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Charles never forgave himself for this act of betrayal.查理因这次背叛抱憾终身But it had never occurred to Strafford that his death would actually make things worse for Charles rather than better.但斯特拉福德未曾想到的是他的死 反而使得形势进一步恶化And what happened next was the worst that could happen.Ireland erupted.最糟糕的事情发生了 爱尔兰宗教矛盾爆发With Strafford executed,Irish Catholics felt unprotected against Protestant reprisals.斯特拉福德被处以极刑后 爱尔兰天主教徒感到 来自新教徒复仇的威胁In a pre-emptive strike, they attacked first.于是他们决定先发制人Late in 1641,news of Irish killings began filtering through England,1641年末 爱尔兰屠杀的消息传到了英格兰graphically illustrated by a campaign of atrocity prints.杀戮的惨状被绘制成图片四处流传Now, bad things did happen,but the usual fantasy pictures of impaled babies惨案虽然确有发生 但当时常见的刺死婴儿的虚构图片tripped the wire of Anglo-Protestant paranoia.勾起了英国新教徒的疑心病Even worse, it was rumoured that the Catholic rebels claimed to be acting on behalf of the king.更糟的是 有传言说天主教叛逆者 声称自己代表国王The Puritan press hit the streets screaming, ;We#39;re next;.清教报纸上印满了;下一个就是我们;Charles was painfully aware how costly his dream of a united Britain had become.查理痛苦地意识到 他统一不列颠的梦想代价之沉重First, the Presbyterian Scots had brought down his personal rule,首先 苏格兰长老会削弱了他的王权now the mass panic triggered by the Catholic Irish threatened to finish off his power altogether.而现在爱尔兰天主教引发的大骚动 极可能将他的统治彻底终结 /201703/498053。

Trees breathe groundwater into the atmosphere as light mist.树木呼吸地下水以薄雾形态送到大气中。They form a canopy that alleviates the impact of heavy rains and protects the soil from erosion.它们形成遮篷缓和大雨的冲击并保护泥土免于流失。The forests provide the humidity that is necessary for life.森林为生命提供潮湿环境。They are the mother and father of rain.它们也是雨水的来源。The forests store carbon.树林储蓄碳。They contain more than all the Earth#39;s atmosphere.它们含碳的份量比大气都多。They are the cornerstone of the climatic balance on which we all depend.是我们赖以生存的气候平衡的基石。Trees provide a habitat for three-quarters of the planet#39;s biodiversity,that is to say,of all life on Earth.树木提供地球四分之三生物品种的栖息地。话句话说地球上所有生命。Every year, we discover new species we had no idea existed,insects, birds, mammals.每年我们都能发现一些未知的物种,昆虫、鸟类和哺乳动物。These forests provide the remedies that cure us.森林可以提供医治我们的药物。The substances secreted by these plants can be recognized by our bodies.我们的身体可辨认这些植物,分泌的物体。Our cells talk the same language.我们的细胞说同一语言。We are of the same family.我们是同一家族。Mangroves are forests that step out onto the sea.红树林是海岸边的森林。Like coral reefs, they are a nursery for the oceans.像珊瑚礁一样它们是海洋的托儿所。Their roots entwine and form a shelter for the fish and mollusks that come to breed.它们的根系缠绕着构成了鱼儿的庇护所并哺育软体动物。Mangroves protect the coasts from hurricanes,tidal waves and erosion by the sea.红树林保护海岸免于飓风,潮汐及海水的侵蚀。 Article/201410/338149。

Major challenges in tackling poverty解决贫穷问题所面临的难题For more on poverty issue, we#39;re joined in the studio by professor Tao Ran from the School of Economics at Renmin University of China.就有关贫困问题,我们马上连线中国人民大学经济院陶然教授。In what ways will the establishment of Poverty Alleviation Day help in the fight to reduce poverty?扶贫日的设立能在哪些方面帮助我们减少贫困?82 million people in China still live on less than a dollar a day.现在8200万中国人每天的生活费连1美元都不到。What challenges does the nation face in lifting them out of poverty?我们在让他们脱贫方面还遇到了什么样的难题? Article/201410/336255。

Food labeling may also be confusing食品标签在试图满足饮食要求方面when trying to meet several dietary goals.也可能出现令人不解的字眼Are fat free foods necessarily healthier当谈到钠含量的时候when it comes to sodium content?脱脂食品就一定会更健康吗?When comparing Ritz crackers this is not the case.在谈到乐之饼干的时候就不是这么回事了Regular Ritz have a sodium content of 135 mg普通的乐之饼干每份的钠含量为135毫克per serving while the reduced fat Ritz但是乐之低脂饼干每份的钠含量have a content of 160 mg per serving.却有160毫克So the reduced fat product has more sodium than这里的低脂产品的钠含量the regular product.要高于普通产品In contrast the low sodium Ritz product形成对比的是,乐之低钠产品only contains 35 mg per serving每份的钠含量为35毫克which is much less than either明显低于普通产品the regular or reduced fat products.和低脂产品Canned soups usually contain a large amount of sodium.罐装汤产品通常钠含量比较高A regular can of chicken noodle soup一罐普通的鸡肉面汤contains 890 mg per can.的钠含量为890毫克This is almost half of the recommended这已经是膳食指南中dietary allowance.推荐钠摄入量的一半了A low sodium option has considerably less sodium低钠产品一般钠的含量都很低however a consumer must keep in mind that但是消费者应该注意到的是taste may be different购买的低钠产品的when choosing a low sodium option.口味会不同The majority of salt used in the US is美国境内大多数的盐mined from underground salt reserves.一般都来自于地下盐田Obtaining salt from sea water is more expensive海盐不仅价格昂贵and labor intensive.也会耗费更多的人力成本Sea salt refers to the grains obtained海盐指的是,海水自然蒸发之后from the natural evaporation of sea water.得到的结晶体It undergoes little or no refining technique生产海盐的过程中并不需要which allows it to retain natural traces太多复杂的技术of other minerals including iron, magnesium,这样也使得海盐保留了很多自然矿物质calcium, potassium and iodine.比如铁,镁,钙,钾和碘There are slight differences in flavor and texture海盐和普通食盐味道和质地方面的区别between sea salt and table salt并不明显but the two contain virtually这两种盐的钠含量the same amount of sodium.几乎相同Sea salt is sometimes advertised as being healthier有时,比精制食盐更健康than more refined salt but in fact会成为海盐的一个卖点,但是事实上there#39;s little nutritional differences这两种盐中的营养物质的in these products.区别是非常小的Finding a substitute for salt in foods is challenging.找到食盐的替代品是一项具有挑战性的任务Potassium chloride is sometimes有时,商业产品中会出现used in commercial products.氯化钾This mimics salt by providing the salty flavor这种做法意在用氯化钾and preservation functions替代食盐来提供咸味和储存食品however potassium chloride has been known to但是人们已经知道氯化钾会带有possess a bitter or metallic aftertaste.苦涩的金属味道Excess intake increases health issues for those过量摄入氯化钾会给肾病,心脏病with kidney or heart problems and diabetes.和糖尿病患者带来健康隐患And it can interfere with blood pressure medications.同时,它会抵消降压药的药效A direct one to one swap is barely used直接的一对一替代品非常少见and most times the substitute is used而且,在大多数情况下only about half as much.替代品的应用范围也只有食盐的一半Here is a sample diet with high sodium intake.这是一个高钠食品的样餐The majority of the sodium comes from其中的大部分钠都来自于the processed hamburger helper meal加工过的汉堡帮手餐and the deli meat.以及熟肉Both are high in sodium for preservation methods.出于可以长期储存的目的两者的钠含量都很高Remember the dietary guideline for sodium is 2300 mg.记住膳食指南中钠推荐摄入量是2300毫克 Article/201505/374694。

社交网络正把人与人之间的关系变得更为密切或更为疏远,TED演讲者们对网络革命的影响各抒己见。 Article/201504/367584。

So iodate, hydrogen peroxide, malonic acid碘酸根离子,过氧化氢,丙二酸in the presence of sulfuric acid在硫酸存在的条件下react to produce this compound反应生成这种化合物oxygen and water氧气和水But think about the reaction this way不过像这样考虑反应It#39;s equivalent to saying that metal and plastic无异于说金属和塑料反应react to produce a bicycle生成自行车In reality, there are many steps实际有很多步骤that occur between those raw materials and the finished results发生在原材料和最终产品之间and the Briggs-Rauscher reaction is similarBriggs-Rauscher反应也是这样Here are the many subreactions that occur这里需要有很多子反应发生to get from the reactants才能从反应物to the products得到产物What we see is a cycle from colorless to amber to dark blue我们所看到的是从无色到琥珀色到深蓝色的循环And as these reactions run随着这些反应的进行the relative amounts of the reactants and the products反应物和产物的相对浓度dictate the color of the solution决定了溶液的颜色I2 is amberI2是琥珀色的I minus is colorlessI-是无色的and I three minus is deep blue when it interacts with starch in the solution而I3-在同淀粉溶液相互作用时是深蓝色的triiodide is formed when三碘阴离子能在iodine and iodide interact碘单质和碘离子相互作用时形成And this cycle continues until all the reactants are used up这个循环会一直持续,直到反应物被耗完为止Hope you enjoyed the and I#39;ll see you next time但愿大家喜欢这个视频,下次再见 Article/201502/358217。

The educational materials presented here were developed此处展示的教育材料由by students and faculty of the department of food爱荷华州立大学食品科学与营养学的师生science and human nutrition at Iowa State University.共同制作Funding for this project was provided from grants from该项目资金由the American Cancer Society Mid West美国癌症协会中西部分会及and the Lance Armstrong Foundation.兰斯,阿姆斯特朗基金会共同资助The materials are intended for educational use and此资料仅旨在教学使用are not meant to provide medical advice.无意提供任何医学建议We welcome your feedback about these materials.我们期待您对这些资料的意见反馈Please use the evaluation survey link on the homepage请使用主页上的教育调查链接to provide your comments and suggestions.发表您的意见和建议Physical exercise is any bodily activity that体育锻炼指的是任何可以促进或维持身体健康enhances or maintains physical fitness and wellness.的体育活动It is recommended that people engage in some type建议人们每周要有几天,最好每天of aerobic activity for at least 30 minutes至少花费30分钟on most days and preferably all days of the week.进行有氧运动Exercise promotes a healthy lifestyle and锻炼能够促进健康的生活方式has many other benefits.并且有很多其他的益处This presentation will examine the basics of exercise.这个展示将会探讨锻炼的基本要素Studies have shown that after age 25研究表明the body loses muscle mass25岁之后身体肌肉含量at a rate of 4% of its remaining mass per decade.每十年下降百分之四After age 50 the muscle mass is lost50岁之后肌肉量将每十年by approximately 10% each decade.损失约百分之十This loss of muscle mass affects such things as your肌肉量的损失会影响到你的心脏heart as it is a muscle, mobility and decreases因为心脏就是一个肌肉组织,还会影响身体your metabolism which can lead to weight gain.的活动能力和新城代谢,从而导致体重的增加The way to prevent these loses is to exercise.避免这些损失的方法便是锻炼身体There are many more benefits to regular exercise定期锻炼有很多好处such as improving your mental health or mood,比如改善你的精神健康或情绪combating chronic disease, help manage weight,抵御慢性疾病,帮助控制体重strengthen the heart and lungs强心健肺and promote better sleep.促进睡眠There are several types of exercise;锻炼包括几种类型,即aerobic, anaerobic, strength training or有氧训练,无氧训练,力量或抗阻力训练resistance training and flexibility.和柔韧性练习The best recipe for overall health is to engage in实现身体全面健康的秘诀就是all 4 types of exercise. Aerobic means with oxygen这四种锻炼都参与,有氧意味着氧气的参与and refers to the use of oxygen并涉及在身体新陈代谢或能量生成过程中in the body#39;s metabolic or energy generating process.氧气的使用Many types of exercise are aerobic and很多类型的锻炼都属于有氧训练it#39;s also referred to as cardiovascular.它也被称为心血管锻炼These exercises include such activity as walking,这种锻炼包括走路,跑步running, swimming, cycling and climbing stairs.游泳,骑自行车和爬楼梯Anaerobic exercises are done in non endurance无氧训练一般都是在无耐力需求的活动中activities to promote strength, speed and power提升身体强度,速度和力量and by body builders to build muscle mass.健身者借此来塑造身体肌肉Such exercises include lifting weights, jumping,这类的锻炼包括举重,跳跃运动running in a short powerful sprint.短跑Strength training or resistance exercises are defined力量或抗阻力训练被界定为as the use of resistance to muscle contraction.利用阻力对抗肌肉收缩These exercises are done in order to build the进行这类锻炼是为了strength, anaerobic endurance and size of muscles提升力量,无氧耐力和体内肌肉的大小in the body. Flexibility exercises refer to the range柔韧性练习指的是人体关节的活动范围of movement in joints and the length in muscles.以及肌肉的拉伸Flexibility can increase or decrease柔韧性depending on the amount of stretching依人体肌肉和关节的拉伸量done to the muscles and joints of the body.增加或减少 Article/201501/356570。

But there was further humiliation to come. The indomitable Candace sent ambassadors to negotiate the terms of a peace settlement. The case ended up before Augustus himself, who granted the ambassadors pretty much everything they asked for. He had secured the Pax Romana, but at a considerable price. It was the action of a shrewd, calculating political operator, who then used the official Roman propaganda machine to airbrush this setback out of the picture.但这场羞辱仍未结束。强硬的坎迪斯派使者去协商和平条款。最后奥古斯都亲自处理此事,几乎答应了使者的所有要求。他以极高的代价维护了罗马的和平。作为精明的政治领导者,他随后让强大的帝国宣传机器把这段故事抹掉了。Augustus#39;s career became the imperial blueprint of how to achieve and retain power. And a key part of retaining power was the management of his image. Here#39;s Susan Walker again:奥古斯都的一生成了统治者如何获取并保有权力的范本。经营自身形象是巩固权力的关键。苏珊沃尔克这样描述:;He always looked exactly as he did on the day that he became #39;Augustus#39;, and he presented himself very modestly. He often showed himself wearing the Roman toga, and drew it over his head to show his piety. And sometimes he was shown as a general leading his troops into battle, even though he never actually personally did so. And this was a very enduring image; we have surviving even today over 250 images of Augustus, which come from all over the Roman Empire, and they are pretty much the same-the variations are really not very significant. So the portrait was very, very recognisable, and very enduring.;除了展示自己成为“奥古斯都”那日的形象之外,他其余的形象都颇为谦逊。他经常以穿着罗马宽松外袍的形象示人,用袍子罩住头部以示虔诚。有时他的形象是一个即将带领队伍投入战斗的将领,但事实上他从未亲征过。我们拥有来自罗马帝国的超过250种奥古斯都雕像。面部形象大致相同,辨识度极高,且历久弥新。 Article/201412/347064。

蜜蜂们正在成群的死去。什么原因呢?养蜂带头人丹尼斯-范-恩格勒斯多普(Dennis vanEngelsdorp)给我们揭示了这些温顺的、被误解的生物在大自然中的重要性和背后令人担忧的消失之谜。 Article/201501/355551。