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襄阳市妇幼保健院治疗月经不调怎么样襄阳中医院位置Jack Lew, US Treasury secretary, called on Beijing to suspend new cyber security rules that US information technology companies fear could lock them out of a financial services market worth almost half a trillion dollars.美国财政部长杰克#8226;卢(Jack Lew)要求北京方面暂停新的网络安全规则,美国信息技术企业担心,这些规则可能把它们挡在一个价值近5000亿美元的金融务市场门外。Over recent months, China’s banking regulator and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) have begun to implement new regulations that would force commercial banks to buy IT equipment deemed “secure and controllable” by Beijing.近几个月来,中国业监管机构和工业和信息化部(MIIT)开始实施新的规定,这些规定将迫使商业购买被中国官方视为“安全可控”的IT设备。A separate draft counter-terrorism law would also force telecom and internet companies to provide authorities access to sensitive information such as source codes.此外,一部草案阶段的反恐法律也将令电信和互联网公司允许中国有关部门访问敏感信息,如源代码。Speaking as he wrapped up a visit to the Chinese capital yesterday, Mr Lew told reporters that Beijing officials had heard Washington’s concerns about the new rules. “It would be a significant barrier to US companies doing business in China if they were to go ahead with the proposals pending,” Mr Lew said. “They want US companies to be here, so they can’t put barriers in the way.卢昨日在结束对中国首都的访问之际发表讲话,他告诉记者,中国官员听到了美方对于新规则的关切。“如果他们执行这些拟议中的规则,那对在华经营的美国企业将是一个重大障碍,”卢表示。“他们希望美国公司在这里开展经营,因此他们不能在路上设置障碍。“We made clear that suspending them is the right approach,” he added, citing uncertainty about how the regulations would be implemented. “I think the need for a process to resolve this is necessary.”“我们明确表示,暂停它们是正确的做法,”他补充说。他还提到有关新规定将如何实施的不确定性。“我认为需要有一个过程来解决这件事。”The China Banking Regulatory Commission and MIIT initially told banks to provide information about their compliance plans by March 15 and begin implementing them by April 1.中国业监督管理委员会(CBRC)和工信部最初要求,商业最迟在3月15日提供有关其合规计划的信息,最迟从4月1日起实施新规。While banks have until 2019 to ensure that 70 per cent of their IT products are compliant, foreign companies and diplomats fear they will soon be applied to other industries, such as telecommunications.虽然各只需要确保到2019年其70%的IT设备合规,但外国企业和外交官担心,这些规定将很快被应用到电信等其他行业。The draft antiterrorism law, meanwhile, has yet to be passed by China’s National People’s Congress.与此同时,反恐法草案还有待中国的全国人大通过。 /201504/367492枣阳一医院治疗女性疾病多少钱 襄樊第一人民医院做人流需要多少钱

襄樊市人民医院人流手术多少钱The San Francisco-based buyout firm Francisco Partners recently published a delicious analysis relevant to anyone wondering about what the future holds for technology stocks. It is a bulletin in which both pessimists and optimists can find hope and it offers a helpful perspective for those wondering about the current valuations of technology companies.总部位于旧金山的收购集团Francisco Partners最近发表了一份精辟的分析,它对于任何揣测科技股未来的人都很重要。在这份分析中,悲观者和乐观者都能找到希望,它为那些对科技公司当前估值感到纳闷的人提供了一个有帮助的视角。First, the bad news. The 15 technology companies with the largest market capitalisations in 2000 have been decimated — losing about .35tn, or roughly 60 per cent, of their combined market value. Only one, Microsoft, has a market capitalisation that is higher than in 2000. One extraordinary aspect of this meltdown is that it did not occur, as some might suspect, in the much ballyhooed dotcom wonder companies of yesteryear. Instead it was a blight that affected most of what were once considered blue-chip technology holdings. In 2000, Nortel sported a market value of 9bn that, like those of its classmates, had been bloated by the enthusiasm of the era; it has since gone bankrupt. While other members of this corporate bracket have avoided that ignominy, their long-term stock charts present bleak pictures. Cisco’s market value has faded from 3bn to 4bn; Intel’s from 8bn to 1bn; and EMC’s from 8bn to bn.首先是坏消息。2000年市值最高的15家科技公司已严重萎缩,市值损失约1.35万亿美元,约占它们总市值的60%。只有微软(Microsoft)一家的市值高于2000年水平。市值滑坡的一个不寻常之处在于,它没有像一些人可能猜测的那样,发生在当年被大肆炒作的网络奇迹公司身上。相反,这种不幸落在了多数曾经被视为蓝筹科技股的公司身上。2000年,北电网络(Nortel)市值高达2090亿美元,与同业一样,该公司的市值因为当年的市场热情而膨胀;后来该公司破产。尽管其他科技巨擘避免了这种不光结局,但它们的长期股价图表惨不忍睹。思科(Cisco)市值已从4030亿美元降至1440亿美元;英特尔(Intel)市值已从2880亿美元降至1610亿美元;EMC的市值从2180亿美元降至510亿美元。For the class of 2000, the sharpest property price declines have been in the deteriorating neighbourhoods of systems, hardware and semiconductors. This is because of the continuing decline in the cost of computing, the rise of open-source software, the move to the “cloud” and the emergence of huge datacentres where companies such as Amazon, Google and Facebook are designing their own approaches.对于2000年的知名公司而言,最大跌幅出现在系统、硬件和半导体等表现日益恶化的业务领域。这是因为计算成本持续下滑、开放源软件崛起、转向“云计算”的趋势,以及大规模数据中心的兴起,在数据中心领域,亚马逊(Amazon)、谷歌(Google)和Facebook等公司都在设计自己的策略。Now a word from sunnier climes. Fifteen companies that were together worth less than bn in 2000 are now among the world’s 50 top technology companies as measured by market capitalisation, with a combined worth of .1tn. (Had Amazon been included, rather than being classified as a retailer, this number would have swollen by another 0bn). Apple, which even in 2000 was viewed as little more than a curiosity, has risen in value from bn to 9bn. A few themes jump out of this listing: the power of novelty, the shift towards China, the benefits of patience and the virtues of capital efficiency.现在说点让人比较愉快的事情吧。2000年总市值不到100亿美元的15家公司,如今就市值而言已跻身全球科技公司50强,它们的总市值高达2.1万亿美元。(如果加上亚马逊(而不是将其列为一家零售商),这个数字会再增加2500亿美元)。即使在2000年,苹果(Apple)仍只是被视为一家奇特的公司,如今其市值已从60亿美元飙升至6590亿美元。这份名单体现出这样几个主题:新颖性的威力、重心转向中国的趋势、耐心的好处以及资本效率的重要性。Several of today’s most valuable technology companies did not even exist in 2000. Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter together have a collective corporate history of only 33 years. Even Google and Salesforce were barely smudges on the horizon in 2000. These companies now have a combined value of about 0bn. Beyond some of the customised systems they operate in their own datacentres, and in Google’s case, some sideline activities such as its Nexus phones and Chrome notebooks, none of these companies sully their hands with anything as taxing as hardware. They have thrived from the artful deployment of software, in particular the “cloud based” variant, and — for Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter (and Google’s YouTube service) — organising and collating the contributions of their users.如今市值最高的几家科技公司在2000年甚至还未问世。Facebook、LinkedIn和Twitter三家公司的历史加起来也就33年。2000年,就连谷歌和Salesforce也还只是地平线上的小点。这些公司现在的总市值约为8500亿美元。除了它们在各自的数据中心运行的一些定制系统以及(就谷歌而言)像Nexus手机和Chrome笔记本等副业以外,这些公司都没有费神染指棘手的硬件业务。它们的成功来自于巧妙的软件部署,特别是“基于云”的软件,以及(就Facebook、 LinkedIn、Twitter以及谷歌的YouTube务而言)组织和整理用户生成的内容。Perched in a clump as the fourth, fifth and sixth most valuable technology companies of the day are Alibaba, Tencent and Baidu. This threesome is now worth 9bn — testament not just to how much China has progressed in a decade and a half but a harbinger of the next several decades as the country places increasing emphasis on spawning its own technology. Woe betide the management of any western technology company that underestimates the challenge posed by the vast number of emerging Chinese competitors, fuelled by an ambition and work regimen that is hard to match in Europe and the US.目前在市值排行榜上位居第四、第五和第六位的公司是阿里巴巴(Alibaba)、腾讯(Tencent)和百度(Baidu)。这三家公司目前的总市值为4090亿美元,这不仅明了中国在15年里取得了巨大进步,还预示着未来几十年的格局。中国正越来越注重发展自主技术。低估中国的大批新兴竞争对手将会带来的挑战,将给西方科技公司管理层带来厄运。驱使中国竞争对手的雄心和工作文化是欧美难以匹敌的。Finally, a note about two other themes that jump out of this listing: patience and profits.最后说一下这份名单体现出的另外两个主题:耐心和利润。Most investors in technology companies squander vast sums by reacting to short-term jitters or global jolts rather than concentrating on the staying power of those emerging enterprises on the right side of history.科技公司的多数投资者会浪费巨额资金,因为他们对短期恐慌或全球动荡做出条件反射式的反应,而不是专注于符合历史潮流的新兴企业的持久力。And for the founders and chief executives of all of the current billion-dollar “unicorns” there is another abiding message. Almost all of today’s technology juggernauts formed before about 2008 required smallish amounts of capital. Google, for example, consumed only m before turning profitable. Maybe this means that sooner or later a new class of company will come into vogue — a rare species known as the profitable unicorn.对于当前所有10亿美元级的“独角兽”企业的创始人和首席执行官而言,还有一条永恒的信息。在2008年左右之前创建的几乎所有科技巨擘,当初都需要很少的资金投入。例如,谷歌在实现盈利之前仅消耗了800万美元。这或许意味着,新一类的公司迟早会流行:它们将是被称为“盈利独角兽”的珍稀物种。 /201601/419983襄樊市襄阳区人民医院痛经怎么样 襄城人民医院割包皮多少钱

枣阳妇幼保健人民中心医院无痛人流多少钱This company partners with many manufacturers to sell a wide variety of products online. It#39;s willing to sacrifice some profit to ensure its prices are bargain-bin low. It#39;s also one of the hottest tech companies in the world.有一家公司与许多制造商联合,在网上售卖各种各样的产品。它愿意让利以保产品是价格最低,是世界上最火的科技公司之一。Sound like Amazon? It#39;s actually an apt description for Xiaomi.听起来很像亚马逊对吗?事实上,这是对小米的描绘。It#39;s not a household name in the US, but Xiaomi is one of the hottest brands in Asia. The Chinese company is valued at billion, making it the world#39;s second-most valuable startup behind Uber. It built its reputation selling inexpensive but high-quality smartphones, which get snapped up by consumers in Asia within hours.小米在美国虽然不是一个家喻户晓的品牌,但在亚洲却是最火爆的的品牌。这家中国的公司市值估价高达460亿美金,使之成为世界上价值仅次于Uber的第二大创业公司。它以销售价廉质高的智能手机闻名,其产品在亚洲一经开售几小时内就会被抢购一空。The company#39;s founder took the time to remind people at a Wall Street Journal conference on Wednesday that it offers a wide range of products, from televisions to air purifiers -- all of which are offered at ultra-competitive prices.在周三的《华尔街日报》会议上,小米的创始者特意提醒与会者,小米公司还销售其他很多的产品,从电视机到空气净化器,而且都以很有竞争力的价格出售。;We are more in the area of smart consumer electronics,; said Bin Lin, co-founder and president of the company. ;We#39;d rather be called an Internet company.;小米的联合创始人和现任总裁林斌说到:“小米其实在智能消费性电子领域涉及更广,我们更愿意被叫做网络公司。”Xiaomi#39;s push to broaden itself puts it more inline with massive online retailers such as Amazon or China#39;s Alibaba, which have benefited from consumers#39; increasing comfort with making purchases over the Internet. It#39;s a retail strategy that could help it expand faster into different parts of the world, as evidenced by its decision to launch a US and Europrean online store in May that features electronic accessories but not phones.小米的努力扩张使它与大规模在线零售商结合更紧密,诸如受益于消费者网上购物的亚马逊或是中国的阿里巴巴。这是帮助小米更快地扩张到世界各地的零售策略。而小米五月份决定在美国和欧洲开网店销售电子配件而不是手机这一消息更是明了这一点。Still, in markets where it does sell smartphones, Xiaomi envisions the handheld device as the remote control for everything. Unlike Amazon or Alibaba, which sell everything from DVDs to Halloween costumes, the Chinese startup is focused on gadgets.小米出售手机的商店里,小米希望有一个手持设备能够远程控制一切。中国的创业品牌不像亚马逊和阿里巴巴什么都卖,而是致力于小配件的销售。;It#39;s been clear for a long time that it has much broader ambitions and that seeing Xiaomi as just a smartphone company was missing the bigger picture,; said Jan Dawson, an analyst for Jackdaw Research.Jackdaw调查公司的分析师简道森指出:“很明显,一直以来小米都有更广泛的野心,只把它看作是智能手机公司显然是一叶障目了。”Lin, for instance, touted the capabilities of his new air purifier, which addresses the pollution issue in China. The device can clear the air around you in six minutes and connects to a smartphone. He called the MiTV 3 television the company launched yesterday ;almost like a phone, except for the bigger display.; The television, which packs a 60-inch super-high resolution 4K display, sells for less than 0.例如,林很吹捧他们新生产的空气净化器的功能,它与中国的空气污染问题紧密相连。这个设备能够在六分钟以内净化你身边的空气,并连接到智能手机。他还提到,公司昨天推出的MiTV3电视机“就像一个手机一样,只是显示器更大了。”该款电视机配备了60英的超高清4K分辨率的显示器,售价还不到800美金。Like Amazon, which looks beyond simply selling hardware to its consumers, Xiaomi believes there is an opportunity to provide media, gaming and other services through the TV, Lin said. It also, of course, connects to a smartphone.林还说到,像亚马孙一样,小米不只是简单地向顾客出售硬件设施,我们还相信,通过电视会有机会向顾客提供媒体、游戏和其他务。当然这都是和智能手机相连的。Each month, 130 million people use its smartphones, televisions, routers and other products, Lin said. Xiaomi is ;generating decent revenue; from the services related to those products, he added, although he didn#39;t specify how much.林说到,每个月,有13亿人使用他们的智能手机、电视、路由器及其他产品。他还提到,小米还从跟这些产品有关的务中“收益颇丰”,但没有明确地说具体的收益有多少。Xiaomi is looking beyond smartphones as its mainstay business continues to mature. ;The last couple of years in China the smartphone business is changing from rapid growth to a replacement market,; he said. ;So the absolute growth of the smartphone market is flat.;小米在自身核心产业逐渐走向成熟了之后,开始放眼于智能手机之外的领域。林说到:“中国近几年的智能手机市场正在从飞速增长到产品替代,所以这个市场将不再会有绝对的增长。”Lin addressed the rising concern that smartphones are getting boring, with consumers finding it difficult to get excited about the same metal and glass slab. He hinted at potential innovation in touchscreen inputs and how people interact with devices. ;In the next few months, I#39;m sure we can come up with something that is super cool,; he said.消费者认为手机变得越来越无聊,他们很难对一样的金属材质和玻璃屏再次感到兴奋。林对此担忧日增,因此他暗示可能在触屏输入和人机互动上有所创新。他还说:“我敢肯定,在接下来的几个月里,我们一定能搞出特别酷炫的东西。”Xiaomi#39;s Mi Store in the US offers products like battery chargers and headphones. Lin said he was thinking about selling his popular smartphones in the US, but stayed mum on when exactly that would happen.在小米的美国店里,它出售像电池充电器、耳机一类的东西。林表示,他在考虑将流行的小米智能手机卖到美国,但没有说具体什么时候实行。 /201510/405458 Robotic. That is what the voice message on Jon Briggs’s phone sounds like. It is not the delivery, which is perfectly human. But because his voice is on so many technological applications, most notably on Siri, the iPhone’s personal assistant, his voice, which is so familiar, seems synonymous with technology.机器腔。乔恩#8226;布里格斯(Jon Briggs)手机里的语音信息听起来就是这种感觉。这倒不是指其说话的方式,那个听起来和真人一模一样。原因在于太多科技应用都使用了他的声音,最有名的就是iPhone上的个人助理Siri。他的声音听起来如此熟悉,好像已经和技术划上了等号。Friends often complain they cannot get rid of him. His voice is on their satnav and on automated telephone systems. One friend recently heard a chorus of Mr Briggs’s voice coming from their daughter’s room; upon investigation they discovered all the animated penguins on her game app spoke with his voice. Most disturbing for Mr Briggs, was when he received a phone call from himself trying to flog payment protection insurance.布里格斯的朋友们常常抱怨他们无法摆脱他。他们的卫星导航系统和自动电话系统都用了布里格斯的声音。最近,他一个朋友听到女儿房间里传出一阵阵布里格斯的声音;调查一番后才发现,原来女儿游戏应用里的所有卡通企鹅讲话用的都是布里格斯的声音。最令布里格斯气恼的是,他还接到过用他的声音来向他推销付保护险的电话。An offer of work to provide the voice for Reading’s bus service was rescinded, he claims, after local employer, Microsoft, discovered that the voice of a competitor, Apple, might be escorting its employees to work.布里格斯说,他还曾失去一份为雷丁(Reading)公交车配音的工作邀约,因为当地雇主微软(Microsoft)发现,伴随其雇员上下班的或许将是其竞争对手苹果(Apple)的声音。In fact, the 50-year-old’s voice was dropped by Apple three years ago after he disclosed that he was the person behind the UK version of Siri. Apple has not confirmed any of the various voices used for Siri and declined to comment for this article.实际上,自从3年前,现年50岁的布里格斯发文章披露自己是英国版Siri的配音者以后,苹果就不再使用他的声音。苹果从未实过各版本Siri语音的来源,并拒绝对布里格斯的文章发表。“Apple would have stamped on me very swiftly if I was claiming something that was untrue,” says Mr Briggs. “I have a very good reputation of over 30 years work as a [voiceover artist] and claiming something like that falsely would ruin that reputation totally.”“如果我所说的有什么不实之处,苹果早就立刻制止我了,” 布里格斯说,“从事配音工作30年来,我的声誉一直非常好,说那样的假话会让我身败名裂。”The notoriously secretive tech company was foolish, believes Mr Briggs, for thinking his identity would never be revealed. “Apple got upset but if [it is] going to put you in the pocket of millions of people how can they not expect you to reply when they ask, ‘Is it you?’ Other people recognised me#8201;.#8201;.#8201;.#8201;It’s an act of complete imbecility not to think someone would recognise you.” The company might be a whizz with technology and design, says Mr Briggs, who is also a broadcast journalist and presenter, but they are “not very good with people”.布里格斯认为,以事事保密而著称的苹果公司,认为他的身份永远不会暴露,这是很愚蠢的。“苹果很不高兴,但是假如把你放进数百万人的口袋里,当人们问起来‘这是你么?’,他们怎会预计不到会有一个答复?还有人都听出来是我了……觉得没人能听出来是我,这种想法实在蠢到家了。” 同时也身兼电视新闻记者和主持人的他表示,苹果公司或许是技术和设计方面的奇才,但他们“不太擅长与人打交道”。In any case, Mr Briggs had not signed a contract with Apple. The work was originally done for Scansoft, he claims, which has since merged with Nuance, a software and technology company. The text-to-speech service was recorded over three weeks: 5,000 sentences delivered in a flat, even way. These were later taken away and dissected so that the phonics could be reassembled in new sentences in response to any question the user poses. Aside from asking Siri predictable questions about locations of restaurants or the day’s weather forecast, there is pleasure to be found demanding “who let the dogs out”, or “the best place to bury a body”.布里格斯从未和苹果签订过任何合同。他说,这份工作原本是为Scansoft而做的。Scansoft后来和软件技术公司Nuance合并。这个文本转语音务中的所有语音都是在3周内录制完成的:用平和的声音匀速念5000个句子。这些句子之后会被抽取并分解,这样语音就可以重新组合成新的句子,来回答用户提出的任何问题。除了问Siri一些可预见的问题,比如餐厅的位置或者当天的天气预报,要求Siri回答“谁把放了出来”,或者“哪里最适合埋尸体”也很有意思。Scott Brave, the co-author of Wired for Speech: How Voice Activates and Advances the HumanComputer Relationship , notes that users imbue technology with human attributes. “We respond socially to the voice even when we know it’s a machine,” he says. He cites the example of BMW, which had to recall German cars installed with its navigation system. Male drivers objected to taking directions from a woman’s voice.《连线语音:电子语音如何激发和深化人机关系》(Wired for Speech: How Voice Activates and Advances the Human Computer Relationship)一书的作者斯科特#8226;布雷夫(Scott Brave)提出,是用户给技术注入了人性。他说,“即使我们知道那是机器的声音,我们还是会像对待人一样回应它。”他以宝马(BMW)为例,由于男性司机不愿听从女性声音的指示,宝马不得不召回安装了女声导航系统的德国车。More generally, he says, dominant personalities prefer to have submissive-sounding machines.布雷夫表示,总的来说,配型的人更青睐听上去很从的机器。Mr Briggs loves Siri and uses it all the time, particularly to schedule appointments. “It’s very clear.” He thinks it is an important breakthrough for those who cannot or have poor sight.布里格斯很喜欢Siri,一直在使用它,尤其用来安排日程。“它非常明了,”布里格斯认为,对于那些无法阅读或者视力较差的人来说,这是一个重大突破。This view is not shared by Susan Bennett, the former US voice of Siri. (Ed Primeau, a forensic audiologist has analysed her voice and confirms that it was used in an older version of Siri).前一版美国Siri的配音苏珊#8226;本内特(Susan Bennett)则不同意这一观点。(声音鉴定专家埃德#8226;普里莫(Ed Primeau)对本内特的声音进行了分析,确定她就是老版Siri的配音)。The 65-year-old confesses she found listening to Siri a bit creepy. It was not that she hated hearing herself — that is an everyday occurrence for the voice recording artist. She is used to hearing her voice over tannoys at airports and stores, as well as telephone on-hold systems. She is her son’s bank’s automated voice and it tickles her to assume that voice and taunt him by saying: “Thank you for calling the bank. You are overdrawn.”现年65岁的本内特坦言,她觉得听Siri说话有些怪异。倒不是说她讨厌听自己的声音——这对配音工作者来说是家常便饭。她已经习惯了听到自己的声音从机场和商场的扩音系统,以及电话接线系统中传出。她儿子所在的自动语音也是她配的。她常用“感谢致电本,您已透”那样的腔调逗他儿子,觉得这样非常有趣。It was interacting with herself that felt so peculiar. “It was very strange having my voice coming back to me from my hand. I said, ‘Hi Siri, what are you doing?’ Siri said, disgustedly: ‘Talking to you.’” Why did the company choose her? “They wanted an otherworldly voice and had to have a sense that the voice would have a dry sense of humour — I don’t think the new voice has that quality.” The identities behind Siri’s voices on newer operating systems (iOS7 and iOS8) are unknown.让她觉得别扭的地方是与她自己互动。“听着自己的声音从手里传回来相当怪异。我说,‘嗨,Siri,你做什么呢?’Siri回答:‘跟你聊天啊。’这真让人别扭。”苹果为什么选择她呢?“他们想要一种超凡脱俗的声音,还要带点冷幽默感——我觉得新版Siri的声音还不够格。”目前还不知道给新操作系统(iOS7和iOS8)的Siri做配音的人是谁。Secretly, the Atlanta-based Ms Bennett is rather pleased to no longer be the “voice of Big Brother”, as she refers to Siri. She is far more gloomy about the creep of technology than Mr Briggs.私下里,家住亚特兰大的本内特为自己不再是“老大哥的声音”(Siri)感到相当高兴。对于这项别扭的技术,她比布里格斯悲观的多。Originally a singer for jingles, she was “discovered” one day when the talent — the person who was meant to do the advertisement’s voiceover — failed to turn up and the studio manager asked her to stand in. “A lightbulb went on in my head” after delivering the lines.本内特本来是一名广告歌歌手,有一天本应为广告配音的人没有来,导演就让她顶上,她因此被“发掘”了。读完台词后,她登时“心头一亮”。The work, she says, has been “fun and creative”. Moreover, “it paid pretty well”.她说,这份工作“有趣又有创意”。更重要的是,“报酬不菲”。The business was changed with the arrival of the web, she says. Suddenly producers could get talent from anywhere in the world. “The internet has devalued things,” she reflects. “Voiceover is no different from any other industry.” Producers can get a voiceover from Fiverr.com, the global online marketplace offering creative services for just a job, she says.随着互联网的到来,这个行业也发生了变化。忽然之间,制作方可以从世界各地招募配音人员了。“互联网让很多东西贬值,”她思考后说道,“配音业也不例外。”她说,制作方可以从创意务全球市场平台Fiverr.com上招募配音人员,每份工作仅需5美元。“As long as you have a microphone you can do it. No one wants professionalism any more. They want the guy next door.” Mr Briggs is more sanguine. “I didn’t have to work for my voice. I was blessed with it.” He believes the shift means the industry is better reflecting a broad range of accents.“只要有个麦克风你就能干。没人再需要专业人士。他们想要的是隔壁小伙儿。”布里格斯更乐观一些,“我不用再靠自己的声音工作了。我有幸得到了我的嗓音。”他认为,这种转变意味着配音业的口音会变得更加广泛多样。Will these two voices of the machine find themselves redundant come the “second machine age”, to use the title of the book describing the jobs revolution (and job losses) triggered by technological advances? Ms Bennett is bleak. “Digital voices will probably replace voiceover artists. The danger is we’re giving our jobs to computers.”借用一本描写由技术进步而导致的岗位革命(以及岗位流失)的书名来说,随着“第二次机器时代”的来临,这两名为机器配音的人会觉得自己变得多余吗?本内特持悲观态度。“电子语音很可能取代配音工作者。危险正是我们把自己的工作交给了电脑。”Mr Briggs is more circumspect. “I don’t think you can replace people yet.” Once machines can emote, things will change, he says. Nonetheless, he is hopeful. “Humans are very adaptable.”布里格斯则更谨慎一些。“我觉得目前人类还无法被取代。”他说,一旦机器能表露感情,事情就不一样了。尽管如此,他依然心存希望。“人类的适应能力很强。” /201503/364062襄阳治疗前列腺炎多少钱啊襄樊市中心医院的评价



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