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福州妇幼保健医院祛疤痕多少钱福州哪个医院可以脱腋毛A set of proposed regulations for China’s online ride-hailing industry are shaping up as a bellwether of how much internet “disruption” Beijing will tolerate — and are being closely watched by the country’s biggest tech companies.为中国网络约租车行业制定的一系列拟议中的监管规定即将成型,它们将体现出中国政府将在多大程度上容忍互联网的“颠覆”。中国最大的几家高科技企业正密切关注这些规定。Last month the Ministry of Transport published draft rules that would legalise the nascent sector but could also stifle it with bureaucratic red tape, and gave the industry one month to respond.上个月,中国交通部公布了相关规定的《征求意见稿》,并给了该行业1个月的回应时间。这些规定会赋予这个新生行业合法性,但也可能会令该行业被官僚主义繁文缛节所扼杀。That has thrown ride-hailing companies including San Francisco-based Uber and Didi Kuaidi, its local competitor, into a behind-the-scenes lobbying effort over the new rules, which could raise their costs prohibitively.相关规定《征求意见稿》的公布,让包括优步(Uber)和滴滴快的(Didi Kuaidi)在内的叫车应用企业,被迫加入了围绕新规定的一轮幕后游说活动(新规定可能会让它们的运营成本提高到无利可图的地步)。优步是一家总部驻旧金山的企业,而滴滴快的则是它在中国国内的竞争者。The sector’s potential is huge. Didi, in an investor presentation in June, predicted that the Chinese ride-hailing market would be worth bn annually by 2020. Travis Kalanick, Uber’s chief executive, reckons China accounts for 30 per cent of his company’s rides worldwide and will overtake the US by year-end.该行业的潜力是巨大的。滴滴打车(Didi)在今年6月一次向投资者做的报告中预计,到2020年,中国叫车应用市场每年的规模或达到500亿美元。优步首席执行官特拉维斯愠灓尼克(Travis Kalanick)估计,中国占优步全球出车次数的30%,今年年底以前,中国的出车次数将超过美国。But the regulatory environment is a wild card. It is technically illegal for private cars to operate as taxis in China, though enforcement is patchy.不过,中国的监管环境却是个巨大的变数。理论上说,把私家车当做出租汽车运营在中国是违法的——尽管这方面的执法非常松散。More important, experts see the car-hailing rules as precedent setting. As companies including Alibaba, Tencent and Baidu push into heavily regulated, state-dominated sectors from finance to healthcare, the taxi industry is where many of the battles over regulation are being fought.更重要的是,专家们认为,这些叫车务法规会确定先例。在包括阿里巴巴(Alibaba)、腾讯(Tencent)和百度(Baidu)在内的企业进入一个个受到严格监管、由政府主导的行业——从金融业到医疗保健业——之际,出租车行业是围绕监管的斗争的一个主战场。Car-hailing regulations “will be an indicator, a precedent for things to come”, says Jenny Lee, Beijing-based managing partner at GGV Capital, which has invested in Didi Kuaidi.叫车务法规“将起指示作用,为将来的事情确立先例,”对滴滴快的进行投资的纪源资本(GGV Capital)管理合伙人李宏玮(Jenny Lee)表示。“This is a space that all the big guys are in. It’s not a strategic sector, not finance, telecoms or media. The vested interests are local taxi companies, without a lot of political clout. If this doesn’t open up, it’s bad news for the rest of the [internet] industry.”“这是一个所有大公司都参与了的领域。这不是一个战略性行业——不是金融、电信,也不是媒体。既得利益者是没有太多政治影响力的地方出租车公司。如果这个领域不开放,这对其他(互联网)行业而言是个坏消息。”The proposed framework would oblige internet apps to register all their cars as commercial vehicles, subjecting them to the same laws as taxis including a ban on vehicles older than eight years.新规《征求意见稿》要求互联网叫车应用将所有接入平台的车辆登记为营运车辆,须遵守和出租车一样的法规,包括8年就得报废。The new laws would require each driver’s car to be licensed separately rather than a being covered by a company licence. Both Uber and Didi say that roughly three-quarters of their drivers are part-time, and the new rules would force them off the road.新规《征求意见稿》要求每个司机的车辆单独取得营运许可,不能仅由企业所获许可覆盖。优步和滴滴都表示,它们平台上大约有四分之三的司机都是兼职的,新规将迫使这些司机放弃提供务。“Part-time drivers and their vehicles should be allowed on the road in order to make the sharing economy really about sharing,” says Didi. The company says most of its drivers do four to five rides per day, and licensing as commercial vehicles “would make it prohibitive”.滴滴表示:“建议给兼职司机和车辆留出发展空间……顺应和推动中国共享经济发展的大潮。”该公司表示,滴滴平台上75%的司机每天接单数不超过4单,如果要求网约专车车辆变更为营运性质,“可能使大部分兼职司机和车辆退出”。Didi Kuaidi, formed in February by the merger of Didi Dache and Kuaidi Dache, is backed by Tencent and Alibaba, China’s two largest internet companies, which have a combined shareholding of around 25 per cent. It says it controls 83 per cent of the car-hailing market.今年2月,滴滴打车和快的打车合并为滴滴快的。滴滴快的得到了中国最大的两家互联网公司腾讯(Tencent)和阿里巴巴(Alibaba)的投资,这两家公司共拥有滴滴快的约25%的股权。滴滴快的声称其控制了叫车市场83%的市场份额。Uber, in which Chinese search engine Baidu holds an undisclosed stake, is in second place with a market share that Mr Kalanick puts at 30-35 per cent.优步在市场份额方面位列第二,卡兰尼克称达到30%到35%。中国搜索引擎百度(Baidu)拥有优步的一部分股权,具体多少没有公开。Both are optimistic about their staying power. Each expects to invest over bn this year in China, spent largely on subsidies aimed at grabbing market share.滴滴快的和优步都看好自己的持久生存能力。两家公司都预计今年自己将对中国市场投资逾10亿美元,大部分用于补贴车资,其目的是夺取市场份额。But there is no consensus in the government about how to oversee the sector, which licensed taxi drivers complain costs them money and jobs.但目前就如何监管这个行业,政府内部尚无共识,而有执照的出租车司机抱怨这个行业让他们蒙受了金钱损失,失去了工作机会。Last month [October]Shanghai gave Didi the country’s first municipal operating licence after the company agreed to a far slimmer set of rules — a pilot programme many thought could be eventually rolled out across the country.10月8日,在滴滴快的同意遵守一套精简得多的规则后,上海市向滴滴快的颁发了中国首张市级网络约租车平台资质许可。很多人认为,这一试点最终可能推广至全国。Optimism evaporated when the transport ministry just days later published its national rules.乐观情绪没有持续多久——仅两天后,交通部便发布了全国性专车法规《征求意见稿》。“There are some positive bases and we’re very encouraged,” says Didi. The draft framework “actually recognises the legal existence of the car-hailing industry — but legal within a pretty constrictive set of rules”.滴滴表示,“有一些理由保持乐观,我们非常受鼓舞”,意见稿“实际承认了叫车行业存在的合法性——但只在一套限制相当严格的法规范围内具有合法性。”In China, where respect for authority is good business practice, Didi and Uber have couched their dissent carefully. But citizen groups and experts on regulation — who claim to have no connection to the industry — have begun a loud campaign against the proposed rules.在中国,尊重当局是对经营有益的做法,滴滴和优步表达异议时都非常谨慎。但民间组织和法规方面的专家——这些专家声称和该行业没有关联——已经开始积极发声反对关于专车法规的《征求意见稿》。“There are massive flaws in the draft and it should not be enacted,“ wrote six economists last month in an editorial in Caijing, a leading financial magazine, because “it will severely hinder the development of the internet transportation service industry”.在中国主要财经类杂志《财经》上月的一篇中,六名经济学家写道,“《征求意见稿》存在重大缺陷,不应出台”,因为“这种缺陷将会严重阻碍网络约租车这种新型业态的发展”。The outcry has forced the transport ministry into a public response.这些抗议迫使交通部作出公开回应。In an interview published by Xinhua, the official news agency, ministry inspector Xu Yahua said that “as a key service industry, it is necessary to have a set of industry admittance regulations”.官媒新华社发表了一篇对交通部运输务司巡视员徐亚华的访谈。他在访谈中表示:“它作为一个关系人民群众出行安全的重要务性行业,我们制定必要的市场准入条件和务规范也是必须的。”But he added: “As for exactly how this will be done, we need to listen to the suggestions from society, and gradually perfect it in practice.”但他又说:“至于管理的具体尺度,我认为需要充分广泛地听取社会意见,也需要在实践基础上不断完善。” /201511/411330闽清县去除鱼尾纹多少钱 Apple Inc told a U.S. judge that accessing data stored on a locked iPhone would be ;impossible; with devices using its latest operating system, but the company has the ;technical ability; to help law enforcement unlock older phones.苹果公司向美国法官詹姆斯·奥伦斯坦表示,提取一台安装了苹果最新操作系统、且已被锁定的iPhone手机上的数据是“不可能的”,但苹果具备帮助执法机构解锁较旧iPhone的“技术能力”。Apple#39;s position was laid out in a brief filed late Monday, after a federal magistrate judge in Brooklyn, New York, sought its input as he weighed a U.S. Justice Department request to force the company to help authorities access a seized iPhone during an investigation.苹果在周一晚提交的诉书中陈述了上述立场。此前美国司法部向法院提出要求苹果协助当局提取一台在调查中缴获的iPhone上的数据,布鲁克林的联邦治安法官奥伦斯坦正在考量该要求,并寻求苹果的意见。In court papers, Apple said that for the 90 percent of its devices running iOS 8 or higher, granting the Justice Department#39;s request ;would be impossible to perform; after it strengthened encryption methods.在法庭文件中,苹果称,在苹果强化加密方法后,对于90%运行iOS 8或以上版本的苹果设备,美国司法部的要求是“无法被执行的”。Those devices include a feature that prevents anyone without the device#39;s passcode from accessing its data, including Apple itself.这些设备具备一个特性,可以防止没有密码的任何一方获取该设备的数据,包括苹果公司也不行。Apple told U.S. Magistrate Judge James Orenstein it could access the 10 percent of its devices that continue to use older systems, including the one at issue in the case. But it urged the judge to not require it to comply with the Justice Department#39;s request.苹果向奥伦斯坦表示,苹果可以提取仍在使用较旧版本操作系统的那10%的苹果设备,包括上述案件中的iPhone手机。但苹果敦促奥伦斯坦勿要求苹果按照美国司法部的要求行事。;Forcing Apple to extract data in this case, absent clear legal authority to do so, could threaten the trust between Apple and its customers and substantially tarnish the Apple brand,; Apple#39;s lawyers wrote.“在缺乏明确法律许可的情况下,在本案中迫使苹果提取数据,可能威胁苹果与其客户之间的信任,并极大损害苹果品牌,”苹果的律师写道。A spokeswoman for Brooklyn U.S. Attorney Robert Capers, whose office is handling the case, declined comment.美国布鲁克林联邦检察官罗伯特·凯普斯的办公室负责此案,凯普斯的发言人拒绝就此置评。 /201511/407263福州市中医院激光除皱多少钱

福州美贝尔妇产医院治疗疤痕多少钱Indian chat app Hike faces an uphill battle to catch up with WhatsApp, the world’s most popular messaging service owned by social network Facebook. But founder Kavin Bharti Mittal says one new feature is proving popular with users across the developing world.印度聊天应用Hike要赶上社交媒体Facebook旗下、全球人气最高的信息务WhatsApp,还得经历一番艰苦战斗,但其创始人凯文#8226;巴蒂#8226;米塔尔(Kavin Bharti Mittal,上图)表示,事实明,一个新功能正受到发展中国家用户的欢迎。“It came out of an insight that data [in India] is expensive,” he says of Hike Direct, a service added to the group’s main app in October that lets users swap files such as music and at high speeds without having to be online.他在谈到Hike Direct时表示:“它源于(印度)数据通信很贵这个认识。”Hike Direct是该集团去年10月为其主要应用新增的一个务,让用户在不用上网的情况下高速交换音乐和视频等文档。India has about 400m internet users, most of whom use the internet via mobile devices. Roughly 250m now own smartphones but even those with expensive devices often save money by rationing data use or turning connections off.印度大约有4亿互联网用户,其中大多数通过移动设备使用互联网。约2.5亿人现在有智能手机,但即便是那些有昂贵设备的人也往往为了省钱而定量使用数据或者断开网络连接。Perhaps as many as a third of smartphone users have no data connection at all, according to IT analysts Convergence Catalyst. They rely instead on occasional WiFi or on “side loading” files to their phone using memory cards.信息技术分析机构Convergence Catalyst表示,或许高达三分之一的智能手机用户完全没有数据连接。他们依赖偶尔的WiFi无线连接或者使用存储卡将文档“侧载”至手机。Mr Mittal argues Hike Direct is ideal for such users. It works like a faster, more intuitive version of Bluetooth, using an underlying technology called WiFi Direct that is built into most smartphones. The feature allows any two Hike users to pair their phones and swap files if they are near each other.米塔尔辩称,Hike Direct非常适合此类用户。它就像是一个速度更快、更直观的蓝牙版本,使用内置于多数智能手机的一种名为WiFi Direct的底层技术。这种功能允许任何两个Hike用户在彼此靠近时配对手机并交换文档。“Growth for Hike Direct is tremendous,” Mr Mittal says, although he will not reveal actual numbers, saying only that users have so far swapped about 10m files.米塔尔表示:“Hike Direct的增长是巨大的。”不过他没有透露实际数目,只是说用户迄今交换了大约1000万份文档。More generally, about 100m use Hike’s main messenger globally, far behind the roughly 900m claimed by WhatsApp. But Hike enjoys a comfortable second place in India, and says it is growing rapidly elsewhere.整体而言,全球大约有1亿人使用Hike的主要信息务,远远落后于WhatsApp宣称的近9亿用户。但Hike在印度的用户数量轻松地排名第二,该公司表示其他地方的用户数量正在迅速增长。Mr Mittal’s father is tycoon Sunil Bharti Mittal, founder of Bharti Airtel, India’s leading telecoms group by market share. Hike is a joint venture between Bharti and SoftBank, a Japanese telecoms group that has invested heavily in Indian start-ups.米塔尔的父亲是电信大亨、巴蒂电信(Bharti Airtel)的创始人苏尼尔#8226;巴帝#8226;米塔尔(Sunil Bharti Mittal)。按市场份额计算,巴蒂电信是印度领先的电信集团。Hike是巴蒂电信和大举投资于印度初创企业的日本电信集团软银(SoftBank)成立的合资企业。Some industry figures view the technology underpinning Hike Direct as a potentially disruptive force — especially if Hike and its rivals allow many users to pair phones, rather than just two at a time, so effectively creating an impromptu local sharing network.一些业内人士将持Hike Direct的技术视为潜在的颠覆性力量,尤其是如果Hike及其竞争对手让多名(而不仅限于一次两名)用户配对手机的话,那将实际上创建一个临时的本地共享网络。“That is why this could be a brilliant concept, and one uniquely suited for India,” says Roy de Souza, chief executive of Zedo, an India-based digital advertising business. He says that in India even rich people turn off their data connections. “What they really want is a kind of WhatsApp that doesn’t cost them data. This could be it.”印度数字广告企业Zedo的首席执行官罗伊#8226;德索萨(Roy de Souza)表示:“那就是为什么这可能是一个绝佳的概念,一个特别适用于印度的概念。”他说,在印度,即便是富人也会断开他们的数据连接。“他们真正想要的是一种不用耗费他们数据流量的WhatsApp,Hike Direct可能就是这么个务。”Services like this could be especially popular on university campuses, Mr de Souza says, or in small office buildings. But Mr Mittal has bigger ideas. “Eventually, you could think of this connecting together a whole rural village that isn’t online,” he says.德索萨表示,像这样的务可能在大学校园或者小型写字楼尤为受欢迎。但米塔尔有更为宏大的创意。他说:“最终而言,你可能想让它将没有联网的整个村子联在一起。”Making this happen will not be easy. So far, the broader network concept is untested. Any company developing the technology could face legal difficulties, given its probable use as a way of sharing pirated music and s. Setting up a network would also drain the batteries of connected phones, a deterrent factor.实现这一想法并不容易。建立更大范围网络的概念迄今没有经过测试。鉴于这种技术很可能被用于共享盗版音乐和视频,任何开发这种技术的公司可能面临法律上的困难。建立网络也将让连接起来的手机更快耗尽电量,这是一个让人望而却步的因素。It would help if other services beyond Hike adopted it, too, says Jayanth Kolla, analyst at Convergence Catalyst. “As a feature, so far it is a useful addition to Hike, but it isn’t disruptive yet,” he says.Convergence Catalyst的分析师贾扬特#8226;科拉(Jayanth Kolla)表示,如果Hike以外的其他务也采用这种技术,那将会有所帮助。“作为一个功能,迄今这是对Hike的有用补充,但它还不具有颠覆性,”他表示。“But I would expect other chat apps like WeChat in China and Line [based in Japan] to add something like this soon, and then it could really take off.”“但我预计中国的微信(WeChat)和日本的Line等其他聊天APP将会很快增添类似功能,随后它就可能真的起飞。” /201603/428698福州隆胸手术要花多少钱 As Uber has grown to become one of the world’s most valuable start-ups, its ambitions often seem limitless.随着Uber成长为全世界最具价值的初创企业之一,其野心看起来也是永无止境的。But of all the ways that Uber could change the world, the most far-reaching may be found closest at hand: your office. Uber, and more broadly the app-driven labor market it represents, is at the center of what could be a sea change in work, and in how people think about their jobs. You may not be contemplating becoming an Uber driver any time soon, but the Uberization of work may soon be coming to your chosen profession.但是在所有Uber能改变世界的方式之中,影响最深远的却可能近在咫尺:你的办公室。Uber,以及更广义来说,它所代表的由应用软件驱动的劳动力市场,处于一个工作上的,及人们如何看待自己的工作的巨变的核心。你也许没有在近期内成为Uber司机的想法,但是你所选择的职业可能很快就会被Uber化。Just as Uber is doing for taxis, new technologies have the potential to chop up a broad array of traditional jobs into discrete tasks that can be assigned to people just when they’re needed, with wages set by a dynamic measurement of supply and demand, and every worker’s performance constantly tracked, reviewed and subject to the sometimes harsh light of customer satisfaction. Uber and its ride-sharing competitors, including Lyft and Sidecar, are the boldest examples of this breed, which many in the tech industry see as a new kind of start-up — one whose primary mission is to efficiently allocate human beings and their possessions, rather than information.就像Uber对出租车行业的影响一样,新兴科技拥有这样一个潜能——它可以把大量的传统工作分割成互相独立的任务,并在需要时将之分配出去。相应的报酬将由供需关系动态决定,而且每一位工作者的表现将被不断地追踪、评估并时不时受到严厉的顾客满意度监督。Uber以及它车辆共乘类的竞争对手,包括Lyft和Sidecar,是这类全新工作方式的最佳代表。科技界的很多人将它们视作一种新型的初创公司——他们的首要使命是高效地分配人以及他们的财产,而非信息。Various companies are now trying to emulate Uber’s business model in other fields, from daily chores like grocery shopping and laundry to more upmarket products like legal services and even medicine.从日常琐事如买杂货和洗衣,到更高端的产品如法律务甚至医药行业,许多不同行业的公司都在模仿Uber的商业模式。“I do think we are defining a new category of work that isn’t full-time employment but is not running your own business either,” said Arun Sundararajan, a professor at New York University’s business school who has studied the rise of the so-called on-demand economy, and who is mainly optimistic about its prospects.纽约大学商学院教授阿伦·桑达拉拉吉(Arun Sundararajan)说道,“我的确认为我们正在定义一种新型工作方式——它既非全职工作也不算是个体户”。他对按需经济的兴起展开研究,并对这种工作方式的前景比较乐观。Uberization will have its benefits: Technology could make your work life more flexible, allowing you to fit your job, or perhaps multiple jobs, around your schedule, rather than vice versa. Even during a time of renewed job growth, Americans’ wages are stubbornly stagnant, and the on-demand economy may provide novel streams of income.Uber化有它的好处:技术会让我们的工作生活更有弹性,让我们根据自己的时间来安排一个或多个工作,而不是根据工作来安排自己的时间。即便现在就业已经在重新增长,美国人的工资却依旧停滞不前,所以按需的经济模式也许能提供全新的收入来源。“We may end up with a future in which a fraction of the work force would do a portfolio of things to generate an income — you could be an Uber driver, an Instacart shopper, an Airbnb host and a Taskrabbit,” Dr. Sundararajan said.桑达拉拉吉士说,“我们的未来可能会是这样的——一小部分劳动力会以做很多不同的工作为生:你可以做Uber司机,替Instacart买东西,在Airbnb上租房子以及在Taskrabbit上揽外包”。But the rise of such work could also make your income less predictable and your long-term employment less secure. And it may relegate the idea of establishing a lifelong career to a distant memory.但是这种工作方式的崛起可能会让收入更不可预测,也可能会让长期雇用更没有保障。而且它也许让人们忘记建立一个毕生的事业是一个什么样的概念。“I think it’s nonsense, utter nonsense,” said Robert B. Reich, an economist at the University of California, Berkeley who was the secretary of labor during the Clinton administration. “This on-demand economy means a work life that is unpredictable, doesn’t pay very well and is terribly insecure.” After interviewing many workers in the on-demand world, Dr. Reich said he has concluded that “most would much rather have good, well-paying, regular jobs.”“我认为这就是胡扯,纯粹是胡扯,”曾任克林顿政府劳工部部长,加州大学伯克利分校的经济学家罗伯特·B·赖希(Robert B. Reich)说。“这种按需型经济意味着你的工作生活会变得不可预测、低薪而且十分没有保障。”在采访过很多从事按需型工作的人之后,赖希士得出的结论是“多数人都宁愿从事好的、高薪的普通工作”。It is true that many of these start-ups are creating new opportunities for employment, which is a novel trend in tech, especially during an era in which we’re all fretting about robots stealing our jobs. Proponents of on-demand work point out that many of the tech giants that sprang up over the last decade minted billions in profits without hiring very many people; Facebook, for instance, serves more than a billion users, but employs only a few thousand highly skilled workers, most of them in California.的确,很多这类初创公司都在创造新的就业机会。这是一个技术界的新趋势,尤其考虑到现在我们都在担心机器人会抢走我们的工作。按需工作的持者们指出,很多在过去十年间崛起的科技巨头在没有雇佣很多人的情况下,创造了数十亿的利润;比如说,Facebook为十亿以上用户提供务,但仅仅雇佣几千名技术水平很高的员工,而且多数在加利福尼亚。To make the case that it is creating lots of new jobs, Uber recently provided some of its data on ridership to Alan B. Krueger, an economist at Princeton and a former chairman of President Obama’s Council of Economic Advisers. Unsurprisingly, Dr. Krueger’s report — which he said he was allowed to produce without interference from Uber — paints Uber as a force for good in the labor market.为了展示出自己创造了很多新的就业机会,Uber最近向普林斯顿大学经济学家阿兰·B·克鲁格(Alan B. Krueger)提供了一些乘车数据。他同时也是奥巴马总统经济顾问委员会的前主席。不出所料,克鲁格士的报告将Uber描绘成一股对劳动力市场有利的力量。克鲁格士说他的报告的产生过程没有受到Uber的干扰。Dr. Krueger found that at the end of 2014, Uber had 160,000 drivers regularly working for it in the ed States. About 40,000 new drivers signed up in December alone, and the number of sign-ups was doubling every six months.克鲁格士发现在2014年末,Uber有16万名司机定期在美国工作。仅十二月份就有大约4万名司机加入Uber。而且每六个月新加入的司机数目就会翻番。The report found that on average, Uber’s drivers worked fewer hours and earned more per hour than traditional taxi drivers, even when you account for their expenses. That conclusion, though, has raised fierce debate among economists, because it’s not clear how much Uber drivers really are paying in expenses. Drivers on the service use their own cars and pay for their gas; taxi drivers generally do not.这份报告发现,即使减去他们的开销,Uber司机平均比出租车司机每小时赚得更多且工作时间更短。但是这个结论引起了经济学家之间激烈的争论,因为Uber司机的开销其实并不明确。此项务的司机开自己的车,自付油费,而出租车司机则不然。The key perk of an Uber job is flexibility. In most of Uber’s largest markets, a majority of its drivers work from one to 15 hours a week, while many traditional taxi drivers work full time. A survey of Uber drivers contained in the report found that most were aly employed full or part time when they found Uber, and that earning an additional income on the side was a primary benefit of driving for Uber.Uber的关键好处是灵活度。在大多数Uber最大的市场里,大部分司机的每周工作时长从一小时到十五小时不等,而许多传统出租车司机都是全天工作。报告中一份针对Uber司机的调查发现多数司机在加入Uber之前已经有全职或兼职的工作了,所以能赚点外快是开Uber的主要好处。Dr. Krueger pointed out that Uber’s growth was disconnected to improvements in the broader labor market. “As the economy got stronger, Uber’s rate of growth increased,” he said. “So far, it’s not showing signs of limitations in terms of attracting enough drivers.”克鲁格士指出Uber的增长与劳动力市场的整体改善无关。他说,“随着经济增长,Uber增长率也有所增加。目前还没有出现吸引新司机的瓶颈”。One criticism of Uber-like jobs is that because drivers aren’t technically employees but are instead independent contractors of Uber, they don’t enjoy the security and benefits of traditional jobs. The complication, here, though, is that most taxi drivers are also independent contractors, so the arrangement isn’t particularly novel in the ride business. And as on-demand jobs become more prevalent, guildlike professional groups are forming to provide benefits and support for workers.一项对Uber式工作的批评是它的司机严格意义上说不是雇员而是独立的承包商,所以他们不享有传统工作的保障和待遇。可复杂的是,多数出租车司机也是独立的承包商,所以Uber的安排在租车行业并不算新奇。而且随着按需工作越来越普及,行会形式的组织也正在形成,来为人们提供相应待遇和持。The larger worry about on-demand jobs is not about benefits, but about a lack of agency — a future in which computers, rather than humans, determine what you do, when and for how much. The rise of Uber-like jobs is the logical culmination of an economic and tech system that holds efficiency as its paramount virtue.关于按需工作,更大的担忧并非是待遇,而是缺乏管理机构——担忧在未来,电脑而非人决定你做什么、什么时候做、给你多少钱。Uber式工作的崛起是将效率奉若神明的经济和科技体系发展的合理结果。“These services are successful because they are tapping into people’s available time more efficiently,” Dr. Sundararajan said. “You could say that people are monetizing their own downtime.”“这些务的成功之处在于他们可以更有效地利用人们的可用时间,”桑达拉拉吉士说。“可以说人们在利用下班时间赚钱。”Think about that for a second; isn’t “monetizing downtime” a hellish vision of the future of work?稍等一下,难道“利用下班时间赚钱”不是极其糟糕的未来的工作方式吗?“I’m glad if people like working for Uber, but those subjective feelings have got to be understood in the context of there being very few alternatives,” Dr. Reich said. “Can you imagine if this turns into a Mechanical Turk economy, where everyone is doing piecework at all odd hours, and no one knows when the next job will come, and how much it will pay? What kind of private lives can we possibly have, what kind of relationships, what kind of families?”“如果人们喜欢为Uber工作的话,我当然很高兴了。但我们在理解这些主观感受时必须考虑到他们并没有什么其他的选择,”赖希士说。“你能想象如果这变成一个土耳其人象棋傀儡(Mechanical Turk)型的经济吗——每个人都在零散时间做零碎工作,不知道什么时候会接到下一份工作,也不知道它的报酬会是多少?这样的话,我们还能有什么样的个人生活,什么样的人际关系,什么样的家庭?”The on-demand economy may be better than the alternative of software automating all our work. But that isn’t necessarily much of a cause for celebration.按需经济可能比把工作彻底软件自动化要强吧,但也不一定值得庆祝。 /201502/360780福州割双眼皮哪儿医院最好

福州祛痣哪家医院好Tencent, the operator of the popular messaging app WeChat, has shut down dozens of WeChat accounts for promoting the services of Uber, a ride-sharing app.流行聊天应用软件微信所在的腾讯公司,近日关闭了打车应用平台优步(Uber)的十几个微信公众号。The move came after Uber#39;s rivals, including Lyft in the ed States, GrabTaxi in Southeast Asia and Didi Kuaidi in China, had announced a global ride-sharing partnership to vie with Uber. Tencent had a major stake in Didi Kuaidi.这项举措发生在优步的竞争公司宣布成立全球打车软件合作关系以对抗优步后。这些公司包括美国的Lyft,亚洲西南地区的Grab Taxi和中国的滴滴快的。值得一提的是,腾讯是滴滴快的的主要股东。Users of Uber who posted the shutdown of the Uber-related accounts have voiced their doubt about Tencent#39;s move, saying it is using its monopoly to fend off Uber. But Tencent said the closed accounts had violated rules and were suspected of collecting users#39; private information, according to a Saturday report from Beijing Times.在优步的微信公众号被封杀后,优步的用户开始质疑腾讯公司的这一举措,他们称避开优步是一种垄断行为。但是《北京时报》周日的报道称,腾讯表示优步被封号是因为他们违反了条例,并涉嫌收集用户隐私。Uber also took a counter-measure on Weibo, another social networking site backed by Alibaba, calling on its users to stand on its side.优步官方则在由阿里巴巴持的社交网站——微上采取了反击,号召用户站在他们这一方。Wang Yichao, vice director of Uber#39;s public relations, said on its verified Weibo account that Tencent fell short of providing evidence to support its accusation that Uber is doing ;malicious marketing activities.;优步公关部副主任王毅超在微认账号上发言称,腾讯没有据明优步有恶意营销的行为。It is not the first time that a popular Internet service has been blocked by another. Taobao, an online-shopping platform operated by Alibaba, blocked visits from WeChat in 2013. Tencent later blocked the music sharing of Xiami Music, in which Alibaba has a stake. JD.com, with which Tencent has signed a cooperation deal, also blocks Alibaba#39;s payment platform Alipay.这不是第一个被别的应用屏蔽的流行互联网应用。阿里巴巴旗下的网购平台淘宝在2013年就被屏蔽了。腾讯公司之后还屏蔽了阿里巴巴持有股份的虾米音乐。而和腾讯公司签订了合作协议的京东也屏蔽了阿里巴巴旗下付平台付宝。Before this, Uber#39;s official WeChat account was aly blocked by Tencent in March.此前,优步官方微信账号在三月份已经被腾讯封号。 /201512/414489 福州治疗鞍鼻哪家医院好福州纹眉哪家好




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