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重庆治输卵管堵塞哪家最好重庆市检查排卵医院重庆治精液不液化公立医院 According to officials at the newly renovated zoo, which has become a favorite leisure spot in Pyongyang since it re-opened in July, the 19-year-old female chimpanzee, whose name in Korean is ;Dallae,; smokes about a pack a day. Dallae is short for azalea.朝鲜首都平壤一家动物园经过翻新后7月份重新开张,成为该市的一处休闲胜地。据动物园官方人员称,这里一只19岁的雌性猩猩每天能抽一包烟,她的名字叫“达莱”,是杜鹃花的意思。They insist, however, she doesn#39;t inhale.不过,他们认为她没有真的把烟吸进去。Thrown a lighter by a zoo trainer, the chimpanzee lights her own cigarettes. If a lighter isn#39;t available, she can light up from lit cigarette if one is tossed her way.这只猩猩用驯兽师扔来的打火机点燃香烟。如果没有打火机,她也能用扔过来的燃着的烟头把烟点着。Though such a sight would draw outrage in many other locales, it seemed to delight visitors who roared with laughter on Wednesday as the chimpanzee, one of two at the zoo, sat puffing away as her trainer egged her on.这样的场景在其他场所可能令人生气,但是当驯兽师让这只大猩猩坐下来吞云吐雾时,游客们开怀大笑,似乎被逗得很开心。该动物园有两只大猩猩,它是其中一只。The trainer also prompted her to touch her nose, bow thank you and do a simple dance.驯兽师还让她摸鼻子、鞠躬致谢、跳简单的舞蹈。The zoo is pulling in thousands of visitors a day with a slew of attractions ranging from such typical fare as elephants, giraffes, penguins and monkeys to a high-tech natural history museum with displays showing the origins of the solar system and the evolution of life on Earth.从大象、长颈鹿、企鹅和猴子等常规展馆,到展示太阳系起源和地球生物进化的高科技自然历史物馆,凭借着这么多景点,该动物园每天能吸引数千游客。Another of the most popular attractions that might come as a surprise to foreign visitors is the dog pavilion, which has everything from German shepherds to Shih Tsus.另外一处可能让外国游客大吃一惊的热门景点是馆,这里从德国牧羊犬到西施犬应有尽有。The zoo also has performances featuring other animals trained to do tricks, including a monkey that slam dunks basketballs, dogs trained to appear as though they can do addition on subtraction on an abacus and doves that fly around and land on a woman skating on an indoor stage.这里还有其他经过训练表演杂耍的动物,有会灌篮的猴子、看似会在算盘上做加减法的,以及飞来飞去落在室内舞台中溜冰女子身上的鸽子。Renovations for the new zoo began in 2014, as part of DPRK leader Kim Jong Un#39;s efforts to create more modern and impressive structures and leisure centers around the capital.这座动物园2014年开始翻修,是朝鲜领导人金正恩在首都周边打造更多雄伟的现代建筑和休闲中心的举措之一。The zoo actually dates back to 1959, when Kim Il Sung, the nation#39;s first leader and the grandfather of Kim Jong Un, ordered it built on the outskirts of the city.动物园始建于1959年,是该国首位领导人、金正恩的祖父金日成下令在市郊修建的。According to its official history, the zoo started off with only 50 badgers.据官方历史记载,动物园最初开园时仅有50只獾。 /201610/473765The majority of fake stories shared on the internet throughout China involve food safety or health advice, an online information verification team set up by tech giant Tencent said last Wednesday.科技巨头腾讯成立的网络信息查团队于上周三表示,国内互联网上分享的虚假消息大部分涉及食品安全或健康建议。Fact Check, a platform that analyzes online rumors, released a list of the top 10 online rumors that duped Chinese netizens since April last year. Eight related to people#39;s health - especially the safety of food and medicine.网络谣言分析平台“较真”发布了自去年4月以来欺骗国内网民的10大网络谣言榜单。其中8条涉及人体健康,尤其是食品药品安全。In February, for example, a that included claims that seaweed that contained plastic was being sold in China made the rounds on the internet.例如,今年2月,声称含有塑料成分的紫菜正在国内销售的一段视频在网上广为流传。The was quickly proved false by the Center for Food Safety Monitoring and Risk Assessment in Beijing, according to the platform, yet the seaweed industry in Fujian still saw a nearly 100 million yuan loss.据较真平台介绍,北京市食品安全监控和风险评估中心很快就此视频进行了辟谣,但福建的紫菜产业仍遭受了近1亿元的损失。;Netizens are easily attracted by health information online and like to forward it to friends or family members,; said Wang Yang, an employee responsible for the platform at Tencent.腾讯公司该平台一位名叫汪洋的负责人表示:“网民很容易被网上的健康信息所吸引,并愿意将它转发给朋友或家庭成员。”The platform also found that people at or over 60 years old had the highest chance of being tricked - as high as 33.8%.较真平台还发现,60岁及以上老人受骗机率最高,高达33.8%。;To prevent older netizens from being duped by fake information, we started to cooperate with food and medicine administrations this year, hoping to post authorized responses and verify the information in a timely manner,; Wang said.汪洋说道:“为了防止老年网民被虚假信息所欺骗,我们今年已经开始与食品和药品管理部门合作,希望可以发布权威信息,并且以一种及时的方式进行核实。” /201704/506805秀山土家族苗族自治县治疗卵巢性不孕多少钱

重庆做输卵管通水费用多少钱重庆市人民医院封闭抗体检查多少钱 Eating a diet rich in vegetable oil could put you at risk for dementia, experts claim.有关专家表示,食用富含植物油的食品会置你于痴呆的风险之中。Emerging research shows the oil is more likely than others to cause plaque build up in the brain, a known precursor to serious neurodegenerative diseases.新兴研究表明,植物油比其他种类的油更易造成大脑斑块淤积,众所周知,这是严重神经组织退化疾病的前兆。In the mid-20th century, Americans were increasingly concerned about the growing rate of heart disease and were told to ditch saturated fats - such as butter and cream - in favor of vegetable oil.20世纪中叶,美国人越来越关注心脏病的增长率,并被告知弃用诸如黄油和奶油等含有的饱和脂肪酸,倾向于用植物油。But Dr Catherine Shanahan, a nutritionist and family physician, says this was a serious mistake.但是,营养学家兼家庭医生凯瑟琳·沙纳汉士表示,这是一个严重的错误。Dr Shanahan explains that in the 1950s, consumers were told to stop eating saturated fats and turn to products like vegetable oil, which soon became a pantry staple. But there was another factor to its popularity.沙纳汉士称,在20世纪50年代时,消费者们被告知停止食用饱和脂肪酸,转向植物油之类的产品,这很快便成为一种厨房主食。但是促成它人气的还有另一个因素。She told Daily Mail Online: #39;Restaurants and other establishments turned to vegetable oil because of the cost and availability. Olive oil is 10 to 50 times more expensive than vegetable oil.#39;她在接受《线上每日邮报》采访时表示:“餐厅和其它机构出于对成本和可用性的考虑,转向植物油。橄榄油比植物油要贵10-50倍。”#39;Also, it#39;s very easy to use in cooking because there#39;s not a high smoke point and it doesn#39;t have a flavor like olive oil. So it has a one-size-fits-all factor.#39;“同样地,做饭时使用植物油也很方便,因为它烟点低,没有橄榄油的那种味道。所以它是厨房的万全之策。”Vegetable oils comes in a variety of forms - canola, palm, corn, soy, sunflower, safflower, cottonseed, rice bran and grapeseed.植物油的种类有很多--菜籽油、棕榈油、玉米油、大豆油、葵花籽油、红花油、棉籽油、米糠油和葡萄籽油。 /201702/492219合川永川区取环要多少钱

重庆市妇幼保健院检查不孕不育费用Tantrums are the worst, am I right?发脾气是最糟糕的事了,对吗?I#39;ve been parenting for over four years now and I still don#39;t really know how to react to them most of the time. Seriously, right now my go-to responses to my toddler losing her shit is either joining her in the theatrics, stomping around or raising my voice, or completely freezing up and giving in to whatever it is she wants just to make it stop.至今为止,我已当了4年的家长,但大多数时间里我还是不知道该如何对他们做出反应。说真的,我的孩子刚学会走路,现在只要她失控,我的反应要么就是和她一起演戏,到处跺脚、要么就是提高嗓门或者就是完全不理她,她想要什么就妥协,只要她不再大叫。Are you taking notes? Because I#39;ve obviously got this parenting thing mastered.你在记笔记吗?因为很显然我对于养孩子这件事很有把握。Seriously though, it is becoming pretty obvious this time around that the old tricks I used with my first isn#39;t going to work with my 2-year-old. I need some new strategies if she and I are going to get past this phase with our dignities intact. I#39;ve done my fair share of Googling and consulting parenting books lately, but nothing has really felt like the right fit for our home. Then I about parents using mindfulness to keep from losing their temper and decided I was just desperate enough to give it a try.但说真的,刚开始的时候我有一些哄小孩的招数,但现在这些招数对我们家两岁的孩子来说已经不管用了,这一点越来越为明显。如果我们想要完好无损的度过这一阶段我就得想想新的法子。我已经谷歌过,最近也看了与育儿相关的书籍,但总感觉找不到适合我们家情况的妙招。之后我读到了一本书,讲的是父母要留意自己不乱发脾气,当时我已经很绝望了,于是决定放手一搏。The idea behind mindfulness is when you become more aware of how you are feeling and how those emotions are presenting themselves in your body, you can slow down and find a healthy way to respond to those emotions. In general, getting angry with a toddler who is out of control isn#39;t unhealthy, it#39;s pretty normal, but when you lose control too, that#39;s when your anger becomes a problem.留神这一概念就是说你越是了解自己的感受以及这些情感是如何表现在体内,你就越能放缓下来,找到健康的方式去应对这些情感。总的来说,与一个失控的小孩子生气是不健康的,这很正常,但当你也失控的时候,你的愤怒就成了个问题。;Moms need a variety of emotional tools to help themselves with their toddlers,; encouraged Dr. Celia Trotta, board-certified psychiatrist and advocate for gentle parenting practices. She offered simple steps to using meditation to control yourself during the heat of a major toddler tantrum.“母亲们需要各种各样的情感工具来帮助自己面对自己的小孩,”西莉亚·特洛塔医生鼓励道,她是通过认的精神病专家,提倡用温和的方式抚养孩子。她建议了一些简单的步骤,可以在孩子失控时通过冥想来控制自己。First, she suggested parents take a moment to become aware of their emotional state. This means taking note of and naming your feelings, whether that be anger, sadness or frustration and paying close attention to how those emotions display themselves in your body. Are you clenching your fists or is your heart racing?首先,她建议父母们花点时间了解自己的情感状态。这就是说要记录下、说出自己的感受,不管是愤怒、悲伤或沮丧,然后密切关注这些情感是如何在通过身体表现出来的。你是不是在紧握拳头呢?你的心脏是不是剧烈跳动呢? /201702/492907 Neither leukemia nor lymphoma is diagnosed by imaging. Initial diagnosis typically requires biopsy and a number of laboratory tests that are performed on the blood and tissue samples. Imaging tests for leukemia, in particular, may not be as helpful as in other types of cancer that form tumors.白血病和淋巴瘤都不能用影像学确诊。最初的诊断通常需要在血液和组织样本中进行活检和实验室测试。尤其是白血病的成像检测,在其他类型的癌症形成的肿瘤中可能没有用。That said, even in leukemia, and often in lymphoma, plain x-ray images can offer clues that, taken together with other bits of information, may be part of the workup that ultimately leads to a biopsy and a diagnosis.那就是说即使在白血病和淋巴瘤检测中,普通X射线图像结合其他信息可以提供一些线索, 通过这部分检查,最终可能得到活组织检查和诊断结果。With respect to lymphoma, the patterns of lymph node involvement, which may be revealed even by chest x-rays, can be very important initially to help narrow down the possibilities. Not all swollen lymph nodes in the chest are lymphoma. Other cancers, infection, and nonmalignant diseases like sarcoidosis may be to blame. Sometimes swollen lymph nodes are in easily accessible locations for biopsy, such as the neck; however, in other cases—in Hodgkin lymphoma, for instance—the only cancerous lymph nodes might be located deep within the chest.关于淋巴瘤,胸部的X光检查可能揭示淋巴结的转移类型, 最初可以帮助减小病情发生的可能性。在胸部,并非所有的淋巴结肿大都是淋巴瘤。其他癌症、感染和良性疾病像肉状瘤病可能是罪魁祸首。有时淋巴结肿大对活检来说,应该在容易检测的位置如颈部;然而,在其他情况下-例如霍奇金淋巴瘤-仅有的位于胸腔深处的淋巴结癌。X-rays, or plain films, are not used to diagnose leukemia. However, a chest x-ray might be done to check for a lung infection or for some other reason, and the x-ray might also show swollen lymph nodes and other areas of disease. Some forms of leukemia may sp to the lymph nodes as the disease progresses.X射线或腹部平片不用于诊断白血病。然而,肺部感染或一些其他原因可能会用到胸部X光。X射线也可显示淋巴结肿大和其他领域的疾病。随着淋巴结疾病的进展,某些形式的白血病可能扩散。In addition, radiologists, or doctors who interpret radiographic imaging, look at the patterns of disease involvement, or lesions, in the bone.此外, 解释射线成像的放射科医生或某些医生,会观察骨头里疾病的类型或病变。Leukemia and many non-cancerous diseases that interfere with bone metabolism, such as hyperparathyroidism and osteoporosis, may have a symmetrical distribution in the skeleton. In contrast, a haphazard, asymmetric appearance of bone lesions may suggest a different cause, such as Paget’s disease of the bone or metastatic sp of some other kind of cancer.白血病和许多非肿瘤疾病都影响骨代谢,像甲状旁腺机能亢进和骨质疏松症在骨架中可能有一个对称分布。相比之下,一个偶然的、不对称的骨骼病变可能表明不同的原因,比如佩吉特氏骨病或其他类型癌症的转移扩散等。译文属 /201611/476497重庆做第三代不孕不育费用酉阳土家族苗族自治县看输卵性不孕哪家医院最好的



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