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UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: See, if you an I.D. me. 看你能否鉴别出我。I became a U.S. state in 1912, but Native Americans lived here more than 1,000 years before that.我在1912成为美国的一个州,但1000多年前就有印第安人居住在这里了。 My state nickname is ;Land of Enchantment;, my capital is Santa Fe.我的别称是“迷人之地”,我的首府是圣达菲。I#39;m New Mexico and relicts of early inhabitants are all over the state.我是新墨西哥州,早先居民的遗骸遍布全州。AZUZ: What#39;s fascinating is that researchers in New Mexico are using some of our latest technology to study those ancient relicts. 令人着迷的是,新墨西哥州的研究者运用了一些我们最新的技术来学习这些古老的遗迹。Now, when you think of archeology you might think of digs, ditches, dredges, but drones? 现在,当你想到考古学的时候,你可能会想到考古发掘,挖沟渠,挖泥机,但是你会想到无人机吗?They are helping people see beneath the desert surface to study ruins underneath vegetation and sandstone without touching a shovel.他们帮助人们看到沙漠之下的东西,不用铲土就能研究植被和砂石下的遗迹。 /201405/298782

China#39;s nuclear submarine has maintained an amazing safety record with no accidents in more than forty years.中国核潜艇在超过40年的运行时间中,一直保持着无事故安全纪录。A senior navy officer says a nuclear submarine is like a mobile nuclear power station, and its reactors must meet strict safety standards. At base, crew members conduct weekly checks on equipment.一位高级海军军官表示核潜艇就如同一座可移动式核电站,而且其反应器必须达到严格的安全标准。在军事基地,海军人员正在对设备进行周检查。Taking a nuclear submarine out of service is also a challenge. The Chinese navy has been conducting research on that since 2000, and has detailed plans for dismantling facilities, the disposal of nuclear waste and other key issues.核潜艇退役也是一个挑战。中国海军自2000年就已经开始进行该方面研究,而且已经就设备拆除,核垃圾处理已经其他关键问题形成了详尽的计划。China is now the second nation in the world to have dispose of retired nuclear submarines safely.中国目前是世界上第二个有能力安全处理退役核潜艇的国家。 Article/201310/262450

  This summer, nearly every TV channel in China has been filled with reality singing competitions, a phenomenon that has the government worried. Last week, the State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television began imposing new restrictions on televised talent shows.这个夏天,几乎每个电视频道都充斥着一些真人选秀类节目,这是一个让政府担忧的现象。上周,广电总局开始出文对真人秀节目进行约束。For more on this new policy, we#39;re now joined in the studio by Professor Teng Jimeng from Beijing Foreign Studies University. He is an Associate Professor at the American Studies Center.我们今天邀请到北京外国语大学的滕继萌教授做客演播室,与我们一同分享更多相关细节。滕教授是北京外国语大学美国研究就中心的副教授。 Article/201308/250762

  什么时候人类最幸福?为了收集相关的数据,马特 科林斯沃斯设计了一款应用,追踪你的幸福指数,倾听志愿者的真实感受。结果令人惊讶:当我们全神贯注的时候最幸福。与此相反:越是走神,越是觉得不幸福。 Article/201310/262240。


  Perhaps the biggest threat to wildlife野生动物最大的威胁恐怕是is the competition for space with the rapidly-growing human population.人口急速增长带来的生存空间之争The Virunga Volcanoes straddle the borders of Rwanda,维龙加火山群横跨卢旺达Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo.乌干达和刚果民主共和国的边界The rich volcanic soils are extremely fertile.富饶的火山土十分肥沃It#39;s one of the most intensively cultivated areas in Africa.那是非洲耕作业最发达的地区之一But the farmers also share this region但农夫们和我们的近亲with one of our closest relatives.共同分享这片土地This is home此处是to the last 800-or-so wild mountain gorillas left on earth.地球上最后约800只野生山地大猩猩的家园We know a great deal about these animals,我们对这种动物十分了解they#39;ve been closely studied for 50 years.人类已经对他们进行了50年的详细研究One strong silverback male keeps everyone in order.一只强壮的银背雄猩猩是族群的统治者And gorilla family life is mostly peaceful.大猩猩的家庭生活一般都很祥和 Article/201406/306938

  Calligraphy is the artful and visual expression of communication.Take Garamond, for example.A typeface specifically designed to make the very act of ing more natural.书法是一种把艺术和视觉结合的表现形式,比如说Garamond字体。特殊的字体设计是为了让每一种阅读体验,更加的自然。Computers are inherently designed to make your lives easier.Theoretically there#39;s no limit to what computers can do.电脑之所以被发明 是为了让人们的生活更容易,理论上讲 没有什么是电脑做不到的。It is not who you were at birth that matters but what you do with the time you are given.你出生时是谁 并不重要,重要的是 你在有生之年做了什么。The moment of your death is fixed.Life is but a journey to serenity, to its completion.Be as simple as you can be.You#39;ll be astonished to see how uncomplicated and happy your life can become.人生苦短,在生命的终点 一切将归于平静,简单地做好自己,你会惊奇地发现生活变得简单而且快乐。I don#39;t even know what I#39;m gonna do when I go back home.我不知道我回家了要做什么What about you?What are you gonna do when you get back to The Valley?你呢?回到矽谷后你想做什么?Steve?Steve? You okay?史蒂夫?史蒂夫? 你还好吗?No. No, no! No. It#39;s still black and white.People want color.不 不 不! 这还是黑白两色的,老百姓想要色的。Pong didn#39;t have color. So?Let#39;s do something better.It can#39;t do color.这产品过去一直没有色的 那么?让我们把产品做得更好一点点,这东西没办法做成色的。Says who?Okay, you refuse to do anything that vaguely escapes your comfort zone.谁说的?好 你不愿意做任何努力,稍微困难一点的事情你就放弃You#39;re not even my boss.你又不是我老板Well, I damn sure should be.呃 我觉得我应该做你的老板Hey. Jobs!What#39;re you doing, Steve?嘿 乔布斯!你在干嘛呢 史蒂夫?He#39;s an idiot.You know, and half the people around here don#39;t know how to design shit.他就是个蠢货。你们知道的 这屋子里一半的人根本不懂设计产品 /201404/283702For the past three years, the Life team has filmed birds过去三年来 ‘生命脉动’制作团队为了拍摄鸟类in every part of the world imaginable.足迹已遍及世界上每一个角落Nowhere was the filming trickier than in the jungles of West Papua.其中最艰难的拍摄地点 在印尼巴布亚省的丛林中Here is found for me我在这里发现one of the greatest wonders of the bird world,鸟类世界最令人惊叹的奇观the display arena of the Vogelkop bowerbird.褐色园丁鸟的表演舞台13 years ago十三年前I was lucky enough to witness these spectacular builders,我很幸运能亲眼目睹 这些杰出的建筑师大展身手but filming the timid female and courtship behaviour但是拍摄羞怯的雌鸟和求偶行为was a different matter.又是另外一回事And this was what the Life team set out to film.这是‘生命脉动’制作团队 启程拍摄的目标Barrie Britton was the principle cameraman for this programme.巴利布里顿 是本节目的首席摄影师With over 20 years in the business,他从事这个行业已超过二十年not only is he an accomplished photographer不仅是位技艺高超的摄影师but he has developed a deep understanding of也对拍摄题材培养出and empathy for his subjects.深刻的了解和同理心Although each one posed it#39;s own unique challenges,虽然每一次任务都有不同的挑战Barrie he did seem to spend an inordinate amount of time巴利这一次 窝在他可靠的老旧藏身篷里cooped up in his trusty old hide.时间似乎比预期中来得久 Article/201309/254766


  A fish swimming just below the surface creates tell-tale ripples一条在水面下游动的鱼 造成明显的涟漪and that is all the bat needs to detect them.只需这样 牛头犬蝠就能发现猎物With little more than a fin to aim for,以时速六十五公里飞行and whilst flying at 40 miles an hour,只要瞄准一片鱼鳍the bat takes the fish completely unawares.牛头犬蝠就能出其不意的If the shoal scatters...如果有鱼群散布在水中..the bat trawls the surface.它就在水面拖钓Raking the water, trying to snag a fish.擦掠过水面,试着勾起一条鱼He won#39;t have the best fishing spot to himself for long,这只牛头犬蝠 无法独占最佳渔场太久and soon, other bats arrive.它的同伴很快就出现Oncoming traffic would make grabbing a fish almost impossible,老是担心会迎头撞上同伴 就无法so the bats avoid collisions by honking -所以牛头犬蝠 会按喇叭避免对撞dropping their calls an octave to say, ;Look out, here I come!;发出低八度音的叫声 就表示“小心,我来了” Article/201309/257346。


  Organized by the China Fashion Association, the China Fashion Design Competition serves as a great platform to discover young talented designers. The competition, now in its 9th year, has just completed days of fierce competition and has revealed its winners.中国装设计大赛由中国装设计师协会主办,旨在发掘年轻又有才华的设计师。今年是该大赛举办的第9个年头,刚刚结束了为期几天的激烈竞争并角逐出冠军。A total of 17 designers from around the country entered the final of this year#39;s competition, presenting a dynamic show for the judges and audience alike. These emerging designers based their creations on reducing waste as well as reusing and recycling fabrics.共有来自全国各地的17名选手进入今年的决赛环节,他们为评委和观众带来了一场极具动感的表演秀。这些设计新秀将减少浪费以及循环再利用的理念融进了设计作品。After the catwalk and two competitive judging rounds, Hong Kong designer Pan Wenhao took home the gold prize for his bold use of textiles and creative designs.经过T台秀和两轮评委评选,来自香港的设计师潘文浩以大胆采用面料和极具创新性的作品拔得头筹,荣获冠军。 Article/201309/256139

  设计师巴斯蒂安·谢弗展示了一个未来喷气式飞机的巧妙设计。这架喷气式飞机的骨架是源于强大,灵活的自然形态的启发,以及日益增长的人口的需要。想象一下一架通透明亮的飞机-而其部件全部由3D打印机制作。 Article/201406/304589

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