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The chairman communicated that he was not happy with the proposed agreement.主席表示他对提议并不满意。Because we communicate well, we understand each other#39;s situation.因为我们能够很好地沟通,所以我们了解彼此的状况。Our community includes people from many other countries.我们社区里有很多外国人。My friend started an Internet company to repair and sell old musical instruments.我朋友开了一家网络公司修理销售二手乐器。We urge you to compare the price and quality of our products with those of our competitors.我们强烈建议您将我们产品的价格和质量与其竞争产品进行对比。The Internet lets companies compete almost anywhere in the world.网络技术使得世界各地的公司都有了竞争关系。I have a complete set of recordings by the Beatles.我有一套完整的披头士的唱片。The trade agreement is the result of some very complex negotiations.这份贸易协定是一系列复杂谈判的结果。It may seem simple, but it is really complex.这看似简单,实际上相当复杂。Compromise may not be possible in that dispute.在那场纠纷中妥协或许不可能做到。The president expressed concern about the continuing violence.总统对连续的暴力事件表达了忧虑。He said he is especially concerned that the fighting will sp to other countries.他说他十分担心战乱会扩散到其他国家。The senators condemned the man for refusing to answer their questions.参议员们谴责那名男子拒绝回答问题。The doctor said the examination showed that Gary was in excellent condition.医生说检查结果显示盖瑞健康状况良好。I seemed to spend my days going from one conference to another.我每天的生活似乎是在不同的会场的辗转中度过的。The senate confirmed the appointment of the new Agriculture Secretary.参议院确认了农业部长的任命。We had a conflict about politics.我们的政见冲突。The long conflict finally ended with a ceasefire, not a peace treaty.双方停火而非和平协定结束了长期的争端。I congratulate you for getting the highest score on the history test.祝贺你在历史考试中获得了最高分。The president#39;s party did not win control of either house of Congress.总统所在的政党并没有赢得国会两院任何一院的控制权。Five members of Mexico#39;s Congress are in Washington to discuss trade issues.五名墨西哥国会议员在华盛顿讨论与此贸易相关的问题。If you connect this wire to the red one, the green light will turn on.如果你把这条线与那条红线连在一起路灯就会亮起来。William is a conservative about social issues.威廉看待社会问题比较保守。译文属仅供学习和交流使用,不得转载 /201603/428664每天一个生活口语话题,一段地道的举例回答,并附有详细的词汇,发音及用法讲解。讲解材料选自当今最先进最有效的英语原版教材,更加贴近生活。每天坚持听讲解,并根据问题练习,给自己一个地道输入和输出的机会,你也可以张口自信说英语。主题:Do you think one day you will change?I think I am constantly changing every day. In the sense that I#39;m learning new things and getting more confidence. But I hope that I will eventually get to a point where I am very comfortable with myself rather than being so unsure about everything.Constantly: 不断地In the sense that...: 就……而言 /201705/510761

THE DREAM OF LITTLE TUKAh! yes, that was little Tuk: in reality his name was not Tuk, but that waswhat he called himself before he could speak plain: he meant it for Charles,and it is all well enough if one does but know it. He had now to take care ofhis little sister Augusta, who was much younger than himself, and he was,besides, to learn his lesson at the same time; but these two things would notdo together at all. There sat the poor little fellow, with his sister on hislap, and he sang to her all the songs he knew; and he glanced the while fromtime to time into the geography-book that lay open before him. By the nextmorning he was to have learnt all the towns in Zealand by heart, and to knowabout them all that is possible to be known.His mother now came home, for she had been out, and took little Augusta on herarm. Tuk ran quickly to the window, and so eagerly that he pretty nearly his eyes out; for it got darker and darker, but his mother had no moneyto buy a candle."There goes the old washerwoman over the way," said his mother, as she lookedout of the window. "The poor woman can hardly drag herself along, and she mustnow drag the pail home from the fountain. Be a good boy, Tukey, and run acrossand help the old woman, won't you?"So Tuk ran over quickly and helped her; but when he came back again into theroom it was quite dark, and as to a light, there was no thought of such athing. He was now to go to bed; that was an old turn-up bedstead; in it he layand thought about his geography lesson, and of Zealand, and of all that hismaster had told him. He ought, to be sure, to have over his lesson again,but that, you know, he could not do. He therefore put his geography-book underhis pillow, because he had heard that was a very good thing to do when onewants to learn one's lesson; but one cannot, however, rely upon it entirely.Well, there he lay, and thought and thought, and all at once it was just as ifsomeone kissed his eyes and mouth: he slept, and yet he did not sleep; it wasas though the old washerwoman gazed on him with her mild eyes and said, "Itwere a great sin if you were not to know your lesson tomorrow morning. Youhave aided me, I therefore will now help you; and the loving God will do so atall times." And all of a sudden the book under Tuk's pillow began scraping andscratching."Kickery-ki! kluk! kluk! kluk!"--that was an old hen who came creeping along,and she was from Kjoge. "I am a Kjoger hen,"* said she, and then she relatedhow many inhabitants there were there, and about the battle that had takenplace, and which, after all, was hardly worth talking about.* Kjoge, a town in the bay of Kjoge. "To see the Kjoge hens," is anexpression similar to "showing a child London," which is said to be done bytaking his head in both bands, and so lifting him off the ground. At theinvasion of the English in 1807, an encounter of a no very glorious naturetook place between the British troops and the undisciplined Danish militia."Kribledy, krabledy--plump!" down fell somebody: it was a wooden bird, thepopinjay used at the shooting-matches at Prastoe. Now he said that there werejust as many inhabitants as he had nails in his body; and he was very proud."Thorwaldsen lived almost next door to me.* Plump! Here I lie capitally."* Prastoe, a still smaller town than Kjoge. Some hundred paces from it liesthe manor-house Ny Soe, where Thorwaldsen, the famed sculptor, generallysojourned during his stay in Denmark, and where he called many of his immortalworks into existence.But little Tuk was no longer lying down: all at once he was on horseback. Onhe went at full gallop, still galloping on and on. A knight with a gleamingplume, and most magnificently dressed, held him before him on the horse, andthus they rode through the wood to the old town of Bordingborg, and that was alarge and very lively town. High towers rose from the castle of the king, andthe brightness of many candles streamed from all the windows; within was danceand song, and King Waldemar and the young, richly-attired maids of honordanced together. The morn now came; and as soon as the sun appeared, the wholetown and the king's palace crumbled together, and one tower after the other;and at last only a single one remained standing where the castle had beenbefore,* and the town was so small and poor, and the school boys came alongwith their books under their arms, and said, "2000 inhabitants!" but that wasnot true, for there were not so many.*Bordingborg, in the reign of King Waldemar, a considerable place, now anunimportant little town. One solitary tower only, and some remains of a wall,show where the castle once stood.And little Tukey lay in his bed: it seemed to him as if he dreamed, and yet asif he were not dreaming; however, somebody was close beside him."Little Tukey! Little Tukey!" cried someone near. It was a seaman, quite alittle personage, so little as if he were a midshipman; but a midshipman itwas not."Many remembrances from Corsor.* That is a town that is just rising intoimportance; a lively town that has steam-boats and stagecoaches: formerlypeople called it ugly, but that is no longer true. I lie on the sea," saidCorsor; "I have high roads and gardens, and I have given birth to a poet whowas witty and amusing, which all poets are not. I once intended to equip aship that was to sail all round the earth; but I did not do it, although Icould have done so: and then, too, I smell so deliciously, for close beforethe gate bloom the most beautiful roses."*Corsor, on the Great Belt, called, formerly, before the introduction ofsteam-vessels, when travellers were often obliged to wait a long time for afavorable wind, "the most tiresome of towns." The poet Baggesen was born here.Little Tuk looked, and all was red and green before his eyes; but as soon asthe confusion of colors was somewhat over, all of a sudden there appeared awooded slope close to the bay, and high up above stood a magnificent oldchurch, with two high pointed towers. From out the hill-side spouted fountainsin thick streams of water, so that there was a continual splashing; and closebeside them sat an old king with a golden crown upon his white head: that wasKing Hroar, near the fountains, close to the town of Roeskilde, as it is nowcalled. And up the slope into the old church went all the kings and queens ofDenmark, hand in hand, all with their golden crowns; and the organ played andthe fountains rustled. Little Tuk saw all, heard all. "Do not forget thediet," said King Hroar.**Roeskilde, once the capital of Denmark. The town takes its name fromKing Hroar, and the many fountains in the neighborhood. In the beautifulcathedral the greater number of the kings and queens of Denmark are interred.In Roeskilde, too, the members of the Danish Diet assemble.Again all suddenly disappeared. Yes, and whither? It seemed to him just as ifone turned over a leaf in a book. And now stood there an old peasant-woman,who came from Soroe,* where grass grows in the market-place. She had an oldgrey linen apron hanging over her head and back: it was so wet, it certainlymust have been raining. "Yes, that it has," said she; and she now related manypretty things out of Holberg's comedies, and about Waldemar and Absalon; butall at once she cowered together, and her head began shaking backwards andforwards, and she looked as she were going to make a spring. "Croak! croak!"said she. "It is wet, it is wet; there is such a pleasant deathlike stillnessin Sorbe!" She was now suddenly a frog, "Croak"; and now she was an old woman."One must dress according to the weather," said she. "It is wet; it is wet. Mytown is just like a bottle; and one gets in by the neck, and by the neck onemust get out again! In former times I had the finest fish, and now I havefresh rosy-cheeked boys at the bottom of the bottle, who learn wisdom, Hebrew,Greek--Croak!"* Sorbe, a very quiet little town, beautifully situated, surrounded by woodsand lakes. Holberg, Denmark's Moliere, founded here an academy for the sons ofthe nobles. The poets Hauch and Ingemann were appointed professors here. Thelatter lives there still.When she spoke it sounded just like the noise of frogs, or as if one walkedwith great boots over a moor; always the same tone, so uniform and so tiringthat little Tuk fell into a good sound sleep, which, by the bye, could not dohim any harm.But even in this sleep there came a dream, or whatever else it was: his littlesister Augusta, she with the blue eyes and the fair curling hair, was suddenlya tall, beautiful girl, and without having wings was yet able to fly; and shenow flew over Zealand--over the green woods and the blue lakes."Do you hear the cock crow, Tukey? Cock-a-doodle-doo! The cocks are flying upfrom Kjoge! You will have a farm-yard, so large, oh! so very large! You willsuffer neither hunger nor thirst! You will get on in the world! You will be arich and happy man! Your house will exalt itself like King Waldemar's tower,and will be richly decorated with marble statues, like that at Prastoe. Youunderstand what I mean. Your name shall circulate with renown all round theearth, like unto the ship that was to have sailed from Corsor; and inRoeskilde--""Do not forget the diet!" said King Hroar."Then you will speak well and wisely, little Tukey; and when at last you sinkinto your grave, you shall sleep as quietly--""As if I lay in Soroe," said Tuk, awaking. It was bright day, and he was nowquite unable to call to mind his dream; that, however, was not at allnecessary, for one may not know what the future will bring.And out of bed he jumped, and in his book, and now all at once he knewhis whole lesson. And the old washerwoman popped her head in at the door,nodded to him friendly, and said, "Thanks, many thanks, my good child, foryour help! May the good ever-loving God fulfil your loveliest dream!"Little Tukey did not at all know what he had dreamed, but the loving God knewit. Article/200710/18354

每天一个生活口语话题,一段地道的举例回答,并附有详细的词汇,发音及用法讲解。讲解材料选自当今最先进最有效的英语原版教材,更加贴近生活。每天坚持听讲解,并根据问题练习,给自己一个地道输入和输出的机会,你也可以张口自信说英语。主题:What band are you and your friends listening to these days?Band? Um… I don’t really listen to bands. I mean, I don’t have a favorite singer or band, I just listen to music as long as it’s good. I listen to many types of music, I like pop, jazz, instrumental and classical music as well.Band: 乐队Pop:流行乐Jazz:爵士乐Instrumental:纯乐器音乐Classical:古典乐 /201612/485926

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