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Spring Festival travel rush春运online booking service system网上订票inter-city trainsC字头城际 intercity high-speed rail城际高铁high-speed trains/bullet trainD字头动车high-speed railsG字头高铁hit the brakes高铁“刹车”fast trainsK字头快速express trainsT字头特快non-stop trainsZ字头直达 light rail train轻轨列车pre-sale period火车票预售期real-name purchasing system实名制购票high-speed train attendant高Train attendant列车员/乘务员trial operation/run试运行luxury train seats豪华座 standard seat普通座hard sleeper硬卧seat occupancy rate上座率temporary train临客temporary stop临时停车 /201301/219673

Over the last two decades models have gone from the catwalk to the front pages of glossy magazines. Some of the most well-known models live a jet-set lifestyle – they fly from country to country, from fashion show to photo shoot. And in the process they can earn millions of dollars. Brazilian beauty, Gisele earned .5 million dollars in 2001 – a world record!这20年来,模特已经从天桥走上休闲杂志的封面。个别有名的模特已经过着奢华的生活方式。她们飞遍各国,参加时装秀,拍摄封面照,轻松拿下几百万美元的钞票。来自巴西的名模吉赛尔2011年赚了一千两百五十万美金——打破模特界的世界纪录。Fashion designers demand the most beautiful and high-profile models to show off their latest creations. Frequently the‘haute couture’ clothes and accessories that the models wear are so outrageous that to wear them in normal life would be inappropriate.时尚设计师需要最美丽,知名度最高的模特们来展示她们的最新产品。通常模特身上的那些高级时装和配饰非常名贵,平时基本不适合穿戴。However, newspapers and magazines often devote whole sections of their publications to photographs of fashion shows. This means that the designers, such as Dolce Gabbana and Yves Saint Laurent achieve worldwide publicity.然而,报纸杂志还是把发行的重头放在时尚秀的摄影上。这样那些诸如杜嘉班纳,伊夫·圣·洛朗等著名的设计师才能把牌子在全世界宣传。So if you are more than 1.8metres tall, have perfect skin and are devastatingly beautiful, then build up your portfolio. Who knows – maybe you could be the next supermodel!因此,你如果是个身高1.8米以上,肤质好,模样靓的姑娘,制作一个自己的影集。说不定,你就是下一个超模! /201211/209248





  Mrs Brown went to visit one of her friend and carried a small box with holes punched in the top.; What#39;s in your box?; asked the friend.;A cat,; answered Mrs Brown. ;You see I#39;ve been dreaming about mice at night and I#39;m so scared! This cat is to catch them.;;But the mice are only imaginary,; said the friend.;So is the cat,; whispered Mrs Brown.布朗夫人去拜访一位朋友,她拿着一个顶部扎满了小眼儿的盒子。“盒子里装的是什么?”朋友问道。“一只小猫,”布朗夫人回答说,“你知道我晚上睡觉总梦见老鼠,我非常害怕。这只猫可以抓住那些老鼠。”“可老鼠都是假想的呀。”朋友说。“小猫也是假想的。”布朗夫人小声说道。


  Neighbour: Do you think your son will forget all he learned at college?  邻居:您认为您的儿子会把在大学里学的东西全忘光吗?  Father: I hope so -- he certainly can’t make a living by kissing girls!父亲:我希望这样-他当然不能以吻女孩子谋生吧!。

  Han Wudi (157 B. C.--87 B. C.) was originally named Liu Che.汉武帝,名刘彻,生于公元前157年,卒于公元前87年。He came to the Han throne at the age of 16 but did not take the government into his own hands until 131 B. C.武帝16岁登上帝位,但是直到公元前131年才执掌朝政。He was firmly determined to wield imperial power to a greater extent than any of his predecessors in the (Former) Han Dynasty had done.武帝配皇权的决心比以往任何一位汉代皇帝都大。In his administration of justice,for example,all but one of his seven prime ministers between 121 and 88 were convicted of crimes and met violent deaths.比如,在执法方面,公元前121年至公元前88年,武帝的7位承相中有6位被判罪处死。The numerous laws were harshly applied throughout the empire,thus creating a style of government unknown among his Han predecessors but strikingly similar to that of Qin Shi huang-ti.数目众多的法律在全国范围内得到严格的应用。这样,武帝创造出一种不同于前几位汉代皇帝,却与秦始皇惊人地相似的统治风格。Wudi (meaning “martial emperor;) was a well-deserved title.武帝这个称号真是名副其实。His campaigns toward the southeast,into the coastal regions,determined in large part the southern boundaries of China.武帝往东南攻至沿海,基本上确定了中国南部的边界。His conquests along China#39;s northern frontiers,if less permanent,were even more impressive.武帝对北方的征可能不是那么长久,但是却更加令人难忘。After a costly series of wars he drove the nomadic Hsiungnu north as far as the Gobi Desert in 119 B. C.经过一系列开销巨大的征战之后,武帝于公元前119年把匈奴人赶到了戈壁沙漠。By 104 B. C. Emperor Wu#39;s military might had reached beyond the Pamir Mountains to Russian Turkistan.到公元前104年,武帝的武力越过帕米尔群山,抵达俄属士耳其斯坦。Similarly. The empire that Wu-ti created,surpassing in size the contemporary Roman Empire,was the greatest in the world.汉武帝创建的帝国比同时期的罗马帝国还要大,是当时世界上最大的帝国。When Emperor Wu came to the throne,the Han Dynasty was financially very strong.汉武帝登基时,汉朝经济力量非常强大。But his wars were terribly costly. So too were construction projects that he initiated.但是武帝打仗的花费同样惊人的,发起的建设工程的花费也是惊人的。Expenses were met by a variety of means.武帝通过各种手段筹集费用。The tight net of the law meant that the government could remit punishments for cash or goods and thus add to the state#39;s coffers.严格执法意味着犯人可以交钱或货物来获得较轻的处罚,甚至得以无罪释放,这样国库就又有了补充。Those without money were condemned to penal servitude as soldiers or laborers.那些没钱的罪犯被判以充军或劳役的刑罚。Although new taxes were created and old ones increased,there was still not enough money.尽管开征了新税,加重了旧税,钱还是不够。Hence,salt, iron,and liquor were made state monopolies.所以,国家就垄断了盐、铁和酒的经营。These measures produced widesp discontent and some uprisings.这些措施引起了广泛的不满和一些起义。By the end of Wu-di#39;s reign the finances of the empire had been badly strained,and his successors had to institute ameliorative policies.到了汉武帝统治末期,帝国财政非常紧张。后代君主不得不制定改善措施。Emperor Wu is also famous for granting exclusive recognition to Confucianism as the official state philosophy.汉武帝还因尊儒而闻名。Soon after he ascended the throne,he ordered that students of the Legalist philosophy,which had been the dominant school of thought in the Qin period,be banished from the government.法家思想在秦朝居于统治地位。武帝继位不久即把法家学派的学者驱逐出政府。In 135 B. C. he established the Office of Erudites for the five Confucian classics. The Erudites served as advisers to the Emperor and as teachers of future officials.公元前135年,武帝设立五经士,士们担任皇帝的顾问和未来官员的教师。The office was not new; there had earlier been Erudites for the Confucian classics,but Wu-di#39;s decree meant that from then on there would only be Confucian Erudites.这种学校以前也有。以前也有士,但是武帝的法令意味着从此以后只能有儒家的士。Eleven years later he founded the Imperial University,where the Erudites taught the better students.11年后,武帝设立太学。士们有了更好的学生。It is difficult to overemphasize the importance of these decisions.这些决定怎么强调都不为过。From this time on,for over 2 000 years,men who wanted to become officials were expected to study the Confucian classics.从此以后,2000多年里,想做官的人一定要读儒家经典。Although the results of these policies were not immediate,they are of the most profound signiflcance to all later Chinese history.尽管这些政策的影响并非立竿见影,但是它们对后来所有的中国历史产生了最为深远的影响。 /201508/389713


  Myth 8: Christopher Columbus Discovered America谣言8:美洲大陆是哥伦布发现的The ;Columbus discovered America; myth doesn#39;t seem to be dying off. For starters, Native Americans occupied the territory for centuries before his arrival. But the Scandinavians were also here previously: their Vikings were known to have landed 500 years before Columbus did, yet Columbus gets the credit as the man who discovered America during his Spanish Empire-financed voyage in search of gold.这是个经久不衰的传言。从头追溯的话,印第安土著在哥伦布登陆的前几百年就已经占领了这块领土了。斯坎蒂纳维亚人也不例外:维京海盗们先于哥伦布500年登陆了这块土地。但最终还是由西班牙皇室资助的寻金之旅让;哥伦布发现新大陆;的事迹永垂史册。Myth 9: The Statue of Liberty Is An Ode to American Greatness谣言9:;自由女神像;是对伟大美国的歌颂Based on the broken shackles at its feet and the politics of its creator, it comes as little surprise that rumors have built up that the Statue of Liberty is a tribute to the end of slavery. Frederic Bartholdi#39;s statue has given the National Office of Parks and Recreations second thoughts in the past couple of years, and the department has conducted a thorough investigation.基于女神脚上破裂的镣铐和原创造者的政治背景,那个关于;自由女神像的建造是为了庆祝奴隶制的终止;的传言不会让人产生丝毫怀疑。不过,巴托尔迪的这个作品,在过去的几十年中,促使美国公园协会好好地思考了番,并展开了一系列的深度调查。They found the rumor of slavery was based on a single marketing pamphlet by Bartholdi, which they deemed to be false, but they did find that it is most likely true that Lady Liberty was modeled from the body of an African woman. Bartholdi had studied African women for a prior commission on an Egyptian statue, but when that project was scrapped, the studies became the foundation for the green Lady.调查的结果是:他们发现这个关于奴隶制的传言来自于巴托尔迪的一本营销小册子,且认定其为伪造。但调查同时也发现,自由女神模特是一位非洲裔女性。巴托尔迪曾受托研究过埃及神像中的非洲女性,但该计划后被终止,于是他的研究成就了今日的自由女神。Myth 10: Jackie Robinson谣言10:关于Jackie RobinsonNot to diminish Jackie Robinson or Rosa Parks, but just as Parks wasn#39;t the first black person to refuse to move her seat, Robinson didn#39;t break the baseball color code. In fact, blacks and whites briefly played professional baseball together in 1878 and 1879. In 1916, Jimmy Claxton, passing as a Native American, played a week until his black roots were found out, ending his contract forthwith.并不是要贬低Jackie Robinson或Rosa Parks的重要性,但正如Parks女士并不是第一个拒绝给白人让座的黑人一样,Robinson也不是打破美国棒球界白人垄断局面的第一人。事实上,早在1878-1879年,美国职业棒球赛上就已经有白人和黑人共同上场的记录了。1916年,Jimmy Claxton以美洲印第安人的身份上场比赛了一周,直到后来他的黑人血统被挖掘出来,才被终止了合同。Then in 1945, while men of all sorts of ethnic backgrounds were dying beside each other in WWII, Happy Chandler, the new baseball commissioner, supported the signing of Jackie Robinson to the Brooklyn Dodgers. Robinson was called up to play in 1947, the same year Larry Doby, another black American and hall of famer, played for the Cleveland Indians.后来到了1945年,无论什么血统的男人们都肩并肩地倒在了二战的战场上。那时,新的棒球委员会成员Happy Chandler持Jackie Robinson与布鲁克林道奇队签约。Robinson于是在1947年的比赛中上场了。同年,另一位黑人,同时也是名人堂成员之一的Larry Doby,为克里夫兰印第安人队效力。 Myth 11: ;The British Are Coming;谣言11:;英国人要来了;Sarah Palin#39;s recent flub brought attention to this inexhaustible myth. While her retelling of history was creative, the truth of the matter is that the wealthy silversmith and organizer of the ;alarm system; set to warn of British invasion, Revere, was tipped off by Joseph Warren that British troops were heading after Samuel Adams and John Hancock.莎拉佩林最近的口误让这个传言又红火起来,尽管她重述的历史是瞎编的。事情的真相是:富有的银匠、;警报系统;(用于发布英国人入侵的警报)的组织者Revere,收到了Joseph Warren的密报,说英国军队正在搜捕Samuel Adams和John Hancock。Revere set out and informed every messenger and rider he could about the movement. By the end of the night, it#39;s figured nearly 40 men were sending out similar warnings by the time Revere crossed the Charles and warned every home in Charlestown of the British arrival. According to local sources, secrecy needed to be maintained and so Revere actually yelling, ;The British are coming; would have been ill-advised, so the more stealthy ;The Regulars are coming out; was used.于是Revere通知了每个能通知到的信使和骑手们。当夜,Revere横渡查尔斯河,将;英国人要来了;的消息通知了查尔斯敦的每户居民;与此同时,有近40人向外散布了同样的警告。据当地原始资料记载,为了不泄密,Revere喊的其实不是;英国人要来了;,而是更为隐秘的;统治者要来了;。Myth 12: Dan Quayle Misspelled ;Potato;谣言12:丹奎尔拼错了单词;Potato;(土豆)Dan Quayle, the VP under President Bush Sr., never seemed to shake his image of a dunce following a much publicized misspelling of the word ;potato; to a group of elementary school students in New Jersey. The truth of the matter is, the spelling card Quayle held, and was assured had been checked, was wrong, adding an ;e; to the end of the word. The incident seriously damaged the Bush-Quayle presidential ticket and Clinton-Gore went on to win the election.丹奎尔是老布什总统手下的副总统。自从有次访问一所新泽西州的小学时,他不小心把;potato;(土豆)这个单词拼错后,似乎就再也没法从公众心中抹去其;呆瓜;的形象。事情的真相是,倒霉的Quayle那天手上拿的拼写卡,本身就是印刷错误的;;词尾多加了个;e;,尽管这张卡事先被检查过(不知检查的人是干什么吃的;;)。总之,这个事件极大地影响了布什-奎尔竞选集团的选票,于是克林顿-戈尔集团赢了选举。Myth 13: George Washington And The Cherry Tree谣言13:乔治华盛顿和樱桃树的故事According to UVA scholars, Washington chopping down his Cherry Tree is pure myth, an attempt to construct a legend around the nation#39;s first President after Washington#39;s initial biography painted him as ;cold and colorless.; The moral of the Cherry Tree story was Washington#39;s humility and honesty, a fable attributed to the leader#39;s refusal to continue serving, thus contradicting the grab for power and tyranny from which the nation had just escaped.据弗吉尼亚大学的学者们说,;华盛顿砍倒自家的樱桃树;的故事纯属虚构,这只是给美国第一任总统平白添加的光环,以缓和其自传中;冷酷呆板;的形象。这个故事的寓意是为了体现华盛顿的谦虚和诚实,对这位自动放弃连任、归隐田园的总统加以润饰,与美国独立前统治者独爱权势和暴政的情形产生极大反差。Myth 14: Prison Is Only For Hardened Criminals谣言14:监狱是专为重刑犯准备的According to numerous studies, America#39;s incarceration rate is the highest in the world, topping 743 per 100,000 persons, with more than 2.2 million behind bars as of 2011. Scary still, one out of every 143 adults and one in 111 African-Americans are behind bars. (Meanwhile, racial profiling is rampant across the country, to the extent that everyone from Congressional Democrats to former President George W. Bush have called it unconstitutional and just plain ;wrong.;) With so many behind bars, it#39;s not possible that all of these people are serious thugs.据多项研究表明,美国监禁率为全球最高,达到每10万人中就有743个蹲监狱的,2011全年共收了220万个罪犯入狱。更恐怖的是,143个成年人里就有一个是罪犯,111个非洲裔美国人里就有一个是蹲大牢的。(与此同时,种族歧视在全美泛滥,从民主党议员到前总统小布什,几乎所有人都指出这是;不符合宪法精神的;以及是;完全错误的;。)可见虽然如今蹲大牢的人这么多,但不可能个个都是重刑犯吧。 /201112/165715

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