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郑州市第一人民医院割双眼皮多少钱郑州脱毛哪个医院好My car is stupid, Don.Don,我的汽车真笨。What do you mean, Yael?Yael,你什么意思?I turn the key, the engine ignites.我拧车钥匙,引擎发动。I turn the steering wheel,the wheels move. And thats it!我转方向盘,轮胎转动。就是这样。Well, what you expect? Thats how a car works.汽车都是这样呀,你还想怎么样呢?I know, but cars are so rigidly mechanical,我明白,可是这也太机械化了吧。you know, its likewhen we removed the horses to make horseless carriages;我们用汽车代替马车,they took away the only intelligent partof the carriages!但是却卸下了马车唯一智能的部分。So you want to go back to the horse-baggage days?那么,你想回到马车时代?No, but it would be cool, if cars are more intelligent.我不想,要是汽车能更智能就太好了!You mean like be able to sense things and react to them, like a horse mind?你是说能像马一样识别事物并做出反应?Right, actually there are designers and engineers at MIT working on a new kind of three-wheeled car–a new kind of wheel actually.没错,事实上,麻省理工学院的设计师和工程师已经在研究一种新型三轮车。Its a sort of “smart” wheel that contains most of themechanical parts of the car—drive train, suspension, and braking.这是种车的“智能”轮胎具备大部分汽车的机械部分功能—驱动系统、悬置系统、制动系统。And the wheels have artificialintelligence–they can sense obstructions and potholes in the road.轮胎人工智能:能识别障碍物和道路的坑洼。And since these smart wheelscan communicate with each other, they could allow cars in cities to move in flocks, like birds orsheep.另外,智能轮胎能相互交流,让车子像鸟和羊一样成群结队。Also, the wheels can turn 360 degrees, so the car can move in any direction.轮胎还能360度转弯,这样车可以向任何方向移动。That sounds kind of futurist.这听起来很前卫,Do these kinds of cars actually exist?这种车确实存在吗?Sort of, there are computer models and prototypes, but its not like you can buy one at a cardealership. 算吧,已经有计算机模型和汽车原型了,但是想在车行买到可能还不太现实。Well, let me know when you can.那么,可以的时候别忘了告诉我。 /201409/331018郑州自体脂肪丰胸多少钱 Health care in Vietnam越南卫生保健Limping along一路跛行Ordinary folk are sick and tired of their public hospitals老百姓厌烦了公立医院Full to overflowing完全超载WAS the tumour malignant? Nguyen Thi Hoats doctors could not tell because their public hospital lacks brain-scanners. Ms Hoats only option was to travel 130km (80 miles), on the back of her sisters motorbike, from her village to a crowded public hospital in the capital. Yet her state insurance policy covers just 30% of any medical expenses incurred outside her home province. The 0 that Ms Hoat, a rice farmer, put towards blood tests and a brain scan is equal, for her, to a months earnings.该肿瘤是恶性的吗?阮霍特的医生们无法确认,他们所属的公立医院缺乏相应的脑部扫描仪。霍特毫无选择,只能坐在的托后座上从她所在的村庄驱车130km前往首都人满为患的公立医院治疗。然而如果不在她的家乡治疗,国家保险政策就只能报销所有医疗消费的30%。霍特是一个米农,用在验血和脑部检查上的150美元等同于她一个月的收入。It is the job of the authorities to look after health care. The Communist Party of Vietnam first pledged health-sector reform as early as the 1920s, well before it declared the country independent in 1945. It developed a publicly financed healthcare system even as it was fighting wars against France and then America. The provision of health care is supposed to be one of the pillars on which the partys legitimacy is based.提供医疗保险是政府的分内事。早在1945年宣布国家独立之前,在二十世纪二十年代,越南共产党就承诺了卫生部门改革。甚至在先后与法国和美国交战时,越南开发出了公共财政持的医保体系。关于医保的规定应为共产党正统性的基石之一。Yet the health-care system, like the state-dominated economy, is limping. The 3% of GDP the state spends on the system (nearly half of total health spending) is not enough to improve health infrastructure. Hospitals have outdated facilities and maddeningly opaque bureaucracies. A law on health insurance passed in 2008, created to assist the poor and ethnic minorities, is far from comprehensive. But the government knows that providing proper health care is key to preventing the kind of social unrest that undermines its authority.但是医保体系如同越南的国家主导经济一样举步维艰。国家将GDP的3% 用在医保体系上,但不足以改善健康困境。医院的设备过时,其官僚作风也令人发指。2008年旨在扶持穷人和少数民族所通过的医保法案就太过复杂。然而政府明白,保障社保是预防威胁其统治的社会不安定因素的关键。Some reform is under way. The government has given some hospitals more autonomy. And in June the national assembly passed a new version of the insurance law designed to make participation compulsory. The idea is to lure into the fold poorer and black-market workers who have long avoided paying insurance.一些改革正在进行中。政府给了一些医院更多的自主权。并且在6月是,国家共同通过了保险法的新版本,强制民众参加医保法案。旨在诱导长期不付保金的贫困户和黑市工人参保。Yet distrust of the system runs deep. Some public hospitals have built flashy new wings which cater to well-heeled patients but do little to meet general demand. Bed-sharing is common, especially in urban wards flooded by patients from the countryside.然而人们对该体系积怨已深。一些公立医院为迎合富有的病人设立了崭新的设备,这些设备却很少能去满足多数人的需求。尤其是在涌满乡村而来的病人的城市病房内,共用一张病床十分普遍。Though this is an authoritarian state, ordinary Vietnamese are remarkably outspoken about social issues. In health, they complain of the prevalence of “out of pocket” payments, which happen in around half of health-care transactions. Many of the payments are really bribes paid on top of formal hospital fees. They mean that affordability is often a larger factor than need, for all but the richest patients. In a typical case, a university lecturer in Hanoi says she slipped doctors and nurses about 0 to ensure attentive treatment when she gave birth at a public maternity hospital. The rate, she says, was per injection, for a bath and to sidestep a queue.尽管越南是专制国家,越南人仍对社会话题直言不讳。在健康方面,他们抱怨在当今风气下,医疗交易上半数的费用都用于“塞红包”。许多费用事实上用在了正规医药费之外。对他们而言,除了那些最有钱的病人,普通病人的付能力比病人的需求更为重要,。举一典例,河内大学的讲师表示,当她在公立妇女医院生产时曾为能得到悉心照料,塞给了医生护士们约250美元。她说,按比例细算,注射1美元,洗澡2美元,免排队5美元。The health minister, Nguyen Thi Kim Tien, has faced blistering criticism this year after a parade of health scandals, including a measles outbreak that killed more than 100 children. Online, thousands have called for her resignation. A popular television satire advises sick patients to avoid corrupt doctors by curing themselves. The fault is not all the ministers—or the doctors; they have long earned as little as 0 a month, for instance.今年,卫生部长阮氏金因一系列健康方面的丑闻而受到强烈谴责,其中包括一场致死100个孩子的麻疹爆发。数千人在网上要求其辞职。一档知名的电视节目讽刺地建议人们可以通过自救以远离受贿的医生们。责任也并非全在官员们和医生们身上;通常来说,他们每月也只能拿到仅仅100美元。In order to get by, doctors moonlight at private hospitals and clinics that are popping up in cities, led by Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, to serve foreigners and affluent Vietnamese, people who would otherwise opt for treatment in Singapore or Hong Kong. One such institution is Vinmec International Hospital, a 600-bed facility financed by Vingroup, a property developer. Its director, Nguyen Thanh Liem, says private hospitals help to minimise overcrowding elsewhere. And they showcase an international standard of care that may one day sp to the public sector.为了谋生,潜伏在私立医院和诊所中的医生来到了各个城市中给外国人和富裕的本国人治病,首选是河内和胡志明市,病人们若不在此,则会选择在新加坡或在香港就诊。越南国际医院就是这样一个机构,房地产开发商潘日旺赞助了600个床位。医院主管表示私立医院缓解了其他医院的拥挤。他们展现了国际保健的水准,并可能在某一天推广到公共医疗部门。That is cold comfort for Nguyen Thi Hoat, the rice farmer with a brain tumour. She says if her tumour proves cancerous, she will need to borrow from her brother and sister for surgery in Hanoi. Her family is worried. Yet poorer neighbours, she says, have fewer options. She considers herself lucky.这并不能慰藉阮霍特,这个长了脑瘤的米农。她说如果他的肿瘤是癌的话,就得从住在河内的哥哥那儿借钱治病了。她的家庭陷入了焦虑。她还说,更贫穷的邻居们选择更少。她觉得自己算是幸运的。 /201409/332533Residents of Flint, Michigan have been dealing with a water crisis for more than a year now.The number of children with higher lead levels has doubled since 2014, when the government switched drinking water sources. For almost four months, people have been told not to drink the tap water because theres too much lead in it.But it was just Saturday that President Barack Obama declared a state of emergency in Flint.Karen Weaver means business. She was elected mayor of Flint in November and in office, one of the first things she did was to declare an emergency for the city. She pushed for a similar declaration at the state and federal level, even when people told her the citys man-made disaster wouldnt qualify.Saturday night at Flint City Hall she shared some good news from the White House.;I just wanted to say that the president has granted our request for an emergency declaration,; Weaver said. The crowd of council persons and about two dozen residents cheered.In an odd way, getting this federal recognition is a big win for the city; a validation of sorts.Flints water problems have been festering for more than a year. The city was being run by a state appointed emergency manager when they made the decision to get cheaper tap water from the Flint River.After that switch, the states environmental regulators misdirected city officials on how to treat the water. When local pediatricians produced data showing more kids were being exposed to lead, state officials initially discredited the findings.The Department of Justice and Michigans Attorney General are looking into the matter.In the meantime, Governor Snyder has repeatedly apologized to the people in Flint. True to form, hes focusing on what he calls ;relentless positive action.;;Lets focus in on, theres a commitment to solve the problem in Flint and I sincerely mean that. Hopefully you can see that,; Snyder said at a press conference in Detroit on Wednesday.;Were taking every action that, within reason and actually asking people to go beyond reasonable, to help address this question. Because this is something nobody wanted to see ever happen and were doing our best to take care of it,; he said.Snyder repeatedly takes the time to list the things the state has done since October. The state has tested the water at schools. The state has handed out more than 50,000 water filters and 26,000 cases of water. But, Snyder said last week in Flint, ;Those actions were not good enough. Weve worked hard but we need to get more connections to the citizens of Flint.;More than 40% of people in Flint live in poverty. Many dont have the means to drive to a distribution center once a week and load a case or two of free bottled water in their trunks.Thats why Snyder started sending teams door to door last week. He activated the Michigan National Guard and asked the federal government for help.But thats not enough for many Flint residents.Nayyirah Shariff was among a couple hundred protestors who gathered outside Snyders office Thursday. She says the only thing Governor Snyder can do to appease Flint residents is to resign.;The buck stops with him. This happened under his watch. His agencies covered it up. And he can flush his apology down the toilet because thats all its worth,; Shariff said. ;If he really wanted to apologize he shouldve done it back when we switched to Detroit and when he knew there was lead contamination. We had to drag him kicking and screaming down this path.;John Lindstroms office is on the 12th floor, overlooking the protests on Michigans capitol. Lindstrom is the publisher of Gongwer News Service. In his 34 years covering state government, Lindstrom has seen plenty of governors that people didnt like. But this feels different to him.;Theres genuine hate out there right now. People calling for the governor to be put in jail, face criminal charges, which I cannot foresee see a circumstance where he would but thats something Ive never seen before,; Lindstrom said.Lindstrom does not think theres much of a chance that Snyder will resign.Flint Mayor Karen Weaver told residents Saturday the federal emergency declaration means the federal government, not state officials, will coordinate all disaster relief efforts.;They will continue to assess our conditions and see what needs to happen next. The fight is not over but this is a huge hurdle that we have surpassed,; Weaver said.The federal government will provide up to million dollars for free bottled water, filters and water testing kits for up to 90 days. But thatll barely make a dent in Flints long term needs. In Snyders request to Obama last week, he wrote that early estimates show it could cost at least 0 million to completely replace the lead service lines on both public and private property in Flint.201601/422738郑州市中心医院治疗腋臭多少钱

河南中医学院第三附属医院治疗腋臭多少钱郑州/华山整形美容医院去真皮斑怎么样 郑州省妇幼保健院治疗青春痘价钱费用

郑州/市第五人民医院做隆鼻手术多少钱Authorities say a Virginia Tech freshman was charged with murder Saturday night after the remains of a 13-year-old girl who disappeared from her home were found in North Carolina. 当局称,一名弗吉尼亚理工学院的大一新生周六晚上被指控谋杀罪,一名13岁女孩在家失踪,尸体在北卡罗来纳州发现。Police said Nicole Madison Lovell was last seen between 7 p.m. and midnight Wednesday at her home in Blacksburg, Virginia. 警方表示,妮科尔·麦迪逊·洛弗尔最后一次出现时间在下午七点到半夜,地点位于她弗吉尼亚黑堡的家中,David E. Eisenhauer, of Columbia, Maryland, is in custody. 马里兰州哥伦比的戴维·艾森豪尔被拘留。He was arrested Saturday morning at his residence on campus and charged with felony abduction. 周六早上他在校园的居住处被逮捕,因严重绑架罪被指控。Police said they acted on tips and social media to identify him.警方表示,他们通过指导和社会媒体确认了犯罪嫌疑人。译文属。201602/425087 Care insurance护理保险Forever young前景光明Nobody wants to insure themselves against the cost of end-of-life care没有人能保他们不需要生命终期护理GOOD news for cruise ships: the ranks of the over-65s grew by 1.4m over the past decade. But old age will not be kind to all of them. One in three will develop dementia, around one in six will end up in a nursing or care home and nearly half will need some form of care. Few will have laid plans to pay for it.游轮迎来好消息啦:过去十年间65岁以上人群增加了140万人次。但如此高龄的年纪却并不会善待每一位老人。其中有1/3的人会患老年痴呆,1/6的老人会在护理之家或是在护理中心走完人生的最后一程,而且有近一半的老人需要各种形式的护理。但几乎没人会为护理制定付计划。The average stay in a nursing home lasts 17 months and costs 57,000 (85,000) according to the Centre for Economics and Business Research, a think-tank. People with assets under 23,250 get most of their residential care paid for but everyone else is more-or-less on their own, with the unluckiest facing bills as high as 200,000. Ever-attuned to the plight of elderly voters, the government is moving to change that. Next year it will put a cap of 72,000 on the sum that a person will have to pay towards care, and will raise the means-testing threshold from 23,250 to 118,000.据一智囊团——英国经济和商业研究中心称,在护理之家平均停留时间长达17个月,花费达57000欧元(合85000美金)。当不幸的面对高达20万欧元的护理费用之时,资产总值不足23250欧元的人会免付家庭护理,但其他人或多或少都要自己付了。曾面对过老龄选民的费用困境,所以政府正在努力做改变。明年,政府将出台一项政策,没人必须付的护理费用总值最高为72000欧元,并且会将资产评估的阀值从23250欧元提升至118000欧元。The government had hoped that this reform would not just soothe elderly nerves but also stimulate an insurance market for end-of-life care. Unfortunately, that is not happening.政府希望此项改革能够舒缓老年人的神经并且以生命终期护理来刺激保险市场。可惜,现实太过骨感。Many people continue to assume, wrongly, that the NHS will pay, says Yvonne Braun from the Association of British Insurers. And most are overly optimistic about their health in old age, underestimating the risks and costs they will suffer. Joan Costa-Font, from the London School of Economics, adds that the idea of care insurance seems to conflict with social values. A kind of familial moral hazard kicks in, as people fear their children will no longer look after them if they are insured.来自英国保险协会的伊冯布劳恩表示,与政府期望恰恰相反,有很多人仍在持续为本应NHS(英国国民健康保险制度)承担的费用来买单。而且很大一部分人低估了他们将会承担的风险和费用,所以他们对自己晚年健康表现的过度乐观。来自伦敦经济学院的 Joan Costa-Font补充道,护理保险这一说法似乎与社会价值观存在冲突。随着很多人担忧若是他们投保之后他们的子女会将自己弃之不顾,一种类似家庭性的道德危机开始蔓延。Care costs are so hard to predict that insurers tend to protect themselves with big premiums, making insurance unaffordable. The governments new cap, which was supposed to sort this out, comes with alarming caveats. It does not include the cost of bed and board, which makes up a large chunk of care home costs. It is also up to local authorities to determine which care counts towards the cap, meaning people may end up spending more after all. And the cap is higher than the 25,000-50,000 recommended to the government by Andrew Dilnot, an economist who reviewed the market.护理费用的难以预测,也使得保险公司采取抬高保险费用来保护自己,而这些费用总是昂贵的难以承受。政府最新出台的带有强烈警示意味条例的上限要求,目的就是解决这一问题。保险费用并不包括食宿花费,而这正是护理中心花费的一大部分。同样,地方当局决定那一项会触及政府的上限,这意味着人们终将结束过度付的境况。一位名为安德鲁迪尔洛特的经济学家,在重新审视过市场之后,向政府建议,上限要求高于25000欧元-50000欧元。According to the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries, the real maximum of self-funded costs might be around 140,000. “Like the rest of the industry, we couldnt make it pay,” says Stephen Lowe from Age UK, a charity that also sells insurance.据英国精算师协会表示,真实的自费费用最大值应该是在140000欧元左右。来自老年英国——英国老年人慈善机构—的史蒂芬洛表示,“像其他老年人福利一样,我们本不用为此买单。”If a care insurance market fails to materialise, alternatives will be available. Worried middle-aged folk might take out immediate-needs annuities, which give fixed care payouts for life in return for a lump sum. Some insurers are starting to offer a care element as part of their life-insurance policies. Zurich Insurance, one of Britains largest insurers, looked into offering care-only insurance but found that people much prefer a guaranteed payout over the “risk” of not needing care and losing their premiums altogether. From next month it will offer a new policy that allows people to withdraw a portion of their life insurance, which normally only pays out at death, as soon as they need care.若是一个护理保险市场无法成功立足,那么就会有其他的可供选择。令人担忧这些中年人很可能会拿出他们眼前急需的养老金,而这笔养老金的一大部分是要为他们一生中固定的保健出来买单的。部分保险公司开始在他们的人寿保险政策中开辟出护理的部分。全英最大的保险公司之一的苏黎世保险公司,曾致力于提供专门的护理保险,但其随后发现,人们更倾向于无须护理保险和丢失保险金的“风险”保费用。自下月起,该保险公司会运行新政策,一旦人们需要护理,允许他们撤回其人寿保险的一部分,这一部分通常是为死亡付的费用。From next month much will change for retirees, as the government drops the requirement to buy annuities with private pension pots. The government hopes that people will use the new flexibility to plan for their old age, including the possibility that their final years will be spent in a nursing home rather than on the Costa del Sol. But Richard Sadler from Zurich points out that most people do not even save enough for retirement—something they are fairly certain will happen and even look forward to. It is less likely they will save for long-term care, which they think and hope they will never need.从下月开始,随着政府降低对私人养老金年金的购买要求,针对退休人员的很多政策会有所变化。政府希望人们利用新政策的灵活性来为自己晚年做出计划,包括在他们晚年可能要给一家护理中心付费而不是为西班牙的阳光海岸买单。但是来自苏黎世保险公司的理查德萨德勒却指出,有很多人甚至并未为退休攒足资金——只应付得了他们完全预料甚至期待的事情。对于那些他们认为并希望永不需要的长期护理费用来说,他们所能积攒的远远不够。译者:张娣 校对:石海霞 译文属译生译世 /201503/365474郑州省妇幼保健院激光祛痘手术多少钱郑州市中医院打玻尿酸多少钱



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