirations, and loyalties.(但是)章家敦在大大小小的事务上一贯错误。中国并没有失败或者崩溃,相反的,它反而取得了成功,走向了一个新的、更高的、更繁荣的发展水平。在理解中国与中国人民,以及他们的感情、愿景与忠诚上,章家敦的错误反映了一种根本上的失能与心理上的不愿意。Chang#39;s brand is emblematic of the negative bias toward China, tinged with schadenfreude,that is more common than uncommon in the Western press.章家敦就是带点幸灾乐祸地看衰中国的媒体形象代言人,而这种现象在西方媒体中是更为常见的。Today this bias informs reporting and commentary on China#39;s top leadership#39;s two towering visions and initiatives: realizing a ;China Dream; and rooting out endemic corruption. Both visions, and the actions being pursued toward their realization, typically receive cynical, unsympathetic, skeptical, or derisive treatment in the Western media.如今这种偏见性的报道和集中在了中国最高领导人的两个宏伟目标和计划上:实现“中国梦”与铲除腐败。这两个愿景与他们根据认识所采取的行动,毫无例外地受到了西方媒体戏谑、无情、怀疑或者嘲讽的对待。The success of the anti–corruption campaign is of existential importance to China#39;s future, which is to say to the safety, security, and prosperity of the Chinese people. So is the vision of the ;China Dream.; Yet in publications like The New York Times, The Washington Post, Bloomberg, and The Wall Street Journal, the sincerity, or even the moral authority, of China#39;s leaders in pursuing these visions is regularly impugned or denied. Some reporting has seemingly aimed to undermine the authority of leaders, so as to complicate or derail related initiatives.反腐败斗争的胜利对中国的未来具有现实的重要性,这对中国人的财产安全、生命安全和经济繁荣具有重要意义。“中国梦”也一样。但是在像是纽约时报、华盛顿邮报、彭社与华尔街日报等出版物中,中国领导人追求这些愿景的诚意,甚至道德威信,总是被不时不时地责难或者否定。一些报道似乎旨在破坏领袖权威,从而搅浑水或者破坏相关举措。The government of China has felt obliged to protect the people#39;s vital interests by blocking publications like The New York Times that had acted as though its purpose was to sabotage those interests. This point was made by former Shanghai mayor, and now deputy head of the Chinese People#39;s Political Consultative Conference, Xu Kuangdi, in answering a member of the America Chamber of Commerce after the speech by former president Jimmy Carter in Shanghai on September 9.中国政府已经感到有必要屏蔽类似纽约时报这样的出版物来保护人民切身利益,但是这看起来又像是为了损害这些出版物的利益。这一观点在9月9日接待前美国总统吉米·卡特后对美国商会成员的演讲中,被前任上海市长、现任中国人民政治协商会议副主席徐匡迪提出。That the government of China should take measures is understandable. That China has blocked such internet search portals as Google (while affording open internet access to its citizens through portals like Sohu.com) is also understandable and justifiable from the standpoint of the interests of the Chinese people.因此中国政府采取的行动是可以理解的。中国屏蔽互联网搜索门户网站谷歌(同时开放门户网站比如搜狐等供公民接入互联网)同样是可以理解的,也是正当的——从中国人民的立场看来。China#39;s citizens nevertheless enjoy essential access to a range of domestic and foreign media that has not adopted an anti-China bias. Such unbalanced reporting is itself a expression of a biased, schadenfreude media mindset.尽管如此(屏蔽了谷歌),中国公民依旧可以访问大量未采用反中偏见的国内外媒体。这种不平衡的报道本身就是一种戴有色眼镜的、幸灾乐祸式心态的体现。A pervasively biased Western media unfortunately plays into the hands of persons seeking to characterize China as posing a security ;threat; to its neighbors or to the ed States. Possessing an attitude of schadenfreude, the media not only dismiss, but would seek to impugn and deny China#39;s leaders#39; sincerity when they express the Chinese people#39;s vital need for and yearning for peace and harmony with their Asian neighbors and with the ed States.很不幸地,在西方媒体手中,一个普遍的偏见就是寻求将中国打扮成“威胁”邻国或者美国安全的坏蛋。持有这种幸灾乐祸的态度,媒体不仅会被驳回,而且会寻求抨击和否定中国领导人诚意——当他们表达中国人民对与亚洲邻国和美国的构建和平与和谐关系的迫切需要和向往的时候。China#39;s actions, often in reaction to provocations of other countries (notably with Japan over the Senkaku/Diaoyu islands, and with Vietnam and the Philippines in the South China Sea) are described as ;aggressive;–therefore requiring counterforce–when in fact they are defensive. The reality of China#39;s long-standing policy of patience, restraint, and dispute resolution through bi-lateral negotiations is never mentioned.中国的行动,经常是对其他国家挑衅的一种反应(尤其是与日本关于尖阁/钓鱼岛及其附属岛屿、与越南和菲律宾关于南海诸岛的冲突),但是它们被描述为“侵略性的”——因此需要被平衡的——而事实上他们是被动防御性的。中国在长期采用的忍耐与克制政策,以及通过双边谈判解决争端的事实,却从未被提及。What to do about foreign media schadenfreude toward China? It is too serious, malevolent, and potentially harmful a problem to ignore.对于外国媒体总是对中国采用幸灾乐祸式的态度该怎么处理?这是一个相当严肃的问题,因为当前的媒体环境充满恶意,故意忽视具有潜在危害的问题。The most important counter-measure is to shine a light on this vile attitude, to sharpen ers#39; and listeners#39; perception of its presence. The second is to call out and condemn instances (and their authors) that are clearly malevolent in intent or effect.最重要的应对措施就是曝光这些卑鄙的行为,提高在读者与听众中的存在感。第二就是调查并谴责在意图和效果上带有明显恶意的报道(以及他们的作者)。The third is to join with and to support, through loyalty and goodwill, the efforts of persons in China and the ed States, within and without government, working to further peace, harmony, mutual respect between our countries, and better lives for both our citizens.第三就是通过忠诚和善意,加入与持中美两国为致力于持久和平与和谐、互相尊重与奔向更好明天的政府与民间交流而努力。Stephen M. Harner is a former Foreign Service Officer (U.S. Department of State), international banker, and consultant in Japan and China. He is a graduate of the Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS).Stephen M. Harner 是美国国务院前外交事务主任,国际家,中日问题顾问。他毕业于约翰·霍普金斯大学高级国际关系研究学院(SAIS)。 /201501/354353大理市妇产科建卡要价格费用Baking Er Kuai烧饵块One morning, a young farmer named Cu Kangbao carried a basket of local goods to Kunming for sale. When entering the East Gate, he saw crowds of angry people standing there and cursing. And little babies were crying with an open mouth in their mothers’ arms. Cu stood by until he understood what was going on. Last night, the government’s second interrogation room was on fire and the cause was yet to be identified. The officer was angry to death and assumed that it must be a mob messing around. He ordered that announcements be put on the six gates of Kunming and that all people should not cook at home using fire for three months.Anyone who violates it would be severely punished.一天清晨,粗糠宝挑着一担山货到昆明去卖。刚刚走进大东门,就看见城门口站着不少老百姓,一个个怒气冲天,叫骂之声不绝于耳。有的娃娃躺在妈妈的怀里张着小嘴哇哇直哭,粗糠宝站在旁边听了一会儿,才明白了事情的原委。原来,昨天晚上知府衙门二堂不知什么原因突然起火,知府气得暴跳如雷,认定是大胆刁民故意捣乱。他马上下令,在昆明六道城门张贴布告,从今天开始,所有百姓一律不准在家生火做饭。此项禁令有效期三个月,违者严加惩处,绝不宽容。Cu waved to the crowd, and patiently explained to them how to deal with the matter. After hearing his words, people all put on happy smiles. When they arrived home, people carried out their stoves one after another and started baking Baba, a snack made of rice, over the stoves. All enjoyed a good meal.粗糠宝向乡亲们招招手,如此这般地嘱咐了一通,大伙儿顿时乐得眉开眼笑。回去以后,大伙儿纷纷从家里搬出炉子,在上面烤起粑粑来,一个个吃得香极了。Knowing this, the officer hurried to inspect. He caught an old man, questioning him with threat. Cu went up and made faces to the officer saying “Sir, the announcement said “no cooking at home using fire”, but it did not ban the people from baking Baba out of home using fire. We all cook and bake our Baba out of our homes. The officer regretted deeply. He had not expected the situation would become so unmanageable.知府老爷知道了,急忙出来查看。他揪住一个老倌吹胡子瞪眼睛。粗糠宝走上前去,冲着知府扮了个鬼脸,“知府大人,布告上禁止在家里生火煮饭,可没有禁止在家门口烤粑粑吃呀!”知府懊恼不已,事先怎么就没想到粗糠宝会来这一手呢!Sa Mei people, a branch of Yi ethnic group, call Baba Er Kuai. This is the story how baked Er Kuai was passed on.撒梅人把粑粑叫饵块,烧饵块就这样流传了下来。注:中央民族大学外国语学院北京市大学生创新项目“云南美食故事的收集与传播”项目组供稿。 /201504/370881洱源县检查妇科病多少钱

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