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武汉哪里做包皮手术武汉大学人民医院割包皮多少钱This VideoJug film will show you how to create a household budget. By creating a household budget you can see where your money is coming from, and where it is going, so learn how to make a household budget with VideoJug#39;s help.这段视频将向你展示怎样制定家庭预算。通过制定家庭预算,你的钱从哪里来,花到什么地方都一目了然。所以,在VideoJug的帮助下学习怎样制定家庭预算。Step 1: You Will Need1.你需要A pen, paper and calculator OR a spsheet program on your computer.一笔,纸张,计算器或者电脑上的电子制表软件。All of your monthly bills and receipts, pay stubs and any other records of income and expenses.所有的每月账单和收据,工资条和其他任何收记录。Statements for your checking, savings and retirement accounts.票,存款或退休账单。Step 2: Tally Your Expenses2.合计总费用Start by listing all of your monthly expenses such as rent, mortgage, utilities, car payments and insurance. Use average amounts for bills that tend to fluctuate month to month.列出每个月所有出,例如租金,贷款,电费,汽车费用和保险。多个月进行平均,平衡每个月之间的差异。Then estimate how much you spend each month on essentials such as gas, groceries, clothing and other supplies that help keep your household running.然后计算每个月在必需品上面的花费,例如汽油,杂货,衣物和其他家庭生活所需的物品费用。Step 3: Tally Your Income3.计算收入Now that you know how much you spend, it#39;s time to see how much you earn.你已经知道了每个月的花费,现在应该来计算一下你的收入。Add up all of your sources of income: salary, tips, odd jobs, pyramid schemes and buried treasure.计算所有收入来源:薪水,消费,零工,销售提成和隐藏财富。Remember, we#39;re looking for the after taxes “take home” amount – your net income. Anything else is just, well, gross.Take each amount and add it up it in a column called “Monthly income.”记住,我们计算的是税后带回家的收入,也就是你的纯收入。其他的都是毛收入。计算所有收入的总和,这就是“月收入”。Step 4: Compare4.对比Now compare your total income to your total expenses.现在来对比一下总收入和总出。If your expenses outpace your income, look at some non-essential areas where you could curb your spending.如果总出超过总费用,看一下是否有不必要的出,尽量控制一下。If you have more income than expenses, pick an amount to set aside in savings and keep some in the budget as a buffer to guard against unexpected spending.如果总收入超过总费用,将一部分存起来,另一部分仍然保留在预算中,作为应急费用,应对一些没有预料到的花费。Step 5: Post Your Plan5.张贴计划Post your budget in a prominent place where all members of the household can see where the family#39;s money is going.You might consider using a whiteboard in case you find your earlier estimates were off the mark or if you want to make any changes.把你的预算贴在显眼的地方,让所有家庭成员都看到家里的钱是怎样花费的。如果担心之前的估计有偏差,或者想要进行某些修改,你可以考虑使用白板。Thanks for watching How To Create A Household Budget.感谢收看“怎样进行家庭预算”视频节目。 Article/201211/207659武汉华夏男科服务 VideoJug presents this simple yet effective trick for you to perfect and perform. Impress or trick all your friends with the world#39;s best banana trick.最好玩的香蕉把戏,可以在小朋友中露一手了。Step 1: You will need所需材料#8226;A few ripe bananas#8226;1 long sewing needle#8226;1 unsuspecting victim几只熟透的香蕉;一枚缝衣针;一个毫不知情的观众Step 2: Slicing the banana2,把香蕉切成几段Find a quiet spot where you won#39;t be interrupted so that you can practice your technique in peace. Start by inserting the needle into one of the spines of the banana, either near the top or bottom of the banana. Push the needle all the way through the fruit until you feel a resistance when it reaches the inside of the skin on the other side. Rest the needle against your thumb, using it as a lever the slice the needle through the flesh of the banana. You will have to vary the depth of the needle so you don#39;t slice through the skin. You will be able feel, and possibly hear, the needle scrape against the inside of the skin. Cut the whole banana into slices in this way, being careful not to stab yourself with the needle.找一个不被打扰的地方先练习一番。用针插入香蕉中适当的长度,刚好能把香蕉瓤切成几段又不会捅破香蕉皮,需要特别小心的是,别扎到自己的手。Step 3: Serve and enjoy3,捉弄别人Select a gullible victim to give your banana to, and ask them to peel it. Some people will be suspicious, so you need to cajole them into a sense of security. Assure them that they will come to no harm by peeling the banana. You are now y to enjoy the reactions of your victims. Some will be amazed. Others will be totally unimpressed. And beware of those who react with anger and indignation. You could also try cutting the banana in half, rather than many slices, and then see what effect this has. Have fun!找一个容易上当的人把香蕉给他,然后让他们剥香蕉皮。有些人可能会起疑心,尽量打消他们的疑虑,并保不会伤害到他们。然后你就可以安心欣赏他们的反映了:吃惊,不知所措,不一而足。要当心那些恼羞成怒的人。你也可以把香蕉弄成两截,然后看看有什么好玩的,享受吧。Thanks for watching How To Do The World#39;s Best Banana Trick谢谢收看本期“香蕉恶作剧”节目。 Article/201208/194460武汉三甲医院男科

武汉青山区男科医院哪家好武汉男性生殖器是长了一个小黄包 咸宁市嘉鱼县治疗尿道炎多少钱

武汉华夏男子医院皮肤科专家门诊 A peaceful protetest turns violent. Emotions run high. Towns are terrorized, stores robbed. Homesteads burned.和平抗议演变成了暴力行动。人们群情激奋,城市恐怖活动四起,商店被劫,家园被烧毁。North and South are polarized. Neither side will back down.One man will stop at nothing to abolish slavery.南北从此分道扬镳,双方都不愿让步。有一个人发誓不废除奴隶制绝不罢休,John Brown. A folk hero in the North...a terrorist to the South. He thinks he#39;s fighting a holy war. He believes himself to be God#39;s chosen instrument. He will murder for his cause.约翰·布朗,一名来自北方的民间英雄,南方人眼中的恐怖分子。他认为自己在从事圣战,相信自己是上帝选派的执行者,为达目的可以戕害无辜。John Brown is one of those controversial figures about whom almost anything you can say is true. He#39;s a terrorist, in our modern terms.He#39;s a revolutionary.约翰·布朗是一个饱受争议的人物,各种褒贬不一的评价几乎都能成立,用现代的标准看他是恐怖分子,他是革命者。The divide between North and South is an open wound. Kansas bleeds for two years, more than 200 dead.南北分歧成为了一个裸露的伤口,堪萨斯州为此流血两年,逾两百人丧生。America is on the road to war. Slavery is tearing the nation apart.美国正站在战争深渊的边缘,奴隶制正在分裂这个国家。America is built on a number of distinct fault lines, one, of course, was slavery and freedom, that was a fault line that had to be addressed.美国建国之时就有若干明显的内在分歧,奴隶制与自由制就是其中之一,这一分歧亟需解决。In the South, slavery is a way of life, even for non -slave owners. Antis lavery forces in the North threaten their right to decide their fate.在南方,奴隶制是一种生活方式,对非奴隶主也是如此。在北方的废奴者,威胁要剥夺南方各州在此问题上的自主权。There is still, in some areas of America, a great pride in being Southern and holding true to the original Southern attitude.在美国某些地区仍有人对南方人身份自豪,坚守南方一贯以来的态度,I think our clinging to the idea that slavery is a right and just a way of life, you know, it is a dark spot in our history.固执地认为“奴隶制是一种权利,一种生活方式”。我认为这种做法是我们历史的污点。Anger in the South grows more passionate every day. The North claims the moral high ground, but they are getting rich off cotton, too.愤怒情绪在南方日益高涨,北方占领了道德高地,但他们也从棉花种植业中获利。Pretty much everybody agreed that a crisis was developing. Not everyone knew that, the crisis would include, in the end, the Civil War,几乎每个人都感觉得到危机的来临,但并不是所有人都能预见到危机最终会发展为内战,but everyone understood that a showdown between the slave South and the free North was about to occur. John Brown wants to light the fuse.但每个人都明白,坚持奴隶制的南方和坚持自由制的北方最终会决一雌雄。约翰·布朗想要点燃战争的导火索。 /201210/203989武汉人民医院皮肤科专家武汉阳萎的原因有哪些




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